Budget trimmer for grass Electric.

Top 15 of the best electric trimmers for grass: 2022 rating

Do you need to dig in the territory, or remove weeds, or cut the lawns: you can’t do without a device for grass, if you want to put your own personal plot in order. There are 3 types of trimmers. electric, gasoline, battery. and it is the first to interest us most of all. We have studied several dozen of the most popular models and present to your attention the most successful of them. Check out the technical characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and make your choice.

Place name price rating
The best electric trimmers for grass for price/quality for 2022
one Huter Get-1500SL Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Stiga SGT 1000 J Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Al-ko 112929 GTE 450 Comfort Find out the price four.7 /5
The best battery electric trimmers for grass
one GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Husqvarna 115il (967 09 88-01) Find out the price four.8 /5
3 DEWALT DCM571N-XJ Find out the price four.7 /5
The best electric trimmers for grass with work from the network
one Stavr TE-1400R Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Denzel TE-1400 (96612) Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Bosch Art 30 (0.600.8A5.400) Find out the price four.7 /5
The best electric trimmers for grass with fishing line
one Elitech ET 800 Find out the price four.9 /5
2 GreenWorks 21217 GST5033 230V BASIC Find out the price four.8 /5
The best electric trimmers for grass with fishing line and knife
one Stavr TE-1700R Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Denzel TE-1200 (96611) Find out the price four.8 /5
The best inexpensive electric trimmers for grass
one Huter Get-600 2021 Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Worx WG119E Find out the price four.8 /5

How to choose an electric trimmer for grass?

Trimmer for grass (motorized braid for grass). a device with high efficiency, maneuverable and simple in design, is a long bar with a moving head at the end, as well as an engine and a protective casing. Electric models do not throw toxic gases into the atmosphere, practically do not make noise and are very compact due to the lack of bulky parts (the same gas tank, for example). Consider the following when choosing:

  • Power source: the device can work either from the battery or from the network. Batteries (lithium-ion) cannot boast of a long power and long time, but they are suitable for pumping soft grass, and it is convenient to use them in greenhouses. Network requires an outlet near and extension cord if the native cord is too short. You can not use such models during the rain.
  • In terms of power, there is also a division into groups: low.power devices up to 500 watts, medium.power devices from 550 W to 1,500 watts, and powerful from 1,500 to 300 W. The former are intended exclusively for decorative care (lawns, flower beds), the latter cope with dense shoots, and others. professional models for large territories of a complicated landscape.
  • Inner shaft: hard or flexible. The hard better withstands the load, stronger, but the bar can only be a straight line in this case. If you are more convenient for you, a curved shape. choose a device with a flexible cable.
  • The installation site of the electric motor: a model in which the motor is located in the lower part, more maneuverable, light and comfortable for hand. Of the minuses: you can not use a trimmer on wet grass (rain, dew), also lower performance. The motor in the upper part worsens maneuverability (such models are equipped with special belts), while the performance is higher and the service life is larger.
  • Cutting element: fishing line for a trimmer, a three.beam knife, a plastic knife, a disk knife. A plastic knife and fishing line is quite enough for ordinary work in the country.
  • Handle shape: U-shaped resembles a bicycle steering wheel and is the most convenient. D-shaped convenient for processing narrow spaces. T-shaped allows you to make sweeping movements.

Trimmer for grass electric Grinda Comfort GGTP-800

Grinda trimmer is equipped with an upper engine, well balanced by weight. In the collection, it weighs 6.7 kg. The built-in handle on the case and the D-shaped handle make its use comfortable. Not the easiest option, but in work it is not felt. The handle is adjustable in height, and the bar can be disassembled for storage and transportation. The kit has a convenient shoulder belt. The trimmer is a system of reducing vibration, so prolonged work with it does not bother.

A fairly high weight is a reckoning for good power (800 watts) and width of the mowing. The well.thought.out shape of the coil allows you to rely around trees, in narrow, inaccessible places. For work, a fishing line for a trimmer 2 mm thick is suitable. At the same time, at the expanse, the lawn mower also showed itself perfectly: it gives a large capture, copes with grass of different stiffness and height in one pass. The flexible transmitting shaft protects the engine from shock loads, extending its service life.

Trimmer for grass Electric Elitech ET 800

With similar characteristics, this baby weighs only 4.5 kg. Motor block compact, elongated with distributed weight and ergonomic handle. The power of the motor is also 800 watts. Speasing width 35 cm. The shape of the casing is such that work in hard.to.reach places will not become a problem. Due to its high power, the trimmer for grass will cope with grass of any quality. A curved bar and a well.thought.out design of the coil allow you to mow parallel to the ground, making the lawn even and well.groomed. At the same time, the operator does not experience excess load, the entire structure is maximum ergonomic.

