Hyundai lawn mower engine. Hyundai 20″/51cm 196cc Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower | HYM510SP

Hyundai 20″/51cm 196cc Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower | HYM510SP

The HYM510SP is a petrol self-propelled lawn mower from Hyundai. With a powerful Hyundai IC200VE 196cc engine with low fuel consumption, it is ideal for medium to large-sized lawns.

For the perfect, tailored cut on your lawn, the HYM510SP can be easily adjusted between its six different cutting heights – from 25mm to 75mm – by using a single height adjusting lever, giving you complete control over your lawn care needs.

Self-Propelled Petrol Mower

With rear wheel drive, which is especially good for handling uneven terrain, this mower also features a self-propelled system – no pushing required! Mowing has never been easier.

Hyundai HYM51SP Petrol Self Propelled 4-in-1 Rotary Lawnmower In Use Video

508mm Cutting Width

With an extra-wide cutting width of 508mm / 20″, this mower is ideal for medium to large lawns and gardens.

The HYM510SP’s large 70L grass collector bag features a high airflow plastic top with a level indicator to ensure maximum grass pickup. As it’s so large, it also means you’ll spend less time having to empty the cuttings, reducing your overall mowing time.

Safe and Easy To Use

Designed with your safety in mind, the HYM510SP includes OPC (Operator Presence Control) technology that ensures the engine will not run if you let go of the handle.

With minimal assembly required and 600ml engine oil included, you can be up and running in minutes to get that first cut on your lawn done as quick as possible!

After use, the deck can be quickly and easily cleaned underneath by connecting your garden hose and swilling the bottom of the deck with water.

The soft grip handles can be folded forwards oven the main body for extra-compact storage to save space in your garden shed or garage.

3 Year Warranty

As with all of our Hyundai Lawn Mower range, the HYM510SP comes with our?Hyundai 3 year home-use / 1 year commercial warranty?(terms apply)?for added peace of mind.

At A Glance:

  • 510mm/20? cutting width for medium to large gardens
  • Hyundai 196cc OHV 4-stroke petrol engine
  • Self-propelled so drives itself ? all you need to do is steer
  • Rear-wheel drive for uneven terrain
  • 6 adjustable cutting heights ? 25-75mm
  • Extra-large 70L grass collector
  • Mulching option for a green, healthy lawn
  • Foldable handles for compact storage
  • OPC technology for extra safety
  • Tool-free assembly
  • 3 year Hyundai home-use / 1 year commercial warranty

RecoilSelf-Propelled50825756Rear Discharge70Half Plastic With Polyester BagSoft GripOperator Presence ControlSteelYesIC200V4-Stroke OHV Single Valve1964.2kW2800Unleaded Petrol115w406004338.7Front 195 Rear 2701050 x 550 x 1580830 x 570 x 520150-200PetrolNoLarge Lawns – Above 2000sq. ftLawn Mower3600231974028HYM510SP, 70L Hard top Polyester Grass Bag, Engine Oil User Manual

Hyundai HYM480SPER review: a top self-propelled petrol lawn mower

The petrol-powered Hyundai HYM480SPER is a great choice for larger lawns and comes with a tranche of tantalising features, including electric start, six-speed self propulsion, variable engine speeds, a rear roller for laying lawn stripes, a huge grass collector and even a pair of cup holders for your afternoon coffee.

  • Electric start
  • Self propulsion
  • Rear roller
  • Ideal for large lawns

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Welcome to our review of the Hyundai HYM480SPER, a four-stroke petrol-powered lawn beast with electric start, self propulsion and rear rollers for laying lawn stripes.

If you have a large lawn – and one preferably not too close to neighbours – a petrol lawn mower is the most efficient way to get the job done. There’s no electricity cable to drag along behind you and no batteries to run out half way through. And if you use Aspen 4, an ethanol-free alkylate fuel that contains 99% fewer harmful hydrocarbons, the act of mowing won’t affect the environment either.

The Hyundai HYM480SPER is one of the best models in our esteemed guide to the best petrol lawn mowers and here’s why.

hyundai, lawn, mower, engine, 51cm

Hyundai HYM480SPER review: design and features

In the pantheon of hunky lawn mowers, the Hyundai HYM480SPER is quite a mean looker that tells neighbours you take your lawn mowing very seriously. In fact so seriously you chose a model that comes with two drinks bottle holders. Really, there are two robust bottle holders built into the Hyundai’s handlebar system – presumably included just in case you get thirsty after your first 20 minutes on the sod.

