How to rinse a trimmer for grass from oil. Choosing oil for gearbox

How to rinse the gearbox of a trimmer for grass from the old lubricant

Sometimes, in the midst of intensive spying of herbal, your trimmer for grass begins to make unpleasant, grinding sounds. This complains about the lack of lubricant gearbox. the most intensely loaded node of the device. And soon, these “warnings” may follow the junction of the drive.

The design of the gearbox for a business trimmer for grass consists of a certain number of gears, which, during the operation of the mechanism, rotate on a set speed device. Tough gears are designed to lower or increase the initial speed of the working entrance shaft. Thus, when the operator presses on the accelerator, mowing coils or cutting knife rotate faster, and when the lever is released, more slowly.

The gearboxes used by manufacturers of garden equipment are divided into such types:

  • cylindrical;
  • wave;
  • worm;
  • planetary type;
  • conical;
  • spiroid;
  • Combined type mechanisms.

The cylindrical motorcosa gearbox consists of several gear cylinders. They are quite rarely installed on trimmers for grass, since most gasosos are equipped with worm gearboxes.

Planetary type gearboxes deserve separate attention. Their shafts are located in the device of the mechanism of the rose. At the same time, the shafts of conical gearboxes are in the cross position.

Another type of gearbox is lowering. The mechanisms of this type are not included in the standard equipment of the motorcycle, however, they are almost always used to manufacture homemade homemers based on garden trimmers.

Properties of trimmer lubrication

In the production of grease, special substances are used that must meet environmental norms and standards. After production, they decompose, without causing harm to the environment.

The consistency of the material initially has an increased level of viscosity, and in the process of work this parameter decreases. Such a factor provides complete penetration and reliable protection of working pairs in conditions of heating.

Long.term use and uninterrupted work is ensured by timely and proper care. Various materials are used to carry out care operations. Famous manufacturers develop their own branded care products. These include: grease for trimmers “Husqvarna”, “Champion”, “Makita” and others. In the gearbox of a gasoline trimmer for grass, lubrication is added every 8-10 working hours.

The main malfunctions of the gearbox and ways to eliminate them

With a gearbox of an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass, various breakdowns occur. The most frequent of them are presented in the table further. There you can also find the reasons for their occurrence and methods of elimination.

rinse, trimmer, grass, choosing, gearbox
Reducer malfunction Possible causes of breakdown The method of elimination
The gear node is heavily warmed up the use of unsuitable (low.quality) lubrication or its absence you need to replace or add lubricants
The gears are new and did not get sick It should be worked for a short time for a time without strong loads with regular stops so that the mechanism manages to cool
shaking of the shaft during rotation, the appearance of backlash and knocking destruction or significant wear of any of the bearings replace the failed bearing with a new
The transmission mechanism flies from the rod of motorcycles or stagger Damage to its body It is necessary to replace the part
In some cases, with minor damage, a clamp made of metal, a place with a fault is carried out
not fixed on the pipe wear of the docking area you can make a winding from the insulating tape at the mounting site or change the bar
The output shaft with a knife does not rotate or stops in case of an increase in the load wear of the teeth on the gears or one of them It is required to replace the interacting pair of worn details

Bearings are destroyed due to the use of inappropriate lubrication or due to its absence. Their damage is also caused by severe operating conditions of motorcycles and the ingress of extraneous particles of the material (for example, broken metal teeth of mechanical transmissions) due to the fact that the integrity of the anthers is violated.

To remove the bearing, you need to disassemble the gearbox and use a special puller. If it is not, then you can try to do it with a hammer with a mentor. In this case, work should be carefully so as not to damage the seat. Using the pre.heating method to shoot the bearing is not recommended. This is due to the fact that the metal may lose the required operational characteristics.

If the knife ceases to rotate under load or stands still, then this is accompanied by an uncharacteristic sound.

Most gearboxes can easily be eliminated with your own hands. Replaced details are recommended to purchase “relatives” designed for the used motorcosa.

Gear lubrication of a trimmer for grass

Lubrication of gears must be carried out regularly in accordance with the recommendations set forth in the operational instructions of the model used. You need to do this also if:

In addition to the gearbox, it is also necessary to regularly lubricate the shaft of a trimmer for grass. This is the norm of proper care of the device.

