Briggsstratton Motor Lawn Mowers

The best self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers in terms of price-quality ratio

A Chinese model worth 40,000 rubles based on a Japanese brand. The mere fact that it runs on a Japanese Yamaha engine says a lot. powerful, high-performance, reliable and durable. Starts up easily, works not too noisy, a mulching function is present. The price is as adequate as possible for equipment of this level.


And one more "Chinese", but already on the South Korean platform. A super-powerful device, the hallmark of which is the presence of a variator that allows you to change the speed in the range of 3-4.5 km / h under various operating conditions. Due to this function, it has a slightly higher price than the previous model. in the region of 45,000 rubles.

The function of the oil in the engine of a lawn mower

Two-stroke and four-stroke internal combustion engines are installed on gas mowers. The movement of the knives is provided by the energy transmitted to them from the internal combustion engine. It occurs due to the expansion of gases generated during the explosion of gasoline or fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. In this case, gas compression is provided by the movement of the piston.

For the system to work well, the minimum necessary gaps must exist between the mating parts. If their sizes increase due to wear of the working parts, this leads to a deterioration in the operation of the motor unit, and eventually to the complete impossibility of its launch. The problem is that the required pressure is not reached for igniting the fuel mixture mixed with atmospheric air.

Motor oil covers the engine parts with a thin film, this slows down their wear, and also prevents the appearance of scoring on the metal surface of the mating structural elements. This is the main role of oil in the gasoline drive mechanism of a lawn mower.

In addition to reducing friction between the interacting parts of the internal combustion engine, the use of oil allows you to:

  • to provide better cooling of the drive unit during operation, improving heat transfer processes between metal and atmospheric air;
  • perform work by operating the motor at maximum speed, which increases labor efficiency and reduces time costs;
  • protect the metal of the drive mechanism from corrosion during winter downtime.

Quality oils reduce the negative effects of elevated temperature on engine parts. By removing heat, they increase the operating time of the unit to overheat.

Motor oil is a special material that ensures the trouble-free operation of the engine and other systems in the lawn mower. Neglect of its quality leads to various breakdowns of the unit.

Briggsstratton Motor Lawn Mowers

An essential point is the difference in the method of lubricating two-stroke and four-stroke internal combustion engines: for the first, refueling is required not with pure gasoline, but with its mixture in the necessary proportion with oil. It, connecting with air, circulates in the piston assembly, lubricating the walls of the cylinder, bearings of the crankshaft and connecting rod, as well as the pistons themselves.

When the engine is 4-stroke, the oil is supplied separately, without first mixing with gasoline. Practically lubrication is realized due to the presence of pipelines, an oil pump, valves, and a filter. The latter is intended to clean the oil from small particles of metal formed during wear of parts.

It turns out that in 2-stroke engines the oil burns out during operation, but not in 4-stroke ones, remaining a long period to circulate in the system. Because of this, the requirements for its performance are different. A two-stroke engine oil should leave the smallest possible amount of soot after combustion, and for four-stroke units it is necessary that the lubricant used maintain its initial physicochemical parameters for a long time.

The best petrol lawn mower for a small area

3. Makita PLM4620N

For a fragile blonde like me, of course, powerful “monsters” are not suitable. Therefore, I drew attention to models designed for lawns no larger than 10-12 acres. I can note that an excellent choice in this case will be a representative of a popular Japanese manufacturer worth about 28,000 rubles.

Features of lawn mowers

The engine oil in the engine of the lawn mower is distributed using the crankshaft: scooped out of the crankcase and sprayed onto the parts. Due to this design, the viscosity of the lubricant must be sufficient to hold the oil film on the parts, at the same time it should not be too thick to interfere with the movement of the parts or form a hard crust.

On the other hand, lawn mowers operate mainly at positive ambient temperatures and the load on their engines is not as serious as that of automobile engines. Most often, lawnmowers do not need a “cold start” in the cold, which greatly reduces the life of the car engine and requires low-temperature lubrication properties.

