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Viking lawn mowing valves adjustment

The valves regulate the flow of fuel vapors into the combustion chamber and the flow of exhaust gases leaving the engine. Faulty or dirty valves can stick and form point corrosion, cracks or grooves, which lead to the loss of engine power and an increase in fuel consumption.

If you have problems with the engine or you want to perform maintenance of the valve, make sure that you have a engine for checking engine valves. Find the information on the valve service of your Briggs Stratton engine. from their removal to cleaning for inspection.

CAREFULLY! Before the launch, operation or maintenance of the engine or equipment, study the management (-a) for the operation of the engine and equipment to avoid injuries or damage to property. Contact an authorized dealer or contact Briggs Stratton if you are not sure of any procedure or have additional questions. Study all engine safety warnings.

If you are looking for a specific solution or want to repair the valve, see. Section for obtaining instructions.

Before you can perform maintenance or repair of valves, you need to remove the engine components that interfere with the engine valve.

How to remove engine valves to examine them

In order to correctly check the valves of your engine to determine the need for maintenance or repair, you need to remove them from the engine. Determine the type of engine valve lock and follow the following instructions

NOTE. Always put on protective glasses when removing and installing valves.

  • Stage 1: Remove the spark plug and fix the spark plugs wire away from the spark plug.
  • Stage 2: Remove the silencer, the crankcase’s saapun and any other details that close access to the valve chamber.
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  • Stage 3: Unscrew the cylinder head bolts and pull out other bolts from the engine parts to get to the valve chamber. If necessary, mark the bolts to provide proper installation later, since they can have different lengths.

Lawn mowed Viking MB248T

Good day community readers. I want to share the experience of using a lawn mower, although it is not a direct text “tool”, but all the same it is a tool for care for the garden. Especially quite difficult to execute, not just a “screwdriver”.

I’ll start with the fact that last year I was stealing with a sultry summer to mow grass in my summer cottage, to clear the territory and reduce the habitat of mosquitoes, of which if not millions, then thousands. Once lended a friend of a pitch wearable Stihl with a disk knife from a friend. That I didn’t like it: it is very noisy, smokes (exaggeratedly) and vibrates very much, after a couple of hours of work, the hands shook like a paralytic, my head from noise and sweat still pouring hail, as if I mowed with an ordinary manual scythe. Maybe I used it wrong, I don’t know, but I did as I was told, in general, one negative from use. But the only thing as it turned out that the cut of the disk iron, the small bushes cut off with a bang, the scythe would not have oiled, thread or forest mowers could not say that way.

In the dry balance, it was decided to buy a mower on wheels, since the site is quite even on the surface and large open territories. I looked for shopping, went in a couple, found a rather interesting Viking company with a wide variety of mowers, which is all the more unit of my beloved company STIHL. He began to read reviews about such equipment, the video and reviews were at least at that time, but still I decided to buy Viking mitch. For the price and capabilities, I liked the 248t model, 4.stroke gasoline, has a BS engine, 450 E OHV series of Briggs Stratton made under American license. Badge T means that self.propelled, without icon t, you need to push it yourself. The choice was between 253t and 248t, the difference is only in the width of the mowing 51 cm and 46 cm and in price the first is more expensive. As a result, it finally made a choice for 248t and was not in vain, as it turned out on my site there are places where 248 would barely crawl or sink evenly. Wide would not fit.Link to the site and description here Viking MB248T

After acquiring, a liter of gasoline was refueled in the trading floor and defiantly brought me down, they say everything works, take it and use it. True, the manager broke Plastmassk, which holds the cables, but as it turned out not critical, and without it works. Then I came to them in a week for the spare part, they said, well, okay, it doesn’t affect anything, I scored in short.

My mower has number 248.3t, such as modification of a new generation, they modernize change, which is good.

The braid has a button-rocking button, I think this is a swing of fuel in a carburetor. People sometimes pumped and the motor then started poorly. I click 2 times according to the instructions and the engine is always launched from one snap. It also starts to hot at once, the engine works smoothly and without gaps. At the first speed, a black smoke is visible from the exhaust, and then the smoke is not noticeable neither white nor black.