But you haven’t alighted on this page to read about drink bottle holders. What you want to know is the kind of features this mower has and whether they’re good enough to splash out the required £600 to have it on your lawn.

We’ll go into more detail in the following chapters but, in a nutshell, this mower features electric start, six speeds of self propulsion, a 139cc OHV single-cylinder four-stroke variable-speed Hyundai engine that develops 3.5hp, a large 48cm (19 inch) cutting deck, five adjustable cutting heights – from 25mm to a 75mm – a huge 70-litre grass collector and two large rollers on the rear for producing lawn stripes. It also comes with a three-year home-use warranty which is blooming good.

At 41.5 kilos, this is one of the heaviest mowers we’ve tested – second only to the humongous Hayter Harrier – so you absolutely won’t be able to lift it up any steps without some help. Also, like most self-propelled petrol mowers that are equipped with extra drive cables, the handlebar can’t be folded. Bear this in mind if you have a small storage shed because this model is 1.53m in length from nose to the end of the handlebar.

Hyundai suggests a lawn size of approximately 2,000 square feet but I’m sure you can stretch that figure by quite a margin as long as you don’t mind walking for longer.

Let’s look at its key features in a bit more detail.

Hyundai HYM480SPER review: self propulsion

Many large petrol mowers these days are equipped with self-propulsion and that’s the case with this model. You get six propulsion speeds with this fella – from a gentle stroll to a brisk walk – and, unusually, the 139cc engine’s revs increase with each of the first three speed settings. This seemed odd at first because in first gear the revs are really low and I wondered if the blade was actually turning fast enough to cut the grass. Well it was, it turns out, but only because the grass hadn’t grown much since the last cut.

When it comes to longer cuts, you’ll need to engage second or third gear via the tactfully notchy lever on the handlebar to increase engine revs and blade speed. However, this also increases the self propulsion speed. I personally had no issue with this because speeds one to three are quite slow anyway. However, when you get to speeds four and upwards, the mower becomes more spritely but still not beyond the effort of most people. Nevertheless, if you’re elderly and your legs aren’t what they used to be, I would advise keeping it below speeds five and six. The engine and blade is still at full pelt from speed three or four onwards so the extra notches on the lever will only increase the propulsion speed and not the engine revs. If that makes any sense.

Hyundai HYM480SPER review: electric start

This is what prompted me to call the Hyundai in for a review. I’m okay with pulling on a start cable – which this mower still comes with for emergencies – but I was dead keen to try a mower with electric start. And what a difference it makes.

I followed the instructions for the first start which involved charging the removable electric-start battery and adding the provided 4-stroke oil and filling it with Aspen 4, which you can read about in the last paragraph of my guide to the best petrol lawn mowers. Aspen is a wonder fuel that is produced as a by-product of petrol manufacture. Not only is it really clean, but it contains no ethanol which attracts moisture, damaging engines in the longterm. Crucially, where forecourt unleaded fuel goes off after about two months, Aspen fuel can be stored for up to five years, even in the lawn mower’s tank! In fact, Hyundai recommends Aspen fuel for all its domestic and commercial small-engined outdoor machinery.

Anyway, back to the electric start. Having prepared it with Aspen fuel and oil, I completely forgot to engage the choke as advised and simply pushed the electric start button, expecting the brand new engine to turn over repeatedly before firing up. Well, blow me down with a feather because it started immediately within two seconds of hitting the button. That was impressive enough but even more impressive was the noise, or rather lack of it. Since I started it with the gear lever in the first position, the engine revs were so low it purred like a cordless mower. But even at full revs, this engine is quieter than most petrol mowers I’ve used, so full marks in that respect.

Hyundai HYM480SPER review: rear roller

If you like stripes and can’t afford a Hayter, the brand of choice amongst professional groundkeepers, I would suggest giving this machine a whirl. The Hyundai has a heavy 38cm roller on the rear which flattens the grass as it moves over it. Since the act of mowing involves moving sequentially up and down a lawn, the blades of grass are flattened in each direction and this gives the visual effect of the grass having stripes of different shades. In this instance, the roller is split in the centre to allow for easy turns at the end of each pass.

