How An Angle Grinder Cut Wood

How not to work with a dangerous tool?

When handling dangerous tools, it is prohibited:

  • Work without safety glasses;
  • Wear light clothing with short sleeves that does not cover the body from hot sparks;
  • Work without a protective cover;
  • Use an angle grinder in operation without checking the condition of the abrasive disc at idle;
  • Stay in the cutting plane. stand on the side;
  • Press hard on the tool with your hands. it cuts perfectly under the influence of its weight;
  • Constantly practice cutting the angle grinder towards yourself, which can lead to injury from a broken disc;
  • Work without interruption, because the hands accumulate fatigue from the weight and vibration of the angle grinder and cannot hold it firmly;
  • Work with a loose workpiece. someone must hold it firmly or securely fix the product in a yew, clamp, or other device;
  • Grind the parts with the side of the cutting disc. there are special attachments for this;
  • Cut workpieces with a thickness of more than half the radius of the circle. usually the workpiece should not exceed 1/6 of the diameter;
  • Allow strangers into the working area.

How to avoid the risk of injury from a defective disc?

To prevent the disc from scattering during operation, the following measures will help:

  • Checking the abrasive wheel for defects before each installation;
  • Control inspection of the nozzle before each start-up;
  • Work with personal protective equipment: gloves, goggles or face shield.

The operator of the angle grinder must approach the tool in a calm state, must be attentive and careful. A person with an unbalanced psyche, who does not know how to concentrate at the right moment, cannot even pick up this serious tool.

Curious features of the angle grinder

The skillful hands of a professional can do wonders with an angle grinder.

The angle grinder is capable of cutting a tin can or cutting teeth on a rack; tool to cut car tires or level the surface of the anvil. The versatility of the angle grinder literally boggles the mind.

Three factors give her such opportunities:

  • A huge number of replaceable attachments of different types, purposes, made of various materials;
  • The ability to change the operating mode: adjustment of the rotation speed, the presence of additional handles;
  • Can be fixed to a stationary position using various attachments.

Some models of grinders are equipped with an electric drive, which is controlled by high-frequency converters. By changing the frequency of the electric current, they are able to adjust the rotation speed from zero to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.

This broad speed control. one of the most important parameters of an angle grinder. will give it additional applications.

How to use an angle grinder correctly

If you learn the principles of correct work with an angle grinder well, then you can not worry about your health. Important notes for preparing and working with your angle grinder:

  • The grinding wheel in diameter should not exceed the size for which the angle grinder is designed;
  • When working, the angle grinder is firmly held with both hands;
  • The operator must stand firmly on his feet so that nothing can unbalance him;
  • The power cable must be tilted away from the place of work to avoid falling under the rotating disc;
  • All movements in the working area from one place to another should be performed with the angle grinder turned off;
  • In the event of an emergency power outage, it is imperative to turn off the device to avoid unexpected start-up.
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Metal work

Metal is the material for which this instrument was originally created. With its help, rebar, round timber, pipes and all sections of long products are easily cut. For this work, special cutting discs are used. Any work with metal is prohibited without the removed protective casing, canvas gloves and goggles. Cutting metal produces many sparks, abrasive disc pieces and metal dust, which pose a serious threat to the operator and the environment. Cutting metal requires accuracy, thoughtfulness, and slowness. For cleaning welding seams, cleaning the surface from rust, scale, grinding and polishing, special discs are produced from hard wire, abrasive, foam rubber and other materials.

Cutting ceramics in a straight mowing line

The most efficient way is to cut ceramic tiles with a solid disc 115 mm in diameter at a speed of 6-8 thousand revolutions per minute. The procedure is as follows:

  • The tiles are laid on a flat surface and secured with a clamp. Alternatively, hold with your foot protected with a special construction boot.
  • Using a soft pencil or a sharp object, mark the cutting line along the ruler.
  • An incision is made exactly along the mowing line, the depth of the cut. within 1–1.5 mm. depends on the ceramic material and tile thickness;
  • The sawing is done carefully, at a low speed of movement, then the movement of the angle grinder along the mowing line is accelerated (this makes it easier to perform an even cut);
  • Then the tile is moved with an incision to the edge of the table or a thick nail is placed under the incision, after which it is broken along the mowing line of the notch.

