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Why does the oil do not enter the chain of the chainsaw?

If the oil does not enter the chain of the chainsaw in the process, you need to find the cause of the problem. In fact, there can be many reasons affecting this process. You should disassemble the chainsaw and identify the main problem. The likely prerequisites of this process will be described below.

A prerequisite for the lack of oil supply to the chain during the operation of the chainsaw can be several reasons and to detect them, you need to disassemble the chainsaw.

Possible reasons for the non.allowance of fuel

Oil on the chain may not enter only if there are 2 breakdowns. They include:

The main reason for the breakdown is the air leak. This can happen due to the depressurization of the oil hose during the use of the chainsaw. In this case, it is necessary to remove the hose from the hole. You need to do this in the place where it is connected to the card. Then the hose sits on the sealant and is installed in the usual position. If this did not help, most likely elasticity was lost. For further operation of the chainsaws, it is advisable to replace the hose.

The second reason is the breakdown of the oil pump drive. In the common people, this part is called the worm. When the drive is out of order, the oil will cease to be supplied to the chain. The oil pump drive is a round plastic ring, inside which grooves are located. The constant use of the chainsaw leads to the wear of the internal parts, as a result of which the metallic hook located inside the drive occurs. After this breakdown, the oil ceases to enter the chain.

You can eliminate problems yourself or under the guidance of specialists.

Alteration of the electric saw

You usually think about the modification of the chain saw when something is missing. For example, a milling apparatus. This will need:

electric, supply, tire, operation

The procedure is such. Weld the wheel at the end of the base of the boom, cutting off the arrow so that the wheel accurately enters the cut circuit to prevent the tension or weaken the chain. A removable adapter is attached to the wheel to the wheel.

We hope that, having read the information briefly presented in our article, you can independently eliminate the small malfunctions that have arisen and operate this tool as a confident user.

Device and principle of operation of the chain electric saw

First of all, it is worth noting that the electric chain saw is much easier and more convenient in repair and maintenance than its gasoline relative. There are several reasons:

  • Chain saw has a simple design.
  • Adjustment of the rotation of the engine rotor in an electric saw is carried out by electronics, so in case of breakdown it is enough simply replace the regulator, and not disassemble and adjust the entire saw.
  • To diagnose breakdowns of the electric part, you can use a regular tester.
  • Most of the details of chain electric saws are interchangeable.

Also, the layout of the chain electric saw is easier:

  • electric motor;
  • electronic control and security units;
  • gearbox;
  • the mechanism of lubrication of the saw chain and guide tire;
  • locking mechanism;
  • working body. guide tire and saw chain.

The electrical circuit includes several interconnected devices. Electric cord provides a saw to connect to the mains. Then there are microswitches. they provide voltage supply to the engine windings and the rotor brush. The design provides for two circuit breakers. on the remote handle and on the case. This is necessary so that the inclusion happens only when both switches are pressed when the tool is taken with two hands. The engine starts from the working capacitor and is controlled. Thermallane acts as a security mechanism. with an increase in the temperature of the windings, it turns off the engine from the network, thus saving the tool from overheating.

The rotation from the rotor through the gear of the gearbox is transmitted to the working star, which includes the saw chain. So that during operation, the chain gear does not overheat, and there is no additional friction of the chain on the guide tire, in the design of the saw there is a lubrication mechanism. During operation, machine oil with a small pump is supplied to the tire, where the process of lubrication of the links of the chain occurs.

Varieties of links drank

The links in the chains can be three types: cutting, connecting and driven (shanks). They are connected by rivets between themselves. Teeth in chains are left and right. They are installed in turn; Production material. Highly alloyed chromium.nickel steel. In addition, the saw chains are equipped with restraints.

Depending on the size of the cutting teeth and the limiter of the depth of the chain are divided into:

Low profile with a smaller clearance; Less effective, but at the same time more safe due to the fact that they are less susceptible to reverse shocks (rebound saw), as a result of which the saw can break out of the hands and injure;

High profile with large clearance; less safe, therefore, only experienced users are recommended, while on household saws you can use only low.profile circuits.

The main parameters of the circuits for the electric saw are as follows:

How To Fix An Electric Chainsaw

The number of links. Each circuit on the electric saw is designed for saw tires of a certain length.

Chain step. Determines the distance between rivets connecting the links (more precisely, the distance between the first and third rivets is halved). The greater the step of the chain link, the higher the performance of the chain, but also the higher load on the saw.

