How to quickly start a lawn mower if it does not start. Rules for the operation and storage of a lawn mower

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What to do if the lawn mower does not start?

There are several reasons why the lawn mower may not start: low-quality fuel, a malfunction of a part or a long simple. Sometimes problems arise even with a new, just purchased tool. So that you do not spend time and money to visit the service, we advise:

  • Firstly, to familiarize yourself with the operating manual in detail, where the process of launching the lawn mower is phased in stages;
  • Secondly, to inspect the product, it may be required to repair any part;
  • Thirdly, if the first 2 tips did not help, study the reasons why the lawn mower is not started, and the methods for their elimination that we offer.

The most common reasons why the lawn mower will not start

What needs to be done first? Click on the gas lever and the corresponding trigger to install the throttle in the starting position. Then press the start button. Let the gas clamp, the gas trigger and the start button. Thus, we activated the throttle function. To return the engine to idle, it is necessary to press the gas clamp and the gas trigger again.

Pay attention to the fact that you can not press the gas trigger before the engine starts and starts to work.

  • We have the tool on a flat surface and slowly press the fuel pump button up to 10 times, the number may vary depending on the model.
  • Then we install the lever of the launch system switch to the Start position.
  • It is necessary to sharply pull the starter’s cord until the engine starts.
  • Let the power unit work for 5-10 seconds and then press the throttle trigger to disable the starting system.
  • We hold the throttle trigger in a pressed position and do not let go until the engine works evenly.
  • We pull the starter’s cord abruptly and wait until the power unit starts. The trigger in this case should be pressed.
  • The launch of a warm engine is carried out within 10 minutes after it stops. If more time has passed, then use the instructions for turning on the cold unit.

Starting the engine with a “flooded” spark plug

In this case, the power unit can be launched if you install the launch lever to the RUN position, the throttle trigger must be pressed. Then we pull the starter handle as many times as required to start the engine. If the power unit does not start for a long time, you should seek help from the service center.

Why and what to do if a gasoline trimmer for grass does not start

If a benzotrimmer does not start, the breakdown can be caused by several reasons. Most often, the failure occurs:

  • due to clogging of air or fuel filters;
  • because of the exhausted old gasoline in the tank;
  • due to damage to the fuel hoses;
  • due to damage to the ignition system;
  • due to a short circuit of the wires responsible for inclusion.

Also, the launch of the primer and the saapon, the clogging of the carburetor and the air damper drive clogged.

The most difficult thing is to repair a benzotrimer with a malfunction of the engine, but such a breakdown is rare

Exhausted gasoline in the tank

Many trimmers left fuel in the tank after using the unit. If the cover is not closed not, gasoline can exhale and absorb moisture from the air. As a result, the combination of the mixture is reduced, and the motor does not start.

It is very simple to fix the situation. you need to remove old fuel from a gasoline trimmer for grass. Do it like this:

  • Pump up new gasoline primer.
  • Twist the starter cable many times.
  • Pump the old fuel through the combustion chamber until the tank is empty.
  • Dry the candle.

You can also simply remove and disassemble the carburetor to drain the remnants of exhausted gasoline. But it is more difficult to do this, you must have minimal ideas about the device of a trimmer for grass that does not start.

A short circuit of wires

The wires suitable for the engine are responsible for the engine. they are connected by the switch, and as a result, the gasoline trimmer for the grass is launched. Due to poor-quality isolation or permanent vibrations, the cables can be wiped out.

If a short circuit occurs, the engine is not started by pressing the button. You can eliminate the problem according to this scheme:

  • The wire departing from the start button is removed from the terminal terminal of the ignition system.
  • Using the tester, check the cable resistance in “Inclusive” and “off” modes.
  • If there is a malfunction, a working handle of a gasoline trimmer for grass is disassembled.
  • Cut or solder suitable to the motor, ignition system and wire button.
  • Extract the remains of cables and set new in their place.
  • Collect the hilt back.

If the gasoline trimmer for the grass starts again, the repair was successful.

Attention! In good wiring during testing in “inclusive” mode should give resistance striving for infinity.

Flowing the air filter

If the trimmer for the grass has not stalled and does not start, the problem may consist in clogging an air filter. To diagnose a breakdown, you need to extract a candle from the unit case and inspect it. If there is clogging, it will be black.

