Fuel Consumption Stihl 361 Chainsaws

Stihl 361 chainsaws differ in reliability and durability of operation, they are considered the quietest among other models of chainsaws. In addition, Stihl brand saws are the best-selling in the world. The Stihl 361 chain saw can be easily transformed into other tools of the Stihl brand with the help of functional attachments, for example, an angle grinder, ice ax, grinder, outboard motor, plane, ice ax, etc.

Fuel Consumption Stihl 361 Chainsaws

The history of the company, the difference between the original and the fake

The German company Stihl was founded by Andreas Stihl in 1921 in Germany. The first chainsaw of this company was released in 1929. The unit weighed about 48 kg and was serviced by two operators. Stihl engineers continued to develop this unit. Over the long period of its existence, the first model of the chainsaw has greatly changed and decreased in weight, and also received many useful additions:

  • the chainsaw chain was equipped with special cutting-scraper teeth;
  • an automatic lubrication system for the chain was put into operation;
  • received a centrifugal clutch;
  • installed the first carburetor membrane type;
  • the petrol tool received special sprung mounts of the handles, which protect the operator from vibration during operation;
  • The Stihl chainsaw was equipped with additional protection that acted as a chain brake.

Attention, fake!

There is also sad news: every technician in demand among consumers after a certain time is overgrown with counterfeit. Fakes come to us from China and although they bear the brand logos on themselves, they do not at all meet the declared (expected) quality. Fortunately, knowledgeable people have even learned to visually recognize substitution.

They are ready to share this video information on the Internet, but we will describe these signs in the article.

Let’s start with the case:

  • rough casting, porous, low quality;
  • body color is dull;
  • The air filter screw is located at the top of the chainsaw. instead of the end position of the original product;
  • the shape of the covers of the fuel and oil tanks is also different: for the original saw, the covers are screwdriver included in the kit, for a fake they are simple, slightly convex;
  • serial numbers are completely absent;
  • the chain brake is attached on one side when the original Stihl MC 361 chainsaw is double-sided.

Video: Fuel Consumption Stihl 361 Chainsaws

  • a fake chainsaw has a simplified carburetor without a built-in compensator:
  • aftermarket Stihl spark plugs are used.

In order to verify the authenticity of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw, it is recommended to look into the instructions. it will also differ significantly from the original, which can be found on the Internet.

Well, the last check is the price. How much can a Stihl MC 361 chainsaw cost? It is important to remember that the Stihl brand is an expensive brand, which means that the original Stihl MS 361 chainsaw cannot be cheap! In the domestic market, the price can vary from 36 to 46 thousand rubles.

Description and characteristics of the “Stihl” MS 361 chainsaw

The Stihl MS 361 chainsaw is a professional tool used in gardening to care for fruit trees, it is no less popular in landscape design, it is used for fuel storage, with functional nozzles in construction and the national economy, it can also be used for felling. Weighing a chainsaw as standard 5.6 kg. The Shtilevsky carburetor two-stroke engine with the declared power of 4.6 liters. from. Start is made by a manual starter. A decompressor is integrated for an easier start.
The ignition is non-contact.

The membrane carburetor is equipped with a compensator that optimizes engine speed and provides more complete combustion of fuel, and therefore a cleaner exhaust. The engine speed adjustment in the carburetor is factory, but the idle speed can be adjusted independently. For work in the cold season, heating of the carburetor and handles is provided. The silencer is equipped with an arcing grille. The carburetor is equipped with an accelerating fuel feed pump.

Lateral placement of the tension mechanism, the tire is attached to the chainsaw with 4 bolts, the chain tension mechanism is simplified and accelerated. Access to the star is limited. The oil is supplied to the circuit automatically in a point mode. Tires from 37 to 50 cm can be matched to the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw. Chain pitch ⅜ inch. In opposition to jamming of the cutting unit, side stops are provided in the wood.

A special shock absorber system protects the owner of the equipment from excessive vibration. In order to increase the safety of work, the manufacturer provides an inertial brake and a chain catcher (in the event of an open circuit). There is a gross bar.

There are several modifications of the Stihl 361 chainsaw:

  • base model MS 361;
  • improved modification with handle heating MS C 361, its weight is increased to 5.8 kg.

Chainsaw “Stihl” 361 Specifications