The thickness of the link rod. Must correspond to the thickness of the groove of the rod.

The depth of cutting. The speed and performance of the cutting depends on this.

Cutting tooth profile height. Saws, depending on this parameter, are divided into low.profile and highly profile. The shape of the tooth profile can be rounded, semi.sized, chisel and with carbide plates.

Brands overview of various manufacturers

Today on the market there are many attractive offers from the wide SPECTRA manufacturers of special oils that can cope with high temperatures, while providing excellent transmission lubricants. The most popular of them are presented in the next list.

  • Forest Plus has high adhesive characteristics and can be used at ambient temperatures up to fifteen ° C. Under certain conditions, the shelf life of the oil is three years. Sold in 1-liter and 5-liter packaging Five liters. One thousand hundred and forty
  • BIO Plus products on a plant basis. It quickly decomposes when it enters the soil. Oil can be used at temperatures up to.15s. Packaging one and 5-liter containers.
  • Synth Plus is made on a synthetic basis. Withstands increased loads and can be used at particularly low temperatures before.25s. Packaging one and 4-liter containers 4l. Two thousand nine hundred and seventy
  • Champion glue is designed to work in a wide temperature range. It is sold in 3 and 10-liter containers, which is very convenient for use in forestry Ten liters. Two thousand two hundred
  • Husqvarna Vegoil. One of the most economical solutions for lubricating electric saws. According to the manufacturer, the consumption of this material is 40% less than others. The cost of one l. Three hundred and ninety

The use of special oil for lubricating the chain mechanism of an electric saw will ensure its uninterrupted operation for a long time. This will make work quickly, efficiently and with a high level of safety, which will ultimately lead to significant savings in the repair and maintenance of the entire tool.

Advantages of high.class oil pumps

The maintainability of collapsed pumps is sufficient to restore the performance of the unit at home.

Gear drives of budget chainsaw pumps for the most part polymer. Advanced in terms of technical equipment, company models with adjustable performance are equipped with drive mechanisms made of non.ferrous metals. The cost of such systems is compensated by economical, up to 50% of the flow of working fluid.

The peculiarity of independent search and elimination of malfunctions

A full.fledged independent repair of the lubrication of the chain chain under all equal conditions requires knowledge of the interaction of all elements of the system, the presence of tools and locksmith skills.

The restoration of the working parameters of many chainsaws provides for partial or complete dismantling of component equipment. To carry out complex repair work, it is better to use the capabilities and technical potential of service workshops.

Parts with torn threads and damaged with slotted compounds, as well as non.graceful constructions that are equipped with a lubrication system for popular chainsaws of STIHL 180 and other models of the same type are subject to replacement.

If, with the tank of the tank, the oil does not enter the design of the headset, the reason should be sought in the pump itself. Dismantling and disassembling the mechanism will help identify faulty parts and eliminate the malfunction for their replacement.

Lubricant malfunctions and how they are eliminated

The main malfunctions of the oil supply system on the chainsaw can be divided into two main types, these are general malfunctions inherent in all chainsaws and individual, which may vary depending on the type of pump and worm transmission installed on a specific model. Let’s start understanding the faults in order.

Signs of malfunction of the lubricant system, checking its performance

  • The chain of the chainsaws is dry and has a pale tint without shine.
  • The circuit is relatively quickly stretched.
  • The tire is very hot and can even partially melt paint.
  • The tank oil is practically not reduced.
  • The effectiveness of the cut on a sharp chain has decreased

All these signs indicate that the lubricant proceeds with violations. In order to check the supply of oil with a lubricant system, it is necessary to remove the side tire of the chainsaw and start it. Next, you need to slightly increase the speed observing the end of the oil line. If the oil comes, most likely its amount is not enough for normal lubrication and you need to clean or replace the filter and, if possible, adjust the feed. In the case when it does not act, the problem is more serious and requires further diagnosis.

There is a method of checking the oil supply without removing the tire. To do this, it is necessary to direct the end of the tire to the side, for example, a freshly sawn chock from the cut side and maximize the speed, while you need to try to keep the end of the tire at a distance of not more than 10 cm from the chock. If oil spots begin to appear on its surface, then the oil is supplied.

Search for a malfunction

After it was determined that the oil is not supplied, further diagnosis is possible only if you completely remove the oil system. Of course, in some situations the filter replacement helps, but it is very rare.