To eliminate the problem, you need to disassemble the motorcycle and pull out the filter from the body. It is cleaned in accordance with the instructions for a specific trimmer for grass, and then set to place. To prevent the problem, it is recommended to conduct preventive maintenance of equipment from time to time.

Falf in the spark plug

If the benzotrimer does not start, the failure can be caused by a candle breakdown. Diagnosis is carried out as follows:

Lawn Mower Won’t Start: Fuel, Ignition and Compression Problems

  • Twist the element from the cylinder block head.
  • Carefully examine. if the contacts of the candle will be covered with a malfunction, will be covered with a black coating.
  • Soak the part in vinegar solution 20% for half an hour to clean.
  • Sprinkled with soda and washed with water after another 30 minutes.
  • Dry with compressed air and installed in place.

In some cases, after cleaning, the candle comes into an efficient state, and the gasoline trimmer for the grass starts again. If this does not happen, you need to replace the element with a new.

If a black fog quickly appears on the new candle, the problem may consist in re.enriched fuel

The ignition coil malfunction

If the trimmer for the grass is jerking off and does not start, it is worth checking the ignition coil. Do this as follows:

  • All wires turn off the block and remove them from the candle.
  • Measure the resistance of both coils-in the primary it should be 2-3 Ohms, in the secondary 4.5-5.5 ohms.
  • With a strong deviation of the indicators, the ignition unit is replaced with a new.

You can check the knot in another way. Instead of a candle, the tip of the discharge is inserted into the appropriate wire and the latter is connected to the motor. Then you need to set a gap with a size of 0.5-0.8 mm and twitch the starter cable. The ignition unit requires replacement in the absence of a spark, but if it is, then the malfunction lies in the candle.

Recommendations and preventive measures

It is quite difficult to start a benzotrimer with malfunctions, sometimes repair requires a lot of costs and applies of efforts. Avoid breakdowns allows compliance with prevention rules. In particular, it is recommended:

How to fix an EGO Mower that won’t start

  • Timely clean the ribs of the starter and channels on the housing of a gasoline trimmer for the grass;
  • Before a break in the operation of the unit, drain the remaining fuel from it;
  • After cleaning the gas tank, start the engine at idle to eliminate the last traces of the mixture;
  • use only high.quality fuel when operating the unit;
  • load a gasoline braid in accordance with the instructions;
  • Before cleaning for storage, disassemble and thoroughly rinse the trimmer for grass with solvents.

It is recommended from time to time to subject the gasoline braid to be careful to identify mechanical defects. Regular preventive cleaning requires air and fuel filters of the system.

Attention! Before cleaning the gasoline trimmer for storage grass, you need to lubricate the piston group with motor oil.

The more intensively the benzotrimmer is used, the more often its individual working nodes clog

The lawn mower will not start. what to do?

It is not the first you to carry out lawn work using a gasoline braid or a trimmer for grass. Already by inertia you perform the entire algorithm for turning on the unit and suddenly understand that it will not start. How to be?

In distant times, even before the start of urbanization, in rural areas, simple devices were used specifically to combat high grass and weeds, one of which was an ordinary manual braid for grass. Everything was clear with her: he broke the blade or Kosovische. replaced the instrument with an analogue and work further. But one day everything has changed.

Progress did not stand still, and one fine day to replace the good old mechanical spit with the aim of facilitating the village (and over time. and country) work came improved mechanisms. a gasoline braid for grass and a trimmer for grass. Getting rid of unnecessary grass with their help has become much easier, but another problem arose. Once a miracle gadget may suddenly take and not get started. For what reasons this happens, and what needs to be done in such a situation?

Inspect the spark plugs. One of the most frequent problems with a gasoline scythe or trimmer is due to the fact that due to excessive pumping of the fuel, the spark plugs were flooded. First of all, they need to be extracted from the mechanism and inspect. If a fiber has formed on a candle, clean it and dry it. Then return to the place and try to start the unit again.

Check the fuel. If you purchased a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass not so long ago and tucked it with gasoline of such a variety that is not suitable for it, then the unit is unlikely to start. Carefully study the instructions and, if necessary, read on the Internet all the necessary information on this topic. The same story with butter: if it is old, then perhaps the second component of the fuel is not to blame for anything. The third option is that there is little fuel in the tank, and this volume is not enough for the normal operation of a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass. Try to update the fuel, strictly observing the proportion indicated in the instructions when mixing gasoline and oil.

