How to insert line into the spool of a grass trimmer video

Tucking the line into the grass trimmer.

I want to devote today’s article to the sore subject of summer residents and gardeners of the entire post-Soviet space “How to fill the line in a grass trimmer.” Not many trimmer manufacturers answer this question in their instruction manuals. Therefore, it is also difficult for simple gardeners to figure out how to do it correctly.

I want to start with a brief description of the technical characteristics of the trimmers.

So, grass trimmers are electric and gasoline. The cutting element for trimmers can be a line and a knife. The fishing line is ordinary, four. pentahedral and intertwined (in the form of a pigtail). Knives come in 2, 3 and 4 bladed knives. Knives also come in plastic and metal.

The line feed system from the grass trimmer is manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Development engineers who create new models of trimmers accurately calculate the diameter (thickness) of the line and the number of knife blades, according to the power of the trimmers. Otherwise, the engine is overloaded, resulting in damage to the engine. And these are additional and significant costs.

Worx Trimmer Spool Line Replacement | EASY | KimTownselYouTube

Grass trimmers on the market today:

With one nozzle. only a line. With two nozzles. a fishing line and a three-four-blade knife. With one nozzle. only three to four blades.

Our Kulibins have long ago learned to improve any mechanisms. So, for example, some gardeners make successful, in their opinion, replacement of fishing line with a metal cable, or fishing line. But at the same time, they do not think about the safety of their own and their loved ones, because a cable with the power of a working grass trimmer can easily break out and not only injure the mower and others, but leave him crippled for life. Using a fishing line can and gives a better effect, I have never personally tried it than a line for a grass trimmer, but this work has a number of inconveniences: when it comes into contact with hard objects, it loosens or can simply be pulled out of the reel without limit.

So, what is called closer to the topic. Here is an example of how to tuck the line into a grass trimmer (Bosch Art 30 grass trimmer). Everything is very simple. Started.

After you have chosen the line for refueling, you need to cut off the required amount of line, because all the line in a skein will not be wound into a reel.

Remove the coil and the protective cover from the coil.

They took it off. We fix one end of the line in the gap and carefully and evenly wind the line.

The amount of line should be such that the protective cover of the reel closes and the line on the reel unwinds a little by itself.

We put the other end of the line into the hole on the protective casing.

Next, we take the coil and the protective cover of the coil. We squander the end of the line from the reel into the metal hole on the protective cover of the reel. Tighten the line a little.

Putting it all on a grass trimmer. Turn the coil clockwise until it clicks.

They fixed it. Now we connect the grass trimmer to the mains. We put the grass trimmer in the starting position for work. Turn on the grass trimmer. Excess line length will be cut on the trimming blade.

Thick line

It is stored on the top of the grass trimmer body.

Storage space for spare coil

It is very simple to install such a fishing line into the reel. according to the internal scheme inside the reel. We insert the center of the line with a metal mount in the upper part of the reel, and draw the ends of the line along the grooves and bring it out.

Heavy-duty line in a reel

This reel is attached to the grass trimmer in the same way as a reel with an ordinary line.

Coil with one working tendril

The simplest option and uncomplicated sequence of actions:

  • The dimensions of the reel and the length of the original factory winding determine the recommended length of the line for winding. 2 5 m.
  • One end of the line is inserted into the fixing technological hole located inside the spool.
  • The fishing line is wound on the drum in the opposite direction of the spool rotation on the trimmer product. as a rule, on the inside of the reel, an arrow indicates in which direction the winding is carried out.
  • A small section of the fishing line is left free to lead it out. it is fixed in a specialized groove on the inner side of the bobbin, designed to hold the winding when assembling the bobbin into working condition.
  • The left end of the line is passed through the hole in the outer part of the reel.
  • The bobbin halves are assembled and put on the trimmer bar.

How do I load the line into the spool of the grass trimmer? Video instruction

Warranty production of the factory fill of the grass trimmer will inevitably require a line change. Having a very rough idea of ​​how to thread the line into the reel of a grass trimmer on their own, beginners are reluctant to take up this business. However, with some skills, mastering this simple science does not present any difficulties, and the similar instruction presented below will make this process as easy as possible.

