A trimmer tank flows for grass from under the gum. What is a sapun?

Repair of plastic gas tank, independently eliminate leak

The leakage of the gas tank is a rare phenomenon, but such a problem can happen to each. In general, plastic gas tank is eternal (namely plastic gas tanks are installed on most existing cars), as it is protected from corroding gasoline. However, he is threatened with other problems. sandblast and any mechanical damage. Even if the gas tank leaked, this is not a reason to throw it out, because it can be quite budgetary to repair it.

How Clog gas tank? 2.4 methods tested by time

What are effective methods than Cover the gas tank

for the ability to use its upcoming operation? Such issues will be considered in this section. After all, this topic than just concerns used cars, in addition to production.

Structurally, gas tanks are actually not protected by external damage, in contrast, from foreign analogues. Often small fractions of gravel, crushed stone, asphalt, bouncing from the rear wheels evenly ruin the shell of paint and primer, bringing incorrigible harm to the metal. A few days later, the metal begins to rust. The driver begins to notice a fuel leak.

How to seal a gas tank? Now there are two brand options:

  • The introduction of cool welding for sealing cracks and holes;
  • Epoxy glue or still called fiberglass. It is better to take two.component.

Who is the method of good in its own way. Naturally, you can easily meet other methods for eliminating the flowing in the gas tank, but they are the least effective than the above.

Tools and related equipment

How to seal the fuel tank of a trimmer for grass.

  • We drive a car to the observation pit or overpass;
  • We outline the place of flow with chalk;
  • We dismantle the fuel batch from the car;
  • We pour the remnants of gasoline in other words of diesel fuel;
  • We dry out in the open air, because the pairs of chemical reagent are explosive;
  • Using a rag and soap solution, we clean the gas tank from the residues of the resin, dirt, and other impurities on the outside;
  • For cleaning heavily derived compounds, we use rough sandpaper;
  • The surface of the gas tank is degreased using acetone. This function must be carried out a couple of times, because how excellent degeneration will be carried out depends on the quality of the gas tank material;

Repair of the fuel tank on the trimmer.

Even more information about repairing and choosing a tool here www.Looktool.Ru enter, of course, everyone is happy about everyone.

For gluing, you need to use glue of a viscous mixture, otherwise the effect is not to achieve an option.

trimmer, tank, flows, grass, sapun
  • We cut the fiberglass shreds with such a macar so that they protrude 1-2 cm. more perimeter of crack or other damage. We impregnate the fabric shreds carefully in the eboxite;
  • Gently apply fiberglass on the surface of the gas tank so that there are no air bubbles left, otherwise eliminate the shortcomings;
  • Using a rampant, we are excess glue and resin;
  • Smoothes the glass wheel with a small piece of plastic for the even platform;
  • After that, we proceed to the imposition of the second ball, we carry out a similar procedure. Depending on the degree of damage to the gas tank, it is determined with the number of balls of fiberglass. Accordingly, the minimum damage will require the minimum number of fiberglass balls, the deeper zones of the lesion will require more balls.

The driver is note, it must be remembered that the quality of the rest of the structure depends on how the first layer is laid.

Each subsequent layer should be slightly wider than the previous one and with an interval of 15-20 minutes.

In addition, the last layer is impregnated with additionally aluminum powder, which can be purchased in a car shop.

After a day, the design will completely dry and harden. You can process it using fine grinding paper.

We proceed to painting or primer, depending on the need.

Cold welding is used similarly to the above processes. Despite advanced technologies in the form of welding, many drivers prefer old proven and durable methods. So that the question is than Clog

The gas tank is already disassembled. A similar procedure can be carried out both in garage conditions and at a car service, depending on your decision.

The algorithm for eliminating the problem

Replacing steering tips with VAZ 2114

Soldering a tank of a lawn mower

This method is one of the most reliable. Before soldering, a plastic gas tank must be washed with white spirit, cleaned with sandpaper. Tools necessary for repair:

First you need to warm up the place that will fall with a hairdryer. Under the influence of heat, plastic will begin to deform. Then you need to pull a hole on the gas tank with forceps. The key help to form the right plastic position.

You can also try to stock up a crack in hot plastic with a pistol. This is a reliable way to correct damage, but without preliminary stripping it will not give any results.

The solder repairs are capital. Previously, plastic should be cleaned, as well as prepare a patch. a piece of plastic, slightly larger than a hole. Heating the edges of the crack (they should be soft, not molten), you need to pave the hole. Next, you need to fix it with sealant.

