Connecting a soft start to a miter saw


  • Power. 1675 W.
  • Rotation speed. 3800 rpm.
  • Cutting parameters: height. 110 mm, width. 345 mm.
  • Disc parameters: diameter. 305 mm, bore. 30 mm.
  • Working angles: tilt. up to 49 °, swivel. up to 60 °.
  • Weight. 24.8 kg.

Additional options

  • Workspace illumination. a useful option in low light conditions.
  • Ability to connect a bag for collecting chips or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Laser pointer.
  • Saw blade quick change system (keyless).
  • Adjustment of cutting depth and saw blade speed.
  • System of maintaining speed under load.
  • Electric motor soft start system.


  • Acceptable cutting quality with a native 20-tooth disc.
  • Horizontal clamping of workpieces with a clamp.
  • Vacuum cleaner connection.
  • Spindle lock.
  • Affordable price segment.

Cutting disc

When choosing a saw, you need to pay attention to the parameters of the saw blade, especially the diameter of the bore. Most models are available with a diameter of 30 mm. Most common outside diameters are 10 and 12 inches. The first standard includes discs of 300 mm and 305 mm, and the second. 250 mm, 255 mm and 260 mm. There are larger and smaller discs.

Miękki start w przecinarce. Soft start in miter saw.

Working with a large disc requires more torque, but this increases the section of workpieces that can be cut. The design features of almost all saws do not allow the use of discs whose diameter exceeds the parameters specified in the passport. Smaller cutting element sizes reduce productivity.

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  • When working with thick metal requires moderate stress, otherwise the tool may fail.


  • Quick disk replacement.
  • Reliability.
  • Security.
  • Sawing at angles.
  • Sustainability.


  • Power. 1650 W.
  • Cutting parameters: depth. 93 mm (on the upper table. 40 mm), width. 130 mm.
  • Disc parameters: diameter. 260 mm, bore. 30 mm.
  • Weight. 14 kg.

Rating of miter saws with a broach on wood: TOP 10 best models for price and quality

The advantages of miter saws are ease of use and convenience when working with wood. It can be used for cutting non-ferrous metals, plastics, laminates. Users have highlighted the top 10 models in the broach miter saw ranking. They are reliable, durable, unpretentious in maintenance, retain the declared technical characteristics for a long period of operation.

Sturm! MS5525S

This model is characterized by the ability to process workpieces up to 430 mm wide, which is not possible with previous models. It is widely used in furniture making workshops. The saw is reliable, easy to use, does not require special maintenance, performs a full range of tasks. creates inclined, straight, combined cuts.

The use of special discs allows you to work with laminate, non-ferrous metals. Due to the technical characteristics, a smooth cut without chips and cracks is ensured. Laser pointer makes work easier and increases productivity.

  • Protecting the operator from dust by installing a bag.
  • Steel slide rails for increased flexibility.
  • Expanders for long products.
  • Powerful fixing clamp.
  • Stability due to special fastenings on the base.

ZUBR ZPT-255-1800 PL

Good feed-through miter saw for precise cutting of workpieces. It is made by a Russian company, so it is very easy to find parts for it. The trouble-free service life is at least 5 years, and with proper care it will be several decades. It is a reliable, durable rig that can be used for working with metal, wood, plastic. The multi-tooth saw blade is thicker for a wider range of applications.

The laser pointer ensures the accuracy of the cut, allows you to draw a straight, clear line. The incision is carried out at any angle; for this, the table can be rotated, the possibility of fixing in an arbitrary position. The workpiece is fastened with a clamp.

  • Automatic protective cover.
  • Keeping the workplace clean by connecting a vacuum cleaner.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Good build quality, materials.
  • Smooth start is not provided.

All saws have a different cost, so you can find the right one for every budget and request. They are used in everyday life, in small production, are lightweight, and therefore suitable for long-term daily use. With their help, you can make repairs or sawing various materials much faster compared to manual labor.


It is used to work with thin aluminum profiles, plastic products, wood, products based on it. It is a reliable miter saw that will last for decades. Spare parts for it are available, so if necessary, you can carry out repair work yourself.