The first refueling is designed to break in the engine. after five hours of operation, it is replaced, after which you can work on the new lubricant all season. In the future, the replacement is done according to the regulations after a certain number of hours, or it is drained at the end of the summer season and the next year they fill in a new one.

By the principle of its action, a two-stroke engine is similar to a 4-stroke engine. The peculiarity is only that the stroke of the two-stroke engine is carried out in 2, and the four-stroke. in 4 cycles. The latter refers to the movement of the piston down or up. In this case, for 1 revolution of the crankshaft, 2 cycles occur.

Structurally, in terms of performance, the push-pull and four-stroke ICE models differ from each other according to the following criteria.

  1. 2-stroke engines have higher specific and liter (about 1.5 ÷ 1.8 times) power.
  2. By way of lubrication.
  3. Four-stroke engines are characterized by greater fuel efficiency (their consumption is approximately 20 ÷ 30% less), and their exhaust contains less toxic substances
  4. The method of supplying fuel mixed with atmospheric air into the cylinder and exhaust gas. In 4-stroke engines, a gas distribution mechanism is designed for these purposes: when necessary, it opens the valves and closes them. In 2-stroke models, it is absent.
  5. Operating noise level: 4-stroke units are quieter.
  6. The complexity of the device: 2-stroke models are easier.
  7. The service life of four-stroke engine models is greater due to an improved lubrication system, and also because the crankshaft rotates at a lower frequency.
  8. The speed of dialing the maximum speed: 2-stroke units accelerate faster.
  9. In terms of simplicity of periodic maintenance and in terms of repair, it is easier to deal with a 2-stroke engine. Also, such a motor is cheaper and weighs less than a four-stroke analog.

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The absence of a gas distribution unit with valves makes two-stroke engines easier and simpler from the point of view of the device. Filling the cylinder with a fuel-air mixture and cleaning it from gas occurs during expansion and contraction through special openings: inlet (purge) and outlet.

The best gas mowers for over 1,000 square meters

To begin with, a gasoline lawn mower is a tool designed for mowing grass, working, in fact, on a gasoline engine. The unit is a cart with wheels and a flat bottom, equipped with cutting knives, a fuel tank and a grass collection tank. Using the handle moves in the desired direction.

The technique is quite heavy. You could, of course, purchase a lighter electric model. But for me, the danger of hitting an electric cord with working blades during mowing worked categorically not in favor of this option. In addition, it is well known that a humid environment is an additional risk when working with any electrical appliances, which means that an electric lawn mower is not suitable for mowing dew grass or mowing in drizzling rain.

Due to its considerable weight, a gas mower is slightly less maneuverable than an electric one. But it is also more productive, and can work for a long time without a break. In addition, it is not limited by the length of the cord, it is not tied to electrical outlets. complete freedom of movement along the cultivated area.

An important factor to consider when choosing an aggregate is who will have to work with it. Of course, more powerful models weigh more and are harder to control. Therefore, it is worth taking them in cases where regular mowing is expected in large areas, and the main user will still be a man.

Actually, the difference in functionality follows from the names.

Self-propelled lawn mower moves independently, does not require much effort from a person, which, given its considerable weight, is a significant advantage. And it’s much easier to process large areas with such equipment.

There are front and rear wheel drive self-propelled lawn mowers. The former are more maneuverable and easier to control: such a lawn mower can be deployed right on the spot without turning off the motor. However, if the processing surface is uneven and / or the grass catcher is clogged with heavy wet grass, the front-wheel drive unit may slip and have to be pushed.

Rear-wheel mowers practically do not skid. True, to turn them around you will have to turn off the engine, but on the other hand, they are much better at their job in complex hilly areas. And since perfectly smooth lawn surfaces are not found so often, it is the rear-wheel drive models that are more suitable for most cultivated areas.

This is the main working element of the lawn mower, and, of course, it will be necessary to take its choice as responsibly as possible.

Typically, two types of knives are standard on a gas mower:

  • the main knife for haircuts,
  • additional mulching knife.

