Stihl Ts 420 Fuel Consumption

Chainsaw Demand

STIHL chainsaws help eliminate the effects of Hurricane Lothar throughout Europe.

Rescue saw MS 460

The first emergency rescue saw STIHL MS 460 fully complies with the requirements of emergency services, such as emergency response services, fire brigades, teams "Technical assistance".

Hans Peter Stihl becomes Honorary Chairman

In February, Hans-Peter Stihl resigned as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and the German Congress of Chambers of Commerce and at the same time became honorary chairman of both organizations.

STIHL turns 75 years old

STIHL celebrates its 75th anniversary in the Schwabenland Concert Hall in Felbach (06.22). The official speech is delivered by Dr. Werner Müller, Minister of Economy and Technology of Germany.

Great birthday party

STIHL celebrates its 75th anniversary and organizes an open-air celebration for its employees at Factory 1 in Waiblingen.

Catalyst technology is already used in unprofessional chainsaws

STIHL begins production of unprofessional chainsaws and various gasoline powered tools equipped with catalysts to reduce emissions.

Awarding of Hans-Peter Stihl

On the occasion of his 70th birthday (18.04.), Hans-Peter Stihl receives from the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Erwin Theifel a large cross “For Merit” with a star of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Control transfer

Stihl family members retire and appoint non-family members as board members. Hans-Peter Stihl becomes Chairman of the Advisory Board of STIHL HOLDING AG & Co. KG, as well as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of STIHL AG.

Expansion of STIHL

At plant 2 in Waiblingen-Neustadt, the first stone was laid in the foundation of a new center for scientific and technological development (18.07). The amount of 40 million euros was the largest investment in construction in the history of the company.

Honorary Consul of Singapore

Hans-Peter Stihl is appointed Honorary Consul of Singapore (09/19.). An honorary consulate opens in Waiblingen for Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

4-MIX Engine

This four-stroke engine with a revolutionary mixture lubrication system combines the advantages of two and four-stroke units: reducing the volume of exhaust gases, reducing weight, increasing torque.

Celebration of the opening of a new center for scientific and technological development

In Waiblingen, the opening (18.03.) Of the new center for scientific and technological development is solemnly celebrated.

Awarding of Hans-Peter Stihl

Hans-Peter Stihl is awarded the Hans-Martin Schleer Prize (9.05.) At the Neuer Schloss Castle in Stuttgart.

Champions Cup Waiblingen

In Waiblingen. Headquarters STIHL. STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® 11.10. For the first time, he organizes the Champion Cup competition in tree felling. than 3,500 spectators come to see this amazing sight.

ErgoStart Launcher

An intelligent start-up support system for compact chainsaws and light lawn mowers greatly simplifies engine starting.

New anti-vibration system for chainsaws

The new anti-vibration system for the professional MS 341 and MS 361 chainsaws in combination with the new Rapid Super Comfort low-vibration saw chain provides extremely low vibration rates.

STIHL expansion in Switzerland

On April 14 in Vila, the first stone was laid in the foundation of the new STIHL plant & Co. (production of chains). In November 2004, STIHL & Co. celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Inauguration of the center for scientific and technological development

On June 23, in the presence of Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, a new center for research and development in Weiblingen / Neustadt opens. During the tour of the new building, it was clear that the new technician made a huge impression on the Chancellor. An amount of € 40 million was the largest single investment in STIHL’s nearly 80-year history.

STIHL saves jobs

ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG concludes an agreement with the unified production council in Waiblingen on the extension of the term of the internal employment agreement and the preservation of production until 12/31/2007 (07/16/2004). In this way, STIHL guarantees job security in Germany.

Multifunctional unit. ingenious combination

The combination of a multifunctional engine and easily replaceable nozzles facilitates the implementation of numerous lawn care, soil cultivation and site cleaning tasks. Multifunctional unit
Learn more

Chainsaw MS 880. the undisputed leader

This high-end model with a power of 6.4 kW (specific gravity per unit of power 1.6 kg / kW) is designed for extreme loads and high quality requirements when harvesting large wood.
Learn more

Abrasive cutting device TS 700. all in the teeth

High power, economy and environmental safety thanks to a new 5.0 kW two-stroke engine with a purge system and a durable air filter with a cyclone pre-treatment system. It can be used in combination with the FW 20 cart.
Purge engine Long-life air filter Read more.

Honoring Hans-Peter Stihl

Hans-Peter Stihl is inducted into the symbolic Hall of Fame Hall of Fame. Since 1992, manager magazin has been awarding this award to entrepreneurs, politicians and union workers for their outstanding contributions to the German economy. The award ceremony took place on May 11 at the Kronberg Castle Hotel in Kronberg / Taunus.

Inauguration of the new STIHL Training Center

On July 15, the new STIHL training center was officially opened at Plant 6 in Waiblingen in the presence of the head of the district office, Johan Fuchs, and Mayor Dr. Werner Schmidt-Hieber.

Laying the foundation stone of the STIHL factory in China

September 14 laid the foundation stone for the STIHL assembly plant in Chingdao, China. Dr. Bertram Candzior, Chairman of the Board, solemnly welcomed about 100 guests, including Mr. Du Xi Cheng, Secretary of the Chindao Party Organization.

Knapsack blowers BR 500, BR 550 and BR 600. Quality at the highest level.

Powerful STIHL 4-MIX technology, a highly efficient anti-vibration system and other details for easier and more comfortable operation. Awards: Reddot design award and gold medal “For Innovation” as part of the award of new products at a specialized exhibition.
Vibration reduction Read more.

Guide rail Carving. incredibly flexible

It feels great in narrow spaces, has an extremely low return and a long service life. The optimal solution for professional tree care and wood carving using chainsaws.

80th anniversary of STIHL

In July, STIHL celebrates its 80th anniversary and organizes various events, including an open-air celebration for company employees at Factory 2 in Waiblingen.

Opening STIHL China Branch

On September 15th, in the presence of Dr. Bertram Kandzior (Chairman of the Board) and Dr. Peter Dürolf (Member of the Board responsible for financial and personnel policy), a new STIHL plant was opened in Chindao, China.

STIHL Ranks Second in Equal Opportunity Land Competition

STIHL’s main company, headquartered in Waiblingen, ranks second in the 2006 land competition “Ensuring Equal Work Opportunities for Men and Women” in the category of large enterprises. Dr. Peter Dürolf, Member of the Board of STIHL, responsible for financial and personnel policy, at the solemn meeting on November 14, 2006 received a letter from the hands of the Minister of Economy Ernst Pfister.

40 million STIHL chainsaws worldwide

In December 2006, the STIHL group of companies produces and sells its 40 millionth chainsaw. The company was founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926 in Stuttgart and today has its own importers and dealers approx. in 160 countries of the world. Since the early 70s, STIHL has been the best-selling brand of chainsaw in the world.

Video: Stihl Ts 420 Fuel Consumption

Garden shears HS 81 R / T and HS 86 R / T. great haircut

The special design gearbox for the oncoming (R) and trimming (T) cuts, as well as the well-thought-out geometry of the knives, provide an excellent result in the shortest time. Learn more

MS 280-I. world’s first intelligent chainsaw

Intelligent engine provides optimum power in any situation without additional adjustment. Ideal for widespread use in agriculture and forestry and construction.

75th anniversary of Hans-Peter Stihl

On April 18, at the STIHL Conference Center in Waiblingen, Prime Minister Gunter Oettinger presented Hans-Peter Stiehl on the occasion of his 75th birthday with the Stauffer Grand Gold Medal. With this award, the Head of Government noted the long-standing outstanding contribution of STIHL to the economic and social development of the country.

Laying the foundation stone for the second STIHL chain factory in Switzerland

On March 30, the foundation stone was laid in the foundation of a new, second saw chain factory in the Swiss city of Bronshhofen, the canton of St. Gallen. STIHL plans to build a new plant on an area of ​​20,000 square meters, investing 160 million Swiss francs in this project. Commissioning of the first phase of construction is planned for mid-2008. This creates about 200 new jobs.

European Champion STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES in Waiblingen

On August 25 and 26, the STIHL® Timbersports® Series European Champion is taking place in Waiblingen, where the STIHL headquarters are located. 11,000 spectators did not miss the opportunity to see these exciting competitions. The title of European Champion in the individual event was won by German Dirk Brown, and in the team event. Switzerland.

STIHL saves jobs in Germany

October 5th Management Board and Single Production Council ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG agreed to extend the duration of the internal employment agreement and maintain production until 12/31/2009. This will further strengthen the competitiveness of STIHL and create the necessary conditions for the preservation of jobs and training places in factories in Germany.

Chainsaw MS 441. more power, less consumption

The highly environmentally friendly 2-MIX engine with a purge system increases power while reducing fuel consumption and exhaust gas volume. Longer service life thanks to a durable air filter.
2-MIX engine with purge Long-life air filter.
Learn more

The axial blower BG-KM is a powerful “air broom” for the combisystem

When developing axial blower devices, the technologies used in the power units of modern jet nozzles were taken as a basis. Thanks to them, this combi tool. one of ten. unique for manual blower devices.

Stihl Ts 420 Fuel Consumption

TS 410 / TS 420 abrasive cut-off device. Excellent balance

Light weight, high power and low fuel consumption, thanks to the 2-MIX engine with a purge system, set new standards. In addition, the filter service life has increased to 1 year due to the long-lasting air filter with a cyclone pre-treatment system.
Blowdown two-stroke engine
Durable air filter
Learn more

STIHL strengthens its position

The new marketing division was founded on December 12, 2008 and began operations in March 2009. Thus, in the country with the largest area in the world, STIHL can rely on reliable Partners to sell its products.

Increasing STIHL’s Board of Directors to 5 Members

Since May 1, 2008, the Management Board of STIHL AG has 5 members. This decision was made at a meeting of the company’s supervisory board on April 3, 2008. Gunter Gaslbauer, member of the board, is responsible for human resources policy in the board, which also covers organization, processing of information, granting patents, as well as legal issues. Finance and control are overseen by former CFO Dr. Klaus Detlefsen.

Inauguration of the new STIHL chain factory in Switzerland.

On October 30, the STIHL group of companies inaugurates the new, second saw chain factory in the Swiss city of Bronchshofen, the canton of Sant Gallen. New factory. This is a modern industrial building, equipped with the latest technology. The amount of investment in the new plant amounted to 160 million Swiss francs. 200 new jobs should appear in Bronshofen.

Acquisition of STIHL carburetor company Zama

On December 31, 2008, the STIHL group of companies acquired the Zama carburetor company, including Zama Japan KK in Japan and Zama Corporation, Ltd. in hong kong. Zama is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of carburetors for gasoline powered tools and a multi-year supplier of STIHL.

Chainsaw MS 211 C-BE. new class drank for beginners

The 2-MIX engine with a purge system, ErgoStart starter and quick chain tensioner make it a model in terms of power, environmental safety and ease of operation. Two-stroke engine with a purge Quick chain tensioner
Learn more

High pressure washers for cold water RE 108 / RE 118 / RE 128 PLUS. comfortable cleaning

Ergonomic design, advanced control system and wide standard equipment make cleaning in the house, yard, garage and home workshop completely tireless.
Learn more

Blowers and suction shredders BG / SH 56-D and BG / SH 86-D. high power in every situation

Thanks to the 2-MIX engine with a purge system, these blowers and suction shredders not only clean up quickly and easily, but also exhibit high efficiency and environmental safety.
Blowdown two-stroke engine
Learn more about blower devices.
Read more about suction choppers.

The electric blowers and suction shredders BGE / SHE 71 and BGE / SHE 81 are silent but powerful

These virtually silent tools with an electric motor are ideal for cleaning in the immediate vicinity of the house. An 1100 W or 1400 W motor will easily provide a clean result.
Learn more about blower devices.
Read more about suction choppers.

logistic center in Dieburg

STIHL celebrates the founding of a new Logistics Center in Dieburg. With over € 25 million in investment, this project has become the largest construction investment in the history of the German subsidiary STIHL.

Reward for "Social market economy" brother and sister stihl

Hans Peter Stihl and Ewe Mayr-Stihl at Frankfurt’s St. Paul’s Church Awarded "Social market economy" Conrad Adenauer Foundation.

new STIHL battery technology

Thanks to the new battery system, the new STIHL HSA 65 and HSA 85 garden shears combine the freedom of movement of gasoline units with low noise and pollution from electric tools. Thanks to the modular system, STIHL batteries can be used universally with various STIHL battery packs.

title of honorary citizen of the city of San Leopoldo

Hans Peter Stihl received the title of Honorary Citizen of the southern Brazilian city of San Leopoldo. The head of the city council substantiated this title as a sign of gratitude for the responsibility taken and fulfilled obligations to society and the environment. since the foundation of STIHL production in San Leopold in 1973.

MS 261. new chainsaw

New saw. ideal for thinning trees and shrubs, logging, logging in medium areas. The new chainsaw has become a follower of the predecessor model MS 260, which has long been the world’s best-selling professional saw for the forestry industry.

Eva Mayr-Stihl awarded the Order of 1 degree for services to the Federal Republic of Germany

Eva Mayr-Stihl awarded the Order of 1 degree for services to the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition to contributing to the success of the enterprise, its many years of volunteer and non-profit work were also highly appreciated.

STIHL brush cutter with M-Tronic technology

The STIHL FS 490 C-EM, FS 510 C-EM and FS 560 C-EM brush cutters are equipped with a fully electronic M-Tronic engine management system, which precisely regulates fuel injection and ignition timing for any application style. Using STIHL 2-MIX technology, the engines are also very environmentally friendly.

STIHL TS 500i with electronic injection

Abrasive cutting device STIHL TS 500i. The world’s first hand-held motor unit with electronically controlled injection. The system optimizes electronically the start and loading of the engine, which makes the carburetor unnecessary, resulting in a significantly reduced tool size and weight.

change of chairman of the supervisory and advisory board

Dr. Nicholas Stihl became Chairman of the Supervisory and Advisory Board of the STIHL Group of Companies, Hans Peter Stihl became Chairman Emeritus. Eva Mayr-Stihl remained on the post of vice chairman of the council. This ensures that in the future strategic management will also be carried out by the descendants of the founder of the company.

honors for the stihl family

In 2012, Eva Mayr-Stihl became an honorary citizen of Waiblingen, Dr. Nicholas Stihl received a gold medal "Tyrolean eagle"while Hans Peter Stihl was awarded "German Oscars for inventors", Rudolph Diesel Medal.

break with a chain saw GS 461

Thanks to the high-quality diamond abrasive material, the GS 461 chain copes with cuts up to 40 cm deep in concrete, natural stone and pipes.

new selling companies in Serbia and Colombia

This year, two new selling companies were opened: one, which is responsible for Serbia and Montenegro, in Belgrade; second one. in Rio Negro, Colombia.

STIHL MS 661 C-M: lightest in its class

The STIHL 661 C-M chain saw has a small power to weight ratio. 5.4 kW per 7.4 kg, which makes it the lightest chainsaw in its class.

expansion in prüm

The STIHL magnesium alloy plant has received new production facilities. The expansion included an investment of 4.9 million euros and required an additional useful area for production and a tool warehouse of 2,430 m2.

abrasive cutting device STIHL TSA 230

A small battery-powered abrasive cut-off device with an abrasive cutting wheel with a diameter of 230 mm, a depth of 70 mm. Wireless, convenient for use both indoors and outdoors. It is equipped as standard with a quick coupler for connection to a water source, which makes the operation much less dusty.

selling company in Finland

This year a new sales company was opened in Finland. STIHL employees and dealers, as well as members of the press, took part in the celebration of the company’s opening on March 20 in Vantaa.

BGA 100 blower with battery

Almost silent high-performance battery blower for professional use, especially in the city in places with a normalized noise level. Round nozzle, rubberized 2-component handle, three steps of airflow force with additional boost function, infinitely adjustable length of the air pipe, fixing eyes for soft nozzles, 2.5 kg of weight.

new ZAMA manufacturing facility in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a new carburetor complex was opened by a subsidiary of ZAMA. The project, with its 40 million euros, has become ZAMA’s largest construction investment.

STIHL MS 261 C-M with M-Tronic Technology

A chainsaw with STIHL M-Tronic technology has become more than 300 gr. Easier. And at the same time it became even more ergonomic and more convenient to use.

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How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The trimmer is a necessary and useful tool for a summer cottage and a private house. Many own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to replace a fishing line in a trimmer, especially at first.

In this manual, we will step by step analyze the entire replacement process. Looking ahead, there are two ways to line the trimmer spool with fishing line. There is no fundamental difference. the difference is that in the first case there will be one fishing line, folded in half, and in the second there will be two lines of such lines.


Replacement Preparation

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Disassemble the trimmer spool

For clarity, the mowing head (spool) was removed from the lawn mowers. To replace the fishing line, you do not need to remove it, everything is done locally. It does not take much time.

We disassemble the trimmer spool. it rests on the latches-latches. Remove the cover by pressing on the latches. If you do not have enough effort with your hands, then use a screwdriver.

The spool consists of the following:

  • Spring housing
  • Locking lid
  • Button Coil

The principle of action is as follows. By pressing the button, the coil presses on the spring and exits the locking grooves in the spool cover. While holding the coil in this state, you can twist, thereby adjusting the length of the fishing line. When you release the button, the housing spring returns the coil to its original fixed state.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Disassembled Trimer Spool

Below on the coil there are several holes for different diameters of the lines. Different trimmer manufacturers may vary. In some cases (as here) they are signed, in others not.

These holes are needed to fix the fishing line when replacing it. After winding on a woman’s fishing line, the ends of the latter are inserted into them. This is necessary so that the scaffold does not unwind at the time of installation of the coil in the trimmer housing. In other words, it facilitates the replacement of fishing line.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Fishing Line Holes

There are models without specifying the diameter of the consumable. Then, in order to find out what the maximum diameter of the scaffold can be used, it is tried on through the holes for removing the fishing line from the body of the trimmer spool (see the figure below).

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Fitting on fishing line outlets

The reel has two sections for fishing line, separated by a partition. They may not be. They are needed only to distinguish and facilitate winding of the consumable.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Two sections for fishing line

Initially determined with the required length of the loess. The latter is wound in one of the sections of the coil so that it does not go beyond its limits. In this case, 3 mm was wound, the length was about 2 meters. Those. for two sections you will need a 4 meter cut. this is for the 1st method. For the second method, you need two segments of 2 meters.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Determination of the required length of fishing line

Now you need to figure out which side you need to wind it. To do this, many manufacturers of trim tabs on the coils apply special designations such as in the figure below.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Special designation on the reel

If such designations were not found, then you need to pay attention to the body of the spool. There is without fail an arrow that indicates the movement of the mowing head. The line is wound in the opposite direction.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Designation on the spool housing

First way

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Bent in half fishing line

The prepared segment (in this case 4 meters) is bent approximately in half. one segment should be 15-20 cm longer and inserted into a special slot located on the dividing wall.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The fishing line is inserted into the slot

In a previously defined direction, the fishing line is wound. This is done in a tight fit, the line is neatly distributed. In this case, you need to wind a segment that is longer in the section that is closer to the button.

There are designs in which the division of the coil into two sections is not provided. This does not change anything, the fishing line is wound in a similar way. It is only necessary to ensure that the segments do not overlap among themselves.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The first segment that ends at the bottom of the coil, i.e. one that is closer to the fixing holes.

This tip is placed in the corresponding diameter hole. The fishing line is firmly fixed.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The fishing line is firmly fixed

A long section is wound another half turn. There it is similarly fixed. In this case, the segment crosses another section of the coil.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

A long section is wound another half turn

The fixed ends of the wound fishing line are inserted into the holes of the trimmer spool housing.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The fixed ends of the wound fishing line are inserted into the holes of the trimmer spool housing

The coil is attached to the body. The ends of the fishing line are pulled with force so that the fishing line previously fixed in the holes of the reel springs out. This is easily determined by the characteristic sound (click).

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The ends of the fishing line pull

The coil with the button is latched into the body of the trimmer spool.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The coil with the button snaps into the body of the trimmer spool

Replacing the fishing line was successful. In this case, you need to install it back on the trimmer and you can start mowing the grass.

It should be repeated, you do not need to remove the spool from the trimmer. this was done to make the process of replacing the fishing line easier. You can disassemble the spool in place, wrap it on a reel and put it back.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Successfully replacing fishing line

The tips so that they do not hit the trimmer cover can and should be cut.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Method 2. two segments

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Two wound lengths of fishing line

Method number 2 fundamentally no different from method number 1. The only difference is the two wound lengths of fishing line, instead of one.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The end of each segment is bent

The end of each segment is bent.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Two special locking sockets

There are two special locking sockets on the coil (see figure above).

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Start winding the fishing line

They hook onto it with a hook formed earlier on the fishing line, and begin to wind the fishing line.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Winding is carried out in a special order.

The winding should be carried out in the following order: first the bottom line, i.e. the one that is closer to the fixing holes at the bottom of the coil, and only then the upper one, i.e. the one that will overlap the bottom section.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The bottom line is wound

The tips are made into the holes in the body of the trimmer spool. They are pulled up to a click, which indicates that the line has come out of the clips.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The tips are threaded into the holes of the trimmer spool housing

The coil is fastened into the housing. The fishing line in the spool is replaced.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The fishing line in the spool is replaced

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

VIDEO: How to wind a fishing line on a mowing head of a trimmer or lawn mowers

How to wind a line onto a mowing head of a trimmer or lawn mowing machine

Replacing the fishing line in the trimmer: 2 easy ways

Feedback from our readers is very important to us. Leave your rating in the comments with the argument of your choice. Your opinion will be useful to other users.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Guaranteed production of a factory trimmer refill will inevitably require replacing the fishing line. Having a very rough idea of ​​how to fill the fishing line into the reel of the trimmer yourself, beginners are reluctant to take up this matter. However, with some skills, mastering this simple science does not present any difficulties, and the similar instruction presented below will facilitate this process as much as possible.

Video: How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Preliminary preparation

First of all, for winding fishing line it is required to remove the reel (bobbin, spool) from the trimmer. specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of product itself:

  • Small electric trimmers with a working arrangement of the engine and the coil in the lower part, as a rule, have side keys on both sides of the bobbin. By pressing them simultaneously, the upper part of the reel, together with the internal contents for winding the fishing line, is disconnected, while the lower one remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to disassemble the bobbin on an even smooth place so that the spring included in the design does not pop out and is not lost;
  • electric and gasoline trimmers with a curved bar without the possibility of installing a knife, as a rule, have coils with a special wing: in such designs, you should hold the spool in one position with one hand and rotate the locking reel on the wing nut with the other counterclockwise. After disconnecting the nut, the entire reel is removed.
  • electric and petrol trimmers with the possibility of installing the knife on a straight bar (for example, Stihl trimmers) have a hole under the bobbin. For the motion of the rod to be stationary, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole and with a slow rotation, such a mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the bobbin is fixed. After that, the coil body scrolls clockwise (with the left thread) and is removed from the trimmer.