With the saw, you can create straight, oblique, combined cuts, and inclined cuts. A powerful motor increases productivity, which makes it possible to use the device in everyday life and in small production such as a furniture workshop. Maintaining a clean workplace is provided by the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner, use a bag for collecting sawdust.

  • Protective cover.
  • Cross cut up to 90 degrees, bevel up to 45 degrees in any direction.
  • Protected power button.
  • Rubberized frost-resistant cable for connecting to the mains.
  • High build quality. no backlash and other drawbacks.
  • The laser peephole is clogged with chips, needs to be cleaned periodically.


An excellent wire feed miter saw with a robust deformation-resistant aluminum body. The lightweight and compact device provides accurate sawing, it is used even for large-sized products. The immobility is due to the use of a special clamp. Also in the process of cutting, table expanders, lasers, depth gauge are used.

For working with wide workpieces, there is a broaching function. The laser pointer ensures maximum precision when cutting, it is not clogged with sawdust, so the line and direction remain visible in all conditions.

  • Grooves are sawn using a depth gauge.
  • Dust bag included.
  • Compact size, light weight and handle for easy portability.
  • Spindle lock for disc replacement.
  • Carbide saw blade included.
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comparison table

The table shows the main characteristics and of miter saws, which will allow you to choose the option that is suitable for your purposes.

Model Power, W Disc diameter, mm Width / cutting height, mm Rotation speed, rpm Average price, rub.
STAVR PT-210/1800 1800 210 310/62 5000 9 400
ZUBR ZPT-255-1800 PL 255 305/75 11 300
ELITECH PT 1825K 4800 11,700
PATRIOT MS 255 300/72 5000 11 800
Hammer STL1400 / 210PL 1400 210 300/65 14,600
Metabo KGS 216 M 1500 216 305/65 18400
Hyundai M 2500-255S 2100 255 340/75 5100 18,000
BOSCH PCM 8 S 1200 216 220/65 4800 18,700
Sturm! MS5525S 2200 255 430/75 19,500
DeWALT DWS774 1400 216 265/70 4500 28100

Power section

The power section includes:

  • Incoming circuit breaker QF
  • Power thyristors (not shown in the diagram, located inside the soft starter)
  • KM bypass (bypass) contactor
  • Asynchronous motor M
  • Bypass contactor coil supply circuit (FU fuse and internal relay contacts 01 and 02)

The voltage to the input power contacts L1, L2, L3 and to the contacts of the KM bypass contactor is supplied through the QF circuit breaker, which is also used to protect the soft starter in the event of an overload or internal short circuit. The rated current of the circuit breaker is selected in accordance with the current consumption of the softstarter.

The KM bypass contactor is switched on when the motor reaches its maximum speed (when the internal thyristors of the soft starter are fully opened). The voltage to the contactor coil is supplied through the special output contacts 01 and 02. The diagram shows that the switching power is supplied to the switching through the FU fuse from phase L3. When the contacts are closed (full voltage output), the L3 phase enters the lower output of the KM contactor coil according to the circuit. The upper terminal can be powered by the L1 phase (at a voltage of the contactor coil of 380V), or it can be connected to the neutral wire N (at a voltage of 220V).

Any voltage can be applied to the coil of the contactor, for example 24V DC. To do this, you need an appropriate power source, which will be switched through contacts 01 and 02 of the soft starter. In this case, there is no need to connect to phase L3 via fuse FU. A table for selecting a contactor depending on the motor power is given in the instructions for a particular model.

The lower contacts of the bypass contactor should be connected only to the corresponding softstarter terminals A2, B2, C2, since when the bypass mode is turned on and the motor reaches full power, the motor current is monitored in order to protect it from overload.

The electric motor is connected through the output power terminals T1, T2, T3 through a cable of the appropriate section.

Two-wire control circuit

The diagram shows a key with latching (switch) K. When its contacts are closed, the soft starter starts, when opened, the process of soft stopping of the engine begins.

The “Instant Stop” contact should normally be closed. They show an emergency circuit, for example, an “Emergency Stop” button, or limit switches for opening safety guards. As soon as this circuit is broken, the soft starter will stop the motor in an emergency.