Cleaning the tank

Glue a crack in a gas tank with various means and methods.

Cleaning PVC

When using glue for a PVC tube, a small amount of glue on a crack is applied with a brush and spread it with a thin layer. This is a fairly strong glue and it will be guaranteed to hold. It is difficult to answer the question of how long the glue will keep this crack: it all depends on the quality and type of gasoline, as well as the intensity of the use of the gas tank. Cleaning PVC-Klem is a “quick” version of the tank repair.

Cleaning with epoxy resin

Degreasing and cleaning the damaged area with sandpaper, should be applied to its epoxy resin. If the crack is large, then you need to take a piece of fabric, more than a crack, and apply the resin to it. Then apply this fabric to the crack with effort (you need to keep the fabric for at least 30 seconds). When the fabric is completely glued, you need to apply a little more glue to the patch.

It is not difficult to repair the BAC of the lawn mowers, having simple tools at hand. The main thing is that before the repair you should carefully prepare the gas tank, cleaning and degreasing it. Otherwise the effect of it will not be.

Grouping gum for the fuel tank of a trimmer for grass (motorcycles)

Gum under the hose of lawn mowers for a gas tank, universal.

Dimensions in unidentified form: total d = 25mm, seat d = 19mm.

Suitable for benzotrimers with an engine volume 26 cm 3: Carver GBC-026; Piran BC 260; Champion T264; SD-Master GBC-026; Sungarden Tornado 26 BT; Texas BC26S; Texas CG260B; Ergomax BC-26E; Castelgarden XB 26 JD; Sungarden GB 26; Packard Spence BC 260; PackardSpence BC 261; Red Star CG 260; Profer 260 p; Patriot Home Garden GG 262; Etalon PNBC 260-1; Forward FBCS-260A; Greenline BC 260 GL; BC 260; Prioritet BT-26.

Benzotrimmers with engine volume 33 cm 3: Carver GBC-033; Carver GBC-033S; Piran BC 330; Ikramogatec BF 33; Aiken MC 255/33L; SD-Master GBC-033; Texas BC33; Texas CG330B; Ergomax BC-33E; Profer 330; Red Starkg 330; Champion T 334; Profi BG330B; Prioritet 330; Green Field GF 330 B; Gardener GCB-330; Enifield 235; Packard Spence PSGT 330; Packard Spence PSGT 331; Garden Line NTCG330; Beezone CG330BF; Redverg RD-GB330; Pegas CG330B; Akita CG330; Resource RBC 330; Profi SS-BC330 and others.

Benzotrimers with an engine volume 43 cm 3: Carver GBC-043; Carver GBC-043S; Piran BC 430; Ikramogatec BF 43; SD-Master GBC-043; Texas BC43; Texas CG430B; Ergomax BC-43E; Profer 430; Red Star CG 430; Champion T 434; Profi BG430B; Prioritet 430; Green Field GF 430 B; Gardener GCB-430; Enifield 245; Packard Spence PSGT 430; Packard Spence PSGT 431; Garden Line NTCG430; Beezone CG430BF; Redverg RD-GB430; PEGAS CG430B; Akita CG430; Resource RBC 430; Profi SS-BC430; TSUNAMI TG 43WS; Hammer MTK43; Praktika GTB43; Aiken MC 255/43L and others.

Benzotrimmers with engine volume 52 cm 3: Carver GBC-052; Carver GBC-052S; Piran BC 520; SD-Master GBC-052; Champion T514; Prioritet 520; Enifield 255; Ergomax BC-52E; Hammer MTK52; Gardenlux GTG52-3; DNIPRO-M B-52 m; TSUNAMI TG 52WS; Zenit ZTB-52/2300; Hyundai Hy/GTG52-3; Watt Garden WMT-1853LB; Pegas CG520B; Magnum M-52 U-2; Atlant A 417 and others.

The description of the goods is informational and may differ from the description presented in the manufacturer’s technical documentation. Recommend when buying check the desired functions and features.

Tips for quickly launching the unit

Some pull the pen with such force that it is necessary to repair the starter of the lawn mowed with their own hands. This is possible only in the case of a gust of a cable or breakdown of the cable handle. In other cases, it is recommended to replace the starter. This node is sold in the collection.

How to replace the spark plug correctly?

As you can see, there is nothing superplousing in this procedure.

A new spark plug for a two.stroke internal combustion engine of a gasoline braid for grass is installed in return for the old detail that failed

How to get to the saapun?