I should add at this juncture that lawn stripes don’t last much longer than a couple of days because the grass eventually springs back up. Hence, if you want to impress your guests with your football stadium stripes, mow the lawn just before they’re due to arrive.

Hyundai HYM480SPER review: performance

Unfortunately the recent drought prevented me from trying this mower out on really long grass but the way it handled a medium-growth lawn impressed me and I have no doubt it will easily tackle long stuff, especially with the engine in top gear.

However, I did find it wasn’t nearly as manoeuvrable as my favourite Cobra MX534SPH, especially when turning it and negotiating garden obstacles. I put this down to the extra weight of the rear rollers and their increased rolling resistance. However, I loved the control system, the slick gear changes and the extra large 70-litre grass collector that helped reduce my journeys to the compost bin.

Hyundai HYM480SPER review: verdict

If you have a large lawn of about 2,000 square feet or more and you’d like to improve its looks by adding proper sports field stripes, the Hyundai HYM480SPER is an excellent choice. Yes it’s heavy to get in and out of the shed but then again not many petrol-powered models come with effortless electric start and six-speed self propulsion.

Want a different type of lawn mower? Head over to our guide to the best cordless lawn mowers

Hyundai lawn mower engine

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Hyundai 4-in-1 Electric Start Self-Propelled Lawn Mower HYM46SPE In Use Video

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The HYM530SP is a petrol self-propelled lawn mower from Hyundai.

With a powerful Hyundai IC196VE 196cc engine with low fuel consumption, it is ideal for medium to large-sized lawns.

For the perfect, tailored cut on your lawn, the HYM530SP can be easily adjusted between its six different cutting heights. from 25mm to 75mm. by using a single height adjusting lever, giving you complete control over your lawn care needs.

530mm/21 Cutting Width: Ideal for medium to large lawns

196cc Hyundai 4-stroke petrol engine: Provides easy starting and low fuel consumption

8 Adjustable cutting heights: Get the perfect finish on your lawn

70Ltr Grass catcher: Minimise the time spent emptying cuttings

Foldable handles: Compact for transport and storage

Peace of mind: 2 year Hyundai home use warranty / 1 year commercial warranty

Cutting Height: Min 25mm / Max 75mm

Cut Options: Rear and side discharge, mulching

Safety Features: Operator presence control lever

Catcher: 70Ltr Half plastic with polyester bag

In The Box: Lawn mower, catcher, tool kit, engine oil user manual

Model # HYM530SP
Brand Hyundai
Shipping Weight 45.0000kg
Assembled Length 1050.000m
Assembled Height 1580.000m
Assembled Width 710.000m
Type Power Tools

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hyundai, lawn, mower, engine, 51cm

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There are some old brands in the Stellantis group, and Hyundai is surprisingly robust for its size and history.

It’s time for another check on the global average age of the new car fleet. As many new models hit showrooms and many more retire, the product range is constantly changing.

This is the latest analysis for 71 brands (including eight of the most relevant brands from China) and 766 models. The results are very interesting and confirm the rise of the Asian giant in the automotive field.

The average is calculated between the time of the production model’s launch or unveiling and extending through July 2023, excluding the most basic rebadges, light commercial vehicles, and passenger cars derived from them.

Lada With The Oldest Cars

As expected, Russia’s top car brand lags behind in terms of modern cars. The strategic relaunch of Lada, a company owned by Renault until the beginning of the war in Ukraine, was going well thanks to the close collaboration with the French company. However, the planned new models have been abandoned and today this Russian manufacturer offers five types of passenger cars with an average age of 21.6 years.

It’s not just the legendary Niva, launched in 1977, that is responsible for this outcome. The Largus, based on the first Dacia Logan, the Granta (revealed in May 2011), and the Vesta (September 2015) are also getting older. Are new products in the pipeline? Not at all.

Three Stellantis Brands Follow

Chrysler, Lancia, and Dodge follow Lada as marques with the oldest cars available today. As it prepares to halt production of the Chrysler 300, the American company still desperately needs fresh produce. To date, the median age of its smaller lineup (300 and Pacifica) is 13.5 years. Lancia follows with the Ypsilon, which is already 12.4 years old. And finally there’s Dodge, with an average of 11 years despite the contribution of the Dodge Hornet, presented in August 2022.