Control part

Consider the operation of the control part of the SCP connection diagram.

The important element here is the start and stop circuit input terminals. There are two types of control circuit. 2-wire and 3-wire. The type of control is selected by the user through the control panel.

Soft starter connection diagrams

In this article, we will consider various connection diagrams for soft starters using the example of the Prostar PRS2 soft starter.

Softstarters are available from a variety of manufacturers, and they all have their own specifics. However, there are general connection principles that are valid for any soft starter model.

All conductors connected to the starter can be divided into power and control. Power circuits are responsible for supplying power. Control circuits are on / off (switching) circuits, signaling circuits, etc. They provide not only starting and stopping the engine, but also protection of the soft starter in case of emergencies.

The general connection diagram of the Prostar PRS2 soft starter is as follows:

Three-wire control circuit

In this case, 3 wires are used, which are connected to pins 8, 9, 10. When the “Start” button is briefly pressed (without latching), the soft starter starts the process of accelerating the electric motor, when the Stop button is pressed (also without latching), the stopping process begins.

The soft starter can also be started by means of an intermediate relay. This is advisable to avoid false alarms in the case of long control wires or difficult interference conditions.

A two-wire control circuit using an intermediate relay KA is shown below.

Designations on the diagram: KS. “Start / Stop” switch with latching, KA. coil and relay contact. Normally closed contacts K. instant stop circuit mentioned above.

[How To] install soft-start module on DeWalt 745 Table saw.

For the operator’s convenience, two buttons can be installed at the control post. “Start” and “Stop”. When the post is located at a considerable distance from the soft starter, an intermediate relay can be used, as shown in the diagram below:

The figure shows a classic circuit for turning on and off a self-retaining relay. It also uses a two-wire circuit through the contacts of the KA relay.

The Prostar PRS2 soft starter also has output terminals (see general connection diagram):

  • 01-02. bypass output for bypass contactor control (discussed above).
  • 03-04. programmable output. Turns on on an event that can be programmed when configuring the soft starter.
  • 05-06. error output. Works in case of any failure of the soft starter.
  • 11-12. analog current output for monitoring the motor current.

Softstarters from other manufacturers may have different terminal numbers, voltage values, etc. You can clarify the connection nuances in the instructions for a specific soft starter model.

Wert MS 1321

With the help of this tool, you can work not only with plastic, metal and wood, but even with concrete, which is very useful in construction and repair work, for example, when chipping walls in order to drown wiring cables there. The cutting angle in the horizontal plane is adjustable from 45 to 45 degrees. a pretty decent figure. The angle of inclination of the disc varies from 0 to 45 degrees. In order for the user to see the cutting line, the structure is equipped with an elaborate dust extraction system. The set includes a clamp that allows you to securely fix the workpiece on the workbench. The body is made of durable and durable plastic that can withstand even serious physical activity. The motor is located underneath it in such a way that access to it is easy, so replacement of the brushes is quite quick.

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The double electrical isolation system provides almost complete protection against short circuit and electric shock to the user. The engine power is 1300 W, despite such a low figure, the saw is capable of delivering up to 5500 rpm. The saw blade diameter is 210 mm. The maximum cutting depth for right-angle cuts is 60 mm. The weight of the structure turned out to be quite serious. 7.1 kg.

  • Acceptable cost;
  • Fully complies with all applicable safety standards;
  • Produces a decent number of revolutions with a low power engine;
  • Easy access to the motor for changing brushes.
  • The brand is not very well known among Russian users, so finding a device on sale is not too easy.

Inexpensive miter saws

Top 10 best miter saws, how to choose a miter cut?

Today it is difficult to imagine that once people processed materials exclusively with a hand tool. It was a very time consuming and laborious process. Fortunately, at the present time on the sale you can find many different devices that can greatly facilitate a person’s life. The miter saw also belongs to such devices. it was created specifically in order to cut wood across the grain. This is its main difference from a circular saw, which, as a rule, is used to cut along the structure of the material.

The assortment of similar devices presented on the shelves is very large, so not only a beginner, but also a fairly experienced master can get confused in it. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to compile for you a rating of the best miter saws of the year. We have selected the best models on the market, analyzed in detail their performance characteristics, and also decided to give you some useful tips regarding the competent purchase of a similar tool.