For the second and third cases, the coils, depending on the design, are disassembled in various ways. In bobbins with a lamb, a lamb is twisted, in coils with latches, latches-clamps are pressed and one part of the coil is released from the other. If the halves of the spool are threaded, it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until completely unscrewed.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

We carry out winding fishing line

Slowly completed disassembling the spool of the spool without losing its spare parts allows you to go to the main task. winding the fishing line into the reel. Technological features of the design of the spool and the number of working antennae determine the sequence of actions.

Coil with one working antenna

The simplest option and a simple sequence of actions:

  1. The dimensions of the bobbin and the length of the original factory winding determine the recommended fishing line length for winding. 2. 5 m.
  2. One end of the fishing line is inserted into the fixing technological hole located inside the spool.
  3. The fishing line is wound on the drum in the reverse direction of rotation of the spool in the trimmer product direction. as a rule, on the inner side of the bobbin an arrow indicates which side the winding is carried out.
  4. A small area of ​​fishing line is left free to bring it out. it is fixed in a specialized groove on the inside of the reel, designed to hold the winding when assembling the spool in working condition.
  5. The left end of the line is passed through the hole on the outside of the bobbin.
  6. The bobbin halves are assembled and put on the trimmer bar.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Coil with two working antennae

In this type of spools, you should determine the number of grooves for winding fishing line lying on the inside of the reel:

  • one groove. both antennae are wound together along one groove;
  • two grooves. each antennae is wound on an individual groove.

In both cases, a 2-3-meter-long fishing line is taken. In single-groove reels, the fishing line is pulled into the through hole, its ends (antennae) are folded together and aligned, after which they are wound in the opposite direction of rotation of the bobbin on the side of the bar. the correct direction of winding is usually indicated inside the arrow. In the presence of fixing grooves, the ends of the fishing line are threaded into them or held by the fingers of their free hands, threaded into the through hole of the outer half of the bobbin, the spool is closed and attached to the bar of the trimmer.

The difference between winding fishing line in two-groove reels is that initially a piece of fishing line 2-5 m long is folded in half (to determine the middle bend), and the bend loop is inserted into a special groove between the grooves. Both antennae of the fishing line are wound each in its own groove, the fixation of the antennae and the reel assembly is similar to the one-groove variant discussed above.

The first implementation of this procedure may seem long and rather laborious, but with time and experience this task will be solved much faster and easier.

The video below will clearly show how to put the fishing line into the coil of the trimmer and wrap it correctly. this operation is not complicated and with some patience will surely succeed:

Automatic reeling of fishing line

There is a variety of coils in which the automatic mechanism coils on its own. from the user it is enough just to properly fill the line. The fishing line is passed through the hole on the inside of the case, its antennae without winding is passed through the hole on the external case, the bobbin is assembled, and when the winding button is rotated, the line inside is wound up independently. In such a spool, it is impossible to make the winding incorrectly: the mechanism itself will determine the correct direction, since it can only turn in one direction.

The trimmer is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for mowing grass and pruning small bushes and trees. As a cutting element, it often uses fishing line (string, cord), because it costs less than blade knives and is safer to use. With intensive use of the tool over time, you will need to change the line on the trimmer. This process is similar on mowers from different manufacturers, be it Husqvarna or Huter, with possible minor differences.

What is needed to replace the cord

When the trimmer is used regularly for grass mowing, the discs become dull, but they can be sharpened and continued to be used. The fishing line in the reel tends to end, so there is a need to refuel a new one, for which you need to determine the type of head and prepare a cord of the required thickness and length.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

So, the mowing head is a cylindrical body in which a bobbin with fishing line is placed. Such a detail is present both on trimmers and on gasoline braids of any brands, be it Bosch, Makita, Stihl or another brand. The heads are of three types, depending on the method of refueling and feeding the fishing line.

  1. The principle of operation of the heads auto group consists in the fact that they independently feed the fishing line when the mower reduces the engine speed. Such designs are convenient when working on large areas, but have the disadvantage of high cord consumption.
  2. Heads semi-automatic group easy to operate. automatic line feeding is performed at maximum engine speeds. To release the cord lock, gently tap the tool on the ground, after which the unlocked thread extends from the spool. Cutting to the required length is carried out with a knife mounted on a protective casing.
  3. Trimmers with manual feed the cord must first be turned off, and then pull out the fishing line yourself.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

On a note! The most convenient and best priced are semi-automatic cord reels.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Coils for electric and gasoline braids can be with one or two antennae fishing line. The former are used to trim low grass overgrowth, and the latter are used to trim tall grass and small bushes.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Preparation for replacing fishing line

Before replacing the fishing line, you need to pull out and then disassemble the head. Usually it includes a casing, a spring (on some models), a bobbin with fishing line, a cover. It is necessary to disconnect the electric trimmer from the network (or muffle the gasoline), and then proceed to remove the coil. It can be fixed in two different ways: in the first case, it is necessary to completely disassemble the head, and in the second. just remove it from the gearbox shaft on which it is mounted.

  • find the latches on both sides, press and remove the cover to open the internal device of the head;

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

  • there is a bobbin under the cover, it must be carefully removed from the case (sometimes a spring hides under it, it should also be carefully removed to the side so as not to lose);

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

  • after removing the spool, a fixing bolt (or screw) becomes visible in the center of the housing, which must be unscrewed in the opposite direction to the clockwise movement;
  • after removing the fasteners, hold the housing by swinging movements to remove the coil from the gearbox shaft.

Second way involves the following actions. The coil head is mounted on the gearbox shaft. To disconnect it, it is necessary to lock this shaft. Usually in braids, for example, of the Champion or Stihl brand, a hole is made for this, into which a nail, a rod or a screwdriver is inserted. After fixing the shaft in a fixed position, holding the housing, it is necessary to start turning the head clockwise, since the thread on the shaft is usually applied left.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

Now that the head is removed and disassembled, it is necessary to determine how thick the cord should be. You can find out the suitable diameter for your trimmer by looking in the user manual or on the bobbin itself, usually similar information is indicated on it. Another way is to insert the thread into the hole from which it is fed. If the scrum goes without difficulty, it can be used for work.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

On a note! To understand how much fishing line to reel for the reel, you need to wind it on a bobbin so that the height of the reel is not greater than the diameter of the sides. If the cord protrudes beyond the edges, the coil cannot be hidden in the casing.

Line winding algorithm

The order of winding the fishing line depends on the type of reel. with one or two antennae, as well as with automatic charging of the cord.

To the coil with one antennae

It is very easy to wind a fishing line onto a reel with one antennae. In such designs, depending on the brand of trimmer, two to five meters of cord is placed. The edge of the fishing line in the spool must be tucked into a special hole or groove, after which the string is wound in the direction opposite to the rotation of the coil during operation.

Advice! To understand which way to wind the thread, you should look at the bobbin case. usually marks are made on it that indicate the direction of movement of the bobbin during operation.

After the fishing line is wound, you need to leave a small piece (15-30 cm), thread it into the exit hole of the spool and reassemble the head.

To the coil with two antennae

In spools of this type, you need to inspect the inside of the coil and determine the number of grooves for winding the cord provided in it.

Important! If there is one chute in the coil, then both antennae must be wound along a common groove, if two, then on separate tracks.

For winding, you need to take a piece of fishing line with a length of two to three meters. For single groove spools it is necessary to fill the line into the through hole, align the mustache, align and wind it on the reel in the direction opposite to its rotation during operation. If locking grooves are provided, they need to thread the ends of the cord, then pull them into the outlet, then close the coil and put it back on its place.

For two-groove spools the difference is that the length of the string should be folded in half. Next, you need to charge the middle of the bend into the groove between the grooves, then wrap each of the pieces of fishing line along its path, fix the antennae and assemble the reel as well as the bobbin with one track.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

On trimmer head with automatic refueling

For heads with automatic refueling, just enough start and pinch the edges of the line, and the tool will carry out further winding on its own when turned on. It is impossible to make a mistake here, because the coil itself recognizes how the antennae should be located.

On a note! The advantages of trimmers with such a head include the convenience of laying the cord, and the disadvantages are the high cost and complicated repair.

Fishing line. varieties and the possibility of replacing with other material

The cord for the trimmer can be of different diameters (from 1.2 to 4 mm), and you need to choose it depending on what kind of vegetation you want to mow. the thicker the fishing line, the more rough grass it can handle. Experienced users recommend putting a fishing line with a thickness of 2 mm, which is universal.

Fishing line shape can be round (for juicy grass) or with sharp edges in the form of a square or asterisk (for mowing dry grass). The second type is less durable and wears out faster than a round cord.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

One of the popular questions regarding the operation of trimmers is whether it is possible to replace the special cord for mowers with other materials, for example, metal or steel cables and strings, wire, etc. You need to know that the installation of such items not recommended, because with them the trimmer turns into a dangerous technique. During the mowing, pieces of wire or metal will constantly break off and fly apart in different directions, risking injury to the worker. And if you accidentally touch their limbs during work, a serious injury is guaranteed.

For trimmers who are interested in using fishing line, we answer. this is allowed, but it will tear and wear much faster, which means that it will require frequent replacement.

Advice! Fishing line is well suited for harvesting grass near a fence or wire mesh. instead of spending an expensive trimmer cord, you can charge large-caliber gear (2-3 mm), which is much cheaper.

Replacing fishing line on the disc

Depending on the type of vegetation covering the garden (lawn) and requiring removal, the fishing line changes to disk. This is necessary, since the cord is used only for grass of small height, and if you need to mow tall growth, shoots of trees or shrubs, instead of a string it is better to use metal or plastic knife-disks. Installing them correctly is very simple, the detailed process is usually described in the user manual and is similar for trimmers of different brands, be it Al-Co, Oleo-Mac, Patriot or another brand of equipment. To change fishing line to knives, you must:

  • lock the shaft and remove the coil by turning it clockwise;
  • put the knife on the sleeve;
  • install the locking cover and in a counterclockwise direction tighten the nut, and then tighten it with a wrench.

You can read in detail how to change the reel with fishing line to disk in the device’s instruction manual.

Solving possible fishing line problems

Most of the problems associated with fishing line, similar for different trimmers and are solved in a similar way.

String break

Regular line breaks are caused by:

  • the presence in the mowing grass of solid objects: branches, stones, etc., contact with which breaks the string;
  • mowing the grass is close to the fence, and if it is mesh, the fishing line breaks even faster;
  • low-quality cord. a replacement for a new reliable consumable is necessary;
  • wear of the outlet openings in the mowing head, as a result of which the fishing line breaks off from friction against the sharp edges of the bushings. replacement of the part with a new one is required.

High consumption of fishing line

Typically, the fishing line ends very quickly if you constantly tap the semi-automatic reel on the ground or press it firmly to the surface. In this case, the head unlocks, the cord lengthens, and the knife cuts it. The second option is the fast consumption of fishing line. a trimmer with an automatic reel is not used correctly. If the mower regularly reduces the engine speed, the string is constantly lengthened and cut, and as a result is quickly consumed.

How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl Electric Trimmer

The string does not hold

If the coil is semi-automatic type the spring is weakening, the fishing line does not hold and unwinds during operation. The cord extends, is cut with a knife, as a result, the owner of the equipment notices that the thread ends quickly.

Advice! To test the tool, you need to remove the protective cover and start the engine. if the fishing line extends, this means that the spring must be replaced with a new one.

Fishing line crashes

If the string flies when mowing, this is another evidence that the spring in the bobbin is weakened or completely lost when the head was not carefully dismantled. As a result, the cord does not hold and jumps out during rotation.

The string does not extend

In automatic reels and semiautomatic machines, the cord is fed without stopping the trimmer. If this does not happen, then:

  • the fishing line in the head is not wound correctly, so the reel does not spin;
  • the winding of the fishing line is uneven, so the cord gets stuck between the turns and does not come out. to prevent this from happening, you need to wind the thread carefully, avoiding distortions, turn to the turn;
  • the ends of the cord coming out of the holes are very short, there is not enough centrifugal force to remove them, so the fishing line is not fed. before turning on the trimmer it is important to adjust the length of the thread and lengthen it a little if necessary;
  • the cord stuck together.

The coil does not spin

The reasons why the reel does not spin are similar to the lack of line feed. This is an incorrect or uneven winding of the string, its sticking, as well as the short ends of the cord coming out of the holes.

Fishing line sticks together

If the fishing line sticks together during operation, the main reason is the installation of a low-quality cord. During operation, the coil heats up, and a poor-quality string melts and sticks together. The second reason is the collision of the cord with solid objects. In this case, its sharp braking occurs, the thread is pulled into the head and sticks.

Advice! To avoid problems, you can apply mineral oil to the surface of the fishing line or, after winding on the head, spray it with silicone. A more competent solution will be the acquisition of a good quality head, which will forget about such problems.

So, replacing the fishing line on the trimmer is not difficult if you know how to disassemble the coil and wind the cord. This process is similar for technology of different brands. A detailed description can be found in the instruction manual of the tool or watch the video.

Reliable grass trimmers for 2019

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Trimmer STAVR TE-1700R on Yandex Market

Makita UR3502 trimmer on Yandex Market

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How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

To quickly start any chainsaw, a starter is required. With accelerated scrolling of the crankshaft of the tool, the fuel-air mixture supplied to the engine is compressed and its subsequent ignition. Therefore, the normal operation of the starter for a chainsaw determines the operability of the entire mechanism.

Typical malfunctions

The most common tool breakdowns include the following:

  • problems in the ignition system;
  • stopping the operation of the chainsaw in the process of cutting;
  • power loss during operation;
  • wear of some structural elements of the chainsaw (brake band, drive sprockets, anti-vibration parts);
  • problems in the fuel supply system;
  • malfunctions associated with the starter.

In addition, it is necessary to carry out a visual inspection of the chainsaw before starting work and preventive measures. These include chain lubrication, control of the amount of fuel mixture, as well as the presence of the required amount of oil.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Unscrew the spark plug to check its condition.

Each of the faults is eliminated by its technology. So, for example, repair of the fuel system of a chainsaw should begin with an inspection of the appropriate filter. After that, check the carburetor regulation, which is carried out using screws. Clearances must be set in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, which must be included with the chainsaw. To repair the ignition system include inspections of candles. If a strong deposit is detected, a change in the gap or other visible damage occurs, this element must be replaced.

How to repair a chainsaw starter with your own hands

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Presented is the repair of a chainsaw starter after a break in the starter cord. Without a starter cord, the chainsaw becomes completely inoperative; there is no other way to start the tool. The repair was examined using the Partner P350S chainsaw as an example; a tricky reliable start of this saw requires a minimum of 4-5 times pulling the starter cord in order for the saw to work, therefore, probably, the first malfunction was a break in the cord. The cord does not tear immediately, the protective stocking of the cord threads breaks off at first and prevents the saw from starting. It is better not to wait for all the threads to break and fix the cord in advance. There is no need to invent anything, repair should not cause difficulties, but exact observance of the assembly conditions is necessary. A step-by-step instruction with a diagram of actions with photos and videos is given below.

1. Unscrew the three screws securing the starter cover. The included candle wrench with a straight screwdriver is suitable for this process, but to speed up the work it is better to use a normal tool.

2. Remove the starter. The chainsaw is equipped with a soft start mechanism, it is located above the reel with a cord.

3. Unscrew the screw securing the soft starter and starter coil. Caution do not lose the puck!

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

4. We remove the soft-start mechanism.

5. We take out the cord winding coil.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Soft starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

6. We prepare a cord suitable for the diameter of 1.2-1.3 meters in length. For repair used kapron clothesline :).

7. We melt the ends of the rope over a fire so as not to dissolve.

8. Tied at one end of a complex knot. The assembly is required to be large in diameter, but should not protrude when mounted on a coil.

9. We fill the cord into the hole of the coil. Do not wrap the cord!

10. Insert the coil into place. Installation error may be made here. The coil has two slots, in one of which a spiral spring hook should fall. Install the coil so that it snaps firmly into place and the hook snaps into place. It is checked by turning the coil clockwise to determine the occurrence of a return force.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Video: How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

11. Install the soft starter. The protrusion of the mechanism should stand in the recess of the coil.

12. We fasten the fixing screw with the washer.

13. We fill the second end of the cord into the outlet.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Installing the soft starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Cord released

14. Fill the cord into the start handle. We tie a large knot at the end of the rope. With a small knot, there is a chance of the rope slipping and the entire cord is wrapped in the starter and in order to get it out the starter will need to be removed again. Check the reliability of the node. Look at the photo.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Cord in trigger handle

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

15. The most important moment! We release the loop of the cord inside the starter and begin to rotate the starter mechanism clockwise without winding the cord! For this saw, you must make a minimum of five turns. We fix the coil by hand. We pull the loop by the handle outward. Holding the cord and mechanism, we allow the cord to be wound on a reel. Watch a video.

16. Check the operation of the mechanism.

17. Install the starter in place and fasten it with three screws. Repair done.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Repairing a tattered or damaged cord using step-by-step instructions takes 15 minutes, which is much faster and cheaper than contacting a service center.

If the instructions helped you, let me know in the comments.

Chainsaw starter diagnostics

Due to the long-term operation of the chainsaw, the trigger mechanism becomes unusable. After one or several jerks, the crankshaft does not rotate when pulling the starter rope. This problem can be caused by the following reasons:

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

  • cracked or broken drive pulley;
  • the chainsaw starter spring burst;
  • a gust of rope launch.

Before starting work on the diagnosis and repair of the start-up mechanism, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools and accessories that will significantly reduce the time for operations. These include:

  1. A set of bench screwdrivers and a specialized set of proprietary tools included in the scope of supply of the chainsaw.
  2. Strong cord to replace a worn starter rope.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

Chainsaw starter spring

At the first stage of repair of the chainsaw starter, it is necessary to identify the nature of the problem. To do this, remove the side cover from the side of the start mechanism, while unscrewing only a few screws. Depending on the manufacturer, this operation will require a specialized or conventional locksmith screwdriver.

Next, we inspect the inside of the protective casing. In the absence of cracks and chips of plastic, we proceed directly to the diagnosis of the launch site. We unscrew the central bolt of the starter and dismantle the spring. No cracks or gusts should be observed on its surface. It is problematic to choose a spring similar in strength and number of turns on your own, therefore the help of specialized centers will be required.

After removing the clamp and the starter spring of the chainsaw, a pulley with a wound cord is accessible for dismantling. The integrity of the rope indicates that it is necessary to carefully review each of the details of the trigger mechanism.

Device and principle of operation

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

The work of the starter is as follows: on the case of the chainsaw there is a handle through which a special cable passes, pulling and hooking the drum of the ratchet mechanism with a sharp pull. In this case, the movement is transmitted to the drum with splines on the shaft.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

At this time, the crankshaft makes several full revolutions, as a result of which the working mixture is compressed between the cylinder head and piston. If you release the handle, then the contact between the splines and the ratchet will be lost, as a result of which the shaft will simply stop!

The larger the engine capacity of the chainsaw, the more fuel-air mixture will be required for further ignition. Based on this, as a rule, more jerks are required for starting high-power saws for the starting cable. For greater convenience and to accelerate the return of the drum, manufacturers began to use forceful return springs from elastic steels.

How to Wind a Spring on a Stihl Lawn Mower Starter

The simplification of starting a chainsaw is achieved due to the following factors:

  1. The presence in the design of some models of chainsaws (for example, in Maxcut, Partner models of the S line, etc.) of a special pump that guarantees timely pumping of the fuel mixture.
  2. Mounting an additional spring, which provides easier unwinding of the crankshaft when the cable is displaced.
  3. Due to the preliminary enrichment of the mixture through the corresponding valve in the carburetor body.
  4. Placements automatic decompression valve, which will reduce the working pressure inside the cylinder.

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How to Set up a Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer Carburetor

The STIHL FS 38 trimmer is probably well known to all fans of high-quality garden equipment. People who once tested the brand’s products in practice rarely switch to products of other brands, because German quality conquers completely and completely.

This lightweight gasoline appliance is quite compact, it is ideal for cleaning a small area of ​​household plots. Many owners of private sectors prefer this “assistant”, because he copes with his task and demonstrates a high level of productivity.

0.9 liter two-stroke engine with. can withstand heavy loads, and the AutoCut mowing head can handle even relatively tall bushes and weeds. The D-shaped handle easily adapts to the growth of the operator, so the new owner can adapt the unit completely for themselves.

Since the engine displacement is 27.2 cm 3, the Stihl FS 38 trimmer can reach quite high speed. The presence of a special quick start system eliminates the need to start the unit several times in a row, because it will start working on the first try.

Specifications and Features

  • Cutting width: 23 cm;
  • Fuel capacity: 0.33 L;
  • Weight: 4.1 kg;
  • Bar: curved;
  • Fishing line thickness: 2 mm.

Thanks to the manual fuel pump, a person can easily pump fuel into the carburetor. This moment is especially important in that situation when the lawn-mower stood idle for a long time. Constantly adding fuel will allow you to quickly start the device even after a "long vacation".

Together with the unit, the owner receives protection glasses and a mowing head. To understand the features of the assembly and other specific aspects of operation, it is possible thanks to the manual presented on our website.

Other useful information should be found in the following document:

The curved bar of STIHL FS 38 lawn mowers with a rounded handle deserves considerable attention. Thanks to this design, the device easily copes with cleaning the territory, even in a narrow or limited space.

All controls are placed on a convenient handle, so look for a long time, where and what switches is not necessary. During operation, such a moment is very important, because the operator can not be distracted and without unnecessary movements to regulate the operation of the machine.

Carburetor adjustment for lawn mowers Stihl FS 38

  • First you need to stop the engine;
  • Then install the mowing head;
  • The next step is to check the air filter, and if the filter element is in an improper condition. it should be replaced;
  • It is necessary to completely turn the idle adjustment bolt clockwise to the stop, and then 1.5 turns counterclockwise;
  • After starting the device, you should wait until the engine warms up;
  • Using the idle stop bolt, the owner must adjust the idle speed so as to immobilize the cutting tool.
How to Set up a Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer Carburetor

It’s easy to deal with all the procedures; the main thing is to get serious and get ready for work. over, many owners note that you can independently carry out not only the carburetor adjustment, but also the replacement of spare parts. The schemes below will be excellent helpers in this matter.

Pros and cons of the model:

  • Great performance
  • Compactness;
  • Light weight;
  • Functionality;
  • Endurance;
  • The ability to independently adjust the operation of the elements;
  • The presence of a manual fuel pump;
  • D-shaped handle, etc.

Naturally, the list of positive aspects should include the verification of the brand itself.

  • The need to constantly check the fuel level;
  • A small motor resource;
  • Low power;
  • High cost;
  • Scanty equipment.

The presence of not very catastrophic shortcomings of the model does not adversely affect the popularity of the unit, because the ideal technology simply does not exist.

