How To Cut Tall Grass With A Trimmer

A few tips for cutting tall grass:

  • Try NOT to overload the mechanism in the process.
  • If tall grass is entangled in the line, the same Disconnect the mechanism so that the motor does not burn out.
  • If your trimmer runs on gasoline, cutting wet grass is strictly prohibited.

We carry out the correct mowing in both cases

The device should move correctly in front of you and strictly from right to left, because the grass you mowed will surely fall onto an already mown area, which will give you the opportunity to mow the tops of the grass initially. Then you Carrying out the reverse movement, through which you will remove all the remaining shoots of grass.

  • When working with large areas of the lawn, it is best to divide the work into several stages, visually dividing the territory into squares. In the process of squinting the grass, you should move along the outside, which will make it possible to once again not trample the grass while doing this, and not complicating the squinting procedure for yourself. To make it easier to work, it is best to move from below, walking parallel to the already treated area, and then return back.

With this approach, you can easily use the line trimmer to mow the grass around the trees planted on the site, carefully bypassing them and at the same time, and not loading the devices. If you mow the grass in the way we recommend above, then you can reduce the likelihood of the grass scattering to the sides, ensuring faster and easier processing for yourself.

How to mow with a line trimmer

Mowing with a line mower is much safer than a trimmer equipped with a cord, but this is not always optimal and profitable. The cutting main element (mechanism) must be selected Based on the garden area and the height of the weeds.

  • Earlier we looked at how to mow with a lawn mower with a line in automatic or semi-automatic mode and manual. In automatic mode, the main cutting element (line) is thrown out after each start of the device motor. On the one hand, it is very convenient, but on the other, it is not very economical, for example, your garden plot is of a non-standard shape. there are uneven corners, notches, and with each next transition from place to place, you need to turn off the device and then turn it on again. It is best in this case to use the second, semi-automatic option. This is when the line is fed into the trimmers by pressing a special button located at the very bottom of the drum (in the cutting area). You just need to press the tip to the ground and the line will be thrown out.

If you are an operator, you must understand that the length of the ends of the cutting element (chain) that is located on the drum in an extended (working) condition should not exceed 15 cm.It is this length that should be enough for an average power of grass trimmers.

What needs to be done to correctly, easily and quickly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line in order for the device to serve you much longer than usual.

  • Try to keep the main drum (coil) from the ground below 5 cm.
  • When mowing taller grass, mow the top first, and only then get close to the stem to protect your device from damage and prevent the mower from breaking.
  • In the process of mowing grass, it is imperative to introduce the cutting element (trimmer) in which the coil is rotating.
  • The lawn grass, which is located near the walls of the garden plot as a decoration, is best mowed, using only the edges of the fishing line, so as not to overload the engine and not wear it out too much.
  • Every 15-20 minutes worked, let the device “rest”.

How to cut tall grass with a line trimmer

It is advisable to cut tall grass in your garden area with a powerful trimmer, using thick fishing line. But many will most likely agree that the land in most cases where Burian is located will certainly be uneven, as a result of which various garbage and all kinds of stones appear in the owners of such garden plots. To prevent your expensive device (trimmer) from breaking down the mow of tall grass, it is best and faster to mow in two passes. THOSE. First, we cut the entire top of the grass, revealing more difficult areas of the mow and pass the mower a second time.

When you are going to prepare the grass (using a trimmer) for hay, and you are more or less versed in the area of ​​your plot, then you can predict the course of the grass sideways in advance. this will be faster, more convenient and easier for you. The main thing in such a situation Do not rush to mow, but competently with a “cool head” approach the matter.

How to properly cut grass with a line trimmer

Any owner of a country house or suburban area knows that in summer and spring time it is necessary to constantly care for the lawn, otherwise it will lose its external, attractive appearance. Therefore, many dacha owners are wondering how to properly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line. And before you start learning how to mow, you need to choose the right tool for the site and only then use it correctly on the lawn.