With the constant use of a trimmer for grass, its gear mechanism experiences a load from grass, dirt sticking on knives, or due to a change in torque. Lubricants must be selected high.quality to extend the service life of the gearbox.

rinse, trimmer, grass, choosing, gearbox

Used types of lubrication

When choosing lubrication, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

Famous manufacturers, for example, STIHL, Husqvarna and others, in addition to trimmers, produce lubrication for them. Such products not only reduces wear, but also protects the metal of gears from corrosion. Therefore, for motorcycle from these brands, it is better to use their lubricants.

If the composition used for lubrication has good adhesion, then it is practically not squeezed out of the gearbox through the gaps.

For different models, lubrication is consumed in different ways. This is determined largely by the intensity of the use of motorcycles and heating the transmission mechanism. It is believed that the lubricant is enough if the temperature of the gearbox during operation does not exceed 40 ° C.

By consistency, lubricants for a trimmer for grass can be:

In terms of composition, the following types of lubricants are in demand:

  • graphite, significantly reducing friction, as a result of which the rotation of the gear improves;
  • lithium, which are also an excellent anti.corrosion composition, saturated with increasing the wear resistance of metal with additives without harmful substances;
  • universal, containing mineral oils and improving operational characteristics components.

An example of suitable lubricants are: Champion EP-0, Gear Grease Oregon, Oleo-Mas, Azmol 158, Litol.24. You should also pay attention to the advice of manufacturers on this issue and use the materials they offer. You can buy them at specialized retail outlets.

A lubricant Champion EP-0 Universal 120 gr

The algorithm for self.lubrication of the gearbox

To make lubrication of the gear ratio, its preliminary disassembly is not needed. A special hole for these purposes has already been laid in the device (it is shown in the photo below). In addition to gears, when lubrication, you need to pay attention to such elements of the mechanism:

Pour oil or apply solid grease through a tavniper closed by a screw. At the same time, they perform actions in the following sequence:

Oil Change for a Craftman Walk behind Weed Trimmer

  • The gearbox body is cleaned of dirt and adhering grass, especially thoroughly the plot around the plug so that the garbage does not get inside the mechanism;
  • Using the appropriate tool (often it comes with a trimmer), the cork is unscrewed;
  • The selected lubricant is introduced from the tube into the open technological hole, or using the syringe, as shown in the photo further;
  • screw the cork in place.

When making lubrication, you need to rotate the knife so that it is evenly distributed through the teeth of moving gears.

If for any reason the gearbox needs to be disassembled, then the old lubricant must be completely removed from the entire surface of the gears and housing, shaft, and only then use the new. The disassembled mechanism is conveniently lubricated with solid compositions.

The entire reducer lubrication process is demonstrated in the video:

Lubricating the gear node is required at least once during the year, but it is recommended to do this every 20 hours of intensive use of motorcycles. If the first signs of malfunctions with the mechanism appear, then you need to make lubricants as quickly as possible.

What was there in the instructions?

According to psychologists’ research, half of us does not read instructions, even if he encounters an unfamiliar device or task. And half of those who, before the start of any business, still look into the reference documentation, views it superficially. And only 25% carefully study the user’s management before moving on to action.

Of course, each manufacturer of equipment complete its devices with exhaustive operating instructions (do not be lazy and spend time reading it), so we mention only the main points.

For everyone. according to the needs

Proper operation begins with a reasonable choice. Evaluate your needs and select the technique in accordance with them.

You should not buy a powerful unit if you need, for example, to mow only low grass on the lawn: the purchase will be more expensive, and subsequently the fuel consumption will be higher. and the noise is more. As well as trying to “cut down” tall weeds with a low.power trimmer. and the mature burdocks will remain in their place, and ditch the equipment.

DIY lawnies repair: analysis of malfunctions and methods for their elimination

The lawn mower is one of the main instruments of the summer resident used to quickly bring the land in order. The owners of private houses acquire this weapon for mowing grass in the personal territory. The period of active use of benzos and electric trimmers falls on the summer period. Before starting operation, the tool is brought into working condition: the rubbing parts are lubricated, the cutting headset changes, the fuel mixture is poured into the tank. If the engine does not start or stalls quickly, without gaining enough revolutions, then you have to look for the causes of problems and eliminate the identified malfunctions. To carry out the repair of the lawn mower with your own hands, you need to understand its device and the principle of operation of the main nodes. This information can be found in the operating instructions, which the manufacturer applies to garden equipment without fail. Check for such a manual when buying a chainsaw. The import tool should be accompanied by instructions written in Russian.

