Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor and ATV: 7 Lawn Tractor Carts to Choose in…

Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor and ATV: 7 Lawn Tractor Carts to Choose in 2023

Among many useful tools and items used in gardening, there are those that play an essential part in the everyday landscaping routine. Things like hoes and rakes are indispensable for busy cottage life, just like a hammer and nails are for carpentry. The same applies to dump carts that help you around tirelessly. They prevent you from non-essential physical work and save a lot of time that can be used otherwise.

Now, the question “Which is the best cart for lawn tractor?” emerges inevitably. Throughout my many-year experience with tending gardens and lawns, I’ve encountered a variety of products. There have been good and efficient carts, as well as disastrous and highly uncomfortable prototypes. To save you from going through the same misfortunes as I have before, I’ve come up with a list of appliances to your disposal.

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Best Dump Carts to Optimize Your Garden Maintenance

To set the ball rolling, it’s important to remember that depending on the scale of your property, vegetation, frequency of gardening maintenance, you might prefer one product to another. That’s completely fine by me since this list is meant to encourage you to look better and more closely to what you’re about to buy. So, let’s see what’s the best lawn cart for you and your hobby.

Gorilla Yard Dump Cart — the Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor 4.7/5

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The Gorilla Dump Cart is truly the cherry on the top of my gardening routine. So, a few years back I was browsing the market for a strong and light dump cart that I needed. After two unlucky purchases that would break down within a month of use, I stumbled upon this one. And I’ve been using it ever since; therefore, I can claim that it’s the best garden cart I’ve managed to find so far. Here’s why.

First, the product comes in parts that the buyer has to assemble by themselves. The instructions and the process are so easy that it takes up to an hour to put it together and make it ready for a full-blown use.

Second, the cart is designed to be heavy-duty and carry over 1,000 pounds of solid materials, like rocks, bricks, wood logs, metal rods, etc. The surface is covered with hard plastic and is very resistant to blunt and sharp damages. The cart doesn’t dent easily under the pressure of its haul and remains steady thanks to the strong rubber wheels. over, the hardened plastic can withstand temperature changes of all sorts, it doesn’t overheat during summer and is not corrupted by rust during humid and cold seasons.

Third, if you take a look at the cart’s outer structure, it’s very noticeable that the product has an in-built fast-unload function. Equipped with a two-mode handle, unloading and loading are made very easy and usually don’t require any physical support from the user. You can either push it forward or just tow it behind, and you don’t need to worry about flipping it over or losing control, because wheels and modes make the cart extremely maneuverable.

Also, the manufacturer has produced a whole line of such tractors that come in different sizes and materials. The GOR6PS item is a combination of the best qualities of the whole line that blends comfort and versatility.

  • Lightweight and rather movable;
  • Rust and humidity-proof;
  • Strong and steady handle;
  • Spacious and deep; can take in bulky materials;
  • The base is hardened with steel;
  • Stable wheels that prevent the cart from flipping over and get over any rocky or grassy areas;
  • One-year warranty services.

Based on my agriculture and gardening expertise, there are many uses of a single lawn cart. However, most of the products are generally constructed to carry out certain tasks, thus making them efficient for one thing and tortuous for another. Here are other dump carts for lawn tractor reviews that are highly helpful for their specific purposes.

Agri-Fab Max Dump Cart — the Most Secure Tractor Supply Dump Cart 4.1/5

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The Agri-Fab 45-0101 is a great option for hauling large-scale commodities and handling bulk materials, like sand, pebble, fertilizers, or even grain. The reason for this is that the bed is very secure and supported by steel safety caps. As a result, all the sides are clenched firmly without any gaps. This ensures the complete integrity of a commodity. over, the whole cart skeleton is sufficiently stabilized which prevents wobbling and the possibility of spilling or tossing the haul.

Another interesting feature of this lawn trailer is its pneumatic moving mechanism. The metal core of the wheel wrapped in coarse rubber provides balance and steadiness while towing. The mechanism is meant to run easily over small and medium obstacles that happen to be on its way. When using the cart, there’s no bouncy feeling, like your trailer is about to jump up, but a clean and smooth ride.

Besides the stability and comfort of use, there’s a nice foot-release function. By this function, the user can unload any haul simply by applying a little pressure to the in-built foot lever located below the handle.

The coat of the surface is very resistant to scratching and light damages. Having utilized high-quality anti-damage and anti-rust paint, the manufacturer has made sure that the cart stays protected in all seasons. This makes it perfect for hauling in the rain, snow, or considerable heat.

As an addition, the cart is insured with a three-year limited warranty that secures your money. As you can have the product repaired or even completely replaced should there be any manufacturing deficiencies, I think the company deserves your trust.

I know this because of my cousin, who owns a medium-sized farm nearby. He’s got to distribute fodder to the cattle and move around bulky materials for his new barn construction site. Considering his feedback, the product is a great fit for all kinds of supply handling.

  • Secured and reinforced with steel constructions;
  • Almost completely weatherproof;
  • Gap- and hole-free;
  • It doesn’t lose any haul on your way;
  • Tough and strong rubber wheels; no more flat tires;
  • Equipped with a hitch;
  • Large and spacious dimensions;
  • Excellent customer service.

Craftsman Poly Dump Cart — the Best ATV Dump Trailer Assistant 4.2/5

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I’ve chosen this cart as one of the best dump trailers because it’s very versatile and has perks that other products of this category normally lack. The assembly is very simple, it is done in a matter of placing a few screws and finding the right spots for the wheels and tailgate.

First, let’s talk about the dimensions. This product option is much smaller than others and cannot haul a great deal of commodity. However, this might be the biggest pro. Due to its optimized proportions, the trailer serves as a maneuverable, easy-to-use 2-wheeled compliment to the property of any size. It moves freely among premises and between cultivated rows without bumping or trumping. Furthermore, the storage place for this fella doesn’t have to be roomy. It can be easily and comfortably parked in the barn, garage, or simply put away in a corner of the chicken coop.

Second, it’s meant to be suitable for most hitch locks. Specifically engineered to be an add-on to medium-scale tractors, the product has a very adjustable handle, which makes it perfect for towing mowed grass, fodder, etc., especially if you intend to match it with a grass mower. Also, it’s equipped with an easy-to-remove tailgate. This function can be very useful for fitting in large loads that can easily get stuck in the gate.

