End saw what can be done. How to choose a end saw?

Pile for what work

Almost all modern models are equipped with a mass of additional functionality, which greatly facilitates operation, increases the efficiency, safety and cost of the tool. Before proceeding to the purchase of ending, you should figure out what functions are necessary to solve the tasks set before the tool:

  • The dust system is a pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner, an external cyclone system or a bag of a vacuumber. If exclusively episodic work is supposed to be a tool, then there is no point in emphasizing the system of dusting;
  • The protective casing completely closes the saw disk until the work of the sawing starts. This is an extremely necessary element of “ending”, which ensures additional safety during operation;

Deep limitation. This option is necessary if it is supposed to use a tool to create grooves;

With your own hands. How to do it yourself

An excellent tool for masters and needlework and everything for the garden, at home and cottage literally for nothing there are reviews.

The end (improvement) saw is a stationary cutting tool, a variety of a disk saw used to saw materials at different angles is configured by turning the site and working part with a disk over the bed, due to which there is a cut along a given direction. Among the materials that can be processed by the end disco saw, are wood, as well as composites based on it: laminate, organite, OSB and others. The tool perfectly cuts stucco decoration from foamed polyurethane, plastic, aluminum profile.

Why do you need a end saw?

It was the turn of the apartment repair or decoration of your beloved house? Beauty is usually in small things, so the curved joints of skirting boards and platbands will not pass. This means that a tool that has high accuracy and accuracy of cuts is required. A trim disk saw.

For the most part, home masters are familiar with a saw tool that is not distinguished by high accuracy and quality of cutting. During the garden work, the location of holes in the fence or the construction of a bench is not required to saw off, as they say, “Tutelka in Tutelka”. The highest cutting of the material more often occurs in carpentry workshops.

But when it comes to such serious tasks, such as, for example, laying a parquet or parquet board, replacing doors, then the end to the hammer with a screwdriver will be needed by a trimming disk saw. Only with its help the operation “measured, sawed off, attached” will be optimal in time and execution. An alternative like a hand with a hand saw or a jigsaw is good for isolated cases.

The transverse cut

At first glance, the transverse cut is the simplest operation. However, if you have expensive and hard material, the task is complicated. Imagine oak platbands and dates with a relief pattern, which should finish the boxes of all interior doors in the house or in the apartment. Over, neatly, without chips and burrs, cuts under 45 ° is not the most difficult option in the repair. The corners are also non.Standard and different in different planes, so it is not even clear how it is better to arrange them. Sometimes masters make a cut, samples from a piece of cheap pine skirting boards, and only finding the optimal configuration, start finishing work.

A competent choice of tool occurs according to the parameters. Therefore, of course, it is necessary to represent the spectrum of upcoming works. So, depending on the thickness of the processed material, you can choose the saw “with a length” or without. In the case of decorating complex corners, ask all the possibilities of setting and monitoring. Well, if there is a cutting of solid wood, it is advisable to work with the end saw, which has electronic engine speed adjustment.

A convenient handle, a reliable protective casing, which is removed and dressed automatically, convenient rotation fixers activated by one finger, the presence of a laser pointer. There are many nuances by which it is worth choosing a tool. We will tell you more.

Rating of the best manufacturers of end saws

To help the consumer in choosing, we publish a rating of the most popular end saws with a brief description of the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each model in different price categories.

Budget models

A light, productive and compact model with good functionality from an eminent manufacturer. Power. 2 kW. Spindle rotation speed. 5000 rpm. The maximum disk diameter is 255 mm. Cut depth with a coal of 90 °. 75 mm. The width of the drink. 135 mm.

Features: slope of the cutting node to the right/left at an angle of 45 °, turning the table to the left/to the right. 45 °.

Functionality: revolutions adjustment, laser cutting pointer, dusting, “smooth start”. In the kit, the manufacturer provided an extension cord of the desktop and a clamp to fix the processed material. Weight. 9.4 kg.

The cost varies from 7900 to 10600 rubles.

Compact and ergonomic tools for a professional and home master. A whole silumin case makes the tool light enough, which allows the operator to move it if necessary.