The most common malfunctions

  • Oil hose cliff. It can sometimes be found during visual inspection. The problem is solved by the replacement of a faulty part.
  • Lack of thread on the shaft of an oil pump, its replacement will help.
  • Defective thread on the lead gear of the pump is similarly solved by the installation of a new part.
  • The absence of a main shaft rogue (relevant for some tools of tools, for example, Homelite). You can fix it instead of a native corkscrew, suitable for the diameter of the carnation, cutting it to the required length.
  • Zoror in the highway. Can be removed by purging with compressed air or mechanically, using a wire of a suitable diameter.
  • Blocking the filter element.
  • The STIHL MS 180 tool, whose pump is unlimited, it often clogs. You can try to rinse in pure gasoline if it does not help replace.
  • In Chinese chainsaws (gypsies), very often cuts the grooves on the main gear through which the effort from the star is transmitted to it.

Individual malfunction of the STIHL MS 180 lubricant system

Due to the fact that the Stihl MS 180 is one of the most common models of chainsaws, I would like to dwell on one malfunction inherent only to it and describe the method of elimination without replacing details.

Quite often on the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, depressurization of the oil line is observed in the place where the oil pipeline coming from the tank is installed in the saw case. You can determine the malfunction by characteristic lubricant leaks on the bottom of the tool.

To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to remove the chainsaw handle, remove the hose from the landing hole, clean and degrease. After all these manipulations, apply a sealant to the hose and install a chainsaw in the housing.

You can find out more about eliminating the malfunction and complete diagnosis of the STIHL chainsaw system by watching a video in which the process of disassembling and repair of the lubrication system is stepped step by step.

Why is the chain flush and tear

If a chain flies from a chainsaw or it breaks, this means that there are some kind of problems in the device, under normal conditions it should not do this. There are three reasons why the chain flies:

  • Problems with the bus. They lead to weakening the stretch, which can lead to the fact that the chain has torn. Most often, this problem occurs in the groove between the external plate on the casing of the chain headset and the internal plate on the engine housing. The casing with the tire is recorded by a bolt, which during operation of the chainsaw can weaken, as a result of which the tire begins to move or vibrate. To solve this problem, it is necessary to find and lower the chain brake, for which the tension screw, which is located next to the tire, needs to be twisted until completely tension.
  • The chain stretched. Sliding may indicate a malfunction of the chainsaw mechanism. During operation, the metal is deformed, which means that it can become 0.5-1 cm longer. In this case, it is recommended to replace or shorten the chain.
  • The leading star is poorly fixed. To fix it, you need to remove the protective cover of the engine and candles, and then pull out the air filter. The candle itself also needs to be unscrewed, after which to install a special stopper in its place, fixing the piston. Twist the fastening disk clockwise until the piston stops in the extreme upper position. The role of a stopper can be a thick rope folded several times. After fixing the piston, hold the leading star. Collect a chainsaw, installing all the details in the reverse order.

Most problems can be solved by repair. Only in exceptional cases will have to change it.

Repair and adjustment of the lubrication system of the chain of the chain

There is a main method for checking the oil supply without removing the tire: for this, it is enough to hold the chain operating at full speed, above the clean surface. By the density of the formed strip, it will be possible to judge the supply of oil.

electric, supply, tire, operation

A common problem is a small oil supply in order to eliminate it:

  • check all the channels through which the oil enters the tire, clean them by purging with compressed air;
  • Assess the condition of the worm drive of the pump, check for the presence of mechanical damage. Replace all worn out and broken elements with new ones;
  • Check the oil pump. Sometimes it is enough to change the plunger, it is he who can fail prematurely due to excessive dirt hit. But if there are any cracks and more serious violations, then in this case you will have to buy a new pump.

With a significant flow of oil, it is necessary to check the tightness of the pipes and fittings of the oil pump, replace the sealing elements.

Which oil can be used to lubricate the chain?

The oil for lubrication of the chainsaw should have high adhesion, so as not to fly from the end of the tire by inertia.

There are several basic recommendations that oil should be poured to lubricate the chain of gasoline saw:

  • Do not use working out for lubrication of the chain of the chainship. Such oil contains different impurities that will definitely remain on the piston group of the tool. In addition, the processing has absolutely no adhesive properties.
  • It is important to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer of the chainsaw.
  • You can not use motor oil for lubricating the chain of the chainsaw, as it is too liquid, which will lead to increased heating and wear of the saw headset. The same applies to transmission oil.

