How to Unscrew the Efco 8092 Trimmer Head

Engine: electric, trimmer type: portable, electric motor power: 900 W, trimmer cutting element: fishing line, cutting width: 22 cm, rod design: curved, number of wheels: no

Description: motor: electric, type of trimmer: portable, electric motor power: 900 W, cutting element of trimmer: fishing line, width. Show more

Description: motor: electric, trimmer type: portable, electric motor power: 900 W, trimmer cutting element: fishing line, cutting width: 22 cm, rod construction: curved, number of wheels: no Collapse

  • Type: portable trimmer
  • Engine: Electric
  • Cutting Width: 22 cm
  • Power: 900 W
  • Handle: height adjustable
  • Barbell: Curved
  • Handle shape: D-shaped
  • Options: fishing line,
  • Grass catcher: none

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Reviews on trimmer EFCO 8092

lightweight and powerful. Unpretentious and easy to operate.

no matter the line is fed, sometimes it is twisted and you have to disassemble the reel.

Comment: Worked perfectly for 6 years, with regular use. Then the entire upper part with the engine just broke off, because cracked plastic in which it is located. I will buy the same, as this is the lightest trimmer with such power.

Lightness, power

Often the fishing line inside the spool is twisted.

Comment: I worked for 5 years, with a neighbor 3. 1 time in two weeks to mow 2-3 acres of grass on the site. Both engines burned out. Overheat protection did not work. Repair or replacement is unprofitable.

Powerful, lightweight, comfortable. Bought to process the plot of 18 hundred parts by the forces of a 65-year-old grandmother. Fully met expectations. The main advantage. Ease. A large supply of fishing line in the head of the cutting unit (you can wrap 10-12 meters of 2 mm fishing line, and it will last for a long time) Availability of spare parts. More about that below.

Inconvenient line replacement system. A wrench and disassembly of the assembly are required. A significant push on the trimmer is required to eject a new fishing line. Sometimes the line inside the reel is twisted, and it needs to be rewound. Otherwise the fishing line is not thrown away. After an hour of continuous operation in difficult conditions (tall grass, hot weather), the engine is turned off by an overheating sensor. Cooling takes about 2 hours.

Comment: The main disadvantage. Plastic coupling connecting the motor shaft to the cutting head drive. Once on this clutch, the landing slots wore out over time and the trimmer stopped working. Detail is cheap. 72 rubles in S / C, but there was a lot of trouble finding this part and getting to the service center. Bought and replaced the clutch. Grandmother is happy, mowing fine grass daily. The husband (during the idle time of this trimmer) bought the Makita UM4030 trimmer and after that did not even touch Efco for heaven and earth.

light in weight, no other advantages

The trimmer has a thermostat, which turns it off after 5 minutes of normal grass mowing, rest 25-30min .; power is declared 900W, in fact more than 600W you will not give (according to the actual work).

Comment: Bought EFCO 8092 at the end of May. Patience was enough for them to work only for 2 days. The safety start button broke, as a result, the trimmer worked by itself, even when the main start button was released. Mowing can only very rare grass, start mowing only from above and gradually lowering the trimmer to the ground. If you try to mow the grass immediately below, after 5 minutes of operation, the trimmer is turned off and you can do other things for 20-30 minutes or relax. The engine power is not 900W, but a maximum.

light, no other advantages

ergonomics. No, the handle is uncomfortable, regularly mows only soft, sparse, very dry grass. In all other cases, it turns off after half a minute and rests for 15-20 minutes. In general, for those who visit the country once every two weeks it is categorically not suitable. This is a children’s toy. Power 900 watts. This is a very strong exaggeration. Suitable for mowing a tree, flowerbed. In general, to perform small jobs. With the replacement of fishing line. Troubles. A whole fishing line was left for 6 hundred parts. How to store this thing. The question is complicated. Vertically. Will have to be put on the wire and it naturally breaks down quickly. Either the braid must be hung (it will fall, damage the motor), or lay on the floor in a separate room. In general, hemorrhoids.

Comment: If you could tell Efco everything I think about this creation, the words would be completely unprintable. In a word, women do not count especially on this trimmer! Well, he doesn’t need men at all.

