How to Choose an Inexpensive Miter Saw

A miter saw is a special type of circular sawing tool that transversely cuts long workpieces at a right or random angle. This type of saw works with wood and composite materials based on it. The installation of special discs also allows you to cut thin metal and plastic pipes and profiles. Like any other tool, the miter saw must be selected correctly, in accordance with the tasks.

The simplest pendulum version of the miter saw is a horizontal bed with a turntable and an electric circular saw on it. The workpiece is fed along the guide fixed to the bed; the required cutting angle is set by rotating the turntable around a vertical axis.

How to Choose an Inexpensive Miter Saw

Combined miter saws with the possibility of rotating the turntable also around the horizontal axis are more complex in design.

A feature of most models of this type: horizontal rotation of the circle is possible exclusively to the left. An electric drive located on the bed prevents it from moving to the right.

Miter saws with horizontal movement are even more functional. In them, the cutting tool is able to move along its own guide. two polished rods.

All modern miter saws have a dust bag included in the kit, instead of which you can connect a vacuum hose or a sleeve of a stationary dust removal system. Many models are equipped with laser illumination of the cutting line, as well as general illumination of the working area.

The saw is selected according to several criteria, one of which is the type of electric drive. The induction motor is reliable, economical and noiseless, but it is very massive and does not differ in high power. The collector motor produces a greater number of revolutions, it is better controlled and has a function of stabilization of work, but it is very noisy and requires periodic replacement of brushes.

Most modern miter saws are equipped with a collector-type electric drive.

The gearbox is the link between the motor and the blade. Its transmission is gear or belt. Among the advantages of the first is high reliability, however, if such a gearbox breaks down, the entire assembly must be replaced; repair of individual gear teeth is almost impossible.

Belt drive, despite its apparent tendency to wear and tear, equipped with many modern saws. Its advantages are obvious:

  • if the belt flies, even a novice master will install it in place without the use of a highly specialized tool;
  • the belt is a kind of shock absorber, smoothing out the vibrations occurring in the unit;
  • in case of emergency engine overload, the belt will simply slip without causing serious damage;
  • the belt drive is almost silent compared to the gear.

Some manufacturers completely excluded the gear unit from the design of their saws. the cutting disc is located directly on the motor shaft.

The power of models from different manufacturers varies in the range of 800–2500 watts. The most popular options are 1600–1800 W; they are chosen for small commercial workshops and for use at home. It is important to choose the right saw by its power, because:

  • Correct correlation of the structure of the processed material and the power of the tool will avoid overloads and thereby extend its service life;
  • the higher the power, the larger the diameter you can use the disk;
  • an increase in electric drive power leads to an increase in the size and weight of the equipment.

The number of revolutions of the cutting disc varies from 3200 to 6000 rpm, and the higher this number, the cleaner and better the cut will be, and the lower the risk of chips, cracks, and fiber splitting.

This necessarily takes into account the diameter of the disk. For example, if it is 260 mm, its rotation speed should be at least 2800 rpm.

Dear professional saw models usually have an angular speed of no lower than 4000–5000 rpm, and some manufacturers have equipment options with the ability to adjust the number of revolutions depending on the type of work being performed at the moment.

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Almost every modern miter saw is equipped with various additional options and devices that facilitate operation and increase the level of safety. It is only important to understand which of them will be really necessary for the performance of standard work, and which will only become an overpayment for unnecessary functions.

The dust extraction system is an important mandatory option, even if the saw is purchased for low-intensity irregular use. Work without this system leads to damage to the saw itself, other equipment in the workshop, causing significant harm to the health of the operator and others.

Japanese Makita saws. one of the most popular on the market, are offered quite inexpensively. The power of most of their models is 1.65 kW, the maximum number of revolutions reaches 6,000 rpm, some modifications provide electronic adjustment of this parameter. And some Makita saws are able to maintain a constant number of revolutions at different loads for accurate cutting.

Models of miter saws with horizontal movement from this manufacturer have a feature: the cutting edge of the saw blade rotates in the opposite direction to the operator. so the flow of chips moves to the side, and the blade presses the workpiece against the stop. The built-in smooth braking system of the engine is also useful, and the safety of changing discs is guaranteed by the option of fixing the shaft. The blocking of an accidental engine start is provided.

The working area is fenced off from the operator by a strong casing, there is a pendulum mechanism that exposes sharp teeth exclusively as the cutting tool approaches the workpiece. All models have a dust extraction system, most have a fluorescent backlight, and some have a laser marker. The saw blade is always supplied with the equipment, except for the Makita LS1440 model, for which it should be purchased separately. any universal model will do.

Miter saws of the Interskol trademark are equipped with high-power low-noise engines with the option of a motor brake, which stops the disk no later than 10 seconds after shutdown. Most models have an additional top table with infinitely adjustable cutting height, and this allows them to be used as a classic circular saw.

The handles of this equipment are given a special ergonomic shape. to control sawing. Ease of control is provided by the presence of a pedal, and the lateral emphasis guarantees the most accurate sawing of the workpiece. The spindle lock function allows you to quickly and safely change the cutting disc, there is electronic protection against unauthorized starting of the engine after it is turned off.

Bosch’s highly productive and safe face saws have a well-deserved impeccable reputation on the power tool market. They are distinguished by a fairly low weight, ergonomic, convenient to use. The main distinguishing feature of this brand’s saw miter is the increased smoothness of the disk rotation and the presence of ultra-precise laser marking.

The equipment is made of high quality materials, equipped with powerful engines. Of the main and additional functions it can be called:

  • the possibility of reliable disk lock;
  • adjusting the angle of inclination of the working area and the cutting tool;
  • ease of management;
  • function "broach". to increase the width of the cut;
  • firm fixation of the turntable;
  • the presence of a durable and convenient handle for carrying the saw.

Metabo miter saw equipment will satisfy the most demanding users. These saws have many advantages. They have a powerful engine, a laser marker for precision cutting, two-sided tilt of the cutting tool and the entire working table, an effective dust removal system, a durable shock-and moisture-resistant housing. They are ergonomic and guarantee a high degree of comfort during work.

The presence of a belt drive makes the saws of this brand virtually silent and not prone to increased vibration of the disc. The working area is designed so that the front of the workpiece is always on top, which ensures high precision cutting and accurate cut. The turntable has a quick lock function in the most commonly used positions. A system for adjusting the depth of cut is provided for cutting grooves.

The table in some models of Metabo saws expands in both directions. for working with long workpieces. It is made of aluminum alloy by injection molding, very durable but lightweight. The shockproof equipment case is made of the same alloy. For even greater convenience, the saw is fastened to a workbench, and special handles and clamps are available for transporting the machine.

The dust extraction system in the saws of this trademark is special, two-point, collecting sawdust both directly near the disk immediately after their appearance, and from the desktop.

The most famous Russian cross-cutting saw is the Bison. This equipment is convenient and reliable in operation, equally popular in home workshops, and in professional construction or furniture manufacturing.

Among the advantages of these devices are affordable cost, profitability, long service life of the entire saw and its individual components and assemblies; wood, thin metal, and various plastics lend themselves to them. And the lack of equipment can only be called the fact that in terms of some operational characteristics this saw is still inferior to analogues from leading European manufacturers. The most popular of the Bison models can be called saws of the ZPT and ZPTP family.

The main criterion for choosing a miter saw is the tasks for which it is acquired. If it is planned to be used from time to time, equipment with standard functions is suitable, but if you are going to carry out cutting work of high complexity and in large volume, pay attention to the professional models of this tool.