Inspect the fuel line. If a braid for grass leaves a wet trace, and air also enters the carburetor along with the fuel, as a result of which there is no traction, most likely, the cause of the malfunction is in this part of the mechanism. For example, the fuel line hose cracked. In this case, it must be replaced without fail.

Replacing the fuel pipeline of a trimmer for grass with your own hands

Remove and clean the air filter. Perhaps the work of gasoline braids for grass or trimmer for grass interfere with dirt and remnants of grass that have scored this part of the unit. As soon as you get rid of pollution, return the filter to its place and try to start the mechanism again. For an additional check, you can do this without an air filter. If the lawn mower does not start, the reason is not in its clogging.

Among the more serious reasons why a gasoline braid for grass or a trimmer for grass may not be started, experienced summer residents call problems with the ignition coil and engine. In this case, the mechanism should be taken to the service center or return under warranty. This, of course, is unpleasant, but if the lawn work needs to be carried out urgently, then you can lend the same unit for the neighbors or, in the end, find the good old manual braid in the attic.

Do you use a benzoca or a trimmer, and have you had to deal with problems in their work?


The most popular models for 2020 are:

  • Lawn mowed gasoline pro Husqvarna lb 553se. Speed ​​of 5 kilometers per hour. Country manufacturer Sweden.
  • GAMPION LMH4412 lawn mower. The gasoline type of engine. The birthplace of the brand
  • Gasoline gasoline Bear Cat Echo WT190. Fuel tank volume 1 liter. The country of production of the United States
  • STIHL FS 40 Autocut Lawn mowed with 5-2. 38 centimeter processing width. The country of production of the United States.
  • Gasoline gasoline McCullock M51-150R Classic. Power 2 500 W. The homeland of the US brand.

Basic errors during launch

Why the device is poorly started, overheating? In the event of such problems, it is recommended:

  • Check the volume of the mixture in the tank.
  • Choose high.quality fuel when buying.
  • Prepare the mixture according to the recommendations, instructions.
  • Change the position of the air pillows. With a closed damper and 5 jerks, fuel can flood into the candles.
  • Turn off the ignition when starting. Most often, the ignition is included immediately after the closing of the air damper.

Simple service

Most modern gasoline mowers are equipped with an upper valve arrangement (OHV abbreviation is usually knocked out on the case). Such a constructive solution reduces the number of emissions and the degree of heating during operation. This not only increases the durability and reliability of the technique, but also facilitates service: the oil temperature in the upper engine is about 20% lower than in the usual one, so it loses its properties more slowly. The latest generation engines with a non.conductive replacement of the air filter, high oil.linen neck and technologies that increase the service life of the oil, make the procedure for servicing fast and understandable for any user.

Start the lawn mower according to this algorithm:

  • On the handle, turn on the ignition.
  • Set the air filter to the “Closed” position.

It is not recommended to adjust the carburetor screws on their own, since in most cases they are already in the optimal position. If necessary, you can adjust the screw responsible for the idle course:

What to do if the lawn mower does not start?

After a long winter, you took out your lawn mower, but it did not start.

Try to follow the advice of our service center, do everything sequentially as described below and in 70% of cases you will not have to contact us.

To get started, drain the gas tank completely gasoline, if it stood there all winter.

Pour new gasoline using a special canister and a watering can. Try to pour carefully so that the fuel does not get on the engine, because because of this, when heated, it can ignite! Our service center recommends using gasoline with an octane number 92.

Skip fuel with a primer (if provided) in a carburetor, put the momentum to the maximum (position of the hare on the switch). If this is the first cold start in a day, the air damper must be put in a closed position. After clamping the upper key on the handle (knife launch handle), smoothly pull the starter cord about 20 centimeters to the stop, and with one even, moderately sharp movement, pull it over yourself.

Elimination of the reasons why the lawn mower is not started

The fuel mixture should be prepared with accurate observance of gasoline and oil proportions. In this case, you cannot use another brand of fuel. To exclude dirt, gasoline should stand in a glass or metal dish 2 days. Cannot be used for storage of fuel plastic dishes. Distribute the oil with a medical syringe without a needle. Use only a freshly prepared mixture, without leaving an unexplored fuel in a tank. If the engine is capricious, the lawn mower stalls, when you press gas, it may be guilty of fuel.