Third, thanks to the dimensions and ultralight materials, the trailer is definitely made for people who are in search of a one-person garden tractor trailer. While working on your garden or lawn maintenance, you won’t need any assistance with moving the trailer from the storage, connecting it to the tractor or grass mower. All these actions become facile and easily accomplished with a single pair of hands.

I’ve got one for myself and use it mainly for household chores which involve moving firewood or regular backyard cleaning. Thus, I can say from my first-hand experience that if you’re concerned with minor and medium-size hauling activities, then you will find this product as effective as it gets.

  • Sturdy and very durable;
  • Perfect for medium commodities;
  • Covered with rust-resistant powder;
  • Pneumonic wheels with a strong metal core;
  • Very light and can be handled by a single person;
  • Has a comfortable tailgate;
  • Before unpacking, the box is tightly compressed and fits into a regular car trunk.
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MotoAlliance Cart and Cargo Trailer — the Best Welded Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor 4.3/5

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Maintaining households can be an expensive and time-consuming trade that demands a lot of essential chores to be done. The MotoAlliance Trailer is the best choice for people who have a medium-size and large property to tend to.

The manufacturer has been successfully elaborating and offering gardening utilities on the market for the past 15 years. There’s a lot to tell but, the product’s main perk is the capacity that very few household dump carts can face off against. Being able to carry loads up to 1,600 pounds, the add-on has a volume of over 14 cubic feet. By these measures, it becomes a very helpful tool in moving grand hauls both inside and outside the property.

The initial package contains the garden trailer, two hardened wheels, a hitch lock, and other hardware to put together. As you start assembling the parts, you’ll see that it might take quite some time, but the process becomes easier thanks to clear, illustrated instructions.

Now, since the trailer is meant to be heavy-duty, the construction is designed using hard metals, like steel which is embedded into the outer side frames and the bed (floor) of the product to make it more durable. This enables the user to be secure when putting rough or sharp-edged materials that, normally, would scratch the surface and leave a trace for good. Based on anti-rust powder, the coat is extremely resilient to a variety of damages and atmospheric conditions, which keeps the paint fresh at all costs.

Among many beneficial features, the rugged rails that make up the armature reduce the whole construction’s weight and are designed to last longer than simple integrated plates. over, they are equipped with additional two-feet frames that create upward space for excessively long loads.

Firmly welded axles and wheels are also an advantage as they provide stability and overall trailer balance. As my neighbor, who’s an eager fan of the product, has once told me, there’s no more flipping over or diving in for the trailer, it remains calm and smooth during a car ride.

Below the trailer’s mainframe, there is an in-built lever for dumping. It’s activated with simple foot pressure, after which a haul slides down carefully on the ground. The process is facilitated with slight dents on the trailer’s bed that make tilting through the tailgate easier than before.

  • Firmly welded and sturdy;
  • capacious than most trailers of these dimensions;
  • Easily runs over large impediments;
  • Doesn’t wobble during a car/tractor ride;
  • Pneumatic tires;
  • Perfect for hauling bulk materials.

Agri-Fab 650-Pound — a Superb Lawn Mower Dump Cart 4.3/5

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Agri-Fab is a gardening and cultivation products manufacturer that’s been entrusted with numerous households all over the world. This polymer dump cart for lawn tractor is a great accessory for simplifying anyone’s lawn and garden maintenance.

The main mechanism of the cart’s operation is towing. Equipped with a conjunct steel bar, the cart is easily joined with a lawn mower or a regular tractor without any friction. Due to its well-calibrated axles, the appliance aligns perfectly with any vehicle and isn’t tossed around while moving. Made of high-quality plastic and lightweight materials just like for cars, the user can manually drag it from and to a storing place, no help is needed.

As my experience tells me, sometimes all the parts of a garden dump cart are manually screwed together which makes it more susceptible to sudden movements or jumping. But, unlike many similar products, this trailer is completely molded and integrated making it more durable and shock-resistant.

Yes, the proportions of the product are more limited than those of a heavy-duty attachment, and it can haul around 700 pounds of bulk and solid materials. However, this might be a great advantage, especially if it’s used for local and around-the-house clean-ups. It doesn’t get stuck in wet soil because it’s light-weight; it doesn’t bump into the vegetation on your way to the shed; it doesn’t leave any hard-pressed wheel traces on freshly mowed grass, etc.

Though the main body is made of polypropylene, the frame itself is hardened with sturdy and unbendable steel. Therefore, the user shouldn’t worry if they stumble upon a boulder or a metal rod – the construction will survive effortlessly.

What I really like in the Agri-Fab unit is that it’s aimed at working Smart, not hard. The reinforced plastic floor is designed to hold the tilt of an acute angle (approx. 60 degrees) which results in fast and well-controlled dumping. Whenever I need to move mulch to the plants, I always make sure to put a cover on the cart’s bed. In this case, when the haul is dumped, it doesn’t get stuck to the plastic, and I don’t need to clean it later, but it slides down slowly on the ground.

Also, there’s been a Agri-Fab garden cart review claiming that the strong rubber wheels are well-patterned but flat enough to avoid getting dirt between the gaps.

  • Ultralight;
  • Very efficient for moving voluminous loads;
  • Coated in scratch-protective paint;
  • Matchable with all kinds of tractors;
  • Enhanced dumping mechanism;
  • Very easy to assemble;
  • Great for small and medium farms and land lots.

Polar Trailer Lawn and Garden Trailer — the Best Lawn Trailer You Didn’t Know You Needed 4.4/5

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The Polar Trailer is one kind of a piece of durable equipment. Unlike other metal-infused carts, this product relies mostly on its poly components and its strong and flexible functions. Plastic has proven very effective for resisting harsh weather conditions. It neither overheats in the sun nor cracks from frost.

Ohio Steel Tow Behind Poly Dump Cart Unboxing/First Impressions

The trailer is all about landscaping and free movement around the property. Thanks to the tough and bouncy wheels, the appliance easily makes its way through any kind of vegetation regardless of its density. It’s, indeed, a heavy-duty dump cart for lawn tractor that can haul around 1000 pounds of pure weight.

Perfect for being loaded with firewood, rocks, sand, or even fertilizers, the product is supported with hardy molded ball bearings for a smoother ride. Such a technology prevents metal corrosion and reliefs the user from the necessity to cover the bearings with an excessive amount of grease.

The weight of a commodity is distributed evenly throughout steel rods that keep the floor uplifted, excluding any chance of breeches or cracks at the bottom. Though it’s not provided with lights, it can easily withstand a rushy off-road 10-mph ride.