Sooner or later, there will be a need to rinse the air filter of a trimmer for Husqvarna grass or any other manufacturer. There is nothing complicated, and you can remove pollution from it yourself a couple of hours before mowing.

How to replace an air filter in a trimmer

  • Unscrew the bolt on the protective casing or squeeze the latches.
  • We take out the filter and inspect. To remove all accumulated oil and other pollution, gasoline will be required.
  • We water the gasoline from the canister to the contaminated filter and wash off all the oil. Squeeze and leave to dry for at least 2 hours.
  • We wipe the installation site with a cloth moistened in gasoline.
  • Set everything in place and close the casing.

Instead of gasoline, you can use soapy water, but it removes dirt still not so effective.

As an alternative to flushing, you can advise blowing or just shaking the litter. These options for cleaning are suitable if there is no oil pollution.

Signs of unbalancing

Carburetor debugging is necessarily carried out in the manufacture of the device. As a rule, the owners will learn about the need to adjust the fuel supply with their own hands only after quite serious breakdowns, in the process of correcting which, the module was removed and, for example, cleaned.

Signs of failure in the settings are the following:

  • starts up, but immediately stalls the engine. since the engine can only work when a certain amount of gasoline is supplied, with too “poor” fuel, that is, overlapping the supply channel, the motor will stop;
  • too much fuel consumption, many exhaust gases. the result of incomplete combustion of the mixture. In this case, the fuel, on the contrary, is too much and the mixture is excessively dense.

STIHL, Makita, Husqvarna and others tuned with adjusting screws. Sometimes the reason for disrupting the work is a violation of fixation-due to vibration or damage to the protective cap. Such a breakdown can be found only by trying to turn the screw a little: if the fixation is not stiff, it is worth checking the setting. carburetor adjustment

The setting of the module does not apply to the repair and the change of spare parts is not required. In this case, the armored complex of the carburetor of the lawn mower will not be needed.

  • L. is regulated first, as it is responsible for supplying fuel at low speeds;
  • H. he is responsible for supplying gasoline at high speeds, as well as for fuel consumption and temperature;
  • T. with it, the idle speed is debugged.

There are options, as a rule, this is a carburetor of a Chinese lawn mower, when only one screw remains for debugging on the case. to configure idle. This does not mean that the module is configured automatically. this means that even such a type of repair as debugging will be difficult to carry out. In the photo. adjusting the carburetor of the Chinese lawn mower.

String Trimmer Basics: String Trimmer Fueling and Starting

  • The module tuning is carried out only with a heated engine: for this, the device is pre.included for 10 minutes. If the mowing head rotates at idle, then they begin to debugged immediately: turn the screw T counts the clock until the rotation stops.
  • Adjustment starts with a screw l. The screw turns to the right and to the left until it finds such a position in which the idle speed does not become maximum.
  • Then the screw is turned on ¼ turn against the watch. This will be his working position.
  • The idle stroke must be configured by turns against the sentry to increase the number of revolutions and the clock. to reduce. Its debugging consists in achieving such a regime in which a sufficient number of revolutions are performed before the rotation of the mowing head. In this case, the engine should operate steadily at different positions.
  • The position of the screw L is determined by the latter. at maximum speed the trimmer for grass should not work for more than 10 seconds. The throttle opens, the screw is closed clockwork, very slowly, until a decrease in the number of revolutions is established by ear.
  • Then also slowly the screw rotates against the sentry until the engine starts to work with failures. After which the screw is on the time, until the engine again works normally.

If there is a tanometer, and if the product is indicated in the product passport, coooreecration can be carried out more accurate, focusing not by ear, but on the testimony of the device.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower in the video is carried out by ear.

to record “Adjusting and repair of the carburetor of the lawn mower”

Please clarify. In the section adjustment p.5, screw l. error? You should read the screw a? Thanks to.

Tell me the initial position of the screws h l la

Tell me the initial position of the screws h l la

Thank you very much for the video about the accelerator and did not know and the defect is very important and creates a huge problem about which almost everyone is silent. BRAVO….

Maybe all the same tachometer of the revolution meter, and not a tonometer of the blood pressure meter

The heart of any chainsaw is a two.stroke internal combustion engine.

The trimmer for grass does not apply to complex household appliances, so most of its gender.