You don’t need a special dexterity. The easiest way to contact the instructions for the operation of your model. Nevertheless, instructions for dismantling the handle may come to the rescue.

First, pay attention to the preparatory stage.

  • To clean after dismantling the saw handle it was easier, remove the tire and chain, the side cover. This is not necessarily, but desirable, because at the same time you can, using a brush and compressor, remove traces of oil, dirt, and sawdust.
  • Set aside the dismantled details to the side.

After cleansing, we proceed to removing the handle.

  • The handle is attached to the housing with three shock absorbers (all are rubbed), but it is impossible to remove them immediately, so for starters we work with plastic plugs. Usually they have in the inner cavity of each shock absorber.
  • Take a powerful screwdriver and start squeezing shock absorbers. Start with the one that is located close to the handle behind.
  • We remove two screws that will allow us to dismantle the wire traction (it is associated with the carburetor and gas trigger, is close to the handle where you removed the first shock absorber).
  • In the end, you have a pen that is connected to the shock absorber. Now it remains to twist the housing (break aside the inside of the handle).
  • Remove the case from the gum. All is ready!

If you have previously disassembled a chainsaw, you can handle the handle with the dismantling of the handle.

Usually after this step should be disassembled the starter. But, given the standard features of the structure of the chainsaw, this step in order to get to the saopon, we do not need. If desired, you can remove the starter, since many sawdust accumulates under it.


The key purpose of a tank for a trimmer for grass is storage of fuel. The market today presents various configurations of the gas troops for motorcycle, which differ in volume, material and other parameters. Depending on the capacity of the tank, the duration of the uninterrupted operation of the braid for grass during operation is determined.

The gas tank is worn in the same way as other components of the benzotrimer. To prevent premature damage to the walls, manufacturers provide for their protection in the form of plastic plates or steel.


The key purpose of a tank for a trimmer for grass is storage of fuel. The market today presents various configurations of the gas troops for motorcycle, which differ in volume, material and other parameters. Depending on the capacity of the tank, the duration of the uninterrupted operation of the braid for grass during operation is determined.

The gas tank is worn in the same way as other components of the benzotrimer. To prevent premature damage to the walls, manufacturers provide for their protection in the form of plastic plates or steel.

The procedure for cleaning the soundtress

Simple purification method. use a sewing needle. Before cleaning the valve, make sure that it is clogged. It is not difficult to do it.

  • Remove the carburetor (it must be disconnected from the fuel hose), estimate the number of traces of fuel.
  • If the fuel flows, and the saapun remains clean, then everything is in order with it and you need to continue diagnostics. If a weak stream of fuel arises from the gas pipeline, you can have no doubt that the sapoon needs thorough cleaning.

Important! If, after cleaning, the chainsaw shows an increase in revolutions when idling, do not rush to panic and disassemble the tool or attribute to the workshop. After cleansing, this behavior of the engine and carburetor (their interaction leads to an increase in the speed at idle) is considered the norm. If this feature is alarming, you can slightly adjust the idle screw located on the carburetor and has a mark of T.

The main thing. Fuel mixture!

In this case, the remains of plastic plastic dissolved in the brutal environment are created in the combustion chamber so terrible things that you will definitely not be able. But you certainly remember how to correctly store fuel.

trimmer, tank, flows, grass, sapun

What to do when the fuel was definitely ordinary, there is a spark, but a trimmer for grass does not start a gasoline? Maybe you just flooded the candle with gasoline. In this case, it needs to be unscrewed, wiped with an unspoken rag and dry. By the way, it will be completely useful to check the spin for performance itself.

Correct starting correctly!

Often, trimmers for grass do not start after they try to “put them into operation” after a long storage. Troubles with starting in this case are often justified by the incorrect actions of the user.

If you are faced specifically with this phenomenon, then when you cool, you need to close the damper, then pump up a small amount of fuel consistency in the carburetor. Then stretch the starting hand to the sensation of resistance, after which, with sharp and energetic movements, start a trimmer for the grass.

A chainsaw flows needs help

Comrades, I am writing here, since the most brittle gathered here, in my opinion 🙂 Patriot Garden 3816 chainsaws remained from my grandfather after death. When I began to fill the fuel mixture into it-it flowed out of it, not from somewhere specifically, but it feels like it is right from everywhere 🙁 \ I can see some kind of traffic jam inside the fuel tank (I don’t know what it is). But not everything leaked and she works great on what is left. Please tell me what it can be and where to dig.