It’s interesting to know that the producer has released a line of trailers that vary in size and capacity. However, all of them are united by their highly functional tipping lever. Located near the hitch pin, it comes in handy when you need to unload the whole tub with only one motion.

I’ve seen it at its best on my friend’s farm, and it was very impressive. The trailer would slide calmly on the grass, while the lawnmower it was attached to was swirling and springing all over the place.

Another noticeable feature is that the trailer is compatible with almost any gardening vehicle. As long as a tractor has a hitch, the cart’s hitch pin will fit properly and won’t fall out during use.

  • Weather-proof;
  • Covered with anti-corrosion materials;
  • Comfortable and easy to use;
  • Compatible with any hitch-equipped tractors;
  • Compact and neat;
  • Doesn’t need additional mending after the assembly;
  • Made to last for years.

Ohio Steel Pro — Steel Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor 4.5/5

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As a leading item in the Top 100 Best Garden Utilities, the Ohio Steel Tractor can compete with other poly carts. If you look at the trailer, you’ll see a well-contrived design that enables its many-purpose use.

First, due to its cutting-edge high-quality core materials, the product doesn’t succumb easily to dents and major damages. It’s known to withstand both direct hits after throwing a large boulder onto the floor and accidental shovel or hoe slashes.

Second, the top part of the tub is specifically curved outwards. Thanks to this trick, the cart’s edges are very unlikely to chip or crack when putting large-sized loads. Furthermore, the tub is intentionally trapeze-shaped. As the weight of a haul concentrates on the narrow bottom, it spreads its pressure equally over the axles and, subsequently, over the wheels. This helps the cart amplify its loading capacity, which is a little shy of 1,300 pounds.

Third, I’m amazed by the trailer’s ability to pivot properly. Many garden carts might have a flexible swivel system but, sometimes, their movement is unclear, as if it were obstructed by the bearings’ rust or general rubber stiffness. But not this one. When maneuvering, the steel support under the floor straightens parallelly to the wheel making the movement very dexterous, like that of an actual car.

I haven’t had a chance to try it out myself but I’ve heard definitely more than one positive carry on dump trailer review for this product from people I used to work with. All of them have assured me that a product of such quality and a multitude of functions is an indispensable tool for maintaining a whole farm or a small backyard.

  • Resilient and durable;
  • Has a high hauling capacity;
  • Very maneuverable;
  • Extremely easy to put together;
  • Has a comfortable valve for checking pressure and inflating;
  • Hybrid hitch system.

FAQ on Dump Carts for Lawn Tractors

What Is the Importance of a Dump Cart?

A dump cart is an essential utility that various household owners prefer to use for their regular property maintenance. Along with many other appliances, such as lawnmowers, tractors, manual and automatic trailers, a cart fits perfectly in any landscaping routine.

The feature that usually makes up a good dump cart is, of course, dumping. Most products are equipped with in-built manual or automatic release mechanisms. By applying a little pressure to, most likely, a lever situated below the hitch rod, the bed flips downwards at an acute angle and dumps the haul.

The variety in the use of the product varies drastically depending on the type of property one possesses. For instance, farmers normally take along this unit to ensure the fast and comfortable transportation of fodder to domestic animals all over the site. Freed from the burden of carrying the food in bare hands or, more importantly, needlessly burning expensive vehicle fuel, people are assisted in moving large amounts of commodities easily.

On the other hand, this utility is frequently applied when moving gardening and lawn materials. Wood logs, pebble, mulch, fertilizers, etc., are placed onto the cart to distribute them quickly or remove them from the property. over, the appliance is suitable for helping construction site workers and builders with large and heavy objects.

How to Maintain a Garden Dump Cart?

Taking care of all your gardening appliances is a very important part of any work process. Though a dump cart, like any other tool, requires a caring hand, it’s simpler to keep up with its needs than with other household things.

Cleaning and maintaining a trailer generally comes in two ways, i.e. pre-use maintenance and after-use maintenance.

Pre-use maintenance normally includes the following steps. First, you need to make sure that the bed of your cart is intact and doesn’t have any major damages from previous uses. Also, in order to avoid unnecessary cleaning, you can always cover the floor with a thin plastic sheet. This way, you’re able to remove any dirt or particles simply by taking out the cover.

Second, get a general overlook of your utility. Pay close attention to the wheels since they might need some greasing up. See if the hitch pin is there. I wouldn’t recommend losing it because it can be quite pricey to replace the part.

The after-use routine normally consists of the same steps. However, it’s crucial to give your utility thorough cleaning. Generally, places that get extremely dirty are the bed, the wheels, and the axles. Apply water and cleaning supplies to all the parts. Get all the dirt from the cart’s joining mechanisms as they might dry up and impede the proper movement of the appliance. over, the wheel pattern gaps can be filled up with soil, so you need to take care of that as well.

Which Type of Dump Cart Is Better for My Lawn Tractor?

Well, it’s very individual. First, it’s important to establish the exact kind and line of your tractor. This can be found either on the bumper or in the manual.

Second, make sure that your tractor has a hitch. A lot of old lawn vehicle models don’t actually have it, thus making it incompatible with carts, unlike modern products that have an already provided joining mechanism.

They have an in-built hitch lock to match with most tractors and lawnmowers. A large number of those are generally hybrid, meaning that its hitch pin is suitable for all kinds of tractors, mowers, ATVs, etc. However, you should always check compatibility guides and purchase reviews to rest assured that your newly-bought item is exactly matchable with your vehicle.

How to Choose the Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor?

Choosing a certain lawn tractor cart is usually determined by what you’re going to need it for. There are two main types of a trailer, i.e. a manual cart and an attachment cart.

The manual one serves as an effective moving utility that is equipped with a handle to be dragged by. We use it generally for a small-size property, like a backyard lawn or a garden. It’s perfect for small-scale commodities, like bulk materials, firewood, fertilizers, etc.

On the other hand, an attachable trailer is good for distributing and moving large hauls that would be difficult to deal with with a single pair of hands.

Of course, it’s difficult to find out how good a product is without actually trying it first. Here, I would recommend you to always look up verified purchase reviews on your likely-to-be trailer. If this doesn’t work for you well enough, then search for online guides and blogs of people who have already had something to do with the product. Anyway, that’s what I normally do, and it has never let me down yet.

The Bottom Line

I love my gardening routine, for it brings me joy and energy I might lack sometimes. Having comfortable, reliable, and more importantly, good-quality utilities that come in handy regularly is the basis of that joy.

