Assembling A Petrol Trimmer

How does the starter for lawn mowers or trimmers work??

The starter mechanism as a whole is a single and universal mechanism for lawn mowers, trimmers, gasoline and diesel generator sets. It is not a problem to equip them even a car, motorcycle or scooter, if your vehicle has free space for its installation. It was not for nothing that many Soviet cars and trucks were equipped with a starter tool that vaguely resembles a tire bent twice.

The starter assembly has the following parts:

  • Ignition spring with hook;
  • A cord wound on a spool;
  • Return spring;
  • Drive ratchet and main spring;
  • Mechanism body protecting the ratchet;
  • Locking bolt.

How to assemble a new lawn mower starter?

To assemble the starter, do the following manipulations.

  • Pass one end of the cord through the opening at the beginning of the spool and tie it in a knot. The knot must not pass through the hole. Otherwise, you will disassemble the starter again.
  • Wind the cord onto the spool itself.
  • Install the spring into the starter housing, hook one end of it in the groove and wind it. For convenient winding, twist the body counterclockwise.
  • Place the ratchet on the spring.
  • Hook the return spring to the ratchet itself, attach it to the spool.
  • Install the main spring and housing with the assembled ratchet, connect the parts of the starter together and tighten everything with the main bolt.

After assembling the starter, pass the free end of the cord through the hole in the housing for the reel. Re-pass the same end through the hole in the handle that the cord is pulling on. Tie a strong knot on the handle. Check the operation of the starter handbrake.

How tight the spring is cocking?

It is possible to give the spring the necessary potential force necessary for a clear and fast winding of the cord by determining the length of the cord in turns. To prevent the cord handle from drooping, add 1-2 more turns to the number of turns. So, if the cord has a length of 5 turns of the coil, then when charging the spring, turn the coil 6-7 full turns.

How to replace or replace the starter spring?

If everything is in order with the rope on the starter, suspicion falls on the reel itself. It is driven by a tape spring, coiled into a roll. Certain steps must be taken to change the spring.

  • Remove the starter from the lawn mower.
  • Remove the starter coil.
  • Unscrew the main bolt holding the pulley to the housing.
  • Pull out the gripping tendrils and spring, the ribbon spring is almost fully extended or coiled into larger diameter rings.
  • Hold it in advance.
  • Check if the spring is intact (there may be rusty streaks, fractures, etc.). If the hooks at its ends are broken, bending new ones will fail. High-carbon steel breaks when you try to bend it. Loose hooks are suitable for slight bending.
  • Make sure the auxiliary (regular) spring and washers are in place. These parts protect the coil body from being punctured by the ends of the main spring. If the washers and spring are broken, and there are no new ones available, do not tighten the coil bolt tightly, but watch it, it can unscrew and get lost.
  • If the main (flat) spring is damaged, insert the same new one. Place the hook on the end of the spring in its place and bend it, inserting coil by coil into the space where it should be.
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Spring rewinding takes a minute. Dexterity in this action is acquired quickly.

How to replace or replace the starter spring, see the following.

Worst failure scenario

There are times when the starter is still operational, but a worn out cord can break, for example. The ratchet has not yet had time to work when the engine is started, and the remnants of the cord are immediately wound on the coil, the return spring loses its hooks, the grooves in the starter housing break. The result is the replacement of both the springs and the housing.

Assembling the starter lawn mowers

When servicing and repairing the starter, it is important to assemble it correctly as if the assembly was carried out by the manufacturer. Any part that is incorrectly installed will prevent you from fully using your trimmer or lawn mower.

Assembling A Petrol Trimmer
  • After winding the spring, turn the coil over and position it so that the second spring hook falls back into place. To control the correct installation of the spring, there are technological windows on the coil itself.
  • Install the starter pulley and make sure that one of the spring hooks fits into the groove located on the starter cover.
  • Insert the spring and washers on the sides to prevent the spring from rubbing off the plastic compartment in which it is located. If the spring is broken, and the other is not the same, an additional washer is placed instead.
  • Insert the antennae cup into the slots of the coil.
  • Install the coil in its place, tighten the bolt until it stops, but without fanaticism.
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If the mainspring is not shielded to protect the compartment where it moves when the starter cord is wound in and out, the reel will often jam when you try to start the trimmer or lawn mower. Loosening the coil bolt will result in its loss.