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It is necessary to spread the tank, change the gasket and assemble back. You will buy a gasket of vryatli, so you have to cut it out according to the old!And also interestingly, most of these saws, the tank joins at all without gaskets. there the plastic is sufficiently tightly inserted into each other.Well, with little blood, just to work a little, the old gasket will swell and the leak will leave!

I drank about the same, I use it only in the summer, I clean and in the box for the winter for the winter, fill gasoline in the spring.It leaks, and from somewhere from the middle of the saw, I did not understand where, a couple of refueling flowed somehow self. I think they dry some seals without gasoline, after the gas stations, everything falls into place.And so for three years I have already poured on this problem, it works and okay.Inside the fuel tank, I have a filter (or rather hangs on a tube type) I need to change once a year.

I can’t treat on TV. I’m not Kashpirovsky. Understand and you will see where it flows.

Most likely the fuel hose burst which comes from the tank to the carb or lost herring in the junction

Figa to the family, for what such were used?

Most likely the problem in the tank itself, dry out over time, try to remove the tank and pour a little mixture, check the leak

I also have a Patriot, only already updated, in the age of 12 it will buy perfectly, I will always make up and clean it without problems, after this year, I didn’t attach any importance, but now, having read the post and Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I realized what I realized Question We must solve something with a fuel tank

Somehow Stihl was disassembled from a neighbor, there was the same baida, the fuel tank there was glued from 2 halves. There was a crack at the place of gluing. They disassembled completely and stolen the podik, then they still grime on top.

Normal saw. I also have “Drestylinnaya” already 2006. than alive. Only the starters are weak. I changed 2 for the third time put a bicarrier with a light old one. a thing, it always starts easily. Husqvarna’s brother starts many times worse.

my Husqvarna starts with half a pike that is cold, that hot. No difference

Lucky. Our huska is cold from 5-6 hot normally starting.

Yes, I came across such, I bought a new one, no longer new-5 years.Called Husqvarna 435, the tire is small and it suits me quite. I do not overload, I do the mixture 1/50, oil. synthetics for two.strokes, gasoline 95.

chainsaw if you understand it elementarily, see www.Drive2.ru/b/2493397/

Inside the fuel tank is not some kind of cork, but these are a fuel filter 3 causes of fuel leakage are possible: 1. under the filler neck (treated by installing the gasket. make easily from improvised material) 2. leak in the place of attachment of the fuel (tube) of the fuel supply to the carburetor ( It is also treated simply or replacement or slightly cut a little and set up a little, since the end may simply lose its elasticity and not fit tightly, and 3. the tank itself is leaked (it is also easily treated and newly bought) Good luck Good luck.

How to clean the check valve and restore the tools of the tool

To begin with, let’s figure out how to find out that the soundtress is faulty and needs to be cleaned or replaced. This can be done in three ways.

  • The first method provides for inspection of the condition of the hole on the gas tank cover. If the hole is clogged with dirt, then the valve definitely needs to be cleaned.
  • The second method is if the lawn mower does not start or the engine stalls after short operation. These are indirect signs that the carburetor cannot pump fuel into the system due to the current pressure inside the tank.
  • The third way is to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor, and then see. If the fuel flows with a strong stream, then the equalizer is working and does not need to be repaired. If the fuel does not flow or flows with a weak stream, then this indicates a malfunction of the equalization valve. Fuel does not proceed due to the pressure created inside.

To make sure that the problem is hidden in the saapun is quite simple. for this, try to unscrew the lid. If you do this with difficulty, and when turning the hatch, the sound of air is heard, then it is definitely worthwhile to clean the bacon.

You can clean the check valve in the following ways:

  • Use a needle and compressor. A needle is needed in order to remove dirt from the hole in the tank cover. Clusted air from the compressor must be blown out from the reverse side so that the remains of the dirt fly out of the hole. This method is simple, but it is not always suitable
  • Disassemble the bacon and examine with subsequent cleaning or replacement of the device. The offset of the cabin is not sold, therefore, in case of damage to the filter element or valve itself (usually it is presented in the form of a rubber seal), you will need to buy a new gas tank cover for its tool model

Below is an instruction on how to disassemble the saapun and clean it with your own hands:

  • The first thing you need to make sure that the soundtrack is in the tank cover. Next, consider the case when the check valve is located in the design of the cover
  • Remove the latch from the lid, which serves to prevent Luke’s loss during the refueling of the tool
  • We proceed to extract an equalizer of pressure from the inside of the lid. To do this, you need to lift the device, and extract with the rubber seal
  • Eliminated parts from the cover are a rubber gasket and a filter saopan
  • Next, it is necessary to remove the filter from the rubber valve, and clean and purge
  • If the rubber valve has no signs of damage, then it is enough to blow and clean it with the filter, and then build the device

The repair procedure has been completed on this, and it remains to verify the performance of the lawn mower saop in action.