The drive shaft is flexible. This works to reduce the total weight, and also reduces the load on the engine if the braid for grass gets on a stone or hard stems. The engine gives up to 8000 rpm. It is also worth noting high assembly quality. All details are well fitted, there are no backlash where they should not be.

  • The inclusion button must be kept by clamped all the time. It is located at a great distance from the handle, so a person with a small hand will be inconvenient.

best electric trimmers

Many owners of private houses and cottages carefully care for the personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, then there is a need for special technology. The modern market offers a choice of lawnmands, lawnmands, electric trimmers for grass. The latter are favorably characterized by an affordable price, so they maintain sustainable demand. Electric trimmers for grass in small areas are especially effective, where it is easy to stretch the extension cord. But difficulties arise at the purchase stage. The lineup of the power tool is very diverse, so several tips from experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should I pay close attention to?

  • First of all, it is necessary to decide on performance. It depends on the power and reserves of the motor. For well.groomed areas where you will have to cut growing grass, there will be enough power to 1,000 watts. It is not worth chasing high performance and for another reason. The stronger the engine, the greater the mass of the trimmer for the grass.
  • The price of the engine affects the price and ease of use. Cheap low.power models have the lower location of the electric motor. But in this design there are serious disadvantages, for example, clogging with grass and poor cooling.
  • For models with the upper location of the engine, the necessary equipment will be shoulder belts. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers for grass with these accessories.
  • Electric braids for the grass and the shape of the handle are different. Light devices are equipped with D-shaped holders who give maneuverability to the trimmer. And more powerful units are controlled using a bicycle rifle handle.

The best electric trimmers for the grass fell into our review. When compiling the rating, criteria were taken into account as:

best electric trimmers. 2022 rating

Lawn care requires constant attention, because the beautiful and well.groomed appearance of the house territory largely depends on the state of vegetation on the site. In order for lawn grass to always please the gaze of residents and guests of the country house should regularly “cut” it: an ordinary braid for grass is not suitable for these purposes, and gasoline trimmers for grass have a number of disadvantages. Currently, the leader among garden equipment for the departure of the adjacent territory is an electric trimmer for grass, which has certain design features and functionality, which allows you to quickly and easily carry out all the necessary care for the adjacent territory. An electric trimmer for grass can be used not only to care for lawn grass, but also for hay harvesting for agricultural animals, weeding the garden and removing unnecessary vegetation in the garden.

Locus.modelingcharacterismThe best inexpensive electric trimmers for the grass for givingThe best electric trimmers for the grass price-qualityThe best powerful electric trimmers for grassThe best battery electric trimmers for grass
1 place Bosch Easygrasscut 23 (0.600.8C1.H00) 9.4 The lightest trimmer for grass. one.9 kg 2480 p.
2nd place HUTER GET-1000S 9.2 Thoughtful design 3790 p.
3rd place Patriot Pt 500 8.7 Profitable price 2990 p.
1 place Makita UR3501 9.8 Choosing customers 6350 p.
2nd place Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.020) 9.3 Quality assembly 8240 p.
3rd place Huter Get-1500SL 9.1 Speasing width. 42 cm 5090 p.
1 place STIHL FSE 71 9.7 High reliability 9990 p.
2nd place Denzel TE-1200 (96611) 9.5 Small weight and size 5650 p.
3rd place Daewoo Power Products Datr 1250E 8.8 A profitable combination of price and power 4745 p.
1 place Makita Dur364LZ 9.3 Reliable manufacturer 10200 p.
2nd place Bosch Easygrasscut 18-26 (0.600.8C1.C00) 9.0 Ergonomic handle 8470 p.
3rd place STIHL FSA 45 8.8 Battery level indicator 9990 p.

What to pay attention to when choosing an electric trimmer for grass

The acquisition of an electric trimmer for grass should be carried out taking into account the operating conditions of this technique. In order not to throw money away, it is necessary to take into account a number of parameters that will help you choose the right option for your purposes:

