How to Change a Reducer to a Husqvarna Trimmer

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DIY trimmer repair

Lawn mowing repair: how to restore drive shaft gearing

Trimmer malfunction:
Licked the edges on the drive shaft of the trimmer (had to purchase a new shaft).

Trimmer malfunction reason: “Licked” because the shaft splines at the top are not engaged in their entire length (it happens that the shaft clings to only a few millimeters at the end). From the bottom into the gearbox, the shaft goes full length under its own weight.

DIY trimmer repair At the first so trimmers need to be checked and made so that the shaft goes up into the clutch on the entire length of the splines (or faces, if there is a square). How to replace a fishing line in any trimmer How to wind a fishing line onto a reel. To do this, try to put the gearbox higher on the pipe, having previously loosened its fastening or try to push the pipe deeper into the shock absorber, having previously loosened its fastening. Watch how to replace the fishing line on the etr300 trimmer Video! If the splines of the shaft still do not enter the clutch to the full length, then you need to shorten the pipe (cut off the part) by the length necessary for the splines to fully enter the clutch.

A warning: Just do not overdo it with cutting the pipe (it is better to cut a smaller piece), because if the shaft is longer and needs to be cut, then when the splines of the shaft are heated, the metal will be released, i.e. hardened metal will become soft and will not last long (the shaft itself is made of alloy steel).

P.S. If the shaft has already “licked”, then simply turn it over. install the shaft with the top slots down down into the gearbox and do what is described in Do-it-yourself trimmer repair.

Trimmer Repair: How to Stop Lubricant Leaks from a Gearbox

Trimmer malfunction:
Where does the grease from the trimmer gearbox go (Chinese trimmer, screw the grease nipple and syringe into the gearbox instead of plugs).

Trimmer malfunction reason:
Solidol pushed the gearbox sealed bearings under pressure. During operation, a watery burning grease driven by rapidly rotating bevel gears (in a small volume of the gear housing) “flies” either into the drive cartridge if the rings of the closed bearing on the driven shaft are pressed, or up into the body of the pipe if the rings of the closed bearing on the drive shaft are pressed gearbox.

DIY trimmer repair:
Change bearings (or the entire gearbox) in the service center and in the upcoming use special grease for the trimmer gearbox (for example, Husqvarna).

Tip: Chinese lawn mowers have a small hole for adding grease to the gearbox, so it will be more convenient to put grease from a branded tube into a syringe (without a needle) in honey, and from it already add grease to the gearbox.

Husqvarna 333R trimmer repair

Trimmer malfunctions Husqvarna 333R for 3.5 seasons of active commercial operation (sought substitution):

  • Husqvarna trimmer reducer assembly: a piece of a duralumin case broke off after a strong blow against a piece of metal pipe protruding from the ground (I was turned 180 and the WINDSOR 300-3 iron knife 2 mm (1 ″) was bent with a “bowl”). What he did: he made a metal temporary clamp.
  • Duralumin motor saucer. both frontal mounting ears broke off. Such is the malfunction of the trimmer.
  • One silencer mounting bolt (the edges of the Husqvarna bolt head are flattened).
  • It is better to change the muffler (dented and a little inside "overgrown" soot). Or at least clean the spark-absorbing mesh if they were not removed at first when the trimmer is used.
  • The steering column mount broke off to the Husqvarna trimmer pipe (one ear out of 2).
  • Weak thread under the candle in the cylinder head (try not to unscrew the candle unnecessarily).
  • There was an axial free play of the crankshaft.
  • Gasket under the Zama C1Q carburetor Husqvarna lawn mowers (made of narrow paronite).
  • As for the trimmer repair: in the 2nd season (in some places through 170 burned liters of gasoline), it was necessary to add paper under the two long screws of the Zama C1Q carburetor fastening (the thread was smoothed in the plastic intake manifold) to prevent air leaks due to loose screws.
  • Also in the 2nd season, the “non-string” thread detached from the tank plug (the ball knot is weak).
  • Husqvarna changed the rear screw of the fastening of the duralumin tray of the trimmer to a larger one (the thread was smoothed in the plastic case).
  • The plastic loop broke, for which the Husqvarna trimmer is hung on the hook of the strap. Made an iron loop.
  • I changed both side screws on the cover of the shock absorber of the Husqvarna 333R trimmer. the body was “sawed” in the duralumin case of the shock absorber (it was drilled both in the shock absorber and in the pipe).
  • I changed the screw for attaching the wire to the ignition coil (the thread in the duralumin housing was smoothed).

Note: I read in some places that the operating time of two-stroke engines for failure is less than 500 hours, and I have burned for 3.5 seasons

370 liters gasoline i.e. if 0.35 liters. per hour, then the running hours are more than 1000 hours! The Husqvarna 333R trimmer is a very reliable trimmer (lawn mower).

Note: Please write in the comments what you think about such a trim trimmer repair.