Engine: electric, trimmer type: portable, electric motor power: 900 W, trimmer cutting element: fishing line, cutting width: 22 cm, rod design: curved, number of wheels: no

10 best grass trimmers – 2017 electrocosm rating

How to Unscrew the Efco 8092 Trimmer Head

Electric trimmer is a very convenient device for mowing grass on lawns. It is lightweight, small, runs quietly and without gas. You can mow on a small lawn near the house, or you can in a greenhouse or greenhouse.

These are the ones that are the most convenient to use, and also:

  • They serve for a long time and do not break
  • They have good power combined with a low price.
  • Differ in an optimum set of functions

Top brands of electric trimmers

These are the most reliable trimmers, and they are rightfully the leaders in sales. We have selected for you the TOP-10 of the best models – the most sold trimmers of 2016.

Hyundai GC 1400

AL-KO BC 1200 E

Buyer Feedback
Models from AL-KO in the top three are already an unbreakable tradition. The reason is the high quality of the equipment and a very small percentage of hits on the service. This German electric scythe can safely be called the most reliable trimmer to date. She’s just unkillable. The average resource of work is 5 years without any service. These are verified statistics. In the model, all characteristics testify to premium quality:
  • 2 mowing speeds
  • Motor overload protection
  • Soft start function
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum bar

As practice shows, an engine power of 1.2 kW is the most optimal for a trimmer. Such a motor copes with most vegetation without overload. At the same time, it is light in weight and quite hardy. The only negative is the high price. She is at the level of gasoline models. Unfortunately, impeccable quality is not affordable for everyone. But, who appreciates a reliable manufacturer, this trimmer is for them.

Vitals Master EZT 124vs

Buyer Feedback
This Latvian trimmer belongs to the middle price segment. In practice, the best section: not expensive and the quality is good. Quite powerful and hardy 1.2 kW motor. It is not surprising that this braid became one of the best-selling last year. Models flew from sites like “hot cakes”. She also conquered the Ukrainian buyer with the maximum configuration. Together with the electric braid, you get: glasses, a set of keys, a fabric bag, a trimmer head, a spare fishing line, a steel knife and a shoulder strap. Here’s how much for a little money. Unfortunately, Vitals Master has made the bar non-separable. It is impossible to fold it in half and stuff it into a backpack. But she is strong and hardy.

Hyundai GC550

Buyer Feedback
Another representative of the Korean concern Hyundai was in the top five. Its power and performance are lower than that of an unquestioned sales leader. But the tool has become more affordable. This compact trimmer is a typical representative of the household class. He showed himself well in small areas where the lawnmower is difficult to turn around, and a larger tool cannot get into particularly bottlenecks. It is equipped with a special wheel. It makes the Korean electric scythe indispensable for cutting the edges of the lawn along the tracks. The telescopic rod. Extends to fit any height. The main difference from previous models is the lower engine layout. It is generally accepted that the upper structure is better. After all, then grass and dust do not get into the engine. A power of 550 W allows you to mow only fishing line. But statistics show that such low-powered trimmers make up 55% of all sales.

Ikra Mogatec IES 1000 C

Buyer Feedback
Well-known German manufacturer Ikra Mogatec introduced a very practical trimmer model. Extremely comfortable to use. She has a compact D-shaped control knob and an average power engine of 1 kW. There is enough power for mowing the grass and for cutting a hard overgrowth with a knife. The knife is durable, with laser sharpening. The bar is folding, easily fits in the trunk. Very light in weight. The motor is protected against overloads. Quickly ditch such a hardy tool is simply impossible. In addition, as for "traditionally German quality" – a very small price.

Vitals Master EZT 053s

Buyer Feedback
Another trimmer from Latvia has become the most popular and mass-sold in Ukraine. This is the most budget model in the top ten, but at the same time, and the best-selling. It is clear that with a power of half a kilowatt you do not mow 10 acres of area, but this is an ideal tool to make a neat lawn, mow the grass along the fence, mow the trees or completely mow the lawn for 1-2 acres. The trimmer is designed to work with fishing line only. A low-powered engine can not afford a thick weed. In addition, the engine is located below. So, be afraid of wet and tall grass. But the Latvian braid is very light and comfortable. It has a small wheel for an even cut of grass. Well thought out pen. The bar is telescopic and extendable. Comfort at work is provided.


Buyer Feedback
This compact baby trimmer from Germany weighs only 3 kg. 550W medium power motor. But the unsurpassed build quality sets it apart from its peers. The weightless electric braid from AL-KO is the most reliable among the small trimmers. Externally, the design is typical for trimmers: a handle with the letter D, a straight rod, a telescopic handle, a motor underneath. But the materials from which it is made immediately make it clear: this is a premium technology. Another plus for ease of use is the swivel head. A 180-degree rotation makes it indispensable for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places (for example, under benches).