  • Power. If the trimmer for the grass is used only to care for the lawn, then you can choose models with a capacity of up to 1 kW: this will be quite enough to care for the grass on the lawn. Increasing engine power will certainly affect the weight of the device.
  • The location of the engine. It should be preferred to trimmers with the upper location of the engine, since if it is below, this reduces the life of the motor. The main causes of the breakdowns of trimmers with the lower engine location: problems with cooling, moisture and grass getting into the mechanism. Models with the upper engine mount have special shoulder belts that correctly distribute the load on the joints. Electrimmers with the lower engine mount, despite their shortcomings, have the most affordable price, which may be a determining factor when buying a device for infrequent use.
  • Type of control. If a maneuverable trimmer is required for grass, which can easily process any inaccessible place, then you should give preference to the steering wheel D. figurative shape. Powerful and expensive models have a cycling steering wheel.
  • Equipment. Electric trimmers for grass have a cutting tool in the form of a fishing line or knife: a fishing line for a trimmer copes with a small shoot, but it is not able to cope with the shrubs, shoots of shrubs. If the trimmer for grass is equipped with a cutting knife, then this significantly expands the capabilities of this device, as this allows not only to cut the lawn, but also to ensure full.fledged care for green spaces in the garden and garden.

Fubag Fet 1200r

Of course, I am not a professional in mowing grass, but this trimmer for the grass seemed to me a beast. Mowing with a bang, mowed only with fishing line, power at height. Did not regret that I bought. The trimmer for the grass is worth it

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • Hand-shaped shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • Wheel: no wheels
  • Detailed equipment: a trimmer for grass, a spool with a fishing line, a disk knife, a shoulder belt, a protective casing, operating instructions
  • Electric motor power 1200 watts
  • Speasing width 42 cm
  • Shoulder belt / folding handle
  • Weight 5.8 kg

Denzel TE-1400

Easy to handle it. Cuts any grass. Compared to gasoline there is no trouble about gasoline, and there is almost always electricity. Comfortably lies in the hands. You can advise.

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • Hand-shaped shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • Wheel: no wheels
  • Detailed equipment: a trimmer for grass, a coil with a fishing line, a knife, a shoulder belt, a two.handed handle, a protective casing, a set of keys, operating guarantee, warranty coupon
  • Electric motor power 1400 watts
  • Speasing width 42 cm
  • Shoulder belt / folding handle
  • Weight 6 kg

Which electric trimmer for grass is better to buy

Electric trimmer for grass should be selected based on the necessary functions. If you plan to process a small section, it makes no sense to spend extra money on an expensive model. But if we are talking about a large area, you should take into account the possibility of autonomous work, because stretching the cord through the entire garden will be inconvenient.

Here’s what option and in what cases it is worth choosing:

  • You need to quickly cut a small area? It will be convenient Patriot Pt 500. high power and width of the mowing will allow the Earth in order, without wasting a lot of time and effort.
  • If the garden or garden is small, but there are benches and paths on the territory, it is worth using Bosch Easygrasscut, which will easily remove vegetation in hard.to.reach places.
  • Those who plan to process a large overgrown area can buy a trimmer for the grass “Huter Get-1000s”. High power and width of the mowing 35 cm, as well as overheating protection will allow you to work without breaks.
  • If you need regular care for a small area, it is worth paying attention to the Gardena Smallcut Li-23R Electric Coast, which can easily be used by both women and adolescents.
  • For sites with thick and rough vegetation, a trimmer for the grass “Makita UR2300” is suitable. its sharp knives will cope not only with weeds, but also with the trimming of shrubs.
  • Those who value high power in combination with compactness and lightness are suitable for the Denzel TE-1400 model. Long.term comfortable work is provided with a convenient shape of the handle and shoulder belt.
  • STIHL FSA 45 is suitable for working in areas with hard.to.reach places and irregularly form. The ability to change the angle of the spit unit allows you to qualitatively process all the corners of the garden or garden.

Each has its own idea of ​​what characteristics the best electrimmers have. To make the most correct choice, experts Vyborexperta.ru conducted a thorough analysis of all parameters. It is necessary to take into account the performance of the model, the convenience of the design, the location of the motor and the availability of additional options. With careful study of all the characteristics and taking into account your own requirements, you can easily choose your perfect device.

How to choose the best battery trimmer for grass

Engine type: brilliant or brush (collector). Brastard engines usually provide a higher ratio of torque to weight, less mechanical wear and longer service life.

Battery voltage. There are models with voltage from 18 V to 54 V in the top of the battery trimmers. In terms of price and quality ratio, high.voltage are more profitable, since for the development of the same power as other models, less current is required.

Battery capacity. Briefly: the more. the better, especially if you need to treat a large plot of land. It will unpleasant to send a trimmer for the grass for recharging, having processed only half the lawn.

Battery charging time. the less, the better. Modern trimmers for grass are usually charged for 1-3 hours.

The number of engine speeds and width of mowing. The speed with which the trimmer for the grass will process the site depends on these parameters.

The weight. For a woman or an elderly person, the optimal weight of a trimmer for grass is 4-5 kg. Men will cope with a heavier unit weighing 6-8 kg.