The lawn mower does not start hot. press the gas trigger and pull the cord abruptly several times until the engine earns, then lower the trigger. Not starting. specialized repair is required.

Checking the ignition system, if the lawn mower is not started, is carried out sequentially:

  • Clean the removed candle from soot and dirt, dry, set a gap of 1 mm;
  • Connect to a high.voltage wire and check on a spark, twitching a few times;
  • In the absence of a spark, check the high.voltage wire for integrity;
  • replace the candle;
  • dry the candle channel;
  • At the same time, the operation of the ignition coil is checked, it is faulty if the working candle does not spark.

It is in the case of a malfunction of the ignition coil that the lawn mower does not start hot, stalls, works with interruptions.

Cleaning or replacing the air and fuel filter will provide the necessary consumption of ingredients entering the carburetor. Air filter can be washed in soapy water or replaced. If the nylon canvas is used, it is washed, the porous felt filler is replaced. The fuel filter is changed neatly, not leaving an open suction pipe. Whether the replacement of the air filter is needed, it is possible to determine if the engine with the air purifier removed is launched. Whether it is necessary to change the grid on the fuel supply, if the lawn mower is not started, a dry candle will tell.

quickly, start, lawn, mower, does

Sapun, a hole for air intake into a gas tank. If it is clogged, discharge is created in the tank and the mixture does not enter the carburetor. The hole can be blown with air or cleaned with a needle. Clean the exhaust channel, remove the anti.icper mesh of the muffler.

Carburetor adjustment and configuration

The maximum and minimum engine speeds, even idle is regulated by the carburetor. The stable operation of the lawn mower depends on the amount of fuel mixture and air. The lawn mower is not started with disturbed adjustment of the carburetor. The procedure for setting up the device for supplying fuel at low speeds (L), high speeds (H) and idle (T) is regulated by the same vints:

  • The chainsaw should work for at least 10 minutes, since the adjustment is carried out in hot.
  • The screw n is flooded smoothly to maximum speed, then turning on ¼, counterclockwise, reducing the speed of rotation of the engine shaft.
  • The idle stroke is regulated by the screw T, ensuring that the braid for the grass does not rotate.
  • The screw l is regulated, first opening the throttle as much as possible, and then smoothly reducing the speed to stable minimum.

After adjustment, a proper carburetor with cleaned filters should ensure the operation of the engine. In the event of a malfunction of the carburetor, after its repair, it will again need to configure the supply system before starting the lawn mower.

Rare breakdowns that prevent the operation of the lawn mower can be:

The most important malfunction, the elimination of which is associated with the replacement of the engine may be the failure of the piston group of the engine. The cost of repair will cost about 70% of the cost of the product. To figure out the reasons why the lawn mower is not starting up will help

How to quickly start a lawn mower if it does not start

The gasoline trimmer for grass (sometimes the device is also called a gas station, motorcycle system) can fail for various reasons, for example, after the winter, if it is not for a long time. RIA Novosti, 29.09.2022

