Can I Cut Polypropylene Pipe Angle Grinder

When installing a plastic water supply or sewage system, there is certainly a need to cut off the pipe so that it can then be joined with another pipe. Therefore, many are interested in how to cut plastic pipes. There are several ways to do this, each method uses specific tools that are designed to cut pipes from plastic.

Types of tools for cutting plastic pipes:

Cut the pipe with a pipe cutter

Can I Cut Polypropylene Pipe Angle Grinder

A pipe cutter for plastic pipes is great for cutting. The maximum diameter of the cut pipe is 38 mm. Before mounting the pipeline, the workpieces are cut using a pipe cutter, and the resulting segments are connected by fittings. The advantages of the tool are that the cut is neat and even. The principle of operation of pipe cutters is similar to the action with a rolling key for conservation:

When using pipe cutters, there are also disadvantages. If the pipe passes near the wall and it cannot be removed in any way, then in this case you will not scroll around the circular pipe cutter.

Cut the pipe with special scissors

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Special shears for cutting plastic pipes come with many soldering irons for polypropylene pipes. This tool has a very sharp knife for cutting plastic pipes on top, and there is also a lower holder. Simple models will allow you to cut pipes with a diameter of up to 26 mm, but it is best to buy the most popular scissors that can cut pipes with a diameter of up to 42 mm. Scissor cutting has such features:

If we note the shortcomings of this method, then an unprepared hand gets tired very quickly with a large amount of cutting.

Other pipe cutting methods

1. Cordless pipe cutter. This tool appeared on our market not very long ago, in fact it is ordinary scissors, only additionally equipped with an electric drive. The main advantage is the high cutting speed, you will spend from 4 to 7 seconds on one cut.

If we talk about the shortcomings, these are some restrictions in the diameter of the pipes, which are subject to cutting with this tool. Typically, the diameters run up to a maximum of 42 mm.

2. angle grinder (angle grinder). Here you need a cutting disc for metal. The most important point is not to press hard when cutting, do everything carefully. First it is recommended to mark the pipe. Both small and large angle grinders with any power will do.

3. Jigsaw. After special scissors, this is the most convenient method of cutting pipes from plastic. But the cut can turn out a little oblique, so you need to cut it not immediately, but turn the pipe two or three times.