Choosing a trimmer for Stihl grass for site.

Motokos and trimmers for Stihl grass for grass

STIHL grass trimmers have proven themselves in impassable conditions and areas with increased requirements. Motokos have several types: with an electric or gasoline engine, battery, as well as bushes. Each copy has various power and functionality.

For cutting grass, aligning lawns, shrubs or young spaces, various cutting elements are used. Trimmers for STIHL grass for grass compact and incredibly ergonomic. Importable assistants in the fight against unwanted vegetation in the personal plot.

It is difficult not to notice the advantage of a trimmer for STIHL grass. high performance and acceptable price. Due to the unique function of adding fuel to the carburetor, the number of launching jerks after a long interrupt occur in the carburetor.

STIHL motorrots are very effective in thinning or cutting shrubs. Excellent power and performance make this type of manual tools so popular. The main elements of the trimmer for the grass are built into the handle for more comfortable operation.

Types of trimmers STIHL

Battery trimmers for STIHL grass. Reliable and durable manual motos. High.power motor and 36 Bquail in significantly increase the performance of the unit. Trammers for battery grass are small and clean. suitable for use in conditions requiring a minimum noise.

STIHL grass trimmers. high.power motokos. Great for work in conditions that do not require the use of electricity. Complex labor.intensive tasks are not a problem for a benzotrimer. Additional knives for mowing weeds can be attached to durable and persistent units.

Electric trimmers for STIHL grass can easily cope in territories with insignificant sections of vegetation. Due to high maneuverability, you will easily reach the narrowest corners of the garden. STIHL electric motorcycles with a minimum noise level allow you to work in conditions with a limitation of noise degree.

Review of models

Gasoline braids for grass are widely used for professional laws care, as well as in agriculture. These samples of modern technology have proven their effectiveness when leaning weeds and hay harvesting. In such conditions, special attention is paid to the correct choice of the representative of the model range, taking into account the design characteristics and technical characteristics.

At the moment, potential customers are offered the following models of the STIHL motorcycle:

To describe the main features of representatives of these categories, it is worth considering some samples of technology. So, the light lawn mower FS-38 is designed to perform simple landscape work, as a rule, in the conditions of personal plots. The weight of this tool is a little more than 4 kg. In this case, the operating volume of the engine and its power are 27.2 cm3 and 0.65 kW, respectively.

The main advantages of representatives of this category include the following operational indicators:

  • insignificant weight;
  • maximum ease of use;
  • minimum fuel consumption;
  • power plant power;
  • reliability and long service life;
  • minimum noise and vibration;
  • modern design.
choosing, trimmer, stihl, grass, site

One of the popular models related to the segment of powerful trimmers is Stihl FS-13. The “heart” of this six.kilogram braid for the grass was an engine with a volume of 36.3 cubic centimeters and a power of 1.4 kW. The model is equipped with a tank with a volume of up to 0.5 liters. Powerful lawn mowers, as a rule, are classified as professional tools with the following advantages:

  • increased power;
  • maximum reliability and durability;
  • the possibility of processing almost any surfaces, including thick shrubs;
  • convenience and ease of operation;
  • the presence of a “bicycle” holder handle.

Experienced owners and experts advise to complete powerful trimmers for grass with coils with fishing line. A similar approach provides the ability to mow any grass in places.

Comparison with other brands

Today, many companies produce gasoline trimmers for grass. Given the cost of such a technique, the choice of specific models should be approached with maximum attention. Almost all developers of specialized tools and small construction equipment are engaged in the release of gasoline. We are talking about both industry leaders and little.known companies.

In the first positions of current ratings of popularity, the following brands are located:

Naturally, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of which brand and model is better. This is due to the presence of a whole list of selection criteria. However, when buying motorcycles in order to identify the competitive advantages of a particular brand, the operational indicators of representatives of different model ranks should be compared.

Most often, STIHL products are compared with Echo, Husqvarna and Makita brand trimmers. Initially, it should be noted that these technology samples belong to the same class and have largely identical technical characteristics, with the exception of some nuances.

This, first of all, concerns the designs of trimmers equipped with handles of the so.called bicycle type. All braids for grass can be equipped with two types of cutting elements: fishing line and disks.

Each STIHL lawn mower is equipped with a fast starting system. Among other things, these devices, like models of the mentioned brands, have a belt equipment that effectively reduces the load on the user’s hands. In accordance with the reviews of the owners, the most advantages of trimmers of the eminent brand Makita. We are talking about an increased speed of rotation of cutting elements that provide appropriate operational qualities.

