Changing the Lawn Mower Oil

what oil to pour into the gearbox of the neva mb2 tiller | Topic Author: Larisa

Zhanna tad-17, or analogues

Antonina I poured engine oil.

Marina Only Nigrol, it contains graphite for chain gears and hypoid gears; it is the best!

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Device for filling oil into the gearbox and crankcase of the engine of the tiller.

Oils poured into the tiller. Oil change in the tiller.

Video instruction: what oil to pour into the tiller, how to replace the oil in the gearbox and engine. Tiller NEVA MB-2S 7.5 PRO.

Changing the Lawn Mower Oil

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NS-Tuning: Bodywork (Fabiola) Hello, you need to come to us to find out the reasons and fix the problem.

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Video: Changing the Lawn Mower Oil

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What type of oil to fill in the tiller gearbox

What kind of oil is to be added to the tiller or cultivator gearbox and frequency. Neva MB-2, Transmission oil TEP-15 (-5 ° С to 35 ° С) GOST 23652-79. Favorite (ZiD), Changing the oil in the engine gearbox and gearbox.