Securing workpieces

All small and medium-sized parts must be securely fixed in a vice or with clamps. When fastening, provide a safe place for the possible fall of the cut parts.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to machine an angle grinder on large parts or structures that cannot be clamped in a vice. It can be:

  • Metal sheets;
  • Profiles;
  • Pipes;
  • Structures, machines, mechanisms.

In such cases, you need to make sure that the surface to be treated is securely fixed (stands or lies stably), after processing it will not lose stability, and the cut off part will not fall on the worker or others. At the slightest doubt, support with stops, jacks, or sling and securely fasten the slings to the surrounding metal or reinforced concrete structures.

Cut on yourself

There are many supporters of this method. It is only important not to forget that when you move the angle grinder towards yourself, the sparks must necessarily fly in the other direction. This minimizes the risk of biting the disc. Although he always stays. Therefore, when moving the tool towards yourself, it is imperative to leave the mowing line of the cut.

How An Angle Grinder Cut Wood

Correct start, stop and breaks

Before turning on the device, you should carefully inspect and carefully check the disc. Do not use tips with chips, delamination, cracks or any other damage.

Before connecting to the network, a cutting (grinding) wheel must be installed on the angle grinder with a pattern upwards, then tighten it with a special nut. The size as well as the permissible revolutions are indicated in the technical documentation for the tool.

When inspecting the tool, you need to check that:

  • There is no damage or cracks on the case;
  • Serviceability of the cable (cord), protective tubes and plug;
  • The handle is well screwed on;
  • The circle is fenced and the casing is securely fastened.

After that, the idle operation of the tool is checked. To do this, you need to connect the plug to the outlet, turn on the power button and the latch. Observe for a minute the work of the angle grinder. Make sure that it works without extraneous sounds, excessive vibration, and the disc does not touch the protective cover. When disconnected, the malfunction or functionality of the power button and latch will become clear. If everything is ok, you can get to work.

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Interruptions in work are usually associated with overheating of the disc or angle grinder, changing attachments, the need to move the workpiece or the worker himself. In any case, you must first turn off the button, and then disconnect from the network. It is important to monitor the tool and avoid overheating.

How to cut an angle grinder correctly: by yourself or by yourself

Angle grinders are in many farms and garages, but most owners do not know how to properly hold and use an angle grinder. Therefore, they make mistakes that can lead to marriage at work, which is even worse. to serious injuries. Remember that an angle grinder is a very dangerous tool. Therefore, before using it, you need to learn a few safety rules.

Safety when working with an angle grinder

Grinding and cutting power tools are hazardous activities. Therefore, when working with an angle grinder, you must take into account the possibility of direct or indirect action of factors hazardous to health:

  • Cold or hot;
  • Poor illumination of the workplace;
  • Strong noise, vibration from a typewriter;
  • Great physical activity;
  • Rotating equipment parts;
  • Falling objects (processed materials);
  • Flying sparks and solid particles of parts;
  • Work at height, depth or in a confined, hard-to-reach place;
  • Danger of electric shock.

It is possible to minimize the action of hazardous factors, and as a result, to preserve life and one’s own health, by observing the safety rules when operating devices with open rotating parts. To do this, you need to use personal protective equipment (abbreviated as PPE), fix the workpieces well, choose a safe place, start and finish work correctly.

Individual protection means

The name PPE, or personal protective equipment, is understood as means for personal use, which are used to protect against pollution, prevent or reduce the effects of harmful and dangerous factors. For most workers, this is workwear appropriate for the profession. It usually includes trousers, a jacket, a hat, closed shoes. Since the angle grinder is a hazardous tool, the clothing is supplemented with other protective equipment:

  • Glasses or visor;
  • Anti-noise headphones or earplugs (ear plugs);
  • Anti-vibration mittens;
  • A respirator, especially when cutting stone, tiles, concrete or slate.

The goggles will protect you from sparks, small debris or a grinding disc. The use of headphones or ear plugs helps to eliminate noise, thus avoiding difficulties with hearing after work. The gloves will protect you from abrasion and vibration. A respirator against a large amount of dust generated.

