How to Unscrew a Keyless Angle Grinder

An angle grinder or angle grinder is one of the most traumatic power tools. In case of improper operation, the cutting disc can jam, and even if everything works out, it is unlikely that it will be possible to unscrew the fixing nut after this incident using standard methods — neither a "native" key, nor a gas one, or even a chisel with a hammer will help. So how to unscrew the nut on the angle grinder?


How to Unscrew a Keyless Angle Grinder

We remove the cutting disc in a non-standard way

Angle grinder. the most dangerous power tool

The discs on the angle grinder are fixed with a nut, which is twisted in the same direction in which the spindle of the power tool rotates. And when the rotation stops abruptly, the locking nut self-tightens.

In order to unscrew it later, an effort is required that is much higher than that which arose during the wedge, and it is simply impossible to do this with a “native” or gas key.

Unscrew the nut does not have enough strength, and the key will pop off

Need to do otherwise namely, to remove the cutting disc from under the nut, and then nothing will interfere with unscrewing the latter.

Step # 1

Break not build

We break the remnants of the cutting disc with pliers. We remove the maximum possible.

Видео: How to Unscrew a Keyless Angle Grinder

Step number 2

Remove all abrasive

For the next step, you will need a metal plate less than the thickness of the disk. We turn on the angle grinder, and with this plate we grind the remains of the abrasive, which is located under the fixing nut. Do not forget about safety.

Step number 3

Unscrew and remove unnecessary residues of the consumable

Obstacle removed, now you can unscrew the nut and remove what remains of the cutting disc. The nut is unscrewed easily, in most cases this can be done by hand, without using a tool.

Preventive measures

A cardboard washer will allow you to unscrew the nut after any emergency situations

This method is simple and convenient, but still it’s more convenient not to break anything, but just unscrew it. In addition, there are times when the discs are just tightly clamped. It’s a long time to break a stripping abrasive with a thickness of 5 mm, and then grind it under the nut, because there is a method to avoid the situation where it will be impossible to unscrew the nut with a wrench.

To do this, you only need to make a gasket washer from cardboard.

Cheap and cheerful

The tool is ready to go.

VIDEO: Clamped DISC angle grinder. UNscrew the tightened nut EASY

HANDED DISC angle grinder. OPEN the tightened nut EASY. We cut the angle grinder, UShM. Work with the angle grinder

How to unscrew a nut on a keyless angle grinder: a simple life hack

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