Working With A Circular Saw On Wood

Working with a circular saw

Step-by-step instructions for working with a circular saw

When working with a hand-held circular saw, the following algorithm should be followed:

  • Before starting work, connect the saw to electricity. Use an extension cord if the power supply is far away. The saw must receive enough electrical power to function properly. Check the cable insulation before connecting, the switch on the saw must be off.
  • The wood for sawing must be securely fixed on a flat surface.
  • Then set the cutting depth. This indicator is determined using the scale that is on the instrument. During operation, the disc must be within the material, otherwise you will ruin the table. Experts advise setting the cutting depth a little less than necessary to avoid damage to the workbench.
  • After checking the settings of all mechanisms, switch on the cutting mechanism. Begin cutting while accelerating the rotating blade. Maintain a smooth and even motion along the line of the cut.
  • When you are finished using the saw, turn off the switch and unplug it.

When working on a stationary circular saw, adhere to the following algorithm:

  • Set the switch to the off position. Then connect the cable to the power source.
  • Adjust and fix the required cutting height of the disc.
  • Check for parallel alignment of guide bar and saw blade.
  • Run the circular, make the necessary cut of the tree. Each cut should be done in one go.
  • After performing the saw work, set the switch to the inoperative position, disconnect the cable from the power source.

Circular Saw Safety

A circular saw can injure a person if safety precautions are not followed. Consider the main rules when working with circulars.

  • The workplace must be clean when working with a circular saw. Table clutter can cause injury.
  • The electrical components must be kept in a dry place. Do not work outdoors in the rain. The workplace must be free from flammable liquids or gases.
  • Keep children and bystanders away from the workplace, and keep them away from cables and tools. Store the saw in a dry and covered place out of reach of children.
  • Do not apply pressure to the saw during operation, as this may cause breakage or a sudden increase in power.
  • Wear protective clothing. Glasses, mask, jumpsuit and gloves.
  • Always secure the material to be processed. Use clips, they are safe. Holding the lumber with your hands or body will cause injury.
  • Do not use deformed or chipped blades. The saw blade must be clean and sharp to ensure a smooth cut in the wood.
  • Do not try to remove sawn-off material while the blades are moving. Keep your limbs away from the saw. Do not forget that after turning off, the blades continue to move.

In the article, I introduced you to the criteria for choosing a circular saw, step by step instructions for work and safety precautions. This article will be useful to everyone who wants to work efficiently and safely with a circular saw. Follow the rules, carry out maintenance in a timely manner, and the tool will serve you for more than one year.

Circular machine

Stationary circular saws are equipment for daily use. Such professional machines are capable of processing a large amount of wood per day. They are quite heavy. over 10 kilograms and high power up to 2500 watts.

Working With A Circular Saw On Wood

Circular machine

Circular machines are used mainly in production for industrial purposes. The cost of such a device is quite high. Some small models of circular equipment also have a stationary function. They are successfully used in home workshops.

Circular saw for wood: selection and rules for working with the tool

There are many tools for woodworking. In this article we will take a look at a circular saw. This tool quickly and efficiently performs wood processing. High-speed circular saws allow you to cut any wood material. Let’s take a closer look at this electric tool.

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How to work with a circular saw on wood. Classification of types and sizes

Circular saws are divided into two classes. household and professional. The equipment differs in power, size and saw blade diameter:

  • Household models are small equipment weighing 4 to 5 kilograms, which is usually used for cutting wood at home. Equipment power. no more than 1800 watts. The size of the blade in such saws is 160. 200 millimeters.
  • Professional circular saws are designed for processing large amounts of wood. They are able to cut beams up to 85 millimeters thick. The weight of such equipment exceeds 8 kilograms, and the disc diameter is 250 millimeters. Professional saws have a higher power. over 1800 watts.

Household circular saw model

Several types of circular saws are produced:

  • Standard. The model is designed for cutting wooden blocks with a density of up to 85 millimeters.
  • Mini saw. A small circular device weighing up to 2 kilograms and a power of up to 800 watts. Used for cutting thin wood.
  • Submersible. Equipment is used to cut holes inside the tree. The design of such a saw consists of a mechanism that contributes to the vertical immersion of the blade.
  • Diamond. This type of equipment is designed for cutting hard materials. stone, ceramics or tiles. The working mechanism of the device consists of a diamond disc, which will allow cutting to a depth of 55 millimeters.
  • Rechargeable. Such a circular tool has low power and rather compact dimensions. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery and is often used in the construction of wooden houses.

Circular saws are divided into four types, depending on the immersion depth of the blade:

  • Professional. from 65 to 140 mm;
  • Large. from 70 millimeters;
  • Medium. 55 mm;
  • Small. 40 to 46 millimeters.

