How to Disassemble the Trimmer Black Decker Gl 9035

How to Disassemble the Trimmer Black Decker Gl 9035

No matter how well it works at a summer cottage or a country house, acquired by us electric trimmer , sooner or later the time will come when we need remove the head trimmers for replacement or prevention. I will make a reservation right away to spend replacing fishing line the trimmer head does not need to be removed completely. In this article, I’ll tell you how to completely remove or replace the mowing head using the Black electric trimmer as an example.&Decker GL716.

Procedure for removing the trimmer head.

The design and fastening of the working part of the electric scythe vary significantly from different manufacturers. But given that in our markets there are many copies of more or less well-known brands, the described procedure may be suitable for owners of other portable garden equipment for lawn and grass care.

Tool for replacing the trimmer head.

To replace, remove the mowing head from the tool, we need a nozzle in the form of an asterisk, usually supplied, or a flat wide screwdriver. It will not work to use a hexagon instead of an asterisk; the nozzle slips, licking the face of the asterisk on the screw.

How to remove the head on a Black trimmer&Decker GL716.

The trimmer has a top engine and a curved bar. For convenience, we turn it down with the engine or lay it horizontally. We disassemble the mowing head. To do this, simultaneously press the side latches and remove the top cover. Disconnect the reel with fishing line.

A dark, slightly recessed screw is visible in the middle of the head housing. We fix the head housing with one hand and use the nozzle in the form of an asterisk to unscrew the screw counterclockwise. If you do not have an asterisk at hand, you can do this with a wide flat screwdriver.

Now, to remove the trimmer head, just pull it towards you. If it is acidic and sits firmly in place, then add light swaying movements to the efforts, periodically changing the places of their application. Do not apply sharp or impact forces. The case is plastic and easy enough to damage.

Installing the mowing head on the Black & Decker trimmer.

The mowing head is mounted on the trimmer in the reverse order. When installing the screw in place, it is tightened with medium force.

I wish you a successful summer season and garden equipment did not fail. I hope my tips on how to remove the mowing head on the Black trimmer&Decker GL716 saved you time and nerves.

Electric trimmer Black&Decker GL9035 is an indispensable technique for owners of suburban areas or lawns. It is effectively used for mowing grass, weeds and other vegetation in the garden, park, near the house and other sites. Due to the relatively low cost, very many can buy it today. The low price, along with the high quality and efficiency of the trimmer, make it very popular among summer residents and gardeners.

Technical features

  • Torque increase system.
  • Flexibility of the main bar.
  • Possibility of leveling lawn irregularities.
  • The presence of two trim spools.
  • The bar length is manually changed by 10 centimeters.

Using a trimmer

If you need to align uneven or narrow sections, then such a trimmer will be the best solution to this situation. In such cases, it is much more efficient than lawnmowers on wheels. Also, with its help it is possible to mow rather tall grass, which the usual lawn mower will not do.

The advantage of using an electric trimmer is its low weight, because you do not need to refuel the tank with fuel. It is only necessary to connect it to a source of electrical energy, but this is one of the minuses of electrical models. Trimmer Black&Decker GL9035 is very economical, easy to use. To protect the operator’s feet, a special protective cover has been developed. The trimmer control is very simple. To turn it on and off, there is a button on the main handle.


Motor rated power 900 watts
Cutting tool fishing line (recommended fishing line diameter up to 2.0 mm.).
Cut line width 35 cm
Voltage / Current Frequency 220V / 50Hz.
Trimmer class Farmer. Household.
Type of bar curved (with the possibility of adjustment in length with a stroke of 100 mm.).
Drive shaft one-piece, composite material.
Handle (steering wheel) round (form D).
Trimmer control power button on the main handle.
Steering wheel adjustment You can change the angle.
Engine model Black&Decker (idle frequency 7000 rpm).
Engine cooling airborne.
Additional functionality – sliding bar in length (no competitors have similar capabilities)
– wheel for edging the lawn.
– the ability to change the angle of rotation of the main rod.
Network connection via a plug integrated into the housing.
Equipment – Protective cover, – Trimmer spool with semi-automatic feeding 1 pc. Spool with manual installation of fishing line 1 pc., – Instruction manual.
Packaging cardboard box.
Producing country England-China.
Weight 3.2 kg
Guarantee 1 year.

