How to Clean a Gas Filter on a Carver Trimmer

How to Clean a Gas Filter on a Carver Trimmer

  1. Background
  2. How to start a trimmer motor or lawn mowers?
  3. Start lawn mowing for the first time or after a long downtime
  4. Add fuel through the holes for the candles
  5. Ignition System Check
  6. Engine cleaning
  7. Spark Arrester Integrity Check
  8. Unstable carburetor operation
  9. Fuel tank drain

How to start a trimmer is a question that owners are puzzled in case of a device breakdown. And after successful repair of the trimmer, the owner tries to avoid a repeat of the same situation.


The reason the trimmer fails may be:

  • Tank overflow;
  • Excessive pumping of fuel into engines equipped with a manual supercharger;
  • Wear in the motor of valves, cylinders, nozzles, cam followers and other moving parts;
  • The tanks run out of gasoline and / or oil;
  • Out of order spark plugs;
  • Clogged fuel or air filters;
  • Misregistered or burned valves in the motor.

How to start a trimmer motor or lawn mowers?

The new trimmer is simple in commissioning.

  1. Check the motor type of the device. Trimmers are equipped with a 2- or 4-stroke motor.
  2. Buy oil for this type of motor. Gasoline for trimmer – AI-92/93/98, sold at all gas stations.
  3. Mix oil with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed in a ratio of 1: 34 with gasoline, synthetics – in 1: 50. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the trimmer for the viscosity of the oil (see the label on the flask). Most often used multigrade oil 5W-30. Do not use unchecked motor oils.
  4. Pour a small amount (e.G. 0.5 liters) of the resulting fuel into the tank.
  5. Close the air damper by sliding the desired lever (see instructions).
  6. Turn the ignition key (or handle) to the “on” position – without this the trimmer will not start. Beginners often make this mistake.
  7. Pump some fuel into the carburetor – if there is a manual “rocking chair” with a separate button or lever (see instructions). It takes 4-7 clicks.
  8. Set the trimmer on a flat surface.
  9. Gently pull the starter cord until you feel it is braking. Then pull it out sharply, but not completely. Repeat this movement up to 4 times.
  10. If the engine does not start, open the air damper again, otherwise the candles will fill with gasoline with further cord movements. Perform 2-3 attempts to start the engine with the handbrake open.
  11. If the engine still does not start, close the shutter and make a few more attempts to start it.
  12. After starting the engine, press the throttle lever to engage idle.

Start lawn mowing for the first time or after a long downtime

Lawn mowing differs from the trimmer in that the cutter for the grass is not a fishing line, but a mechanical gearbox or a winch based on gears, equipped with a knife. The knife drive is much more powerful than the forestry mechanism – a powerful lawn mowing is also used when cutting bushes. Both Chinese and European lawn mowers are no different when the declared power is real.

To lubricate the gears of the gearbox, lithol or solid oil is used. After checking the gearbox, prepare for operation the motor itself – according to the above instructions. If the start failed, the problem is already in the engine.

Add fuel through the holes for the candles

If there is no manual pumping on the trimmer motor and the device does not start up, pour some fuel into the motor itself through the spark plugs. Do the following.

  1. Check if the fuel level in the tank is sufficient to drain a small amount. Only 20 ml will be required.
  2. Remove the cap from the candle and unscrew it with a candle key.
  3. If the candle is dirty on a used trimmer, rinse and bake it. There should be no deposits on the electrode electrodes. Do not damage the ceramic insulator of the center conductor. In the new trimmer, check the candles for a factory defect.
  4. Return the spark plug back and check the spark ignition (discharge between the electrodes) when the starter fires.
  5. Remove the candle again. Using a 20- or 50-cc syringe, pour 20 ml of gasoline into the hole from under the candle.
  6. Insert and fix the candle, setting the value of its technological gap of not less than and no more than a millimeter.
  7. Pump up fuel with the swap button (or lever) – if it is on your trimmer model. Press the button every 4 seconds.

Video: How to Clean a Gas Filter on a Carver Trimmer

Now try to start the engine. Close the air damper immediately after starting.