The number of teeth on the disc is of no small importance for the quality of the cut. The smaller there are, the lower the performance of the circular equipment. For large-scale wood processing, special carbide-tipped cutting devices are used.

Circular saw for wood

A circular saw is also called a circular saw or parquet. It first began to be manufactured in the 20s of the XIX century. Today, circular saws have great capabilities with various options. The circular saw, due to its technical structure, is considered one of the most complex tools. The circular saw is intended for longitudinal or cross-cutting of wood and its derivatives. A circular saw makes a precise cut, unlike a jigsaw or chainsaw. The saw copes not only with wood, but also with plastic, slate, organic glass. The circular is manual and stationary. The hand saw is mobile, allows you to work anywhere. The stationary saw has great power and the ability to cut a large amount of wood.

Circular saw use in the garden and construction

The circular is suitable for serious construction work, as well as household work in the garden.

  • Builders use a saw to accurately cut timber, planks or fiberboard. At the construction site, the accuracy of the cuts is important, so the circular does an excellent job with this work.
  • In the garden, a circular will also be useful. With it, you can quickly and accurately cut the wood you need. Prepare firewood for the winter, dismantle an old fence or shed. The saw is easy to use, so anyone can work with it.

Circular saw advantages

The advantages of a circular include the following points:

  • The saw enables precise cutting of wood. Due to the fixed position of the saw blade, it is possible to achieve a precise mowing line of the cut.
  • Lightweight circular saw. The small weight of the circular saw structure makes it easier for a person to consume energy, this affects the quality of wood processing.
  • The circular makes all types of cuts. The saw makes longitudinal and transverse cuts, it is possible to change the direction of the saw cut during operation.

Disadvantages of a circular saw

The disadvantages of circulars include:

  • High price. All circular saws are equipped with a system for adjusting the position of the cutting device of the equipment;.
  • The use of plunge-cut saws creates problems when cutting across the width of workpieces that are small.
  • Saw operation is impossible without electricity. Some saws have a cordless function. The saw requires a lot of energy, so even the most powerful batteries last no more than 60 minutes of operation.
  • Intricate curly cuts are impossible on a circular. It is intended for longitudinal and transverse cuts only. Shaped cuts are only possible with a jigsaw.
  • The battery saw is heavy and also limited by the thickness of the cut. The maximum possible immersion is 8 centimeters.
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Power tool advantages

Hand-held circular saws for wood have a number of advantages over other tools of a similar purpose:

  • Firstly, in the process of work, there is no need to interrupt to add fuel to the tank, unlike chainsaws.
  • Secondly, a running engine does not emit harmful substances, so you can use the saw indoors.

By connecting a special vacuum cleaner, you can work even in residential premises with practically no dust

  • Thirdly, the noise level in this case will be much lower than when the chainsaw is in operation.
  • It is also worth noting that the electric motor is less capricious: it starts up equally well at positive and negative temperatures. Gasoline models, on the contrary, in the cold can often start only after warming up.
  • However, the main advantage of circular saws is the accuracy and cleanliness of the cut: no gasoline unit can compare with them in this parameter.

Special tools allow you to make cuts at an angle

Aeg BKS 18-0 cordless saw features overview

A hand-held electric circular saw for wood is a tool without which almost any joinery or carpentry task will become, if not impossible, then certainly quite difficult. At the same time, there are a lot of high-quality varieties of such devices, therefore, before buying a master (especially a beginner), it is advisable to learn as much as possible about their design.

In our article, we will tell you what to look for when choosing a circular saw for wood, as well as give a number of tips for maintaining such tools.

For large volumes of work, you cannot do without a power tool

A ruler for a hand-held circular saw or how to cut straight.

Set out to cut straight. As a result, such a simple adaptation appeared. ;))))

The equipment is equipped with a sturdy and reliable die-cast aluminum support base. The operator will not be faced with the problem of a jammed disc, as there is a riving knife in the device. Safety in the operation of such tools is above all, in this case it is ensured by protection against accidental starting, which became possible thanks to a fuse switch.

How to work with a circular saw

Safety precautions when working with a circular saw. Rules and tricks when working with circular saws. On development.

Saw or "angle grinder"?

Sometimes an angle sander for wood (an angle grinder, or "angle grinder") equipped with a small diameter saw blade is used as an alternative to a circular saw. In principle, such a solution makes sense, but only for performing individual operations.

