Bosch Variable Speed Angle Grinder

The best manufacturers of angle grinder

Domestic and foreign companies are engaged in the production of angle grinders. German manufacturer Bosch, Japanese Hitachi and Makita achieved high results. They mainly produce models for professional use: angle grinder with variable speed, power exceeding 1200 W, and various disc diameters. Angle grinders make it possible to perform any kind of complex work. Using special diamond discs, you can cut concrete and stone, prepare walls for wire. Additional side handle provides control of the powerful power tool while in use.

Which angle grinder to choose? Household and professional tools

When buying an angle grinder, you should consider such indicators as rotation speed, power, availability of additional functions and disc sizes.

Angle grinders are indispensable in everyday life. This is an ordinary angle grinder, which are compact in size and demanding on the operating mode. After 10-15 minutes of work, the owner of an ordinary grinder is forced to take a break in order to prevent it from overheating. The household angle grinder is NOT intended for daily use. Their technical characteristics are much lower than in professional devices, which can be used for a long time, and without fear of overheating. In addition, professional angle grinders are equipped with brass inserts and a metal body. This is due to the fact that they have to be applied in extreme conditions: laying pipelines, earthworks, etc. This environment requires a tool that is maximally protected from dust and moisture.

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Household angle grinder Makita GA5030

angle grinder “Makita” with adjustable speed is considered one of the best models of household angle grinders. Her. The Makita GA5030 is lightweight, it does NOT exceed 1.8 kg, which is an advantage of this tool in comparison with other similar models in this price category.

Bosch Variable Speed Angle Grinder

angle grinder with speed control: an overview of the best models

An angle grinder, which is popularly called an angle grinder, is a versatile tool that can be used to perform a whole range of work: cutting, grinding, cleaning metal, wood, stone and other materials. This tool has found its way into industry. It is ideal for both professional renovation work and household chores.

Now on the market there are a large number of different models of angle grinders intended for home or professional use. The last angle grinder with adjustable speed is equipped with special attachments of any size, characterized by the presence of trigger safety devices and additional functions. With all the variety of models and sizes, the angle grinder has a common task, which is to make the work process as easy as possible for a person and save time.

Polishing attachments

The quality of the polishing work depends on the adjustable speed and the correct attachments. For the grinding of marble and granite surfaces by experienced stone engravers, flexible diamond discs are recommended. For wood, an emery flap wheel is suitable. For polishing metal products and surfaces, it is best to use circles containing felt or felt, which are attached to the attachments with a special Velcro. Felt attachments are also suitable for glass polishing. But in this case, you need to purchase a special diamond paste. Painted or varnished surfaces must be treated with lambswool attachments.

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How to choose the right disk size?

For angle grinders, discs with a diameter of 115 to 230 mm are intended. The working part is the part that protrudes outside the body of the apparatus. The attachments tend to wear off during use. Discs with a diameter of 115 mm wear out quickly and are suitable for cutting products with a thickness of NOT more than 3 cm. over, this diameter is not suitable for working in hard-to-reach places. For such operations, discs 180-230 mm are better suited.

Hitachi G13SS

The ergonomic shape of the model, the presence of an adjustable handle in its design, which allows it to be installed from any side, the ease of replacing carbon brushes are advantages for Hitachi G13SS, which many users have already appreciated.

Universal angle grinders

An angle grinder with speed control is considered universal. Ideal for jobs such as cutting, grinding and polishing any material.

angle grinder with variable speed and soft start is mainly used when polishing stone or wood surfaces. This is due to the structural features of THESE materials, the processing of which at high speeds is undesirable, since it leads to surface destruction and rapid wear of the nozzles.

Professional angle grinder Makita 9565Cv

Angle grinder angle grinder “Makita” 125 mm by adjusting the revolutions ensures the implementation of any kind of work at speeds from 2800 to 11000 rpm. The Makita 9565Cv requires a 125 mm disc and a 220 volt power supply. Power consumption of angle grinder. 1400 watts. Angle grinder 125 mm with adjustable speed 9565Cv is a professional power tool, the design of which contains:

  • Adjustment of rotation speed, which makes it possible to optimize the operating mode. The spindle receives a certain speed required for a specific task: cutting, cleaning or grinding;
  • Power button lock. This is important to ensure safety during operation, especially in cases of unplanned power failure (turning off the light, pulling the plug from the socket). Thanks to the secondary start fuse, the owner of the Makita 9565Cv is protected from arbitrary switching on the angle grinder and does NOT risk getting injured;
  • Double insulation;
  • RPM stabilization system, which, due to changes in disk loads, facilitates the process of working with massive labor-intensive parts;
  • Two-position side handle, which provides a secure hold of the power tool during operation. Convenient handle option with anti-vibration function.
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angle grinder 9565Cv is an angle grinder “Makita” 125 with adjustable speed and smooth descent, due to which the power tool is protected from critical overloads at the moment of switching on. The smooth start-up protects the angle grinder system and the numerous parts contained in it (disc, winding, engine brushes) from a strong voltage surge. Speed ​​gains smoothly, the angle grinder does NOT tremble in hands.

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