How to Change Oil in a Hyundai Lawnmower

Replacing fluid in power steering. logbook Hyundai Solaris Gray 2011 on DRIVE2

Hello! Already dashed off 64000km, the power steering began to work a little louder, I decided to change the fluid in it, and it seems that there are semi-synthetics flooded on Solik, and 4-ka is synthetics! And so, to calm the soul) I read all the nuances of the replacement on the Drive, and went to the garage to John, took two jacks, hung out the wheels to make it easier to turn them! We took a syringe and sucked out all the liquid from the tank so that it could be removed the top pipe without dirt on the car! After they removed the return pipe, took a bottle, cut a hole so that the metal pipe was inside, then we went into the car and turned the steering wheel back and forth until all the liquid drained out! (THE PROCEDURE TO BE PERFORMED ONLY ON THE INoperative ENGINE!). Then we collect everything back and add new liquid to the tank, go back and turn the steering wheel until the liquid stops leaving! When the liquid stops decreasing, close the tank cover and turn on the engine. Let the engine run for a couple of minutes. Due to the air in the system, the fluid in the tank will foam a little, this is normal! Then add as necessary.

As a result, the steering wheel began to spin a little easier and power steering became quieter to work! Now I calmed down))))

How to Change Oil in a Hyundai Lawnmower

Solaris Power Steering Fluid Replacement. logbook Hyundai Solaris Hatchback 2012 on DRIVE2

Hello everyone! And here is my next record of what I did in my car. Namely, he decided to replace the oil in the power steering. Why did I do this? Just because. There is a desire, and this is the main thing) I read the forum and got to this article. DO NOT FORGET THAT THIS WORK IS PERFORMED ON THE DISABLED ENGINE!

So, I got this synthetics:

And now about the work done. Raise the front wheels, so when we turn the steering wheel, nothing bothered us.

Using a syringe, suck out fluid from the tank

We make a hole in the plastic bottle and put it on the return pipe.

Pour new oil to the maximum and get behind the wheel. We begin to twist it from one extreme position to another. In this case, be sure to monitor the fluid in the tank and, if necessary, add. It is better to do this together. If a light liquid appears, we put on the pipe as it was. Pour liquid at the maximum mark on the cold. When I collected a couple more times I turned the wheel before starting the car.

We start the car. The pump may make a strange sound for a while (several seconds). Do not be alarmed. So it should be. This is air. Twisted a few more times driving on the established and all! Done) The oil in the tank may froth for some time.

such dirty oil was in the tank. Not visible in clearance

What can I say about the work done. In my opinion, the steering wheel began to spin easier. Maybe this is self-hypnosis, but it is. Thank you all who read my nonsense to the end) Good luck on the road!

Special thanks to vulcan161 and Zeka264. I studied their articles before embarking on this case.

Price tag: 990 ₽ Mileage: 49576 km

Replacing the power steering fluid without hanging the wheels. logbook Hyundai Solaris NeGusta Boss 2013 on DRIVE2

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! (PART OF THE PHOTO TAKEN FROM THE INTERNET FOR AN EXAMPLE) I replaced the power steering fluid, which I’ll tell you about now! The main part is done on the engine turned off! I looked, it means that the guys thought up to put boards on the wheels on them pour oil and on top of the linoleum sheet, I did! I am very glad that I did not hang the wheels, everything turned out quickly and without troubles!)

photo for an example from an Internet

After that, I pumped out all the liquid from the tank with a medical syringe and a small hose, then I disconnected the return pipe, as in the picture, lifted it up, and hooked the hose to the other part and sent it to the tank, where I will continue to drain the old liquid!

disconnected the return pipe in blue, secured the hose to the bottle in red

I went behind the wheel and turned it from one extreme position to another until the fluid stopped flowing! Then, on the pipe that comes from the power steering tank, I put a plug so that nothing extra would pour out and filled the new fluid almost at maximum speed, then continued turn the steering wheel in different directions all the way back until fresh fluid starts to flow! (IMPORTANT WHEN TO TURN THE STEERING wheel, IT IS IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THE LEVEL IN THE TANK AND CONSTANTLY FILL A NEW LIQUID so that AIR DOES NOT GET INTO THE SYSTEM!) PS- I used the original 4

Video: How to Change Oil in a Hyundai Lawnmower

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After the fresh fluid has gone, we collect everything as it was, add the liquids to the MAX HOT level, close the lid, start the car, there will be a hissing sound or something like that, the liquid will foam (everything is ok), wait a couple of minutes, turn the steering wheel again in different directions, the liquid he’ll leave a little more, then we turn off the car, add the required amount of liquid and that’s all, we managed!) Congratulations!

As a result, I still have so much liquid left, I think the norms are, if I pump them out, but it is unlikely to be required)

All methods, except linoleum, which were needed to replace)

Old fluid, black.