Summing up, it should be noted that this small detail is often the reason that it is impossible to start a chainsaw. Even complete cleaning of the carburetor will not help to eliminate this problem. Often inexperienced mowers turn to service centers for the repair of the tool, not realizing that the reason is hidden in this small in size of the part, which plays a very large role in the operation of the gas instrumentation engine.

I edge back this jungle of an edge with just a battery weed whacker #shorts #makita #tallgrass

DIY chainsaw repair (repair of a Chinese chainsaw)

1st repair of the chainsaw with your own hands: there was a locking ring of a piston finger (during the repair of the Chinese chainsaw, you need to disassemble the motor quite, change all the gaskets, change the locking rings of the piston, compression rings of the piston, eliminate the clogs on the piston and on the mirror of the cylinder or on a shiny mirror Nikosilov coating of the inner surface of the cylinder).

Do.it.yourself repair of a chainsaw: hot chainsaw stalls at idle and in exacerbations (the reason is problems with fuel intake, to eliminate the malfunction of the chainsaw cm. carburetor and fuel).

The flywheel unscrewed and broke the shaft (the next repair of the chainsaw with your own hands).

The key of “muffler” broke.

Lawn Mower just stopped working, Weed wacker to the rescue

The oil pump drive (plastic) came out of the system).

“Flew” the needle bearing of the drum.

Basil malfunction: Brake tape burned down (and melted).

Cracks appeared in the plastic lids of the cylinder and starter (we need repair of the Chinese chainsaw).

The part of the drum broke off in the starter where the spring is broken off.

The gasket under the muffler burned out.

Do.it.yourself repair of a chainsaw: a rusty needle bearing inside the clutch drum (it must be cleaned, washed and lubricated so that the chain at idle does not turn, the clutch is unscrewed clockwise).

The plastic axis of the starter has broken (can be replaced with a metal bolt).

DIY chainsaw repair: the starter spring burst (replace with a new one).

The starter drum broke (so that this is not there in the future, it is necessary to replace the factory round rope with a flat nylon).

Repair of the Chinese chainsaw: in the exhaust window of the cylinder (under the silencer) you need to check, and if there is, then cut a dentist ledge of metal, t.to. Over time, this ledge will damage the piston and rings.

Change the gasket between the halves of the crankcase (put a thickness of 0.2 mm, instead of the one that is now 0.5 mm thick) to eliminate the air leaks into the crankcase through loosely pressed oil seals.

It is necessary to redo the valve on the fuel tank (it works from the factory for a vacuum in the tank, and when the tank is heated with prolonged sawing and, accordingly, an increase in pressure in it, the chainsaw begins to work unstable). We need to remove the handle of the chainsaw and see a white cap on the tank, we need to remove it, under it is a black elastic band, remove it, pierce the cap several times with an awl, collect it and everything will not be poured out when tilted, and there will be excessive pressure of the tank.

carburetor? There is one reason, the formation of a vacuum in a tank. Solution to the problem, pull out the white plug, clean.

At the factory, the fuel mixture flies out of the carburetor, the engine certainly does not start, why this is happening who knows who knows? I read that there is some kind of inlet valve that does not allow to squeeze out the fuel from the crank chamber to the carburetor. Maybe he broke, and where he is nobody writes.