There was a need to acquire a reliable and true mechanical pom.

The past times of Soviet agricultural giantomania have gone. The gig disappeared.

The same.based tractor is an economical version of the tractor for small in terms of work

The Neva Unoa Tractor is produced today in different modifications, this specializers.

Signs of the need to flush the carburetor of the lawn mower

The fact that it is time to diagnose the mechanism on bench cutting will be indicated by the corresponding factors. One of the main features. interruptions in the work of the tool. In this case, the carburetor should be cleaned immediately, otherwise it is fraught with the development of negative consequences. Other symptoms of malfunctions are as follows:

  • The engine does not start.
  • Revolutions begin to hesitate.
  • The engine does not provide full power.
  • The response to press the gas button is delayed.
  • Fuel consumption increases.
  • When the engine warmed up, malfunctions occur.
  • Black smoke comes out of the muffler.

However, when the above symptoms appear, it is necessary to make sure that the reason is really a malfunction of the carburetor. Eliminate other types of breakdowns and only then start cleaning and repairing the product with a trimmer.

it is interesting! It is not recommended to disassemble the carburetor without special need, and even more so if you have no experience in this matter. The mechanism consists of small details that can be damaged or lost in case of dismantling.

In most cases, the above symptoms can be corrected by adjusting the carburetor. Detailed instructions for this process are described in this material. All devices of gasoline cutters are equipped with adjusting screws, with which idle stroke is adjusted, as well as a high and low speed range. The number and appearance of the adjusting screws depend on the model of the device.

In what cases is it better to replace the carburetor and not spend strength on its washing

There are times when it is easier to buy a new carburetor of a trimmer for grass than trying to return the old device to normal. At the same time, it is important to consider that for a particular model of Kustorez, an exclusively original carburetor should be selected, otherwise it will negatively affect the work of the tool. There are times when the washing of the mechanism does not solve the problem, but for confidence you will have to disassemble it.

  • If corrosion deposits are formed inside the disassembled product due to aluminum oxidation, then the repair in the form of washing will be simply useless. You can try to restore the mechanism in such a situation by washing with ultrasound, but there are no guarantees.
  • If the metal parts of the carburetor are damaged in the form of chips, cracks or other defects. In this case, you can immediately order a new mechanism.
  • Component malfunction: the product consists of various parts and elements that may fail. Most of the parts are not subject to repair and are not subject to replacement due to the lack of spare parts, so in this case it will be necessary to replace the entire mechanism.

it is interesting! There is an opinion that you can clean the carburetor using sandblasting equipment. However, this is not recommended to do this due to the fact that it is impossible to clean the channels inside with sand, so this method of cleaning carburetors is simply unacceptable.

Experts say that working with a carburetor requires a special approach. If you are not sure that you can cope with the task, then it is better to entrust the work to professionals. However, in any case, nothing prevents you from trying to independently clean the fuel.air mowing mechanism, even if you are a beginner. You can clean the carburetor on a bush in two ways:

  • Automatic: involves disassembling the mechanism with subsequent positioning of parts inside the ultrasound bath. You can read about how to perform this procedure in this article, where the washing process is presented using the example of a chainsaw carburetor.
  • Manual. If special equipment is required to implement the first method, then in this case you will not need anything except the tool and a spray can with a liquid for cleaning carburetors. This is a preferred way for most tool owners.

Due to the popularity of the manual rinse method, we will pay special attention to this method and gradually consider how this can be done.

We remove rust on nodes and details

If you have forgotten to preserve a motorized fighter with snow at the end of last season, then this oversight should be corrected as soon as possible on the eve of the new. For this will greatly depend on the troublesome operation of the device. So, first of all, visually inspect the snowman, especially the rubbing surfaces and bearings. If you find traces of corrosion, we recommend picking up a spray can with a solvent of the rust Mos₂-Rostloser from Liqui Moly. This spray, applied to the details, penetrates into the most inaccessible places in a matter of seconds and removes rust.

But one of the main purpose of this composition is help in unscrewing rusted nuts and bolts. Drink a product on iron.damaged threads threaded compounds, wait a couple of minutes. and then calmly twist the nuts. It will be all plain sailing! Mos₂-Rostloser perfectly dissolves “red-hairs” and has a high penetrating ability.

With this spray, you can process parts and nodes at the end of the season. to protect against corrosion

rinse, trimmer, grass, choosing, gearbox

Molibden (MOS₂) is part of the disulfide provides lubrication on the thread, which neutralizes damage caused by corrosion. The rest provides protection for processed parts from the appearance of uninvited rust. At the end of the season, they should process some nodes of equipment to protect against corrosion.

If at the end of last season you have not developed all the fuel, then most likely you will have difficulties with the launch of the motor, because over many months of downtime, gasoline loses its fueliness. It is better to get rid of the old fuel located in the supply system of the snowman, replacing it with fresh gasoline.

Rinse the engine before changing the oil

It is very important that a special and fresh oil is flooded in the Carter of the Snowman engine. The lubricant that has been worked out covers the walls of the engine and oil channels with wear and oxidation products. And this sludge is a real slow murderer for the snowman engine. It is advisable at the end of the season not only to change the oil, but also to rinse the lubrication system of the engine. And if you work out in your snowman “survived” all spring, summer and autumn, then washing the engine with special chemistry is an event that is mandatory. For this, there is even a special additive for motor vehicles. Motorbike Engine Flush Shooter. One bottle is enough for an oil volume of 1-2 liters.

  • We warm up the snowman motor to the operating temperature, muffled the engine.
  • Through the oil lumpy, add add.on to the crankcase.
  • Again we start a power unit and let it work at idle for 10 minutes.
  • Drama of the engine and drain the old oil.

Washing for the engine oil system perfectly removes deposits

Babyliss E650E

Users are very satisfied with this trimmer, so they awarded him fourth place in the ranking. The device refers to the professional class. The device is made of plastic. The head of the device can be installed in one of the 15 positions. Copes with the removal of hairs from places. Cleaning a trimmer for grass is carried out in dry mode. The machine does not pull the hair, compact, convenient in operation, not noisy. Its disadvantages are the following features:

Several techniques for working with a trimmer

Using a trimmer for grass for haircuts of grass on the territory adjacent to the house, you need to use such a technique of work that best corresponds to the existing features. For example, it can be:

  • Edge. As a rule, this technique is used along the edge of some towering surface. For example, sidewalk or access road. To decorate the edge, the tool is kept as with vertical kosbe. That is, a simple tilt of the head of the trimmer for grass in this case is clearly insufficient.
  • Cutting. If we are talking about the edge of the lawn, for example, then a trimmer for grass is better to turn at an angle. So that the mowing is carried out under a slight slope. If you do in this way, then you can cut less fate and clearly highlight what you really need to dig. The smaller the area to be careful, the greater the angle of inclination of the tool.
  • A braid for grass. That is, a trimmer for grass in this case is used like a traditional spit. Turning the case, the tool is swinging to the right and left. Gradually moving forward. As a result of using such equipment, a very even and neat pruning of grass is provided.

Benzotrimmer care

At the height of summer, when the season of the grass is not finished yet, and your tool no longer looks new. it’s time to provide him with some maintenance.

At the height of summer, when the season of the grass is not finished yet, and your tool no longer looks new. it’s time to provide him with some maintenance. Proper care of a benzotrimer is the condition that will ensure the operation of your mechanical assistant.

Greenline specialists, which has been producing garden equipment for more than 15 years, and at the same time, is present on the market, it is recommended to start monitoring the state of a trimmer for the grass since the end of summer. This is necessary because even with the first rains the travic season does not end, only the mower was used contrary to the recommendations, most likely, under more stringent conditions, which is provided for. Typical examples of such incorrect use can be: mowing of lawns flooded with water, cutting shrubs (and not only young), some strive to use a knife to break the earthen lumps on a dug bed. This application can be found all the time, but if the braid for the grass is not made “on the knee”, then this will suffer this, the main thing is not to crush the brick.

After such operation, as a rule, lubrication from the gearbox is washed out, its fastening is spent, as well as the fastening of the protective casing, an air filter will certainly be clogged, especially if you like to leave a mowing with a working motor on the ground. If you want the rest of the season and the next season to pass without problems, it is desirable that several simple manipulations are produced over the benzotrimer.

Firstly, it is necessary to drain the gasoline from the tank, then dry it and blow it, since during the time it is a lot of unnecessary garbage engine accumulates in it. Then, you need to turn out the candle and use the starter to blow the piston.

Further, it is necessary to remove dried grass from the gearbox, it very often twists around the axis, and in combination with soil and water stages, forming a kind of “washcloth”, which collects grass with greater intensity.

Practically, each gearbox has a screw for an audit, it must be turned and soaked in a lubricant. Greenline engineers recommend Azmol 158. This lubricant is well suited for bearings and gear gear. No need to regret lubrication, the superfluous will come out anyway. Tales about a special “super.masis” is a loaf of super.service offering it, we will leave it on their conscience.

Then, it is necessary to remove the air filter. It, as a rule, is foam and it can be washed and dried, or you can simply blow it, depending on the degree of pollution.

If the transmitting shaft is easy accessibility, then in some models, after disconnecting the engine or gearbox, it simply falls out of the bar. It is also advisable to lubricate it with lubricant azmol 158. It has sufficient adhesion, penetrates well under the guide bushings and lingers in the pores of a flexible shaft, as well as on the surface of a hard shaft. You can notice this when you wash your hands if you do not work in gloves.

It is recommended to check the muffler, especially if the neighbor used your mower, since it is not known what quality the mixture was filled, maybe instead of two.stroke oil, he used vegetable oil or olifa. It may seem funny, but this occurs quite often.

In some models, the muffler can be of collapsible. In this case, it can be easily disassembled and washed. But if the muffler is holistic, then there is only one way out of this situation. to remove it, as a rule, it holds on stilettos with nuts. and then try to launch the motor. If the launch is confident and the work is more stable than with a muffler, and the reaction to gas is instantaneous, then most likely the muffler must be washed. Some craftsmen manage to soak it in kerosene, but, as a rule, if the car is strong, then the muffler is better to replace.

And lastly, preparing a benzotrimer for winter storage, it is recommended after conducting the above operations, wrap the motor and gear with a dense fabric, but in no case as cellophane, since condensation accumulates under it, and this leads to the oxidation of contacts and the appearance of corrosion. It is also advisable to store a trimmer for grass in a dry room, not necessarily warm.

When fulfilling all these simple recommendations, your benzotrimmer will work stably at least until the middle of the next season, then again it will be possible to do the same operations.

Typical breakdowns and ways to eliminate them

Almost any owner can carry out minor repairs of his trimmer for grass. The list of permissible work depends on the type and model of the tool. It is more difficult with electrical units: they will be able to replace the brushes and check the contacts. Of course, if the engine broke in the gasoline trimmer, it costs nothing to do on its own. But some breakdowns of a different type can try to eliminate.

  • Sounding the toggle switch. You will need a soldering iron and some knowledge from the sphere of electrical engineering.
  • Torn fishing line for trimmer. First you need to choose the right thread. Disassemble the drum, gently wrap the cord, collect everything back.
  • The wire limiter disappeared. A new part can be made independently of stainless steel.
  • The bar broke. This part of the tool is easily screwed to rails or brackets.
  • Damage to a plastic knife. In general, throw it away. Buy metal, they are more durable and reliable, serve much longer.

However, if you do not have any skills for repairing a trimmer for grass, do not risk, immediately bring a broken tool to the workshop. The manufacturer really does not recommend interfering in the design of the unit. Unprofessional actions can lead to an even greater problem.

How to extend the service life of a trimmer for grass?

First select a good tool. Trust the products of well.known brands, consider Комментарии и мнения владельцев and specialists’ advice. Companies such as Husqvarna, Huter, STIHL produce reliable equipment for the garden, cottage, personal plot (chainsaws, lawn mowers, blacksmiths, etc.). A wide range is presented on the website of the Technosades online store. In the telephone mode, you can get answers to all questions regarding the choice and ordering of equipment.

Trimmer for grass for grass will work for a long time if the user complies with the operating rules. Consider the main recommendations.

  • In front of each launch, inspect the working nodes, check their performance, reliability of fasteners.
  • Do not forget to use personal protective equipment. Close your ears with headphones, put your glasses.
  • At the first launch. a small load. Take a run in. The next time you can add speed.
  • Take breaks every 15-20 minutes, this will help protect the engine from overheating and premature failure.
  • Make sure that during the mowing the trimmer for the grass does not fall, does not hit hard objects.
  • Use a suitable trimmer fishing line. It can be ordinary, reinforced, twisted. Each variety has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Consider the features of the trimmer for the grass, select good consumables for it. For storing the tool, a room closed from moisture is suitable with an optimal level of humidity and a comfortable temperature. The harder you relate to garden technology, the more effective and longer it will mow your site.