How to Make a Angle Grinder

When performing repair work or making furniture, a specialist just needs to have a device such as a grinder, which allows grinding various materials. And when performing welding work, such a mechanism is simply indispensable. To purchase this device in your own workshop is the desire of any master. However, an industrial grinding machine is quite expensive. And having it without doing it professionally is expensive for the family budget. That is why there is a desire to do it yourself from the mechanisms at hand. An angle grinder is best suited for these purposes: it can be easily transformed into the necessary power tool.

Ready nozzle for angle grinder

The simplest thing is to purchase a ready-made tool for grinding and mount it on an angle grinder. The photo shows that the installation of the mechanism does not present any special difficulties. It is enough to attach the bracket with rollers to the angle grinder, after dismantling the protective cover. The drive wheel is fixed on the shaft with an angle grinder. A sandpaper is put on the rollers and the sanding machine is ready for use.

For convenience, you can fix the device to the table using clamps.

How to Make a Angle Grinder

To reduce costs, but at the same time limit the possibility of using the grinder allows the console, consisting of two-roller rods. The device allows you to make a grinder from an angle grinder in a matter of minutes. The fixture has a standard mount suitable for mounting on an angle grinder.

The design of such a mechanism is intended for cleaning welds. Polishing wooden products with such a gadget is quite difficult. However, if it is rigidly fixed to the table, it can be successfully used as a sharpening machine for dressing a cutting tool or sharpening knives, axes, etc.

Such a device is also produced by industry, but it is extremely rare to find it on sale.

Home-made gears for angle grinder

In order not to look for ready-made nozzles, you can try to make them yourself. There are various options for the manufacture of such devices, which will be discussed below.

From plywood

First of all, consider the option of how to make a simple grinder from an angle grinder with your own hands. The simplest version of the grinder is obtained from an angle grinder, two rollers, a tensioning mechanism and a base made of plywood.

For manufacturing, you need thick plywood. this is an affordable and inexpensive material.

The hardest part of this design is roller making. It is good if the home workshop has a milling machine or manual milling cutter. To do this, a suitable workpiece is machined from the plywood with a milling cutter, processed on a grinding machine, and bearings are pressed in.

Video: How to Make a Angle Grinder

From the same plywood, a base is cut out, in which a hole for an angle grinder is cut. Mark the places for the rollers, after which the angle grinder is fixed and the wheels are mounted. It is first necessary to process polished wheels with varnish. After that, the whole system is assembled, and the grinder from the angle grinder is ready to work. The design of the device is clear from the photograph.

Sheet metal

If the workshop has a welding machine, and a familiar turner will carve out the necessary rollers, then you can make a polishing machine from the remains of metal.

For this, the remnants of thick sheet metal, which will be used for the manufacture of the base, are well suited.

Such a device will be no worse than the factory one. It will take a lot of time to make, but it’s worth it. Before you begin, you need to develop working drawings or download them from the Internet. Assembling the mechanism not according to the drawings, you may not achieve the desired result, or the resulting device may be source of increased danger.

First of all, it is necessary to produce precise marking of the bed. As an example, we use the following device drawing:

The arrow indicates the diameter that must be specified depending on the angle grinder used in this design.

Drill holes on the milling and drilling machines for marking. Then you need to prepare tension bar, as shown in the photo.

Turn the rollers, and only after that proceed with the assembly of the mechanism. It turned out a universal prefix, as a power unit of which you can use not only an angle grinder, but also another suitable electric motor. The finished view is presented in the photo below.

From the remnants of the trade union pipe

Having the skills of a welder, you can easily transform an angle grinder available in your home workshop into a grinding machine. Enough for this

  • weld trimming a corner or square pipe u shaped;
  • fasten suitable rollers at the ends;
  • screw the drive shaft to the shaft of the angle grinder;
  • Mount the sanding pad and the device is ready for use.

Such a grinder can perform various operations:

  • to clean irregularities of metal after welding;
  • complete grinding of the part;
  • handle wood products;
  • make final, finishing, processing before coating the part with varnish;
  • handle bumps in concrete walls.

To smooth or grind various surfaces, it is necessary to select a grinding skin intended for the processed material.

Safety precautions

When working with a homemade grinder, safety precautions and personal protective equipment. Persons under the age of 18 should not be allowed to work. When using the device, it is imperative to use safety glasses and ear plugs to protect the organs of vision and hearing from the harmful effects of external factors. Do not forget about the mask that protects the respiratory system from dust.

In the video below, you can learn in detail how and from which to make the device for grinding. It also gives all the basic dimensions of the parts of the mechanism.