Technical characteristics: power. 1.35 kW, equipment rotation speed. 5000 rpm, maximum disk diameter. 216 mm. Cut depth with a coal of 90 °. 60 mm. The width of the cut. 120 mm.

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Features and functionality: slope of the cutting node to the right/left on the angle of 47 °, turning the table to the right-47 °, a laser marker located in the upper part of the cutting module, LED backing of the working area, a standard textile vacuum cleaner, an extension cord and a clamp for fixing the workpiece. Weight. 9.4 kg.

The average cost is in the range from 7100 to 8400 rubles.

  • Low weight;
  • Accurate and pure cut;
  • Excellent marker and competently implemented backlight;
  • The removal of the chips in the bag;
  • High.Quality complete disk.

Compact domestic end with a length with wide possibilities and a premium set of functions.

Technical characteristics: power. 1.8 kW, equipment rotation speed. 4800 rpm, maximum disk diameter. 255 mm, cut depth with a coal of 90 °. 75 mm. Width of cut. 305 mm.

Features: the slope of the cutting node to the left at an angle of 45 °, turning the table left/right. 45 ° C with fixation through a certain angular distance, turning on the laser marker with a separate button.

Functionality: broach, laser marker; dust system; “smooth start”; Electrodynamic brake. Weight. 15.5 kg.

The average cost varies from 10,000 to 14500 rubles.

The main disadvantage that most users notes is the low build quality.

Average price segment

Professional tool with excellent performance and wide functionality.

Technical characteristics: power. 2 kW, equipment rotation speed. 4500 rpm, maximum disk diameter. 254 mm. Cut depth with a coal of 90 °. 92 mm. Width of cut. 305 mm.

Features: a broach, a slope of the cutting node to the right at an angle of 45 °, turning the table to the left/to the right. 45 °.

Functionality: Driving depth adjustment, laser marker, illumination of the working area, a dust pipe, an extension cord of the desktop and a clamp for fixing the workpiece. Weight. 16.2 kg.

The average cost is in the range of 16500-18300 rubles.

The disadvantage is the ill.Conceived transverse tilt unit. When clogging with sawdust, it does not allow the head to return to 90 ° without preliminary cleaning.

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Great German quality model with good technical characteristics and an impressive set of functions. Power. 1.45 kW, spindle rotation speed. 4500 rpm, maximum disk diameter. 254 mm. Cut depth with a coal of 90 °. 90 mm. Width of cut. 300 mm.

Features: a broach, a slope of the cutting node to the right/left on the angle of 47 °, turning the table to the left/to the right. 47 °.

Functionality: adjustment of the depth of the cut, laser pointer of the cutting line, illumination of the working area, a dust pipe, an extension cord of the desktop and a clamp for fixing the workpiece. Weight. 16.3 kg.

The average cost varies between 18500-22700 rubles.

Reliable “workhorse” from a well.Known manufacturer has everything necessary for high.Quality cutting of various materials.

Technical characteristics: power. 1.43 kW, rotation speed of a saw circle. 4300 rpm, maximum disk diameter. 260 mm. Cut depth with a coal of 90 °. 91 mm. The width of the drink. 310 mm.

Features: broach, slope of the cutting node to the left/right at an angle of 45 °, turning the table to the left/to the right. 45 °/60.

Functionality: “smooth start”, electrodynamic brake, drill depth adjustment, laser marker, light output, dust pipe, desktop and clamp extension cord for fixing the workpiece. Weight. 19.9 kg.

  • High.Quality assembly;
  • The thoughtful location of the engine allows you to easily tilt the cutting node to the left/to the right;
  • Smooth course of transverse guides;
  • Excellent quality of a complete disk.

Premium models

Professional “end” with an excellent set of functions that significantly accelerate the process of high.Quality processing of various materials with a small section.

Main characteristics: power. 1.6 kW, rotation speed of the saw disk. 5500 rpm, maximum disk diameter. 216 mm. Cut depth with a coal of 90 °. 70 mm. The width of the drink. 312 mm.

