Electric saw does not turn on without oil. Electric saw does not saw exactly

DIY chain repair

Collector motors of alternating current are quite widely used as power units of household appliances, manual power tools, electrical equipment of cars, automation systems. The engine connection diagram, as well as its device, resembles a diagram and device of a direct current electric motor with sequential excitement. The scope of such motors is due to their compactness, low weight, ease of control, relatively low cost. The most in demand in this production segment are low.power electric motors with a high speed.

The repair of electric saws falls on the owner’s shoulders. But this applies only to minor breakdowns. When identifying serious malfunctions, the manufacturer recommends contacting the service center. Among the most common malfunctions can be distinguished:

This malfunction can be caused by the lack of power, overheating of the engine or a malfunction of the launch system.

Design features and principle of action

In fact, the collector engine is a rather specific device that has all the advantages of a direct current machine and, due to this, has similar characteristics. The difference between these engines is that the case of the stator of the AC motor to reduce losses on vortex currents is made of separate sheets of electrical steel. The winding of the excitation of the machine is connected sequentially to optimize operation in the household network 220V. There can be both one- and three-phase, thanks to the ability to work from direct and alternating current, they are also called universal. In addition to the stator and rotor, the design includes a brush-collection mechanism and a tachogenerator. The rotation of the rotor in the collector electric motor occurs as a result of the interaction of the anchor current and the magnetic flow of the winding of excitation. Through brushes, the current is supplied to the collector assembled from the trapezoidal section plates and is one of the nodes of the rotor, sequentially connected to the stator windings.

In general, the principle of operation of the collector engine can be clearly demonstrated with the help of the experience known from the school with the rotation of the frame placed between the poles of the magnetic field. If the current flows through the frame, it begins to rotate under the influence of dynamic forces. The direction of movement of the frame does not change when changing the direction of motion of current in it.

The consistent connection of excitement windings gives a large maximum moment, but there are large idle speeds that can lead to a premature failure of the mechanism.

How to handle a saw? (Emergency advice)

It is advisable to use gasoline models for harvesting firewood, since they have more power and number of revolutions (8–9 thousand. rpm.) than electric models (about 5 thousand. rpm.). In addition, electric chain saws cannot be used without stopping for a long time.

If the electric saw is not equipped with a system of thermal control of the engine, then the insulation of the anchor wraps can melt, and a short circuit will occur. If the system is installed, then it will literally disconnect the engine cooling tool.

Electric models are recommended for carpentry or small, cosmetic work on caring for a garden.

For cooling, it is necessary to set the tool more often to the side. By the way, most of the household class electric saws can continuously work a few minutes.

Electric Chainsaw Maintenance, Cleaning, Lubrication How To

Electric models require carefully monitoring current stability, especially when using low.power saws. In our electric networks (especially in rural areas), voltage drops are frequent, and the value of such jumps on weekends and holidays can reach 15–20%. By the way, the more powerful, the less sensitive the tool for stability of the voltage is.

When working with electric saw, it is necessary to constantly pay attention to the saw disk or chain. If during operation the saw heats up strongly and quickly, then this indicates, first of all, about poor sharpening of the teeth.

In order for the fishing line for a trimmer to cut when working with a disk electric saw to turn out even, the edges of the casing must be in contact with the surface of the wood and rest against it when working. With difficulty progressing the saw disk according to the wood array, it is necessary first, without stopping the work, pushing it a few centimeters back along the saw, and then slowly direct the movement of the saw along the same line again.

Not only the tool itself requires care, but also its belonging. For example, the chain after each working day must be reigned and undermined. In addition, if the tool is not equipped with an automatic lubricant of the chain (there are, however, there are few of them), then you should more often lower the saw tire into a bucket with butter.

The Chainsaw trick NOBODY EVER TOLD YOU!!!

Properly sharpened and adjusted saw saws itself, almost no need to make additional efforts to it. After work, it is necessary to remove the saw disk or chain, wipe it from sawdust, clean with kerosene and put in a special box until the next use.

Storage of tools. the topic of a separate conversation. Particularly carefully should be taken into account of battery models, which must be kept in a dry and warm place at an ambient temperature of not higher than 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise you can damage the battery.