Basic safety instructions

Before cutting wood with an angle grinder, read the safety instructions. The main of these rules are as follows:

  • Be sure to use personal protective equipment (protective plastic goggles, fabric gloves), work in overalls.
  • Never use discs that are defective.
  • It is recommended to hold the angle grinder firmly with 2 hands.
  • Always make sure that the power cord is not near the rotating disc.
  • Place the angle grinder only after a complete stop of the cutting element.
  • Do not remove the protective cover.
  • Not working while intoxicated.

Do not use accessories that are not intended for work with an angle grinder. You should not use cutting equipment for circular saw blades for the following objective reasons:

  • The angle grinder has a higher rotational speed than a circular saw. The disc is designed for lower revolutions, so at high speed it can crack and fly apart. Flying fragments can be harmful to health.
  • The wood has a more viscous texture and inclusions in the form of knots, because of this, the teeth enter the material unevenly. If the disc gets stuck, the tool could be pulled out of the hand, causing serious injury.
  • Due to uneven loads, the equipment overheats and failure is possible.

Sawing firewood angle grinder

Sawing wood with an angle grinder can be relatively safe. It provides for a rigid attachment of the cutting equipment to a bed with guide elements. It will be a stationary sawing equipment in which the angle grinder is securely fixed. A self-made machine works on the principle of circular saws, where the processed material is fed along the guides.

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You can cut firewood with an angle grinder, but you need to use the devices necessary to ensure safety. Jigsaw, circular saw, hand tools are more suitable for working with wood.

Can an angle grinder safely cut wood?

There is an angle grinder in almost every home, it is difficult to imagine carrying out many types of repair work without it. This multifunctional tool can cut various materials: brick, concrete, metal, porcelain stoneware, etc. The question of whether an angle grinder can cut wood is a matter of controversy.

Discs for wood on an angle grinder

The angle grinder is used for working with hard materials and is not a specialized tool for processing wood. But you can use it for these purposes, although you will have to comply with some conditions. It is strongly discouraged to use the standard equipment, because It’s not safe.

The industry produces a range of specialized wood discs recommended for the angle grinder:

  • Cut-off discs have specially shaped teeth and reamers located on the cutting edge to prevent tool jamming.
  • Chain discs are used for modeling, milling and stripping wood. They are a disc made of high-alloy steel, on the outer edge of which there is a chain from a chainsaw.
  • Special flap sanding attachments are designed for smoothing irregularities and cleaning. Such a nozzle consists of several layers of sandpaper stacked radially one on top of the other so that they overlap.
  • The plane disk is used for roughing wood blanks, for example, when building a log house. This attachment replaces the carpenter’s ax.
  • Wood cutters allow for rough milling work.
  • End discs are used to level the end surface.
  • Sanding disc for wood with interchangeable sanding discs of various grain sizes.

Wood cutting angle grinder

In the absence of special equipment for working with wood, it is allowed to cut wood with an angle grinder. But the thickness of the material cut by the angle grinder should not be more than 4 cm.It is necessary to use special cutting discs and wood cutters recommended for working with an angle grinder.

Hold the cutting tool perpendicular to the work surface. If it is possible to adjust the speed of the angle grinder, then set the minimum value. The recommended maximum values ​​must not be exceeded (the corresponding marking is on the disc). When cutting at high speeds, the wood starts to burn, a large amount of smoke is emitted.

It is not recommended to use the button lock during operation in order to be able to turn off the device and minimize possible damage. In order for the tool not to jerk at the end of the cut, experts advise first to file the workpiece along the edges, and only then cut it.

The device and capabilities of the angle grinder

Arranged angle grinder (angle grinder) is quite simple. The electric motor, by means of a bevel gear, transmits rotation to the shaft, on which replaceable nozzles are fixed. The area of ​​use of the angle grinder is extremely wide. It is used for cutting, deburring, roughing, grinding and sharpening. The type of work performed is determined by the functionality of the removable disks. Each angle grinder accessory has its own purpose.

Such a tool is used during construction work, in mechanical and repair shops, during rescue work and in other fields of activity. The angle grinder is indispensable both in everyday life and in production. We also recommend this: