How to cut off a grinder correctly. The diameter of the circle must match the permissible grinder

How to cut a grinder correctly Modern Bulgarian is a universal tool designed to perform different works. With its help, you can cut various materials: metal, wood, plywood, natural stone, foam block, slag block, paving and tile, brick, laminate, concrete, ordinary and organic glass. At the same time, sheets, blocks, pipes are cut, strokes make. Also, the corner grinding machine […]

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How to make a renovator out of a grinder. For what purposes does the renovator serve

DIY Renovator Bulgarian nozzle Homemade nozzle on a grinder, multifunctional tool renovator: detailed photos and description of manufacturing. Greetings for self.Use lovers! Today, I want to show you a rather interesting home.Made device. We will talk about the vibrational saw, which is also called the renovator. This is a universal tool, there are many different nozzles on it on sale. […]

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How to cut hot glass with a grinder. How to cut off the potato glass in simple words about a complex process

How to cut glass with a grinder Glass glass, thanks to a special hardening technology, becomes several times stronger than usual, although its degree of processing is significantly reduced. But if you listen to the advice of experts and comply with certain rules, you can avoid the appearance of defects when cutting this material. Therefore, before cutting the glass with […]

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