Wood Circular Saw Work

Wood Circular Saw Work

The choice of devices for cutting materials today is quite wide. For this purpose, you can use laser cutters, hacksaws, as well as many other technological devices. But even with such a wide variety of sawing devices, circular saws are still considered the most practical. Their main advantage is that they allow you to perform sawing in a straight line quickly and without much effort.

In the domestic market, these saws are offered in a wide range. The products from the Russian manufacturer Interskol are quite well-known. It is the saws under this brand that most of our compatriots prefer. This choice is explained by the fact that these saws are suitable for sawing various types of materials.

Description of the Interskol saw

Interskol company offers many models of these saws and accessories for them, with which you can perform sawing of various materials. And, despite the fact that all models produced by this manufacturer differ in their characteristics, they can distinguish a number of common features.

From competitors saws manual electric circular saws for wood Interskol differ in such relevant advantages for each customer as light weight, ergonomic design, spindle lock, protection against standard operation and stability during operation. Many models have the ability to connect the saw to a vacuum cleaner. Among other features, it is necessary to highlight the presence of special rubber pads and an eccentric lever clamp, providing ultra-precise adjustment of the length of the cut.

All disks for which Interskol saws are oriented are made of high-quality hard alloys. Power consumption of the power tool is from 600 to 2000 watts.

How to cut

Sawing materials using the Interskol saw It follows the same algorithm as in the case with any other similar tool. However, there are a number of important points that must be taken into account during operation.

Some materials can become very hot during sawing, especially if it becomes necessary to cut plexiglass. This problem is solved by cooling the working surface with ordinary water, which avoids the fusion of the edges of the saw. A proven technique is to apply wax or soap to the surface of the blade, which improves the cutting efficiency.

Device and saw blades

In terms of construction, these saws do not differ from most similar devices. This tool looks like like a steel disk equipped with special teeth that connects to the engine that drives it. Depending on the configuration, some models may contain canvases of various designs, a device for removing sawdust, etc. There are also table models intended for use in industrial production, in particular, for active cutting of Plexiglas products.

Preparing for sawing using these saws requires the right choice of blades. So, for cutting plexiglass, it is recommended to choose a consumable with a density of teeth of at least two per centimeter. It is desirable that the blade has a carbide coating, which allows you to get the most smooth edge.

Stationary saw

Today, the market offers not only manual, but also stationary varieties. The difference between the two is that the latter have a larger supporting platform, large dimensions and low mobility. However, for use in industrial production, this is the most convenient option.


The range of circular tools manufactured by Interskol is impressive. It presents many models of power tools, including DP 235 m 2000m, DP 165 1200, DP 210 1900, DP 190 1600, DP 225. over, to choose the optimal solution, you must rely solely on the individual needs of a particular customer.

All the variety of saw tools offered on the market today can be represented as two large groups:

  • Hand held. From the name it’s clear that they work manually. Of the advantages of these devices, it should be noted high mobility, ease of operation due to thoughtful ergonomics and design.
  • Stationary. The main differences between these models are related to their structural design: these models have a guide rail, as well as measuring rulers and markings applied to the desktop. The main advantage of such devices is that with their help it is possible to provide higher accuracy of cutting materials.

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There is also another classification of Interskol saws, where the main sign of separation is their scope. Depending on the purpose of use two groups of power tools can be distinguished:

  • Amateur. With a sufficiently small drive power, these models attract consumers with a reliable mechanism. The design of these saws is represented by a functional guide rail, an anchor, a thoughtful work table and other elements that are typical for amateur saws. All this makes these saws a reliable tool for active use in the domestic environment. Although they have less power than the models belonging to the second group, amateur saws from Interskol are very durable and rarely fail.
  • Professional. The distinguishing features of these devices include the presence of a more powerful engine, an improved guide rail, anchors, and a wide desktop. Saws belonging to this group of power tools are mainly oriented for industrial use. For domestic needs, circular machines are more suitable.

Features and Benefits

Due to the wide variety of saw models offered by Interskol, it is difficult to choose the best option for a power tool. It is enough to list some models that are well known to our compatriots. DP 190 1600m, 235 m 2000m, 210, 165 1200.

In order to understand which of the above models can be included in the list of potential candidates, you need to figure out which characteristics will be most important for a potential buyer:


When choosing a desktop should take into account its size. This will ultimately affect which blanks can be placed on it for further processing. Particular attention should be paid to the execution of the desktop: this element must be of high quality and have a reliable design.

Guide rail

This part of the saw is among the most important, since the movement and movement of the workpiece depends on it. With a normally functioning guide rail that slides easily and does not stick, you can be sure that any material will be processed properly.


Circular saws are different from each other power indicator. For products of the manufacturer in question, this parameter can have the following values ​​- 1200, 1600, 1900, 2000 W and others. So, if the device has a power of 1600 m or 2000 m in the description, it follows that the power of the model is 1600 or 2000 W, respectively. For example, by the name of the saw DP 165 1200 it is not difficult to guess that a motor with a power of 1200 W or 1.2 kW is used in the configuration of this electric tool.


One of the important work units in the design of the saw. The efficiency and reliability of the engine depends on it. In its execution An anchor is a rather small part. However, if this seemingly insignificant element fails, then the whole machine will have to be completely repaired. over, in order to disassemble the saw and pull out the anchor, you have to seriously try. But you can easily avoid frequent breakdowns of this element if you choose from models that use an anchor of reliable performance.

Desktop or manual

With the Interskol hand saw at your disposal, you can easily cut materials at any angle. The possibilities of the desktop machine in this regard are limited: sawing can be performed only at a given angle. For his choice, stationary saws are equipped with the necessary accessories for this. a ruler, guide rail, clamps, etc.


In order for this power tool to serve you for at least the period promised by the manufacturer, you just have to follow the rules of operation of the Interskol hand saw.

Particular attention must be paid to the following points:

  • Before you start sawing, make sure that the material is firmly fixed;
  • upon completion of work, disconnect the power tool from electricity;
  • keep the saw clean without leaving woodwork contaminated with waste;
  • when cutting material, try to maintain only the maximum speed;
  • Before using the tool for the first time, be sure to read the operating instructions.

Saw brand DP-190/1600 M

This power tool model is used for sawing various materials, including planks, laminate and plywood.

The maximum possible cutting depth when using this circular saw is 63 mm. The model is equipped with a 1600 W motor and is designed to work with a 190 mm drive. Safe and convenient work with the saw is provided by a locking mechanism against accidental switching on, spindle lock and adjustment of the cutting angle.


During operation, the circular supports 4800 rpm. Those who are interested in the Interskol DP-1600 model should take into account that there is no option to adjust the speed in it. The weight of the unit is 5.5 kg. The device is not designed to operate at constant speed under load. Particular attention should be paid to the dimensions of the device, which are 348 × 263 × 240 mm. In operating mode, the unit provides a cut to a depth of not more than 45 mm, provided that the cutting angle is maintained at 45 degrees.

The company has long established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable devices for various purposes. One of the reasons for the popularity of Interskol drank is their versatility. Many models allow sawing not only wood, but also other, quite dense materials. But so that the cutting of such materials does not end in unpleasant consequences until the failure of the power tool, it is necessary to follow certain rules for working with the circular.

However, the most important thing is to choose the right unit, for which it is necessary to determine the range of tasks for which you will use this power tool from Interskol. It is also necessary to monitor the status of key work units and not to overload the tool during operation. Then the Interskol hand-held circular saw will last you a long time and save a lot of money.