Carburetor Trimmer Adjustment Stihl Fs 38

Annotation on adjusting the carburetor lawn mowers.

How to Set up a Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer Carburetor

Carburetor adjustment and repair

The trimmer does not belong to complex household appliances, because most of its failures are mechanical in nature and can be successfully removed with their own hands. Even if the engine fails for severe reasons. damage to the piston ring, for example, repair is reduced to replacing the part.

And with a relatively conventional design, such a part of the device as a carburetor needs to be adjusted.

Principle of operation

Carburetor. a power system module in which liquid fuel and air are mixed before being fed into the engine cylinders. Gas mower adjustment carburetor. Depending on the tool and its operating mode, mixing and feeding are adjusted appropriately.

The carburetor device of the lawn mowing is uniform for virtually all cases. Carburetor adjustment of Chinese lawn mowers. It belongs to the category of float devices. The latter provide constant characteristics of the finished consistency.

The mechanism of the module is as follows.

  • Air enters the body of the tube with an air damper. Lawn mower matrix carb adjustment. The latter increases or decreases the air flow depending on its own position.
  • In the area where the hole for supplying gasoline is formed, the tube has a constriction. a diffuser. Here the flow rate increases.
  • Fuel from the float chamber through the nozzle is fed into the tube. The float level determines the amount of fuel supplied. Because the pressure in the chamber is normal, and the pressure in the tube is low due to the greater dilution of air, gasoline is sucked through the nozzle.
  • Accelerated airflow picks up fuel and atomizes it, forming an air-fuel mixture of suitable density.
  • The mixture is sucked into the cylinder through a pipe.

The stronger the air damper in the tube is open, the higher the density of the air flow, which means that more fuel enters the cylinder. Lawn mower stiga handle adjustment. Setting the carburetor of the lawn mowers is reduced to setting such a ratio of the dampers at which the density of the fuel consistency becomes good.

Signs of imbalance

Carburetor debugging is certainly done in the manufacture of the apparatus. Texas 330 lawnmow carburetor adjustment. Usually, the owners will find out about the need to adjust the fuel supply with their own hands only after quite severe breakdowns, during the correction of which the module was removed and, for example, cleaned.

Signs of a failure in the settings are as follows:

  • it starts up, but the motor stalls here. since the engine can only work when a certain amount of gas is supplied, with very “poor” fuel, in other words, blocking the supply channel, the motor will stop;
  • very high fuel consumption, a lot of exhaust gases. the result of incomplete combustion of consistency. In this case, there is a lot of fuel, and the mixture comes out extremely dense.

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Trimmer Stihl FS 55 lawn mower Does not develop speed, stalls, sort out the carburetor

Stihl FS Trimmer 55 lawn mowing Does not develop revolutions, stalls, sorting out carburetor Thank you for watching.

STIHL FS 55. carburetor adjustment (idle)

Stihl FS trimmer carburetor adjustment 55 in the video we execute in order to adjust the idle speed.

The carburetor of the Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna and others lawn mowers is adjusted using the adjusting screws. Sometimes a prerequisite for the disorder of the work is a violation of fixation. due to vibration or damage to the protective cap. Such a breakdown can be found by simply trying to turn the screw a bit: if the fixation is not rigid, it is worth checking the setting.

Adjustment carburetor lawn mowers do it yourself

The configuration of the module does not apply to repair and replacement of spare parts is not required. In this case, the repair kit for the carburetor of the lawn mowers is not useful.

There are three screws for debugging:

  • L. is regulated first, because it is responsible for the supply of fuel at low speeds;
  • H. he is responsible for the supply of gasoline at high speeds, also for fuel consumption and temperature;
  • T. with its help idle debugging is carried out.

There are options, usually a Chinese lawn mowing carburetor, when there is only one screw left for debugging on the case. for the idle option. Adjustment of valves on a lawn mower. This does not mean that the module is configured automatically. it means that even carrying out such a type of repair as debugging will be problematic. In the photo. carburetor adjustment of the Chinese lawn mowers.

  1. The module is configured only when the engine is warm: for this, the device has been turned on for 10 minutes before. Carb Adjustment Japanese Trimmer. lawn mowing trimmer ignition adjustment. If the mowing head is spinning at idle, then proceed to debugging immediately: turn screw T counter-clockwise arrows until rotation is complete.
  2. Adjustment starts with screw L. The screw rotates to the right and to the left until it is found in such a position that the idle speed does not become the highest.
  3. Then the screw is turned ¼ turn counterclockwise. This will be his working position.
  4. Idling must be adjusted by turning counterclockwise to increase the speed and clockwise to decrease. Its debugging consists in achieving such a mode in which a sufficient number of revolutions is made before the mowing head begins to rotate. Lawn mowers petrol self propelled speed adjustment. With all this, the engine should work stably at various positions.
  5. The position of the screw L is determined last. at maximum speeds the trimmer should not work for more than 10 seconds. The throttle opens, the screw rotates clockwise, very slowly, until a decrease in the number of revolutions is established by ear.
  6. Then, also, the screw rotates slowly counterclockwise until the motor starts to malfunction. After that, the screw is turned back clockwise until the engine again works normally.

If there is a tanometer, and if the recommended values ​​of revolutions are indicated in the product passport, the correction can be made more accurate, focusing not on the ear, but on the readings of the device.

6 post comments &Carburetor adjustment and repair&

Please clarify. In the adjustment section of clause 5, screw L error? Should I read screw A? Thank you

tell me the initial position of the screws H L LA


tell me the initial position of the screws H L LA

Lawnmower Stihl FS 38. problems and solutions

Video: How to Set up a Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer Carburetor

Good morning. Please help me deal with the fs 38 trimmer. I got it not working, namely, the drive shaft does not twist the shank. When disassembling. in the tube there are 2 bushings and a drive shaft, from above the shank was fixed with a bolt through the tube. I read here about some circlip. I understand that when you press the gas, the drive shaft flies out and does not twist the shank, help me figure it out

MStihl wrote:
BigMazzy, 0.1-0.3mm gap from flywheel magnets

Kain81 wrote:
Good morning. Please help me deal with the fs 38 trimmer. I got it not working, namely, the drive shaft does not twist the shank. When disassembling. in the tube there are 2 bushings and a drive shaft, from above the shank was fixed with a bolt through the tube. I read here about some circlip. I understand that when you press the gas, the drive shaft flies out and does not twist the shank, help me figure it out

All figured out. The upper part of the pipe was bent and not fully inserted and was not clamped with a screw. Therefore, the drive shaft poured

Good morning!
Connoisseurs, tell me what the problem is: gas stopped flowing into the so-called “nipple” on the carburetor. Pressing leads to nothing. The fuel filter is new when you remove the upper part of the carburetor and press the gasoline on the spring. And most importantly: they climbed into the carburetor, t.k trimmer worked only at idle, as soon as you press on the gas stall immediately.

Dear forum users! Help with the repair, please! I will start in order: I gave a trimmer to a neighbor for a day to mow the grass on the lawn. There was a full tank of gasoline. (He has his own gas) After about 40 minutes he says: “I’m working at idle, but you let the gas stall”. It turned out that he poured a mixture in which there was 2 times more oil than needed. (Instead of 100ml-200ml). But it turned out later, and before that he climbed the carburetor, dismantled it, screwed something up and now gasoline it doesn’t enter the nipple on the carburetor at all. Knowing people help, otherwise it’s far to go to the service, and unjustified ano is expensive there.

scham wrote:
he climbed the carburetor, disassembled it, twisted something, and now gasoline does not enter the nipple on the carburetor at all.

I have not 38th. But trying to guess. I don’t know if the 38th filter is in the tank, then the hose, Well, I don’t know the carb itself, I didn’t climb.

the filter in the fuel tank is new.

scham, see the hose. Not pinched, or vice versa not damaged, maybe air sucks. Then it will not upload either. If everything is fine, I’ll try to contact a specialist at the expense of a carb.

valerich, thanks! The hose is most likely okay too, because if you remove the nipple and the gas pump, then the gas goes. It seems to me that when he dismantled the carburetor, it could damage the gasket (there is a slight bend).

valerich wrote:
I will try to contact a specialist at the expense of a carb.

Already addressed. I think he will unsubscribe.

scham wrote:
he climbed the carburetor, disassembled it, twisted something

Go, torture him, what exactly did you do with the carburetor. did you take it off, what covers did you open (if you opened)
Which of the screws twisted and how much.
So, without this information, nothing can be said at all.

Yes, and be sure to check the exhaust pipe on the muffler. if it is clogged with soot.

Anyway. give the braid to a neighbor and let him play in the service. In the end, what a habit of taking other people’s things and poking around in them. I took it, it didn’t work as it should. give it back and say that it does not work.
In short, okay, give information, we will think. I will not croak for now, maybe everything will work out.
I’ll drop in periodically, although I’m sitting on a very frail Internet.

Olegych wrote:
Anyway. give the braid to a neighbor and let him play in the service. In the end, what a habit of taking other people’s things and poking around in them.

Stopudovo agree. Climb? Now let him take and repair to the state in which he took.

Olegych wrote:
Anyway. give the braid to a neighbor and let him play in the service. In the end, what a habit of taking other people’s things and poking around in them

Yes, I would have done so, but a person has helped many times in different situations, and so it will not be very beautiful on my part.
He says that he removed the upper part, where the nipple, pump, gasket and membrane. He twisted the fuel supply screw, but then set it as it was.

Well, have any ideas?

I could confuse the membrane with the gasket in places.
Remove the top cover, arrange the parts in order, take pictures. we will see.

Olegych Already checked, first the gasket, then the membrane.
I think that it makes sense only to photograph the gasket, because there is a small room on it.

scham wrote:
Already checked, first the gasket, then the membrane.
I think that it makes sense only to photograph the gasket, because there is a small room on it.

It’s all about the pump piston, it’s in the carburetor. You need to remove the throttle, carefully! The piston will fly out, remove the spring. You will grease the piston with an autolock, and you will not fully plant it so that the piston does not interfere with the throttle shaft. plant deep, close the channels.

I’m sorry that no one could help you)) I am on the forum for the first time)))

scham, if you have questions about the carburetor assembly order or adjustment, write! I will answer)))

scham wrote:
It turned out that he poured a mixture in which there was 2 times more oil than needed

this is not a problem, the problem may still be in the quality of the fuel itself. What kind of gasoline, oil? How many days is it already active (how many days have elapsed from fuel preparation)? People, always pour fresh fuel! When oil enters gasoline, a chemical reaction occurs (decomposition of oil in gasoline) and, due to external factors, the survivability of the fuel depends.

scham, damn it) check the muffler before that. Maybe he is clogged?
" >. if that knock!

Uncle Syoma °, tell me what should be the gap between the roter and the stater?

Post number 126
. "It works at idle, but how you give gas it stalls."

The fuel is fresh, only from the column. The oil is right and 1:50. The muffler is dry and clean. Launch with 1-2 attempts.

Multik_off wrote:
It’s all about the pump piston, it’s in the carburetor. You need to remove the throttle, carefully! The piston will fly out, remove the spring. You will grease the piston with an autolock, and you will not fully plant it so that the piston does not interfere with the throttle shaft. plant deep, close the channels.

Thanks for the hint. how to fix the malfunction, but. where and how is this piston, throttle, etc.

T.O. questions have ripened:

  1. Where can I get acquainted with the theory of this carb? Description, the principle of operation of its systems.
  2. Where to get hold of the explosion-diagram of this carba (well, at least similar)?
  3. Possible malfunctions and solutions?

I would be very grateful for any information: literature, links, videos, etc.

I’ll share the diagrams, but I don’t know how to “stuff stuff into caramel”

Old Man-L wrote:
Where can I get acquainted with the theory of this carb? Description, the principle of operation of its systems.

As far as I know. On this technique carburetors such as walbro (or ZAMA, of the same type) are used. There are plenty of schemes and descriptions of walbro on the internet.

He took a steam bath with this question from work from that-o-o-o-o-ne Internet. it was painfully unbearable: the motor did not work, the infection!
I came home. a large "coffin" with a "thick" cable quickly gave out a lot of useful information.
Sinus, valerich. thanks for the help!
Now I’ll dig in more detail, but there will be questions. I’ll be back!
It is like a conversation of two or more people in any language (in this case, in technical): communication is possible only if you know the language! So. I will teach.

Old Man-L wrote:
there will be questions. I’ll be back!

Lawnmow Stihl FS38. Description of the model. Features of operation, maintenance


The Stihl FS38 lawn mower belongs to the light group and is the optimal complement to a powerful lawn mower for decorating hard-to-reach areas along paths, under trees and bushes. Using the STIHL mobile lawn mowers, you can quickly cut soft, overgrown grass on lawns and lawns, always keep a small area in a neat condition.

Technical specifications Stihl FS38

  • Model. FS 38 Autocut.
  • Weight. 4.1 kg (without cutting equipment).
  • Lawn mowing length. 147 cm (without cutting equipment).
  • Engine type. two stroke.
  • The volume of the cylinder is 27.2 cubic meters. cm.
  • Power. 0.9 HP
  • Type of fuel. gasoline.
  • Gasoline consumption. 0.32l / hour.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 0.33 liters.
  • Handle. a circular handle.
  • Cutting diameter. 380 mm.
  • The largest number of revolutions of the working head is 9500 rpm.
  • Anti-vibration system. installed.
  • Easy start system. installed.
  • Cutting tools. AutoCut C 5-2 head (included).

Model description

The Stihl FS38 is the lightest mobile version with 0.9 horsepower and is designed for domestic use.

  • Thanks to a modern electronic ignition system, reliable starting and uninterrupted engine operation is ensured.
  • Using a fuel pump, the operator can, if necessary, pump fuel into the carburetor.
  • Optimum maneuverability is ensured thanks to the D-shaped handle, with which it is convenient to control the Stihl lawn mowing when working in difficult areas.
  • All control levers are located on a special multi-function handle (R), which ensures the safety and reliability of the gas trimmer.
  • Thanks to the AutoCut C5-2 mowing headset, the mowing diameter is 380 mm.
  • The ergonomic shoulder strap allows you to hold the Stihl Lawnmower on the shoulder, rationally coordinate movement during operation.
  • Light weight (4.1 kg.), Small dimensions, rational basic equipment. thanks to these characteristics, STIHL 38 lawn mowers are extremely comfortable to use.

Operational Features

Each Stihl lawn mower is designed strictly for the intended work, taking into account engine power. The manufacturer categorically does not recommend retrofitting or improving the braid device on its own. Therefore, before buying a STIHL lawn mower, it is necessary to clearly determine the upcoming work front.

It is completely inadvisable to acquire a powerful trimmer for periodically mowing grass on the lawn; for this, light gasoline or electric models of mowers are quite enough.

During operation it is important:

  • Observe the mode: work / rest at intervals of 20 minutes.
  • Use high-quality gasoline not lower than AI-92.
  • To prepare the fuel mixture, use original STIHL engine oil (50: 1).
  • When the engine is run-in to 2-3 full fuel tank refueling, do not allow operation at maximum load.
  • When preserving the braids for the winter period or the expected interruption in operation, to avoid engine breakdowns, it is imperative to drain the remaining gasoline from the fuel tank.
  • To ensure stable operation, systematically check the condition of the fuel filter. clean or replace with a new one.
  • To prevent serious malfunctions, clogging of the air filter must be avoided.
  • Fulfill safety requirements when operating STIHL lawn mowers.

Strict adherence to the requirements of the operating instructions is the key to the long-term and trouble-free operation of the Stihl lawn mowers.

Instructions for use lawn mowers STIHL FS38

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

For mechanization of mowing grass in a small area of ​​the lawn mower, the Stihl FS38 is perfectly suited. The cleanliness and accuracy of the cut, mobility, lightness and high performance are huge advantages compared to a manual scythe.

Of the malfunctions, owners often note that immediately after starting the STIHL, the STIHL can simply stall. In this case, check the fuel channel for clogging. Another reason may lie in the incorrect adjustment of the carburetor, which is easily eliminated in accordance with the recommendations for service.

The price of Stihl FS38 lawn mowers is about 9 thousand rubles. Of course, on the market you can buy cheaper, often short-lived counterparts.

A well-known brand guarantees the reliability of certified products, as noted by the owners of the equipment.

Video review of work

Maintenance and repair of the Stihl FS38 lawn mower

lawn mowing (Trimmer) Stihl FS38

lawn mower Stihl FS38 common "sore"

Owner reviews


“I bought the Stihl FS38 lawn mower for permanent mowing of grass in the territory of about 10 acres. Over 7 years of work, I felt how much easier it is to maintain the site with such equipment. The engine is quite economical, of course, its capacity is not enough to clear the bushes. Comfortable shoulder strap, work comfortably. ”


gasoline, 650 W, equipment: fishing line, weight 4.1 kg

295.00 p. from 7 sellers

11 years on the site
user # 95978

who knows whether it is possible to put a knife on this trimmer?

11 years on the site
user # 70457

No, he’s weak for a knife.

11 years on the site
user # 95978

6 years on the site
user # 617577

A “head” with 3 inertial plastic knives is placed on this trimmer. a very good alternative to metal knives. take my word for it.

8 years on the site
user # 227236

how to adjust this lawn mowing, it works at idle, stalls under load, you can squint a little. Only occasionally pressing the gas, but the right hand gets very tired from this “jerking off”, it’s easier to knock down the tops with an ordinary scythe.

5 years on the site
user # 684876

fedorov.stepan, what kind of head, discard the photo in PM. New prices fs 38 cm

8 years on the site
user # 245476

how to adjust this lawn mowing, it works at idle, stalls under load, you can squint a little. Only occasionally pressing the gas, but the right hand gets very tired from this “jerking off”, it’s easier to knock down the tops with an ordinary scythe.

This is most likely a carb problem. How much is your trimmer? If the new one is in guarantee, if the old man, then there is another option that the seals are covered, but this is a very rare case. There are also two common diseases. Over the years, either a silencer or an exhaust window of the cylinder is clogged, and the sound of the engine is usually determined by an experienced craftsman when starting the engine. And the second disease in recent years is the ignition coils on the fs38 and fs55, everything is the same there. Also check the fuel hoses for cracks (I have not seen anything like this on these trimmers yet.). I do not advise regulating the screw marked with the letter L, and H, too. The first is the adjustment at low speeds, the second is from the factory with a plastic limiter, it is responsible for the maximum speed. If the braid worked fine, then there were problems, then first you need to rinse the carburetor, then watch the adjustments, the adjustments themselves do not go astray, and you can’t remove the dirt from the carburetor by adjusting. It happens that people will adjust so that the sound works fine, but then they repair the motor. In trimmers and chainsaws, in addition to cooling the air outside the engine with the edges of the cylinder, there is also the concept of internal cooling due to the evaporation of fuel, and if it is not enough for this, then you will kill the engine in half an hour. This happens when air is sucked in through seals or other possible places or when the carburetor is not correctly adjusted (screw L). The maximum revolutions are set on the electronic tachometer and on the trimmers no more than 10000. You can find out how many maximum revolutions and standard adjustments you can from the original operating instructions for your instrument.

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Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

Such a technique as lawn mowers and trimmers, today is not something unusual in the arsenal of the summer resident. If you also want to look after a lawn in a modern way, then you should consider similar units. With their help, you can periodically mow the lawn and cut bushes, as well as remove weed thickets. In this case, the territory will look neat, like clubs.

The plot, of course, can be looked after differently, but over time, weed plants are planted everywhere, thereby drowning the useful shoots. In order to simplify gardening, you can purchase a Stihl FS 55 trimmer, which will be discussed below.

Overview of the lawn mowers brand FS 55

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

Trimmers today are also called lawn mowers, and the model that was mentioned above is no exception. You will have to pay 13,490 rubles for it. It is a premium device. With it, you can take care of large suburban areas and lawns. This unit mows weeds, young and old grass, shrubs and reeds.


Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

The Stihl FS 55 trimmer is an excellent lawn care solution. The engine power of this unit is 1 liter. pp., which is optimal for domestic use. In one pass, you can mow grass up to 120 mm wide. It is noteworthy that the design has a special system that allows you to care for grass even along fences, in narrow sections and around flower beds.

The engine capacity is 0.33 liters, which will be enough for half an hour of work. The Stihl FS 55 trimmer comes with a knife, protective cover, and trimmer head. This should also include a two-shoulder belt, which simplifies use. As for the protective cover, it acts as a reliable barrier to fishing line and knife.

Consumer Reviews

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

Stihl FS 55 petrol trimmer can be adjusted to the height of the operator. The handle and belt are configured for the most comfortable use. Customers also like the fact that the controls are on the same handle, so you don’t have to reach for them, because everything is located near the palm of your hand.

The casing, which is included in the kit and protects the fishing line, has a narrowing at the bar. The operator will be able to easily view the trimmer head, which allows you to conveniently handle bottlenecks. The manufacturer also took care of safety, providing the design with a casing that eliminates the ingress of pebbles from under the knife into the user. But using a primer, the operator will be able to pump fuel into the carburetor.

Buyers note that it is very easy to get a lawn mowing, which is true even after a long downtime. The system is easy to start, which is guaranteed by an easy engine start. You won’t have to spend strength on a long pulling of the cord, two jerks will be enough.

User’s manual

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

Before you start using the described equipment, you must read the instructions for its use. As for the launch, it is necessary to lay the device on the ground in front of it. The supports will be the stops and the protective casing. In this case, the cutting tool should not touch the ground or other objects, because when it starts, it will begin to rotate.

It is important to make sure that no strangers are near the Stihl FS 55 gas trimmer. They should be no closer than 15 meters. It is important to take a stable position before starting. Next, you need to prepare the stop button for operation. It is located on the multi-function handle.

Now you can proceed to fixing the throttle lever. It should be pressed and held in this position. At the same time, the throttle lever should be engaged. Leave it in this position until the latch catches on the housing tab. If the gas lever is locked, you must first lower it, and then the lock. The tool lever is now ready to start.

The choke on the cold engine must be closed, for this the drive lever is set to the appropriate position. The Stihl FS 55 trimmer, the operating instructions of which are provided in the kit, must be laid on the ground again. It is important to make sure that the braid is as reliable as possible. The tool is pressed to the ground so that it does not tip over at startup. It is important to make sure once again that the cutting tool is not in contact with anything.

Additional operating recommendations

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

At the next stage, it is necessary to restart the engine using a cable for this. With your right hand, extend the handle until you feel the stop. Then tightly and sharply need to pull up on the starter cable. If there is an ergo-start device, then the cable must be pulled as smoothly as possible, while ensuring constant force.

Do not pull the cable to the end. If you are going to use the Stihl FS 55 trimmer, the instruction manual for this equipment must be read. From it you can find out that the next step before starting is to open the air damper. To do this, use the drive lever.