Gasoline trimmers for grass are one of the most convenient instruments for mowing grass. STIHL brand offers motorcycles in a large assortment. Its model range includes both economical units designed to work with small house plots, and professional trimmers for grass. All gasoline braids for the grass of the German manufacturer are reliable, ease of operation and a long service life. STIHL constantly introduces new developments and new technologies for equipping gasoline trimmers. They are aimed at improving the operational qualities of units, increasing the comfort of use. STIHL anti.vibration system involves the installation of rubber buffers. They reduce the transmission of vibrations from the engines and the rotating head on the handle. Ergo Start simple launch system allows you to start a benzotrimer without effort. It is implemented in the form of a special spring installed between the coil of the starting cable and the crankshaft. High.performance gasoline engines are installed on the STIHL motorcycles. Some models are equipped with motors with 2MIX and 4MIX technologies with reduced fuel consumption and excretion of exhaust. Since this year, all gasoline trimmers for grass with a straight shaft are equipped with a two blade disk and a trimmer head, as well as the configuration of protective glasses and a satchel belt

How to choose a motorcycle for haircuts of grass? As with the answer to the question of which STIHL chainsaw to choose, you should rely on several factors. Firstly, one should proceed from the goals for which the equipment is purchased, namely, we are talking about home or professional use. Secondly, an important factor is the budget. The manufacturer has models of different price categories in the manufacturer. When compiling the rating, both the functionality of the benzotrimer will be taken into account and its cost will.

Budget Motokos STIHL

FS 38 is the most budget model, suitable for working with small areas. Unit power only 0.9 liters.With. The lawn mower differs in a small weight (4.1 kg), equipped with an ergonomic D-shaped handle. Control is carried out directly from the handle, which is convenient for the operator. Compact dimensions allow you to work even in places, for example, under the bushes. A gasoline braid for grass can be equipped with a Polycut head with plastic knives or an automatic two.string Autocut with a fishing line.

FS 40 is a light gasoline trimmer for grass for home use. The power of the model is 1 liter.With. A modern, economical and environmentally friendly, 2MIX engine is installed on the trimmer. The grass braid is equipped with an ergonomic ergonomic D-shaped handle with a convenient control panel. The weight of the unit is 4.4 kg. A flexible shaft is installed, the anti.vibration system is not provided. A head with a fishing line or plastic knives can be used for grass.

FS 45 C-E model is perfect for cutting small lawns, clearing near the paths, stairs and other inaccessible places. The grass braid is equipped with a D-shaped handle. The power of the unit is 1 liter.With. Compact dimensions and low weight (4.3 kg) allow you to hold the braid for a long time by weight. The main difference of the model is the presence of the ergostart system provides a comfortable launch.

FS 56 if we talk about the price, this model is somewhat much more than the previous. It is equipped with a bicycle handle, which allows you to make a greater swing when running, which means that you process a larger area at a time. The power of the unit is 1.1 liters.With. The weight of the model is also slightly larger. 5.1 kg. The supply of supply includes a satchery belt. The design provides an anti.vibration system. A 2-MIX technology, reducing fuel consumption and toxic exhaust gases, are implemented in a two-stroke engine.

FS 55 C gasoline trimmer for grass with a bicycle handle with a capacity of 1 liter.With. Model weight. 5 kg, to facilitate use in the kit, a satchery belt is included. In the design of Motokos, an anti.vibration system and function of Ergo Start for convenient launch are implemented. One of the most popular benzo-miliamers among the population.

FS 55 this model can be called the best ratio of price and quality. Compared to the previous option, it costs much cheaper (the difference is about 1,000). The main difference between the two benzokos is that the FC 55 model does not have ERGO Start system. The most popular model in our market of gardeners and summer residents.

STIHL FSA45 Lithium Ion Grass Trimmer. PFGEQUIP.COM

Professional trimmers for STIHL brand grass

FS 70 C-e braid with a capacity of 1.2 liters.With. Equipped with a two.stroke gasoline engine with a 2MIX system. The model is equipped with a comfortable bicycle handle, its total weight is 5.4 kg. The grass trimmer is equipped with a quick launch system Ergo Start, multi-functional handle. A flexible drive shaft is installed on the unit and a soft double shoulder belt includes.