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Equipment: broach, cut depth limiter, head sloping 47 ° and right at an angle of 2 °, turning the table left/to the right. 45 °/45 °.

Functionality: laser marker, a two.Point dust system, an extension cord of the desktop and a clamp to fix the workpiece. Weight. 17.3 kg.

  • High performance;
  • Excellent build quality and structural elements;
  • Reliability;
  • Good angles;
  • Large broach;
  • Convenient locks.

The disadvantage is a relatively small power and diameter of the saw disk.

Professional end saw with excellent functionality and high cutting quality. Power. 1.65 kW, spindle rotation speed. 3200 rpm, maximum disk diameter. 305 mm. Cut depth with a coal of 90 °. 107 mm. The width of the drink. 363 mm.

Features: a broach with double guides on linear ball supports, a slope of the cutting node to the right/left at an angle of 45 °, the turn of the table left 52 ° to the right. 60 °.

How to choose a saw

Of course, when there is work experience, and you do not want to invest in the purchase of large funds, you can make such a machine with your own hand. When purchasing a saw for him, take into account:

  • Buy a protection device that is required to close the disk not only in calm, but also during operation.
  • Select the mass and dimensions of the device taking into account your own goals. It will be more difficult to interact with volumetric, you will get tired after half an hour.
  • Consider the convenience of the saw so that with its help you are comfortable to work.
  • Consider the diameter of the disk (no more than a mark of 0.2 m). Examine the size of the cut. When cutting volumetric parts, it is necessary to select the size larger.
  • Make sure that the rotational block and the bed are of good quality.

Regardless, we decided to buy a factory version or create a saw with your own hands, it should be easy to work with it, and the result is of high quality.

The nuances of use

A saw, even made independently, can cut such types of materials as:

The maximum mass of the product is 28 kg, which is associated with its characteristics. This species makes it possible to perform joints in the “mustache”, they are common in baguette and furniture workshops.

The price of a 360 degree tool rotates is much larger. Its tilt is easily tuned. However, know that to find out what angle is required, it is necessary to decide what materials we will use.

Circular saw from a conventional grinder

Have the entire assortment of an electric tool at home is too expensive. For example, the circular at home is required quite rarely. The sawing of the boards can be done with a modernized grinder.

Hand disk electric saw from a grinder is obtained by replacing a standard cutting disk with wood disk.

True, this option is suitable for short cuts of sheet materials or a cut of thin racks. With a large length of the saw or on thick bars, there is The danger of disk skew, His jamming. It will be much easier to hold the saw if the handle is not perpendicular to the axis of the tool, but to make a continuation of the case.

Folk craftsmen also make a manual chain saw from a grinder. True, such a tool is dangerous for the user: the absence of a lock stop can lead to unpredictable consequences. In addition, the chain is not lubricated, which leads to its Rapid wear.

Choice options.

If you often use a stall and a hacksaw, but would like to refuse them by spending a minimum of money, choose basic models at a price of 4,000 to 8000 rubles. It will be much easier and more convenient to work with them than with a stupid and a hacksaw, but the quality of the cuts, most likely, if it becomes better, it is not much.

For most finishing work, there will be enough saw with engine power 1400-1800 W. These are offered at from 4,000 to 68,000 rubles.

For a baguette workshop and for finishing work using decorative elements, high power is not needed, but the quality of the assembly of the tool and the absence of backlash are important. Proven tool manufacturers offer such saws at from 18,000 to 73,000 rubles.

Construction work will require models with the maximum disk diameter and a capacity of 1800 watts. Such will cost from 15,000 to 90,000 rubles.

What can be done by a end saw

Drinking at an angle is not an easy task, therefore, to facilitate the work, end saws are used. This tool allows you to cut the material with the highest accuracy at the required angle. Poles saws are extensive used for mounting, carpentry and finishing work. With the help of them, door boxes, window frames are created, floors and almost all other. Because to choose a end saw?

The end saw, which the people are often called the end, is used to saw the workpiece at a certain angle. How to use a circular saw and what you need to know about this tool. Design features and purpose of the basic functions of disk saws. In most cases, this tool is used for sawing wood, but from time to time and to work with laminate, plastic and aluminum.