Beyond that, it is interesting to see Tesla and Jaguar (both 7.9 years old), and Nissan, the oldest lineup among the big global brands, all in the top 10 for oldest models.

From The East

The younger cars come from China. Indeed, the brand with the youngest range is Zeekr by Geely, founded in 2021. Its three products, 001, 009, and X, are on average just 1.2 years old. Next up is another Chinese manufacturer, NIO, with its seven vehicles that are 1.4 years old on average. Thanks to the presentation of the Polestar 3 and 4 in October 2022 and April 2023 respectively, the Swedish brand occupies the third position among the youngest lineups.

Hyundai Dynamism

Curiously, the real protagonist in the youngest group is Hyundai, a historic car brand with a global presence and 32 different models. It is remarkable to see that this massive formation is only 3.1 years old on average. Its oldest product is the European Hyundai i30, which was presented in September 2016. Its sister brands Genesis and Kia aren’t far off at 3.1 and 4.7 years old, respectively. Koreans work hard.

Toyota, the world’s most popular automaker, averaged 4.6 years, which is 0.4 years below the global average. It was surpassed by Honda (4.3 years) and Ford (4.1 years). In contrast, among the major global brands, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen all have an average product age of more than six years.

The author of the article, Felipe Munoz, is an Automotive Industry Specialist at JATO Dynamics.

No Check Engine Light BUT sounds like lawn mower 2019 Elantra GT NLine

Anyone know what might be wrong with our car? It’s a 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT NLine with only 14K miles on it. There’s no check engine lights on. The Hyundai service department told us to put premium gas in it and keep it in sport. It’s fine for the first 20 mins of a drive and then starts doing this:



hyundai, lawn, mower, engine, 51cm

Sounds like an exhaust leak, but that can’t be right. Take it somewhere else for diagnosis and then take that diagnosis back to your dealership.

I would find another dealer. My (un)professional opinion is it sounds like dogshit. Is it down on power in that second video?

It’s hard to tell based on just these videos. If the engine appears to be running fine (i.e. not hesitating, stuttering) and there’s no check engine light, maybe this is a failed timing chain tensioner. It would be extremely rare for an engine with low mileage though.

hyundai, lawn, mower, engine, 51cm

Yes, that car would be living at the dealership until they figured that out. did I mention I’d be in a loaner with a fuel card. no way I’d let them pull this crap

Anyone know what might be wrong with our car? It’s a 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT NLine with only 14K miles on it. There’s no check engine lights on. The Hyundai service department told us to put premium gas in it and keep it in sport. It’s fine for the first 20 mins of a drive and then starts doing this:



Anyone know what might be wrong with our car? It’s a 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT NLine with only 14K miles on it. There’s no check engine lights on. The Hyundai service department told us to put premium gas in it and keep it in sport. It’s fine for the first 20 mins of a drive and then starts doing this:



If its down power. it might be the intercooler resonator just off of the engine. Its under the front of the car just passed the front wheels (kinda of front/middle of the car. I did a delete on mine and it popped off while on the highway. Lost power and sounded like shit.

As a former Asst Svc Manager (Porsche/Audi/Chevrolet) they should be fixing this but best call Hyundai Customer Service and open a case with them and then send them the links to videos. They will contact Dealer Service Director/Manager and tell them to handle it as that could be damaging the engine. They should also supply a rental although gas would be your cost.

All Manufacturers also have Area Service Managers that cases are escalated to and difficult cases are also escalated too if dealer cannot diagnose

Sounds like a shit dealer as just came from my 1st visit for 30k svc (I did just oil, filer brake fluid. did my own HVAC filter and have a dropin air filter) and they were doing the rental thing for a young girl who they couldnt diagnose that day

It sound like the high pressure fuel pump it is rattle at low RPM. On DGI the low part on the engine usually it is the high pressure fuel pump. Something it is mechanical not right. Definitely I will be escalating that with Hyundai of America. Remember dealership are individualy owned and just represent the manufacturing. If you’re not satisfied with a dealership go to another one that is not the same chain. But for sure file a complaint with Hyundai of America, they are pretty good solving issues.