If you have to cut a lot and often, then electric circular saws for wood demonstrate an advantage in a number of parameters:

  • Work productivity increases.
  • Reduces fatigue, since the saw does not need to be held while working. it rests on a board or workbench with the sole.
  • The noise and vibration levels will also be slightly lower.
  • The presence of guides allows you to accurately observe the cutting angle.
  • The cutting line is smooth and clean.
  • The main plus is the safety of work: almost all the moving parts of circular saws are hidden inside the body, while the "angle grinder" disc is protected only by a shield from the worker’s side (it is good if this shield is present and if it was not removed during the "modernization").

A standard "angle grinder" can also be used for some operations.

However, the grinder also has advantages:

  • Some models are lightweight and can be operated with one hand.
  • The small dimensions of the device itself allow manipulation in hard-to-reach places.
  • The price of the device is on average lower than that of a circular saw, but here it all depends on the parameters of the tool.

And yet, consider the "angle grinder" as a complete replacement for the saw is not worth it. You can make several cuts with it, but for construction or furniture work, you definitely need an easel or hand-held circular saw for wood.

Select model by price: Skil 5740 LA

This equipment, which has a power of 700 watts, is characterized by 4300 rpm. The cost of the tool is 3,700 rubles, the landing diameter is 16 millimeters, the cutting depth is 40 millimeters. If you need to make a straight, accurate cut in a tree of any species, then you can use this model. Despite its modest characteristics, this equipment has other impressive advantages, including. Ergonomic design, comfortable grip, compactness and low weight. 2.4 kilograms. The instrument uses a power button lock to prevent accidental starting. Increased stability is guaranteed by a large metal wide support. There is a special compartment for storing the key.

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Interskol saw description

The company Interskol offers many models of these saws and accessories for them, with which you can cut various materials. And, despite the fact that all models produced by this manufacturer differ in their characteristics, they have a number of common features.

Interskol electric circular saws differ from competitors in such important advantages as low weight, ergonomic design, spindle lock, protection against standard switching and stability during operation. Many models have the ability to connect the saw to a vacuum cleaner. Among other features, it should be noted the presence of special rubber pads and an eccentric lever clamp, which provides ultra-precise adjustment of the cutting length.

All blades, with which Interskol saws are oriented, are made of high-quality hard alloys. The power consumption of the power tool is between 600 and 2000 W.

Tabletop or manual

With the Interskol hand saw at your disposal, you can easily cut materials at any angle. The possibilities of a table-top machine in this regard are limited: sawing can only be performed at a given angle. To select it, stationary saws are equipped with the necessary accessories. a ruler, a guide rail, clamps, etc.

Device and saw blades

Structurally, these saws do not differ from most similar devices. This tool looks like a steel disc equipped with special teeth, which is connected to the motor that drives it. Depending on the configuration, some models may have different types of blades, a device for removing sawdust, etc. There are also tabletop models for use in industrial production, in particular, for active cutting of plexiglass products.

Preparing to saw with these saws requires choosing the right blades. So, for cutting plexiglass, it is recommended to choose a consumable with a density of teeth of at least two per centimeter. It is desirable that the blade has a carbide coating for the smoothest possible edge.

Circular circular saw for wood Interskol

The choice of devices for cutting materials is wide enough today. For this purpose, you can use laser cutters, hacksaws, and many other technological devices. But even with such a wide variety of sawing devices, circular saws are still considered the most practical. Their main advantage is that they allow you to cut in a straight line quickly and without much effort.

  • Interskol saw description
  • How to cut
  • Device and saw blades
  • Stationary saw
  • Varieties
  • Features and Benefits
  • Desktop
  • Guide rail
  • Power
  • Anchor
  • Tabletop or manual
  • Exploitation
  • Saw brand DP-190/1600 M
    • Specifications
    • In the domestic market, these saws are offered in a wide range. The products from the Russian manufacturer Interskol are well-known. It is the saws under this brand that are preferred by most of our compatriots. This choice is also explained by the fact that these saws are suitable for sawing various types of materials.

      Saw brand DP-190/1600 M

      This model of power tool is used to saw a variety of materials, including planks, laminate and plywood.

      The maximum possible cutting depth with this circular saw is 63 mm. The model is equipped with a 1600 W motor and is designed to work with a 190 mm disc. Safe and comfortable work with the saw is provided by a locking mechanism against accidental start-up, spindle locking and cutting angle adjustment.


      Circular saws differ from each other in terms of power. For the products of the manufacturer in question, this parameter can have the following values ​​- 1200, 1600, 1900, 2000 W and others. So, if the device has a power of 1600 m or 2000 m in the description, it follows that the power of the model is 1600 or 2000 W, respectively. For example, according to the name of the saw DP 165 1200, it is easy to guess that a 1200 W or 1.2 kW motor is used in the configuration of this power tool.