The end saw is characterized by the highest speed, lightness and accuracy in performing certain sawing operations. The area of ​​their implementation is quite wide: they are used for mounting, carpentry, finishing work. The end of the tree on wood found extensive use in furniture workshops.

Carpet saws for metal are completely suitable for cutting metals from iron, steel and cast profiles. They are very often used at enterprises for the manufacture of window frames from the profile.

The main load in the end saws goes to a rotating disk, because it is made from super.Strength materials. Very often the end saw is called the installation, because it greatly simplifies the work when installing and installing some element.

Making a tool from a manual circular saw

The design is simple and available for manufacturing at home. The body of the sawing machine is assembled from wood or metal. From the sheets of plywood (chipboard), they build the base on which a vertical rack is installed, after cutting the holes in it for attaching the circular. The mechanism of the pendulum type is made of the board and is fixed on the support using a long bolt.

Having prepared a corner or metal rod, it is screwed on top of the pendulum, trying to make the end perform. Take a spring. One side is assigned to the back of the corner, and the other at the vertical rack. The tension is selected experimentally, but it should be enough to freely hold a hand saw on the weight.

Disconnecting the handle from the tool, it is fixed on the pendulum in the prepared hole. Cables are laid in the grooves provided for this and the voltage is connected. A small slot is made in the countertop and side stops are fixed to it at right angles. If they make them rotary, then it will be possible to cut the workpieces at a given angle. The saw from the circular is collected, it remains to test it in action. Using available drawings, it is easy to make any, even more complex tool.

Laser and electronic equipment

In rare cases, the end saw with the length has electronic elements. However, there are models that are characterized by the presence of electronic regulation of rotation speed. Thanks to this, there is a great opportunity to control the work process.

In the modern world, many manufacturers strive for perfection and innovation, therefore, the most daring and expensive ideas are increasingly introducing. For example, laser tip in a saw is an optional, but very useful and expensive option.

With the help of a laser, a clear cut line is drawn. This function is especially necessary for inexperienced masters.

Device diagram and principle of operation

The main element of the end saw is a cutting, which is represented by a saw disk drive through an electric engine through a gearbox. The device diagram is given in the following figure:

The main nodes of the end saw with a length

The following structural elements of the device are indicated in this figure:

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One. Electrical engine;

A turning pad with an insert that provides the movement of a saw disk;

5, 6 and 7. Elements of adjustment and setting of the saw, as well as elements of fastening of processed blanks;

Eight. Unit tilt.

The figure is conditionally not indicated: a protective casing, a bed, which is the base of the end saw, as well as a gearbox that provides the required speed of rotation of the saw disk.

Drinking bars using a end saw

The work of this type of tool is carried out as follows:

  • The bed is firmly attached to the base. This can be a special table if it is a carpentry workshop or other room where work is performed on an ongoing basis, or a firmly fixed design. In a construction site;
  • The required settings for the processing of lumber (angle of inclination, diagonal, etc. Are set.D.), as well as the location of the saw in relation to the workpiece;
  • The saw is connected to the electric network;

IMPORTANT! (click to find out)

When using the end saw, it should be technically working and used only in an electric network having a grounding wire. The connection must be made by means of a switching apparatus with a grounding contact.

  • The workpiece is installed on the saw table;
  • When the “Start” key is turned on, the saw disk begins to rotate, and with the help of the handle its contact with the workpiece is provided;
  • The safety of the work is provided by a protective casing and an electrical protection unit;
  • After the cut of the saw, the “stop” button is disconnected.

Drinking a groove using a end saw with a length

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Parting saw: device, purpose and capabilities

The hand.Handed saw has a narrow purpose, and it is unlikely that you will succeed in dissolving the board with its help. Its tasks are slightly different. It can perform exclusively short cuts. With its help, you can cut the board in half, level its end or cut off the end of the board at a certain angle. Here, in principle, all that it can, but, believe me, is a lot. Another saw equipment with such tasks copes much worse. Oh yes, I completely forgot that besides wood, depending on the equipment used, the end saw can work with soft metals, plastic and, if necessary, with thin.Leaf iron, or rather with a profile made from it.