Preliminary preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line, you need to remove the spool (bobbin, spool) from the grass trimmer. specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of the product itself:

  • small electric grass trimmers with a working motor and bottom reel usually have side buttons on either side of the reel. When pressed at the same time, the upper part of the spool together with the inner content for winding the line is detached, while the lower part remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to disassemble the bobbin on a flat, smooth place so that the spring included in the structure does not jump out and is not lost;
  • electric and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved bar without the possibility of installing a knife, as a rule, have spools with a special wing: in such designs, hold the spool in a stationary position with one hand, and rotate the locking reel on the rod with the wing nut counterclockwise with the other. After disconnecting the nut, the entire bobbin is removed.
  • electric and petrol grass trimmers with the option to mount the blade on a straight bar (e.g. STIHL grass trimmers) have a hole under the reel. For the rod to remain stationary, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole and, with slow rotation, such a mutual position is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the bobbin is fixed. The spool body is then rotated clockwise (left-handed) and removed from the grass trimmer.

For the second and third cases, the coils, depending on the design, are disassembled in different ways. In bobbins with a lamb, a lamb is unscrewed, in coils with latches, the latches are pressed and one part of the coil is released from the other. If the halves of the bobbin are connected by thread, then it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until they are completely unscrewed.

We carry out the winding of the fishing line

Slowly completed disassembly of the spool-spool without losing its spare parts allows you to move on to the main task. winding the fishing line into the reel. Technological features of the spool design and the number of working antennae determine the sequence of actions.

Coil with two working tendrils

In this type of spool, you should determine the number of grooves for winding the line, lying on the inside of the spool:

  • one groove. both antennae are wound together in one groove;
  • two grooves. each antenna is wound on an individual groove.

For both cases, a line with a length of 2-3 m is taken.In single-groove reels, the line is pulled into a through hole, its ends (antennae) are folded together and aligned, after which they are wound in the opposite direction of rotation of the bobbin on the rod side. inside the arrow usually indicates the correct direction of winding. If there are fixing grooves, the ends of the fishing line are threaded through them or held with the fingers of the free hand, they are threaded into the through hole of the outer half of the bobbin, the spool is closed and attached to the trimmer bar.

The difference in line winding in double-groove spools is that initially a 2-5 m long line segment is folded in half (to determine the middle fold), and the fold loop is inserted into a special groove between the grooves. Both antennae of the fishing line are wound each along its own groove, fixing the antennae and assembling the coil is similar to the above option with one groove.

The first execution of this procedure, perhaps, will seem long and rather laborious, but with time and experience this task will be solved much faster and easier.

The video below will clearly show how to thread the line into the spool of the grass trimmer and wind it correctly. this operation is not difficult and with some patience it will certainly be crowned with success:

Automatic line winding on a spool

There is a type of reel in which the automatic mechanism winds on its own. from the user it is enough only to correctly fill the line. The fishing line is passed through a hole on the inner part of the body, its antennae without winding are passed through the hole on the outer body, the reel is assembled, and when the winding button is rotated, the fishing line inside is wound independently. In such a spool, it is impossible to make the winding wrong: the mechanism itself will determine the correct direction, since it can only turn in one direction.

Trimmer head with two antennae

After removing the spool from the spool body, we determine the number of strands for winding the line (1 or 2). There is no fundamental difference between bobbins with one and two grooves, but if carelessly threading into the twin groove, there will be operational problems. Due to the likelihood of interlacing adjacent lines of the tool, a situation may arise when, after wear of the working antennae, it is impossible to remove new ones.

Regardless of the number of streams, a fishing line with a length of 1.5 to 3 meters is taken for refueling. Winding must be done in the opposite direction to the rotation of the head, since winding in the direction of travel will lead to the fact that the line will not be removed from the reel. After the fishing line is tucked into the grass trimmer coil, thread the free ends (15-30 cm) into special holes. Next, we assemble the head in the reverse order of disassembly and check the operability. Do not worry if the ends of the two antennae are very different in size, because when you start the grass trimmer, the knife installed on the protection will cut off the excess.

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Single-barb grass trimmer reel

Many owners and specialists note the ease of use and ease of refueling the bobbin with one mustache. Depending on the manufacturer, the length of the threaded line can vary from 2 to 5 meters. The end of the line is inserted into the head into a special technological groove or hole, and the winding is carried out in the direction opposite to the working rotation of the bobbin. Most reels have arrow marks on the outside of the body that indicate the direction of travel of the grass trimmer reel.

After winding, you need to leave a free end of 15-30 cm to enhance the centrifugal force, which is decisive when removing the trimmer line in automatic and semi-automatic spools. We pass the left end through the working hole of the coil and assemble the head.

How to wind line around the spool of a grass trimmer: key points

A gasoline or electric grass trimmer is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of a modern summer resident or owner of his own home.