Pros: 1. self-income: it yourself does not go, you need to push, connect the drive and turn off, pushing, pulling, no one forbids, in narrow places and turns, it has to be with your hands, but The weight is small, pushes without much effort. The drive speed is approximately 4 kmh, you go behind it with a quick move, it is very convenient, the load on the mower is minimal2. starts the first time, always! The engine is like a clock. There is also enough power, on high grass it is a bit load but still everything mismers.3. The mower itself is light, 27 kg, I drag it into the car body and easily4. Different levels of the mowing (7) are easily adjusted with one hand, I usually go to the 4m, so that there is no bald lawn and not bite the ground, and there is no very high too.5. It is conveniently maneuveraged, even a woman will cope with the span of TC self.propelled, easy to mow6. After mowing, the territory turns into a beautiful even lawn, like a football field 🙂 7. Very economical, a liter of fuel was enough for almost the whole summer, you fill in both mowing and mowing, in general, if a small area, then there is enough fuel for a long time. Also, the speed of the mowing is fast, I am all my plot for half an hour easily. The engine is 4x, you pour the 92nd gasoline in its pure form and there is no smoke from the exhaust, there is also no particularly smell of exhaust, apparently due to the good tuning of the carburetor, ignition and others like them. I remember the smell from the gas generator was so good when it works for a long time.eight. A fairly low noise level, even a small 10.month son was not afraid for the first time he saw9. The handle is coordinated in half for transportation and winter storage, you can carry it almost in the trunk of any car.

Cons: 1. Well, it’s unlikely to call it a minus, but with a high grass the grass collector is quickly filled, you have to change and drag the basket to empty, even more time goes to emptying it than the mowing 🙂 But if the grass is low, then it will not be filled so quickly.2. In the areas in the stump along the fence, at home, in short, the spit is impossible, the handle is interfered. There are models of electrocosyles that have a rotary handle and there is no such drawback. Alas, you have to mow a little further away and then the remains with a sickle, reacify with your hands.3. The plot should be quite even, otherwise they skip the wheel and can even sit on the hill with a knife and stall, once it was like that. Bitch, metal objects, stones on the site are also unacceptable, otherwise you can break the knife. I flew into a couple of metal things and a brick flew when I mowed at first, a knife in several places is a foam, but not critical. Once wound on the wire, and so abruptly and strongly that the wheel cracked from the side blow, but the wheel is properly and everything works, the aesthetic look went bad.four. there is no nozzle for mulching and there is no way to buy it, on senior models there is this. But I do not consider this a special minus, Then the scattered grass will turn yellow and will interfere like garbage. Others may be a possibility. The braid itself grinds the grass itself well, heavily chopped into the bunker, I mulched plantings, greenhouse with this grass last year.

This season I changed my oil, after working for about 15 minutes, he heated the engine, and poured the old oil on hot and flooded the fresh. The oil, as it turned out, was quite clean, transparent, without metal chips, etc., maybe due to the fact that I worked little, but in principle I used it in two weeks all summer, and mowed a couple of times a a couple of times.

Carbon regulation

Wash the air filter before adjusting the carburetor. It is recommended to rinse every 10 hours. After that you can start tuning. On the example of the photo shows a carburetor of a gasoline trimmer for PRorab-8406 grass. The numbers indicate the adjusting screws that we will use.

Rifles for adjusting the carburetor carburetor Prorab-8406

Run the brush and wait until it warms up.

Fuel adjustment

Start slowly tighten the propeller, which regulates the fuel mixture until the engine stops or freezes if you have not caught the moment. Then unscrew the screw for a quarter of turning if the engine does not work, or by half a turn, if it does not work. Run the stopped engine. Check, opening the throttle, as the engine accelerates. Continue to unscrew the screw for a quarter of turn, until the engine begins to confidently gain increased speed when supplying gas. This will be the moment of the most economical stable engine operation. On the gas trimmer, the Prorab-8406 adjusting screws turn clockwise, unscrew-counterclockwise, some other brands can be on the contrary.

Cooper adjustment

We proceed to setting low speed. The screw limits the reverse movement of the throttle lever. wrapping it, we increase the blast speed, unscrew it, reduce it. Adjust so that the engine works confidently at low speeds and even a little faster (for better launch), but so that the reel of the fishing line or the knife does not rotate, and before you start to rotate, there is a sufficient supply of speed. If the engine does not start well, still increase the idle speed.