Video: Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video


The trimmer is a high-tech equipment that can be found in many summer residents. Although it is considered quite expensive, it justifies its price after a while, because you have to spend much less time on lawn care.

lawn mower STIHL FS 55 (41402000475)

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STIHL FS 55 lawn mowers will become the best assistant in lawn and house area maintenance. The STIHL FS 55 is reliable and powerful. In addition, the thoughtful lightweight design has an ergonomic design and convenient controls for more comfortable working with it. As a cutting blade, a two-blade disc is used which is very effective in operation and quickly and easily cope with its task. Choosing STIHL FS 55, you can quickly evaluate its advantages and enjoy the result of working with it.


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  • detailed

Product added: April 2010

two-stroke internal combustion, 27.2 cm3

grass blade with 2 blades

two-stroke internal combustion, 27.2 cm3

grass blade with 2 blades

AutoCut 5? 2 mowing head

Powerful, looks reliable

Vibration, cold starts up from the 10th.

A head with a fishing line was immediately purchased, it is mainly used. The consumption of fishing line is small, it cuts even the processes of trees 40 cm high.
There is vibration, but this is for all push-pull braids.

Trouble-free start-up, materials, equipment, maintenance-free gearbox.

Price, bar length

We chose a braid for the site up to 30 acres and that the brand was reliable and with service, if anything, there were no problems. He immediately took both the Stihl scythe and saw. About the braid, I can say that picking up and working you understand why you gave the money. On the cold start according to the instructions. with 3-4 jerks, due to the presence of suction. On hot. from one jerk on weight, even from the suspension you do not have to be removed. I had a two-bladed knife, a reel with an ordinary fishing line, a bicycle handle and a harness for hanging on my back (I don’t know what it’s called). The harness is excellent, arms and back do not get tired at all, it is nice to mow, there is protection of the thigh from the vibration of the bar. The control on the handle is convenient and functional. In general, the slope of the season and the scythe is extremely pleased.
Of the shortcomings, I can note the price, several times higher than any Chinese and a short bar. For my height, 1.9 m, it is end-to-end, I had to lower the bracing of the braid to the harness to the limit so that I could mow normally. If there would be more growth, I would not have adjusted it in any way, so tall people. keep this in mind. In fairness. the calm has a model a notch higher. there the bar is longer, but the price is also 1.5 times more.

lawn mowers Stihl (Stihl) FS 55. design features of the model

The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower is one of the most high-quality and hardy models that can be found on the modern market. The tool has many advantages, excellent operational parameters and useful additional options. All this makes the lawn mowing a reliable and high-performance assistant on the site, regardless of the weather and the task.

Lawnmower Stihl FS 55. design features of the model

The Stihl FS 55 trimmer has earned great popularity on the world market thanks to the well-thought-out and properly balanced design. The model is equipped with a reliable gasoline internal combustion engine with a cylinder displacement of 27.2 cm3. The engine cylinder is coated with a special chrome-plated composition, which significantly increases the wear resistance of the power unit and extends its practical use.

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

The Stihl FS 55 Lawn Mowers carburetor has a modified design, which allows you to continuously supply the fuel mixture without the formation of blockages in the tubes of the mechanism. Fuel is supplied immediately before starting a cold engine by means of a simple but very reliable hand pump.

The design of the model also includes a fully sealed electronic ignition system. It guarantees instant start-up and trouble-free operation of the trimmer in the most difficult conditions. High voltage support ensures fast spark formation and its long burning, thanks to which the manufacturer was able to achieve a reduction in the amount of exhaust emissions.

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

A great advantage of the Stihl FS 55 lawn mowers is the presence in its design of an effective shock absorber system that dampens the vibration generated by the motor. This significantly increases the comfort when operating the trimmer in areas with a large angle of inclination.

Almost all trimmer parts are made of durable metals. the lawn mower is equipped with a direct barbell, for the production of which forged steel is used. It can withstand significant loads without problems, maintaining a stable speed of rotation of the cutting line or knife.

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

Ergonomic bicycle handle with comfortable rubberized handles allows you to maintain maximum accuracy and productivity when mowing vegetation. On one of the trimmer knobs are all the switches necessary for operation. This allows you to control the trimmer with one hand.

Technical specifications and applications

Another reason for the high demand for this model from Stihl is its excellent technical performance.

Key trimmer features include:

  • ICE power. 1 l. with.;
  • fuel tank. 330 ml;
  • maximum mowing width. 40 cm;
  • total length of lawn mowers. 170 cm;
  • the level of noise created during operation is 90 dB;
  • weight. 5 kg.

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

The good technical parameters of the Stihl FS 55 lawn mowers make it one of the most sought-after models on the world market. At a fairly high power, the trimmer consumes a small amount of fuel. only 150 ml / h at maximum loads.

The Stihl FS 55 model belongs to universal household lawn-mowers. She successfully copes with mowing low and medium grass in the house area or in the garden. Trimmer is also able to clear young wild weeds.

Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer How To Start A Video

The modest dimensions of the Stihl lawn mowers can be actively used for mowing vegetation near fences, pedestrian paths, in areas with a large number of decorative plantings and in other hard-to-reach spots.

Options lawn mowers Stihl GS 55

An important difference between the Stihl FS 55 trimmer from models from other manufacturers is its rich equipment.

For sale, the Stihl FS 55 lawn mower is delivered in place with the following accessories:

  • branded AutoCut head with a durable fishing line;
  • set of forged steel cutting knives;
  • plastic safety glasses;
  • a shoulder strap for convenience during work and transportation;
  • a set of keys for assembly and maintenance.

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How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil

An electric hand trimmer is considered a competitor to gasoline lawn mowers. Many manufacturers offer a variety of models to choose from. The unit is selected according to technical and operational parameters.

How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil

Which trimmer is better electric or gasoline?

Models of trimmers on gasoline and electricity are distinguished. The most noticeable difference in cost. An electric braid will cost much cheaper, which is often a decisive factor for many gardeners and gardeners.

A comparative description of the aggregates is proposed.

How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil

lawn mowers are equipped with a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. The first work on a fuel mixture of fuel oil and gasoline. The tool on a 4-stroke engine is more powerful, oil and gasoline are poured separately. 2-stroke units produce much more noise, they are more difficult to refuel due to size, but they are non-massive and easy to transport.

Gas trimmers are equipped with various nozzles and knives: for grass, shrubs, snow clearing, etc. Among the most famous manufacturers of such garden tools are Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Kasei.

  • Autonomy. The unit is not tied to a place; it can be taken with you at any distance;
  • Complicated complexion. The functionality of the tool is very wide;
  • Adequate power level. Such an aggregate can be used for tall grass and uneven areas;
  • Ability to handle hard to reach places;
  • It works regardless of weather conditions and rainfall;
  • The ability to make repairs with your own hands directly at the place of failure.

The disadvantages of benzo mowers include:

  • A large mass, because the operator gets tired faster;
  • Small difficulties in maintenance and storage, since you need to constantly clean the tank and monitor the quality of fuel;
  • High level of emitted noise;
  • High cost in comparison with appliances on electricity.

How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil

Electric grass trimmer powered by cable. Sometimes there are a few extra tips. Among the popular brands of electric equipment are Makita, Patriot, AL-KO.

  • Light weight;
  • Minimum harmful emissions;
  • Affordable price;
  • Low emitted noise
  • Quick start;
  • Easy storage and maintenance.
  • Full dependence on the length of the cord and the availability of electricity, therefore it is difficult to process large areas;
  • Do not work after rain because of the danger of electrical closure;
  • Little functionality.

Based on the described advantages and disadvantages, you can choose a technique that satisfies personal wishes. If a garden tool is needed for complex, long and frequent use, it is worth choosing a benzo trimmer. And for a summer residence and a small area, a light electric trimmer is suitable.

How to choose a device on electricity?

Oblique electric can mow small vegetation in small adjoining territories and in inaccessible places.

Depending on the purpose of use, equipment is allocated:

  • Working in areas with thin grass;
  • Removing hard grass and small weeds;
  • Brush cutters for large volumes of work.

Therefore, in order to choose an electric trimmer for grass, you must first determine the purpose of operation.

Options for selecting a trimmer for grass electric:

  1. Engine installation. The motor can be located above and below. The equipment with the lower placement is lightweight, suitable for simple work. Cope only with soft vegetation, has a low level of power. The upper placement of the motor protects it from moisture, because the device can be used after rain and to clean difficult areas;
    How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil
  2. Power. Power level within 175. 1400 watts. The volume and complexity of the work performed, as well as the cutting headset used, depend on this. For areas of several hundred square meters, units with a power level of up to 400 watts are suitable. powerful models cope with hard grass and medium-sized weeds and allow you to take care of the garden. Equipment with a power of 1000 watts or more will handle stiffer stems. With a knife, small shrubs in large areas are removed;
  3. Cutting headset. A garden mower with a power of up to 600 watts works with a special reel with fishing line with a diameter of 1.2-1.6 millimeters. The stiffness of the mown vegetation depends on the thickness of the line. Powerful braids work with installed plastic or metal knives (circular or blade). Coils are suitable for rocky terrain;
    How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil
  4. Barbell. Straight or curved. The first option is more expensive, but it is possible to fasten a string or knife. The direct bar is reliable and durable. With a curved bar you can use only fishing lines for small amounts of work. Such models are inexpensive and reliable. There are units with a folding bar, characterized by convenient transportation;
    How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil
  5. A pen. May have a semicircular or T-shape. The first is suitable for small uneven areas, the second is more comfortable for caring for large even areas;
  6. Accessories. The unit is equipped with cutting nozzles (head, knife), spare fishing line, glasses for protection, belt. Options depend on the power of the manufacturer;
  7. Weight. The weight of the unit affects the complexity of the work performed. The more powerful the tool, the more difficult the work it performs in large enough areas. If the territory is small, then it is better to stop on a light small braid to speed up work and reduce the load on the operator;
  8. Price. Various factors influence the cost: brand, assembly, components, power level. It is important to realize that cheap models are not always of poor quality, but they can only cope with simple tasks in small areas.

What is the best electric trimmer?

Many global brands offer home and professional gardening equipment. It is recommended to stay on a quality unit from a well-known manufacturer, as this is a guarantee of reliability and durability.

In the list of the main participants of the electric trimmer market:

  • Bosh. Famous brand with mass production of various equipment. This is a relatively better choice of garden tools with high power, high-quality assembly, simple operation and good endurance;
  • Makita. Products of the middle price segment. The manufacturer monitors the build quality at all stages, therefore it guarantees the reliability of tools;
  • Stihl. Equipment for the garden and garden, combining quality and reasonable price;
  • AL-KO. German instruments are very high quality, but their cost is rather big. The manufacturer relies on reliable assembly and durability;
  • Patriot. American technology with a powerful engine and reliable components. Increases trust and high quality service.

The table shows the popular models from well-known brands with their technical characteristics.

How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil

The beard trimmer allows you to at home to give facial hair the perfect shape

What is it. an electric trimmer and why is it

The tool, which is called the beautiful word "trimmer" "takes its name from the English verb" to trim ", which in the literal Russian translation means" shorten "or" trim ".

In fact, the trimmer is a special device, the purpose of which is to care for the hair: bringing hair to a normal state, removing unnecessary vegetation from the nose or ears, trimming or shaping the beard and mustache.

The rich functionality of the device allows you to form the perfect contour of the beard and mustache

Traditionally, devices are divided into male and female. Depending on the accessory, the device must have different functionality.

Men’s trimmers are more massive and “coarse”. Their purpose is to remove excess vegetation, give a regular and stylish shape to a beard, thinning hair, treating areas behind the ears or leveling sideburns.

An important characteristic of the male trimmer is the availability of adjustment of the cut length, which for each specific model can vary from 1 to 6 mm.

Female devices are traditionally considered more delicate, as they are designed to treat delicate skin. Most often they are used to remove excess vegetation in the bikini area, as well as axillary hollows.

The female trimmer is smaller and more delicate.

As a rule, a female device kit includes nozzles similar to male devices, but they are smaller.

It is important to choose the right trimmer for the nose, because this part of the human body is characterized by especially delicate skin, if damaged, a painful and long-healing wound appears.

As in a conventional clipper, in the trimmer the blades perform translational movements leading to cutting the hair

What is a beard trimmer and features of this device

Many people wonder. what is a razor trimmer? At its core, this device is practically no different from a hair clipper used in a hairdresser.

The principle of operation consists in translational movements of the knives relative to each other with the parallel participation of nozzles, through which the user selects the desired length of the hair to be shaved.

Unlike cars, trimmers have a smaller size and weight

The difference between a conventional clipper and a trimmer for trimming a beard or forming an intimate haircut is as follows.

  1. Tooth pitch. In an ordinary hairdressing machine, the value of this parameter is 3-4 mm, and in the trimmer this indicator varies within smaller limits. from 0.2 to 1.0 mm.
  2. Dimensions Trimmers are lightweight and compact, which facilitates the operation of this device. Light weight provides comfort when forming a beard or mustache.
  3. Food. All cars can work only from the mains, while for the trimmers there are enough batteries, which ensures autonomy.
  4. Functional. Unlike clippers designed only for equal length, the trimmer provides rich functionality due to the number of nozzles.
  5. Indicators of noise and vibration. Due to its size and lower power, the trimmer creates little noise and practically does not vibrate in the hands during operation.

Round nose tips are used to remove hair in the nose.

The principle of operation of the trimmer, depending on the type of engine

One of the main criteria for dividing beard and mustache trimmers is the difference in engines. In total, there are three options: rotary, vibration and pendulum.

Rotary models

Most often, professional models with high power, which can reach 50 watts, are rotary. The principle of operation is the movement of the rotor inside the engine, which is able to increase torque, which provides not only power, but also high speed blades. The only drawback is the quick heating of the device: it requires periodic shutdown after some time of continuous operation.

The length of the comb petal is selected according to the length of the hair

Vibratory trimmers

The operation of this type of device is based on the excitation of an electric magnet, which creates a vibration that drives the knives. One of the positive aspects of this type is the ability to control power through a special adjusting screw. Among the disadvantages are the difficulty of cleaning, since it is possible to get to the "insides" of the device only after unscrewing the knife blocks.

Pet hair clippers are distinguished by their power and wider working surface of knives

Pendulum Options

This is the least common form. Most often it is used for grooming or grooming pets. What is a trimmer for dogs or cats? These are past manual scissors in which the movement of the knives will depend on the speed of squeezing the handles. Similar devices are completely mechanical.

How the trimmer works depending on the type of power

The second indicator, according to which the division of machines for trimming the vegetation on the face and body is carried out, is nutrition. There are also three categories: battery models, network and combined.

Cordless trimmers for men and women

This is an option for those who often travels, but want to maintain a stylish look.

Cordless devices can work up to 50 minutes on a full charge, which can be achieved in an average of 9 hours.

Some manufacturers try to increase battery life (for example, Braun) and install paired batteries in the devices. Others endow the device with a quick charge function, especially when using lithium-ion power sources.

When choosing it is not superfluous to pay attention to the presence of an indicator of the degree of charge, which allows you to control the operating time of the device.

Network devices

Here, the power source is a household electrical network, to which the device is connected via a cord. A practically unlimited operating time can be considered a plus, and a lack of autonomy is a disadvantage. For greater comfort, it is recommended to choose devices with a power cord length of at least 1.8 m. It is also important that it can rotate around its axis.

There are models that are designed to cut eyebrows. They have a unique curved nozzle

Combined Models

Devices that can operate simultaneously on mains or battery. The most convenient option that will ensure smooth operation at the right time.

Also on the market there are mini trimmers, for the power of which a conventional battery or devices powered by a cigarette lighter is used. These are devices for quick tidying up during a trip, but not for getting a professional and stylish appearance.

Types of Hair Trimmers

All devices for giving the hair on the face or body the shape and length also differ in their functional purpose. In particular, on the market you can find devices for correcting mustaches and beards, devices for cutting hair in the ears or nose, special varieties for trimming the hair of pets, male and female intimate trimmers created to form a bikini or armpit zone.

Beard Devices

Models are equipped with a minimum number of nozzles, which can be no more than two. these are special combs for setting the desired hair length. Use can be recommended not only to lovers of lush vegetation, but also to owners of stylish hipster beards. By being able to adjust the extension length of the comb, it is possible to create a smooth transition from shorter to long hair.

Mustache Trimmers

Most often, electric razors are equipped with such devices. What is a trimmer in this case? These are retractable knives, which are distinguished by a shorter working surface, they are more rigid and narrow. Using the comb of the retractable device, it is possible to achieve the most stylish look of vegetation above the upper lip.

Electric shavers can be equipped with a trimmer to precisely adjust the mowing line of facial hair

By means of a trimmer, an ideal goatee is created in the electric razor: it does not require a wide variety of comb lengths, but assumes smooth contours.

Ear and nose trimmers

A separate type of device with a narrow specialization. Mostly they are distributed as a separate device. A distinctive feature is a round-shaped rotating nozzle with a narrow tip. It is important when choosing to pay attention to the absence of burrs and chips, so as not to damage the delicate skin inside the nose.

The laser pointer forms a cut line, allowing you to achieve the perfect shape

Universal models

Devices that are classified as professional. They have many different nozzles, which makes it possible to use them not only to shape the mustache or beard, but also to create a hairstyle.

Pet Grooming Models

Using an ordinary human machine is not suitable for cutting pet hair, as it is distinguished by its thickness and length. Therefore, the traditional device simply can not cope with the task.

The market offers a whole layer of models of trimmers for dogs and cats, which can also be rotary, vibrating or pendulum, have a large number of nozzles (mainly elongated combs to give the hair the desired length), there are battery or network ones.

Vacuum system for cutting hair. the key to clean shaving

How to choose a hair trimmer

The type of food, the purpose or design of the engine are determining, but not the only parameters when choosing a good hair trimmer. There are a number of factors that should also be addressed.

The number of nozzles will depend on the purpose of the device

Blade Material

One of the important parameters ensuring the durability of the device and the quality of removal of unnecessary hairs is the material for making knives. Most often on the market you can find the following models:

  • with stainless steel knives. The most standard option, which is distinguished by an ideal price-quality ratio. Professionals advise it for home use;
  • with titanium blades. A variety of knives, characterized by its durability and strength;
  • metal knives with ceramic coating. An option that is used in professional salons. A distinctive feature is the special sharpness of the blades. These knives do not need to be lubricated during use.

Ceramic-coated metal for maximum knife sharpness

Number of haircut levels

An indicator that determines the minimum and maximum hair length. The smallest indicator is 0.2 mm and the largest is 25 mm. In some models, the number of levels reaches 40 pieces. Switching is carried out by means of a disk regulator or an ultra-precise scale on which the comb-nozzle moves manually.


This indicator will depend on the scope of the device. Depending on the desired shape of the beard or mustache, nozzles are selected. Also, by changing nozzles, it is possible to cut vegetation on the body. The most common are the following types:

  • hair comb from 1 to 10 mm long;
  • comb with longer petals, which will get rid of vegetation with a length of 11 to 20 mm. Its purpose is not so much the formation of a beard as an independent hair cutting;
  • body nozzle, which provides the most gentle care and disposal of vegetation in the intimate area;
  • special nozzles of a rounded shape for the nose and ears;
  • detailed trimmer used to precisely align the contour.

After use, remove any remaining hair under running water.

Also, as an optional accessory, the kit may include a set of interchangeable knives, a stand for the appliance, a brush for cleaning, oil and a case.

Availability of additional options

Some varieties, as a rule, of the premium segment, are endowed with additional functions that cannot be considered mandatory, but their presence significantly increases the comfort of using the device.

  1. Vacuum system for collecting cropped hair, avoiding clogging of the sink or bath. The device has a special reservoir in which all the hair is collected. By means of such a device, without fear of getting dirty, it is possible to carry out trimming even when wearing formal clothes.
  2. Automatic voltage control system. A feature that will be indispensable for travelers. Regardless of the voltage in the network, the trimmer automatically adjusts to the desired current strength.
  3. Laser pointer. Using a thin beam helps draw a line on your face, following which you can get the perfect outline.
  4. Memory function. Some models can remember the last choice of the length of the haircut, which allows you to not worry about setting this parameter every time you turn it on.
  5. A backlight that allows you to better see even the smallest hairs.
  6. Shaving function. A number of models have a special nozzle that allows shaving without foam in order to achieve smooth skin.

When using the appliance in a bikini area, it is necessary to use after-shaving products to reduce the risk of irritation

How to use a trimmer

All manufacturers supply their models with instructions for working with a trimmer. Here are some tips on how to use the trimmer.

  1. If you have too long bristles, do not take the shortest nozzle. Initially, part of the hair is removed with longer combs to minimize length.
  2. When shaving, you should achieve a snug fit of the flat part of the nozzle to the skin.
  3. It is necessary to move against hair growth.
  4. The last stage of shaving is to eliminate the remaining bristles, which can be done simply with blades without nozzles. Similarly, without the use of a comb, a mustache is cut.

Haircut against growth

How to use a trimmer in the intimate area

Since the bikini area refers to places with delicate skin, removal of unnecessary vegetation in this area should be carried out based on some recommendations.

  1. You must first apply shaving foam or cream to soften the skin.
  2. In the process of shaving should be carried out against hair growth and stretch the skin a little to raise the hairs.
  3. If the device is used for the first time, it is best to set the minimum or average speed.
  4. After the procedure is completed, the skin is treated with an after-shave or emollient cream to avoid irritation.

The use of a trimmer is a simple and quick way to create the perfect beard, mustache, as well as remove excess vegetable on the body. Once again, you can learn the secrets of choosing the perfect model from the video presented.

Electric trimmer. how to choose? Electric trimmers: how to choose for giving for a hard grass?

Why do I need a trimmer

When choosing electric trimmers, you should pay attention to the fact that different manufacturers may call equipment differently. For example, it can be a lawn mower, an electric lawn mower, as well as a lawn mower.

the trimmer will be indispensable in places where the approach for wheeled equipment is difficult.

For mowing grass around bushes, trees, fences, walls and other objects, electric trimmers are most often used. How to choose an instance suitable for certain purposes? You need to know a number of its characteristics.

For grass of a certain hardness, which grows on various reliefs, use a similar technique.

Trimmer advantage

When choosing an electric trimmer for grass, you should consider a number of its qualities. Many users purchase this equipment because of its lower weight compared to gasoline units. Work will be faster and easier.

Due to the lack of a fuel tank, the electrocos is more compact. It does not make as much noise as analog devices. This allows you to use the device in the evening or early morning.

The lack of exhaust is an additional advantage of such a technique as electric grass trimmers. How to choose it, experts and users advise. However, you should know that it will not require additional details such as a filter for gasoline, air. No fuel and grease, candles, etc. are needed. It also simplifies the operation process.

When choosing an electric trimmer, you should know that it does not need frequent maintenance. It is these reasons that contribute to the popularity of the equipment presented.


There are several varieties of the appearance of such a technique as electric grass trimmers. How to choose them? First, let’s figure out what is the difference between these types.

The engine can be located at the top of the device or at the bottom.