  • Trimmer control, as it may seem to many, is not an easy task, but there is nothing special (there is nothing complicated in it) if you properly follow the safety measures and know how to operate it correctly, rather than a garden tool, the cutter of which is a metal disc.


Prepare the trimmer for work

Depending on what kind of trimmer you have, you still need to prepare it before starting work. If the trimmer is electric, we need to charge it, or plug it into the 220 Volt network and start working like that. If you are using the grass trimmer with petrol fuel, fill the tank. Depending on the design Prepare and check the cutting element. It is NOT superfluous to check the safety of the trimmer. When working with the device, it must be hung on the body and held correctly by the handles. Use protective goggles or a special mesh (protective) helmet when squinting.

How to put on and hold correctly?

The quality of your work also depends on what technique you use. For proper technique, you must be able to hold the unit, and for convenience, put it on correctly. The point is that not all trimmers are equipped with a shoulder strap. If you have one, then you need to put it on so that you feel comfortable. There are models of devices, the belt of which can be uncomfortable, so try to put on the trimmer as conveniently as possible.

Another function is to adjust this belt. On higher quality models, its convenience was assigned a special role and special positions were made, which will allow the scythe manager to NOT experience inconvenience. You can adjust the belt in height, choosing the one you need.

Now let’s talk about how to properly hold the unit. Different types of trimmers have different handles. For some, it is made in the form of a bicycle handlebar (which ensures the distribution of the load on both hands). On some units, you can see the handle in the shape of the letter D. The bicycle version must be held with both hands, and firmly.

Despite the rubberized grips, it’s best to rely on yourself and NOT rely on them NOT to slip. Hold the D-shaped grip with one hand and palm to provide a wider grip. This will give you complete control of the stick, which will have a positive impact on handling.

General terms of use

The general rules of use should definitely be reminded to those who are thinking for the first time about how to remove grass with a trimmer and do not yet know how to use it. It is these foundations that will help you start cleaning your site with high quality.

Among summer residents, there is a tendency to use trimmers more and more often, because, unlike lawn mowers, they allow you to remove grass in hard-to-reach places, and professional models can even help you process tree branches. Another advantage of the trimmer is the ability to work at height and dusty branches, which can also greatly help in cleaning on your territory.

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Another important point is safety. Since lawn mowers have a high rotation speed (they reach several thousand revolutions per minute), even a small stone can fly out at high speed and cause harm to a working person.

Check and inspect all trimmer parts before starting work. Ensure trimmer operation. Since they are electric and gasoline, you will need to organize their work depending on the type of equipment. Electric should be plugged into the power supply and charged if it is not charged, and gasoline should be refueled, if required.

When starting up for the first time, let the trimmer run in. If you bought a new device, then you need to let it run for a few minutes without load in order for the motor, knives, fishing lines, and rotating elements to start. This can be called a kind of warming up for equipment, in addition, it can help prevent some troubles before direct work, because the assembly and quality of garden equipment are different.

Running in an electric trnimmer includes several stages.

  • To get started, start and work with the trimmer for a short time, literally 5 minutes.
  • Then you can increase the running time up to 10 minutes, but it is necessary to watch the motor so that it does not overheat.
  • After several trials, the electric trimmer can be used on a permanent basis. Do not forget about the engine cooling system, which is available as an additional function on some models.

If you do not know which type of mowing is best to start with, then it is better to try cutting a low lawn with fishing line. This will allow the engine to run smoothly. No need to immediately load it with a large amount of work.

How to properly cut grass with a trimmer?

In the midst of the summer season, people who have their own plots have a problem. It lies in the fact that after winter and spring, grass and other vegetation grows very quickly in THESE areas. Today we will consider options for mowing grass. For example, it is better to disassemble ordinary trimmers, since they provide a person with more scope for action due to direct movement with this technique, and they are very inexpensive.

