Can a Trimmer Mow the Reeds In the Lake

Often gardeners are faced with such a problem as reeds. The peculiarity of this culture is that it grows very quickly, and still multiplies rapidly. And although the plant is in great demand when decorating the site, many gardeners dream of getting rid of it. It is possible to do this today, and there are a fairly large number of effective methods that will help both experienced and beginner gardeners.

Probably every man had to see the reeds. Most often it grows in those areas where there is a reservoir. It turns out that some gardeners cut it in order to mulch. And he is planted between rows for additional fertilizer of the entire garden.

With the help of the plant, it is possible to fertilize the soil, improve its composition, and it is also an effective tool for weed control. The lower layer of the earth turns into humus and fertilizes the soil. But all this reed benefit is not always appropriate. There are a number of situations when this plant needs to be removed because of the harm done.

On the site, most often not reeds grow, but reeds. He is a representative of the Cereals. It is very harmful to the garden. Even if the soil is the most fertile, then due to the reed cultivated, the land systematically becomes boggy. And if there is a pond or a small lake near the site, then after the appearance of the reeds, the body of water strongly shreds or completely dries. But there is a benefit from the plant, you can make good fertilizer from it, but how to make fertilizer from weeds will help to understand the information on the link.


Of course, it is better to prevent the formation of such a plant in advance than to torment it later, removing it. In fact, prevention is not a big deal. Since reeds love to grow on soils with high humidity, so you have to abandon excessive watering. If the weather is too rainy, then completely abandon watering.

In addition, you must regularly dig up the garden. This will prevent the emergence of new unnecessary plants, and even so, you can uproot the roots from previous plants and weeds. You may also be interested to learn about how to get rid of weed in the plot.

How to remove from the site

Today, you can fight with reeds on the site using folk or chemical means. The choice of a particular method is determined taking into account the degree of damage to the site.


This method is notable for its availability and safety. To get the maximum effect, it is necessary to remove unnecessary plants 2 times a year.

At the same time, it is fashionable to mow other weed crops. In the spring, as soon as the first sprouts have formed, the first treatment of the city is carried out. But the second should be spent in the fall, before the cold.

You can still take a number of additional measures. Very often after mowing the plot is covered with a bush of dense matter or tarpaulin. Stones must be laid on top of the material so that the shelter does not fly off. Thus, the root system of the reeds will be deprived of oxygen and simply perish over time. But how to get rid of weed sow thistle in the garden can be in other ways, indicated in the article by reference.

In the video – how to get rid of reeds in the area:

When there is a proliferation of reeds along the shores of an artificial reservoir made on the site, then mowing can be done directly on the water. At the same time, make sure that the plant is concentrated 5-10 cm below the water level. As soon as the reeds are in the water, it will begin to rot. As soon as the weed was completely destroyed, it will be necessary to clean the pond. If this is not done, then the water will bloom. It will also be useful to learn about how to get rid of weed woodlice in the garden.

Burning out

This method is effectively used to combat reeds in a city where there are no other cultures. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the fire will hit them. This method of combating reeds is dangerous and extreme.

When performing such operations, you should carefully monitor all your actions. Otherwise, the flame may be transferred to the rest of the plantings or the neighboring garden. To perform the procedure, it is necessary to pour reeds with gasoline, and then bring fire. Please note that the plant must burn for at least 1 hour. This is due to the fact that the reeds are distinguished by a powerful root system, which is not always so easy to destroy. But how effective is the fight against weeds in the garden on their own and what are the best means is indicated in this article.


Effectively use herbicides to control reeds. There are not so many of them today, but among the available drugs, one can distinguish universal. Its name is Roundup.

Video: Can a Trimmer Mow the Reeds In the Lake

To remove the reeds, you need to take 1 liter of purified water and place there 30 g of the drug. Treat plants at least 2 times per season. The herbicide will begin to have a uniform effect on the entire plant through the leaves. As a result, the weed will begin to die. It is also worth paying attention to the folk remedy for weeds with vinegar.

After spraying, the active components of the tornado from weeds penetrate through the leaves and stems into the root system. Thus, the reeds die in time. Another tornado is great for preparing the soil before sowing.

The next effective chemical is Hurricane Weed Control. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to dilute 40 ml of the drug in 3 l of water. As soon as the herbicide penetrates the leaves of the reeds, it will begin to have a detrimental effect on its cells, and this entails the death of the weed.