A dump cart is not just an accessory to your tractor but a necessity. Whether you need a very movable and ultralight product or a large-scale bed for bulky and space-consuming materials, a trailer will always come in handy.

I highly recommend choosing products for your gardening routine according to your own needs and circumstances. After all, they’re going to be your support and companions for long years to come.

Now, this has been my perspective on trailers. I do hope you’ve got something useful for yourself and, maybe, you’ve already decided on what appliance to buy. Nevertheless, what is your experience with lawn tractor carts? Which types do you prefer: poly or steel products? Or, have you found any alternative? I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to comment below. Take care!

Best Dump Carts for Lawn Tractor to Buy in 2023 (Complete Review)

These days, you no longer have to carry around your tools, wood, and other heavy stuff by hand. Just get the best dump cart for a lawn tractor if you want to make your workload a lot easier and faster — this type of equipment in your arsenal will truly make a difference!

Attached to a lawn tractor, a solid dump cart excels at pulling or towing heavy loads behind a small vehicle. If you’re seeking a quality lawn tractor dump trailer, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, I’m going to share my reviews of the best dump trailers for lawn tractors. Read on and enjoy.

Top 7 Best Garden Tractor Dump Cart Reviews

Keep reading — and don’t forget to share your opinion with me and your fellow-readers in the comment box at the bottom of the post. We’ll be waiting!

Agri-Fab 45-0101: Sturdy Well-Built Tow Behind Dump Cart

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Bed size: 32.5″W x 49″L x 12″ H
  • Pallet Quantity: 10
  • Hauling capacity: 750-pound load capacity for the large loads
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Consumer Warrant

Tired of spending tons of time and effort carrying bags of heavy stuff around your yard or garden when a solid dump cart can effortlessly get the job done for you? Run this fantastic cart through its paces, and chances are you will regret that you’ve lived so long without it. Yep, this great garden tractor dump trailer is my second-best pick. Here’s why.

First and foremost, it’s sturdy. The combination of its steel build and impressive load capacity (750 lbs) makes it ideal for commercial use. Second, the cart comes with a super handy hitch that suits any lawn tractor. That being said, the beast was made to effortlessly deal with anything you put on it. It’s lightweight and a piece of cake to move around. Assembly is rather straightforward but, naturally, takes a bit of elbow grease (best done with a friend).

On an additional plus side, it’s made in the U.S., and the company provides great customer service. All in all, with proper use and maintenance, this dump cart will most likely last you for years to come. Best bang for your buck, for sure.

What’s included:

Even if you beat the heck out of it with heavy rocks, it’s still going to work great. So, if you’re on the prowl for a handy and reliable lawn tractor utility trailer, this heavy-duty ‘baby’ might be exactly what you need.

  • maneuverable, durable, and perfect for large loads;
  • features a superb hitch that suits any lawn tractor;
  • set-up is a cakewalk;
  • high-quality wheels and tires;
  • made in the U.S.


  • Material: Polyethylene, Alloy Steel, Rubber
  • Load capacity: 1500 lbs
  • Load size: 22 cubic feet
  • Tire size: 18″ X 8.5-8″, Rugged wide-track rubber tires, Shielded ball bearings
  • Construction: All steel frame with powder coat finish, еxtra-stable tandem walking arm, оriginal tilt and pivot frame

This solidly built steel beast is a game-changer for a DIY’er. It’s great for hauling tree limbs, gravel, mulch, compost, and various tools on your property. The assembly is no-instructions-necessary and so easy, even a kid can manage to install the trailer. In addition to all this, the thing boasts durable wheels.

With this dump trailer, you can transform your lawn tractor or ATV into a multi-functional hauling machine. It holds big loads, boasting stability and smoothness regardless of the terrain you use it on. Don’t forget that this baby was manufactured to use in home applications. Avoid towing it behind a vehicle on a highway or in any high-speed application.

So if you’re on the fence about purchasing this trailer after reading some negative reviews, I can wholeheartedly assure you that this unit is very good. Feel free to put this outstanding honey through some real tough work, and you will see that it will still be in great shape. It will hold and haul everything you will put in it.

What’s included:

At the end of the day, this Polar unit is a must-have if you’re planning to take your trailer across some rough terrain. Furthermore, the thing is a great investment for any yard project. Need a Christmas present for your buddy or husband? This strong honey might be just the ticket. It’s going to make your life easier and a lot more convenient.

  • well-built and durable;
  • fairly easy to put together;
  • easily holds big loads (1500 lb hold capacity);
  • rides smoothly and works flawlessly;
  • awesome utility buggy for a smaller-sized farm.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 40-Inch by 25-Inch Bed, 13-Inch Tires
  • Hauling capacity: 1,200-pound for hauling heavy dirt, mulch, gravel and plants
  • Construction: 13-inch tires will tackle any terrain and padded convertible handle can be pulled by hand or hooked-up behind a lawn tractor or ATV
  • Warranty: 1-year

This cart is such an awesome workhorse. Well-made, super reliable, maintenance-free, rust-proof, and easy-to-clean, it makes transporting materials around your garden a breeze. It’s pretty tough, and yet it doesn’t weigh much. Thanks to the well-thought-out handle design, you can pull the thing manually, or hitch it to a tractor with a single pin, with the handle still left pullable when unhitched.

Assembly is relatively easy, especially if you ask a buddy or a neighbor to help you. Boasting a patented fast-release build, this cart holds a lot, doesn’t tip over to the side, and is great at saving your time and reducing fatigue.

The cart is going to pull and push with ease through your yard. The thing may seem too big at first glance, but once you start using it, you will realize that it’s a perfect size. The frame is top-notch steel, and the dump mechanism is top-of-the-line.

Truth be told, this multi-use beast of a cart is beyond sturdy. So, if you’re searching for a maneuverable dump cart for just about anything around the house, this honey might be your best bet. Bricks, hay, yard debris, firewood, kids…

What’s included:

The thing is great at hauling all sorts of heavy stuff. To cut a long story short, you can’t go wrong with this pull-behind yard cart in your home, farm, or gardening arsenal. It’s going to make your gardening and yard work so much easier!

  • solid construction;
  • easy to assemble, use, clean, and maintain;
  • rolls like a champ;
  • heavy loads are no problem;
  • spacious and reasonably priced.