The service life of the nickel-cadmium battery is maximum during operation in temperature mode from 10 degrees Celsius to 35–40 degrees. Of course, you should not leave the tool under direct sunlight, and even more so in the rain.

Saw. the tool is not just dangerous, but extremely dangerous, so security issues should be paid to constant and increased attention. When working with a disk electric saw, it is necessary, first of all, to check the serviceability of the mounting of parts and the wiring, the electric saw should be grounded.

Sprinking, for example, boards can only be in a dry room. You should never start work next to an open source of water, in a damp or wet room.

The saw disk must be securely fixed, which must be checked before starting work. Speaking of disc saws, it is also necessary to especially note: each model is designed to use a disk of one specific diameter.

electric, does, turn

It is impossible to install a larger diameter disk, and a smaller disk is unacceptable for security reasons: in this case, a gap is formed between the disk and the protective casing into which the finger may fall. And since the speed of rotation of the disk is very high, the guarantee is almost one hundred percent to be left without a finger.

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Preparation for work with chain electric saw

The features of electric saw are the location of the engine. longitudinal and transverse. It does not affect work in any way, but there is little to use the appearance and ease of use. Also, for the longitudinal location, the presence of a gearbox is desirable.

Saws are disk and chain. The most popular models with a chain, as they are much smaller in size and can be used in small farms.

Another feature of chain electric saws is considered the independence of the price from the power of the tool. However, despite the fact that it drank small and low.power, it can cost just like a powerful unit. It depends on the fact that the wiring does not withstand heavy loads and may burn out. It is for summer cottages and small garden plots, where weakest wiring and small saws are created.

Electric chain makita UC 3541 A: Complete

Pilament assembly

In the configuration, the basis with the engine, the tire and the chain are. The preparation process is to collect the saw, t.e. tire. It is very important to pull the chain correctly here, since with weak tension, sagging will be sagging that, accordingly, will affect work. The same problems in the work will arise with too strong tension.


Not an electric motor needs to run, but a saw set. The preparatory actions that need to be carried out before work are mandatory.

  • The launch is made only after adjusting the saw headset: tires, chains and stars.
  • Regular sharpening of a saw chain.
  • Periodically check the level of lubrication in the tank.
  • Do not use electric saws for voltage drops, or install a stabilizer.
  • Compliance with all safety rules when working with a cutting garden tool.

Electric saw Champion 324n.eighteen

Switching range of chain electric saw Caliber

Caliber produces four models of chain saw with electric drive. They are very popular because their weight is significantly lower than chainsaws, they are more compact and easy to use. Also, the problem associated with the winter launch is excluded.

Caliber EPC-1500/14

Due to the low power of the model, only 1,500 kW, the electric saw has a small size. The engine is on the side, and the saw chain itself can be adjusted without the use of additional tools. This saw has an excellent electrical insulating that allows you to use it in high humidity conditions. EPC-1500/14 electric vehicles tires are enough for harvesting firewood, cutting wooden materials for the construction of structures.

Caliber EPC-1800/14

In this model, the power is already higher. 1800 kW, which indicates its greater performance. Traction qualities, wear resistance, air cooling also became much better than the previous model. In the EPC-1800/14 model, manufacturers introduced the cooling and automatic lubrication system of the chain.

Caliber EPC-2200/16

The electrical model of EPC 2200/16 has high power (2200 kW) and slightly increased weight. 4.9 kg. This saw is very easy to manage and maneuver. High power gives high performance, and the excellent quality of spare parts and components guarantees a long service life. Electric saw is perfect for the construction of wooden structures, cut logs with a diameter of up to 40 cm, dumps duck. This model has a low cost.

Caliber EPC-2400/16PD

Electric EPC 2400/16 saw has high engine power of 2400 kW. The electric motor is only in this model. Another modification was that you can change tires of different lengths. Improved housing plastic, oil pump and fuel tank itself.

Each of these electric saws has its own advantages and advantages. Earlier models are chosen thanks to the lower cost of the electrical saw, and the later ones. due to updated components, higher power and performance.