Iron Angel ETR 1400

Buyer Feedback
The Dutch trimmer is another representative of particularly powerful braids for complex tasks. The engine develops a power of 1.4 kW and gives a high speed. These qualities of the motor combined with a sharp knife can work wonders. At maximum speed, the trimmer cuts branches with a thickness of 2 fingers. Destroys the growth of trees no worse than lawn mowers. The Iron Angel brand is reliable, known for producing workhorse-type equipment. It pulls powerfully and does not break. The minimum rate of returns and getting to the service center during the warranty period. The engine is at the top, moisture, dust and grass do not get into it. The torque from the motor to the cutting system is transmitted by the forged steel shaft. This is the most durable construction.

Stark gt-1300

Buyer Feedback
Another German company was in the top ten sales. This is a trademark of Stark. Buyers are delighted with the powerful 1.3 kW electric motor. High revs feel good when mowing. The location of the motor is at the top. The braid balance is excellent. Mows with a wire 38 cm wide and a three-blade knife for a quarter meter. The drive is a reliable metal shaft. For such power and quality, I would also like a bicycle handle. But the manufacturer installed a D-shaped. This is a small minus when driving.

Centaur SK-1238E

Comparison table for the best electric trimmers

Characteristics Hyundai GC 1400 AL-KO BC 1200 E Vitals Master EZT 124vs Hyundai GC550 Ikra Mogatec IES 1000 C Vitals Master EZT 053s AL-KO GTE 550 Iron Angel ETR 1400 Stark gt-1300 Centaur SK-1238E
Engine power 1400 watts 1200 watts 1200 watts 550 watts 1000 watts 500 watts 550 watts 1400 watts 1300 watts 1200 watts
Engine speed (r / min) 10,000 7600 10,000 10,000 12000 10,000 7500 10,000 7500 10,000
Fishing line width 420 350 420 300 370 300 300 380 380 380
Knife mowing width 255 230 255 230 255 230 255
Line thickness mm 2 2,4 1,6 1,6 2 1,6 1,6 1,6 1,6 1,6
Handle type bicycle D-shaped bicycle D-shaped D-shaped D-shaped D-shaped D-shaped D-shaped D-shaped
Boom design collapsible collapsible non-separable telescopic collapsible telescopic telescopic collapsible collapsible collapsible
Engine location from above from above from above from below from above from below from below from above from above from above
Swivel trimmer head
Weight, kg 5.5 5.1 5.9 2.9 4.73 3.65 3 7 5,6 6
Starana manufacturer Korea Germany Latvia Korea Germany Latvia Germany Netherlands Germany Ukraine
Guarantee 12 months 24 months 12 months 12 months 24 months 12 months 24 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

Rating of Electric Lawnmowers – Top Models

Many gardeners carefully approach the question of choosing a lawn mower, weighing all the pros and cons. Staying on the electric version, which may contribute to the cost, it should be determined with the shapes, sizes and features of functioning.

There are many acceptable types for certain indicators, but the best option for making the right decision is to familiarize yourself with the rating of the best models of electric lawn mowers.

Major Rating Companies

An electric lawn mower copes with grass in an insignificant area. Its main requirement is the presence of an electrical network and the presence of outlets on the street. Easy to use, does not require fuel and lubrication, does not make much noise and does not pollute the environment.

Today, manufacturers of electric lawn mowers are in close competition with each other. Everyone focuses on a specific characteristic and improves it to the maximum. The choice always remains with the consumer. Below is a list of the most “typical” manufacturers of tools to give the lawn neatness and aesthetics.

  • Makita and Champion;
  • EFCO and AL-KO, MTD;
  • Husqvarna and Bosch;

All of them have proven themselves from the best side for one or another indicator.

It is worth noting that in this rating there is no manufacturing company from China.

The fact is that units of Chinese origin are not of high quality, and you should not hope for warranty service at all.

Mowed grass mowers are popular with experienced users who like to keep their lawn tidy. Based on the demand for units, you can identify the rating of the most popular and best models of electric lawn mowers.

    Bosch company. Model “Rotac 32 Comfort”. The price of the device varies around the mark of 4,500 rubles. This is a fairly low cost for an engine with a power of 1.2 kilowatts, in addition, there is overload protection. Well suited for small sites with a flat surface. The lawn mower is economical, with high efficiency, and comfortable ergonomics.