  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Load capacity: 1250 lb.
  • Сart bed: 15 cu. ft.
  • Connects to: tractor, ATV or UTV
  • Construction: Foot pedal activates swivel dump feature to dump anywhere within a 100-degree radius

Feel free to haul loads of paver blocks, mulch, hay, sand, leaves, gravel, or rocks on your property in this cart. The thing hauls smoothly and dumps easily. In other words, this product won’t let you down. Bear in mind that you will most likely have to use some elbow grease to fully unload the cart — particularly if you’re dumping stuff in a flat area.

Unlike your typical metal dump cart, this robust and well-engineered honey isn’t prone to rusting, denting, or permanently bending under stress. Also, it’s significantly quieter when used over rough terrain. As a matter of fact, with its tough poly-style material, big tires, and heavy-duty steel frame components, the thing looks nearly indestructible. It’s obvious: this cart was built to last.

What’s included:

So, if you’re rummaging the net for a dump cart that’s not a wussy, this sturdy unit might be just what the doctor ordered. With proper maintenance, the cart is going to last you at least ten years. Overall, this high-quality, tough, affordable, and made-in-the-U.S. little wagon is going to live up to your expectations — or even significantly exceed them.

  • sturdy and long-lasting;
  • assembly is as easy as pie;
  • top-notch dump mechanism;
  • solid-quality tires;
  • non-flimsy and affordable.


  • Product Dimensions: 65″D x 31″W x 28″H
  • Material: Polyethylene, Alloy Steel
  • Load capacity: 600 lbs
  • Load size: 7 cubic feet, 10 cubic feet-heaping
  • Construction: All-steel frame with powder coated finish

Need a reliable tractor utility cart to take out the trash, pick up lawn trimmings, and haul the heavy stuff around your yard? This awesome unit might be the perfect fit for your needs. Feel free to make the most of it for an array of yard and gardening projects. It’s also ideal for hunting and wood hauling. With its multiple perks and exceptional engineering, chances are this beast will work to your satisfaction.

The assembly is as easy as ABC. Everything goes together like Legos. Just follow the straightforward illustrated instructions that come with the unit and use your basic tools to install it. Need to pull it around manually? No problem with that at all. You will like the dump feature as well. While you won’t get to fully empty the load, that’s not a big deal. Just use a rake to empty out a few remaining leaves, and you’re done.

The barrel is a high-end beefy type of plastic (meaning it won’t rust). It’s super thick and solid while having some flex feel to it under load. The rest components are steel. Bear in mind that most kinds of plastic are exposed to UV degradation (meaning, plastic degrades in the sun), so make sure you purchase a high-quality UV-resistant tarp for outside storage. For the record, if the bucket were metal, it would’ve been a lot heavier.

What’s included:

All things considered, this product is great for the price. Easy to move around and incredibly efficient, it’s definitely going to save you lots of hours in the yard.

  • installation is fairly obvious.
  • sturdy construction 600 lb. load capacity.
  • lightweight and maneuverable.
  • excellent tilt and swivel feature for dumping.
  • great bang for your buck.


  • Load capacity: 1500 lbs; 15 cubic feet of hauling capacity;
  • Max Speed: 10 mph (not road compatible)
  • Durability: High impact poly tub (made in the USA) with removable steel mesh side rails
  • Ease of use: Improved engineering on the quick release latch tilt trailer bed
  • Tire size: 18″ x 8″ 4-ply pneumatic tires; Pass-through axle; 12″ of ground clearance
  • Dimensions: 80.5″ (L) X 42.5″ (W) X 30″ (H) [Tub: 50″ (L) x 28.75″ (W) x 8.6″ (D)];

With its beefy poly tub, steel grating fence, big tires, good welds, and heavy frame, this dump cart is terrifically rugged for all your heaviest chores. Keep in mind that it arrives disassembled and requires some time and elbow grease to put it together. If you’re totally unhandy, ask a buddy to help you assemble the thing.

The bed may seem a bit smaller than you expect, but the unit drives very smoothly, even on some rough and narrow paths. Whether you’re going to use this dump cart to haul firewood, rocks, and tools, or take the trash to the community dumpster, it will most likely leave you completely satisfied. Just give this little beast a go, and you’ll instantly feel that it was built with long-lastingness in mind.

What’s included:

Ultimately, this lightweight-yet-tough cart was definitely built to haul anything you need it for. It will neither bend nor break from heavy loads. And the thing won’t rust, which is also very good. All in all, this dump cart is a great choice for any heavy hauling. It’s versatile, durable, and extremely handy to have around the farm.

  • reliable, sturdy construction;
  • stable on bumpy, uneven ground;
  • the dump feature works like a champ;
  • great carrying capacity;
  • fantastic customer service.


  • Product Dimensions: 43.5″D x 21.1″W x 39.6″H
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Load capacity: to 800-pounds
  • Construction: New frame design allows for quick and easy assembly while offering improved maneuverability, rigidity, and ground clearance
  • Warranty: 1-year

Simple design, reliable construction, well-made wheels, easy assembly, smooth steering, reasonable price… Yep, it’s all about this incredibly helpful Gorilla garden cart. It’s a wonder wagon! This baby holds up very well if properly taken care of. It’s easy to maneuver and pull regardless of the weight on it or the surface type. And the assembly is a breeze. Even your grandma would figure out the installation.

This dump cart is capable of carrying a good amount of weight (up to 800 pounds). Everything about the unit screams sturdiness: the frame, wheels, paint system, and pull handle. Another silver lining is that the cart isn’t prone to bending, twisting, or deforming. Generally speaking, if your gardening projects suggest lots of bag carrying, this dump cart is going to save your back.

Now, let me tell you about the smell of the tires. Yes, you may have already guessed that they stink. They are rubber, so it’s only natural. Therefore, don’t let this minor drawback become a deal-breaker. Just use the thing outside for a while, and you will notice that the overwhelming and nauseating rubber smell gradually airs out.

What’s included:

All in all, there’s a strong possibility that if you give this little orange wagon a chance, it will have you wondering why you didn’t get the bad boy earlier. The tough and trusty thing is going to make your yard and gardening chores a whole lot easier. And it’s lightweight enough for a woman to use on her own. My wife’s everyday gardening experience is the living proof of that.

  • solid construction and fairly effortless installation;
  • the sides can be easily removed;
  • rolls smoothly, easily, and quietly;
  • impeccable customer service;
  • great piece of gear for the price.

Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor: Tips Hacks

Tractor dump carts are handy when it comes to coping with a slew of around-the-yard projects. To be more precise, they allow you to transfer weighty loads of tools or firewood behind your vehicle, thus, saving you tons of your precious hours and lots of body pain. To cut a long story short, a quality tractor utility cart is going to cut back your workload tremendously.

  • poly tub dump trailer: this honey is the best choice for most gardening enthusiasts. It’s reasonably priced, well-crafted, a breeze to clean, water-resistant, and exceptionally durable. It’s the perfect fit when it comes to transporting loads of manure, mud, and gravel across your yard;
  • plastic tub unit: although this dump cart looks similar to the previous type, it’s a lot more cost-effective. Plastic units are fairly lightweight and ideal for you if your basic gardening chores don’t imply carrying around super heavy loads;
  • steel tub dump trailer: this unit boasts maximum durability and long-lastingness compared to the rest dump trailer types. Naturally, steel tub dump carts are among the most expensive pieces of gardening gear. They usually feature high-end additions to make your gardening or lawn care experience even more satisfying;
  • structural form ‘polymer’ units: these honeys are crafted with premium polymer materials, which makes them remarkably heavy-duty. These babies aren’t prone to scratching or staining and come with extra s on the side. Therefore, you get to carry more stuff on your dump cart compared to other types. Super handy!

Things to Consider Before Opting for the Best Unit

It may seem that capacity is the only criterion that’s paramount when it comes to sticking with the right dump cart for your lawn tractor. However, there’s a multitude of other important factors to take into account prior to processing a purchase.

Solid performance and long-lastingness are very important when it comes to choosing the right tool for your specific demands.

You’re probably aware that dump trailers come in various price categories, which means you can come across some really pricey models.

Therefore, my advice is to always view these pieces of equipment as investments and consider an array of parameters before buying the right unit. Below, I’ve listed the most important factors to reflect on before ordering a dump cart for your lawn tractor.

What It’s Crafted of, or Materials Matter

Capacity: Approach It Wisely

Typically, when it comes to their load-carrying capacity parameter, dump trailers range from the 800 lb to the 100-2000 lb mark. The load capacity you FOCUS on determines the load you will be able to move across a certain type of ground. Furthermore, the price of a unit also depends on its load capacity.

If you run a large cattle ranch, you’re going to need to get a solid dump cart with a bigger capacity — something that cannot be said about regular homeowners and gardening enthusiasts.

Maneuverability: Is It a Priority?

While maneuverability may not seem to be the most important criterion, it’s going to influence the smoothness and overall transportation performance of a dump cart. What particularly adds up to the maneuverability of your dump trailer is a top-notch set of tires that comes with the unit.

Thus, when researching the unit that has caught your eye, don’t forget to learn all about the tires it features their dimension and material. When all is said and done, mobility should be among the top priorities on your way to purchasing the best piece of equipment.

Weight Versatility Are Important, Too

Your dump cart’s weight is another important criterion to take into account prior to making the final must-buy decision. Believe me, you don’t want a heavy unit. Because a relatively lightweight dump trailer aids you in carrying the loads in a much easier and more efficient manner.

Furthermore, the heavier the unit, the worse the mobility. Bear in mind that a metal dump cart doesn’t equal heaviness. It all depends on a model, so study the specs with laser-like FOCUS prior to making a purchase.

Now, let me dwell upon a dump trailer’s versatility. No doubt, a state-of-the-art dump cart should be able to cope with more than just one single challenge. For instance, an ordinary cart can only transfer plants and compost.

However, if you’re on the prowl for the best pull-behind cart for your lawn tractor, make sure that the unit you will ultimately stick with is a lot more versatile. A solid dump cart should be capable of moving lots of stuff, ranging from firewood to debris and various types of heavyweight tools.

Functionality to Focus on

So, Are You Ready to Take Action?

Yes, staying with the best-performing dump trailer is not a walk in the park. However, now that I’ve shared my experience-based reviews with you, I hope that I’ve made this road less bumpy for you. So, feel free to conduct your own analysis and make the right choice.

Remember that proper maintenance is paramount when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of this type of gear. With that said, avoid modifying your dump cart, or you may damage it easily. Do not utilize your dump cart for transporting your kids or friends. Always clean the unit after use and make sure you store it in a well-ventilated, dry place.

Perhaps, you’ve already discovered that flawless tow-behind utility cart for your gardening demands? You’re welcome to share your conclusions on the topic in the comment section below. What model have you picked, and why? Is it durable? How long have you been using it? Speak up and get the discussion going now!

Cub Cadet Hauler | There are cheap yard carts, good carts and just plain junk. Which One Is This?

Cub Cadet Hauler Boxes. One box for the Hauler. Two smaller boxes for the optional accessories. I’ll spend a little time going through the assembly, the features and then compare it to a few other carts.

UpDate June 2018. My wife still uses this cart everyday. It’s great!

I’ve been using the new Cub Cadet Hauler that MTD Products, Inc. sent me to review for a few weeks now and overall it fits my expectations of a strong yard cart that stores easily. Like every yard cart currently on the market it has it good features and a couple that I personally don’t like. This article is intended to help you decide if the Cub Cadet Hauler is the best yard cart for you.

MTD Products sent me this cart. I did not pay for it. I will use it for this review and continue to give it a long term test. When I am done with it I will donate it to a worthy cause.

best, dump, cart, lawn, tractor, carts


  • Four collapsible sides, the Hauler can be folded flat for larger loads.
  • Side access allows for easy unloading,
  • 10 cu. ft. offers plenty of space.
  • When folded flat, it takes up 70% less space than a typical cart. You can stand it up in a corner – out of the way.
  • Good utility tires. 15 in. x 6 in. pneumatic air filled tires included with sealant to help protect against punctures and leaks up to 1/8 in.
  • Heavy powder coated frame, 3/4 inch axle.
  • High-density, high-strength polyethylene tub won’t dent or rust
  • Foot pedal dump release makes dumping fast and easy
  • Bed folds flat and has molded locations for securing tie down straps
  • Fold-out side panel allows convenient access for loading or unloading
  • Molded-in groove allows for a board to be placed inside the cart creating a partition for separating contents
  • 10 cu. ft. load capacity
  • 800 lb. load rating
  • Optional Handle Kit turns the cart into a wheelbarrow
  • Optional shovel rack.