With regular maintenance, cleaning and using high.quality oil, the chain will last without complaints for a long time.

Oil is not supplied to the circuit, repair of the electric vehicle replacement of the oil pump

Even the most reliable tool has its own degree of wear, it is periodically required to correct small or.

The fuel system of the chainsaw: 1. fuel filter, 2. carburetor, 3. manual pump pump pump.

If you correctly adjust the carburetor, fuel will be spent in the permissible volume. Otherwise, it will end too fast.

Slow reduction of fuel during the operation of the saw is a normal process. If it is absent, the chain is lubricated incorrectly, so working with a chainsaw should be coordinated. It is necessary not only to be able to eliminate breakdowns, but also to identify them on their own.

You can change the intake of fuel manually. The correct operation of the lubricant is determined by bringing the tire. If oil spray appears, then everything is established correctly.

Switching range of chain electric saw Caliber

Caliber produces four models of chain saw with electric drive. They are very popular because their weight is significantly lower than chainsaws, they are more compact and easy to use. Also, the problem associated with the winter launch is excluded.

Caliber EPC-1500/14

Due to the low power of the model, only 1,500 kW, the electric saw has a small size. The engine is on the side, and the saw chain itself can be adjusted without the use of additional tools. This saw has an excellent electrical insulating that allows you to use it in high humidity conditions. EPC-1500/14 electric vehicles tires are enough for harvesting firewood, cutting wooden materials for the construction of structures.

Caliber EPC-1800/14

In this model, the power is already higher. 1800 kW, which indicates its greater performance. Traction qualities, wear resistance, air cooling also became much better than the previous model. In the EPC-1800/14 model, manufacturers introduced the cooling and automatic lubrication system of the chain.

Caliber EPC-2200/16

The electrical model of EPC 2200/16 has high power (2200 kW) and slightly increased weight. 4.9 kg. This saw is very easy to manage and maneuver. High power gives high performance, and the excellent quality of spare parts and components guarantees a long service life. Electric saw is perfect for the construction of wooden structures, cut logs with a diameter of up to 40 cm, dumps duck. This model has a low cost.

Caliber EPC-2400/16PD

Electric EPC 2400/16 saw has high engine power of 2400 kW. The electric motor is only in this model. Another modification was that you can change tires of different lengths. Improved housing plastic, oil pump and fuel tank itself.

Each of these electric saws has its own advantages and advantages. Earlier models are chosen thanks to the lower cost of the electrical saw, and the later ones. due to updated components, higher power and performance.

Why it does not enter the chain?

Many ownership owners of a chain type of electric saw are faced with the fact that at some point the oil is no longer supplied to the necessary component of the tool. It is worth considering that such a problem may ultimately entail more serious troubles.

This can happen due to several factors.

  • If you notice that the oil does not go to the tool chain, this may indicate that the oil pump and its gears could fail. It is advisable to notice such breakdowns on time.
  • This may happen because of a serious blockage of passages in an oil filter, along which the lubricant passes to the device chain.
  • Also, this nuisance often occurs due to the clogged holes in the tire.
  • If the oil container is depressurized, then the indicated problem will happen inevitably.

As you can see, the reasons for the lack of oil supply to the necessary nodes of the saw can be many. Of course, in most cases you can figure it out on your own, but it is better not to pull time and not conduct experiments, but seek help from specialists with rich experience in such matters.

Review of the design of the chain electric saw

In order to take possession of the ability to repair electric saw, you need to be aware of their design. The main element that cuts the material is the saw chain, which is driven by the motor. The chain itself is a span of cutting links, which are fastened with each other. The movement of the chain is made according to the plate called the tire. This detail is made of steel of the highest property, which is not subject to chips, scratches and corrosion. this is the main indicator of the property of the tool. The tires are distinguished by the designs:

The welded tire is something similar to the “sandwich”, which is welded from 3 components into one, while the driven star is glued into the design. A whole design with a change of tip is a product of the 1st sheet, normal for tool tools of a large length. In such a bus, the main load lies on the roller bearing of the driven star. A solid configuration allows you to reduce friction loss by 8-10%. If a tool with a solid tire made of solid alloy materials, then it is normally suitable for working with the highest load, also for operation in the criteria for the presence of a huge amount of sand, dust and dirt.

When working with an electric saw, at least a configuration, you need to keep in your head about the ability to appear “reverse shock”. the tinkering of the tool towards the person performing the work of the person. This situation appears if the very end of the saw tire rests against the processed material. To avoid injuries in such a situation, manufacturers equip the saw with an automatic chain brake.