Limiting maximum speed

After adjusting the consumption of the fuel mixture and low speed, check how the bush cutter engine works at maximum speed. If necessary, limit the maximum speed to the desired level using a hollow screw, unscrew the lockshop and tighten it to reduce the maximum speed, or unscrew it to increase it. After adjustment, tighten the nut. Installation of maximum speed is necessary to protect the trimmer motor for grass from overheating and the possibility of using keys blocking to reduce the fatigue of the right hand.

You may have to adjust the trimmer for the grass of the carburetor later. For example, if the engine begins to gain poorly when working at full load, unscrew the screw by another quarter turnover. If the launch is difficult, increase the blast speed. Weather conditions and the quality of the fuel mixture can affect the work of black cutters. Vibrating screws themselves can also overturn from vibration.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower, trimmer for grass

Check if the start button is turned on, whether the oil button is enough, whether gasoline is poured into the tank. If the motor is still not starting, rinse the gasophiller (sometimes it should be replaced if a large blockage is detected), check the candle for performance, clean the air filter.

It did not help? Set up the carburetor air damper to position C, this solves the problem of fuel transfusion. In the case of the “persistence” of the motor, just drain all the fuel from the system and fill the new one, making sure that it has proper quality. Making all these processes solves the problem of launching a motor in 80-90% of cases.

If the motor refuses to work at idle, first of all adjust the carburetor and rinse the air filter. this in most cases solves the problem. If the situation is repeated, then most likely you poured poor fuel into the fuel tank, then drain it and fill the tank with a new.

How to get a lawn mower and make it work if engine speeds are not gaining, and it stalls? First, check if the cutting shaft is clogged with waste and weeds. If everything is in order with the shaft, wrap the air filter or change it to a new one, if the first seemed to you too contaminated. By the way, washing the air filter and gasoline should be washed, which makes the gasket more elastic and prevents the drying of the material.

If, having done these procedures and pressing the starter for the lawn mower, the lawn mower stalls again, then the case lies in an incorrectly adjusted carburetor device. Read the last section of this article, it tells how the carburetor is adjusted on the benzokos.

If there is no spark, put a spare candle to check what exactly is the matter. Когда запасная свеча при установке правильного зазора также не выдает искру, значит дело в оборудовании косы для травы. Repair of the lawn mower in the event of a malfunction begins with the check of the wire leading to the candle.

Carburetor adjustment

This aspect is always needed when the lawn mower is set up. A correctly configured carburetor is the key to the successful operation of engines for the lawn mower.

Despite the fact that the question of how to adjust the carburetor on a benzocos, it seems, to beginners are incomprehensible, but the repair of the lawn mower often ends with this procedure, since the reasons lies in the wrong adjustment, and the repair of the lawn mower and the methods of eliminating them in the settings for configuration. By the way, the run.mowing is also involved in the adjustment of the carburetor.

To understand how to correctly configure a gasoline carburetor for motorcycles, you need to know:

  • The device contains three screws: right (l), lower (t), left (h).
  • A properly configured carburetor operates on idle evenly and without changes with cold and hot motor, as well as with a sharp descent or set of revolutions. The screw t is responsible for the idle.
  • The screw l is responsible for how much the fuel mixture will enter the combustion chamber at low speeds. When adjusting, the screw turns counterclockwise by a quarter turnover.
  • Fuel adjustment at high speeds occurs by screw h. For configuration, give out full gas, opening the throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until you hear a speed drop. Then, scroll through the screw in the opposite direction so that the engine works unevenly, after which begin to slowly turn the screw clockwise until you start to hear the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the motor.

The correctness of adjustment is determined even by the color of the working part of the candle. If the tuning of the carburetor is made correctly, then the candle will be clean, without soot.

How to sharpen a knife or disk for a gas station?

To sharpen a knife or disk for mowing equipment, know that a good disk or knife must be sharpened so that the edges become sharp, but the metal was not overheated. The sharpened cutting element will provide easier removal of the grass surface. Also, the sharpness of the disk or knife affects the number of plants that will be eliminated by one capture.

In general, the maintenance of a gasoline braid for grass provides for constant cleaning of equipment after work, checking the quality of oils and gasoline, as well as a properly configured carburetor. Do not pour doubtful additives and the like into the lawn mower. Regularly make the reducer lubrication and lubrication of driving elements to prevent problems. It is recommended to update lubrication, at least every 1000 hours of work.