29 Sep. RIA Novosti. The gasoline trimmer for grass (sometimes the device is also called a gas station, a motorcycle system) can fail for various reasons, for example, after the winter, if it is not used for a long time. What to do if the trimmer does not start for the grass or stalls almost immediately after the launch, why the spark disappears in it, possible causes of malfunctions and ways to eliminate them. In the material of RIA Novosti.Trammers do not start with the help of a modern tool for mowing grass, you can quickly put the cottage and adjoining section in order. Trimmer for grass will help to carefully mow vegetation even in conditions of uneven relief. Such devices weigh relatively few, so their use and, if necessary, transportation will not be difficult. Depending on power, they can cope not only with grass, but also with shrubs.There are various types of trimmers to work on the site. Most often, the owners of country houses and cottages have to choose between gasoline and electric tools (the latter, in turn, are divided into those that work from the network and the battery). Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages, and the final choice largely depends on what tasks will have to be solved with the help of the instrument to its owner.Many prefer gasoline trimmers. Then we will talk about possible malfunctions precisely in this version of the tool. As a rule, for regular mowing of the adjoining section, the power of a two.stroke engine will be enough.The causes of problems with launching breakdown a person risks colliding after the tool has not been used for a long time, for example, after storage during the winter months.To launch a trimmer for grass, it is necessary to carry out a number of manipulations, the rules of execution and the sequence of which are registered in the instructions for the tool. However, sometimes, even if the owner does everything right, the trimmer for the grass suddenly refuses to start up. The reasons for this can be very different: from the quality or shelf life of fuel to a malfunction of one or more parts in the engine.If there is no way to quickly give a trimmer for grass for repair, you can try to determine the cause of the malfunction yourself by checking the tool for the most common sources of problems.The engine malfunction to identify the cause of the problems that have arisen, the owner of the trimmer for the grass should check one after another check the key details of the engine of his tool. In many cases, you can determine the source of malfunctions yourself, without turning to the help of specialists.The malfunction of the hopper to verify the main nodes of the trimmer for the grass in search of possible causes of malfunctions, it is worth paying attention to the sapun. valve that helps to level the pressure in the engine. In fact, he passes the air necessary for its proper operation to the gas tank.Make sure that this detail was the cause of the malfunction, you can simple manipulations. To do this, it is enough to open the gas tank cover: if at the same time a characteristic sound is heard from a sharp absorption inside the air, it means that it is a saepun to suspect of problems with the launch of a trimmer for grass. By the way, this part can be carefully cleaned and returned to the place or replaced.Prisyl’s malfunction trimmer for grass refuses to start, pay attention to the state of the primer. The function of this part. Forced pumping fuel into the carburetor of the tool to quickly start a trimmer for grass with a cooled engine. It is a special button on the case, which must be pressed at the start of the launch.The idea that the root of the problem lies precisely in the work of the primer, the owner of the trimmer for the grass should lead to the fact that even after numerous attempts to launch the engine “on the cold”, a positive result can be achieved with great difficulty.Carburetan malfunction malfunction of the carburetor in the trimmer can hint several “symptoms” at once. For example, the engine is very difficult to start both in the “cold” and in a “hot” state or with great difficulty gaining the necessary speeds. At the same time, the carburetor will not necessarily be faulty; Perhaps it just needs to be adjusted.In order to determine what exactly caused the problems in the carburetor, it, as a rule, must be disassembled. However, this is not recommended to do this without the necessary knowledge and skills.A fault of the air damner drive is poorly started by a trimmer for grass with an unheated motor, the cause of the malfunction can lie in the improper operation of the air damper. If this part is faulty, then the engine can still be launched, however, at the same time, the transfer of the lever of the damper to the desired position does not give the expected effect.The function of such a damper. block the air supply at the right time, but if it holds well, the tool will not work properly. In this case, a faulty part will have to be replaced.Failure of the ignition system rule rule. Trimmeres ignition system includes three elements. The first (and main). This is the ignition coil. It consists of a core and several windings. The second element. This is the so.called flywheel on which several magnets are located. Third. The sparkling candle on which the necessary spark is formed in order to ignite the fuel.One of the most common malfunctions, due to which a trimmer for grass refuses to join in the work. This is a violation in the parameters of the gap between the magnets and the ignition coil. The indicator of 0.2 mm is considered optimal. For various reasons, this distance can increase, but the energy of the resulting spark, on the contrary, is noticeably reduced.The malfunction of the ignition coil itself can also lead to problems. You can check its performance in several ways, for example, by measuring the resistance indicators on it.Another source of possible malfunction may be the spark plug installed in the trimmer. You can evaluate the condition of such a candle without additional equipment, just twist it and carefully inspect the appearance and integrity of its contacts. The detail that was in the work is allowed by the appearance of a raid, but if it is black or white. So, the candle is not fully working. You need to check the gap of the candle, on average it should be 1 mm.The presence of problems may also indicate the fact that the candle was unscrewed from the ignition system turned out to be wet. In this case, the candle must first be dried in any permissible way and only then check whether it works or not.The quality is fuel that is worth doing if the trimmer for the grass for unknown reasons refuses to start. This is to check if there is a fuel in the gas tank. However, even if there is gasoline in the tank (provided that everything is in order with the tightness of the equipment, this liquid evaporates very slowly), there is no guarantee. that after a long break, it will be suitable for work.It is also important to remember that each type of engine in such tools makes its requirements for the quality and composition of the fuel. For example, for two.stroke engines, a mixture of gasoline and oil is used in proportions established by the manufacturer.In this case, in order to establish the work of the tool, low.quality fuel must be drained and replaced with fresh.Violation of the engine start.up procedure, despite the fact that the appropriate operating instructions should be attached to each device, many new trimmers new owners prefer to understand the principles of their work on their own, without printed “hints”. And sometimes make mistakes, because of which it is not possible to start the engine engine.Another no less likely option. After a long break in work, a person can simply forget the right procedure for the engine starting. So if there is a suspicion that the cause of the trimmer’s malfunction lies in this particular, it is worth it to the instructions (or read it for the first time).A short circuit wire problems with the