The end universal saw has a fairly complex design. It consists of two main nodes, which are by no means distinguished by the simplicity of the design. This is a bed on which a turning table and a movable cutting head with a powerful electric engine are fixed on it.

  • Stanger with a turning table. As a rule, these two parts cannot do without each other. There is a guide on the bed itself, which provides a fixed position of the workpiece. The table for the end of the end can be rotated relative to the guide within 90 ° (45 ° V one side and 45 ° in the other direction), ensuring in this way a simple trim cut in any direction without reinstalling the part.
  • Cutting head. Installed directly on the turning table. It changes its location with it. For convenience in the side of the turning table, a graduated scale is applied on the bed. Combining the table label with a certain value of degrees, you can cut at any angle. And this is not all. The head itself, or rather its cutting part, can lean left and right, thereby providing an inclined cut. In most cases, this slope is performed in one or two fixed positions (30 ° and 45 ° in any direction). Also, some models can be equipped with a special long mechanism. The end saw with the length allows you to cut the workpieces of much larger width than its ordinary fellow.

What design does the end saw have

Circular saw discs

In order for the end saw on wood to cope well with the tasks, it is important to choose high.Quality consumables for it. The main criterion when choosing disks is their diameter and hole for planting, a 250 mm disk with a 30 mm landing dial is enough for a home workshop. Another important parameter is the size of cutting teeth. All saw discs are divided into three groups:

To carry out rude cut, you can use products with large teeth, for finishing cuts, work with laminated, painted materials. Fine.Tooth. They will cope well with aluminum and other soft details. If the saw is used intensively, then the discs should have slots. They eliminate the consequences of their heating and reduce the noise published during operation, so such discs are often acquired for professional work.

Additional options

Companies producing end slabs in the competition try to supply their products with the maximum number of additional options. Some of these options are aimed at improving safety, others. At the increase in performance and the development of new functions, others. To improve the working conditions and ease of use

  • Lighting the region of the cut.
  • The system maintenance system.
  • Sprinkle depth limiters, allowing you to make grooves.
  • Laser level indicator.

Became the de facto standard and are included in the equipment of almost every model.

A useful option for the upper part of the product line is a strong bed, on which the saw is fixed. With such an addition, you do not need to take care of mounting on a workbench or manufacture of a separate desktop

Disks for the end saw: what is the difference between them

There are not so many differences between the discs used on the end saw. The main of them is planting and external diameter, as well as the geometry of the cutting tooth. If with the size of the disks more or less understandable (the landing hole can be either 25mm or 30mm, and their outer diameter is 210, 250 and 305mm), then the tooth geometry should be understood in more detail.

  • Attention should be paid to the size of the tooth. The larger it is, the rougher the cut. A large tooth disk is unlikely to be purely cutting laminated, lacquered or painted blanks. For these purposes you need to purchase a disk with a small tooth. Also, a small tooth showed itself well when working with an aluminum profile. In general, in this regard, saw wheels for the end saw can be divided into three types: for longitudinal cuts, for transverse and for final cuts, which, as a rule, are universal.
  • If we are talking about mass production or working with thick blanks, you need to pay attention to the presence of thin slots on the disk. In fact, these are temperature compensators, the tasks of which include maintaining a stable disk when it is heated. In addition, such discs are less noisy.

And in conclusion, a few words about enterprises that produce end saws on wood. The leaders in the production of almost all electric tools are Bosch and Makita, and their end saws are no exception. Metabo, Hitachi, DeWALT tools also showed themselves well in practice. If we talk about domestic end saws, then here we can note the Corvette tools. In general, there is something to choose from. The main thing is not to count with the possibilities.

Here, in principle, and all that you need to know regarding such an instrument as the end saw. Buy, use it and remember that this tool is quite dangerous. Do not forget about safety precautions and be always extremely assembled when working, and most importantly sober!