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  • Electric trimmer GreenWorks GST5033M Deluxe 30 cm

The Black Decker trimmer is a lawn and garden trimmer. This technique is characterized by high quality, maneuverability and cross-country ability.

Popular models

Black Decker electric trimmers are grass mowing machines that run on electric motors. Mains or cordless mowers can be made. Gasoline models are not produced. Advantages: wide working width, shockproof housing, reliable engine, ease of operation.


Black Decker electric trimmers are represented by the following popular modifications. The Black Decker EMax32s Electric Non-Self-Propelled Lawnmower is used to treat plots of up to 200 m².

  • 1.2 kW induction motor;
  • Frequency of rotation of knives 3500 rpm .;
  • Cutting width 32 cm;
  • Cutting height 60-20 mm;
  • Grass catcher volume 35 l;
  • Weight 7.4 kg.

The device is equipped with the Edge Max system, which allows you to mow the lawn close to the fence and other obstacles. The device has a folding handle.

Light non-self-propelled mower Black Decker EMax34i processes small areas, can mow grass close to the fence.

  • Single-phase motor 220 V, 1.4 kW;
  • Cutting width 34 cm;
  • Cutting height 20-70 mm;
  • Mowing height adjustment has 6 levels;
  • Frequency of rotation of knives 3500 rpm .;
  • Grass catcher volume 40 l;
  • The case is made of plastic;
  • Mower weight 12 kg.

The Black Decker Mower EMax38i handles medium sized areas.

  • Single-phase motor 220 V, power 1.6 kW;
  • Frequency of rotation of knives 3500 rpm .;
  • Cutting width 38 cm;
  • Cutting height 20-70 mm;
  • It processes an area of ​​up to 400 m²;
  • The volume of the plastic grass catcher is 45 l;
  • The grass catcher has a viewing window;
  • Mower housing made of plastic;
  • The weight of the mower is 13.3 kg.

The Black Decker GL520XA electric mower has a wide working width. Equipped with an induction motor. It can mow soft grass, treat lawns. It is connected to the network through an electric wire, the length of which limits the area of ​​the treated area. It runs silently. The case is made of plastic. There is a vibration absorption system.

  • Power 460 W;
  • Passage diameter 0.25 m;
  • Cutting element – fishing line.

Electrocos Black Decker GL8033. Small hand construction. Used for domestic use.

It can even cut wet grass, as the motor is located on top. There is a system of automatic feed line. An advanced gearbox is installed that improves productivity.

  • Cut width 33 cm;
  • Blade rotation speed 7200 rpm .;
  • Equipped with an electric motor, works from the mains;
  • Power is 800 W;
  • Top engine location;
  • There is a curved bar;
  • The weight of the lawn mower is 4.1 kg.


The battery trimmer Black Decker runs on battery power. It has such technical characteristics:

  • Electric engine (battery);
  • Cut width 28 cm;
  • Cutting element – fishing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm;
  • Has a rotary head;
  • Mower weight 2.6 kg.

The Black Decker Lawnmower GLC1823L is powered by an electric motor and runs on battery power. The width of the cut is 23 cm. The cutting element is a fishing line with a diameter of 1.5 mm. Has a rotary head. The weight of the lawn mower is 2.4 kg.

Black Decker ST1823 is equipped with an electric motor, runs on battery power. It has a cut width of 25 cm. The cutting element is a fishing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm. Has a rotary head. The weight of the mower is 3.5 kg.

The Black Decker CLM3820L2 trimmer has synchronous adjustment. An electric motor is installed, it runs on battery power. The width of the cut is 38 cm. The volume of the grass catcher is 35 l. The weight of the mower is 16.2 kg.

Black Decker STC1820CM has an electric motor, runs on battery power. Cutting width 28 cm. Cutting component – fishing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm. There is a swivel head and support rollers. The weight of the lawn mower is 4.7 kg.

Reviews and prices

Electric trimmer Black Decker GL8033 costs 4636 rubles. Electric lawn mower Black Decker Beste 625 costs 4390 rubles.

Valentina Sergeevna, summer resident

We bought a Black Decker lawnmower to treat the lawn in front of the house. The electric mower works well, mows the grass completely, leaves no gaps. It features good maneuverability. It has light weight, which facilitates the work.

Ivan Stepanovich, pensioner

I bought a Black Decker lawn mower to give me a lawn and mow grass. The device does its job well. It has a large cutting width, which allows you to work faster. The device works without noise and vibration.