launch of a trimmer engine for grass may consist of faulty wiring. In the process of the tool or due to the low quality of the material that is used to isolate the wires, there may be a closure. Return the tool to work should help replace damaged sections of wires.Zasori in the air filter in the problems of a trimmer for grass can lead a blockage formed in an air filter. This may indicate a black plaque formed on the spark plug. However, even with a clogged filter, a trimmer for grass is often launched, but the tool can not fully work in such conditions and stalls quickly, and also noticeably loses in performance.You can make sure that the root of the problem lies in the air filter malfunction, if you try to launch a trimmer for grass without this filter (however, you should not operate the tool for a long time). If the naked eye shows that the filter clearly needs cleaning, the necessary manipulations must be carried out in accordance with the instructions attached to the tool. And if the filter change has not been made for a very long time, the part can simply be replaced.In the fuel filters, not only the air, but also the fuel filter of the grass trimmer, which is responsible for ensuring that a mixture of oil and gasoline is entered into the carburetor, can not only be a air filter. Trimmerers may face such a problem, who are not used to refuel the tool not very high.quality fuel or gasoline remained in the tank for a long time.Sometimes, even with such a problem, the engine of the lawn mower still starts, but it does not work for long and quickly stalls. If, after checking the condition of the filter, it turned out that it is clogged with dirt, the owner of the trimmer for the grass needs to think about its replacement.Violation of the tightness of the fuel hose is that the tightness of the fuel hoses is disturbed in the trimmer, a strong smell of gasoline that appears after the launch of the tool may indicate. If the appearance of these tubes clearly leaves much to be desired or, for example, they are too easily, almost without effort are disconnected from the primer, then they most likely require replacement.Diagnosis of a malfunction in the trimmer is far from always possible to determine at first glance. Sometimes in order to find source of the problem, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis. Here are some of the situations that the owners of the trimmer for the grass most often risk faced, and those reasons that theoretically can lead to them.It does not start “on a hot” obstacle in order to start a trimmer for grass with a warmed engine, a variety of circumstances can serve. For example, a filter clogged with dirt, clogged ventilation holes or a malfunction associated with the ignition coil. It is these elements in such a situation that must be checked first.It does not start “on a cold” wrong gap between the coil and the flywheel can also lead to the fact that the owner of the trimmer for the grass will encounter problems and when trying to start the engine “for cold”. In addition, it makes sense to check the air damper, primer or sapun.A similar problem can also arise if in the engine of the trimmer for grass insufficient compression.One fairly common situation is poor. Regardless of whether the engine warms up or not before starting, a trimmer is started for grass poorly or not starting at all. The cause of this situation can vary from poor quality of gasoline or its insufficient amount to a malfunction of a candle, a saopon or other details.The trimmer engine starts up and stalls immediately, but almost immediately, despite the efforts of the owner, begins to stall, the fuel that is in the gas tank should be the first to come under suspicion. Perhaps it is no longer suitable for work tools and requires replacement.A similar problem can also be provoked by a contaminated saopan or fuel filter, which also makes sense to check.There is a spark, and a candle of instruments can also encounter a situation with this situation: the engine of the lawn mower does not want to start, while the light of the ignition is dry (that is, excess fuel does not fall on it), and there is a spark on it. If this happens, you can check the integrity of the fuel hoses, as well as the serviceability of the filters and the carburetor.There is a spark, and the candle was spinning a similar situation, but provided that the spark plug suddenly turned out to be wet, the first thing that should come to the mind to the owner of the instrument. For some reason, a trimmer for the grass is too much gasoline or, conversely, in the combustion chamber. Too little air. The clogged filter, a malfunction of the air barrier or other elements of a trimmer for grass may be to blame for this.If a person does not have the opportunity to check the presence of a spark, then the reason is also to look for the problem in the possible malfunction of the candle itself. First of all, it needs to be dried. so that you can evaluate the visual state, and if there are doubts about its performance. replace.There is no spark of spark. The occasion to check the condition of the wires in the tool: it is possible that there was a closing and a button that turns on and off the trimmer for the grass simply does not work. Another possible reason for the lack of spark. This is a malfunction of the candle itself on which the spark should appear (for example, the gap has increased) or problems with the ignition unit.The rules for storage of trimmermarous Trimmer owners are faced with problems when starting after long.term storage of the tool, including. After the trimmer for the grass returned from wintering. That is why it is so important to observe the rules for storing the tool.Rule 1. Be sure to save the trimmer engine for grass from all fuel remnants, and clean the tool and place the tool in a dry room.Rule 2. If before you remove the tool for long.term storage, the owner found defects or malfunctions in it, it is better not to postpone the repair until spring and put everything in order in advance so that the problem does not aggravate.Rules for operating a trimmer.forward by how to start working with a new tool, the owner should carefully study the instructions attached to him. After all, even if a person holds in his hands not the first trimmer for the grass with which he has to deal with, it cannot be ruled out that it is this tool that will have certain features that it is important to consider and observe in the process of launch, work and storage.Sometimes in attempts to save time on the gas station, the owner of the trimmer for the grass prepares a large volume of the fuel mixture for the tool in advance. It is important to consider that it is not recommended to store such a mixture for a long time, since its quality suffers during long.term storage. And this, in turn, can negatively affect the work of the tool. Prepare the fuel mixture in accordance with the instructions.While working with the trimmer, you need to ensure that it does not overheat much. If this happens regularly, the tool risks faster to fail. Do not wait for individual details of the trimmer for the grass to clog so much that they will stop his work. Periodically, the tool needs to be inspected and checked.Expertable advice if a person has enough technical information and understands the device of trimmers, benzos and other similar tools, it is still not recommended to disassemble certain details (all the more complex). In case of failure, this threatens a more serious breakdown of the tool, even if the malfunction was very insignificant.Many tool owners are worried about how to work correctly a trimmer correctly. “We support maximum turnover (that is, full gas) and in this mode Kosim, while there is a need and strength. Says Alexey Shikhov, head of the service department of the company “E. Kobert” at the same time, it is not necessary. With such work, the main thing. Less idle. The mixture burns out (oil and gasoline) when you give more gas, and at the same time the piston remains clean ”.