In the first type of placement, the equipment is characterized as more powerful, able to mow even thick and hard grass. The lower position of the engine gives a weaker type of technology. As a rule, the cost of this equipment is lower than that of the previous variety.

The restriction for the lower type of engine device does not allow the use of equipment in high humidity grass.

Models with a lower motor have power in the range from 200 to 650 watts. For the upper engine locations, a power of 600-1000 watts is characteristic. Depending on the type of work that the electric trimmer will perform to give, choose the appropriate type of equipment.

Video: How to Insert a Fishing Line into a Stihl Trimmer Coil

Cutting head

The cutting element is also important for a technique such as an electric trimmer. How to choose a suitable cutting head is studied before making a purchase.

There are fishing line and knife (plastic, metal). They come complete one at a time or together.

If thick, hard grass grows on the site, the knife electric trimmer will be the best acquisition. How to choose this element, experts know. They advise buying models with a metal knife. However, the width of the grass in this technique is less than in the previous version.

It will be more correct if, when choosing a trimmer, we dwell on a specimen with a combined cutting head. In this case, it will be possible to use the same equipment at different sites.

Conventionally, electric trimmers when choosing for hard or soft grass can be divided into models with a straight or curved shaft.

A curved shaft is characteristic of low-power types of equipment. In this case, the cutting head drives a steel cable. This is a more vulnerable type of shaft. Most often found in models with fishing line, as these are weak versions of the technique.

The straight shaft has a gearbox. This design involves the movement of the knife with a straight metal rod.

High-performance models feature a straight shaft. To understand how to choose an electric trimmer for giving, you should initially determine its functions. If the site has hard grass, it is better to use a device with a steel knife and a straight shaft of high power. It will also allow you to work for a long time. Low-powered species suggest their use continuously for 15 minutes.

Pen type

Depending on the functions, manufacturers produce an electric trimmer with different types of handles. There are T, J, D-shaped varieties.

T-like handles are convenient in the process of high complexity or for a long time. They are used for powerful instances. The movement of such equipment will resemble the use of a hand braid.

D-shaped holders are most often used in low-power models designed for small volumes of work. It will provide good maneuverability during operation. Therefore, when deciding on how to choose the right electric trimmer, you should start by assessing the vegetation on the site.

For tall thick grass, J-shaped handles are used. This increases the safety of work. It will prevent the operator from approaching the bevel gear. It is attached to a good, powerful electric trimmer when choosing a model with a metal knife.

Nozzle connector

To understand how to choose an electric trimmer for hard grass, you should pay attention to the connector for nozzles. Often, manufacturers suggest their use during operation. This greatly expands the boundaries of the functionality of the technique.

Using this trimmer, you can remove snow in the winter, loosen the soil, cut the knots from the trees.

Thanks to the collapsible design, this type of equipment is easier to wash and transport.

When installing nozzles, it should be remembered that removable elements of only the same manufacturer are suitable for a particular technique. Each model has its own set of nozzles. Universal components suitable for any conditions simply do not exist. Therefore, a set of nozzles should be purchased in accordance with the existing features of their operation.

Trimmer Manufacturers

There are a great many manufacturers of the presented equipment. Models of such brands as Bosch (ART 23/25/30), Black stand out with the lower engine&Decer (GL 680/660/650/545/430/425/225). Their advantage lies in the maneuverability and balance of such a technique as an electric trimmer. How to choose a manufacturer? When buying top-engine types of units, this question is more difficult to answer.

A typical representative of this type of model is the MTD ET1000 / EB1000. Such trimmers have more power, have several nozzles and are more suitable for hard grass.

If the marking of such devices contains the letters "ES" or "EB", this indicates the use of the cutter as part of the design.

Negative feedback

Iskra-ero has a coil, which is difficult to replace when broken, as it is quite difficult to find one.

In some instances (e.g. Makita 4030) there is no shoulder strap. It is difficult to work with such an aggregate.

Defective coils come across in some models (for example, "Forester"). They are difficult to remove, and it’s almost impossible to manually remove the line.

There are also complaints from users about the rapid overheating and failure of the engine with the lower motor. However, such comments are observed among users who misused the presented variety of equipment.

Moisture entering the engine causes breakdowns. Also, the use of the device not in accordance with the instructions leads to a quick failure of the trimmer.

Positive opinions

Owners of such electric scythes as Viking-500, TE-310, Makita UR-3000 and 4030, Gardenlux GT1300D, SunGarden, Bosch ART30 are satisfied with their technology.

The unit selected in accordance with the required functionality, used for its intended purpose, will serve for quite a long time as fruitfully as possible. It is also necessary to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to protect yourself and others.

Safety regulations

By clearly following all the manufacturer’s recommendations, you don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of equipment such as electric trimmers. How to choose and apply the unit, the instructions will tell. This will protect the most working, pets, trees and other objects on the site.

The user’s clothing should be closed and made of thick fabric. Be sure to use safety glasses. Shoes should have a rubber sole.

Consider the location of the lead cord. Forgetting where he lies is simply unacceptable. This moment should be taken very carefully. So that a long thick cord does not damage the flowers, you should take it along the curbs with the help of pegs.

During the operation of the trimmer, it is necessary to control the location of children, pets, so as not to let them into the moving wire of the device.

Fruit trees should be protected so as not to damage them during the work.

Having familiarized yourself with the existing varieties of garden equipment, you can choose the best option for such equipment as electric trimmers. How to choose a suitable instance? You can answer this question when planning upcoming work. Taking into account all the conditions on the site and the requirements of the operator to the configuration of the device, choosing the most suitable option is not difficult.

Well-groomed, spectacular lawn is a real decoration of any garden plot and yard. Of course, if you do everything manually, as it was several decades ago, using an ordinary braid, then the result will be disastrous, and all the work will take too much time and effort. But thanks to progress and innovative tools, it will be very easy to cope with such a task. Among the many garden equipment, attention is drawn to the trimmer. How to choose an electric grass trimmer? Read more about this in our publication.

Trimmer: what is it? What are its advantages?

The trimmer is a compact mobile device whose purpose is to mow grass. In fact, such a device is similar to a lawn mower. But there is an important difference. Using a trimmer is more comfortable and easier. In addition, he can easily cope with mowing grass even in the most inaccessible places, including on bumps and around trees, bushes, near fences and borders.

Power: which indicators are better?

Power is an important indicator, because it determines the ability of a device to perform a certain amount of work under a given load. Depending on the power, trimmers are divided into several categories:

  1. Low-power household (500W). such devices are used to cut hard-to-reach spots after using a lawn mower or to cut small areas;
  2. Medium power trimmers (ranging from 500 to 1000 watts). for the care of small lawns, lawns, park areas.
  3. Trimmers from 1 kW. such versatile devices allow you to work with a knife and fishing line, can easily cut the lawn, removing overgrown weeds.

Varieties of Trimmers

Choosing the most optimal trimmer option, be sure to specify which elements of the cutting system are used in it. In this regard, there are two types of devices:

  • The former work only with fishing line;
  • The second. with a replaceable headset. a knife or fishing line.

Which option will be the most optimal depends on the type of trimmer that will be used to mow. To make it easier for you to navigate, we have prepared a rating of the best models of electric trimers. The line quickly removes the unwanted layer of grass, a small shrub and succulent weeds. But this component of the trimmer wears out from time to time, so it is worth changing. Replacement in this case can be semi-automatic and automatic.

In the first case, you need to remove the head of the apparatus about the earth, unwinding the desired amount will happen automatically. In the second. the fishing line changes when you turn it on, without your intervention. A knife (two-, three- or four-blade) is used only when increased engine loads are provided. Disks with teeth are used for felling small bushes of trees. They cope with thin trunks, recalling with their operating principle a real circular saw.

Trimmer design

When choosing the best option, consider the design features, as well as the material of the rod. The trimmer can be equipped with either a straight or curved bar. Which is better? And what are their features? For a bent rod, rotation to the coil from the motor due to the steel cable is characteristic, while there is no gearbox. This version of the rod is characteristic of low-power devices. He is not very reliable. On a direct rod, rotation to the coil from the motor transfers the shaft and gearbox. In the manufacture of rods, different materials are used:

  • Metal (very reliable and durable, but heavy);
  • Aluminum (lighter, strong enough, this is the best option);
  • Plastic (often used in compact trimmers)

Special attention should be paid to trimmers equipped with a drive shaft. This solution allows you to attach a cutting system to the machine with a special metal knife. The driving element of light household trimmers is a cable. Only fishing line is used here. Since the cable will not withstand increased loads. But such devices are significantly less weight. In addition, they are cheaper in cost.

Trimmer Knob: What’s Important?

Trimmers can be equipped with various types of handles, but the most comfortable to use is the telescopic handle. Its important advantage is concentrated in the ability to adjust the length of the device, taking into account the individual characteristics of the growth of the owner.

Trimmer Motor Location

Trimmers use different types of motor layout. Typically, such a device is located at the bottom or top. The second option is more convenient, because in this case moisture does not penetrate the engine, moreover, it can easily cope even with wet grass. In addition, this tool is more reliable and perfectly balanced compared to a trimmer with a lower engine. On the other hand, when the engine is below, such a device is lighter and simpler, it can be deployed at any angle. But its power is in the range of 300-400 watts, and it only works with fishing line.

Comfort above all!

For a modern tool, everything related to technology should be, first of all, very comfortable to use. That is why such a factor when choosing the best option, a device of this type should not be neglected. What is important for comfortable use? First of all, weight and dimensions (this factor also affects the duration of work), the presence of special belts that can fix the device to a person and thereby greatly facilitate its movement, type of additional handle (D-shaped or bicycle). The first is more comfortable to reach with your hand, the second can be held tight by guiding the garden trimmer.

electric and gas trimmer: which is better

An electric trimmer has important advantages over its gasoline counterpart:

  • affordable price;
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Simplicity of operation;
  • Inexpensive service;
  • No harmful emissions

However, the electric trimer has a serious minus that can cross out its advantages. it connects to the outlet via a cable.

How to choose a good electric trimmer: the main conclusions

When choosing your trimmer model, you should focus on such indicators:

  • Ergonomic
  • Comfort and ease of use;
  • The presence of belts;
  • Bar type;
  • Power level;
  • Dimensions and weight.

And, most importantly, do not save. the cheapest Chinese-made models always bring even greater costs for initial savings!

Why do I need a bikini trimmer

Our readers on the forum raised the topic of self-care in the bikini zone. We also believe that the days when the onset of cold weather allowed permission for the presence of excess hair on the body have long sunk into oblivion. Many different means were invented to combat vegetation, but today our object of study is a trimmer for the bikini zone!

Careful self-care is one of the main duties of a modern girl, because our self-esteem and, accordingly, the fishing line of behavior depend on the appearance. So do not wait for summer trips to the beach, the bikini area should be beautiful at any time of the year.

READ ALSO. What is the difference between hair removal and depilation

A bikini trimmer is such a feminine version of an electric shaver. It is a hair clipper in a bikini area. The trimmer is comparable to an epilator, but it does not pull out unnecessary hairs, but gently cuts them. The trimmer will not provide you with smooth skin for a long time, but it will allow you to quickly and “cleanly” tidy up the bikini area when there is no time or desire for a complete procedure.

In addition, a bikini trimmer has many other advantages.

1. Simplicity and comfort in use.
The small size, special shape and specially designed handle allow you to do depilation in the most inaccessible places compared to a standard razor.

2. Ability to use in the shower.
Unlike epilators, trimmers have a waterproof housing. Thanks to him, depilation can be carried out right in the shower, further saving time.

3. Security.
The use of a trimmer ensures that there are no cuts or irritations, as with conventional shaving machines. And this is especially important when working with such a delicate area of ​​the body.

4. Hygiene.
In most models, the razor mesh is equipped with a special antibacterial composition. This is very convenient when it comes to personal hygiene.

5. The ability to create intimate hairstyles.
For lovers of custom design bikini zone. this is just the perfect solution. Many manufacturers complete with trimmer provide special molds to create various patterns.

No matter how ideal the result from a wax or an electric epilator is, you must admit that severe pain during the procedure and the problem of ingrown hair after often become an insurmountable obstacle for many girls. This is the main plus of the bikini trimmer. the complete absence of pain and irritation during depilation.

When choosing a device, give preference to proven brands, because quality and safety in such an intimate affair is very important.

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Electric trimmer. what is it, device, principle of operation, pros and cons, varieties

Gone are the days when the infield was completely planted with cultivated plants, vegetables and garden trees. Today, owners of private homes are increasingly organizing a lawn around their homes, which raises the issue of caring for it and mowing grass. An electric trimmer allows you to solve this problem and give your lawn a beautiful and finished look.

What is an electric trimmer?

Such an indispensable tool in the field as a scythe is familiar to every Russian, albeit not personally, but for sure from old Soviet films. The electric trimmer is an improved version of it. It was invented by the American D. Ballas in 1971. Arriving at the car wash, he looked at the work of rotating brushes and the idea arose in his head to use the principle of their work for mowing grass. The first electric braid was made from a can. Later, an instrument that was already familiar to everyone appeared, which Bollas called the “weed eater”.

Electric trimmer device

The long tube, which is the basis of the device, is called a bar. At one end of the engine is located, and at the other. the cutting part, that is, the working head with a knife or fishing line. An electric grass trimmer can have either a straight or curved bar. In the first case, the cable transfers the engine torque, and in the second, a shaft is provided for these purposes. It is considered a more reliable transmission link, therefore, straight-bar mowers are more popular.

The principle of operation of the electric trimmer

When you turn on the plug of the device, an AC current is supplied to the outlet, which is rectified and smoothed thanks to the built-in rectifier and capacitive filter. Starting the circuit breaker provides electricity to the stator winding and brush assembly. An electric trimmer is put into operation, its rotor begins to rotate as a result of the action of an activating electromagnetic field.

If the engine is located at the top, then the rotational force is transmitted to the cutting tool through the shaft and gearbox. With the lower position of the motor, everything happens directly. As soon as the garden electric trimmer reaches its maximum speed, the operator can begin work. A high speed and a small cross section of the cutting part are necessary conditions for a good cut.

Pros and Cons of an Electric Trimmer

This device for work in the garden and on the site has a lot of advantages:

  1. Electric lawnmower trimmer is multifunctional and can solve a variety of problems.
  2. Easy to operate and repair. It is easy to understand the uncomplicated design and, if necessary, replace a failed part with a new one, since all the necessary components are available for sale.
  3. High efficiency.
  4. Silent electric trimmer. Such a device will not interfere with neighbors and will not cause their anger.
  5. Environmental friendliness. Unlike its gasoline counterparts, this tool does not pollute the environment.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting:

  1. Mesh connection. The device does not tolerate power surges and is limited in movement. The exception is battery powered tools.
  2. Low power. The more “neglected” the site, the less often the owner visits his summer house, the more powerful he needs a tool. If he combines it with a lawn mower and uses it only for cutting along the fence and paths, then a light model with little power will be enough for him to complete the task.
  3. The inability to use an electric trimmer on flat areas. It’s all about different heights of grass mowing, which negatively affects aesthetic appeal. In addition, cut vegetation has to be collected with your own hands.

Which is better electric or petrol trimmer?

Everyone solves this question for himself. Gas mowers are characterized by high performance and power. They quickly and efficiently process the surface, making it possible to freely move around the site, because in this case the person is “not attached” to the electric cord. However, lawn mowers vibrate and make a lot of noise, pollute the air with exhaust gases, which creates obstacles for their use next to growing vegetables and fruits. In addition, they are much more expensive than their counterparts.

Mains powered, the mowers are compact and lightweight. They are much easier to wield in hard to reach places. Electric trimmers for cottages are cheaper than their gasoline counterparts, and the range is incredibly wide, which provides the opportunity to choose the tool for yourself and your needs, taking into account individual characteristics and the specific landscape.

Varieties of Electric Trimmers

As already mentioned, manual electric trimmers for giving can work from a network or the accumulator. The first ones are limited in movement, and the second ones are designed for a certain charge, that is, they have a time limit. In addition, existing devices are divided by engine location:

  1. An electric mower trimmer with a lower engine is automatically freed from a rotating shaft or cable. As a rule, such a design has tools of low power or cordless braids. The battery in this case is located in the upper part to maintain the necessary balance.
  2. The top engine mower has more power. This design distributes the mass better.

By weight, they are divided into light and heavy. The mower of the first category can weigh 1.1 kg, and the last. 7.5 kg or more. In addition, tools vary in performance. The higher the potential of the electric braid, the more it weighs. Lightweight devices with less than 1000 watts of power will not cope with the overgrown area. They will overheat and turn off. Electric braids also differ in the diameter of the fishing line, the size of which varies from 1.2 to 2.4 mm.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer?

The selection criteria for this tool are as follows:

  1. The size of the lawn. On vast, even areas, the traditional lawn mower performs best. You should not buy a trimmer for their processing, as the grass will be cut unevenly.
  2. Reliability of the power grid. If there are problems with uninterrupted operation or the current is not enough for the indicated power, then it is better to choose a battery-powered device.
  3. The dimensions of the trimmer. If the owner of the plot is a fragile miniature woman, then she is unlikely to cope with a powerful and bulky device.
  4. If you want to know which electric trimmer is better for grass, you should answer that you need to take into account the type and size of plantings growing on the site. Large and stiff stems are only cut by a knife, but the fishing line may not “pull” such plants.

Rating of electric trimmers

Among the most popular devices, the following brands are most in demand:

  1. Bosch electric trimmers are readily bought by the owners of their own personal plots. This company has long established itself in the market of household appliances, supplying quality products. This braid also meets the stated requirements.
  2. Trimmer Patriot. The choice of an electric trimmer should be made in favor of this tool, because it is an excellent combination of price and quality. Powerful, but also dimensional at the same time.
  3. Trimmer Champion. This option refers to cheap and productive tools that can cope with almost any plantings. It is heavy and requires constant pressing of a button.
  4. STAVR TE-1700R trimmer. Domestic development, characterized by great power and unpretentiousness. However, the device weighs a lot and does not protect well from flying grass.
  5. Trimmer Stihl. The products of the German brand, equipped with a flexible wire that reduces the load on the motor. Thanks to the support wheel, mowing of cultivated plants can be prevented.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with an electric trimmer?

Many are interested, but is it possible to operate the unit in wet weather? Experts do not recommend using an electric trimmer on wheels or without them in rain and fog, especially if the engine is located below. There is a great danger of getting into water, but models with an overhead location are best used in dry weather to reduce the risk of short circuits and other unpleasant consequences. In addition, wet grass adheres to the cutting part more severely, which makes it difficult to work.

How to use an electric trimmer?

The procedure here is this:

  1. It is necessary to free the site from foreign objects that can damage the fishing line. stones, glass, wire, landfills and other orphan elements
  2. Plug in the electrical device and charge the battery.
  3. Fix the tool on the shoulder or back, depending on the type of location of the straps and grab the handle with both hands.
  4. Press the button and start moving, directing the braid in front of you from right to left.
  5. Finish work by pressing the switch.
  6. Dismantle the scythe. The best electric grass trimmers are disassembled and take up little space in the barn or garage.

How to lubricate an electric trimmer?

From time to time, the tool must be lubricated. Experts advise doing this every 10-15 hours of operation of the device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. An electric trimmer for the lawn is equipped in the upper part of the housing, where the gear unit is located, with a technological hole. You need to find him.
  2. Unscrew the screw that acts as a plug in the hole.
  3. Introduce 1.5-2 ml of thick consistency into the cavity.
  4. Turn the shaft manually several times to make sure that it has penetrated all the gearbox parts. the flywheel, the starter coil dog and bearings.
  5. Before preserving the electric braids for the winter, clean and rinse the gears of the gearbox, remove the old grease and apply a new one. Caring for a tool can significantly extend its life.

How to disassemble the electric trimmer?

Some owners repair their braids on their own. To do this, they need to disassemble the engine:

  1. All screws for mounting are located on one side. Unscrewing them with a screwdriver, you need to separate the halves of the body and expose the "insides".
  2. In the future, carry out repairs that require a powerful electric trimmer. Replace all mechanically damaged elements with traces of exposure to high temperatures.
  3. Fold the two halves again and connect with self-tapping screws.

How to change the fishing line on an electric trimmer?

The trimmer head arrangement is very similar to the design of the sewing machine bobbin. To replace the fishing line do the following:

  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Carefully pull out the bobbin.
  3. Set aside the spring, if any, and unscrew the fixing bolt in the center of the housing, moving counterclockwise.
  4. It remains to remove the coil from the gearbox shaft and replace it.
  5. If you want to know how to insert a fishing line into an electric trimmer, you should answer that for this there is a special hole or groove in the bobbin. Having inserted a fishing line into it, start winding the string in the direction opposite to that in which the coil rotates during operation.

Faulty electrical trimmers

Among the often occurring breakdowns, one can distinguish:

  1. The cliff of the power line mowing line. Even the best electric scythe is not immune from this. Any verification of the device’s performance should begin with an analysis of the health of the power circuits. Even if you are sure that there is voltage in the outlet, it may concern a broken wire extension cord.
  2. Failure of an engine that has been exposed to high temperatures. Overheating of the “heart” of the tool is the most common cause of mower failure. It is indicated by the appeared seizures of the cylinder and the piston from the side of the exhaust channel, the destruction of the piston ring, and the color change. To prevent such unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to take breaks in work and timely clean the knife from the remnants of grass.
  3. Normal idle operation and its cessation under load. Perhaps the reason lies in the clogged air filter. During operation, debris, particles of dust, dirt get into it, so it needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Why is the electric trimmer heated?

The reasons can be very different. The electric small grass trimmer with low power and lower engine heats up very quickly, especially if it is mercilessly operated. As a result, its parts melt and flow, disabling the entire tool. There are many such “kulibins” who independently install a thicker fishing line on the braid, mount knives, chains, and then they are surprised that the device “does not pull”. All of them create an increased load on the engine, for which it is not designed, therefore, overheating and breakdown cannot be avoided.


Trimmers STIHL trimmer operation Unlike lawn mowers that accurately maintain a given height and allow you to process huge areas, trimmers are not able to provide a clear

Work with trimmer STIHL

Unlike lawn mowers that accurately maintain a given height and allow you to process huge sections, trimmers are not able to ensure strict compliance with the cutting height, but they are very maneuverable and allow you to cut grass in inaccessible places: under bushes and trees, benches, stairs, etc. Well, the shape of the surface for the trimmers does not matter. These small assistants are not a bad addition to lawn mowers, as they are more adapted to bring final order to the lawn.

Trimmers are arranged quite easily. A cutting head is fixed at the end of the iron pipe-rod, the main part of which is a plastic bobbin (bobbin) with a supply of special fishing line inside.

Husqvarna Gas Trimmer

Before work, two pieces of fishing line of suitable length are pulled out of the bobbin and fixed. This happens manually, semi-automatically or automatically, depending on the model. When manually releasing fishing line:

  • remove the bobbin;
  • open the lid;
  • pulling a "mustache" fishing line;
  • close the lid;
  • insert the reel and continue to work.