And most importantly, I didn’t foresee such a feeling of satisfaction. in general, the class was awesome immediately, I didn’t even expect this) By the way I didn’t write in the post about changing the oil in the automatic transmission, it’s also a great feeling, I don’t feel the switch, as if into a new car I sat down, so whoever has an automatic transmission and mileage of 60 km or 120, for example, I advise you to definitely change it! Super, the mood has directly improved!) About how I changed the oil in automatic transmission, see the link changing oil in automatic transmission All good luck, subscribe guys, I try , all I wanted for those. I’ve done the service, it remains only to change the brake fluid, I would like to do it myself, too, but I need to lift the car there, there’s nothing.) so I have to give it to some service, as time will be) Love your cars =) Thank you for your attention !

Hyundai: an excellent oil change GUR Solaris (power steering)

Hydraulic power steering (GUR) is not a necessary element in the design of the car. over: the Hyundai Solaris control mechanism is designed in such a way that in case of a power steering malfunction, the car will not lose controllability. it will not even worsen. Yes, you will have to put more effort into the rotation of the steering wheel, which will become especially noticeable at low speeds and at the beginning of the movement. But, given the relatively small mass of Solaris, we can safely say that such a breakdown will not become an obstacle to further operation of the machine.

Oil change GUR Solaris: preliminary information

Nevertheless, the power steering mechanism makes the control of the machine much more comfortable. Therefore, more recently, it is installed on Solaris in all trim levels, including the minimum. Almost on all cars of this model there is a hydraulic booster. this mechanism has been most widely used in recent years.

Replacing the power steering Solaris

But there is no special need for this, since the replacement of the power steering is required infrequently. With most malfunctions, repair of this device is possible, during which only its individual components are updated.

Repair GUR Hyundai Solaris

For the most part, rubber seals are required, which serve to seal the circuit along which the power steering fluid circulates. But sometimes it is necessary to add it. when its leak occurs.

Rubber is not the most durable material: GUR seals suffer from seasonal temperature changes and from contact with hydraulic booster fluid. Theoretically, it is believed that it does not corrode rubber pads, but in practice this statement is not always true. Therefore, the state of the latter should be regularly monitored. And you can do this by simply looking from time to time at the power steering fluid level in the corresponding tank. If it began to decline, then a leak somewhere formed.

Does it make sense to look for a leak? Yes and no. If that trouble found you on a trip, then, having found a worn oil seal, you can always, if not replace it (you may not have the necessary spare parts at hand), then at least seal it with an ordinary insulating tape. This can not be called a serious repair, but by doing so you stop the leak for some time, and make a real repair when you get to the car service.

But if you do not intend to postpone this procedure, then it is advisable to replace all the seals at once. After all, if one is leaked, then it can be confidently stated that in the very near future other rubber gaskets will suffer the same fate. It is no coincidence that these parts are usually sold as a set.

Replacement of liquid GUR Solaris

After repairing the power steering, it is advisable not only to add fluid to the tank to the required level, but to completely update it. After all, contact with air is one of the main factors in its aging (the second is a variety of pollution).

The working fluid of the amplifier, in fact, is the same oil. True, having slightly different properties than motor. Therefore, the preventive replacement of the GUR Hyundai Solaris fluid should be carried out with the same frequency as the motor. every 15 thousand kilometers of the vehicle.

The main characteristics of a liquid are three parameters:

  • viscosity;
  • compressibility (so-called hydraulic characteristic);
  • the ability to dissolve pollution (this, as well as a number of other additional properties, is provided by the inclusion of various additives in the composition of GUR oil).

Without delving into the technical jungle, we can only say that the choice of power steering fluids for cars with manual transmissions is almost twice as wide as for cars with automatic transmission. You can distinguish one from the other in color. For cars with manual gearboxes, power steering oil of any color is suitable. green, yellow or red.

Directly for a car with a manual transmission, green fluids are intended. Under no circumstances should they be poured into GURs of cars with an “automatic machine”. Unlike yellow ones, which are universal.

Important! Most specialists are concerned with universal products, whether they are oils or any spare parts, rather skeptical. Parts and fuels and lubricants intended directly for this or that car will always be better than universal ones, that is, having average technical characteristics. Therefore, if you have a choice, it is better that at Solaris the replacement of the fluid in the power steering is carried out with red or green. depending on the type of gearbox of the machine.

Before new oil is poured into the tank, it would be good to flush the entire system to remove residual waste fluid. A conscientious car service master will not forget to do this. To do this, he will use a special detergent composition, which, through a pump, will drive through the entire working circuit of the power steering.

Marginal notes: It is unlikely that it will be possible to flush the system with our own resources without proper equipment. Already at least for this reason, it makes sense to contact a car service center to replace the oil in the GUR Hyundai Solaris This procedure is inexpensive, but you do not have to bother with oils on your own, stains on clothes from which, by the way, can only be removed by dry cleaning.