What is the resource of Chinese motorcycles?

Chinese or lawn mower is able to work about 500 mothers. But this is with the correct mixture, good oil, a good factory assembly. If a person fills gasoline with one good refueling, accurately measures the same oil along the Menzurka, the carburetor regulates the same mixture, the fuel burns correctly, then the coveted half a hundred hours of motor resources is a very affordable bar.

But here you can’t also forget about Chinese marriage. They even balance the shafts on their knee, put the cheapest bearings, carburetors stamp with clogged channels. If a person understands the principle of operation of a two.stroke engine and carburetor, understands how to sort it out, then he can eventually collect an almost perfect trimmer for grass.

In general, if we consider the Chinese motorcycle foam as a space for creativity, then even its breakdown is an occasion to study something new, this is a designer for a man.

If you need a tool, then it is worth finding a Japanese analogue, or switch to an electrical model.

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Close in the muffler

Before resorting to more serious repair actions, you must make sure that the graduation channel is serviceable. This section does not apply to previously not used trimmers, since they have practically no production. If the lawn mower is operated for many years and during this time the unit was not subject to serious diagnostic measures, then it is necessary to check the fact of the clogging of the muffler.

The accumulation of soot prevents the exhaust gases from going out, which is why it is simply impossible to start the engine. Of course, on one day the graduation channel cannot clog, which is why such a situation should be preceded by certain signs. The exit of black smoke from a silencer is a kind of incapacity, which gradually accumulates on the walls of the exhaust system. A significant increase in the sound of the installed motor may occur, which is associated with overcoming huge resistance with exhaust gases to release them. When working at idle, the device stalls spontaneously. In critical situations, the engine operation is significantly deteriorated.

