Wrap Fishing Line On Trimmer Coil

Owners who have their own household plots often encounter the problem of keeping a lawn, namely, the need for high-quality mowing of grass. For these purposes, either a manual or an electric braid is used. a trimmer (see photo). It is clear that working with the electric model is much easier and faster. The grass is mowed using a fishing line rotating at high speeds. But during operation, the thread wears out over time and requires a change. So how do you rewind the fishing line on the trimmer reel with your own hands?

Wrap Fishing Line On Trimmer Coil

Types of fishing line

The thread for the trimmer can be divided into types according to its diameter. It can begin with the smallest. 1.2 millimeters and reach up to 4 millimeters. The most commonly used is a diameter of 2 millimeters. But it is necessary to select it strictly individually, based on the specific model of the device. Often the required diameter of the product is indicated in the passport on the product. Usually the more powerful the trimmer, the larger the diameter of the fishing line should be. For example, it is best to wind a thread with a diameter of 2.4 millimeters on a coil of a Lawn Mower, and for a product with a weak engine, a thread diameter of 1.6 millimeters is suitable.

Video: Wrap Fishing Line On Trimmer Coil

Fishing lines differ in type of section. It can be round (for mowing ordinary grass), square (for soft and often mowed grass), with sharp edges (for tall grass), with notches (for thin grass), and also complex (see photo). The latter can not be filled in all types of devices. It should be noted that the line is intended solely for mowing grass. To cope with other types of plants, it is necessary to use a Lawn Mower with a sharp knife. The length of the threads that can be tucked into the trimmer can range from 10 to 100 meters.

How to wind a line onto a trim reel

Spools of products may have different filing systems. This can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic feed. Depending on this, it is necessary to wrap the fishing line. So how do you thread a bobbin? To begin with, the cap is unscrewed on the coil (see video). If the thread on it is left-handed, then you need to turn it clockwise, and not as usual.

Such a thread is made so that during the operation of the product the trimmer head cannot unwind. To fill the thread will require about 5 meters of material (see photo). It must be folded strictly in half, insert the center into the space provided on the device and wind it in the direction of the arrow, which should be drawn on the reel, as in the video. After that, you just need to tighten the cap.

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