FS 120 This powerful braid for grass can cope with a large amount of work, allows you to cut not only grass, but also small shrubs. The power indicator is 1.8 liters.With. The weight of the grass for grass is 6.3 kg. To simplify the work in the kit, an shoulder belt is included. The 1-position anti-vibration system is working with the trimmer more comfortable. Gas.mounted engine. 2-step, is characterized by increased performance with low fuel consumption.

FS 131 Powerful Benzotrimmer (1.9 L.With.) will cope with the mowing of hard herbs in large areas, will help remove small bushes and young trees. The weight of the braid for grass is 5.8 kg, the shoulder belt is included in the kit for comfortable work. In the design of braids for the grass, a hard drive shaft is provided. The Trimmer has implemented the Ergostart function and the STIHL proprietary anti.vibration system. The engine with 4-Mix technology combines the positive qualities of two- and four-stroke engines.

FS 250 is not the most expensive, but the most powerful (2.2 liters.C) trimmer for the grass of the stihl brand. He easily copes with reeds, hard grass, knots and thin trees. The weight of the model is 6.3 kg, the supply kit includes a double shoulder belt for uniform load distribution. The design provides a system of extinguishing vibrations and two lobed knife. The bottom trimmer for the grass is suitable for work in impassable places, it is optionally possible to install saw and sharp.toothed disks for cutting small trees and shrubs.

Conclusions and results

As a result of our review, we found out that for a buyer with a small area (5-7 acres) and a small budget, the FS 38 lawn mower is best suited. And for connoisseurs of econsmicity and environmental friendliness, as well as more modern technologies. the FS 40 lawn mower. Dachants and gardeners with areas of over 7 acres, in 80% of cases, will be selected by FS 55 or FS 55C, since it is equipped with a gearbox, a bicycle pen and a background belt, which will help to cope with higher grass and hard shoots on large volumes.

Professionals or utilities will prefer gasoline braids for FS 120 and FS 250 grass, as they are equipped with a powerful engine and are relatively inexpensive. They are also equipped with a hard shaft for installing a all kinds of cutting and sawing sets, and are suitable for large volumes of work. These trimmers for grass will cope even with small trees, shrubs, reeds.

For the most selective and demanding buyer, STIHL can offer gasoline braids for grass with 2MIX and 4MIX technologies, with a multifunctional handle and a comfortable launch system that meet the highest European standards. Such as FS 70 (for small volumes of work) and FS 131 (for large volumes of work).

We wish you successful purchases and long years of service with STIHL gas troops! Do not forget about annual free service benzos STIHL!

Review of models

Among the Stihl lawn mowers there are many models that deserve attention. It is worth considering the best options in more detail.


In the class of battery technology, the RMA 235 model deserves. It is compact, convenient in work, maneuverable, equipped with a folding grass collector, 33 cm width is enough for processing a small lawn. The power of the model 450 W, the STIHL accumulators of the Compact system are suitable for it-lithium-ion, at 2.8 ampere-hour.

RMA 339. a battery of 900 watts with a mowing width of 37 cm. it will cope with caring for the average lawn. The lithium-ion battery, handles for the convenience of transfer, a special grass collector, a branded knife with flaps, prolonging autonomous work due to energy saving.

Gazonocosilki robots

There are 4 of them in the Stihl Imow line, but 2 models deserve particular attention. RMI 632 P is the most powerful, capable of processing up to 4000 m2 thanks to the 194 W/h battery. The model overcomes slopes up to 45%, cuts grass at an altitude of 20-60 mm, can work for up to 8 hours a week, makes a minimum noise. The width of the proxis is 28 cm, the technique requires the use of a restrictive wire, there is control from the remote control.

RMI 422 P is a medium.power model. This robot gazonocosel is able to provide a lawn care of up to 1500 m2, the control and installation of the mowing program is carried out using the display on the case.

The technique is ready to work up to 25 hours a week, always supporting the perfect state of the lawn.


Interest in the electric segment is both the easiest models and quite powerful units. The younger model in the RME 235 line is equipped with an electric motor for 1200 watts, capable of 33 cm strip at a time. Increased maneuverability makes it the best option for processing the garden space between trees and flower beds.

Rme 545 V is the most powerful solution with a plastic case and a sheet steel frame. The model has implemented a 7-speed cutting system of cutting heights. The capacity of the equipment is 1600 watts, there is a 60.liter grass collector in the kit, a cutting element 43 cm wide, a monocolate with a folding mechanism and special transport handles.