Tool shape and length. Some users consider the curved form of garden technology more convenient to use, although a direct bar provides much better access when working under hard.to.reach places, such as bushes or garden furniture. Very high or stunted people should take into account the total length of the tool or the presence of an adjustable shaft to ensure comfortable work.


The review opens a powerful and expensive model from the popular and proven manufacturer. It is equipped with a voltage of 54 V and a capacity of 3 A h and a bronnial engine. The kit has not only a fishing line for a trimmer, but also a knife, which allows the DEWALT DCM571X1-QW to easily deal with thick-button weeds, shrubs and even young trees. According to buyers, for an hour of work, you can dig 3 hundred.a.angled area for “zero” for “zero”.

Cheap 18v Cordless Grass Strimmer. £45 B&Q Model Tested

A convenient folding handle is adjustable in height, so the trimmer for grass will be convenient to use for people of different growth. Noise level. 94 dB, so don’t count on silent work. Battery charging takes a little more than an hour.

How to choose a battery trimmer for grass and what to pay attention to?

The criteria for choosing a battery trimmer for grass in 2022 are as follows:

  • power. Battery models do not reach gasoline and electric colleagues a little. The larger the power of power, the more productive the model you get, and the harder it is.
  • type of battery. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the trimmer for the grass will work without recharging. It must be borne in mind that the capacity of nickel-cadmium options decreases with the duration of use. Lithium-ion batteries do not lose anything over time.
  • Charging time. Can reach up to 24 hours, so ask the manufacturer in advance with this parameter.
  • Weight and dimensions. In general, batteries for grass are quite lightweight, but sometimes heavyweights come across, so it is better to choose some models in stores where you can hold them and check for severity.
  • equipment. Pay attention to the availability of battery (battery) and ZU (charger). If this is your first model, then it is better to take a complete set, and when you repeat the trimmer for the grass, check whether accessories are suitable from the previous device to the new.
  • The design of the bar. Can be straight or curved. The direct option is more reliable, since they are equipped with a hard metal shaft. In curved torque, it is transmitted using a cable.
  • The shape of the handle. The battery models, as a rule, have two options: bracket and curved. The first is suitable for mowing a small area, even a beginner can easily cope with them. The second option is more suitable for experienced professionals for the bevel of a large territory.
  • The location of the engine. Can be from above or below. In the first option, you can use the model even on raw grass.
  • noise level. In general, the batteries for the grass are low.sophisticated, but you need to remember that the noise level increases in proportion to power.

Get-36-3LI HUTER

Get-36-3LI HUTER is a battery trimmer for grass, which is used for both home and professional mowing. It is intended to clean up small summer cottages or park zones. The device copes well not only with grass, but also with dense thickets of weeds and fine shoots.

The brush engine provides a high speed of rotation of the knife and at the same time silent and efficient operation. The lithium-ion battery allows the device to serve for a long time, since his wear is not very strong. Of the main advantages of this model. environmental friendliness, it does not distinguish any harmful exhausts, and low noise.

Trimmer for grass can be used in public places and near playgrounds and other quiet zones. The protective casing will save users from flying grass and debris, as a result of injury. The side handle has a rubberized coating that will not slide in your hands, and also reduce vibration. Shoulder belt will help transport the device.


Bosch Universalgrasscut 18-260 (0.600.8C1.D00)

Bosch Universalgrasscut 18-260 (0.600.8C1.D00). this is a battery trimmer for grass for caring for a summer cottage or lawn. It is equipped with a function of tilting and processing the edges without the help of hands. The supply of fishing line in this model is automatic, which will allow you to work without interrupting.

A convenient handle in the form of the letter “V” will make work with a convenient trimmer, and when you finish, it will be easy to fold it to save a place when stored. Its power is average, but it is enough to mow the edges of eight tennis courts using one charging. They can not only mow grass, but also cut weeds and cut the edges.

The environmental engine of the device is comparable to gasoline brothers in power, while it is easy to operate, has a low level of vibration and practically does not make noise. Of the advantages, there are also the lack of cords for which you can stumble, and the lack of the need for gas station refueling. The latter will also be a dignity due to the lack of smell. The protective bracket will significantly extend the deadline for using the device.


BlackDecker STC1820CM

BlackDecker STC1820CM is a battery trimmer for grass, which can be used to cleanse any section of grass, weeds or cutting a bush. Another function is the ability to process the edges of the lawn.

The model can be adjusted in height depending on the growth of the user using the bar. She will help to reach the most inaccessible places with mowing. The plastic casing will protect against injuries and the grass flying out with mowing. The battery allows you to use the device in those places where there is no power supply.

