Electric Chain Saws Which Are Better

A chain saw is an effective tool for cutting wood, requires less effort and time than a hand saw. Unlike a chainsaw, it does not produce toxic exhaust. Therefore, they are used both in professional woodwork and in summer cottages. When choosing a saw, the main quality that is required of it is the ability to provide high productivity over a long service life. Portal Mark.guru presents the rating of the best chainsaws of the highest reliability for 2018.

Criterias of choice

To choose the right chain saw, it is recommended to evaluate the models according to the following criteria:

  • Power. A more powerful and productive tool can handle large-diameter barrels and withstand high loads.
  • Engine location. In most models, the transverse is implemented, which is convenient when working in a vertical plane. The saw is more dimensional and inconvenient in the conditions of limited space. In the longitudinal position, a better balance is achieved and a more even cut is obtained. In addition, better maneuverability is provided.
  • Locking systems. Ensure the safety of the device. They activate an instant stop of the circuit in case of a rebound, as well as protection against accidental switching on.
  • Overheating prevention. When unacceptably high temperatures are reached, disconnection from the mains occurs.
  • Soft start function. When the engine starts, revolutions are gradually gained, which extends the life of the device.
  • Chain tension adjustment. Affects performance and security. The tension can be changed by means of a screw and a screwdriver, or a nut and a slider are used. The second method is simpler and does not require an additional tool.
  • Grease. A good saw should have a chain lubrication system, which is a special pump that provides uniform tire lubrication during operation.

1 Makita UC4041A

The leader in the rating of the best saws is the Makita model. It has a 40 cm tire and a chain of 56 links. Despite the transverse position of the engine, it is convenient and maneuverable, has a rubberized handle. The chain tension is very easily adjusted with a special lever. There is a lock on accidental inclusion and protection against rebound. The case design is balanced, the weight is not too heavy for tools of this class. The issued noise and vibrations conform to modern European standards.

In addition, purchase a 30-meter extension cord, which is attached to the saw’s own power cord with a special clamp and ensures efficient, trouble-free operation.

  • 1800 W;
  • chain pitch 9.3 mm;
  • 200 ml oil tank;
  • 800 rpm;
  • cable 0.3 m;
  • 4.7 kg

Electric Chain Saws Which Are Better

  • power;
  • ergonomics;
  • ease of setup;
  • relatively light weight.
  • requires regular maintenance.

The average price is 7500 rubles.

Prices for Makita UC4041A:

2 Bosch AKE 40 S

In second place saw the European assembly Bosch. It is characterized by a reliable transverse engine, a robust housing and a modern locking system. According to the corporate classification, it is suitable for medium-sized trees and garden work of moderate complexity.

The proprietary Bosch-SDS system allows you to adjust the tension and remove the chain with just one hand without the use of any additional tools.

  • 1800 W;
  • tire 40 cm;
  • 200 ml oil tank;
  • chain speed 9 m / s;
  • weight 5.4 kg.
  • high-quality assembly;
  • reliable engine;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • safety of use.
  • sensitive to overheating, not designed for high loads.

The average price is 7800 rubles.

Prices for Bosch AKE 40 S:

3 Champion 420

In third place in the ranking of the best saws is the Champion model with a longitudinal engine. Ideal for work near the garden house, cutting construction materials, sawing small and medium trees. Thanks to the longitudinal arrangement of the motor, the model is maneuverable, it is easy for it to cut branches and trim shrubs. Safety of work is provided by double isolation, blocking of inclusion and a chain brake.

Due to the external arrangement of the technical unit, it is possible to easily change the carbon brushes of the engine without the use of a special tool.

  • 2000 W;
  • tire 40 cm;
  • 101 db;
  • 57 links;
  • 250 ml oil tank;
  • 4.7 kg
  • light weight and maneuverability;
  • high power
  • security.

No flaws were identified.

The average price is 5400 rubles.

Prices for Champion 420:

4 Husqvarna 436 Li

The fourth place in the ranking is occupied by the Husqvarna cordless saw. There are complete sets with and without a battery, there is also a proprietary charger. The model is characterized by a fairly low noise level, therefore, it can be used near and even inside residential premises. The chain tension can be easily changed without the need for additional tools.

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A distinctive feature of the model is the high performance of the batteries. They work continuously up to 45 minutes and charge in just half an hour. In addition, they are universal and suitable for any model of brand saws.

  • transverse brushless motor;
  • work speed 15 m / s;
  • 200 ml oil tank;
  • 3000 mAh battery;
  • 2.5 kg
  • compactness;
  • a light weight;
  • wireless work;
  • good performance.

The average price of 21,000 rubles.

Prices for Husqvarna 436 Li:

5 Daewoo Power Products DACS 2500E

In the middle of the rating is a powerful Daewoo model with a transverse engine. It has a spontaneous locking system, a chain stop function and a rugged shockproof housing. It is characterized by a low noise level and fairly low weight. The tension level changes without an additional tool thanks to the SDS system.

A special window allows real-time monitoring of the level of lubrication in the oil tank.

  • 2500 W;
  • tire 40 cm;
  • 230 ml oil tank;
  • 57 links;
  • 6 kg
  • high power
  • slightly heated;
  • simple mechanism for changing tension;
  • low price;
  • low noise.
  • uncomfortable handles without soft pads.

The average price is 5400 rubles.

Prices for Daewoo Power Products DACS 2500E:

6 DDE CSE1814

The lightweight and compact DDE saw continues the rating. Due to its low power, it is suitable for simple tasks, such as pruning branches, trimming hedges, and harvesting firewood. There is a standard set of safe operation, including accidental blocking and chain brake. The chain is lubricated during operation automatically.

To avoid overheating, alternate work and rest modes during operation. For DDE saws, the manufacturer recommends intervals of 40-60 seconds.

  • 1820 watts;
  • tire 35 cm;
  • 90 ml oil tank;
  • 14 m / s;
  • 104 db;
  • 4.4 kg
  • silent work;
  • low cost;
  • good power;
  • a light weight.
  • noisy;
  • unreliable chain adjustment mechanism.

The average price is 4000 rubles.

Prices for DDE CSE1814:

7 Oleo-Mac 19 E-16

Oleo-Mac saw can be used to cut hardwood and medium-sized branches. The brand is characterized by high reliability and ease of use. Safety of work is guaranteed by a double inertial brake, and thanks to a metal clutch, the service life and wear resistance are increased.

Thanks to the ratchet chain mechanism, slippage of the chain during jamming and additional motor protection are provided.

  • transverse engine position;
  • tire 40 cm;
  • 1800 kW;
  • 200 ml oil tank;
  • 3.9 kg.
  • high power and speed;
  • durable and reliable motor;
  • strong case;
  • light weight.
  • inconvenient tension adjustment system.

The average price is 9500 rubles.

Prices for the Oleo-Mac 19 E-16:

8 MasterYard MS2000E 16

MasterYard saw has a high power and longitudinal position of the electric motor. The small case allows you to work in uncomfortable bottlenecks. The tool copes well with hard rocks and medium-sized branches. The metal stop, star and coupling guarantee a long service life and high wear resistance. MasterYard has an automatic oil supply system and overheat protection.

A feature of the model is the electrodynamic brake of the engine with additional coils. The circuit stops almost instantly after removing the start button.

  • 2000 W;
  • tire 40 cm;
  • 150 ml oil tank;
  • 4.1 kg
  • high performance;
  • reliability and wear resistance;
  • security;
  • low noise level;
  • light weight.

No flaws were identified.

The average price is 9000 rubles.

Prices for MasterYard MS2000E 16:

9 Oleo-Mac 17 E-16

In ninth place in the ranking of the best chainsaws is another model from Oleo-Mac. Both models are very similar, but the 17 E-16 has less power, as well as protection against overheating. Also, the saw is characterized by a relatively light weight and dimensions, a good choice for a summer residence.

  • 1,600 kW;
  • tire 40 cm;
  • 200 ml oil tank;
  • 4 kg
  • high reliability;
  • security;
  • build quality;
  • good performance.

No flaws were identified.

The average price is 8500 rubles.

Prices for the Oleo-Mac 17 E-16:

10 Monferme 20237M-1

The TOP-10 is completed by the Monferme cordless saw. This light, comfortable and safe saw of the French brand was created especially for women. It is distinguished by a stylish bright design and ergonomics. The kit comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. The oil tank has transparent walls, which allows you to constantly monitor the oil level. The handle and lock button are soft coated. The battery life is as much as 40 minutes.

The innovative DIGIPRO BRUSHLESS brushless motor emits 50% less vibration and 80% less noise than gasoline models. In addition, it is 20% easier and without any problems to start at any time of the year.

  • 4000 mAh battery;
  • 200 ml oil tank;
  • tire 40 cm;
  • 5.2 kg
  • wireless work;
  • bright design;
  • a light weight;
  • reliability and safety;
  • capacious battery.

The average price is 16,000 rubles.

Prices for Monferme 20237M-1:


When choosing a saw, it is necessary, first of all, to be guided by the purpose of use. For simple gardening work, it is recommended to purchase more compact and lighter models. For example, rechargeable, which do not depend on the ability to access an electrical outlet. But they have a high price and are not suitable for large volumes of work. For powerful productive saws, it is advisable to purchase a special extension cord. For pruning trees, it is better to choose from models with a vertical arrangement of the motor, since they are distinguished by good maneuverability. With a transverse arrangement, less power loss and high productivity are achieved.