How to change oil in a Viking lawnie video

Viking MB 448 TX Lugus is self.propelled, ideal for small and medium.sized lawns with an area of ​​up to 1200 m². It has a bevel 46 cm wide and rear.wheel drive. A powerful air flow moves the mowed grass to a 55 liter of. The height of the cut has six levels of adjustment in the range of 25-75 mm. Setting is central. This is easy to do with a spring mechanism. The compact and strong polymer case makes the lawn mower even more reliable. A single.stage all.wheel drive makes a job even easier. Convenient all.wheel drive allows you to increase the speed of work. Double bearing wheels are extremely reliable and durable. The drive wheels are equipped with tires with a profile that provides good traction and exchange rate for optimal performance and maneuverability.

Features and advantages of MB 448 TX:

  • Keys clamps
  • Pens for carrying
  • Integrated filling rate
  • Double bearing wheels
  • Polymer case
  • Patchwork knife
  • Central adjustment of the height of the cut


All Viking’s rear graduation mowels are equipped with a travic collector with a filling indicator. As soon as the indicator goes out, it’s time to empty the grass collector. (Cm. Illustration).

Viking lawn houses and aerators are made of high-quality shock-resistant, thermo and UV-resistant polymer.

The blade creates a powerful flow of air in the aerodynamic case, lifting the grass before mowing and directing the mowed grass into the grass collector through the air ducts system. Guaranteed beautifully trimmed and clean lawn (see. Illustration)

Thanks to the ventilation holes down and the closed lid of the grass collector, mowed grass and dust do not fly. The indicator of filling the grass allows you to find out when it is time to empty it. A two.component grass collector allows you to easily open and empty.

How to start a lawn mower properly?

Regardless of the type of action, there is a strict order that must be observed, that is:

Inspection and verification

Any trimmer malfunction for grass can be a serious danger.

Poorly tightened bolts fixing the clutch bell to the engine can lead to rapid abrasion of clutch pads, and any leak of the fuel system often leads to ignition and burns or fire.

The weak tightening of the gearbox bolts can lead to the fact that the rush shaft bar will jump out of it and the trimmer for the grass will stop working. Weak tightening of bolts fixing the handles can lead to involuntary lowering the shaft and damage to the cutting tool.

Therefore, before any launch, you need to at least briefly inspect the device in search of defects. This is especially true for any first launch, it does not matter, after the purchase, or after storage. During the working starts, it is permissible to inspect only the fuel system for leaks.

One of the most important stages of verification before any launch is to determine the amount of lubricant in gearboxes and a drive shaft, for which you need to disassemble a trimmer for grass and remove both gearboxes from the shaft.

So you will evaluate the quantity and condition of the lubricant not only from the side of the gas station, but also in the area of ​​contact of the shaft bar with the gear of the gearbox.

Also, once every 2-3 weeks, check the amount and condition of the oil filled into the crankcase of four.stroke engines, if the device will work with a low level of oil for a long time, then the probability of jamming of the crankshaft is likely.

The gas station is fuel

This operation has to be done after purchasing and winter storage, as well as during the termination of work caused by the production of gasoline. Four-stroke engines are seasoned with pure AI-92 gasoline, and two-stroke with a mixture of fuel and special oil, which we talked about here.

Remember, if you refuel a two.stroke trimmer for grass after winter storage, be sure to drain the old fuel from it, because it has already lost the lubricant, so the crankshaft bearing and cylinder.piston group will work without lubrication.

Launching a benzotrimer

Regardless of the type of launch, there are 6 actions that have to be performed always:

  • fuel pumping;
  • the transfer of the air damper to the “Launch” position (“Closed”, “OFF”);
  • the transfer of the switch to the “inclusive” position (“VCL”, “on”);
  • pressing and fixing the gas key;
  • the jerk of the starter cable with the choice of free move;
  • transfer of the air damper to the “work” position (“open”, “on”).

The first 3 points from this list can be performed in any sequence, but you can pull the cable of the air starter only after them. Neglecting fuel pumping will lead to the fact that a hand starter’s cable will have to pull the moving piston of the motor to pump a sufficient amount of air that sucks from the carburetor fuel.

The neglect of the air damper will lead to a strong rethink of the mixture, which is good for a running engine and extremely bad for starting, because such a mixture is well ignited only inside the heated cylinder.