Of the advantages, there are also the lack of cords for which you can stumble, and the lack of the need for gas station refueling. The latter will also be a dignity due to the lack of smell. The handle of an ergonomic shape will conveniently grab a trimmer for the grass so that it does not slip.

The device can work autonomously for 31 minutes at maximum speed and 42 at the minimum. The fishing line for the trimmer of the device is resistant to tears and deformation due to its thickness. The battery can be completely charged in 5 hours.


How to choose a trimmer for grass for giving?

In 2022, the selection criteria are as follows:

  • power. For cottage and small lawns, there is enough power of 250-700 watts, and battery analogues of 20 volts.
  • source of power. Trammers for grass are gasoline, battery and electric wires. Batteries have significant advantages: minimal noise, there is no binding to the outlet, ease of maintenance and compactness. Electric trimmers for grass can also be compact, easy to maintain, but there will be a minus a wire in which you can get confused. For him, extension cords may also be needed, and it can be torn. Gasoline models are the most difficult, they are used to process large areas.
  • Cutting element. In its quality you can use knives or a fishing line for a trimmer. Most of the models will be equipped precisely by fishing line. The thicker she is, the more thick stems she will cut. Varieties like a “cross.section” or “star” increase the effectiveness of the device and do better with thick grass and weeds. The fishing line for the trimmer protects the remaining elements of the trimmer for grass from breakdowns, since when in contact with the obstacle, it breaks. Models with knives are best used where there are no stones and logs in the grass, since vibration occurs from the impact inside the device, which can subsequently lead to breakdown.

Best Grass Trimmer Reviews 2022 | Best Budget Grass Trimmers (Buying Guide)

  • the weight. The greater the power of the device, the greater its weight. It must be borne in mind that with too much weight you may be inconvenient to work with a trimmer.
trimmer, grass, electric
  • Speasing width. For summer cottages, the width of the mowing is 250-270 mm is quite sufficient.
  • The location of the engine. In gasoline models, the engine is located on top, because it is more convenient to wear and use them. Electric low.power options may have a lower location.

Denzel TE-1200 (96611)

Denzel TE-1200 (96611) is an electric trimmer for grass, which is convenient and safe for use. Its main protection is shutdown when overheating. The device is easy to use, does not require preparation and complicated maintenance, any user can work with it.

High performance is provided using a powerful engine, the copper braid of which cools the unit. The device is convenient to hold, your hands will not be very tired. For comfortable transportation, it is easily versed.

The model is equipped with a knife and fishing line for better cleansing the lawns and summer cottages, including from hard weed plants. The location of the engine in the upper part protects it from excessive contact with moisture. The casing protects against small flying stones and prevents the injury of the user and others.

Fishing line is replaced without special effort. The coil is semi.automatic, you can slightly hit it on the ground during rotation, and the fishing line for the trimmer is pulled to the desired length automatically.


trimmer, grass, electric

Champion T523

Champion T523 is a gasoline trimmer for grass, which is convenient to use to clear the lawn or summer cottage, including their large area. It perfectly removes weed and dry plants, they can also mow young grass. The two.stroke engine will provide high power and productivity of the device.

Heat displacement is ensured by the presence of ventilation holes. The fuel tank of a trimmer for grass has a large volume, which allows you to work for a long time without recharging. The handle is comfortable and will not slide. The rod is made of durable material, which is resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion.

trimmer, grass, electric

There are two cutting elements: a knife and a fishing line for a trimmer. The first is suitable for grass, and the second will help remove thick thickets and shrub. The cutting element is covered with a casing, which protects from mowed grass and injuries.

The rod of the device, thus, will not take up much space for storage. The primer will accelerate the inclusion of the device after prolonged downtime. The engine will start a hand starter.


Echo SRM-22GES

Echo SRM-22GES is a gasoline trimmer for grass, designed for mowing grass, with a powerful engine that is located in the upper part of the device, which saves it from dew and moisture after rain, as well as dust. This protects the device and increases its life.

The cord will not confuse around the cutting element thanks to a special bracket. This will protect users from injuries. The size of the trimmer for the grass is compact, it will not take up much space when stored and transported. The two.position handle provides ease of use, this will allow the user to work without much fatigue for a long time.

The device has a gasoline two.stroke engine with a capacity of 0.91 liters.With., which ensures the smoothness of the launch and good rotation of the cutting elements. The belt will help distribute the load and make the work more convenient. The knife at the device is three.lobed metal, which allows you to mow not only grass, but also weeds and dense thickets. A fairly roomy fuel tank with low consumption allows you to extend the work without refueling.