Not all models have a mulching knife, but I decided that for me it was still a necessary option. Such a knife grinds the cut grass before sending it to the grass catcher. And if you later scatter it around the site, we will get free natural fertilizer for the soil. Well, and, of course, the better the knife, the smaller the mulch that does not spoil the appearance of the lawn.

Since the speed of rotation of the knives is very high, then, given the resistance of the mowed grass and not always the ideal evenness of the treated surface, they experience significant (sometimes shock) loads. Therefore, for efficient and safe operation, the knives must be made of high-quality metal, well fixed and always sharpened.

A good sharpening, by the way, will allow the knives to effectively cut rather than tear the grass stems, which ultimately keeps the grass healthy and strong, and with each new mowing the lawn will look better.


If our equipment is equipped with a gasoline engine, then it is not surprising that some models also have a gearbox. Its presence, of course, greatly facilitates control, because such an apparatus is started by turning the key, it is possible to choose a convenient speed without interrupting work. Such a function is indispensable in heterogeneous areas where a flat surface is replaced by a knobby, and you need to move faster or slower.

In order not to have to mow grass after each lawn mowing, many models of lawn mowers are equipped with special bags (grass catchers), and here the choice is quite simple.

By the type of material from which grass catchers are made, they are divided into hard (from plastic) and soft (from strong synthetic fabric). Selectable by convenience. It should be noted only that the plastic grass catcher will be heavier, but it is easier to free it from the mowed mass. And by the volume of the soft bag, it is easier to monitor the amount of grass in it and prevent overflow.

A grass catcher is a good thing, but you have to stop periodically during operation to free them. Those who are annoyed by this procedure should pay attention to models with automatic ejection of mowed grass. rear or side.

If the lawn is trimmed regularly, and there is no need to collect mowed grass, it will be more convenient to stop at a lawn mower with a rear discharge. If the mowing is not done too often, in addition to the lawn grass, weeds and other plants are present on the cultivated area, then it is better to choose a side discharge, it is safer.

To choose a lawn mower according to the material of the body, you should take a closer look at the characteristics of each. There are three of them:

Obviously, the first option is the most budgetary. At the same time, plastic cases are reliable enough, and small damage that inevitably appears on the surface does not affect the operational properties of the device. Due to these qualities, these models are the most popular among consumers and lead in the number of sales.

The metal case is durable and reliable. But this is always a risk of corrosion, especially as a result of damage to the protective coating of the housing. And, of course, more solid weight compared to plastic cases.

The aluminum case is a favorite in performance, as It is durable, lightweight and corrosion free. It is mainly used in premium models. The price, respectively, is not budget.

The wheels of the lawn mower are also an important parameter. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to models with large wide wheels. They are more maneuverable, easier to manage, they move more freely over uneven surfaces and tall grass and do not damage the lawn.

Well, if you delve a little deeper into the technical characteristics, it must be borne in mind that wheels with bearings are more reliable and more durable than wheels on an axle with bushes.

Obviously, the wider the mowing strip, the less passages you need to make on the site, therefore, the consumption of gasoline and the amount of time for mowing the lawn are reduced. In domestic lawn mowers, as a rule, this figure is 33. 43 centimeters, in professional equipment. from 43 to 55.

And adjusting the height of the bevel is simply necessary if the site has an uneven surface. The required level is quite simple to set, it does not take a lot of time, but in the end the lawn after mowing will look perfect. Different manufacturers use different types of adjustment in their products, all of them are quite convenient and functional. The main thing is to determine the need for this option for your site.

Now consider the rating more deliberately.

3. Makita PLM4620N

A model priced at about 50,000 rubles is designed to care for a lawn area of ​​up to 2000 m², equipped with a powerful and reliable Briggs engine&Stratton with a low noise level, has solid functionality, a large fabric grass catcher with a fill indicator. Of course, such a technique weighs well. about 40 kg, and is above average.

What is called "full stuffing." One of the most powerful machines, with a Japanese engine, with a mulching function, a very large textile bag for collecting grass (88 l), various adjustments to the working elements. Productive, convenient, reliable. All these qualities justifiably determine the high price of the model. in the region of 90,000 rubles.