After the air damper is transferred to the closed position of the incoming air, it is not enough to operate the motor at idle, so click and fix the gas key (accelerator, engine speed regulator). The button for turning on/off the motor blocks the operation of the ignition system, so before starting, transfer it to the “inclusive” position.

If you do not transfer the switch to the right position, then the voltage will not come to the candle, which means there will be no spark that ignites the mixture in the cylinder.

After the engine works, transfer the air damper to an open position, because the highly re-enriched mixture is good for starting, because it is flammable even in the cold cylinder, but due to lack of air, the fuel does not burn out completely.

An attempt to mow grass with a closed air damper will lead to a sharp drop in the power of the motor and a strong heating of the valves, so the long work (tens of hours) leads to the gap of the valves or damage to the laying of the cylinder head head.

If the motor does not start or works incorrectly

The reasons that the motor does not start with a two or four jerks of the manual starter cable can be:

Most often, this is due to the incorrectly executed trimmer for the grass, when the procedure is violated or some important point is not executed, so the launch is quite correctly carried out and the motor will work. If the mower is poorly started after storage, then most likely, old gasoline is exhausted, so it is enough to change it.

If the trimmer for the grass was not served for several seasons, then the poor launch can be due to dirty air or fuel filter, so it is enough to rinse or replace it.

If all actions are performed correctly, but there is no positive result, contact the workshop or independently diagnose or repair.

Removing old oil

Extracting old lubrication is one of the most important stages of the process.To make sure you remove a large amount of old oil, you can use three methods.

Use a siphon.Insert one end of the tube into the hole for the probe, to measure the oil level until it reaches the bottom of the oil tank. Place the other end of the siphon in a constructively strong container that you will specially use for this and future change of grease. Finally, place wooden blocks or other durable material under the wheel of the mowing on the opposite side of the hole for filling. In the lawn mower under the slope, it is easier to remove almost all the oil.

Remove the oil cork.Depending on the type of gasoline braid, you can remove the oil cork to drain the old grease. Contact the user’s leadership to determine the location of your drain plug and make sure that you have an end wrench of a suitable size for work. By installing the wrench on the plug, remove it. When the oil is completely dragging, you can replace the cork.

Use such a special device as a syringe for pumping and filling the oil tank.This is very convenient when the hole of the tank is too narrow, and at the same time it is inconvenient or impossible to fill the new oil from the bottle. The syringe can easily pass through the hole to pump out the old waste oil.

Tilt method.If you do not have access to a tank with butter, you can drain it by tilting the lawn mower to one side. When tilting the lawn mower, set the lid of the flood neck on the container that you use to collect the waste oil. After the correct location, remove the lid of the flood neck and let the clock completely drain. Using this method, you should know exactly what fuel level is in a lawn mower

It is also important to note where the air filter is located, so as not to pollute it with drain oil

Lawn mowers

A wide range of lawn mowers produced under the Viking brand allows the consumer to choose the device most adapted for set targets.

The market presents gasoline and electric models, which differ in many technical characteristics. For large areas and industrial work, it is best to choose mowers with powerful engines.

If you are the owner of a small site, then a small and compact lawn mower will become a faithful assistant in the fight against vegetation.

Battery models

The use of batteries provides certain advantages over another technique, namely complete freedom of action.

There is no need for an electric cable that needs to be carried after itself and make sure that the unit does not run on it and does not break with knives.

No need to breathe exhaust gases that produce gasoline models.

Below are the models of battery lawns

adjustment, viking, lawn, mower, carburetor

Battery braids have a strong case, which reliably protects the power unit from damage.

The battery power is enough to process an area of ​​up to 3 acres, and the height of the mowing of grass can be adjusted.

Speaking herbalists with which the models are equipped with are collected all mowed grass, riding the owner of the need to rake it around the site.


The use of self.propelled electric lawners Viking is advisable where there is access to the AC network.

Thanks to the quiet operation of the engine, it is best to use electric shoes where increased requirements for noise level, for example, near schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other similar institutions.

Below are models that quietly and quickly help turn the site overgrown with grass into a neatly cut lawn:

The main advantage of such models is to get rid of the need to breathe exhaust gases. There is no need to conduct regular maintenance of the engine and monitor the oil level.

Unlike batteries, the duration of working with a mower depends on the size of your site or your desire, since the power supply is constantly carried out.

Technical characteristics of models are diverse. This will allow you to choose the unit most suitable for requests.

The volume of the grass collector varies from 30 liters. up to 60 l., and weight from 13 to 31 kg. The case is made of strong plastic, which withstands minor clashes with obstacles.

Gasoline models

The entire range of gasoline units is designed to process large areas.

At the same time, the owner has complete freedom of movement, since the absence of a wire that limits the area of ​​work allows you to completely devote itself to the ending of the lawn.

The amount of fuel fitting into the fuel tank is enough for a longer time than the battery charge.

Various power classes allow you to choose the model most adapted for the existing site. If desired, you can buy an additional mulching device.

Below are the most popular benzocylets:

  • Viking gas station MV 253
  • Viking gas station MV 443
  • VIKing BYKING MV 448
  • Viking gas station MV 545

A spacious grass collector will relieve the need to rake mowed grass. Depending on the unit, various width of the site is processed. The owner will also be able to easily adjust the height of mowing grass, the size of which varies from 25 to 75 mm.

For large lawns, models with even more powerful engines and a spacious grass collector are presented:

These units have a significant width of mowing and a grass collector with a volume of up to 70 liters. Engine power is enough to process the plot up to 2.5 hectares.


All Viking’s rear graduation mowels are equipped with a travic collector with a filling indicator. As soon as the indicator goes out, it’s time to empty the grass collector. (Cm. Illustration).

Viking lawn houses and aerators are made of high-quality shock-resistant, thermo and UV-resistant polymer.

The blade creates a powerful flow of air in the aerodynamic case, lifting the grass before mowing and directing the mowed grass into the grass collector through the air ducts system. Guaranteed beautifully trimmed and clean lawn (see. Illustration)

Thanks to the ventilation holes down and the closed lid of the grass collector, mowed grass and dust do not fly. The indicator of filling the grass allows you to find out when it is time to empty it. A two.component grass collector allows you to easily open and empty.

If you delete the grass collector and insert a mulching wedge, the lawn mower will work in mulching mode. In this case, mowed grass is crushed and evenly distributed over the surface of the lawn. No need to throw away. This saves time, and at the same time, the lawn receives moisture and nutrients (see. Illustration).

Double bearing wheels are extremely reliable and durable. The drive wheels are equipped with tires with a profile that provides good traction and resistance to orientation.

The handle adjustable in height quickly folds without using the tool.

Two carrying handles are built into the case. They allow you to quickly unload and tilt the mower. They can be used as spectacular.

The height of the cut is installed at six different levels (25-75 mm) using a spring handle and is displayed in a special scale.

Motorized all.wheel drive facilitates the mowing of grass in large areas and slopes. One lever control lever. And the mower starts to work. Depending on the model of the Viking mowel are equipped with one or three gears (see. Picture).

Due to the multifunctional knife of a special shape, the grass is cut in stages and is crushed into small particles in the body. When installing a stand for the grass, a multifunctional mower Viking collects grass, and when using a mulching insert, the opening for the release closes, and small particles of grass fall back to the lawn (see. Picture).

The spring may interfere

My first attempt to adjust the gas mowing carburetor did not give anything, since the spring of the fuel mixture adjustment propeller prevented. The factory spring turned out to be too thick in a compressed state and did not make it possible to reduce the supply of fuel to the required level. I had to choose another spring and continue the adjustment after its replacement.

The adjusting screw for feeding the fuel mixture with the spring

In the photo above the factory spring, below the adjusting screw with a selected spring. I am writing about this, because I am not sure that this is an isolated case, and someone else may face the same situation.

The most common problems

Here are the most common malfunctions:

  • the engine does not start;
  • The motor stalls arbitrarily;
  • The engine does not gain momentum or does not hold them;
  • Immediately after the start of the mowing, the engine speed falls and it stalls or works with interruptions;
  • smokes strongly;
  • It goes badly;
  • does not stop even after the operator released the wheel drive lever;
  • shakes hard;
  • Poorly cut the grass.

The engine does not start

There are quite a lot of reasons why the motor does not start:

  • empty fuel tank;
  • a air filter is clogged;
  • a muffler is clogged;
  • The ignition switch is installed in the wrong position or faulty;
  • The air damper control lever is in the wrong position;
  • faulty candle;
  • broken or clogged carburetor.

Primary inspection

To establish the real cause of this defect, you must first conduct a full external inspection and make sure that the openings of the air filter or muffler are not clogged, there is gasoline in the tank, and the throttle control lever and the ignition switch are in the correct position.

If everything is in order with this, then it is necessary to carry out pre.launch work, including cleaning air or fuel filters, described in detail in the instructions for the operation of the mower, and then try to start again.

After making sure that the motor still does not start, the mowing is placed on the table and proceed to a more detailed search for the reasons.

First, the spark plug is twisted and tightly plug the candle hole with your finger, then smoothly, but quickly and strongly pulled the hand starter cable or pressed on the electric launch button.

The moving piston should create sufficient air pressure so that it pushes the finger and goes outside. If this does not happen, then the motor needs serious repairs, which is difficult to make at home, so it is better to take the mower to a specialized workshop.

After all, the reason that the piston does not move after the starter’s cable or rotating the shaft of an electric starter may be:

  • Damage to the starter, because of which he does not transmit the energy of rotation to the engine shaft;
  • The cut off the flywheel that connects the flywheel and the starter with the engine, and also provides the correct ignition angle.

To eliminate both malfunctions, not only tools, but also skill are needed, so those who do not have the skill of repairing any engines are better not to try to eliminate such problems on their own.

Further check

If the piston moves, then you must first check the fuel supply, for which the candle is thoroughly wiped with a dry clean rag, then screw it into place, and the regulator of the position by the air damper is placed in the “OFF” position, as during the start of the engine.

After that, the fuel is pumped up (if the engine design provides) and twitch the hand starter cable several times or pressed on the electric starter button and hold it for 1-3 minutes.

Then, the lever of the air damper is transferring to the “ON” position and the candle is unscrewed, which is carefully examined.

Wet contacts indicate that gasoline enters the engine and the problem of ignition, and dry contacts say:

In both cases, knowledge and equipment are necessary for proper diagnosis and repair, therefore, it is better to take the device to repair the apparatus to a specialized workshop.

If the fuel comes, then it is necessary to check the external condition of the ignition coil and the high.voltage wire. If they have cracks or poor contact as between the wire and the coil, so at the place of connection of the wire with the candle tip, they must be replaced.

If everything is fine, then you need to check the spark, for which you can use both a deliberately serviceable candle and a bolt suitable in diameter, which is inserted instead of a candle in a high.voltage wire.

Plastic Carburetor Cleaning on 450E Briggs & Stratton E-Series Engine on Bolens Lawn Mower

The operations described below, if they are performed with errors, can damage the ignition coil, so if you are not sure that you can do everything right, then it’s better not to take risks and entrust such a check to professionals.

Viking Lawn Mower Drive Problem. Want To See How To Fix It #stihl #viking

The candle is leaned with threads against the ribs of the engine cooling shirt, and the bolt is placed so that it does not come into contact with the mowing case or its engine, and the distance from it to the cooling shirt was 1-2 mm.

After that, disconnect any wire going to the ignition switch, then pull the lever of the manual starter or press the electric button and see if the spark will appear.

If there is no spark, then the device does not start for one of the reasons:

For the repair of these damage, skills and equipment are needed, so those who do not have them are better to trust professionals. If there is a spark, then the problem is in the spark plug, so after replacing it will work.

The motor stalls arbitrarily

The most frequent reasons why the engine stalls during operation are:

  • Dirty air filter;
  • Dirty fuel filter (only for models with a fuel filter);
  • faulty ignition switch (does not completely open the ignition circuit);
  • damaged insulation of the ignition shutdown wires;
  • faulty air damper drive;
  • the tightness of the ignition coil is broken or its winding is broken.

The primary inspection is performed in the same way as described in the previous section. If everything is fine outwardly, then carefully examine and feel all the wires suitable for the switch that blocks the operation of the ignition system, is possible somewhere damaged and when contacting the naked metal of the case, there is a short circuit that extinguishes the spark.

A gasoline lawn mower is a complex motorized equipment that needs proper timely maintenance and periodic repair.

Now you know what malfunctions can independently eliminate most of the owners of gasoline lawners and how to do it, and in which cases it is better to contact the workshop.