Smooth lawn

To create a level lawn surface, try to work your greenery as low as possible with your garden equipment. So all the grass will be the same height, which will make the coverage even and beautiful. Don’t forget to tilt. For best results, tilt the device at least 30 degrees towards the grass surface. This will cut the grass as low as possible. Any other irregularities can be removed with garden shears, if any.

Under hay

Use a disc as a cutting element because meadow vegetation is tougher than usual. It is better than fishing line specifically for hay in that it cuts through dry grass better. This way, the grass will not get stuck on the line, which could result in poor engine performance. Hay does not need to be cut small, it should be quite tall, so try to cut the hay at the root.

Mowing tall grass

This requires special attention. Tall grass needs more careful processing than simple grass. The fact is that there is an effect of winding the vegetation onto a coil. In this case, the grass remains on it and prevents the mechanism from rotating at full power. This significantly slows down the process and reduces the number of revolutions.

To prevent this from happening, go through the path in several stages. Gradually cut a certain amount down the height, going down and down the stem.

It should also be borne in mind that if your technique is working recently, then mowing tall grass can be even more difficult. Therefore, DO NOT run for long periods of time to avoid overloading the motor. It will be enough 15-20 minutes with a break of 15 minutes. Since it is better to cut the grass in several stages, do not forget about the grass catcher. It will start to clog very quickly and this will lead to problems with the instrument. Clean thoroughly so that the next cleaning does not take too long.

Mowing rules

In order to mow the lawn efficiently and quickly, you need to follow the technique and know some features that will save you time and effort. You can work faster, now we’ll tell you how.

Divide your site into zones. This will help you understand how much you need to complete. Also, you will not have the misconceptions about whether you have already worked here and whether you have passed the second time. For the first time in the seasons, the lawn is mowed at a level of 4-5 cm, gradually decreasing to 3-4. Mowing rates We set ourselves. You can keep more, less. It all depends only on you.

If the motor is located underneath, the likelihood of moisture ingress will be even higher. It is also not recommended to work with the trimmer in the rain all for the same reasons. The ingress of water can cause a short circuit, which in the future may develop into a malfunction of the unit. Therefore, it is better to wait for more favorable weather for work.

It is recommended to work clockwise. It is this direction that will leave the grass cut by you on the outside of the entire mowed area. Hold the coil NOT lower than 5 centimeters during operation. This is a safe mowing option, which is well suited for those who have recently started using such equipment. When it comes to working in a fence or other places where you only need to mow a small part, then use the edge of the line. This will help ensure that the engine will not overload and wear out.


Before using the technique, it will be advisable for you to read the instructions from the manufacturer itself and familiarize yourself with the general functions and structure of the trimmer. Functions To be located on the control stick. Understanding the building blocks and components is helpful in the sense that you know how you can and should handle it. Select the load for the motor, work for the cutting elements. all this will be useful to you during operation.

Pay attention to the following points.

  • First of all, it is technique. She has failures and breakdowns. Before work, carefully check all the components of your technique, because mowing the lawn with such tools is an important matter. You need to check the filters (clean if necessary), the fuel level, cutting elements (in case of a malfunction, it is better to take the knives to the master), the engine and other parts. This can be done after work, but some manufacturers recommend it.
  • Some trimmers have engine cooling and vibration damping systems, but they are NOT everywhere. Therefore, watch out for the heating of the motor during operation, because its overheating can lead to problems. Occasionally draw your attention to bolts and other items. Although the extinguishing system can work, but on some representatives of garden assistants, the paper clips are still gradually unwound, in total it will lead to breakage.
  • Sometimes it also happens that the turnover falls. In this case, first check all filters, and then try to work. Testing technique is much better for direct action.
  • If parts are broken, it is better to contact a technical center. DO NOT try to repair the equipment yourself, as this can only accelerate the breakdown. Mechanics have a complete understanding of this technique, you better trust them.

How to work with the trimmer correctly, see below.