Drainage and deoxidation of the soil

To combat the reeds that have taken root in your garden you can use the drainage of the soil. To do this, dig drainage ditches in those places where weed grows. The direction of the slope of the drainage moat should be in the direction of a nearby pond or river. You can also use a tornado weed extractor.

After that, it remains to mow the reeds. This is best done in late spring or early summer. After that, dig the soil, and after 2-3 weeks, treat the place of culture growth with a different herbicide – Hurricane, Roundup and Buran. It is also worth learning more about the existing effective weed control.

It turns out that fighting reeds in the area is not so simple. And although today there are quite a few effective methods, bulrush is still actively populating various parts of the garden, causing damage not only to the soil, but also to some garden crops. From the proposed options, each gardener will be able to find his own unique way, having tried that he will be able to forget forever about such a weed as reeds.

Can a Trimmer Mow the Reeds In the Lake

Since ancient times, in Russia, women and children have been gathering herbs and flowers in fields and forests. They made beautiful bouquets of them, which served not only as a decoration for their home, but also as a worthy charm, driving away evil spirits. Nowadays, the fashion for dried flowers in the house has subsided. Moreover, there are negatively superstitious people who are opposed to this tradition. Since they know why it is impossible to keep cane, ivy, sedge and many other plants that have a friendly look at home.

Why you can not carry reeds in the house

In order to warn yourself against bad luck, ailments and problems, you need to know several reasons why, after all, you can not carry a reed plant into the house. As with other superstitions, you need to know in order to be able to choose which of the signs to believe and which ones to just keep in mind.

The first reason: superstition. Bulrush is a marsh plant. Even when reeds grow on a river or lake, its roots begin in silted soil, and not in open water. And in many mythologies, swamps were considered the habitat of evil spirits and evil spirits. For many, the swamp is also associated with sadness, longing, because when you look at it through a foggy veil, other thoughts do not arise. Only hopelessness and emptiness. People have long believed that the reeds in the house will attract disease, rapid aging, spleen, and even the death of the owners of the house.

The reed cat in the house also has its own energy.

The second reason: household. If you use reeds to create a bouquet or ikebana to decorate the house, then this decoration will give you a lot of trouble cleaning after a short time. Cute cones of reeds – inflorescences will eventually dry out and fall into flakes, “decorating” your furniture and home with this fluff. Cleaning all this may not end if a person living in the house is prone to allergies. It is possible that the reed will cause it in a healthy person and complications for someone who suffers from asthma or bronchitis. How to protect yourself from the disease with a chicken egg?

Reason Three: Unsanitary conditions. On the shore, where reeds grow carefree, there are a lot of different rodents, mice, rats, otters and so on. Everyone knows that these animals are often carriers of infections and diseases that can be transmitted not only from animal to animal, but also to humans. Reed, torn off by one’s own hands and brought into the house, may contain spores of leptospira, a virus that is transmitted painlessly to animals and excreted with its urine and feces. The disease is not fatal, but it is very unpleasant and actually cannot be cured.

What does it mean if you dream of reeds?

Seeing reeds in your dream, beautiful reed thickets means that in a person’s life everything will be fine. Promises success in business and endeavors. In all areas of business and even personal life, success will come, problems and questions of concern over the past weeks, months will be solved.

The girl had a dream – a worthy boyfriend will appear. The young man also predicts the emergence of new romantic hobbies. By the way, the new relationship that the dream promises in which you see the cane guarantees love and reciprocity for a long time.

Bad sign if you saw a cut reed. This may indicate the appearance of obvious problems in the near future.

Dream of the Reeds

Had a dream of covering the roof of your house with reeds? This is a very good sign. This means that you will be able to finish the work you have begun more successfully than you expected. What are dreams about?

Burning reeds tell you that you need to be on your guard, be prepared for unpredictable troubles that cannot be avoided. A person who sees a reed burning in flame should expect someone’s betrayal, lies and deceit. This deception may not turn your path in the best direction.

In any case, if you consider yourself a rather suspicious person and believe in many signs and superstitions, it is better not to carry cane into the house and not keep it at home. After all, all your troubles that will develop during this period, you will consciously and subconsciously associate with this plant. If you do not believe and do not pay attention to various signs, love reeds very much, then let him please you in your house. Sincerely do not believe that the reeds in the house are bad, and then the negative energy will bypass you.