Brands overview of various manufacturers

Today, there are many tempting offers on the market from a variety of manufacturers of special oils that can work at high temperatures and provide excellent indicators for the lubrication of the gearbox. The most popular of them are presented in the next list.

    Forest Plus has high adhesive characteristics and can be operated at ambient temperatures up to. 15 ° C. Subject to a number of conditions, the shelf life of the oil is 3 years. Sold in 1-liter and five-liter packaging 5 l 1140.

The use of special oil for lubricating the chain mechanism of the electric saw will ensure its uninterrupted operation for a long time. This will carry out work quickly, efficiently and with a high level of safety, which will ultimately lead to significant savings in the repair and maintenance of the entire tool.

Electric saws and their malfunctions and repair

An electric saw is a tool that allows you to carry out a quick and high.quality cut of various materials. Unlike chainsaws, electric saws do not need refueling fuel, but work from a standard electric network. Electric saws during operation do not form exhaust gases, which makes the tool absolutely safe for the user, revealing wide opportunities for use of indoors.

Another serious advantage of the electric saw, in comparison with the gasoline analogue, is stable operation at low (negative) temperatures. This advantage is fundamental for many regions with a harsh climate. The disadvantage of the electric saw is dependent on the power source.

electric, does, turn

Depending on the specifics of the tasks to be solved, you can choose the saw:

  • disk;
  • tape;
  • mounting;
  • desktop;
  • cutting;
  • saber;
  • end;
  • chain electric;
  • Circular.

Each of these types of saws has its own capabilities and restrictions, no less choice is determined by the material and mode of using the electric saw (professional or household). Disk (circular saws) is high performance, the ability to adjust the speeds, the presence of an anti.vibration device, dust gathering, overheating protection systems, a laser cutting function, etc. Structurally, the disk saw consists of a case with an electric motor and a cutting element. a saw disk. By the method of sawing the model of disk electric saws, you can divide into those that move into the drain plane and those that remain motionless during sawing. In the latter case, the processed material itself moves.

Regardless of the type of electric saw, the most important criteria for choice remain unchanged. These include:

  • engine power;
  • the presence of a smooth launch regime;
  • the level of thermal protection;
  • the presence of a chain brake;
  • Battery capacity;
  • The price of the model.

When choosing a model of a modern electric saw, pay special attention to the presence of a function of protection against a “reverse” blow that allows you to instantly block a chain, thereby significantly increasing the safety of work

How to change the gear of electric saws?

If you decide to independently replace the gear of a plastic for the electric saw, read the video presented below. To remove the element, you need to perform the following, simple, manipulations:

  • Remove the corkscrew ring of a drive star, which sets the chain in motion. To do this, use a screwdriver. Asterisk, washer and spring are dismantled.
  • Unscrew all external screws in order to get inside the case.
  • A stubborn plate is dismantled.
  • Remove the handle, while holding the casing.
  • Unscrew the screws located near the brake cover.
  • We open the mechanical part of the case, while we can already see the sliding gear of the electric saw.
  • After that, unscrew the screws that hold the brake mechanism to remove the pin.
  • We remove the anchor for the electric saw and the gear pressed with a nut.
  • The drive gear of the electric saw is removed quite easily, for this it is enough just to pull on yourself.

A plastic gear for electric saws can have combed teeth, which is due to which there is a skidding mechanism. To remove the damaged mechanism from the shaft, you need to use the keys of the corresponding size. The bearing and damaged part is removed. After that, the new gear on the electric saw is put on the shaft, using screwing movements. If you need a new anchor to a manual, plastic or metal gears, when choosing them, be sure to take into account the technical characteristics and features of the equipment. Do not forget that not all gears for electric saws and other components are universal.

