How Mulching Works In A Lawn Mower

In order for the lawn to look beautiful, you need to constantly look after it. One of the most popular devices with which this can be done is lawn mowers. There are various types of such devices. One of them is mulching lawn mowers. Mulching in a lawn mower what it is, and why it is necessary. this article will talk about this in more detail.

Principle of mulching lawn mowers

This device is designed to give the lawn a more neat and tidy appearance. To do this, you must carefully, at the same height, cut the overgrown grass. The considered lawn mower does this job, then does the following:

  1. The cut off top layer of grass is carefully crushed.
  2. Then he pours himself back on the lawn.

This is necessary in order to supply grass with fertilizers. After the crushed grass wakes up on the ground from the mower, over time, humus forms from it, which is a valuable organic fertilizer.

This device is designed to give the lawn a more neat and tidy appearance.

Important! Mulching with plant residues practically makes unnecessary additional dressing with fertilizers of lawn grass.

Technically, the operation of this device is organized as follows. The trimmed top layer of grass enters the reservoir, in which the blades rotate around the vertical axis with great speed. This is a mulching lawn mower knife. He grinds the grass, which then spills back to the ground.

There are several varieties of such lawn mowers:

  1. One that works with an electric motor.
  2. Gasoline mower with mulching.

In the first case, mulching electric lawn mowers are divided into wired (powered from the network) and wireless (using batteries).

The motor for gasoline lawn mowers can be two-stroke or more powerful, four-stroke. A self-propelled gasoline mower with mulching can also be used.

Nuances in operation

Although feeding grass with cut off plant tops after they decay seems like an effective idea, in practice, not everything happens as it should. The fact is that mulch will not always rot. In some cases, it can simply dry out and turn into hay.

Here are a few points to consider when working with a lawnmower that has mulching:

  1. It is not recommended to pour out mulch on a hot summer day. In this case, the remnants of dried grass will simply become garbage. In this case, it would be better to remove them.
  2. It is recommended to carry out such a mowing of grass in the spring or autumn. At this time, lawn plants most in need of fertilizer supplementation.
  3. When plants survive frosts, in the spring they begin to grow sharply. Mulching in this way during this period is not recommended. This is due to the fact that the grass stems grow coarse and represent poor-quality raw materials for the formation of humus. In addition, such stems are unlikely to decay, rather, they simply dry out and turn into garbage without becoming fertilizers.
  4. It is not recommended to work with such a lawn mower immediately after heavy rain, due to the fact that it is unlikely that it will be possible to mow wet grass growing on wet ground with high quality.

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Pros and cons

The presence of mulching allows you to mow the lawn without being distracted by breaks

The use of mulching when mowing lawns has its advantages:

  1. Since there is fertilizing plants using organic fertilizers, as a result, this allows you not to spend money on the purchase of additional fertilizers for feeding.
  2. The presence of mulching allows you to mow the lawn without being distracted by breaks. the need to spend time emptying the box with mowed grass.
How Mulching Works In A Lawn Mower

A few cons:

  1. The electrical unit constantly requires charging.
  2. These devices require ongoing care.
  3. Gasoline units are noisy during operation.

Popular lawn mowers

A mulching lawn mower is available for DIY. This will save financial resources, but will have to spend a lot of labor and time. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is worth considering options for buying models that have proven themselves in practice.

The following are some of the most famous models that you can choose from.

One of the brands of lawn mowers with mulching is called the Bison ZGKE-43-1600. It can be purchased for 14 thousand rubles. This unit is made of plastic. When working, you can make a choice: mulch the grass or collect the mowed grass in a special tank.

Power is 1600 watts, weighs 16.3 kg. The device is not self-propelled. Type of motor. electric. The grass cutter tank has a volume of 45 liters. Mows the grass with a strip having a width of 43 cm. This is an electric lawn mower with mulching.

It can be set to various heights of grass cutting. It ranges from 2 to 7 cm. The lawn mower has 6 adjustment modes.


This model is based on a gasoline engine. The exact name of this lawn mower is Enkor-GKBS 5.0 / 51 56503. This type of device weighs more than those that have an electric motor. 35 kg. The power of the lawn mower is 5 horsepower. The cost of this device is 20 thousand rubles.

At one time it can conduct lawn processing on an area of ​​1000 square meters.

Like the Bison, there is the ability to adjust the height of the cut grass. It can range from 3 to 9 cm.

The anchor is made of steel, which indicates the strength of its structure. It has a built-in reservoir for mowed grass, which can be used if mulching is temporarily disabled. The capacity of the fuel tank is one and a half liters. Mows grass in a strip 51 cm wide.


This mulching lawn mower is powered by a universal electric motor. There are two power modes:

  • from wire using alternating current;
  • using lithium-ion batteries.

The cost of this device is 17 thousand rubles. The exact name of this model is Ryobi ONE OLM1834H 3002369. The battery capacity from which it works is 2.5 Amperes per hour.

This electric lawn mower weighs 16 kg. The width of the treated surface of the lawn is relatively small. it is 34 cm. The body of the device is made of plastic. When mowing, it can cut grass at a height of two to six centimeters.

There is a reservoir for mowed grass, the volume of which is 45 liters.

Cub cadet

The correct name for this device is Cub Cadet CC 46 PB 11A-K15E603. It uses a gasoline engine. The cost of the device is relatively high, equal to 35 thousand rubles.

This lawn mower weighs 46 kg, its power is 2100 watts. There is an adjustment of the height of the mowed grass from 2.8 to 9.2 cm. The width of the strip where the lawn is treated is 46 cm. The power is 2.85 horsepower.

For your information. The volume of the grass tank is relatively large, it is 70 liters. This device has 6 adjustment modes. The mower is not self-propelled.

Using a mower with a mulching function allows not only to maintain a neat appearance on the lawn, but also to nourish it with fertilizers in an amount sufficient for lawn grass.