Costume jewelry is a great alternative to expensive jewelry, and it looks just as elegant. True, it quickly loses its beauty – it fades, becomes covered with rusty spots, but experienced hostesses have long learned how to give their beloved earrings and pendants a new “life”.

  • Cleaning methods
  • Metal jewelry
  • Copper jewelry
  • Spray Jewelry
  • Glass and rhinestones
  • Natural, artificial stones
  • Proper care

Cleaning methods

Most jewelry is made of copper, various alloys (silver), metal with a dusting (gold), stones, plastic, glass. Any metal sooner or later begins to oxidize, stones from dust and household chemicals darken, glass and rhinestones fade. Each material needs its own care and a certain cleaning – one is afraid of moisture, the second does not tolerate abrasives. Before deciding what to clean, establish what your jewelry is made of.

Metal jewelry

You can purchase a special paste, tonics for cleaning jewelry or use the products prepared at home.

  • Darkened metal jewelry can be cleaned by lowering the product for several minutes in a solution of chalk or tooth powder (to prepare it, take 100 ml of water and 2 tbsp. Of the product). Pull and brush with a soft pile. Rinse off the rest of the mixture with water, rub with a woolen cloth.
  • It will turn out to clean the chain well with toothpaste: apply it on a brush with a soft pile, walk through the problem areas.
  • Try to clean the silver jewelry at home with a paste: add enough water to baking soda to make pulp. Apply it to the surface and allow a little time so that the mixture slightly corrodes the dirt, then you can brush the metal with a toothbrush. Rinse, wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Silver jewelry can still be cleaned with ammonia: soak a cloth in it and wipe the surface, polish with a dry cloth to a shine. Or dip in a concentrated soap solution for 10 minutes and rinse. If not all stains are gone, try brushing them with a toothbrush soaked in the same solution.

Copper jewelry

If the jewelry made of copper has darkened, it can be cleaned at home with a vinegar mixture: mix finely ground salt with vinegar to a paste-like state, put gruel on a cloth and grate the surface, rinse off the remaining salt with water, and dry with a soft rag.

A bit strange, but very effective peeling of copper with garlic. Grate a few cloves, mix with a pinch of salt and apply the mixture to the decoration. Wash it off after 5 minutes.

Spray Jewelry

Do not even try to clean jewelry with gold using abrasive products: you will erase all the dusting!

Only gentle cleaning is allowed here: dissolve the soap in warm water, place the yellow metal product in the solution, and wash it with a soft sponge or cloth.

Hard-to-reach spots can be cleaned with a cotton swab. And add sparkle to gold-plated jewelry with ammonia: a few drops of this alcohol are enough to drop into a glass of water. Or try cleaning the surface with a cloth moistened with wine vinegar, rinse and let the product dry on its own.

Glass and rhinestones

Glass, plastic jewelry at home should be cleaned in soapy water. Dissolve the dish liquid in warm (not hot!) Water, place your treasures there for a certain time (the dirtier the surface, the longer you keep it in solution). Shake the container where the jewelry is wet, so that the dirt is better behind, rinse thoroughly. If you add a spoonful of ammonia to the cleaning solution, your “diamonds” will cease to be cloudy and will shine again.

Artificial pearls, unlike real ones, are not afraid of water, so you can safely clean them in soapy water.

Natural, artificial stones

Do not wet jewelry with pebbles if you are not sure whether it is a real stone or not. It is better to clean it with a woolen cloth, as if polishing.

Proper care

High-quality jewelry sometimes costs its mistress not much cheaper than jewelry, so you need to look after it correctly.

  1. Take off your favorite jewelry when taking a shower or applying cream.
  2. Try not to spray perfume on jewelry, protect it from contact with nail polish remover.
  3. Do not leave them in a bathroom with high humidity, on a windowsill or a table where the sun’s rays penetrate.
  4. Do not forget to clean the jewelry from contamination before putting it into storage. Carefully examine the jewelry, check if it has dried out well: even a small amount of moisture can cause rust.

A little effort and even less financial costs – and your jewelry again pleases the eye!