How to assemble a lawn mower trimmer starter, reel in.


Such equipment cannot be classified as professional models, but for individual use it is just great. Before starting work, it is worth checking how reliable all existing bolted connections are. The fact is that, despite the vibration damping system, they are capable of loosening over time. If you miss this moment, you can not only severely damage the device and disable it, but also get serious injuries. When preparing a mixture of gasoline and oil, it is advisable to use a special engine oil, which was developed by the manufacturer itself.

  • High power rating cuts shrubs like grass;
  • All metal elements are made not of tin, but of high strength steel.
  • Sufficiently heavy construction, which is also distinguished by increased fuel consumption.

Stihl FS 55

This model is considered the most durable of all the devices presented in our roundup of the best lawn mowers. The design is characterized by a huge number of advantages, high performance and a number of additional features. She will be an indispensable assistant on the site, regardless of weather conditions. The lawn mower has an ideal balance, the product is based on a reliable internal combustion engine, its volume is 27.3 cubic meters. See Its cylinder is chrome-plated for excellent wear resistance and a long service life. The carburetor supplies the fuel mixture without interruption, it is equipped with a good filter that does not allow clogging. The primary fuel supply is due to a reliable hand pump of a simple design.

The ignition system is completely electronic and is perfectly sealed. Due to it, the start is carried out instantly, the trimmer functions stably even in rather difficult conditions. This system is able to maintain a high voltage, due to which the spark is generated quickly and burns for a long time, which can significantly reduce the volume of exhaust gases. The shock absorption system is reliable, vibration is almost not felt. The weight of the model is not very heavy with an empty gas tank, it is only 5 kg: this device can be easily carried on you all day.

  • Excellent reliability;
  • High level of performance;
  • She is able to work without interruption for a long time;
  • It is easy to run in during the first three refueling the device should not be applied to the maximum load.
  • The air filter clogs up quickly enough to affect performance and needs to be changed regularly or at least cleaned.
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The best lawn mowers in terms of value for money

Lawn Mower KRÜGER GTK 52-7

The petrol-powered lawn mower has an increased power of 3 kW. The tool is used to treat territories up to 10 acres. Overheating of the engine during continuous operation is prevented by the air cooling system. In idle mode, the petrol trimmer produces up to 2800 rpm, and when working up to 9000. Low grass is cut with a line. If you need to cut shrubs or young trees, instead of a fishing line, a saw blade is installed, which comes with a petrol trimmer.

The Kruger lawn mower has a well thought-out design, so it is convenient to work with it in any conditions. The soft start system allows you to start the engine quickly and without problems. The extended configuration increases the functionality of the tool. The Kruger petrol trimmer includes five knives made of durable metal and two spools with line. The lawn mower demonstrates the best value for money and high German quality.

  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Minimal vibration;
  • Smart Start system.
  • Noises during operation due to high engine power.


One of the best professional designs, equipped with a 1.9 HP two-stroke gasoline engine. In addition, there are easy start systems that will not cause kickback. Despite the fact that the model belongs to the professional class, it is allowed to use it, including in the adjoining territories, in the garden and in the garden. Thanks to its high power level, the trimmer does an excellent job in dense thickets. A reliable reel with a fishing line designed for soft lawn grass, or a knife for working with dense and dense vegetation, if desired, they even process trees and bushes, acts as a mowing tool.

The capacity of the gas tank is 0.84 liters, the fuel consumption is very economical, so there will be no need to refuel this device regularly. Product weight is 6.78 kg. The set comes with a three-point adjustable strap to reduce stress on the shoulders, spine and lower back during work. The handle is adjustable, it can be adjusted to suit you.

  • The air filter is fairly easy to access;
  • One of the highest indicators of maneuverability;
  • Superb easy start system;
  • The trimmer is ideal for tough areas;
  • The engine features low fuel consumption.
  • Noisy enough model.

The best professional gasoline trimmers