How to Choose a Cutting Disc for Angle Grinder

How to Choose a Cutting Disc for Angle Grinder

how choose the right disk for the angle grinder so that there are no problems

angle grinder (and if it is correct. angle grinder) refers to those electric tools with which you can perform diverse work. cutting, grinding, grinding, polishing, brushing.

For this, all kinds of disks for an angle grinder and unusual nozzles are used.

The main thing is that the right choice of consumables is made. The nozzle must necessarily correspond to the operation that will be performed on a particular model of an angle grinder.

General information

They produce tools and nozzles in a large assortment, and each of the varieties is used to solve specific problems or even several operations. You can buy them at a point of sale from manufacturers (it does not matter, from foreign or domestic) at different prices. We suggest you consider the main varieties of nozzles, their purpose, as well as how to choose the right disk for an angle grinder.

Varieties of discs for angle grinder

Circles for an angle grinder are interchangeable elements. When working with various materials, one should understand their varieties. This helps to perform quality operations.

Circles can be safely classified according to the following parameters:

  • According to destination.
  • By the type of work being carried out.
  • By design.
  • By type of cutting.
  • According to the material of manufacture.
  • In size.

Note, that, according to the purpose, the nozzles for performing work can be on wood, metal, concrete, stone, marble and other things. Manufacturers indicate the purpose in the marking that is applied to the product itself. Most varieties are a universal tool that is suitable for processing different types of materials.

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By the type of work performed, which are indicated in the name, manufacturers are trying to produce such nozzles for an angle grinder:

  • Cleaning (metal brushes, flap end circles, batch or with a mandrel).
  • Peeling (grinding wheels for grinding workpieces, twisted cones, peeling diamond wheels).
  • Saw. this is about the presence of teeth on the cutting edge, and this is a structural feature of the product. This makes it possible to obtain high-purity cuts on drywall, wood, plywood, gas silicate and other similar materials.
  • Cutting. such cutting and diamond blades are produced with a solid edge for cutting and everything is divided into segments.
  • Grinding (disks with varying degrees of grit and hardness).
  • Polishing (here we are talking about felt nozzles, felt, as well as grinding and with a special Velcro).
  • For cutting joints in concrete, asphalt and more.
  • Milling (for cutting bowls, grooves, edging, etc.).
  • Sharpening. their characteristic feature is the ability to carry out operations through the side surface.

A disc is a product with a specific diameter.

. and the thickness that the landing hole has in order to be attached to an angle grinder with a solid cutting edge, with a segmented or even curly configuration. The choice of a specific type will depend on the operation being performed and the material on which the operation will be carried out. Cutting using such a nozzle can be performed in a dry, combined and wet way. The marking indicates just such a feature.

How to choose a cutting disc for an angle grinder?

According to the material of manufacture, the disks can be abrasive, diamond, carbide and brush. The main circles of the first type will be a special latex paper or even fiber, on which an abrasive layer and a binder are applied.

The nozzle, which is made of fiber, comes with a plastic or rubber backing pad. A carbide disc is a product that is made of a material such as alloy steel. Such consumables can be used for cutting aluminum, high carbon, stainless steel and other materials that are indicated in the marking.

Diamond blades are completely universal consumables. They are a steel product, on the surface of which there is a diamond spraying. This makes it possible to get the thinnest cut on any type of material. Popular products, which are popularly called “turtles”, are a type of nozzle made on a flexible basis, has a corrugated structure, and are attached with Velcro.

over, they produce diamond blades with a solid edge for wet cutting, turbo-segment and segment for dry cutting, as well as combined.