Cub Cadet Hauler @ Home Depot: Hauler Tow-Behind Dump Cart

Like me, I know you are tired of buying crappy yard carts. Carts that rust. Carts that vibrate apart. Carts that bend or warp when filled with a “normal” load. I have listened to hundreds of you state, ” I just bought this cart and the first time I used it the tires went flat!”

You know I use a 40-year-old cart every day just because the new carts won’t hold up to the jobs I do around my one-acre yard.

1969 John Deere 80 Yard Cart Husqvarna 970. Still In Use Today!

I have had enough different carts to know what works for me over the years and what doesn’t. I despise the 100-200 carts the box stores sell. They are good for hauling dry leaves and that’s about it. Don’t even get me started about the tires on these cheap carts. I’ve seen birthday balloons that are thicker and last longer. The 250-400 carts at Sears, Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon are not a whole lot better. Most of them have a u-channel tongue made of the same thickness metal as the side of your toaster. They work fine for a while but as soon as you try to pull a load of firewood out of the timber and go through a drainage rut the tongue deforms. Once that happens it never latches right again. So does this Cub Cadet Hauler have those faults?

Do I Recommend the Cub Cadet 10 cu. ft. Hauler? Yes.

Why? The Cub Cadet Hauler is a well-built cart and is a great solution for anyone who does not have a lot of room to store a bulky cart. I recommend it to anyone who needs a cart for yard clean-up, leaves, branches and even hauling firewood. It is strong enough to handle more weight than you should pull with your lawn tractor or ZTR. I like the self-sealing tires. I also like the optional handle kit. I have a feeling that this cart will have the handles installed a lot. If you leave your cart outdoors you will like the fact that it does not hold water. It can rain and whatever you leave in the cart does not end up waterlogged.

Cub Cadet Hauler Assembly. Open the box, pull out the hardware bag, install the wheels and you are done. No tools needed. The hardware bag has four large washers for the wheels, 2 snap clips to hold the wheels on and grease to lubricate the axle the first time. The wheel rims do have grease zerks so you can add grease later on.

Cub Cadet Hauler Assembled. Once you look at the picture directions and realize this is a simple job it will take you less than 5 minutes to assemble the hauler.

Cub Cadet Hauler in the storage position. The pictures in the manual are not quite clear. To store it you remover the trailer tongue – just one pin. Then you tip the cart on it’s nose to store. The trailer tongue slides into the square hole above the axle after you tip the hauler up on its nose when stored.

Cub Cadet Hauler optional handle kit. Remove the trailer tongue and use the trailer tongue pin and the hitch pin to hook up the handle kit. It’s very simple and strong.

Cub Cadet Hauler with handle kit and tool holder installed. I really like the handle kit. It turns this yard cart into a very nice wheelbarrow for hauling, debris, bags, dirt, and gravel around.

Cub Cadet Hauler assembled. This cart will not hold water so if you leave your cart outside it won’t be full of water after every rain. This is actually a benefit for my wife and I because we tend to leave yard waste in the cart until it’s full and then go dump it in the compost pile. With a cart that holds water that debris can sometimes get pretty rank and waterlogged if it rains.

Cub Cadet Hauler with side panel folded down. I’m not sure if this is a big feature or not. I like the fact that you can pull up alongside a garden or flower bed and drop the side but with the side dropped the cart feels very flimsy. So I would use it for lightweight mulch and debris but I wouldn’t use it for heavy loads like sand, dirt or rocks. I’m going to use this cart all summer so if I do break it I’ll tell you here.

Cub Cadet Hauler tipped. This is the main reason why I still use my old John Deere cart almost every day. I’ll explain in a later picture.

Cub Cadet Hauler Construction, The trailer tongue, bottom frame and axle support is the standard way they are building yard carts nowadays. The two large yellow levers are for locking down the sides of the cart when you fold it for storage.

Cub Cadet Hauler Tongue Latch. You step down on the latch with your foot to release the cart to dump. I thought this latch was cheaply made when I first looked at it but… After assembling the cart I see that the axle is placed farther back on this cart than most. This puts more weight on the tongue so this latch does not have to be extremely strong to hold the load if you put the weight too far back in the cart. In other words, the latch works and I expect it to last for years.

Cub Cadet Hauler latch. The bottom slot is where the trailer tongue latches into. The top slot is for the optional handle kit. Nice thick steel here.

Cub Cadet Hauler full of yard debris. The 10 cu ft. trailer is just the right size for most yards. You can get a lot of leaves, etc. in the box. The tool holder is very nice. It will hold hand tools and string trimmers.

Cub Cadet Hauler Dumping. Here is what nobody gets. When you dump a load it would be really nice if you could jump back on the lawn tractor or ZTR and the load would cleanly slide out of the bed. With tapered backends that ALL of the poly trailers have you have to bring along your rake and pull the stuff out.

Cub Cadet Hauler Dumping. Even if it does fall out there is still something always left so that you have to get back off the tractor and clean the trailer out. The tailgates on today’s steel boxed trailers are no better. Yes, you can remove them but you lose half the capacity of the trailer. If use them like they are designed the metal is so thin that it bends and won’t work after 2 or 3 loads of dirt. A combo split door and dump gate is a reasonable request in my opinion.

Cub Cadet Hauler Folded. The tool holder snaps off so you can carry larger loads. There are slots along the bottom that you can use to strap boards and other long stuff to the hauler.

Cub Cadet Hauler with 1000 lbs. I thought I might as well try and break the hauler. Here are 1000 lbs of rocks. Looks good so far.

Cub Cadet Hauler full of rocks. Another picture of the load. I made a big mistake when I unloaded these rocks. I thought I would just loosen the rear panel let it drop and then use the tilt. Wrong! the panel drop in such a way that you can’t get the trailer to tilt. The trailer is not designed to have the rear panel unhooked.

Cub Cadet Hauler. The trailer is only rated for 800 lbs and you can see I have enough in it that the sides are starting to bend. The latches that hold the side up did not bend, break or pop loose.

Cub Cadet Hauler Comparison. Here is the old John Deere cart. The two carts are the same cubic capacity. The old JD has a higher load rating because it uses 1-inch axles. Today’s new carts like this Cub Cadet Hauler use a 3/4 inch axle. Take a look at the following pictures to see what different loads weigh.

1000 lbs of rocks. It is really easy to overload your tractor and trailer hauling landscape bricks, rocks, and sand.

Lawnmower Utility Trailer

About: I have worked in agriculture for forty years in south Georgia. If you live your life and never know me, you’ve lost nothing, but if you live your life and never know Jesus Christ, you’ve lost EVERYTHING! About chobbs1957 »

I have been a follower of Instructables for about a year, and have learned some interesting and handy things here. This Lawnmower Utility Trailer is my first contribution. This thing measures 3’x6′ bed, 8′ total length, perfect for hauling leaves and yard trash, but has many other applications. Based on tire rated capacity (and experience), I recommend it for up to 400 pound payloads (each tire is rated at 300 pounds, so 400 pound payload PLUS the trailer weight of 100 pounds).

This is my second Lawnmower Utility Trailer build, and is a step in the right direction. It all started when my wife was struggling to move chicken manure from the chicken coop to my father-in-law’s garden late last summer. He said he really needed to get a trailer, and I volunteered to build one if he would buy the materials. I went to the computer and was surprised at how hard I struggled to find anything like I thought I could use when I looked over the Intructables website, so I set out to design and build my own.

Comparing Gorilla Carts. Which Size Dump Cart Is Better??

If you are like me, welding is not an option. I wasn’t worried about building the deck or the sides, but really had to concentrate on how to come up with some type of axle and some type of tongue-hitch combination.

I spent about a day getting mine built, but think it could be done in about five hours. Total investment for me was about 140, maybe a little less.

  • 12 ea 2x4x12 Pressure Treated
  • 1 ea 2x10x8 Pressure Treated
  • 2 ea 10″ Tire and Rim with 5/8″ axle hole (Harbor Freight special, 5 each)
  • 1 ea 48″ 5/8″ Cold Rolled Steel (came from a local welding shop)
  • 2 ea cotter keys
  • 4 ea 5/8″ flat washers
  • 8 ea rafter ties
  • 3 lb 2-1/2″ Coarse Thread Deck Screws (at least 150 ea)
  • 1 lb 1-1/2″ Coarse Thread Deck Screws
  • 1 ea 10″ Gate Hinge Strap(perfect one at Tractor Supply)
  • 3 ea 2-1/2″x3/8″ Hex Bolts
  • 3 ea 3/8″ Flat Washers
  • 3 ea 3/8″ Lock Washers
  • 1 pc Uni-Strut 48″ long (available at electrical supply houses)
  • 1 ea 3/8″ Hitch Pin
  • Circular Saw
  • Drill-Driver
  • Deck Screw Bit
  • Tape Measure
  • 1/16″ (small, anyway) Drill Bit
  • 3/8″ Drill or Paddle Bit
  • Square
  • Wood Chisel
  • Hammer
  • 9/16″ Wrench plus Pliers Socket Wrench
  • Jig Saw
  • Pencil
  • Safety Glasses
  • Drill Press (recommended, but optional)

Step 1: Build the Frame and Tongue, and Hitch

I found that my 12′ 2×4’s were actually 12′-1/2″ long, so I cut them 6′-1/4″ long to get them exactly in half. To make the deck 10 boards wide, I learned that it needed to be 36″ wide.

So here I have: 2 ea 2x4x6′-1/4″ deck frame sides 4 ea 2x4x33″ deck cross joists

I used a “little bit” to pre-drill starter holes for the 2-1/2″ deck screws.

Next, I added the tongue-hitch-frame bottom combination board.

Here I have: 1 ea 2x4x8′ tongue and center frame 4 ea rafter ties 16 ea (at least) 1-1/2″ deck screws to attach the rafter ties.

I suggest you alternate the locations of the rafter ties. I also “toe nailed” a 2-1/2″ deck screw at each cross joist as well.

This is the perfect time to go head and add the gate hinge strap to the tongue for your hitch. I used a wood chisel to chip out a little wood to get the thing good and flush with the 2×4. Bolt in with your 3 ea 5/16″x2-1/2″ bolt-flatwasher-lockwasher combos, and tighten with 9/16″ wrench or socket or pliers. See the pictures.

ONE THING ABOUT THE STRAP HINGE HITCH: I located mine at the bottom of the 2×4, and would recommend that you either move it to the middle, or even add a second one at the top.

Step 2: Finish Frame and Add Running Gear

For the next area of fixing the frame and running gear, I added the two angel braces from the center of the frame to tongue. I measured the total length of my 2×4’s here to be 54″ from front tip to the back end at where the axle will go to be 54″, but the next trailer may be a little different.

The first picture just shows how I laid it out. Cutting that angle at the tongue was hard for me! I measure, marked, remeasured, and remarked, and managed to get it “good enough”. I had to cut across, flip the board, then try to match the cut on the bottom again. I secured with rafter ties and toenailed deck screws.

I cut the 5/8″ cold rolled tubing for the axle to fit. It has to be the length to fit the axle board 2 wheel rims 4 flat washers and still have room for a hole for the cotter keys to hold the tires on.

The axle wheel combo I assemble next. I use a flat washer in front of and inside of each wheel, then put the cotter key on the outside of the outside flat washer. It’s ready for mounting.

Uni-Strut is slotted and galvanized, and available at major electrical supply warehouses. It was the easiest way I could come up with to mount the axle. I drilled five holes spaced along its length. I laid the assembled axle wheels on the axle mount board, then covered it with the uni-strut and used 2-1/2″ deck screws to secure.

Step 3: Add Decking and Sides

I needed 10 ea 2x4x6′-1/4″ boards to deck mine out. I cut 5 of my 2.×4.x12’s in half and they were ready to be deck screwed to the frame.

I used the 2×10 to make a front board for the front side, and will use of the remainder of the 8 foot piece for the tailgate.

2×2’s serve well as the vertical supports for the sides and front, with a pair at each.

I recommend that you mount the front, cut the four side rails, then mount the back. I used 2×4’s on the outside of the back, and this is a good time to put them, as then that will make it easier to precisely cut and fit the side vertical supports.

Cut the remaining piece of 2×10 for the tailgate to fit. I added a finger hole using drill and jig saw. Cut a pair of 2×2’s for inside track plate for removable tailgate.

Step 4: UPGRADES April 2013

Well, I had a bearing go out in the wheels (cheap Chinese stuff from Harbor Freight, no big deal), so I decided to upgrade to a tandem axle.

I’ve also had a request or two for further details on how I mounted the axles and wheels. I’ve added more pictures.

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In the materials list, I forgot to add 3 ea 5/16″ nuts for the bolts that hold the gate strap hinge to the tongue to make a hitch.

what is the cold rolled steel used for? We’re unable to find it in the instructions.