Lawn mowing repair: how to replace gearbox bearings

Trimmer malfunction: Tell me how the gearbox is disassembled on the trimmer for replacing the bearing (Husqvarna). And does he understand in general?

Answer: The Husqvarna lawn mowing gearbox can be disassembled to change parts such as bearings, bevel gears, housing (because the Husqvarna trimmer assembly for the Husqvarna trimmer costs about 150.)
It is necessary to remove it, loosening the tightening bolts below, be sure to wash it (for example, with gasoline), then bring the ends of the retaining spacer ring with two pliers (there are two of them on the gearbox) and remove the bearings with a small puller. They should just go because the upper bearing is no longer pulled by the housing, but the drive shaft of the Husqvarna trimmer comes out from the bottom.

Trimmer repair: how to restore the thread in the cylinder bore

Trimmer malfunction: The spark plug is twisted with great difficulty.

The cause of the malfunction: The thread in the candle hole in the cylinder is damaged due to the fact that the candle did not go through the thread when it was twisted into the cylinder, or sand fell on the candle thread, or the thread was torn off by a huge effort on the key.

How to Change a Reducer to a Husqvarna Trimmer

With the advent of spring, many homeowners are already starting to think about the future weed harvesting and lawn mowing. The appearance of a trimmer on the market has made maintaining a site much easier. Those who are preparing to purchase this device for the first time, it is advisable to study its basic technical characteristics so as not to make a mistake in choosing.

Trimmer. a grass mowing tool, actually a motorized scythe with a gasoline or electric drive. It differs from a conventional hand tool not only in its obvious process efficiency, but also in its maneuverability. a trimmer can carefully remove excess vegetation in hard-to-reach places.

The device itself has a simple construct, and most models, regardless of the power source, are similar in this sense.

The engine transmits torque to the cutting head, on which the knives or fishing line are mounted, as well as protective devices. a casing or a bracket. For comfortable operation, the device has a human-long rod.

Main characteristics


The power indicator varies in different models quite significantly. from 250 to 3500 W. Before buying a trimmer with the highest values, based on the opinion “the more powerful, the better”, think about whether you need it? For example, if the device is needed only for mowing grass on a flower bed, then high power is unnecessary. The trimmer up to such a simple task 500 watts. On the other hand, do not blame the manufacturer and seller if low power tool not overpowered dense grass or overheated from prolonged use. Only a medium and high power model can handle such tasks. from 500 to 1500 watts. Devices with the highest watts. from 1500 to 3500 —Suitable for professional grass mowing, as well as for owners of large diverse plots where grass with thick stems, bushes, and small branches are present.

Video: How to Change a Reducer to a Husqvarna Trimmer

Engine location

The location of the engine is upper and lower. Everything is simple here.

The lower engine is located near the ground and often makes up a single block with the cutting head. Such a trimmer is easier to hold in your hands, it is easier and perfect for women and senior citizens. It is believed that the device engine bottom more maneuverable, which means mowing unnecessary grass in the most inaccessible places. But there are also disadvantages. They should not work after rain or morning dew.

The trimmer with the upper engine position is more productive, durable. They can work in any weather. Yes, this tool is not so comfortable, but if you get used to it, which is helped by various belts and handles, then the mowing will be simplified.

Straight shaft or cable?

A shaft is installed inside the rod: straight (hard) shaft either flexible shaft (cable) The difference between a flexible and a steel shaft can be felt if you start to cut dense grass or shrubs. In this case, the braking load on the gearbox increases, at which the cable collapses, and the hard straight shaft continues to work.

If you decide to use a metal knife, then the gearbox experiences a greater load than when working with fishing line. That is why trimmers with a flexible shaft are mainly equipped with only a fishing line or a special set of knives. On tools with a direct shaft, you can install any cutting elements.

But before you start mowing, it is better to check the territory, since a meeting with a stone may end badly for a device with a hard shaft.

Trimmer Types

The device is classified by an energy source, which brings it into working condition:

It is not worth saying that one of the species is preferable. each has its pros and cons. Choosing your model will become easier if you decide on the tasks that the trimmer will solve on your site.


The design of the electric trimmer is simple, and the difference between the models can only be present in the location of the engine and the presence of small devices that simplify the work.

All electric braids are divided into:

1. Network, working from an electric cable connected to a 220 V.

2. Rechargeable, where the power source are lithium-ion batteries.

Network Electric Trimmers have two main advantages. Firstly, they are lighter than gasoline, since there is no need for a fuel tank, and in general the design of the electric braid is a bit simpler than its fellow, working on fuel. Secondly, the electric motor does not need an additional power source. the main thing is that there is a socket nearby.

This is where the flaws begin. The power cord of an electric tool is very short and you have to use an extension cord. Thus, the mowing area will be limited by its length. You are always tied to a power outlet, that is, you simply do not have the opportunity to go somewhere to harvest hay or to mow excess grass along the fence far from home. Work in the rain will also be limited.