How to properly operate an electric grass trimmer

Choosing equipment for a summer cottage, it is not always worth chasing powerful and dimensional devices. The power of the tool is undoubtedly an important parameter, but it obviously carries with it the increased weight of the device, its large dimensions, as well as the high price and increased fuel costs. But that’s not the point.

If you have a small garden with densely planted fruit trees or a small lawn with flower beds and shrubs. That clears it of weeds and neatly mows the grass. this is clearly an overwhelming task for any lawn mower. In such cases, even a hand tool. an ordinary scythe will not help: you simply cannot swing it, bumping into tree trunks.

The ideal solution in this case is a good and inexpensive electric trimmer. It is so lightweight, comfortable and easy to operate that it always becomes a favorite among women and the elderly. Lightweight, quiet Whirring electric motor, handle with comfortable grips and nylon line tucked into the spool. these are the main components of the electric trimmer.

How to use the trimmer correctly

The household trimmer is the easiest to use and at the same time very effective tool. It seems that there is nowhere easier. to plug in the tool and work. But still, there are some nuances that you need to know in order for the trimmer to work for a long time and efficiently.

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Site preparation. It is necessary to carefully inspect the mowing area and remove all foreign objects. stones, glass, wire, etc. Having flown out suddenly from under the fishing line during operation, such an object is capable of causing injury.

Installation of the cutting system. There are low-power trimmers, which can only work with a line, cutting soft and juicy grass. they do not need to install a cutting system. But some models of trimmers, in which the motor has 1 kW or more, can work with a knife. If there are tough weeds or even a small growth of bushes on the site, you need to Unscrew the nut of the working attachment and install the cutting knife. Then tighten the nut tightly with a wrench.

Before starting work. It is very important to wear safety goggles when working with the trimmer, because even if you have removed the area from debris, plant stems and grass can fly into your eyes. The same stems, grass and branches can injure hands, so it is advisable to wear gloves. We simply plug in the electric trimmer, but the battery trimmer needs to be charged for several hours before work. Then, if there is a shoulder attachment, we hang it on the shoulder, the knapsack. on both shoulders. Conveniently grasp the trimmer by the handles. The D-shaped handle should be tightly wrapped with your palm, and the garden trimmer with the bicycle handle (U-shaped) should be firmly grasped with both hands. The trimmer should be held over the grass so that the line spool or knife is parallel to the ground. Turn on start.

How to mow correctly. The rotation of the cutting mechanism is counterclockwise. Thus, in order for the cut grass to fall on the already mown area, easily, with simple movements, we carry out the trimmer in front of us, from right to left. To remove the remnants of the grass, you should make a movement in the other direction. from left to right. If the area is flat and large, break it into imaginary squares and mow, moving along the outside of such a square. If the site is on a slope, then mows must be started from the bottom of the lawn, passing across the site. in one direction. Having reached the edge, you need to go back and mow in the same direction, parallel. If there are many trees in the area, only mow with fishing line, otherwise you may cut the tree trunk with a knife. In such a garden, it is best mowed around the perimeter, bypassing the tree in a circle.

Completion of work. Turn off the engine and remove the shoulder straps. This is NOT a complete shutdown yet. It is necessary to carefully clean the spool and knife from the remains of grass. Then fold the trimmer if it is telescopic or collapsible and hide it in the next mowing.

Electric trimmer efficiency

Electrokosa, which operates from a household electrical network, is relevant on a site with an area of ​​four to six acres, planted with trees, flowers, shrubs. It is convenient to neatly mow grass near the house or along the curb, mow paths with it, and an environmentally friendly motor, and not producing exhaust, gas and burning, will even make it possible to remove weeds in any indoor room. Greenhouse or greenhouse.