Hello. I’ll tell you a little about the repair of the chainsaw with your own hands, t.e. About its seven.year experience of communication with the Chinese chainsaw “GoodLuck”. I bought it as soon as they appeared on the market. The number on the chainsaw is present. It is applied by engraving, which means that it is brought to the country as a chainsaw (Tobish is collected in the Middle Kingdom at the factory), and this is a huge plus. Those chainsaws that sell without a number they get together in spare parts and gather somewhere in the basement, and this is a minus. Further. I rolled Hado oil and I still use it. Repair of a Chinese chainsaw. About your malfunction of the chainsaw I can say the following. Of course, I will not say special (but from the point of view of banal erudition): on those Chinese chainsaws that came across to me never there was never a reverse petal valve between the cylinder and the carburetor. And there is a inlet valve in the carburetor itself. If, during the repair of the chainsaw with your own hands, remove the lower cover of the carburetor (at the same time be sure to remember, and better when photographing each operation in order to then collect everything), we will see a rubber membrane with a metal washer in the middle of the middle (during operation) one part valve. The principle of its work is as. Когда поршень в цилиндре двигается то под поршнем создается то давление, то вакуум и эти перепады через определенный канал (дырочку) передается в камеру карбюратора где стоит эта мембрана. She moves from pressure drops. Thus, crushing on the rocker, it opens it, then closes the inlet valve that supplies a certain part of the fuel to the carburetor through the nozzle (hole) that opens and closes the valve attached to the other end of the rocker. So. If in this hole, something hit and hooked (stuck), then the valve does not close and this is why it turns out then. that the fuel constantly flows into the carburetor (underdated) and it falls a lot. So that it even flies back through the carburetor. Accordingly there is a lot of fuel, floods the candle and the saw does not work. DIY chainsaw repair, t.e. How to eliminate. If you are confident in their abilities, it is necessary to disassemble and clean (non.metallic objects) and then rinse with gasoline and blow the entire carburetor. Put everything back (collect) check the tightening of all connections and their tightness. Further. Turn the candle turn the saw with a candle hole down (with the ignition turned off) and glue the saw with a starter with a time so 15 in order to remove gasoline accumulated from the chamber under the crankshaft. After that, tighten the candle and you will be happy. If you are not 100 % sure of your abilities, then my advice to you: contact a specialist. Chinese technique is not so bad as they talk about it. Tested by personal experience. Repair of a Chinese chainsaw. All the best to you.

about repairing a chainsaw with your own hands. Forgot the most important thing. It is necessary to fill in pure gasoline (filtered through a net that does not pass water) and it is necessary to compact the junction of the air filter with the carburetor so that there is no fine chips leaks to the carburetor. I put an additional rubber ring of suitable diameter in the filter groove. Now it is tightly pressed by a nut that on the lid. I found the elastic band on the market, on the layout.

trimmer, tank, flows, grass, sapun

Hello. Chinese Binzopila Taiga, Kikstarter broke, set a new one, after the hour of work, the clutch spun, put it in place, with a second factory the clutch scattered into pieces, put a new clutch, checked the candle. it was flooded, dried, cleaned up an air filter and muffler and muffler and muffler and muffler and muffler. he doesn’t start again, sneezed, clamped the gas and tried to get it, pulling the starter’s cord goes smoke, he pulled the clutch with clamped gas, twisted it, twisted it, turning it with my hand during the back of the silencer.

DIY chainsaw repair. What do you mean saying that the clutch has “spun”? It twisted on the thread from the crankshaft shaft ? If we are talking about one clutch. I think about the clutch that stands on the right side and the leading star stands on it. It should not (in principle) when working a chainsaw is unscrewed. Because there should be left thread. Tobish during operation this knot should be delayed, not unscrewed. If the reverse occurs, then there is some kind of marriage. Ask more about the repair of the Chinese chainsaw. How can I.

Hello! The Chinese chainsaw of the STIHL MS 280, the problem is that the hole of lubrication of the chain is very quickly clogged (immediately at the beginning of work) and thereby not lubricated the chain! How to eliminate the malfunction of the chainsaw I don’t know.

What kind of hole ? If the fact that on the tire itself is clogged with fine chips, then the advice is as follows: when starting to saw the log, then immediately add the gas, then saw off the piece and only when it disappeared to drop the gas into idle. If, for any need, it is necessary not to finish to the end, then the gas is not dropped until that time until the whole tire is removed from the cut. This is necessary so that small chips do not fall under the teeth of the chain. The chips are correct and everything flies out only at maximum speed. And further. Each time you finished sawing and going to leave the saw alone for at least a few days, you must remove and clean the air filter and remove to clean the tire inside the chips. If this is not done, then the chips from the oil swells and blocks the correct access of the oil lubrication of the chain, which is why it may be required to repair the chainsaw with your own hands.

Hi! The saw did not start, there was no discharge in the pipe from the crankcase, the clutch oil seal was torn.After replacement, the saw is started poorly and only with a completely open throttle, it works only at large speeds, you begin to set normal quantities, stalls. Carb, changed from the working saw, put a new ignition unit.Both new seals, gasket under the cylinder is new paranite, what else to do?