The presented model has absolutely no negative statements. Brand MTD. Model “46E”. Unlike the first representative, it is intended for cutting in large areas with a capture of forty-six centimeters. The cost ranges from 14,000 rubles, the unit from this company is always of high quality. Has a power of 1.6 kilowatts.

  • Company AL-KO. The Classic 3.82 model will be able to handle five hundred square meters with an engine of 1.3 kilowatts. Estimated cost – 5000 rubles. Able to perform large volumes of work, and its low weight (13 kg) will not cause labor for the gardener.
  • Firm Makita.
  • Model “3311 ELM” has long been approved by consumers due to the optimal combination of price and quality. A long service life is noted, and the cause of failure after five years is the natural wear of the motor. The unit cost interval is from nine to eleven thousand rubles. The weight is small – only 11 kg, and the power is 1.1 kilowatts.

    Capable of processing an area of ​​not more than four hundred square meters. For the price presented – this lawn mower is perfect.

    User Choice

    Representatives of the German company Bosch found a lot of fans of their products, negative assessments happen in isolated cases and only regarding economic indicators. As a rule, this can hardly be attributed to a huge flaw, because the quality fully justifies the money spent.

    Video: How to Unscrew the Efco 8092 Trimmer Head

    Negative statements relate to a cost of twenty thousand rubles (for reference: power = 1.5 kilowatts).

    Top 5 electrocos: rating

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    • Top 5 electrocos: rating

    The trimmer is a time-tested remedy for thickets of tall grass. These tools greatly simplify the life of summer residents who do not regularly visit their site. If the lawn mowing belongs to the field of semi-professional or professional use, then the electric braids are almost all household.

    The main advantage of electric trimmers is the low price compared to gasoline models.

    The engine does not require additional maintenance, the whole complexity of operation is to insert the cord into the outlet and press the start button, and the light weight and the absence of harmful exhausts make the trimmer an environmentally friendly and convenient tool.

    The American company MTD is one of the most popular manufacturers of garden equipment. The EB 1000 is the most powerful MTD electric trimmer ever. The power of an induction motor is 1000 watts.

    Among the features of the electric motor can be called an aluminum case, which removes heat well during operation. The device has a design typical of an electric scythe, the engine is located on top, so water from wet grass cannot get into the vital components of the engine.

    One of the handles is also located on top and has a rubberized insert for a better grip. The housing has a special mount for the extension cord.

    Electric trimmer MTD EB 1000

    Engine: 1 kW aluminum housing

    Rod: direct folding, the ability to install additional nozzles

    Equipment: shoulder strap, knife, fishing line 1.6 mm

    The most interesting feature of the EB 1000 is that in addition to its main functions associated with mowing the grass, it can also work as a brush cutter, chain saw for branches, a small cultivator or blower. This is available thanks to TeimmerPlus technology. The tool has a split rod, unscrewing the wing, you can disconnect the mower from the engine and install any other nozzle.

    The EB 1000 trimmer has a D-shaped handle shape; it differs from a handle of this type on most other electric braids in a non-standard shape.

    It has an additional horizontal bar, which gives more opportunities for manipulating the tool and does not allow the operator to go forward the braids, endangering themselves. The trimmer head has a semi-automatic line feed system.

    The Austrian company AL-KO is an old supplier of garden equipment for domestic use on the domestic market. Our units have long been loved by our compatriots, so the company from Austria takes a well-deserved second place in our ranking of the best trimmers.

    Like many other manufacturers, AL-KO relocated its production facilities to China in order to reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of its products. But the Austrians do not trust to collect their trimmers the first Chinese plant that came across.

    The company carefully monitors the quality of outgoing tools, and development and testing are carried out in Germany. In the AL-KO trimmer line, the most powerful model is the BC 1200E. They are equipped with a 1200 W electric motor, which is located next to the handle.

    The bar can be disassembled for transportation and storage. The handle has a D-shape and an additional protrusion for more free control. The protrusion prevents the operator from stepping too far, putting his foot under the knife.

    To detach part of the boom together with the mower from the engine, just unscrew the red lamb. The head is equipped with automatic extension of the fishing line – it is necessary to turn on the engine to the maximum and bring the head to the ground.

    Included with the trimmer is a 4-blade knife, a nylon trimmer line and a belt over one shoulder.