The trimmer cable limits the mowing radius, but can be increased with a standard extension. If this length is not enough for you, or the parameters of the electrical network DO NOT contribute to the normal operation of the electric motor, then you can purchase a type of electric tool. a cordless trimmer. It works autonomously, the built-in battery lasts for half an hour or the time of intensive work is quite enough to cut trees in the garden. The trimmer motor can be positioned at the top of the tool or at the bottom. Upper motor trimmers work well on bumpy and uneven terrain. They are also perfectly balanced and can handle tall and wet grass. no short circuits. The convenience of working with it is also increased by a single-shoulder loop, which is hung on the shoulder. The lower motor trimmer should only be used on dry grass and on level areas. Often, it is the lower motor trimmers that run on a rechargeable battery.

The line also has its secrets

The line is wound on a spool inside the spool, with the tip exposed outward. When mowing, the spool rotates, and the line, with this rotation, cuts the grass. To release the ends, you need to lightly hit the coil into the ground (semi-automatic system), there are automatic reels in which the fishing line is released itself. There are also a few rules when working with fishing line:

In order not to damage the line and reel. Try NOT to touch the spool and line with various hard materials. tracks, curbs, fences. This will shorten the line prematurely, damage the reel or even jam the engine. Spool with line must also not touch the ground.

Cut with the Tips is more effective. Cutting the full length of the line may overload the engine. It also lowers the mowing efficiency. The tool must be held so that it only mows with the ends of the line. To do this, tilt it forward. towards Mowing.

Tall grass requires several mows. If the grass is above 20 centimeters, then one mowing will cost here. You need to mow two or three times, from top to bottom. This is to prevent the grass from wrapping around the reel. Wound grass. this is ensured overheating of the engine. If the grass is still wound, you need to stop the tool and clean it.

The line ran away and hid in the reel. This option happens when you work if you DO NOT release the line from the reel in time. After all, the line is erased and shortened during mowing. If you do not have time to release it, then stop the engine, Unplug the tool from the mains, and then disassemble the spool and pass the tip of the line into the desired holes.

How To Cut Tall Grass With A Trimmer

What determines line consumption? It must be remembered that the line wears out faster if the grass is tough. Therefore, it is necessary to release it more often when mowing weeds and dry tough grass. Around the foundation of the house, near the wall and the curb, the line consumption will also be higher than directly on the lawn or near the trees. It is worth considering: if you work carefully and accurately, then the consumption of the trimmer line will be optimal and economical.

How to cut grass by hand

A similar question is often asked by gardeners. Not many people know that lawn shears can be used.

They are of two types:

  • Mechanical shears (manual, rotary, conventional)
  • Cordless scissors.

They are used just like regular household tools.

How fast is the grass cut? This can be done using all of the above means, choosing the most suitable Based on the characteristics of the suburban area and the location of the plantings.

And finally, one little advice. Of course, this cannot be called Mowing, but it is possible to get rid of the grass with the help of improvised means. use an ordinary hoe, cut the grass with a knife or weed it by hand.

Lawn grass does not tend to grow very tall and is rather soft. Therefore, devices such as lawn mowers do an excellent job of cutting it. However, it is not recommended to cut tall and tough grass growing in unkempt areas with such a tool. The thing is that the lawn mower works on flat surfaces, it has small wheels, but the mowing quality is at a height. It may not cope with too thick grass. First, the engine torque may not be enough. The engines of not all machines are designed for such loads. When operating a conventional lawn mower on tough and tall vegetation, there is a risk of faster wear on both the cutting tool and the engine.

In this regard, it is better to use a completely different tool for clearing unkempt areas, namely:

lawn mower or, as they sometimes say, a hand lawn mower. a trimmer. For such purposes, powerful models are suitable, providing for the installation of not just a trimmer attachment with a fishing line, but a metal cutting disc with a different number of teeth, depending on the vegetation being cut. For tough grass. 2, 3, 4 and 8 lobed. For shrubs and small trees. 22, 60 and 80 teeth.

Of course, electric models and small gasoline (especially devices with a flexible shaft) are NOT suitable for such a role. this is a task for cars with an engine capacity of at least 21-24 cc.