Why does an electric saw do not turn on

What to do if the device does not give signs of life at all? If the saw does not turn on, it is possible:. low voltage in the network. Measure with a voltmeter. If below 180, connect the equipment through a voltage stabilizer. Sometimes, with planted networks, it is recommended to buy a good generator with AVR, and feed all power tools from it Damaged power cable. You need to check the cord and all connections. Replace or solder the gap and insulate The start button does not work. Disassemble. Report or replace. Sometimes, with a faulty button, power is used directly, but this option is not suitable for electric saws. safety is critically decreasing. The chain brake worked. Check it. It turns on at a certain position of the brake element shield. The shield should be slightly moved away Thermal protection relay worked. Perhaps if you turn on the overheated device. It is necessary that he cools down, and perhaps the relay itself needs to be repaired cooked brushes worn out. Frequent malfunction. It happens even in an almost new tool. As a rule, power loss is observed first.Replace graphite contacts with new damage to engine windings. Overheating windings are destroyed. We need to rewind. This is a rather complicated process. You need to disassemble the motor, remove the burned winding and clean the grooves from insulation. And then make everything in the reverse order. And to wind the coil, use a winding machine. In general, if you are a master in an electrician, then go. If not, bring to the service.

Is it worth it to repair the device or contact the service center yourself? This question is interested in many people. If desired, you can easily cope with problems at home, while replacing the necessary details. Not always the service specialists will correct the error quickly, and you will have to pay a lot.

In some cases, the services are replaced only with licensed parts, which also cost a lot, so you will have to “fork out”. It is best to initially independently check the device, and only if it is impossible to do everything with your own hands, visit the service center.

Makita Poorator. A great device for working at home. If necessary, you can independently cope with emerging problems, disassemble it and replace the necessary details.

Home repair for standard breakdowns

Often, when working, the user hears an unpleasant, cutting ear, and feels the smell of Gary. This is what we talked about at the very beginning of the article. the lack of oil in the mechanism. Check the probe: if the crankcase is full, then the conductive channels are polluted. Eliminate the malfunction is simple. pour oil or clean the furrows. Quite often, the tool begins to “bug” when stopping. Stops not immediately, but after a while. The longer I drank in use, the more this time interval becomes. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to replace the brake tape. She simply worn out and stretched out. Sometimes during sawing, the device suddenly begins to vibrate strongly and lose power. The reason is already known to you. brushes have worn out. If you do not replace, then soon the saw will stop turning on. The chain does not rotate. There are several possible faults here:. the teeth of a plastic gear “licked”. It is part of the gearbox and the first takes on a blow in case of critical overload. And that’s great! It is better to replace the gear than to throw the burned motor or, worse, get an injury. When replacing it with worn with a new one, lubricate the gear with oil well wear of other details (leading stars, fist, springs, clutch, bearing cups). Having determined the erased or crushed part, replace it with the original spare part the tension of the chain is incorrectly adjusted. The situation arises both with key and non.cloth stretch. The operating instructions always describe how to pull the chain correctly and check its tension.

If during work there are extraneous sounds similar to shots, then the problem with the silencer or carburetor. How to make a chainsaw work quietly? It depends on which unit in which node is.

Shoots at the carburetor:

  • Too later the ignition is that the fuel mixture does not have time to burn out in the cylinder, so a sound that looks like a small explosion is obtained.
  • Donested fuel mixture. There is too little gasoline to the mixture. adjustment of the chainsaw is required, or rather nozzles, to increase the fuel supply. Why is the chainsaw he gasps itself. for the same reason.

Shoots into the silencer:

Enriched fuel mixture. Why is the chainsaw “shooting”? There is too much gasoline and little air in the mixture, so the mixture does not completely burn out in the chamber and partially burned out in the muffler. Feast on the exhaust. a clear sign of this. It is necessary to clean the air filter or adjust the carburetor.

Do.it.yourself chain electric saw

Equipment cannot work forever. one day you will have to maintain and repair chain power saws. To get rid of “low blood”, do not overpay or carry equipment to the service, use simple instructions!

We examined the most common problems:

Why is the oil pump breaks, how to fix it

The lubrication of the circuit should be carried out regularly, but sometimes the oil pump fails. The fault of everything is incorrect adjustment!

If the plunger is twisted a little stronger, the fist of the eccentric of the gear shaft can break it. In new saws, everything is already adjusted and ready for work. But if you have already worked and the oil has stopped supplied to the right volume, watch the video and check the plunger.