    Monferme 21337M is not inferior in power to the above models in power. An electric motor with a capacity of 1200 watts is installed on the instrument. The engine has a good cooling system, protected from grass scraps.

    On the back of the case there is a holder for the network cable.

    Gardening equipment attracts attention with its bright original design. Signature colors are fuchsia and a young salad. Designers and engineers also tried on ergonomics, making the technique easy and convenient. The handle in shape differs in shape from the classic D-shaped and has a U-shape. Its position is adjusted depending on the growth of the operator.

    The direct bar is made of aluminum. The transmission of torque from the engine to the working body is carried out through a rigid shaft – the solution is very unusual for an electric braid.

    The creators paid special attention to the environmental safety of the 21337M, in comparison with similar models of other brands on Monferme electric scythes, they managed to reduce energy consumption by 35%. In 2014

    Manufacturers introduced their new trimmer fishing line, which decomposes in the soil for only 7-10 years. In this case, a standard cord of 2.4 when hit in the ground is able to lie there for about a hundred years.

    A knife, a belt over one shoulder and a fishing line of 2 mm are supplied as standard with the tool.

    The main feature of this model is an inclined trimmer head, which allows for spot processing of the lawn. Such a device can be an addition to the lawn mower, which treats the main surface of the lawn when the “finishing touches” are already being made by the electric mowing: curbs, grass near the flower beds, next to trees and under benches are mowed.

    The GTE 550 Premium trimmer head can rotate 180 degrees. The device is equipped with a 550 W electric motor. The weight of the trimmer is only 3 kg.

    Electric trimmer AL-KO GTE 550 Premium

    Engine: 0.5 kW, lower engine

    Rod: aluminum telescopic rod with adjustable handle, tilt head with limit bracket and roller

    Equipment: double nylon fishing line spool

    The design is thought out to the smallest detail, the tilt of the D-shaped handle is adjustable without the use of tools, you can also move the handle up and down the bar depending on the height of the operator. To fix the position of the handle, press the special latch. The GTE 550 Premium also has a direct aluminum telescopic boom.

    The trimmer head is equipped with a special roller that allows it to slide on vertical surfaces, for example, when treating a lawn next to the curb.

    For even more precise mowing, a special restrictive bracket is lowered on the trimmer head, which allows you to process grass around young trees without damaging them. On one of the handles is a hook for the extension cord.

    This electric braid does not have a shoulder strap, since the weight of the device is negligible. Included is a spare bobbin with double nylon fishing line.

    Traditionally, the Italian company Oleo-Mac occupies a strong position in the market of gardening equipment. The brand belongs to a major Italian concert Emac. Among all the models presented in our rating, the TR92E is the lightest.

    The engine has a power of 900 watts and is also located on top, which eliminates the ingress of moisture and grass particles into it. The electric motor has a special thermal relay that turns off the device in case of overheating.

    Under the handle there is a fastener for the cord.

    The TR92E package includes a trimmer line and a one-shoulder suspension belt.

    Rating of electric lawnmowers: a list of the best models

    Lawn mowers have become a familiar tool for lawn care. The advantage of electric models in comparison with gas mowers is environmental friendliness (less noise, harmful emissions), ease of operation. The disadvantage of all electric mowers is their attachment to the power cord, which limits the mowing area.

    • 1 TOP-6 electric lawn mowers
    • 2 Consumer Reviews

    Requests of buyers for the acquired equipment – compliance with price and quality.

    It is understood that the instrument will:

    1. Reliable;
    2. Simple and convenient to use;
    3. Durable
    4. Have service centers from the manufacturer or seller.

    The leading positions according to these criteria are occupied by manufacturers of gardening equipment in Germany, the USA, and Japan.

    But how to use a gasoline trimmer for grass and how effective it can be found in the article here.

    • The global brand of quality is the German company Bosch. Country of origin Hungary. Model BoschRotak 32 Comfort is popular, despite the rather high cost. This is a maneuverable unit with a mowing width of 32 cm and 3 levels of lawn coverage: from 2 to 6 cm. Engine power 1.2 kW, grass catcher volume 31 l. Weight 6.6 kg. The price is from 5250 rub. Electric lawn-mower of Bosch

    Advantages of the model: light weight, convenient to use, the possibility of mowing at the edge of the border, a well-known brand.

    Disadvantages: expensive after-sales service, belt drive has no margin of safety, low reliability. Service feature: when a part fails, the entire engine is replaced.

    But what does the Interskol gas trimmer look like and how to use it correctly is indicated here.

    • American brand MTD, manufacturing country Hungary. Lawnmower MTD SMART 32E (K). Grass catcher volume 28 l, weight 12 kg. Engine power 1.0 kW, working width 32 cm, 3 levels of cut adjustment. Price from 5400 rub.

    Positive characteristics: high-quality plastic housing, light and maneuverable, 2 year warranty, engine power sufficient for fast and high-quality lawn alignment, noiseless. You may also find it useful to learn how sprinklers are used to irrigate the lawn.

    Quality product from Hungary with a sturdy plastic case

    Disadvantages: a small amount of grass catcher, soft knives.

    • In third place is the German brand AL-KOCOMFORT 40E. Country of origin China. The maximum area for continuous mowing is 600 m2. Engine power 1.4 kW. Cutting width 40 cm, 3 cutting levels (from 2 cm to 6 cm). Weight 19 kg, receiver volume 43 l. Price 11300 rub.

    But what the rating of gasoline trimmers for reliability looks like and what you should pay attention to is indicated here.

    The AL-KOCOMFORT 40E has replaced the popular 38E in the market. The Chinese manufacturer maintains the achieved level of product quality. The mowed area with the same engine power is the largest among electric mowers. 40E exceeds similar models with grass catcher volume and blade width.

    A manufacturer from China offers excellent quality with a sufficiently large capacity.

    Disadvantages: the model has recently been put into production.

    • Model StigaCollector 40E It has a 1.4 kW engine, a mowing width of 40 cm, a hopper volume of 40 liters. Country of origin Sweden. Warranty from the manufacturer 5 years. Price from 6894 rub.

    But here is what a manual gas mower looks like and what can be done with it will help to understand the information on the link.

    The Swedish manufacturer produces high-quality equipment with a large supply of motor resources. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of 5 years, subject to annual service in special centers.

    Excellent Swedish quality machine with a long engine life

    Advantages: high build quality is confirmed by a 5-year warranty period, the lower price limit of lawn mowers of similar models, high-quality impact-resistant ABC plastic.

    Positive qualities: reliability, durability, sharp knives.

    Disadvantage: requires a Euro connector for carrying.

    • Japanese model MakitaELM3311 one of the TOP 6 popular brands of gardening equipment. With a power of 1.1 kW, the maximum mowed area is 400 m2. Coverage 33 cm, hopper capacity 27 l, lawn mower weight 13.1 kg. Price 6564 rub.

    But what the best gasoline self-propelled lawn mower looks like and how to use it correctly is indicated in the article by reference.

    Positive characteristics: maneuverability, grass mowing at the edge of the curb, economical, there is a grass catcher filling indicator, an adjustable and folding handle.

    Excellent Japanese quality equipment with a very powerful and durable motor

    Negative qualities: wheels fail quickly without the possibility of replacement, 1 year warranty.

    • Electric lawn mower GRUNHELMEM-6123A is a German brand, made in China. The increased engine power (1.8 kW) allows you to quickly and accurately level the lawn on an area of ​​500 m2. The capacious 50 l hopper has a plastic top and a fabric bottom, which makes it easy to clean. Cut levels are adjustable in 5 positions. The mulching function allows you to process cut grass and use it as fertilizer. Price from 2564 rub.

    But with what you can process the buds of peonies from ants and what means are the most effective, you can see here.

    Positive properties: powerful engine, flexible lawn height adjustment system, spacious grass catcher, the ability to turn grass into mulch, low price.

    Good technology with many features at a very good price

    Disadvantages: heavy (about 17 kg).

    But what are the drugs for aphids on roses and how to use them correctly, is indicated here.