Speaking of wheeled machines, there are special mowers for thick grass for clearing thickets. The cutting tool of such machines is either a knife similar to a lawn mower or a drum with Multiple floating blades. In the latter case of the mechanism, a blow to a solid foreign object will not cause perceptible harm. The maximum is damage to the knife, which is easy to replace.

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The mowers are equipped with powerful motors and perfectly cope with areas overgrown with any grass and weeds. These are ideal vehicles for urban areas and parks. However, they are not suitable for neat cutting of grass on well-groomed lawns. The fact is that in view of the need to cut tall and hard grass, the machine must have a high “clearance”. The opposite effect of this is the impossibility of setting the cutting height less than 50-60 mm, whereas a conventional lawn mower has a minimum value of 10-15 mm.

On our site the following wheeled models of mowers for tall grass are presented:

Caiman XPLORER 60S. the machine is equipped with a Subaru engine, rear wheels of large diameter allow the mower to excellently move on uneven surfaces and slopes. The front “piano” twin wheel increases the maneuverability of a rather heavy machine. The front part of the machine body has a protection, Removing which you can cut off Not only tall grass, but also young growth and shrubs up to 2.5 cm thick.

Caiman ATHENA 60S. also equipped with a Subaru engine, large rear wheels and front swivel wheels, only not double, but spaced. In addition, unlike the XPLORER, the machine is equipped with a grass catcher and is also capable of mulching, if the working conditions permit it.

Caiman RM60S. the car has a Subaru engine, and, unlike the previous models we mentioned, its rear wheels are pneumatic, have a special protector for moving on any soil. One more point. unlike the aforementioned versions, the cutting mechanism of this device is disc, with a belt drive and 4 folding knives with cutting edges on both sides. Such a system is not afraid of blows into any solid objects: the knife will simply fold, and the belt absorbs such actions. The open front part of the body allows you to easily cut not only tall grass, but also shrubs with a small thickness of shoots. Thanks to this design, the machine can be used Not only for clearing areas from weeds and overgrowth, but also for making hay.

Pubert RM 60B. similar in characteristics and properties to Caiman RM60S, with the only difference that this version has a Briggs engine Stratton is reliable, simple and inexpensive to maintain.

Once a colleague came to our editorial office. the owner of a small house in Moscow Region. and asked: what is the best way to mow the grass? And really, what? we thought. Not grandfather’s scythe. Most city dwellers don’t know how to approach it. The only skill is enough for Posing for Instagram. Another thing is trimmers: gasoline, battery, mains, with a fishing line, with a knife. In a word, there are a lot of options. Which one to choose for your 10 acres? What parameters should I look at? The initiative is punishable, we decided: we handed our colleague-summer resident a couple of trimmers for experiments, gasoline and battery, and sent the mows.

The experiment took place on ordinary, and not the most even suburban 10 acres, where the grass sometimes DOES NOT mow for a week, and in addition to soft clover and dandelions, there are more severe and hard weeds.

The name of our colleague-summer resident is Pavel. Previously, he used mains electric trimmers. he spent 12 hours fighting the grass throughout the entire area (the case dragged on for two days). over, the track to the block remained untreated. there was not enough wire, even with an extension cord. The motors were burning because of overheating. not a single trimmer worked for more than two seasons. In general, he wanted changes for the better in his area, which had been unmown by the time our experiment began for two weeks. And they came. in the form of two garden trimmers: gasoline (Makita EBH253U) and battery (Makita DUR 182 LZ).

Which of the trimmers performed better? How does he mow the grass on an ordinary site, with its irregularities, weeds and unexpected stumps in the grass? A petrol or battery trimmer? Or maybe our city dweller with a dacha will NOT exchange them for an electric one, despite its shortcomings (it also has advantages: quiet, not heavy, environmentally friendly). This is the main question of our suburban test.

