How to Assemble a Trimmer Electric Huter 1500 Video

Owners of suburban areas every year are faced with the need to cut grass. To do this, electric trimmers are often purchased, since they have a lower cost than gasoline ones and allow you to efficiently cut large sections.

How to Assemble a Trimmer Electric Huter 1500 Video

Trimmer Selection Criteria

To choose the right electric trimmer, it is worth remembering several criteria:

  1. The density of grass on the site. If you trim a small lawn near a multi-storey building, you can purchase a cheaper model. To cut grass on a suburban area you will need a more powerful garden trimmer.
  2. Land area. Some country house owners choose a less powerful trimmer. This is due to the fact that this mechanism is used only several times a year. But if the plot is large, a cheap trimmer will not be able to work normally for several hours.
  3. Type of construction. The electric trimmer can have a different structure of handles, which affects the usability of it. If the model is heavy, you should buy a special belt.
  4. Power and type of engine.

By choosing the right garden trimmer, you will spend less time mowing the grass. This can be done thanks to the rating of the best models presented below.

Al-Co 112924 BC 1200 E

The grass mowing width with this portable garden trimmer is 35 cm. The model’s power is 1200 W. If necessary, you can install a delimber or brush cutter, which will simplify the process of upgrading the site.

This trimmer for a summer residence is quite popular among buyers, as it is a reliable tool. The product has a foldable handle, which allows you to transport it in a car without problems. The handle can be fixed at different heights, so it will be convenient for people of different heights. The weight of the model is 5.1 kg. Working with this trimmer is straightforward due to its well thought out design.

Makita UR 3502

Makita is a well-known company, as it produces various tools that are distinguished by their reliability. The power of the described trimmer is 1 kW. The rotation speed of the knife is 6500 rpm, but this is enough to mow the grass in small areas. The described model has an acceptable cost and is one of the most popular among buyers.

The grass mowing width with this tool is 35 cm. Despite the average engine power, the electric trimmer for giving will allow you to mow grass on the site quickly and efficiently.

Many consider the short cable to be its drawback. But usually the owners of such tools use several extension cords.

Caliber ET-1500V

This tool has the following advantages:

  1. Power is 1500 W. This indicator suggests that with this trimmer you can quickly cut grass in large areas.
  2. The mowing width is 42 cm. This also contributes to a faster mowing of grass in the area.
  3. The presence of additional nozzles (delimbers and brush cutter). Many products are sold without these parts, which is why you have to look for the right ones for a particular model.

Huindai Z 700

If you want to buy a cheap, but at the same time reliable grass trimmer, you should choose Huindai Z 700. It has a power of 700 watts, which is enough to mow low grass. The cutting width with this tool is 35 cm.

A convenient handle allows you to work with this tool for several hours without the appearance of fatigue. This is ideal for owners of small suburban areas.

Ddeeb 1000 RD

The power of this product is 1 kW. This is quite enough for comfortable work on the site. It is convenient to work with a trimmer not only while mowing the lawn, but also when removing tall bushes.

Video: How to Assemble a Trimmer Electric Huter 1500 Video

The mowing width is 40 cm, which allows you to quickly mow vegetation over a large area. In this case, the rotation speed of the knife is 8000 rpm. The device has an anti-vibration system, so that after working with it there is no unpleasant sensation in the hands.

Stihl fse 71

This model has a D-shaped handle and therefore will be convenient when working near fences. The rotation speed of the knife of this device is 7400 rpm with an engine power of 540 watts.

The trimmer handle can be fixed at different heights, so it’s convenient for people of different heights. The described model has other advantages:

  1. Curved bar, allowing you to work more comfortably.
  2. Light weight of only 4 kg. Thanks to this, the owner of the mechanism will not get tired even with continuous operation for several hours.
  3. Compactness. The length of the product is only 105 cm, so it can be transported in the car without any discomfort.

Patriot ET 1200

The described model has a low cost and has a large mowing width of 43 cm. This allows you to skew a large area in a short period of time.

The rotation speed of the knife is 7500 rpm, which also indicates the effectiveness of the product. The engine power of this electric trimmer is 1100 watts. The folding handle of this tool can be installed at different heights, so it will be convenient for people with different heights.

A shoulder strap is supplied with the mechanism to facilitate grass mowing.

Huter GET-1500 SL

If you need to cut grass in a small area, you should choose the presented model. This tool has compact dimensions and is convenient when used in confined spaces. During operation, it does not make much noise, so it can be used in the evening.

The engine of this trimmer is equipped with a cooling system that provides protection against overheating even during prolonged use. The shape of the handle prevents slipping of hands, so the owner of the device does not experience discomfort during operation. For transportation, the product can be disassembled.

Oleo-mac TR 130

This tool is superior in power to many similar products presented in the same price category. The advantages of the mechanism include:

  1. Balanced mass. During operation, the owner of the site will not experience much pressure on his hands, as the weight is evenly distributed on the belt suspension and handles.
  2. Light weight. Even with prolonged use, you don’t have to worry about fatigue.
  3. The built-in temperature regulator providing protection against an overheat during long use.
  4. Strength. The case is made of aluminum alloy, so it is shockproof and lightweight at the same time.
  5. Minimal vibration. After work, the owner of the device does not have an unpleasant sensation in the hands of the constant shaking of the pens.

The presented rating of mechanisms allows you to choose one of the most popular tools that will be suitable for work on a specific site.

Benefits of Electric Trimmers

When choosing such a tool, many do not imagine how electric trimmers differ from gasoline. The differences are as follows:

  1. Less weight. When working with a gasoline mechanism, a person gets tired faster, so the amount of work done per day is significantly reduced. But it is worth remembering that when working in small areas, this advantage does not matter, since the trimmer will be used for a short time.
  2. Low noise. Many electric trimmers work quite quietly, so you don’t have to worry about incurring the wrath of your vacationing neighbors.
  3. Lack of harmful exhausts.
  4. No need to purchase supplies. Electric trimmers do not require constant spending of money on gasoline.

It is worth noting that electric models do not require thorough maintenance. The main disadvantage of such products is depending on the energy source. If the trimmer is purchased for use on a suburban area, this feature of electrical mechanisms is not a disadvantage.

Rules for working with electric trimmers

The mechanism will last longer if you remember that several rules are observed:

  1. During work, you need to take breaks. If this rule is not observed, the engine will overheat, which may lead to a decrease in its efficiency or to damage.
  2. When using the trimmer, impacts from the ground or hard objects should be avoided. Even a light blow can damage the mechanism.
  3. If grass or wire is wound around the head, stop operation immediately and clean the device. If this is not done, the device will operate at the limit of capabilities, which will lead to its failure.
  4. Do not mow in the rain or in the presence of fog, as the mechanism is not designed for use in high humidity.
  5. During operation, it is worthwhile to constantly monitor the wiring so that it does not catch on obstacles in the area. It is inattention that most often leads to damage to the device.
  6. Do not mow wet grass, as it sticks to the rotating head. In this case, moisture can get on a working engine and lead to a breakdown of the mechanism.
  7. When replacing the fishing line, you must disconnect the trimmer from the power supply. This is due to the fact that if you accidentally press the rotating head can damage your hands.
  8. Do not remove the protective cover, increasing the length of the wire, as this helps to increase the load on the engine.