Thanks to these gardening devices, even a large garden plot can be mowed with ease. After purchasing this tool and performing several mows, many people think about how to properly wind the line on the reel of the grass trimmer. For an inexperienced user, the first operation to replace it will seem problematic and time-consuming, since the developers often do not fully reflect the instructions for replacing the fishing line in the operating manual.

Winding the Line to the Grass Trimmer

Measured and accurate dismantling of the spool from the spool of the grass scythe makes it possible to go directly to the winding of the line. The design features of the head, the number and location of the fixing holes dictate the sequence of actions when performing this operation, and also determine the methods used. Today there are several types of reels, depending on the number of line antennae and the methods of threading it:

  • Trimmer head with one working mustache;
  • A bobbin with two line tendrils;
  • Auto winding reel.

Preparation for winding the line

Before the winding process, it is necessary to remove the spool with line from the body. Depending on the manufacturer, power and type (electric or gasoline), there are three design types of trimmers:

This model provides the ability to install a knife. Removing the coil in such models is done by means of two keys recessed into the coil body. To mount the trimmer knife, it is necessary to align the hole of the reel and the rod, and then insert the device in the form of a steel pin (screwdriver, iron bar). After fixing the coil, the body can be easily unscrewed by hand in a clockwise direction.

Grass trimmer head with automatic line threading

Some models on the market have a reel with an automatic winding mechanism. It is enough for the owner to properly thread and fix the ends in the head, and the winding operation will be performed by the tool itself when it is turned on. It is almost impossible to wind the line incorrectly in a grass trimmer with such a head, since the coil independently determines the position of the antennae. The advantages of the automatic grass trimmer head include ease of threading the line, and the disadvantages are frequent breakdowns of the mechanism due to the complexity of the design and high cost.

Coil types

There are 3 types of the most popular trimmer heads:

  • mechanical;
  • semi-automatic (collapsible);
  • automatic (self-winding).

In this section you will find a video on how to properly change the line on a lawn mower disc, as well as on some mistakes that make it impossible to properly replace the string on the gas trimmer.

How to wind the line on the reel of the petrol trimmer:

How to thread a reel of line into a lawnmower, or how to insert a knife into the trimmer:

Automatic (non-separable)

Here are the steps to follow:

  • press the shock button and remove the rest of the line from the head;
  • move the button to the position of changing the string, for which align the marks on it and the top cover;
  • cut a piece of string 2-3 m long, insert this piece into the spool;
  • wind the string by turning the button, the direction of rotation is indicated on the body.

Semi-automatic (collapsible)

Despite the variety of models and differences in appearance, coils of this type are arranged and work according to the same principle.

  • basics;
  • spools;
  • clamping spring;
  • detachable body with string holes.

The base connects the remaining elements of the trimmer head with a brushcutter or electric scythe through a threaded bushing melted into it, so each coil fits only that trimmer, the diameter of the gearbox shaft or the lower motor corresponds to the diameter of the bushing.

A spring is installed inside the base, which supports the spool, squeezing the pressure part outward through the removable body.

On the spool and body there are locks that prevent the first from turning, however, when the operator hits the ground with the pressure part, the spool disengages from the locks of the removable body and rotates freely.

Holes for the string are made in the removable body, and they are located so that the line exit from the spool is noticeably higher, this ensures reliable fixation of the fishing line in working order.

Restring a 2 sided spool on a string trimmer weed eater EASY!!

When the operator hits the ground with the pressure part, the spool enters the body and all the holes through which the line passes are aligned. Then centrifugal force pulls part of the wound string outward, and when the pressure on the pressure part disappears, the spool comes out of the body and returns to its working position.

Collapsible spider

Here are the steps you need to follow to change the line:

  • lock the grass trimmer gearbox to prevent rotation of the head;
  • loosen the bolt that holds the line by turning it counterclockwise with the hex key;
  • pull out the remnants of the string;
  • cut 2 pieces of new fishing line of the required diameter, the length of each piece is 20–40 cm;
  • insert both segments into the holes of the coil so that they are halved by it;
  • tighten the fixing bolt.

Automatic (non-separable)

Regardless of the model and manufacturer, all automatic reels are designed and work according to the same principle.

They consist of the following parts:

  • basics;
  • spools;
  • cap;
  • clamping spring;
  • detachable body with string holes.

A threaded sleeve is soldered into the body of the base, and ratchet clamps are installed on the inner surface, which allows the spool to rotate in only one direction. Inside the spool there is a through channel for the line wire. The cap is firmly put on the spool, and the curly edges make it easier to rotate for winding the fishing line.

How to wind the line correctly?

The winding method depends on the type of spool, but in any case, you must first select the correct cutting material. The diameter and shape of the fishing line is indicated on the packaging or in the instructions for each model, it is very important to use just such a material, otherwise there will be problems with winding.

Line selection

In order for the grass trimmer to work “like a clock”, you need to choose the right line, that is, choose it taking into account the grass trimmer model and the type of work. There are two important parameters in this matter. this is the diameter and section.

The diameter of the fishing line must correspond to that recommended for this model (it must be indicated in the product passport). The cross-section of the fishing line is round, square, with sharp edges (pentahedron). A round line is designed for mowing young grass and lawn, square and pentagonal line will come in handy if the grass is coarse and weeds have grown on the lawns.

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Instructions for refueling the benzotrimmer line

Grass trimmer head modification

The mowing heads of the grass trimmer can be of various modifications: single-line for trimming the lawn (mows with one line of fishing line); two-string for mowing grass and land clearing with automatic line feed or manual string length adjustment.

Modern growers are increasingly offering gardeners versatile grass trimmers with two-line automatic mowing heads.

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How to properly thread the line into the grass trimmer spool

There are different coils. For a reel working with one tendril, it is easier to thread the line than with the others. There is a hole in the inside of the reel for fixing the line. You need to insert the tip of the fishing line into it and start winding.

Important. you need to wind in the opposite direction from the rotation of the coil on the trimmer. Look carefully, most likely in the same place, on the reel, the direction of winding will be indicated with an arrow. It can take about two to four meters of line to wind, depending on the size of the reel itself. At the end of the winding, a small piece must be left free. It will protrude outward. In order to clamp it, there is a groove, which is the same on the inner surface of the coil. This notch secures the end of the line tightly and prevents it from unwinding when the spool is reassembled. If the reel design does not provide for the presence of this groove, then hold the end of the line with your hands yourself. Now you can attach the outside of the coil. It also has a hole through which you need to thread the outer piece of your fishing line. The assembled coil can now be put back on the grass trimmer.

Now about coils designed to work with two antennae. First you need to see how many line grooves there are on the reel. The presence of either one or two in different coil designs is provided. And then it already becomes clear how it will be necessary to wind. two antennae in one groove at once, or each antenna in a separate one. Please note that if there is one groove in your reel, then the hole for the line must be through. Now you need to rewind the fishing line about 2-4 meters and thread it through this through hole so that the fishing line turns out to be the same on one side and on the other. Now look again, there will be an arrow indicating where to wind. Direction. opposite to the direction of rotation of the coil on the trimmer. Wind two line tendrils at once, together. We leave small ends. If there are special grooves, we clamp them in them, if not, then just hold them tightly with your hand, with your finger. There will be two holes in the outer body of the reel. a separate one for each end of the line. Thread, assemble the reel and put it on the grass trimmer.

If you have a reel with two grooves, then the unwound piece of fishing line (all the same 2-4 meters) must be folded in two, and in a special groove (it should be located just between the grooves), insert the line bend, that is, the middle, folding her in the form of a loop. As in the previous case, you need to reel both lines at once, only this time. each with a separate groove. And then. as described above. they fixed it, attached the upper body, fixed the coil to the grass trimmer.

Another type of coils is with a through hole on its inner part. The outer casing also has holes. That is, it turns out that the line must be passed through these holes in both the inner and outer parts, and immediately assemble the coil. And for winding, they use a button (this is the same button that is used to release the fishing line during operation). Only to wind the line now you need to rotate this button. over, the mechanism of this button is designed in such a way that you can turn it only in one direction, just the direction you need.

How to properly line the grass trimmer video

Step-by-step instructions for threading the line into the grass trimmer

  • Press the clips inward until they click and remove the cover from the mowing head.
  • Turn the spool gently, it will free itself from the holder, and now remove it.
  • Cut two identical pieces of line (the edge of the line should be cut at an angle. This will make the job easier). Take one of them and insert the end of the line into a special on the reel (there may be hooks, ears, clips). Then wind the string in the direction of the arrows. Spread the line evenly, tightly. Attach the end of the string to the specially provided hole in the reel.
  • Do the same operation with the second part of the line, only thread the end on the spool from the opposite side.
  • Return the line spool to the mowing head. Pull out the ends of the line through the holes in the spool and thread them into the special connector of the head.
  • Spread out the line carefully and close the lid. Cut off excess fishing line, leaving 12-15 cm at each edge.

All is ready. the grass trimmer is loaded with line and ready to go. Now you can happily start mowing your favorite meadow, summer cottage, local area.

It is only important to remember that how you load the cutting line into the grass trimmer will affect not only the quality of the work performed, but also your safety.