How to Start a Lawn Mower After Winter

Every gardener or person living in a country house on an ongoing basis should have a lawn mower, which will greatly facilitate the maintenance of the lawn located on the site or outside it.

And in order for such a technical unit to serve you for many years, it is necessary not only to operate it correctly and carefully, but also to know how to start the device correctly and prevent possible breakdowns associated with this process.

Step by step launch guide

To easily start a lawn mower, you need to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions in more detail, but you also need to take into account the rules for refueling the device, as well as many other important nuances.

Only gasoline models are needed before starting up, the engine of which, without the right fuel, will not work correctly or will not start at all. Therefore, having studied in more detail the technical characteristics of your device, you must also familiarize yourself with information about the finished fuel or about making a special mixture with your own hands.

In the latter case, it is necessary to observe proportions that are specially designed for the proper functioning of the mechanism.

Sometimes synthetic oils are used for this. These types of fuel mixtures have a lower cost, but practically do not differ in their quality characteristics. For 100 grams of synthetic oil, it is necessary to use 5 liters of gasoline, so the mixture will have a ratio of 1: 50.

Mixtures with mineral oils have a higher cost, since they are considered more natural and environmentally friendly, but in terms of technical characteristics they are only slightly superior to synthetic options. The proportions when using such materials will be 1: 35, that is, 3.5 liters of gasoline must be used per 100 grams of oil.

There are also options for gasoline lawn mowers, where the fuel tank is located separately from the oil sump, so there is no need to prepare the mixture.

But regardless of the model and type of fuel tank, the fueling must be done the same way. fill the fuel not completely, but leaving 3-4 centimeters to the edge of the tank.


Depending on the model of the mower, the launch will be made in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to take this into account and, comparing with individual technical characteristics, proceed to connecting the device and starting the engine.

And if with a manual model that works on the principle of an ordinary braid, everything is quite simple, then when starting the gasoline model, some difficulties may arise.

A gas mower can be started in two ways. with a cold engine or with a warm engine.

Before starting a cold engine, you must take care to turn off the ignition system and transmission, as well as scroll the motor shaft with the starting lever or starter. After that, you can start the launch by proceeding as follows:

  • first you need to turn on the ignition;
  • then it is necessary to close the air damper;
  • after that you can safely start the engine.

After starting, you need to set the idle speed on the device using the gas lever. Then, using all the same lever, you need to transfer the device to work at low speeds, thereby allowing the engine to warm up. After that, you can safely start operating the lawn mower at full capacity. It is worth noting that starting the device with a cold engine is acceptable, but further operation in this state is undesirable, as this will negatively affect the general condition and functioning of the mower.

Starting a lawn mower with a warm engine is much easier, since this process does not require preliminary preparation. In this case, actions must be performed in the following sequence:

How to Start a Lawn Mower After Winter
  • the control lever must be switched to the fuel supply mode at the maximum level;
  • then you need to start the engine;
  • after that you can choose the necessary speed and start work.

These recommendations are suitable for all models, including hand-held lawn mowers that work on the principle of a normal braid.

How to start after winter?

Getting a lawn mower after the winter period can be quite difficult, because most often devices of this kind are stored in sheds where heating is not provided, which means that they are exposed to a harsh winter climate, and sometimes sudden changes in temperature. therefore it is necessary to approach this process wisely and take into account all the important nuances.

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For example, the first thing after a winter downtime is to check the fuel tank of the device and make sure that it is clean and that there is no old fuel. If the tank is not empty, then it must be cleaned before refueling. This must be done, because adding new fuel to the old one that survived the winter idle time is unsafe for the functioning of the device. Under the influence of the winter temperature regime, old fuel can slightly change its composition, which, when mixed with a more recent composition or even during simple operation, can lead to malfunctions.

Further, for a safer operation, you should act on the principle of turning on the device with the engine warming up. So you can gently prepare the mower for work.

Common mistakes

When starting up such a technical unit, some problems may arise, and in order to understand why the mower does not start, it is necessary to identify the causes, and for further work to eliminate them.

The main reason for a malfunction when starting a lawn mower may be because there is no gas in the fuel tank or its quantity is not enough for the device to work. In this case, it is obvious what needs to be done. to fill the tank with fuel, and in order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to check the availability of gasoline in advance.

Failure to comply with the rules for the preparation of fuel mixtures, as well as the use of low-quality raw materials in order to save finances, can also lead to errors during start-up and operation of the lawn mower. The way out in this situation is simple. it is necessary to carefully choose the finished fuel, as well as carefully observe the proportions when preparing mixtures yourself.

Start-up errors can occur due to the fact that fuel can fill the spark plugs. This is due to prolonged exposure to the launch cable with the air damper closed. To prevent this, you must always check it and, if necessary, return it to the correct position.

Naturally, if the mower starts up with the ignition switched off, you may fail, because without this the device cannot function.

Therefore, immediately after putting in order the air damper, do not forget to turn on the ignition, and only then can you safely start work.

Possible breakdowns

Despite the difference in the characteristics and appearance of various device models, they still have the same causes of failure, so they practically do not differ in the way of elimination.

The most common problem in the operation of the device is that it does not start or stalls when you press the gas. The reasons lie in the malfunctioning of the carburetor or ignition, as well as in problems with the filtration system.

If the reasons lie in the operation of the ignition system, then proceed as follows.

  • You must make sure that you are using fully serviceable candles, and also that they do not have traces of fuel. If the candle is filled, it is recommended to thoroughly clean it, because otherwise the operation of the device will be impossible.
  • If the threaded connection is too dry, problems may occur during start-up, since without a lubricant with gasoline the spark will not be able to appear or its capacity will not be enough for operation.
  • In the event of a breakdown of the ignition system, the contact between the spark plug and the high-voltage wire should also be checked, since in its absence a spark will not be possible, as well as further operation.

If the device stops working after 5-10 minutes after the start of operation at a load at high speeds, the reasons may lie in problems with the air and fuel filtration system:

  • the filter may be clogged, so when it heats up, the system stops cleaning properly and turns off;
  • the reason may also lie in the fact that the part responsible for adjusting the pressure in the fuel tank becomes dirty and blocks the flow of fuel.

There are also more serious breakdowns, which can be quite difficult to deal with.

  • The channels and jets of the device can be seriously dirty, so you can’t do without drip cleaning. And in order to properly clean them, you must use professional tools and blow through the parts with a powerful air stream.
  • Often, gaskets, which are an integral part of the system, wear out and also give a malfunction in the working system. They cannot be repaired, so you just need to replace them.
  • Worn pistons that are in operation can cause damage. That is why the details must be monitored and, if necessary, changed.
  • In addition, the cause of the breakdown may be a violation of the tightness in the space of the carburetor.

Due to depressurization, a pressure drop may occur, and the device will lose its functionality.

Instructions for use

Before you start working on a lawn mower, you need to study the instructions for its operation in more detail. But, in addition, some general rules are also recommended.

  • The device must be operated with extreme care, avoiding contact with hard surfaces and body parts.
  • After each use, it is recommended to clean the case and the working parts of the device.
  • It is necessary to clean the mower with the use of special professional fluids, having previously waited until its engine has cooled down, since it is not safe to clean the hot motor.
  • It is best to take breaks during work. So you can prevent the engine from overheating.
  • If for a long time you do not plan to work with the device, it is recommended to drain the remaining fuel and leave the device in idle mode. When the last remaining fuel is consumed, the mower itself will stop working.
  • And, of course, after summer operation, do not forget to properly prepare the device for winter, then it will serve you for many years.