If an automatic release of fishing line is used in the trimmer, then the supply of fishing line is possible in 2 ways:

  • when the engine is running, slightly press the button located on the reel on the ground;
  • when the engine is off, press the bobbin button and immediately pull the "mustache" of the fishing line, the fishing line comes out.

Button reel

Automatic release of fishing line (when the fishing line is released automatically when the tool is turned on or during its operation) is the most uneconomical.

A bobbin with a protruding "mustache" is set in motion by an engine with a frequency of about 10,000-12,000 rpm. Under the action of centrifugal forces, the "mustache" stretches into strings and transforms into sharp knives that move at a speed of about 26 m / s. Thus, a fishing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm can defeat not only soft grass, but also young shoots of raspberries and plums. Coverage is in the range from 23 to 40 cm.

There are electronic, battery and gas trimmers. Electronic trimmers are lighter than gas trimmers (most of them weigh less than 2.5 kg), low noise, environmentally clean, cut at the touch of a button. But movement when working with such a trimmer limits the power cord, well, the motor located below the bottom increases the load on the hands.

Electronic trimmers with a lower position of the electric motor are characterized by small power (from 250 to 500 W), a bobbin (bobbin) with a fishing line wound on it from 0.8 to 1.5 mm is mounted directly on the motor shaft. They are lightweight and controlled with one hand. Fishing line can be released manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

Lower trimmer electronic trimmer (STIGA)

Try to avoid mowing this type of trimmer in wet weather, after rain, or when the dew falls. The fact is that the cooling of the electric motor occurs through the slots in the plastic case, through which moisture can get inside.

Do not operate this trimmer for more than 10 minutes. this may lead to overheating of the motor. Take breaks at work.

There are trimmers not only with the bottom, but also with the top arrangement of the motor. Electronic trimmers with a top-mounted electric motor are equipped with stronger electric motors, some models can use an iron mill (knife) or plastic knives as a cutting tool.

How to assemble and start a trimmer (lawn mowing) part 2

This video shows how to make a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil, how to start (start) the trimmer.

How is an electric wrench

It explains how the wrench is designed (12 V 70 W) and why it is needed. The advantages of using it.

Top Engine Electric Trimmer (STIGA)

With the help of such a trimmer, you can successfully fight weeds and mow everything, including quinoa, burdock and shrubs. The release of fishing line here is semi-automatic or manual, the diameter of the fishing line is from 1.6 to 2.4 mm.

The undoubted advantage of this category of trimmers is that now you can safely mow raw grass without fear of moisture getting on the electric motor. However, in no case should you mow in the rain!

Cordless trimmers also make little noise, they are easy to start and stop, you can freely move around on the lawn with them, but the drawbacks are low cutting ability, more weight (up to 4.5 kg) and a short working time without recharging. from 15 to 30 minutes. Therefore, they are not yet widely used.

Gas trimmers are widely used due to their autonomy, high power and performance. These devices are most often used by professionals in their work.

Petrol trimmer (lawn mowing) STIGA

When using a gas trimmer (lawn mowing), you do not need to worry about the presence of a power outlet and the quality of the mains voltage, be careful not to accidentally cut the extension cable or mash it with a fit.

According to the layout, lawn mowers (however, this applies in part to electric trimmers) differ from each other:

  • power and type of engine (push-pull or four-stroke);
  • the shape of the bar (straight or angled, solid or split);
  • the shape of the control knobs (D, J or T-shaped);
  • cutting tool (trimmer head, circular knife).

Spit with a four-stroke engine compares favorably with the fact that gasoline and oil are poured into the engine, as in a car. separately. No preliminary preparation of a push-pull fuel mixture of gasoline and oil is required.

To mow large areas, it is more correct to use braids with a direct barbell and T-shaped handles that distribute the load on the hands more evenly. It is desirable that the engine power be larger.

Work with a petrol trimmer with T-shaped handles (STIHL)

When choosing a trimmer, many, especially women, are inclined to favor powerful electric trimmers for fear of not being able to handle the start of a gasoline engine with a manual starter. But recently, these concerns can be left aside. The breakthrough was made by the American company MTD, which equipped its lawn mowers with engines with an AST system (Advanced Starting Technology). These are not just long-known solutions. for example, an integrated decompressor or injection of an enriched fuel mixture. Engines with the AST marking have an additional device with a powerful spring, the energy of which helps to start the engine without tension on the hand and even when the starter cord is pulled slowly.

Pulling the starter cord to start the lawn mowing engine

When buying a trimmer, you need to determine in advance exactly what tasks you want to solve with it. After all, work under the bushes, processing the edges of the lawn and flower beds, mowing the grass along the fence present different requirements for the tool. Your physical data also affects your choice. The weight of the selected model depends on them. whether a knapsack is needed or you can keep the trimmer all the time on weight. And if several people will work with the braid, then you need to adjust the height.

Strap trimmer and various knapsack options (STIHL)

When comparing different models of trimmers, the following indicators are distinguished: power; ease of starting the engine and supplying additional fishing line; convenient location of controls.

The effectiveness of the trimmer can be estimated by such an indicator as the ratio of mass and power. It is desirable that as much power as possible per unit mass of the tool.

Pay particular attention to the ergonomic design so that lawn care is not hard labor. The more convenient the handle or steering wheel of the trimmer, the higher is not only its controllability, but also safety. Fastening belts significantly reduce the load on the hands during operation, a sufficiently long split rod allows you to increase the coverage area, and if necessary, transport the tool without problems in the trunk of the machine.

Work with trimmer

Manufacturers do not recommend working in sandals or barefoot, as this can lead to injury. Clothing and shoes for working with trimmers should reliably protect your legs from damage.

A special skill when working with a trimmer is not required. just hold it correctly by both handles and drive it evenly along the surface.

The fishing line (usually 1.3-1.6 mm), which is trimmed with trimmers, is special. Fishing line is not suitable for this purpose.

After work, the trimmer must be cleaned. Regularly clean the ventilation slots, cutting line and spool using a soft brush or dry cloth. Use a blunt scraper to regularly remove dirt from under the guard.

Store the tool in a warm, dry room, protect it from dust and dirt.

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What File Is Needed For Stihl 180

What File Is Needed For Stihl 180

The cheapest way to grind a saw is to purchase chainsaw sharpening file and do it yourself without any help. However, this scenario involves a lot of nuances. You need to know how to choose a file, what characteristics you should pay attention to, study the sawing technique, and, in the end, have patience, sharp eyesight and hard hands. The last three factors are mandatory, because without them it is impossible to carry out the correct grinding with a file.

What File Is Needed For Stihl 180

Chainsaw file sharpening files

How to choose a file for sharpening a chainsaw chain

Most users wonder: how to choose a file for sharpening a chain of a chainsaw. The answer is complex, because implies a lot of options. But the most correct way is to pay attention to the chain pitch. The size (diameter) of the cylindrical file depends on it. But besides him, a second one is also required. flat.
Two files are used for sharpening different parts of one link. If we consider the process in more detail, a saw tooth of the link, namely the end and upper blades, is sharpened with a cylindrical file. Cut the cutting depth limiter with a flat file. It is important that both files can be purchased as a kit with a set of templates and a hook for cleaning the saw and tire from the saw set. Some manufacturers of chainsaws and their electrical chain counterparts even produce such sets themselves.

What File Is Needed For Stihl 180

Different types of files for sharpening the saw chain

Chainsaw file sharpening diameter

The diameter of the file for sharpening the chain of the chainsaw is very important in the process of selecting a tool. An incorrectly selected file will ruin the chain, which will cause problems during the sawing process. The saw can get stuck inside the tree, break and cause damage to an expensive tool.
The diameter directly depends on the chain pitch. When sharpening, 4 main diameters are used, corresponding to their pitch:
Pitch ¼ ”- diameter 4.0 mm;
Pitch 0.325 ″. 4.8 mm;
3/8 ″ pitch. 5.2 mm;
Pitch 0.404 ″. 5.5 mm.
For some types of chains, files with a diameter of 3.2 mm are also used.

Video: What File Is Needed For Stihl 180

What File Is Needed For Stihl 180

Different file diameters for sharpening chainsaw chains

Files for sharpening chains of Stihl Stihl chainsaws

There are various files on the market for sharpening chains of Stihl Stihl chainsaws. Despite the external differences, they are all branded. Some of them are components for grinding machines and are sold in packs of several pieces. They do not have handles, so they are inconvenient to use without a base. Files sold in individual packaging may be included or sold on their own. There are 2 options. with a template for sharpening and without it.
In addition to files, Stihl also produces a number of accessories:
filing gauges;
sharpening mandrels;
templates (holders) of different types;
Filing gauges are designed to check the depth of sharpening, to clean the grooves and drill corners manually.
The mandrel is a plate with guides printed on it, indicating the angle of sharpening of the link. Moving in accordance with the guides is easier to maintain the correct degree of angle. It is attached with magnets to a metal rail.
The clamp works on the principle of a holder and allows for one step to sharpen the cutting and restrictive teeth of the link.

What File Is Needed For Stihl 180

Stihl chainsaw sharpening files

Proper sharpening the chain of the chainsaw with a file

It is easiest to start sharpening directly on the tire, but some manufacturers oppose this, citing various arguments, and recommend removing the chain from the device and securing it in a vice. But this is extremely inconvenient, because after sharpening each link, you have to dismantle the chain and reinstall it.

If, nevertheless, the chain is sharpened directly on the saw, the weight of the tire can move under pressure from the hand with a file, so you need to set a stop, for example, a block of wood, from the back edge for the tire. It is important to clean the chain from sawdust, grease and debris before sharpening. This will simplify the work.

What File Is Needed For Stihl 180

Correct file chain sharpening

Begin sharpening with the most honed tooth. It is on it that everyone else will be aligned. If the tooth is broken, it must be replaced by unfastening the chain with a special machine and installing a new element of the appropriate size and type. After the item is selected, sharpening begins. A file is moved directly from itself along the semicircular edge of the sawing tooth, resting against the edge of the adjacent chain link with a template. In this case, it is necessary to observe the parallelism between the file and the plane of the surface on which the saw or vice is mounted, as well as the angle of the guide indicated on the plate template.
Thus, all chain links are processed alternately through one, i.e. only those that are on one side of it. At the end, they move to the other half of the links and perform the same operation, but at the opposite angle, also indicated on the guide in the template. After completion, the file for sharpening the chain of the chainsaw is laid aside, and the chain is swept with a brush, eliminating metal shavings.

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How to Change a Flywheel to a Stihl 55 Trimmer

Stihl mc 180 chainsaw. a concise overview of a reliable tool

Chainsaw Stihl mc 180 is a tool designed for sawing wood in the transverse direction. Chainsaw sprocket replacement. RemTehNet. Loading Wehrmacht chainsaw almost 70 years in operation. The equipment belongs to the prior art for domestic use. The model differs from professional tools in the material of the working bodies and is designed for use at times, not more than 40 minutes per cycle of work.

Varieties of saws and specifications

The demand for Stihl mc 180 chainsaws among amateurs is justified by the convenience of work and reliability.
The slender model weighs only 3, 9 kg. Saber, blade length of 35 cm allows you to cut logs or drop trees with a cross section of up to 30 cm. Power of a two-stroke motor 2 l. with. that allows you to do all the household work associated with the transverse sawing of boards and even firewood from any tree species. The fuel tank capacity is only 0.25 liters, but this allows you to work without stopping for 45-55 minutes.

Use for refueling should be a mixture consisting of recommended or transmission oil with unleaded AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline. The ratio is 25 ml of additives per liter of gasoline.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw chain features an endless, closed loop of 50 links. Other features:

  • chain pitch. 3/8 inch;
  • groove width. 1.3 cm;
  • production material high-carbon steel, brilliant steel, victorious soldering.

The working mechanism, a saw set, includes a tire, an asterisk and an automatic lubrication system.

The chain tension system is located on the side, which is comfortable. A chain brake is foreseen.

Depending on the length of the tire and the modernization of the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw, there are a number of modifications. Saws with a saber length of 35 cm belong to the models marked 14, their length in inches is 14. The same equipment for the engine and its characteristics, but with a tire length of 40 cm, is called MS 180 16. Chainsaw Stihl mc 180 C-BE tool above class. It contains a 40 cm long busbar, a lightweight start-up system, and a quick chain tensioning system. Easy access to the air intake filter, a condition under which the tool life is extended.

Compliance with the instructions is the basis for long-term operation of the mechanism

An instrument for operation is attached to at least some instrument, all the more complicated, like a Stihl 180 chainsaw. Before making the first start, you need to study the technical management. This is all the more vital if you already have experience with the Friendship saw. Another assembly, the chain tension system, the conditions for starting and adjusting the tool require preparatory acquaintance. There are reports on the forums that the sawyer poured a candle on the first start. he repeatedly pulled the starter, it is necessary:

  • move the lever to the last position;
  • pull the starter slowly. 2 times;
  • pull a couple of times sharply and swiftly.

So that there are no problems, gasoline must be produced to the end, without leaving “sour” in the tank for a number of days.

The operating annotation gives verbal definition of the marking on the tool body. There is also a feature line, the procedure for disassembling the Stihl 180 chainsaw for replacing nodes, sharpening the chain.

Warnings about working with high-risk equipment and about non-hazardous practices will help to avoid injury. Fundamentally, changing the chain, be sure to check whether it is recommended by the manufacturer. When carrying out a sprocket sprocket, Taiga Chainsaw Is Not a Chainsaw Sprocket Replacement. Replacing sprockets with if chainsaw For the best examples of Stihl or brands. Inconsistency of the nodes can lead to breakdown, failure to comply with the criteria for warranty service.

Replacement chain sprocket

Presenter chainsaw sprocket: how to change it on Chinese chainsaws, as well as on Shihl, Husqvarna, Oregon.

Stihl 180. replacement lead stars \ To the village!

Stihl 180 replacement leading stars to the Chinese counterpart. Our second channel on cooking and needlework :.

Saw Repair do it yourself

With the advent of the light and convenient Stihl MC 180 chainsaw in the household, it will completely replace the two-handed, bow and even a hacksaw. Over time, the chains become dull, the sprockets wear out, the oil supply system is damaged. Some problems can be fixed by yourself. Others require repairs at special service centers.

You can check if there is grease in the tank and if it enters the chain using a blank sheet of paper. Direct the tire onto a piece of paper; a characteristic mark in the form of an oil strip should remain on it.

You can repair the saw yourself only by understanding the assembly of the units and the sequence of operations for removing and restoring or replacing the unit. The Stihl 180 chainsaw instruction manual will become a reliable assistant. It is in it that you can find installation techniques and a sequence of repair operations:

  • oil supply systems;
  • bringing the carburetor to working condition;
  • repair or replacement of the oil pump.

In addition, the home master can shorten the extended chain and sharpen it.

If the saw chain remains dry during operation or the oil leaks, it means that troubleshooting and repair of the chainsaw lubrication system are required Stihl 180. In doing so, inspect the oil pipelines and the density of the connection with the fittings. Be sure to clean the filter at the oil supply. If there is slight mechanical damage to the hoses, the tightness can be restored with sealant.

The carburetor makes itself felt by the difficulty when starting the saw, the running tool does not gain momentum, stalls when throttling. The reason may be the wear of the cuff on the piston, as a result it draws in air during discharge. For repair, the carburetor is removed and gets to the cuff on the accelerator, disassembling the assembly in the sequence:

  • remove the cover with the membrane by unscrewing the screw;
  • remove the snap ring;
  • disconnect the air damper, remove the throttle;
  • pull out the accelerator with a spring;
  • replace the tiny piston with cuff and reassemble the carburetor in the reverse order.

Malfunctions may be due to the ignition system. After checking the performance of the candles and cleaning the soot, adjust the carburetor, the feed system and clean the injections. The carburetor is a complex unit and the operation of the chassis depends on its setting. If there is no confidence and skill, it is better to use the services of a specialist. Often, working on low-quality gasoline, with non-recommended oil, is the root cause of all malfunctions.

To help the master on the resources there is information on how to repair a Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands, for example, a video will show the disassembly sequence.

About the diagnosis of the lubrication system, see here:

Features of saw chains

The working mechanism of the saw is a chain. The manufacture of saw chains is carried out according to a special technology:

How to Change a Flywheel to a Stihl 55 Trimmer
  1. The cutting element is made of high carbon steel, and the use of chromium plating or applying a victorious layer to the cutter. The more complex the manufacturing technology, the higher the cost of the chain.
  2. The hinge holes are ground to reduce friction and extend service life.
  3. Rivets are used only hardened by a special technology.
  4. Marks are applied to the teeth, by which it is possible to determine wear and perform uniform sharpening.
  5. After connecting the links in a chain, the product is subjected to stretching to ensure dimensional stability during operation.

A well-thought-out system of automatic chain lubrication increases the service life. New saws should be selected according to the characteristics specified in the instructions for use of the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

You need to know the chains with winning surfacing are 3-5 times more expensive than usual, but sharpen them with your own hands during repair Stihl chainsaws 180 is impossible. Employees of the Ministry of Emergencies use this tool more often.

For a long maintenance-free period, use the oil recommended by the tool manufacturer. A special mineral composition is used to prevent chain grinding. It is not permissible to use oil intended for addition to Stihl gasoline for saws.

It is often asked whether longitudinal cuts can be made with a Stihl 180 saw. The power of the saw allows you to work on cutting wood only across the fibers.

The price of a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is significantly different. The most inexpensive basic model of a standard complete set. The cost of the device depends on the country of manufacture. A German or American product is more expensive than Chinese for well-known reasons.

Chainsaw device

Almost all models of modern chainsaws use a centrifugal clutch system. The specificity of this mechanism is that when the maximum number of revolutions of the gasoline engine is reached, the clutch drum starts automatically, transmitting rotation to the drive sprocket. This reduces the load on the basic parts of the tool, prolonging the life and maximum productivity.

Figure 1. Scheme of the device of the leading star

The clutch drum where the sprocket is located may be located on the inside or outside of the chainsaw body. There is always a lid on top to protect moving machinery from dirt, sawdust and dust. The coupling itself is a metal disc located in the coupling drum. The whole mechanism is mounted on the crankshaft of the engine with bolts with springs, on the edges of which friction pads are located. When the engine speed exceeds a certain value, a centrifugal force occurs, exerting strong pressure on the inside of the drum. After that, an asterisk starts. the rotation of the chain saw begins.

Important! It is the sprocket that drives the chain of the chainsaw. All parts of this mechanism are closely interconnected, damage to the headset leads to disruption of the instrument.

Kinds of stars

Depending on the class of the chainsaw, all the stars are divided into two groups. professional and household. The first type of parts have increased wear resistance, made of durable metal alloys, not subject to corrosion and mechanical damage. Households often require replacement and scheduled repairs, with the active use of the tool, diagnostics are recommended every six months. By design features, the following types of stars can be distinguished:

  • National teams. The removable crown easily unscrews from the axis of the drum, which simplifies the inspection and replacement of this part. Almost all European chainsaw models are equipped with such stars.
  • Whole. They consist of a hub and a stationary crown (the number of teeth may be different, you must carefully read the instructions for the chainsaw). Due to the factory press fitting, the crown cannot be removed separately from the hub, therefore, if the breakage occurs, it is necessary to disassemble the entire clutch drum. Such a mechanism is usually found on Chinese models.

If you plan on your own to service a chainsaw, it is recommended to purchase a tool with a professional type of drive sprocket. It should be collapsible, which reduces the cost of repair and maintenance of the tool.

When is a replacement needed?

The saw headset and drive sprocket are subject to natural wear during operation. This is not a breakdown, but a routine tool maintenance procedure. Reasons to replace sprockets:

  • intensive and continuous operation of the saw;
  • mechanical shock to the headset;
  • use of the wrong chain.
    Figure 2. Leading star on a chainsaw

Normal wear of the teeth of the drive sprocket is up to 0.5 mm. With regular operation, this indicator can reach up to 1 mm, but over time it will lead to a load on the engine, damage to other parts of the saw. The following signs can determine the need for replacement or repair:

  • there is mechanical damage on the guide sprocket;
  • the width of the teeth is disproportionate to their height;
  • there are asymmetric angles;
  • on a nave there are chips, furrows or large barbs.

If you do not timely diagnose and prevent the moving parts of the chainsaw, the vibration increases and the effect on the bearings of the crankshaft increases. As a result, this leads to costly repairs, serious damage to the tool.

Important! Manufacturers recommend inspecting the coupling drum when the chain comes in contact with a metal object during sawing.

How to change a star on a chainsaw?

If the chain begins to vibrate even at low speeds, the chainsaw is operated for a long time without replacing parts. it is required

carry out diagnostics and, if necessary, change the components of the saw headset. For a planned replacement, you will need a new clutch drum or whisk, depending on the specific model, a basic set of tools:

  • candle key;
  • cable up to 15 cm long or piston stopper;
  • factory wrench for coupling removal;
  • adjustable spanner or wrench.
    Figure 3. Necessary tools for replacing a star

It is recommended to have a round file, pliers, a vice and a knife to eliminate defects in the design from the chain headset (if only tooth correction is required).

How to unscrew?

It is easy to remove and replace this part yourself. Work technology:

  1. Fasten the piston to the saw cylinder. First, remove the protective cover on the housing, the air filter and unscrew the spark plug. Install a special piston stopper in the formed hole. you can use a thick nylon cord or wire up to 15 cm long instead. If the piston interferes, you can slightly twist the sprocket or move the chain clockwise.
  2. Remove the bolts on the cover that secures the tire, remove the protective cover. Release chain tension or remove saw headset. At the same time, dust, dirt and sawdust can be cleaned.
  3. Depending on the model, the sprocket acts as an element of the clutch drum or to be built in separately. In the second option, remove this part, replace with a new one. The one-piece design is difficult to repair. you need to disassemble the assembly. To do this, unscrew the coupling clockwise, remove the drum. Check structural parts for wear and deformation.
    Figure 4. Replacing a star with a new one

If the sprocket is an element of the clutch drum, then the entire part will have to be changed. When replacing, you should pay attention to the conformity of the model. it should be similar to the factory one.

How to assemble?

Hitch assembly should be done in reverse order. First install the sprocket on the needle bearing, then put on the drum, washer, gasket and the coupling itself. Tighten counterclockwise, gently lock the piston.

Video: How to Change a Flywheel to a Stihl 55 Trimmer

If the chainsaw has an oil drive spring, it can be integrated into the drive sprocket. In most models, the correct location of this element is marked with a special color or notch. To get to the desired position, turn the sprocket until it clicks.

The final stage of assembly is the installation of the saw bar. During this process, it is required to release the hand brake and then check that the teeth of the chain are in the corresponding grooves. After installation, mount the chainsaw chain to working condition. At the end, remove the stopper, screw in the spark plug and replace the filter. The final step of the repair is fixing the protective cover of the case.

Features of replacing the star for chainsaws of different brands

When replacing or repairing a chainsaw, the design features of the model should be considered. Specificity of service of a coupling drum of popular manufacturers:

  • Stihl (stihl). Models of this brand have integral and collapsible types of stars. To unwind the clutch, you need a 19 head and a knob. It should be noted that the thread is left, and a reflective plate is installed behind the clutch (consumable material, it often breaks when diagnosing a drum).
  • Partner (Partner). The peculiarity of this brand is that when replacing the sprocket, it is recommended to change the bearing. If you ignore this step, after a scheduled repair, there is a risk of chain disruption, change in pitch with active sawing.
  • Husqvarna (Husqvarna). Many Husqvarna models use an interchangeable crown sprocket. This simplifies scheduled replacement and repair. When parsing the tool, a 13 key is required to fix the shaft on the impeller side.
  • Carver (Carver) Unlike other manufacturers, there are no specific features of the clutch design. Depending on the brand, the star can be solid or collapsible.

Before starting a scheduled repair, it is recommended that you carefully read the instructions. It indicates important design features of the saw, the frequency of replacement of consumables.

Feature of saw designs

Professional chainsaw brand STIHL

In operation, there are already several dozen chainsaws from different manufacturers, capacities, and most importantly special purposes. The saws are divided into:

  • professional (for felling and construction);
  • household (garden).

Accordingly, the drive gear will be different for them, as well as the sequence of actions. This is a feature of saw gearboxes. With most professional tools, the tire can change its location on the saw in two planes.


Chain sprocket, crown and bearing

The vast majority of household saws are sold under the brand name Partner. They simply change the star even at home, having bought a repair kit.

Since most often the asterisk in household saws is a prefabricated mechanism, it rotates due to the bearing. That is, changing the sprocket, you inevitably change the bearing and not the shaft.

In professional models (such as Stihl and Husqvarna), as well as in household ones, if it is not possible to have a specialized key for removing a star, use a soft cord with a diameter of 5-6 mm.

In all cases, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • You must open the side cover to gain access to the tire and sprocket.
  • Next, remove the tire by loosening the chain.
  • It looks like a chainsaw tire

    • After the sprocket is free, you need to unscrew the spark plug to access the engine piston.
    • Manually rotating the sprocket, move the piston almost to the very top of the channel and fill the hole most tightly formed from the candle with a soft cord, thereby blocking the movement of the piston.
    • Use the open-end wrench and unscrew the sprocket, depending on the model of the saw and the type of gearbox.

    Please note: before starting to replace the sprocket, remember that there is a driven sprocket on the end of the bus. Each manufacturer prepares a saw with tires having the same slot pitch in advance. They must match, otherwise the chain cannot be put on the saw.

    Thus, adhering to the recommendations given in the article, you can easily remove the sprocket from the chainsaw yourself.

    How to remove and replace the drive sprocket on Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws is described in detail in this video:

    When and why do I need a replacement for a worn chainsaw sprocket

    The drive chain sprocket or chain saw is one of the most important parts of the saw. The main function of the chainsaw sprocket is to transmit engine torque to the saw chain. This transmission is through a centrifugal clutch. By type of sprocket, can be divided into professional and household, as well as chains. During operation of the chainsaw and sawing wood, the drive sprocket, like the chain, gradually wears out.

    Let’s find out in more detail why the replacement of a worn chain saw or chain saw sprocket is necessary and when it is better to perform such a change.

    The main signs that an asterisk need to be changed:

    • the chain was replaced twice on your chainsaw (one of the operating rules for operating the chainsaw and saw is that with frequent and active use of the tool, after two chain changes, the drive sprocket should be replaced);
    • sawing quality deteriorated, the chain began to need to be pulled more often;
    • you have installed a new chain that the old drive sprocket does not fit (this part is not universal, and also has its own step, in addition, the steps of the drive and driven chain sprockets must match, otherwise the tool will not work);
    • You are using another bus, shorter or longer.

    Video about replacing asterisks on a chainsaw:

    Why replace an asterisk?

    Remove a worn star for the following reasons:

    • with an old asterisk, the saw chain will stretch very quickly. after several applications the chain will hang, and the tension will not help;
    • if you put a new chain on an old sprocket, the smoothness of the chain will decrease, the cut quality will deteriorate, the chain will lead to the side when cutting;
    • general wear of the chainsaw will accelerate, the tool may fail at any time;
    • the chain may break or the chain will jam during operation (dangerous by injuries to the hands and damage to the saw body, chainsaw);
    • the tire will heat up faster, which will lead to quick overheating of the chainsaw;
    • The load on the engine and housing will increase.

    Important! Do not replace at your own discretion the size of the sprockets during repair, use the manufacturer’s standard. Unauthorized replacement will lead to a deterioration in the performance of the chainsaw or saw.

    Video on how to change an asterisk on a chainsaw:

    Are there any ways to extend the life of an existing star?

    The main ways to extend the working life of the leading chain saw sprocket:

    • use multiple chains (preferably three). This method is the most gentle and convenient for the owner of the chainsaw in that you do not need to constantly tighten the chain worn out by intensive work. Operation of three circuits in turn will save the sprocket’s life and delay its replacement;
    • high-quality maintenance of the drive sprocket bearing. This part plays an important role in the operation of both the drive sprocket and the engine. A special lubricant is recommended for lubrication. The sprocket bearing is not always activated, but only at idle, therefore, it needs periodic lubrication. You can use tire grease, such as standard grease from Repsol or Husqvarna.

    Is it wise to try to fix or sharpen an asterisk?

    The cost of this spare part is small, and an independent repair or attempt to restore a worn part never leads to efficient operation of the chainsaw. It is recommended to replace the part with a new one with signs of wear.

    How to unscrew an asterisk on a chainsaw:

    What tools are needed to replace the sprocket

    To replace the drive (drive) sprocket, you will need such tools and accessories:

    • a special key for removing this part (usually supplied with expensive branded chainsaws, cheap saws are not equipped with such a key);
    • drift from aluminum or copper (only from soft metals and only in the absence of a key);
    • hammer (for striking a punch in the process of unscrewing the sprocket);
    • flat screwdriver for tightening the nut;
    • grease for sprocket bearing.

    Construction problems, differences between different models

    Branded chainsaws have a special design that does not allow replacing a worn-out drive without removing the clutch and other parts of the chainsaw. That is, the saw needs to be almost completely disassembled. modern models of expensive chainsaws are always equipped with a special key.

    Also, the owner of the chainsaw may encounter such a nuance: on Chinese imported chainsaws or saws, the asterisk on the clutch mechanism can be located in an unusual way. On older models, when the teeth of the chain are worn, you need to unscrew and change the drum, one-piece with a drive. On newer models, you can replace the sprocket separately.

    Algorithm for self-changing drum clutch with sprocket

    How are the leading sprockets replaced on a saw or chainsaw. more on this in more detail.

    For the sprocket replacement procedure, you need to do the following:

    • remove the chain brake cover and pull it towards you (avoid contacting the brake band with the clutch parts);
    • using a wrench, loosen the nuts that hold the chain tension and the chainsaw cover;
    • remove the chain and then the tire by removing debris and sawdust from the mounting holes;
    • we fix the piston in the cylinder using a normal lace, but if possible, use a piston stop or a special clamp;
    • the clutch begins to rotate and do so until the piston touches the outlet;
    • after which the stopper or cord is lowered into the candle opening and fixed there, tying several knots (the stopper will fix itself);
    • unscrew the clutch nut (note. the thread of this nut is left, take this into account when unscrewing);
    • hard tools must not be used so as not to break the soft metal clutch nuts;
    • then the clutch is removed;
    • after they remove the pinion gear itself;
    • replace the old sprocket with a new one;
    • reverse the assembly of the structure.

    Video about replacing asterisks on a chainsaw or saw


    Anatoly, Zhytomyr:

    “I’ve been sawing a Chinese chainsaw for five years, there’s a slight backlash in the sprocket, I think that because of this, large logs are given to saw very hard. The service center can’t really say anything, and I don’t know which star there should be, that is, which model to replace so that there is no play. Saw while on the move, no other complaints. "

    The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is considered one of the most reliable among the models of its segment. But the technique is the technique, and sometimes malfunctions arise, the elimination of which may require the repair of stihl ms 180.

    You will learn more about the repair of nodes by reading the article.

    Can I repair the saw with my own hands?

    This is the very first question that arises before the owner of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, which for some reason has ceased to function normally. To answer which definitely will not work. It will be correct to say: it is possible, but is it necessary? Repairing a chainsaw in a service center is of course more expensive than trying to fix the problem with your own hands, but using the services of specialists, you get guarantees and confidence that the chainsaw will be properly configured and adjusted. In general, the choice is yours.

    Another small nuance regarding the choice to repair on their own or not, is that for the diagnosis of the chainsaw and its further disassembly and repair, it is necessary to have some specific tools and certain knowledge of the design of the saw. Otherwise, you cannot even unscrew and remove the flywheel without damaging it.

    Carrying out independent repair of the saw, aluminum fan blades located on the flywheel are often broken off. This is because when disassembling, they do not use a special crankshaft stopper, but try to fix it by installing a screwdriver between the saw body and the flywheel blades, which leads to sad consequences. The flywheel nut has a serious tightening torque, and the blades are brittle and unable to withstand such a force.

    Stihl 180 Repair Tools

    To carry out a relatively high-quality repair of the Stihl ms 180 chainsaw yourself, you will need to have:

    • air compressor (for cleaning a chainsaw and purging the main components and assemblies);
    • a vacuum gauge is necessary to check the tightness of the crankcase and carburetor, as well as to identify defective oil seals;
    • piston stop, to limit the stroke of the crankshaft;
    • electronic tachometer, in order to properly configure the chainsaw carburetor;
    • STIHL Torx 27 t-key or equivalent;
    • puller for crankshaft bearings.

    Only with these tools, repairing a Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands can be performed quite qualitatively.

    Common breakdowns of the Stihl 180

    Common malfunctions on a Stihl chainsaw include:

    • Starter cable breakage;
    • Wear on the drive sprocket;
    • Leaks in the oil supply system for chain lubrication;
    • Wear of the worm gear of the oil pump;
    • Air leaks through oil seals into the crankcase;
    • No spark on the spark plug;
    • Lack of fuel supply in case of malfunctions in the carburetor (we will not dwell on them, since the repair and adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw is a fairly broad issue and will be considered in a separate article);
    • Breaking in of the eye of the seat under the engine control lever.

    Now we will consider the malfunctions in more detail and begin with the repair of the oil pump.

    Repair of the oil supply system

    If there is no oil supply to lubricate the circuit, it is necessary to diagnose the entire system and determine the reason why the oil is not supplied. The main reasons may be several:

    1. Clogged oil filter or oil system;
    2. Lack of thread on the oil pump worm gear;
    3. Blockage or malfunction of the pump itself;
    4. Depressurization of the oil system (there will be oil smudges on the bottom of the chainsaw).

    To check the thread on the worm drive of the oil pump, you will need to remove the drive sprocket of the chainsaw and untwist the clutch. To do this, the spark plug is screwed out and a piston stop is installed in its place, thereby ensuring reliable fixation of the crankshaft of the tool from turning.

    Next, the cover is removed from the side of the Stihl 180 chainsaw tire, and with the help of a screwdriver, the retaining ring holding the drive sprocket is removed, after which the sprocket itself is removed.

    In this way, the Stihl 180 chainsaw sprocket is also replaced if necessary.

    The clutch is untwisted by means of a head on 19 and a winch. It is necessary to untwist the clutch in a clockwise direction, since the thread is left. A reflective plate is installed behind the clutch, it must also be removed. The next part is the worm gear of the oil pump. Having examined and discovered the absence of plastic thread, you can safely throw out the part and install a new one instead, since its restoration is impossible. The Stihl 180 chainsaw is assembled in the reverse order.

    If the gear is in normal condition, the saw continues to be disassembled, for this, the corkscrew is removed, the rear handle is untwisted and the throttle control rod is disconnected, after which the handle block is removed from the shock absorbers using a powerful slotted screwdriver.

    Remove the handles to provide access to the bottom at the installation site of the oil pump.

    In the next step, the oil hose coming from the oil tank is removed from the seat on the housing and the line is checked for blockage by supplying air through the oil hose to the oil tank housing. If a blockage is found, it must be cleaned, if it is impossible to do this, the defective hose must be replaced.

    Next, the oil pump is removed from the body of the Stihl 180 chainsaw and washed in gasoline.

    Typically, Stihl oil pumps rarely become unusable and require replacement. Basically, the reason for the lack of oil supply in the blockage, so rinsing and checking the pump gear for cranking, you can be sure that after reassembling the Stihl 180 chainsaw, the problems with oil supply will disappear.

    After repair, we assemble the Stihl 180 chainsaw in the reverse order. An important point is the sealing of the oil hose at the installation site, in the seat on the housing. It is necessary to rinse the hose and the hole for its installation with gasoline, then blow it with compressed air until it dries completely and coat it with oil-tight sealant, and then reinstall it.

    Stihl 180 chainsaw control key broke. how to fix

    A frequent breakdown of the Stihl chainsaw, which happens due to the fault of the operator, is a malfunction in the engine control mechanism. precisely, when the seat for the control lever breaks off due to its design features, to solve this problem, it will be necessary to replace the saw body, which is difficult to do on your own. Consider the do-it-yourself repair algorithm, which is used to replace the chainsaw body:

    • The housing is freed from the handle block;
    • The starter is removed, for this, the covers are removed from the fuel and oil tank and the fastening screws of the starter are loosened;
    • Further, through the spark plug hole, a piston stop is installed in the cylinder, the flywheel is untwisted and removed from the engine shaft;
    • The drive sprocket is removed and the clutch spins;
    • Two 8 mm nuts that hold the air filter housing and the carburetor are untwisted, the modules are removed from the seats;
    • At the next stage, 4 screws are fastened that hold the engine on the housing. In the case of the Stihl 180 chainsaw at the installation site of the engine mounting screws, special bushings are mounted that can independently fall out and be lost.
    • The last point is the removal of the oil pump, the rubber elbow of the carburetor and the fuel and oil tanks.

    Install parts in a new enclosure in the reverse order. In parallel with the elimination of the main malfunction, you can check the rubber elbow of the carburetor, the part that has exhausted its life and has lost elasticity must be replaced.

    Oil seal replacement

    How to repair a Stihl 180 chainsaw if oil seal replacement is required? It is necessary to disassemble the engine, for which you will first need to remove it from the chainsaw. Removal is carried out according to the algorithm described in paragraph: "The control key of the Stihl 180 chainsaw has broken. how to fix it."

    After the engine is removed, 4 screws securing the engine pan are loosened, after which it is removed. Thus, removing the pallet, we gain access to the seals and bearings of the crankshaft.

    An important point when replacing oil seals is the re-installation and sealing of the pallet.

    To carry it out qualitatively, it is necessary to clean and degrease the pallet and the place of its installation on the saw cylinder, and then grease it with sealant and install the pallet by tightening it crosswise to the required force.

    At the time of installation of the pallet, it is important not to confuse the location and set so that the cast to hold the oil pump housing is located in the opposite direction from the flywheel, otherwise it will be impossible to put the engine back into the saw body.

    The assembly of the chainsaw after repair is carried out in the reverse order.

    How to replace the starter cord

    Quite often, the starter cord needs to be replaced due to a break. Let’s see how it can be replaced without contacting a service center.

    To remove the starter from the Stihl 180 chainsaw is quite simple, even without removing the handle block, for this you will need to unscrew the fastening screws and remove the covers of the oil and fuel tanks. After which, slightly raising and deploying the starter, remove it from the seat.

    The starter cord is wound on a special drum, which is installed in the body of the part. To replace the cord, there is no need to remove the drum, just remove the tattered cord and rewind a new one.

    Use an original Stihl cord with a suitable cross-sectional diameter to replace. If the cord is thicker, the number of turns of the cord wound on the drum will decrease, which will lead to a decrease in the stroke of the starter.

    After the cord is wound on the drum, it is necessary to pass through the starter housing and installing the handle to fix it using several knots made one after another. Next, the working stroke of the starter is checked, and if everything is in order, the part is installed in place.

    A video that shows how to replace the starter cord yourself can be seen below. The wizard comments in detail all the stages of replacement, starting with the removal of the starter and ending with the installation.

    Starter malfunctions and their elimination

    What other malfunctions happen to the starter? One of them is the failure of the return spring, the restoration of which is impossible and the part will need to be replaced.

    It is recommended to do this in the service center, as the process is quite complex and requires some practice.

    Stihl 180 ignition adjustment

    The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw has an electronic ignition system, the adjustment of which is to set the gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil of the Stihl 180 saw. To adjust, remove the starter, loosen the two screws that secure the ignition coil and place a strip cut out of the plastic bottle between the flywheel and the contacts of the coil. tighten the fastening screws.

    To check the clearance, it is necessary to turn the flywheel and check whether the coil contacts touch it.


    Stihl MS 180 is a fairly reliable saw, but if it is used improperly, using poor-quality lubricants or due to negligence of the operator, malfunctions can occur. To repair the saw with your own hands, you must have certain knowledge and a special tool, in the absence of which repair is impossible. Do not forget that the Stihl 180 chainsaw is a technically complex tool and its maintenance is best done in a service center.

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    • A float equipped with a locking needle valve;
    • Mixing chamber;
    • Atomizer and diffuser;
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    • Throttle valves.

    The float connected to the needle valve is responsible for maintaining the necessary amount of fuel in the assembly. As the fuel level decreases, the float lowers, thereby opening the needle valve. At the same time, the required portion of gasoline enters the fuel chamber. As the amount of fuel in the chamber increases, the float rises and closes the needle valve.

    From the float chamber, gasoline, by means of a spray tube, enters the mixing chamber, where it is mixed with air coming from the inlet pipe. The level of fuel available in the float chamber is always slightly lower than the level at which the outlet is located. Due to this, with the engine turned off, gasoline does not leave the float chamber even if the snow blower is on a slope.

    Snowblower carb adjustment. when is intervention required?

    Often during active operation of the snow blower, malfunctions occur, which carburetor adjustment will help to eliminate. The fact that it is time to perform this procedure is evidenced by a number of signs:

    • The appearance of unexpected stops in the engine when it starts;
    • The motor begins to sob under load;
    • The amount of exhaust emissions has increased dramatically.

    All these signs indicate a malfunction of the standard carburetor snow blower. Without timely adjustment, the unit will begin to consume too much fuel, and its internal elements will succumb to a significant load, which will lead to even more serious breakdowns.

    How to adjust a carburetor on a snow blower. the procedure in detail

    Before adjusting the carburetor of the snow blower, it is necessary to start and warm up the motor of the unit. The further operation algorithm is as follows:

    1. First of all, remove the crankcase ventilation tube and check for vacuum;
    2. Find the screws for adjusting the composition of the mixture and begin to screw them in turn until you hear the unstable and tough operation of the motor;
    3. During maximum engine operation, stop tightening the screws. Otherwise, the snow blower motor will stall;
    4. Finally, unscrew the screws one full turn back. During this, the unit motor will start to run smoothly and without strange sounds.

    After adjusting the carburetor, you need to turn off the engine of the snow blower. After this, the engine must be started again and continue to work.

    Types of Gasoline Snow Blowers

    All gasoline snow blowers are distinguished by the type of chassis and the convenience of working with them. There are two types of them:

    A comparison of the work of snow blowers of gasoline self-propelled and non-self-propelled, see the video:

    In addition, snow blowers are divided by the number of stages of the snow removal system:

    • single-stage (auger);
    • two-stage (screw and rotor).

    Also, gasoline snow removal units are divided by:

    • type of engine;
    • motor power;
    • the presence of headlights;
    • bucket width and height;
    • mass;
    • cost.

    Not all units are equipped with additional equipment, therefore it is called optional. Such equipment facilitates the use of a snow blower.

    The most common headlamp, which happens to be equipped with even very budget models.

    The headlight bulb works from a generator connected to the engine and ensures the creation of an ignition spark, so the headlight does not light when the engine is off.

    The headlamp facilitates snow removal in the evening and at night, as well as in conditions of poor visibility.

    Approximately half of the models install a two-stage snow removal system, which consists of 2 parts:

    So that the auger can give the snow the necessary acceleration, it is necessary to greatly increase the speed of its rotation. This negatively affects the screw resource and is especially dangerous if there is a chance that the screw will collide with a hard surface, including ice.

    The second stage allows reducing the screw rotation speed by 2–4 times, as well as using a screw-shaped screw with better performance. After all, the screw’s task is to feed snow to the rotor, and already the rotor will give the snow to be removed the necessary acceleration.

    A snow blower auger with a two-stage snow removal (cleaning) system is not afraid of contact not only with ice, but even with asphalt or concrete.

    The third type of additional equipment, which is installed only on electric blowers, is an electric starter. It is performed in two versions. powered by:

    • battery;
    • AC power.

    Battery electric starter is much more expensive, but it allows you to comfortably start a snow blower even away from the wall outlet or in the absence of electricity, therefore it is more universal.

    The main and additional parameters of the snow blower

    When choosing a snow blower, one has to consider their various parameters and characteristics. Indeed, despite the fact that the common task for these devices is the same. snow removal. the requirements of each customer are individual.

    All gasoline snow blowers are divided according to several basic parameters.

    Horsepower (hp):

    • low-power (up to 4 hp);
    • average power (up to 7 hp);
    • high power (over 7 hp);

    Weight in kilograms (kg):

    • lungs (up to 40 kg);
    • medium (up to 90 kg);
    • heavy (over 90 kg);

    Cost in rubles:

    • inexpensive (up to 30 thousand rubles);
    • medium (up to 60 thousand rubles);
    • expensive (over 90 thousand rubles).

    Weight is a very important parameter when choosing a snow blower, especially when it comes to non-self-propelled gasoline models. After all, a heavy snow thrower is difficult to independently roll into a barn or hangar, which means that a teenager or a woman will not be able to work with it.

    The financial opportunities also differ for everyone, so when choosing you will have to pay attention to devices from the corresponding price range.

    Unfortunately, the most inexpensive snow blowers do not differ in high engine power and the presence of a self-propelled propulsion device.

    Additional parameters that may affect the choice of a snow blower and its ease of use include:

    • throwing distance, snow in meters;
    • performance (this parameter depends on many factors);
    • noise level;
    • fuel consumption, liters per hour.

    Choosing a gasoline snow blower, focus not only on the basic, but also on additional parameters. Everyone has different requirements and, at times, the specific requirements are best met by an inexpensive snow blower. And it happens that a model with the necessary characteristics is in a different price range.

    The snow throwing distance describes how far the machine will tilt the snow. This distance varies from 4 to 12-15 meters and depends not only on power, but also on the presence of a second-stage rotor. In addition, the snow condition also affects the tilt range.