Among the Stihl gasoline equipment for cutting lawns, you can note models of 2, 4, 5 series related to household. For example, RM 248. the youngest in its class, has a mowing width of 46 cm and is able to process lawns up to 1200 m. And the RM 448 TC, equipped with a special ergonomic handle with a one.sided type of holder, pumps out the same area faster and saves fuel.

Among the most powerful STIHL lawn mowers on a gasoline engine, you can note units of the 6th series. This is the RM 650 VS. a powerful equipment for the care of a lawn area up to 2000 m2. A special brake system includes and smooth Vario drive adjustment system. Speasing width. 48 cm, height. from 25 to 85 mm. RM 756 YC is the most powerful mower 6 series equipped with a hydrostatic drive system. The model is equipped with a that facilitates access to the grass collector.

How to choose?

The main criteria for choosing STIHL lawn mowers can be called the following points.

  • Requirements for the environmental friendliness of technology. If you do not want to inhale the vapors of gasoline during operation, it is better to give preference to electric battery or wired lawners.
  • The presence of free time. If it is not, but I still want to see a beautiful lawn outside the window, the situation will save the lawn mower-robot.
  • The presence of a reliable electric network. For plots without electricity or with a low.power network, the best option will be a gasoline or battery mower.
  • Speasing area. For large areas, fields, and a monthly care of several hectares, only a gasoline lawn mower is suitable. All other options are suitable only to trim the lawn grass near the house.
choosing, trimmer, stihl, grass, site

Having decided on all the parameters of the work of the equipment, you can easily find the most convenient option for yourself.

Electric trimmers for grass.

This equipment is used to process lawns in personal plots. For such equipment, the direct proximity of the mains is needed. Electric trimmers for grass do not distinguish harmful substances and do not affect the ecology.

These models are very convenient to operate. They have little weight and good maneuverability. STIHL electric trimmers models have a special protective casing.

It helps to prevent stones from entering the working part of the apparatus. The casing also prevents the scattering of grass. For mowing grass and caring for lawns in a personal plot, this equipment is ideal.

Powerful motorcycles

Such equipment can be purchased if there is a large plot of land. It will be much easier to care for it if there is a powerful model for mowing grass.

choosing, trimmer, stihl, grass, site

Accordingly, such trimmers for grass consume more energy. Their use in small areas is inappropriate. Such devices are quite massive and less maneuverable than light models.

Motokos (trimmers for grass) Stihl

The range of products and this information may differ depending on export performance. Constructive and technological modifications of tools and equipment are possible.

Functional trimmer for STIHL grass with gasoline or electric motor is an indispensable assistant in landscaping. Are you engaged in landscape design, cleaning territories or your own garden, buying motorcycles will be a successful purchase.

Stihl FS131 Buying best string trimmer made commercial equipment review test impression fs 131 weed

Where mowers can’t cope, in remote corners, ravines and strong slopes overgrown with grass, a powerful trimmer for grass will clear any plant jungle. Contact the lawn, cut the grass around the foundation of the house, sake young shrubs or wild shoots of trees. in the rich model range of the German brand there is a tool for any task.

Unrivaled power and performance, low noise, pleasant design in combination with thoughtful ergonomics is distinguished by a trimmer for STIHL grass from cheaper-analogs.

The professional vibration suppression system makes the user’s work safe, even with prolonged intensive operation, preventing the vibrational disease of the pseudo-rain. Belt equipment with soft lining evenly distributes weight, without unnecessary load on hand or spine.

Trammers for grass (lawn mowers) can conditionally be divided into:

  • User. a great choice for a personal economy and individual use. Light in weight, easy to control and launch, sufficient power to solve most household problems.
  • Professional. devices designed for long.term continuous functioning. Ideal for clearing grass and haircuts of lawns in parks, alleys, squares. Thanks to a powerful filling, they cope not only with hard grass, but also with young shrubs, overgrown with trees.

The Stihl FS series with a gasoline engine includes light maneuverable braids for grass with a capacity of 0.9 liters.C, and powerful bushes for 3.8 liters.With. Haircuts of lawn, thickets of grass, large weeds or overgrown shrubs with such an instrument will not be difficult. The Stihl FSE series is a line of electritrimmers operating from the network, and FSA is compact models with a battery.

The advantages of Stihl trimmers

Tired for half a day to mow the grass manually? The cottage ravine overgrown on the very belt, and the green lawn in front of the house lost an attractive look? Electro- or lawn mower- a reasonable investment in the improvement of your home. Maneuverable, lighter and often cheaper than the lawn mower, the StiHL lawn mower will help not only put the lawn in order, but also cut unnecessary branches of bushes, powerful weeds (for example, burdock or hogweed).

  • Free delivery on the day of order by
  • Shipment at night. Metro Tula, ul. Pavlovskaya 27/29.
  • Sending a transport company to any region

To buy a Stihl lawn mower, place an order on the site or call 8 495 212-05-27 or 8 800 333-65-87 to clarify information from a specialist.

“I have a powerful STIHL FS 450 Custores for 1.5 years. It works without problems. Expensive analogues when buying, on the advice of a consultant in the store did not even consider. Convinced of the right choice more than once. According to familiar communal services, they have the same model for the fourth year in work, the technique is unable to “”.


“I chose between the Stihl 55 gas station and 120 model. I decided that it is better to add money and take an assistant option. The 120th is still a universal lawn mower, has a hard shaft, power 1.3 kW “.


STIHL trimmer for the grass, reviews of which are indicated as an exceptional apparatus for lawns care, is able to satisfy the needs of any user. Among the large number of opinions about the product, positive points are especially distinguished. Quality, uninterrupted work during the entire warranty period and ease of operation are the main topic of reviews of almost all consumers. From negative moments, the frequent requests of the neighbors about the use of the product in areas can be distinguished. And to be more serious, it is worth noting the presence of breakdowns, often arising after the end of the warranty. STIHL trimmer has such indicators that any of the analogues of this tool can hardly boast. Almost all users of this product talk about the trimmer “StiHL” as a reliable tool, which can almost always be used in any conditions, having minimal skills with such units. The convenience of a trimmer for grass provides the speed of performing the tasks, and the reliability of the work does not allow you to be distracted by other aspects. The warranty period is always withstanding in full. The convenience of the design allows you to enjoy the process, which naturally affects the appearance of the site. After working with the trimmer, any user will receive a real aesthetic pleasure.

Before starting work on the site, it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the plant element. These actions will help make the right choice of nozzle in cases where the cutting tool is a change. Rare and soft grass is more convenient to mow with fishing line, at the same time, a knife is better for abundant and dense grass. Before use, it is necessary to fill the tank with gasoline with the addition of oil. If the tool is new, up to the 3rd refueling is not recommended to carry out work at maximum speeds, in order to prevent early breakdown and the need to rub parts for further high-quality interaction. It is necessary to choose the optimal position of the trimmer for the grass, and for the convenience and quality of the result, you need to break the site into sector. After work, the cutting tool must be cleaned of the grass.

Stihl lawn mower FS 120

The unit can be attributed to the category of semi.professional equipment. It is equipped with an automatic head, which independently regulates the supply of cutting fishing line.

It is also possible to install a knife as a cutting element. This allows you to use a model for mowing tall grass, weeds and reeds.

The main technical characteristics of the model:

For the grass that must be mowed, you can use a fishing line for a trimmer or a knife. Fuel mixture is prepared from gasoline and oil.

Advantages of Stihl electric trimmers:

Light weight. STIHL electrocos weigh less than 5 kg, so they are easy to carry around the site;

Equipped with a circular handle, which allows you to process narrow spaces;

The kit includes lateral protection points;

Cable protection from unloading is provided. The device is protected from accidental disconnection from the outlet;

Safety. Our electric ships are equipped with round protective casings, which prevents the hit of stones and scattering grass

Arehl trimmers application:

For refinement of summer cottages and garden areas, public places;

For processing areas (for example, between flower beds and benches);

As a rule, the choice of electric braids depends on the area and frequency of processing of the site. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the power of the device.

So, for cutting large lawns, a trimmer for STIHL FSE 81 grass is suitable. This model has a capacity of 1000 watts and is equipped with an anti.vibration handle. Thanks to the FSE 81 support wheel, it allows you to trim the grass near the stairs, borders and trees without damage.

Choose an electric trimmer for grass in accordance with your needs. STIHL electric ships are designed for significant loads for long work.

Free delivery on the day of the order by the metro Tula, ul. Pavlovskaya 27/29.

Sending a transport company to any region

To buy a Stihl chainsaw from an official dealer, place an order on the site or call 8 495 212-05-27 or 8 800 333-65-87 to clarify information from a specialist.