    Consumer Reviews

    • Oleg, 34 years old: “Expectations from the purchase were not fully met. The company, known for its high-quality tools all over the world, made unfortunate miscalculations in gardening equipment. The main plus is the low weight. This feature allows you to effortlessly move the mower around the area. Often the cause of failure is poor-quality bearings. Belt drive does not match declared power. Repairing the tool is expensive, since replacing a broken part is a complete set. The high price does not match the quality of the mower. ”

    Review of MTD SMART 32E (K):

    • Pavel, 55 years old: “I use for mowing 3 acres near the house. Capture widths are enough for my area. The mower is quiet. Special efforts to move it around the site are not required. The price is nice. The grass receiver is small (but how to plant lawn grass with your own hands can be seen here), you often have to stop for cleaning. But, perhaps, for me this is the only negative. "

    Characteristic AL-KOCOMFORT 40 E:

    StigaCollector 40E Model:

    • Cyril, 29 years old: “Great lawn mower.” I have been using it for 4 years all season, and never a single failure has occurred. Shears perfectly grass of any stiffness. Knives are cut and burdocks, and dry weeds. The body of the machine allows you to mow the grass at the very edge of the fence. I bought it on the recommendation of a neighbor in the country and I do not regret it. Stig’s neighbor Collector has been working for 6 years without complaints. For the car to work, you need to carry it with a Euro connector, old types of extension cords are not suitable. ”

    Electric trimmer – rating, best models | ServiceYard – the comfort of your home is in your hands

    Now it is difficult to imagine a cottage or a country house without a beautiful well-kept lawn. A variety of devices for mowing grass, sometimes leads to a standstill.

    Lawn mowers or trimmers are used to mow grass. In this article we will consider such a device as an electric trimmer.

    Rating, the best models of well-known manufacturers, described below, will determine the right choice of unit.


    This device, unlike its "brother" – lawn mowers, is able to get to the most inaccessible places, it can be used in the most difficult conditions:

    • Areas around shrubs and trees;
    • Flower beds on which you need to trim the grass without cutting other cultivated plants;
    • Plots near the house;
    • Sites near arbors, fences, benches.

    Selection recommendations

    The most common device used to care for the lawn is the electric trimmer. It is popular with consumers due to its ease of maintenance and use.

    These devices are ideal for mowing grass on a garden or summer cottage. In general terms, the principle of operation of electric and gasoline models is similar, the difference is that the cutting element is powered by electric energy.

    The rating of trimmers is based on the quality and durability of the parts, as well as the technical characteristics of the models – this is where their main differences lie.

    General Specifications of Electric Trimmers

    Choosing the right model of the device, you will come across such general characteristics:

    • Power – this indicator can be in the range from 250 to 1800 watts.
    • Type of power – here it is possible to power directly from the mains or from batteries.
    • Cutting element – it can be either a knife or fishing line, or both of these elements together.
    • The shape of the bar – this component can be straight or curved (angular) in shape.
    • Mass of the device – this indicator can vary from 1.1 to 7.5 kg.
    • Placement of the engine – the motor can be located above or below.

    Recommendations for use

    For the safety of working with an electric trimmer, use the following recommendations:

    1. To avoid engine overheating, operate the mower in cycles.
    2. Do not hit the cutting head on the ground, stones, or other hard objects.
    3. Turn off the appliance immediately if long grass, rope or wire is wound around the reel.
    4. It is forbidden to work in foggy and rainy weather.
    5. Keep an eye on the electrical wire during operation.
    6. Replace fishing line and other items only in the off position.
    7. Keep animals and children away from the appliance.
    8. Do not remove the protective cover from the cutting element. This will not increase the mowing width as much as it will increase the engine load. In addition, there is a chance of injury.
    9. It is forbidden to mow damp and wet grass, as it sticks to the structure, pollutes it and interferes with normal operation.

    Manufacturer’s Reviews

    This, of course, is not all manufacturers who produce an electric trimmer. The best models presented later in this article will provide more information.

    • The most low-quality, quickly breaking devices are devices from the budget segment. These include the technology of the Stern and Al-Co brands.
    • The coil, which is installed in the design of the Iskra-Ero trimmer, very quickly fails, and it is very difficult to find a replacement for this element.

    Some Makita models (such as the 4030) are not equipped with shoulder straps. The absence of this element leads to the fact that the operator quickly gets tired.

  • The Russian-Chinese manufacturer “Forester” produces garden tools with defective coils, and it is very difficult to remove them from the structure, and it is almost impossible to remove the line manually.
  • Consumers complain of too rapid wear and overload. In most cases, this is due to improper use of the device. A common cause of breakdowns is also the ingress of moisture into the engine.

    • Bosch;
    • Stihl;
    • Gardenlux
    • Champion
    • Tsunami;
    • Oleo-Mack;
    • Patriot;
    • Caliber;
    • Efko.

    Rating of electric trimmers

    So, armed with the information obtained above, we consider the rating of trimmers. First of all, we note that all units can be classified into the following categories:

    • Premium;
    • