Angle grinder chips got in what to do

When you shouldn’t delay your trip to the doctor?

If the iron scale does not naturally leave the eye after 5-10 minutes, if it does not budge after washing and is not removed with a magnet, then the victim needs urgent help from an ophthalmologist.

Useful video

In this video, you will learn how to get the shavings out of your eye:

Iron or wood scale in the eye must be removed immediately, otherwise there is a high risk of corneal injury and the development of dangerous complications. You can pull the shavings out of the sawdust yourself, observing safety rules, as well as an emergency aid algorithm. But it will be much more difficult to remove a sharp splinter from the metal, so it is better to take the victim to the hospital, where the doctor will carry out all the necessary manipulations.

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If you do not immediately remove the shavings, and allow it to remain in the eye for a long time, the risk of developing such dangerous ophthalmic complications as:

  • post-traumatic keratitis;
  • corneal ulcers;
  • decreased visual function;
  • infection and inflammation;
  • loss of organ of vision.

Why is a metallic foreign body dangerous?

If chips from an angle grinder get into the eye, it means that the organ of vision is exposed to three negative influences at once:

Mechanical injury: flying off at speed, a foreign body violates the integrity of one or more layers of the eye.

Thermal burn: the chips in the eye are heated, which additionally damages the structures of the eye.

Chemical reaction of metal and intraocular fluid: when scale from an angle grinder enters the eye, and it is in a saline solution of a tear fluid, after a while rust appears around it, further impairing vision.

What is forbidden to do?

If shavings get into the eyes, it is categorically contraindicated to perform the following actions:

  • Rub your eyelids. Friction leads to even greater trauma to the mucous membrane and deeper penetration of scale into the soft tissues of the cornea.
  • Remove foreign body with sharp objects. Doctors practice the removal of foreign objects with special needles, however, doing this yourself is categorically contraindicated, since you can harm yourself even more.
  • Drip medications into the eyes at your own discretion.
  • Flush the mucous membrane with substances that can provoke additional irritation.
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What not to do with scale and metal shavings

We figured out what to do if the shavings got into the eye. Now let’s list what you can’t do:

  • rub the eye;
  • squint;
  • try to get the dross with a sharp object;
  • wash out the eye if the wound is through;
  • drip any drops before being examined by an ophthalmologist;
  • use a magnet to extract fixed chips.

How to go to the doctor?

To prevent metal shavings from causing even more damage to the eyeball, while the victim is getting to the hospital, it is necessary:

  • carefully cover the injured eye (do not close your eyes);
  • put gauze, rolled in several layers, or a clean piece of tissue on the closed eyelid;
  • fix the bandage on the face with a plaster.
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In the event that we are talking about a penetrating injury to the organs of vision, the second eye is also covered with gauze.

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Consequences of improperly provided first aid for eye injuries

If it is incorrect to provide first aid for eye injuries, serious negative consequences can occur:

  • Cicatricial deformity of the eyelids.
  • Eyelash growth is wrong.
  • It becomes impossible to fully open the damaged eye.
  • Eyelids grow together.
  • Narrowing or obstruction of the lacrimal passages.
  • Clouding of the cornea, possible partial loss of vision.
  • Dry eye syndrome.
  • Lens clouding. cataract.
  • Chronic inflammation of the eye structures, resulting in gradual loss of vision.
  • Glaucoma. increased intraocular pressure.
  • Loss of an eye.
  • The appearance of rust around metal shavings that have fallen on the eye structures.

Pain Relief Products

What pain-relieving drops can be dripped after the iron shavings have got into the eyes?

  • Alkain is a local anesthetic agent used in ophthalmology. Release form. plastic bottles with a dosing device. The effect develops 30 seconds after the drug washes the conjunctival sac.
  • Inocaine is a local anesthetic, eye drops. In order for the solution to get to the burn area, use plastic dropper bottles.
  • “Oxybuprocaine”. local anesthetic is applied to the wound, reduces pain, inflammation.

Before using drugs, you must carefully read the instructions. Local anesthetics are short-lived. They can be used before, and not in lieu of, a visit to the doctor. Timely contact with a medical professional will reduce the consequences of metal swarf getting into the eyes.

Additionally, watch the video of an ophthalmologist with recommendations:

What should be done?

Initially, it is necessary to contact the emergency room, where the patient will be provided with assistance, and it can be obtained in this institution around the clock. However, if a person who has a chip or other foreign object in his eye does not have the opportunity to quickly come to a medical facility, then you need to know what you can do yourself in this situation. All manipulations should be performed with clean hands, which should first be washed with antiseptic soap, and then do not touch foreign objects.

If the shavings are in the eye, not everyone knows what to do.

Types of injuries and typical symptoms

The case when chips from a tool enter the eyelid is considered to be mechanical damage. The following types of injuries are distinguished by severity:

  • easy. Vision does not disappear, no visible defects will make themselves felt;
  • average. There is a slight external damage to the eyelid, vision is reduced, but not much;
  • heavy. The eye practically does not see, structural defects appear.

Reference! Injury from shavings of an angle grinder often affects the eyeball, minor parts of the organ, orbit. To avoid the consequences, it is better to consult with a specialized doctor.

After chips or crumbs from an angle grinder enter the eyelid, the following symptoms occur:

Few people know about this function of the ANGLE GRINDER !!!

  • increased tearing of the eyelid;
  • pain in the area of ​​injury;
  • redness of the eyelid;
  • spontaneous closure of the eyelids due to shavings, it becomes very difficult to open them;
  • blurred vision.

According to the above signs, it is impossible to reliably determine the degree of eye damage by chips from an angle grinder. This is done by an ophthalmologist using a special microscope. Similar signs make themselves felt after removing the shavings from the tool, the only exception is the increased release of tears from the eyelid.

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The reason for this is edema, especially if the chips have penetrated much deeper than the initial layer of the epithelium.

[vote2x There is a correct sequence of actions when this problem occurs. However, sometimes people do what is prohibited, and this can only aggravate the situation.

  • Frequent blinking. This desire arises because the foreign body is firmly adhered to the eyelid. As a result, scratches of the epithelium are formed, conjunctivitis develops.
  • Rubbing eyes with hands. It is important to prevent this, so as not to damage the mucous membrane.
  • Squinting. Causes angle grinder chips to penetrate even deeper, making them harder to reach.
  • Rinsing the eyelid with running water at the site of the lesion. Shavings can scratch the eyelid.
  • Drip aloe juice, honey and other substances into the eyes. These elements, when exposed to shavings, will cause irritation.
  • Remove extraneous elements with a match or tongue.

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Attention! An important issue in the implementation of repair and construction work is safety. When using an angle grinder, special goggles and a protective helmet should be worn, although it is difficult to perform certain operations with them.

It is almost impossible to get the shavings from the eyelid on your own, since it is located on the mucous membrane itself. In this case, only an ophthalmologist will solve the problem. In order not to permanently lose sight, a foreign object that has fallen from an angle grinder must be removed as soon as possible. When first aid is provided out of time or physical factors are present, it is possible that the lens, retina and vitreous body will be damaged by chips from an angle grinder.

How to get shavings out of your eye

If there is no way to quickly get to a medical facility, then you need to know what to do on your own if scale from an angle grinder has got into the eye. All procedures must be performed with clean hands.

They should first be washed with soap under running water and not touching objects. Then follow these instructions:

  • Rinse face thoroughly with open eyes.
  • Try to locate the foreign body. To do this, take a mirror and gently pull off the lower eyelid. Sometimes the shavings get there. If present, remove it with a clean cotton swab, previously moistened with water. You can also do this with the tip of a scarf.
  • If nothing is found in the lower eyelid, then you need to raise the upper eyelid. It is much harder to remove a speck from there. The procedure should be carried out very carefully. Strong pain is possible. It is necessary to try to make it fall or completely fall out. To do this, take the upper eyelashes and twitch them a little.
  • If the discomfort continues, then something remains under the upper eyelid. You need to try to grab the top edge and turn it out a little. If there are chips in this place, pull them out with a cotton swab.
  • If the shavings are not stuck in the eye, you can take warm boiled water into a small container and immerse your face there. In this position, try to blink a little. This removes a foreign body if it is on the surface of the eye and is not stuck in it. This happens extremely rarely, because metal shavings almost always stick to.
  • An effective way to get the shavings out of the eye at home is to use a magnet. It should be brought as close to the open eye as possible and led back and forth.
  • If the metal shavings are not visible in the mirror, then there is a chance that they came out, but scratched the cornea. Therefore, the person does not leave the feeling of discomfort. Then the affected eye must be dripped with antiseptic eye drops. You can also apply a regenerating gel under the lower eyelid. Then close the eye and massage it with gentle, gentle movements.
  • If the eyes rub heavily during the extraction process, you can rinse them with the remains of strong black tea. It contains tannins that relieve irritation. This procedure is available to everyone, since tea is always found in the house.
  • If the shavings have sunk very deeply, it is best not to touch your eye and seek immediate medical attention. If possible, do not blink or touch the injured eye with your hands.
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Types and symptoms of traumatic eye injury

An unpleasant case, when metal chips got into the eye, refers to mechanical damage. According to the severity, the following types of eye injuries are distinguished:

  • Mild degree. does not threaten cosmetic defects or loss of vision.
  • Moderate trauma. slight cosmetic defect, slight decrease in vision.
  • Severe degree. a significant deterioration in vision or its complete loss as a result of the appearance of defects in the structure of the eye.

Localization of traumatic injury can be as follows:

  • damage to the eyeball;
  • eye sockets;
  • accessory parts of the eye.

The main symptoms of damage are:

  • involuntary closing of the eyelids, it becomes difficult to open them on their own;
  • redness of the eye;
  • pain in the eye area;
  • discharge of tears;
  • blurred vision.

These are the main signs of damage, but they do not make it possible to identify with high accuracy how badly the eye is damaged. The degree of damage can only be established by an ophthalmologist using a microscope.

After removing the chips from the angle grinder, you may experience the same symptoms, with the exception of severe watery eyes. Especially if the damage is deeper than the upper layer of the corneal epithelium.

This is due to post-traumatic edema. Therefore, even after properly provided first aid, it is better to see a doctor.

Varieties and symptoms of traumatic injuries

Unpleasant cases when metal chips get into the eye are classified as mechanical damage. The following types of injuries differ according to the degree of complexity:

  • mild degree, which does not threaten the development of cosmetic defects and loss of vision;
  • moderate trauma, in which there is a minor cosmetic defect and a decrease in visual function;
  • severe degree, which is characterized by a significant deterioration of vision or its complete loss as a result of defects in the structures of the eye.

If metal shavings get into the eye, the localization of traumatic injuries may be as follows:

  • damage to the eye socket;
  • eyeball;
  • accessory structures of the eye.