The better it mows Tall grass

Now in that which mows the Tall grass. In principle, such thickets can be mowed with a manual scythe (which they did before), a trimmer, and even a wheeled lawn mower (if the area is large, the surface is flat, not littered).

The better it mows Tall grass

However, in the first case, only a healthy, Strong person can work as a Lithuanian, and a mower on wheels will NOT get everywhere, and it is intended mainly for lawn care.

According to many experienced gardeners, the most suitable tool for THESE purposes is a gasoline trimmer with increased power. They can easily mow trees, poles, places along hedges, curbs, mow tall thickets of grasses.

Wheel Lawn Mowers

They are divided into three types: gasoline, electric and battery.

Gasoline mowers are powered by gasoline engines. The knives are placed under the bottom of the case. They are driven by the motor shaft. The devices are equipped with handles to push the lawn mowers. They have control levers.

Many mower models are equipped with grass collection devices. During the operation of the device, it is collected in the grass catcher. The filled container is then emptied.

On a note! Certain types of lawn mowers have a mulching function. In the process of mowing, the grass is simultaneously crushed and scattered over the mowed surface.

A gasoline machine is considered more difficult to use compared to an electric counterpart. You need to systematically fill the car with gasoline, oil or a mixture of the same name. All components are mixed in certain dosages. Start the device according to the instructions.

Electric and battery-powered lawn mowers work in a similar way to gasoline-powered machines. May have all the same functions. The only difference is in the principles of the engine.

Common questions. The better it mows Tall grass

What mows the grass in the country, this question interests many gardeners. Today, there are many devices that help to easily cope with this task.

Before you start mowing the grass, you need to find the most suitable tool for the job. You should choose based on the characteristics of your site.

Basic tools and equipment

How the grass is mowed. the names of the devices and their purpose:

  • Hand braids or in another way Lithuanian. They have been using them since ancient times. Of course, in comparison with modern devices, the mowing process will be long, laborious, but cheap.
  • Lawn mowers. It is best to use them strictly for their intended purpose (for lawn mowing). this is what the manufacturers think. Weeds should not be removed with their help. For example, thickets of wormwood, various field grasses. In this case, the knives quickly become dull, the service life of the device is reduced, it soon becomes unusable.
  • Trimmers. They are called electric mowers or lawn mowers. Suitable for working in a small area.
  • tillery. Usually equipped with mounted mowers. Such devices are able to quickly process a large area.
  • Mini and ordinary tractors. For agricultural work in large fields.

Than mows the grass in the country

Based on this list, it becomes clear that the equipment for mowing grass is selected based on the task at hand. If you just need to mow a small square of grass in the country, a hand scythe is quite suitable. When it comes to a beautiful lawn and its care, then a lawn mower is used. When you need to remove Burian from a large summer cottage, you will need a powerful trimmer or tiller.

Self-propelled mowers

They can be front or rear wheel drive. They move independently. You just need to give them direction. These machines are suitable for medium to large lawn areas.

  • No physical effort required. Can be used by seniors, women, teenagers.
  • NOT suitable for small areas, need to change directions frequently.
  • High price.

A self-propelled mower is rarely used in an ordinary country house. This is a serious technique for fields, large spaces.

Mechanical lawn mowers

They look like two-wheeled carts, they are in demand among gardeners and gardeners. These devices are designed quite simply.

A drum with knives is placed between the first and second wheels. The mower works when the person rolls it. The rotating wheels make the knives move, which cut the grass like scissors. The cuts are smooth. This is a quick way to cut the grass.

Such devices have a number of advantages:

  • They are easy to use, they are easy to clean;
  • No electricity needed;
  • They are eco-friendly, quiet, safe;
  • They do NOT need gasoline, oil;
  • Cheaper than electric or gasoline types.
  • You can only use them on flat surfaces;
  • They are suitable for clean lawns, and without weeds;
  • Require systematic sharpening of knives.