How to repair a chain

The saw chain breaks and breaks very often. it is important to make an editing strictly according to the template so that the equipment serves longer. Everyone got used to working with one chain. they put it, worked, threw it out

And then put a new one on a worn star. Because of this, the step does not coincide, and the chain stretches from this

Everyone got used to working with one chain. they put it, worked, threw it out. And then put a new one on a worn star. Because of this, the step does not coincide, and the chain stretches from this.

A simple way to avoid this: purchase 1 asterisk and 3 new chains and periodically change them during operation. So, the chains will wear out evenly and last much longer.

Why is the stator burn, and how to avoid this

Do.it.yourself electric saws should be carried out strictly according to the instructions. Typically, problems are caused by violation of the assembly technology of the electric motor.

The new stator burns out for several reasons:

  • Too long bracket bolts can break through the stator
  • Dressed bolts of normal length
  • Bluted sewage planting (backlash)
  • Broken fan blades and the appearance of vibration
  • Unexpected screw

Also, when replacing the stator, it is important to check the degree of wear of the bearings. the landing should be dense

Today the market presents a wide variety of spare elements to electric saws. These are stars, and saw tires, chains, various oil pumps, drives and flanges. for these elements are very democratic: the main line of goods offered is laid in the price range of 1–10 U. e. A master who uses this tool, in some cases, should be able to independently repair or replace the failed part. Let’s talk about this below.

Smooth launch for a saw

The manufacturer does not always provide for the possibility of smooth start, which is why the engine starts at once at the maximum speed. At the same time, he still needs to untwist the working body to the necessary revolutions. This mode is very difficult for the tool, tremors often occur when starting. To make the work of the tool normal, it is necessary to purchase a module of a smooth start worth 3-5 at. e. and install it in the tool case. First you need to open the body cover, unscrewing the fasteners. The module of smooth starting has two wires, which should be connected in a power rupture going to the power unit. Holds this module up to 2 kW. After that, the tool body should be assembled in the reverse order.

Oil pump for electric saws

The oil pump is necessary for automatic lubrication of the chain during operation. The oil output from the pump occurs through the opening of the oil channel. The oil is supplied from the oil tank to the channel of the oil pump nest, and then the chain lubricate. The pump is set in motion using an eccentric fist on the gearbox shaft. The pump consists of a case, plunger, valve saddles, valve itself and plugs. For fastening the oil pump to the body is the bar and the stop nut.

Asterisk of the electric saw chain

Most stars are not interchangeable. Their main difference is in the inner and outer diameter of the clutch plate, planting on the crankshaft, the total height of the star

It is important what step of the chain they are designed. By their execution, they are divided into all.metal and collapsible type

With a wear of an all.metal and collapsible asterisk, you will have to replace the first one. The use of a collapsible type sprout in a chain saw is the most economical solution.

Rotor for electric saw

The anchor is represented by a winding from a copper wire passing the current, and magnets encircling the rotating shaft. There are two main parts in the anchor. the rotor (mobile element) and stator (motionless, static element). The shaft is brought into rotation using an electromagnetic field that occurs in the process of starting electric current through copper wires and its interaction with the magnets located there. To choose an anchor for electric saw, you need to know the dimensions of some elements. The following places should be measured using a standard of the winding: the diameter of the winding, the total length of the anchor, the length of the collector along the lamella, the diameter of the collector, seats of the bearings. the rear and the front, the distance between the bearings on the inside

In addition, you need to pay attention to the end of the shaft. whether it is made in the form of teeth or is it a truncated cone. Knowing these parameters, you can choose an anchor, since you should not be attached to the model or its other characteristics

Checking the carburetor and signs of the need to adjust it

The correctly working carburetor guarantees the maximum efficiency of the chainsaw, that is, it is possible to develop full power with the most economical consumption of the fuel mixture. The adjustment of this unit is usually carried out by the manufacturer, however, its design provides for the possibility of configuring already during operation.

The fact that this settings will have to be performed by the owner of the chainsaws:

  • Strong vibrations or the presence of damage to a protective cap.
  • Wear of the CPG.
  • Clothing carburetor.
  • The inability to start the engine or its spontaneous stops after starting.
  • Increase in fuel consumption and exhaust volume while the engine power drops.

The adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor is carried out in strict accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer using three special screws, which are responsible for the maximum (“m”) and minimum (“l”) revolutions, as well as the idle engine (“T”). In order to exclude the unwanted intervention of an inexperienced user in the operation of the carburetor, some manufacturers install only one idle screw.

The algorithm for calibration and safety precautions when eliminating the malfunctions of the carburetor of the chainsaw

Carburetor adjustment is performed in two stages:

For the basic adjustment, it is necessary to wrap the screws h and l until it stops and turn back for 1.5 turns. The finish adjustment requires the engine to be warmed up for 5-10 minutes at low speeds.

The finish calibration is performed by turning the idle screw until the minimum engine speed is reached (its work should be stable and the chain. motionless). If the engine stops at idle, the screw must be returned back, and if the saw chain is still set, you should continue to turn counterclockwise.

Calibration check is performed by test:

  • Accelerations (when smoothly pressing the accelerator, the engine should quickly gain momentum to the maximum indicator).
  • The maximum number of revolutions (in the presence of interruptions in the ignition, the screw h should be slightly loosened).
  • Work at idle (the chain should not move, and the engine should gain speed as quickly as possible).

If the owner of the chainsaw is not familiar with the device of the carburetor and does not have the necessary tool for its calibration, you should consult a specialist. The carburetor is a very complex node, so any incorrect action can lead to irreversible consequences, for example, the complete failure of the engine.

Diagnostic and repair algorithm

When starting the repair of a chain electric saw, it is necessary to conduct a sequential diagnosis of all unit nodes to clarify the cause of the breakdown. Repair of the unit is carried out based on signs of malfunctions that were listed above. Below is a power supply circuit, which depicts the internal device of the unit in detail.

Electric saw does not turn on

If when the start button is pressed, the unit does not turn on, then the diagnosis is carried out in the following order.

  • Check the voltage in the outlet. It may not be due to the general shutdown or malfunction of the outlet. Try to include the unit in another place.
  • If there is a voltage in the outlet, then it is worth checking the network cable. Remove the engine cover cover and call each wire with a tester, touching one probe to contact inside the unit, and the other to one of the rods of an electric fork.
  • If everything is in order with the wire, then continue to check on. Call the wire tester going to the launch button for a cliff.
  • Next, you should call the contacts of the buttons at the input and on its output when the key is pressed.
  • After that, check the conductors going to the unit engine. If a smooth start module is in their way, then check the chain at the entrance and exit from it.

If the previous actions did not allow to identify the cause of the engine failure, then the brushes should be removed and checked. There are cases that the engine does not start due to the complete wear of one or both brushes, as well as due to a break in the conductors in them. If the brushes are serviceable, then most likely, the engine failed, namely, the pavers of the stator or rotor are burned out. In this case, in order to call the coils, you must have some skills and knowledge in this area. It is better to attribute the engine of the electric saw to a specialist who will find a malfunction and rewind the coils.

Brushes and collector burn

The appearance of severe sparking under the brushes can be caused by poor contact between the anchor lamels and electrodes due to the wear of the latter. To check this, it is necessary to extract details from the brush holders.

It is believed that the normal wear of the brushes should be no more than 2/3 of their initial length.

If the brushes are worn out, they must be replaced. Brushes can also spark due to clogging the gap between the lamellas of the anchor of graphite dust. Since graphite is a conductor, it causes a closure and appearance of sparks.

To eliminate pollution, it is necessary to clean the lamellas with alcohol, cotton and toothbrush well. It is also recommended to polish them with the smallest sandpaper (zero).

electric, does, turn

No lubrication on the chain and tire

The lack of lubrication on the tire or its complete absence can be caused by clogging of the hole or tube through which the oil is supplied to the tire. Often the chain is not lubricated if the supply of lubrication from the tank is disturbed. This can happen when clogging the filter installed at the end of the hose. The latter is always inside the container. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to pull the hose from the oil tank and rinse the filter with gasoline.

The breakdown of the oil pump can also cause the oil does not enter the electric saw chain. After cleaning the filter, hose and holes for supplying lubrication, turn on the electric saw and observe whether the lubricant comes to the tire, provided that there is enough oil in the tank. If the lubricant does not arrive, it is necessary to remove and disassemble the oil pump, check the serviceability of the spring or its other parts (depends on the model of the unit) and, if necessary, replace it with a new.

Makita chainsaw repair with your own hands

DIY chainsaw repair

All malfunctions of the chainsaws can be divided into two main groups: problems of the motor with all its nodes and systems (ignition, fuel supply system, cylinder-piston group, exhaust system) and malfunctions of other nodes (circuit brake, lubrication system, clutch, tire, etc.).

Engine malfunctions

  • The engine does not start;
  • starts, but stalls;
  • It works unstable;
  • does not develop power, t.e. It works normally at idle, but stalls under load.

When repairing a chainsaw with your own hands, it is necessary to act as a way of exclusion. To inspect alternately all the likely prerequisites for the malfunction, starting with those, the verification and elimination of which takes the least time (about the device and operation of a two.stroke engine, see here).

Almost all types of engine malfunctions listed above may be called the ignition system failures. Therefore, when they occur, it makes sense to start searching for a malfunction from the candle. This is all the more justified that the state of the latter can give useful information about the operation of the fuel system. So, when a problem occurs, you need to turn out the candle and inspect it.

The wire is disconnected, and the candle is twisted with a special key.

If the candle is dry, this means that the problem is most likely not in the ignition system, but not admission to the fuel mixture cylinder. Repairing chainsaws with your own hands according to all the rules. You can wrap the candle back and take for the fuel system. If the candle is strongly sprayed with the fuel mixture, then there is its excess. All about the repair of the chainsaws with your own hands. This can happen from the dilution of the carburetor or violation of the launch rules. The candle is wiped and dried, the cylinder is drained, the fuel supply is blocked and having worked as a starter. To damage the combustion chamber and remove excess fuel. To repair the chainsaws with your own hands, how to repair a chainsaw. Then set the candle in place and repeat the launch.

The presence of a large amount of black carrier also indicates malfunctions in the fuel system.

The ratio between oil and gasoline in the mixture may be disturbed, the carburetor is not adjusted or poor.quality oil is used. The candle is washed in gasoline, cleaned with a needle or an awl from the carbon, clean the electrodes with a small skin and installed in place.

In all these cases, it will not be superfluous to check the gap between the electrodes of the candle. Depending on its brand, it should be in the interval of 0.5-0.65 mm. You need to check the sealing of the candle. With its worn out or damage, the tightness of the combustion chamber may not be ensured, which leads to a decrease in compression in the cylinder and problems in the engine operation.

Even if in the case of checking the candle there is large reasons to believe that the malfunction is in the fuel system, you need to check the candle for the presence of a spark. At least in order to be sure that everything is in order with this. For this:

  • put on the spark plug on the candle;
  • Using pliers with insulated handles, apply a thread or a candle nut to the cylinder;
  • pull the header’s handle and watch. there is a spark or it is not.

In the absence of a spark, you just need to replace the candle. DIY chainsaw repair: lubrication system. As a rule, a chainsaw works in distant conditions from purity. If the new candle does not have a spark, you need to check the condition of the high.voltage wire for the presence of a cliff and contact with the candle.

The reason for the lack of a spark can be a faulty ignition module or a disruption of the gap between it and the magneto pipeline of the flywheel. It should be equal to 0.2 mm. The disruption of the gap becomes especially probable if before this was the disassembly of the saw from the filming of the flywheel and the ignition module. The gap is exhibited with a gasket with a thickness of 0.2 mm placed between the boss of the flywheel and the ignition module. Failed ignition module should be replaced.

By checking the ignition system in this way and without finding a malfunction, you can proceed to the fuel mixture supply system.

If the candle with a candle was established that the fuel does not enter the cylinder, you need to consider all the possible causes of this. Makita chainsaw repair with your own hands. It can be:

  • not the intake of the fuel from the tank due to the clogged hole in its lid (sapuna), while a vacuum is created in the tank that prevents fuel flow;
  • pollution of the fuel filter installed in the tank;
  • non.admission or insufficient intake of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder.