    We made our own rating, which included the best (in our opinion) snow blowers of each type.

    In addition to listing the models, we will indicate their advantages over other similar units, as well as disadvantages (if any).

    AL-KO SnowLine 55E is a very expensive device for its price category, the main advantages of which are:

    • the presence of an electric starter,
    • powerful motor.

    Thanks to the somewhat redundant power for non-self-propelled aggregates, it easily copes not only with fresh, but also with packed snow. Nevertheless, this is a non-self-propelled machine, so it is less convenient to use than most self-propelled snow blowers. On the official website, the price of the device is 35 thousand rubles.

    CHAMPION ST655BS. This unit is in second place. It is also equipped with an electric starter, but the motor is inferior to the leader in power, in addition, many users note the low reliability of the screw. On the official website, the cost of a snow blower is 33 thousand rubles.

    Interskol SMB-550 is one of the cheapest, but reliable and productive snow removal machines.

    Engine power is enough to clean the area around the house, and a toothed steel auger easily crumbles even packed and dense snow. The screw rotor mechanism casts snow for 5–12 meters, and the deep tread of the wheels (lugs) ensures reliable grip on the road surface.

    The cost of such a snow blower is 36 thousand rubles, as stated on the official website of Interskol.

    CHAMPION ST1170BS is the most powerful wheeled snow blower in the Champion range, and is also equipped with an electric starter. At the same time, the device is relatively inexpensive (69 thousand rubles), because most units of this power are much more expensive.

    The snow blower easily copes with deep, packed and wet snow, throwing it back 10 meters or more. With good care, it is very reliable. You will find more detailed information on the manufacturer’s website at this link.

    HUSQVARNA ST 230P is a very expensive, comfortable and not too powerful snow blower equipped with an electric starter. Its advantage is the ability to lock one of the wheels for better turning.

    The technical characteristics and real capabilities are seriously inferior to the previous snow blower, but many are willing to pay 140 thousand rubles for a wheel drive with a differential and a well-known brand. information about this model of the snow thrower can be found here.

    PATRIOT PRO 1150 ED is an inexpensive and at the same time quite powerful and reliable unit, equipped with the functions inherent in snow plows of an more expensive segment, that is:

    • starting from an electric starter,
    • heated handles.

    Power in 11 liters. with. enough to clean even tightly packed snow, and a bright headlight allows you to work at night. The cost of this device is 86 thousand rubles, and a more detailed description is on the manufacturer’s website.

    AL-KO SnowLine 760TE. this snow blower is in second place due to the standard equipment for its price, a slightly more powerful motor and the reputation of the manufacturer. However, he has no serious advantages over the leader, but he costs much more. On the official website of the manufacturer, where you can find its detailed specifications, its price is 129 thousand rubles.

    HUSQVARNA ST 327PT. the snow blower is in third place because of its price. Its cost is 210 thousand rubles, despite the fact that the only advantage is a hydrostatic transmission.

    The mover of this type is more reliable to friction, but in case of breakdown the cost of repair will be 3-5 times higher. According to its capabilities, it is comparable with the leaders of the rating. detailed specifications of this snow thrower can be found on the manufacturer’s website at.

    There were doubts whether to take a gas blower? Watch the video:

    Gasoline snow blower is a universal unit that covers almost all snow removal options in any territory. Now you will be less confused in terms and will be able to choose exactly the snow removal unit that is suitable specifically for your tasks.

    Read more about the various parameters of gasoline snow blowers and how to choose them to choose, read here.


    Adjusting the carburetor of a Stihl chainsaw may be necessary when changing the quality of fuel, the altitude at which the Stihl chainsaw is used (vacuum), as well as when changing atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. Tuning the carburetor of the chainsaw allows you to achieve excellent performance chainsaws with deteriorating external operating conditions. Also, adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw helps prevent oil starvation and engine breakdown due to insufficient lubrication entering the cylinder with a lean fuel mixture.

    Tip: To check the tightness of the engine, it is very good to use a special device, i.e. special pump with pressure gauge. First you need to remove the carburetor on the chainsaw, and install a sealed plate plug with a flange on the inlet window of the cylinder to connect the hose to the pump. The spark plug for tightness can also be put on the sealant. You must also remove the muffler, and install a sealed plate with a rubber gasket on the exhaust port of the cylinder. Then you need to put the piston at top dead center and connect the hose from the pump to the flange. Next, you need to pump air into the engine up to 0.9 atm. and look at the gauge needle. if it stands still, then the piston of the engine is tight. Then we release air, switch the device (pump) and start pumping air out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum in the engine with a pressure gauge reading of 0.5 atm. We look at the pressure gauge needle. if it stands still, then through the gaskets or other seals in the engine there is no air leak (which worsens the operation of the chainsaw and does not allow the carburetor to be correctly adjusted for the chainsaw). Thus, we check the engine for air leakage and compression.

    Adjusting the carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

    Tip: To check the tightness of the engine, it is very good to use a special device, i.e. special pump with pressure gauge. First you need to remove the carburetor on the chainsaw, and install a sealed plate plug with a flange on the inlet window of the cylinder to connect the hose to the pump. The spark plug for tightness can also be put on the sealant. You must also remove the muffler, and install a sealed plate with a rubber gasket on the exhaust port of the cylinder. Then you need to put the piston at top dead center and connect the hose from the pump to the flange. Next, you need to pump air into the engine up to 0.9 atm. and look at the gauge needle. if it stands still, then the piston of the engine is tight. Then we release air, switch the device (pump) and start pumping air out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum in the engine with a pressure gauge reading of 0.5 atm. We look at the pressure gauge needle. if it stands still, then through the gaskets or other seals in the engine there is no air leak (which worsens the operation of the chainsaw and does not allow the carburetor to be correctly adjusted for the chainsaw). Thus, we check the engine for air leakage and compression.

    Adjusting the carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

    There is only one screw for adjusting the carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw. the idle adjustment screw.

    1. Standard idle adjustment (abbreviated turn the screw counterclockwise until it goes tight, after which we make two turns clockwise, and that’s it. 2. If the engine speed is too low, turn the screw clockwise until the chain starts to move, and then turn the screw 0.5 turns counterclockwise. 3. If the engine speed is too high, turn the screw counterclockwise until the chain stops turning, and then turn the screw another 0.5 turns counterclockwise.

    That’s it, the carburetor adjustment for the Stihl 180 chainsaw is finished.

    The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

    Strainer There are only two difficulties with this element:

    To feel that to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter cover is unscrewed to remove the strainer. If he just accumulated dirt, then washing with gasoline or blowing will help.

    Video: How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

    With visible damage to the strainer, it is imperative to install a new one. Damage to the fuel supply pipe also happens (when performing repairs, practice checking this element).

    How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

    The carburetor starter usually does not work due to blockages. Use acetone or the same gasoline for flushing.

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    Blowing off carburetor parts with a blockage of compressed air is an acceptable and comfortable repair practice.

    The throttle body, the place of the bundles of carburetor parts, the intake or exhaust pipe. our client remains the listed parts are subject to depressurization. Probably you can check with a simple method. smear the problem area with soap suds.

    The device of the carburetor lawn mowers

    How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

    The base of the carburetor of the lawn mowers is a duralumin case. A diffuser (a hole with internal contours) is placed in a personal computer. Air is blown through this hole. The oxygen (air) flow rate depends on the cross-section (passage opening) of the diffuser.

    The diffuser is equipped with fuel channels. There, the fuel is drawn in with an air stream.

    Outside the carburetor is installed:

    • fuel pump;
    • jet system;
    • system for adjusting the consistency of fuel with air;

    FS-130, FS-100, FS-90 valve adjustment

    The problem with the lawn mowing. The lawn mowing with a 4-stroke engine does not start or does not work well. Sadko lawn mowing. No.

    Fuel is sucked into the carburetor system by a pump (its membrane). Then it passes through the fitting in the carburetor. Further, the fluid moves through the inlet and outlet valves of the pump. Filtered by mesh. The needle valve moves into the membrane chamber.

    Phased operation of the device:

    1. Air supply to the tube with an air baffle (damper). The partition controls the intensity of the air flow.
    2. The fuel supply system is certainly narrowed by the mixer in order to increase the flow rate.
    3. Gasoline through the float chamber and nozzle tube with narrowing. A camera with a float adjusts the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, in the tube with narrowing is already small. Due to the pressure drop, fuel leaks through the nozzle.
    4. The acceleration of the air flow contributes to the transfer of fuel (gasoline) and its atomization. The result is an air-fuel mixture of the desired proportion or density.
    5. The air-fuel mixture seeps into the engine cylinder through the fuel pipe.

    The level of air density in the system depends on the area of ​​the open air damper. The wider the flap is open, the more than just the fuel consumption and power.

    Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on the lawn mower is creating a good fuel consistency by using the correct air supply.

    A chainsaw is a tool designed to cut branches and tree trunks. But often the so-called "assistant" in working with wood can fail. The main problem in this case is to determine the cause of the breakdown.

    A chainsaw consists of three parts: a chain, a chainsaw tire and the engine itself, which drives the chain through the tire. All chainsaws use mainly a two-stroke engine.

    A distinctive feature of this four-stroke internal combustion engine was the prostate structure (lack of a CPG lubrication system and a simple system for supplying fuel assemblies to cylinders).

    This makes the two-stroke engine lighter than the four-stroke, which in turn facilitates the overall weight of the saw. But this simplicity also reduces the motor resource of the power unit. The fact is that oil in two-stroke engines is added to gasoline. And when the engine is running, it gets into the engine cylinder along with the fuel. This is how lubrication and cooling of rubbing parts inside the crankcase and cylinder occurs.

    Of course, with long work this is not enough. Therefore, the first malfunction is the jamming of the piston in the cylinder due to overheating of the latter! In this case, the main recommendation when working with a chainsaw is to constantly stop the engine to cool the piston!

    Such a remark is especially true in the hot season! Frequent jamming of the piston can lead to destruction of the compression rings and scuffing on the “mirror” of the cylinder. Which in turn will reduce the compression of the motor and, consequently, lower power!

    Summary of the article:

    • Motor does not start
    • Carburetor repair in a chainsaw
    • No oil enters tool chain
    • Tire sprocket wear
    • Photo-instructions for repairing chainsaws

    Motor does not start

    Another malfunction often encountered during the operation of such “engines” is not starting the engine when the starter is unwound by hand. The main reason in this case may be the ignition system.

    The first step in this case is to check the candles. This will give a general idea of ​​what is happening in the combustion chamber. If the candle is “raw”, then this indicates the satisfactory operation of the fuel assembly system (fuel-air mixture) in the cylinder. If it is “dry”, then the reason lies in the malfunction of the fuel system.

    In the first case, you need to look at the state of the candle electrodes. No soot is allowed, as this may be the reason for the lack of a “good” spark during magneto operation. Also, it will not be amiss to check the gap between the electrodes of the candle. If the clearance is not correct, then it should be adjusted. Still possible and just the failure of the candle.

    In this case, the latter is simply replaced with a new one. If starting after these manipulations does not start, the probable cause is the failure of the ignition coil. This element, as a rule, is not repaired, but immediately changes to a new one. You can also check the condition of the armor wire from the coil to the spark plug. Breakdown of insulation of this wire is not allowed.

    In the second case (when the candle is “dry”), the first thing to do is to check the condition of the carburetor air filter. As a rule, if it is contaminated, it simply changes to a new one, since this part is not so expensive. Then you need to check the fuel filter of the gas tank.

    Dirt and metal particles from corrosion of the inner cavity of the tank can gradually "clog" the filter mesh element. This will lead to the cessation of fuel supply to the carburetor of the engine.

    If the filter is in satisfactory condition, then the next step will be directly determining the performance of the carburetor. This device provides mixing of fuel with air before feeding into the fuel assembly cylinder.

    Carburetor repair in a chainsaw

    The design of carburetors of two-stroke engines is elementary. And the main reason here is the clogging of small holes and jets from debris leaked through the filter.

    Therefore, disassembling the carburetor in this case can not be avoided. Thoroughly flushing carburetor elements and blowing holes with air: the basic technique in resolving this malfunction!

    After the carburetor is assembled and mounted on the chainsaw motor. Then there is an adjustment of idling through the screws of the quantity and quality of the mixture. Each specific engine model has its own adjustment parameters recorded in the passport for this product.

    As a rule, after this repair algorithm, the engine should start. However, this may not always happen. Therefore, a strong recommendation in this case is to check the compression in the cylinder!

    • How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

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    Perhaps the destruction of the CPG elements (cylinder-piston group) is the main reason for not starting. This, of course, will require a complete disassembly of the engine with an assessment of the condition of the piston, connecting rod, crankshaft. In this case, costly repairs to replace failed parts with new ones cannot be avoided.

    With regard to malfunctions associated directly with the mechanical parts of the chainsaw, they are:

    No oil enters tool chain

    A very common malfunction. The fact is that the lubricant supply channel can become clogged with sawdust during operation.

    This in turn will lead to oil starvation and rapid blunting of the chain teeth. Therefore, cleaning this channel from dirt is a constant concern for a person using a chainsaw.

    Tire sprocket wear

    If the chain tension is not observed in time, then the backlash formed between the sprocket teeth and chain troughs can lead to wear and even destruction of these teeth. Therefore, chain tension control is of utmost importance to the owner of this tool.

    • Motobur: purpose of the tool and the main advantages of the application (115 photos)

    • How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

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    The general recommendation for caring for a chainsaw is as follows: after work, it is necessary to clean the chainsaw from dirt and sawdust, while using cleaning fluids and compressed air !!

    Photo-instructions for repairing chainsaws

    • Tire for chainsaw: basic parameters and selection for the optimal model of the tool (90 photos)

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    Cleaning and repairing a chainsaw carburetor or replacement.

    Cleaning, adjusting or repairing a chainsaw carburetor is one of the most sought after repair services. Since the gasoline saw motor is 2-stroke and runs on the mixture, oil is always present in the fuel, which tends to decompose. Not just that all manufacturers of such equipment recommend storing the solution for no more than 3 weeks, and store the saw without fuel or with clean gasoline in the carburetor. In other words, if after work you have not prepared the saw for long-term storage, then you should know: the probability that your carburetor will be clogged is 80%. We do not recommend repairing chainsaws or climbing into the carburetor yourself, because in its device there are a lot of small parts that fly out and get lost during improper disassembly. The problem of loss of locking rubber bands and gaskets during the purge of the nozzles is especially common. For cleaning carburetors we use special fluids and ultrasounds, but unfortunately not all carburetors can be flushed, adjusted and repaired, and sometimes it is necessary to completely replace the carburetor.

    Overhaul of the chainsaw engine.

    I repeat. the 2-stroke engine of the chainsaw is refueled with a solution of gasoline with oil. The oil in the solution plays the role of lubricating the engine and therefore if you work on clean gasoline or use an old solution with oil that has precipitated, you will ruin the engine with a 100% probability. Without lubrication, the chainsaw engine can work for a minute and 30 minutes, depending on the quality of the tool and the materials from which it is made. We saw a lot of motors that worked without oil, and customers tell different stories, someone worked without oil for about half an hour. these are good saws like: Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Oleo-mac; Someone bent over in the first 5 minutes, these are Chinese saws. such as: Champion, Patriot, Prorab, Interskol and others. The consequences of oil starvation are: seizure on the piston and cylinder, sticking rings, wedge of needle bearing and crankshaft. The only treatment will be the replacement of the piston group (CPG). rings, piston and cylinder, bearings and seals. It must be remembered that the correct use of the tool will protect against expensive overhaul of a chainsaw.

    Chainsaw starter repair with spring and rope replacement.

    The so-called manual chainsaw starter is used to start the engine. Very often we take saws with a torn or sticking out rope and request to repair only the starter, but you need to understand why the starter is broken. This usually happens after constant attempts to start a faulty motor. We can fix the starter, but there is no guarantee that the engine will start, so initially we look at the condition of the engine and only then we begin to make the starter. Chainsaw repair is an integrated approach to the installation of the entire tool. The list of works includes: replacing the rope, replacing the springs, replacing the dogs, replacing the ratchet.

    Replacing drive chain.

    One of the most frequent calls to our service center is the replacement of the drive chain sprocket sprocket. At first glance, it might seem that this is an elementary operation that can be done with your own hands. In principle, the way it is if you have a special tool, the skill to lock the piston and remove the clutch. Obvious signs that it is necessary to repair the chainsaw are: chain wedging and extraneous noise in the area of ​​the chain brake. Turning the saw over you will see the star and its output.

    Injection engines

    The main advantage that the manufacturers of the first engines with electronic injection indicated in their advertisements was the exceptional stability of the work. Indeed, the installation of an injection controlled by microprocessors helped to accurately meter the amount of fuel entering the cylinders, which means to reduce fuel consumption, reduce the intensity of vibrations and noise, and also achieve compliance with the latest environmental standards. The fact is that mixture formation in the injection motor is carried out directly in the intake tract, and not in a separate unit. for this, special nozzles are used, which play the role of a sprayer. At the same time, they certainly do not need frequent adjustment. even if any of the parameters deviates from the norm, the electronics will give a command to automatically correct it, and after a few flashes, the system balance will return to normal.

    Discounts for new cars!

    Favorable loan from 9.9% Installment plan 0%

    In addition, automatic adjustment of the injection motor allows for easier start-up even at very low temperatures, as the electronics selects the optimal fuel metering parameters for rarefied air. A significant difference between the two systems for supplying fuel to the engine cylinders is also that the injector can be adjusted depending on the needs of the motorist. To do this, just upload a new program to the control unit or change the parameters of an existing one. In some expensive cars of recent years of production, there is even the possibility of changing the maximum power or response to the gas pedal by pressing a single button located in the passenger compartment.

    Of course, such advantages as environmental friendliness, profitability and the ability to control parameters are very important. However, the injector also has a number of rather serious drawbacks. The main disadvantage of such a system is its high cost. in the manufacture of the engine control unit, many complex components are used, not to mention nozzles, sensors and electric drives. In addition, even the simplest breakdown may require contacting a specialized service station, since without a special electronic scanner and other equipment it will be impossible to eliminate it. Of course, almost any car service company now has all the necessary tools, but you still need to get to it, because it will not work to repair the car “in the field”.

    Also, almost all injection engines are sensitive to fuel quality. If we talk about modern engines with direct fuel injection into cylinders, then even the appearance of small solid impurities or salts of heavy metals in gasoline is unacceptable to them. This is due to the use of piezoelectric nozzles, the components of which can be dissolved by many chemical compounds. It is worth mentioning that some engines with an electronic injection system require the use of gasoline with an octane rating of A-98 or more for stable operation. Finally, we can say about the dependence on electronic components, which makes injection engines inaccessible for use in military vehicles.

    The choice

    Knowing how the injector differs from the carburetor, you can choose the best option for the purchase. At present, carburetor cars of domestic or foreign manufacturers will be in demand more likely in small towns and villages remote from large settlements. It will be useful for their maintainability, as well as the availability of spare parts and the ability to adjust on their own. In other cases, injection machines, which are characterized by lower fuel consumption, facilitated start-up of the power unit and excellent stability of operation, will be the best choice.

    Sale of new cars Discounts on new cars of 2017 and 2018 of release. Loan of 9.9% and installments of 0% Read more

    The best prices and conditions for the purchase of new cars

    Hyundai creta

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    How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

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    How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

    from 514 900 rub

    Hyundai Solaris

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    How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

    from 474 900 rub

    Renault Duster

    How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer
    How to Change a Fishing Line In a Stihl 70 Trimmer

    from 429 000 rub

    Credit 9.9% / Installments / Trade-in / 98% approvals / Gifts in the salon

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    The question is, what then to do?

    Here are some common cases:

    1. A chainsaw will not start;
    2. If it starts, it works intermittently;
    3. Missing power for proper operation.

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    Self-adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mowers with your own hands is impossible without preliminary work, knowledge of the theory, awareness of the fuel system. Intertool carburetor adjustment for lawn mowers. Carburetor repair annotation. Adjustment of the carburetor lawn mowers can be done.

    Possible malfunctions

    If the saw does not start, the first thing to check is a spark giving a spark that ignites the fuel in the cylinder. Start by removing the high voltage wire to which the candle is connected. Then unscrew the candle itself from the cylinder cover and inspect its condition. The candle should work dry and have small deposits on light-colored ceramics:

    • If the candle is wet means there are difficulties with the carburetor. It is necessary to adjust and set the fuel level in it;
    • A deposit on the walls of a candle is dark or black, which means a malfunction in the piston group.

    Video: How to Set the Ignition On The Stihl 130 Trimmer

    See also

    Stihl 180 Chainsaw Power Video.

    STIHL MS 180 chainsaw. compliance of quality, power and cost. Special ToolGet a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw at a profitable cost in IM Special tool: Stihl MS 180 power dropped, it started to get worse, repair A little malfunction of my little assistant. Stihl MS 180. But.

    Stihl Fs 130 petrol trimmer Video.

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    How to Set the Ignition On The Stihl 130 Trimmer

    STIHL FS 100 and FS 130 lawn mower STIHL FS 100 and FS 130 lawn mowers and the STIHL FS 100 official representative website. STIHL FS Stihl FS-130, FS-100, FS-90 Short review. Sorry, I lied to you. lawnmower stihl will not start. These units have not been discontinued.

    If here you have not found visible circumstances of the malfunction, the candle is dry, light soot, continue to go from the return. Because this is the final point of ignition of the working consistency. Now check to see if the spark comes to the candle. This is the ignition system unit.

    Check if the spark does not make any special troubles, for this it is enough to take the high-voltage cable to which the candle is connected, bring it to the cylinder block by setting not a large gap between them, so that you can see the spark slipping between them. Then we pull the starter’s starter cord and see if there is a spark and what color it is. A working, working candle should give a spark similar to lightning. How it looks, look at the photo offered to your attention, everything is perfectly visible on it.

    If no spark is observed, check with a control light; if there is no probe, the high-voltage cable. A break is likely in the place where it was bent in most cases. If the wire is in order, there may be a problem in the incorrectly set ignition angle. It can be very early or very late in both cases, the chainsaw starts up fine and will not work.

    Now let’s try to set the correct gap between the movable and the stationary contact. In a perfect version, it should be 0.2 mm. You can check with a probe, since it is not a drawback.

    This was a description of the defects of the older generation of chainsaws. The new generation includes modern chainsaws Goodluck, Stihl and Husqvarna.

    Modern systems

    Modern systems are equipped with chips that regulate all of the above problems. The method of independently setting the ignition timing is dependent on the engine speed and the power transmitted to the cutting element. With all this, fuel is significantly saved not to the detriment of power. Starting the saw is also much easier regardless of weather conditions.

    In addition to everything read, a video is offered here for a complete familiarization with the material provided.

    2 post comments &How to set the ignition on a chainsaw&

    I bought a Stihl chainsaw, in fact it did not work. just repairing. I can’t start it.

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