If there are serious pollution on the anti.skill net, then the reason for the impossibility of starting a trimmer engine may be precisely in the final channel. You need to clean the mesh as carefully as possible, since it is the black cargo that is a carcinogen that is very dangerous for a person, which can provoke damage to the respiratory tract. For cleaning, specialized tools should be used that will cope with the soil.

Diagnosis of the candle channel

What to do if the used fuel mixture is in perfect order, but the reasons for the refusal of the mechanism can be covered in excessive moisture of the candle channel. To diagnose and eliminate the problem, it is necessary to do the following:

  • To twist the candle. Wipe it thoroughly, and then dry it.
  • Drain excess fuel in the chamber through the corresponding candle hole.
  • Clear the old candle if there is a dozen on its surface. Cope with the task will allow the use of a conventional ladies’ nail file or file.
  • When installing the element in place, set a gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter, it is enough to place any coin in the lumen.
  • Collect a functional block back.
  • Try to start a trimmer for grass.

It is recommended to perform a candle channel to dry for at least half an hour. However, in no case should you resort to the calcination of its elements. After all, heating the spark plug can lead to its final corruption. Что предпринять, если обслуживание функционального блока было выполнено в соответствии вышеуказанным рекомендациям, но триммер для травы не заводится, искра есть при этом? In this case, it should be treated with gasoline threaded connection. The latter does not need to be saturated abundantly fuel. It should only be slightly moisturized. Resort to such actions should be to ensure the ignition. After all, no matter how much the candle gives a strong spark, in an absolutely dry chamber there simply will not be something to ignite.

If even in this case a trimmer for grass does not start, it is worth evaluating the quality of the contact between the high.voltage wire and the candle. In the absence of a spark (in the presence of a reliable connection between the indicated elements), most likely, the problem is caused by breakdown of the ignition unit. In this situation, you will have to turn to the services of masters who will reinstall the knot.

Wide selection of equipment from trusted manufacturers

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The trimmer for grass greatly simplifies the fight against weeds and excess grass on your personal plot. The use of gasoline, battery and electric cos is much more productive and ergonomic than the work of a conventional oblique. In order for your trimmer for the grass to remain in working condition, you should know the basic rules for its operation and care.

First take care of safety precautions. To do this, get with protective glasses, gloves, if necessary. headphones. Be sure to secure your legs. put on durable shoes or boots, long pants. This is especially important with Kosbe with a metal disk-stones, garbage and other foreign objects that can cause harm will fly out from under it.

Before you start working with the trimmer, make sure that the reliability of fastening all nodes and mobile parts. Choose the desired type of nozzle for mowing in accordance with the nature of the upcoming work. It can be a fishing line for a trimmer, a disk or saw. Check the oil level in the crankcase (in models with a 4-stroke engine) and reducer lubrication. Seal the appropriate fuel, start the device and let it work idle for about 3 minutes. It is also advisable to check the plot for mowing for the presence of foreign objects. stones, glass, stumps, etc. D.

During the mowing, try not to supply the nozzle of a trimmer for grass close to solid objects (borders, buildings, trees). Also take into account the nuance that the nozzle rotates counterclockwise, the mowed grass will lie down to the left of you. Do not make sharp and quick strokes along the entire length of the tool. it overloads the equipment and can lead to breakdown. Make smooth progressive movements from side to side, moving back with each step ahead 30-40 centimeters. Refrain from the mowing in rainy weather. most manufacturers of gasoline units warn about this in the instructions. By electric trimmers, mowing in conditions of high moisture is strictly prohibited.

Caring for a gasoline trimmer should include planned cleaning and lubrication of cutting and rotating parts, replacement or cleaning of air filters, cleaning the radiator. Before winter storage, drain fuel and let the unit work for several minutes (to produce all gasoline in the fuel system). It is also recommended to pour a little 2-stroke oil into the cylinder and manually (using the starter cable) cranple crankshaft. The lubrication of motorcycles with a special anti.corrosion coating is also important. Also take care of the external and internal lubrication of the trimmer rod for the grass, if it is versed.

Caring for electric and battery units is somewhat easier. They also require cleaning and protection against corrosion. The battery must be removed after the end of the work, during winter downtime. periodically recharge it and store it in a dry warm room.