But one more plus should be noted. environmental friendliness. There are simply no harmful emissions into the atmosphere from such an instrument.

The electric type of trimmer, battery operated, has its advantages. First of all, this is the lack of binding to the power cord. The trimmer has even less weight than its network counterpart. Trimming, mowing soft grass, mowing in the most inaccessible places, for example, under benches, in greenhouses, greenhouses. this is a list of works that a cordless tool will do perfectly.

Unfortunately, the power of such devices is low, and therefore you can’t count on pruning branches and dense grass. But even a teenager can cope with a cordless trimmer.

If we consider the technical characteristics, it is clear that the higher they are, the longer the device will work between charges. The battery capacity can be from 1.5 to 5 Ah, the battery voltage is from 10.8 to 82 V.

Convenient when the kit is not one, but immediately two batteries. one is dead, the other is working.


This tool is completely not tied to source of energy. The cable dangling under his feet does not bother him, he does not need to constantly monitor the battery charge. At the same time, it is, as a rule, a powerful device capable of performing the maximum number of works and coping even with a hard bush without interruptions, pauses and overheating. Unlike the electric counterpart, a gas trimmer is allowed to work in the rain or in the morning when the grass is covered with dew.

It just so happened that with fuel powered tools, the engine is always upstairs. In a few models with a lower arrangement, the engine is often located on a frame equipped with wheels.

The disadvantages include a more complex device and maintenance than in electrical models. And, of course, the exhaust emissions of the spent fuel constantly entering the atmosphere are not too environmentally friendly.

All gasoline engines are divided into push-pull and four stroke. The first option is the most common.

Two stroke engine powerful enough, easy to repair and unpretentious in operation. Prices for tools with a similar engine are quite reasonable.

As the main disadvantage, it is worth calling the preparation of the fuel mixture. You will have to carefully measure the amount of gasoline and special oil and mix before each work cycle, and the mixture can not be stored for a long time, it must always be fresh.

Another point that distinguishes the two-stroke engine is a larger exhaust volume and noise level than a four-stroke engine.

Four stroke motors less noisy, work measuredly and have a greater motor resource. In addition, it is equipped with containers for oil and gasoline, so you do not need to measure the proportion of this and that every time the fuel runs out. The disadvantages include high cost and more complicated maintenance.

Power of gas trimmers measured in horsepower and varies between 0.3 to 4.7 hp It is clear that the higher this indicator, the more powerful the tool. Medium and high power allows you to perform complex trimming for a long time without interruption and overheating. But for normal home use, trimmers with an engine power of up to 1 hp are enough. The capacity of the fuel tank is from 340 before 1200 ml. How much time you can work without refueling depends on this value. The capacity is especially relevant for owners of trimmers with a two-stroke engine, as well as having extensive land plots.

Most gasoline lawn mowers are equipped with a manual starter. a drum with an exhaust cable. Some need to start, overcoming compression jerks, while others are equipped with an easy start system. In the second case, the extendable cable cockes a special spring and transfers the torque directly to the engine.

additional characteristics

Type of bar

The bar can be straight and curved. Direct designs are typical for professional and farm appliances. They transfer all the weight to the cutting head of the trimmer, due to which it is possible to cut hard grass.

Curved rods more ergonomic. Their maneuverability allows you to handle complex, inaccessible areas. Another plus is the ability to spend less effort working with a trimmer, so it’s more convenient to hold it in your hands. Barbell can be integral and collapsible. The latter is convenient for storage and transportation in transport.

Type of cutting element

Most trimmers are equipped with a reel with a bobbin on which is wound fishing line. This is the main cutting element. Diameter of fishing line happens different. from 1 before 3.5 mm. The higher the value, the higher the trimmer’s ability to work with dense grass. There are two options for feeding the fishing line: semi-automatic, in which the spool is pressed to the ground to rewind a new fishing line, and automatic, when no effort is required from the operator. It’s just that every time you turn on the engine, the fishing line is fed instead of the used one.

Metal three-beam knife copes with the thickest and toughest thickets and is installed, as a rule, on gasoline lawn mowers.

Circular knives cope with small branches and shrubs.

Plastic knife like fishing line is a consumable. This is a flexible, durable element that will not break when meeting with hard grass or random stone.

Pen shape

D or P-the shaped handle looks like a loop. It is convenient for cutting tall bushes and is taken with a grip on top.

T or U-the shape of the handle resembles a bicycle wheel, and it is held in the same way. Such a handle gives the instrument maneuverability, since two hands can be used. It is supplied with weighty models.

J-the shaped handle is covered as if you are mowing grass with a regular scythe.


Weight. An important indicator, if you get a trimmer for a person who is not able to withstand both the weight and vibration of a working tool. The difference in weight between the models is significant. from 2 before 9.1 kg