To diagnose the first two reasons, it is enough to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if the fuel flows from it or not. If it flows with a full stream, the sappan and the filter can not be checked, if it does not flow or flows weakly, we can assume that the cause of the malfunction is found. The sapun is cleaned with a needle. The fuel filter is extracted through the flood hole of the emptied fuel tank, with a wire hook, along with the suction hose, from which the filter is disconnected and cleaned or replaced by a new. DIY repairing the chainsaw, the repair of the chainsaws is not without cleaning. Mastery manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter every 3 months.

Diagnostics of the main breakdowns and repair of the chainsaw Makita

Diagnosis of the main malfunctions of the chainsaw and repair of the chainsaw Makita

Makita DCS 4610 chainsaw is not started

Spare parts for chainsaw Makitaramont Makita DCS 4610 chainsaw, repair

Insufficient intake of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder or a violation of the correct ratio between fuel and air mixed in the carburetor can occur for several reasons: due to the air filter, unexplored carburetor, clogging its channels or mesh-filter.

As a rule, the repair of the chainsaws is not complete without cleaning the air filter, since it is polluted quite quickly. When this happens, the flow of air into the carburetor decreases, the fuel mixture at the exit from it is too enriched, which violates the normal operation of the engine. Removing a dirty filter for cleaning must be carefully so that the dirt from it does not get into the carburetor. The filter should be cleaned or washed in water with some detergent, dried and installed back.

Reviews of the owners

If we analyze the reviews and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on user forums, we can conclude that this tool is quite popular and each owner is satisfied with the process and the result of the file. Many note the universal nature of the electric saw and a large range of work, ease of use and maintenance. Of the shortcomings, only a short service life of cutting canvases, attachment to the power supply and a fairly high cost of saws can be distinguished.

“At home, a small construction site and decided to buy it Interskol NP-120/1010E for myself. Which was very pleased. the price was twice lower than an analogue from Makita. During the file, the tool showed himself from the good side. In addition to the house, it is convenient to cut branches in the garden. The only thing that upset me is a sawdust for aerated concrete, which is a little thicker, is not inserted into the clamp. And so I really like everything!”

“I bought a saber’s saw initially for small work on the site: either sleep, then trim the branch that. After a while I started repairs and there was no longer without it. If you choose the right canvas, you can cut anything. After it is important to clean the saw well and send it to rest. With neat handling, the tool will last a very long time. How to cut a saber’s saw correctly, you can watch on many videos. In circulation is much more convenient and easier than a chain. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Advantages: fast and nimble machine, large area of ​​application, small cost of consumables.

Disadvantages: High price, short power cord.”

This video is an addition to the instructions for the chain electric saw. This video shows: installing a chain and tires for electric saws, assembly of electric saws, which oil for electric saws, which is better than an electric saw or a chainsaw, what are the pluses of electric saws, proper operation of the electric saw, how to work and care for a chain saw. The video used the Internet Intertool DT-2204 https: // Goo.GL/JW5nsa other useful tips from Intertool https: // goo.GL/Jruhg0 learn more and buy chain saws here: https: // goo.GL/J97SDZ join us on social networks! : https: // goo.GL/Q1DJLC: https: // goo.GL/WSE4I2 Google: https: // goo.GL/OQ1TYW

The price of world brands:

Household tools Power Tire length The weight Price
Makita UC 3020A 1800 watts 30 cm 3, 7 kg 5 560 p.
Partner ES 1900 1900 t 40 cm 4.2 kg 5 100 p.
Bosch Ake 35 S 1800 watts 35 cm 4, 0 kg 7 170 p.
Professional tools
Makita UC 4030AK 2000 watts 40 cm 4.4 kg 15 900 p.
Bosch Gke 35 BCE 2100 watts 40 cm 4.6 kg 13 100 p.
STIHL MSE 220C 2200 watts 35 cm 6.2 kg 15 400 p.

Before buying electric saws, you have to weigh many factors, but as a result a reliable tool will be purchased for a reasonable price.