The automatic brake of the chains is also called inertial drives, which works thanks to the shield in front of the human left hand. Before work, this shield is placed closer to the hand, so that, if necessary, it is rapidly driven. If the moment of the 2nd turnover appears, then the operator’s hand rests against this shield and the chain stops. The position changes and due to the impact of inertia. Such a system allows you to reduce the possibility of repairing chain electric saw, because during the impact of its main mechanism will not be damaged.

Another system that prevents wear and breakdown is automatic lubrication of the chain. In a special reservoir, oil is poured, which is transmitted through the oil pump to the driven star and chain during the operation of the saw. Some models even have an oil supply controller, because with different intensity of work, you need a different amount of its number. For example, repairing an electric saw Makita involves inspection of the oil supply system.

Chain saws with an electronic engine have some shortcomings or weaknesses. Some of them is the design of the gearbox. The torque is transmitted to the chain through a gearbox, which has a rigid bunch with an anchor of an electronic motor. This design transfers all the loads to the motor, in other words, if the workpiece contains hard inserts or the saw chain is dull, then it will not slide so smoothly along the surface. The result of this will be overheating of the motor or wear of some details. As a preventive measure, you need to sharpen the saw in time and not put pressure on it during work. Often they enter the service repair of the Parma electric saw with such defects.

2nd weak spot drank with an electronic engine-dependence on the voltage in the network. If it falls, the load on the motor increases, in models that are not equipped with a motor protection of the motor, the growing load leads to its combustion. And protection against increasing temperature has flaws, because at low voltage it works, lowering the performance. For example, the repair of the Interskol electric saw is often reduced only to an increase in the voltage in the network, after which the tool works properly.

Expert comparison of oils

In order to understand what users choose for lubricating the chains of their chainsaws, we analyzed the statistics of the Yandex marketplace.The market and selected the most popular (sold) oils, studied reviews, compared them with and compiled a comparative table by which you can determine which oil should be chosen.

electric, supply, tire, operation
The name of the oil Oil description The price of Yandex.Market for 1 liter, in rubles Grade
Caliber. chain oil Type: Mineral. Environmentally friendly, special for chains of benzo and power engineering, viscosity index. 103; The temperature of the solidification.28 ° C. The only brand that provides viscosity characteristics. Find out the price ☆ The best price, biodegradable
Carver 01.021.00004 bar chain Ordinary adhesive oil for saw chains. The manufacturer does not provide oil characteristics. Find out the price ☆☆
Husqvarna Bio Advanced Biodegradable (environmentally friendly) oil. Find out the price ☆☆☆ The highest price, known brand
Fubag 838268 Super Chain All.season oil, suitable for work at temperatures from.30 to 40 degrees. Find out the price ☆☆
Makita 988402656 Saw. The manufacturer also does not provide any characteristics of viscosity. Find out the price ☆☆
Oregon High.quality semi.synthetic oil for chains. Find out the price ☆ famous brand, good price
STIHL 10264 Mineral oil for chains, which consists of natural and synthetic oils (refinants after the first distillation) that absolutely do not affect human health. Applicability before.15 degrees with. Find out the price ☆ A well.known brand, acceptable price, biodegradable
“Refining” Any oil that has lost its properties as a result of the exhaustion of a working resource, usually from the car engine. Adhesion strives for zero. Clogs the oil pump, increases the wear of the chain and tire. Is free ☆☆☆☆ price

As a result of comparative tests, 3 winners were determined:

  • Caliber. cheap, good adhesion, biodegradability.
  • Oregon. average price, good adhesion, brand time.tested.
  • STIHL. expensive, brand time.tested, affordable price, many fakes.

Here everyone chooses that he is closer to his liking and the possibility of biodegradability or price. The choice of editors. Oregon. this is a golden mean between quality and price.

How to replace the original expensive oil and whether it is worth?

In situations where it is not possible to use original ones, you can replace them with oil engines. Cheap car oils of the autolo type or diesel lubrication options, due to reduced adhesion properties, are unsuitable for prolonged use.

Some owners, despite the recommendations, still use analogues, preferring to change the tire and chain more often, but here everyone decides for himself. It cannot have some negative effects on the lubrication system of the chainsaw, which means the difference only as the protection of the tire from the friction of the chain.

We recommend reading more about replacement options here.

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