  • How to choose the right miter saw?
  • Inexpensive miter saws
  • 4. Wert MS 1321
  • 3. Einhell TH-MS 2112
  • 2. Caliber PTE-1400 / 210M
  • 1. BISON ZPT-210-1400 L
  • Miter saws belonging to the middle class
  • 3. BOSCH PCM 8
  • 2. Craton MS-1900/254
  • 1. Miter saw Metabo KGS 216 M
  • Premium segment miter saws
  • 3. Evolution RAGE3-S
  • 2. Metabo KGS 315 Plus
  • 1. Makita LH1040F
  • In conclusion, a useful video

How to choose the right miter saw?

Modern models are equipped with sufficiently powerful motors and high-strength saw blades, which allows them to cope not only with wood, but also with materials such as plastic, metal profiles and pipes, and various kinds of composite staves. It should be noted right away that the miter saw is capable of cutting not only at a right angle, but also at an arbitrarily chosen angle. On sale you can also find units where the angle of inclination changes both horizontally and vertically. With this tool, you can even select the grooves.

The main working elements of the products are an electric motor, a saw blade made of high-quality high-strength steel. They are connected to each other using a gearbox with a power button. This entire block is fixed on the bed, where the workpiece is placed. The bed is equipped with a turntable that adjusts the cutting angle, as well as a stop. In the most expensive devices, this element is made from lightweight aluminum and magnesium alloys, which allows you to significantly reduce the weight of the tool without losing reliability indicators.

The functional unit is connected to the bed by means of a pivot arm and a spring-loaded hinge. Expensive models of miter saws are equipped with an asynchronous motor, which has a high level of reliability, does not work very loudly and consumes energy economically, but they are quite heavy and do not have too high power. In terms of the ratio of overall dimensions and power, collector motors are more attractive. they are capable of delivering up to 5-10 thousand revolutions per minute. However, such engines are quite noisy and require regular maintenance.

The gearbox transmits the engine torque. In such devices, it is either with a gear or with a belt drive. The first type may seem more reliable, but if they fail, the entire gear unit will have to be completely replaced. It is for this reason that manufacturers often prefer belt transmission. It uses a special belt. It can sometimes fly off or break, but replacing it with a new one or returning it to its place is not so difficult, so this can be dealt with at home. In addition, the belt dampens radial and axial vibrations, which significantly extends the life of the engine bearings.

Einhell TH-MS 2112

Equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1400 W, which provides an idle speed of 4600 rpm. The diameter of the circle is standard. 230 mm, the hole for fasteners. 30 mm. The maximum cutting depth is 55 mm. This tool is specially designed for the production of angle, bevel and combination sawing of products from wood of different density, plastic and soft metal. The design and ergonomics are excellently thought out, so the saw can be easily transported and installed on absolutely any surface. The cutting angle is fixed in 5 degree increments. You can set all the necessary operating parameters using the original stepless control system. It also allows you to change the cutting depth.

The working table can also change its position if necessary, since it rotates in both directions. In order to make the corner cut as accurate as possible, the product has special longitudinal stops. For even more precise fixation of the workpiece, there is a clamp, and for convenient work with long workpieces, there are worktable extensions in the design. To keep the workplace clean at all times, you can connect a construction vacuum cleaner or a dust bag to the tool. This not only allows you to see the cutting line, but also protects the operator’s lungs from inhaling small particles.

  • Very easy to use tool;
  • Sophisticated control system;
  • Reliable items;
  • Advanced adjustment options.
  • There is no soft start system, which is why the tool vibrates noticeably when starting.
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Caliber PTE-1400 / 210M

It produces not only cross and bevel cuts, but can also perform longitudinal cuts, in other words, this tool also combines the functions of a circular saw. The power of the electric motor here is 1400 W, it is located close enough to the body, so you do not have to disassemble the saw completely to replace the brushes. you just need to remove the protective cover. The maximum thickness of the material with which the tool can work is 55 mm, this parameter will be quite enough for domestic use. The largest workpiece width should not exceed 120 mm. The saw blade can be tilted if necessary, the working table is swivel here. up to 45 degrees. In order to set all parameters as accurately as possible, two degree scales can be found on the case.

The saw blade is additionally covered with a plastic casing, which will open only when the cutting element approaches the workpiece itself. This has a positive effect on the safety when working with the tool. It is quite natural that the device is equipped with additional stops, with the help of which it will be possible to work with rather long workpieces. There are stops, they are made in the shape of the letter P and do not allow the workpiece to jump off the frame. The tool is equipped with a rubberized handle with good ergonomics. this will not allow the hand to slip off of it during operation.

  • Convenient and absolutely safe to use tool;
  • Long service life;
  • Well thought out ergonomics;
  • Made from high quality materials;
  • Acceptable cost.
  • The belt at the gearbox is weak. it slips regularly, it is better to immediately replace it with a new one.

BISON ZPT-210-1400 L

A fairly compact tool for its specificity, which is additionally equipped with laser illumination of the cutting line. The device is used to work with workpieces, the maximum thickness of which can reach 60 mm. The saw is quite versatile. it can be used for absolutely all types of cuts. straight, oblique, inclined, combined and even straight. The protective cover opens and closes automatically. The turntable can be locked in any position, the tilt is also adjustable, so you can set the required cutting angle in just a few seconds. The construction is made of a special lightweight alloy.

It provides high structural strength, which also has a positive effect on the accuracy of the cut. The dust extraction works very efficiently here. Extension table supports prevent even a fairly long workpiece from tipping over. this not only has a positive effect on safety, but also prevents fracture at the end of the cut. The engine is very reliable, its power is 1300 W, it is capable of developing up to 5500 rpm.

  • Excellent value for money and product quality;
  • Well thought out security system;
  • Stands stably on almost any surface;
  • There is a laser guide for the cutting line;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Long term of warranty service. 5 years;
  • Made of lightweight alloys.

Do-it-yourself miter saw from a circular

The tool can be removed from the table and the grinder can be used for its usual purpose.

  • The rotary device of the tool is installed on the pivot axis of the car wheel (kingpin), it is held by a ball bearing for 150 mm (if you can find more, it will do).
  • We attach the ears to the outer side of the bearing by welding to fix it on the base. It is fixed by means of M6 screws.
  • To protect against shavings, the clip is covered with a box.
  • We make the broach from the shock absorbers from the truck (broken ones will do). Oil is poured out of them, holes for ventilation are drilled, which should be tightened with a mesh from dust and shavings.
  • To avoid a jerk when starting work, the saw is supplemented with a soft start module, which slightly reduces the revs.
  • The last stage of work is the manufacture of protection for the disk.
  • works very noisy;
  • to adjust the accuracy of cuts in wood, trimming of bars is used, after which the thrust is fixed rigidly and you can work clean.


The basic part of such a saw is the bed. A table is attached to the bed, which must have a swivel mechanism equipped with a ruler. It is this mechanism that allows the cutting process to be carried out at a certain angle, adjusting it to the specific individual needs of each user. over, this angle can be changed by moving the desktop directly in relation to the bed.

Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade device

The first and most important benefit of a homemade miter saw is the significant financial savings. So, buying a ready-made tool will cost you quite expensive (average), and making a tool with your own hands from a material point of view is available to almost everyone.

Often, the available tools on the farm are used as starting materials for making a miter saw with their own hands. It should be noted that such materials are not always of high quality. That is why the life and quality of service of a homemade device can be very short and low.

For more on how to make a miter saw from a circular saw, see the video below.

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When using a combined saw, the cutting angle can be changed in 2 directions. The device, like the previous version, contains an additional hinge. In order to change the cutting angle, it must be adjusted and retracted to the side opposite to the place where the drive is mounted.

Varieties of miter saws

There are several types of miter saws (popularly also called “miter saws”). Let’s get acquainted with these varieties.

Trimming from a grinder

Technical characteristics of cross-cut with a broach, assembled by hand:

  • disk revolutions. 4500;
  • cutting length. 350 mm (much higher than that of a middle-class factory tool).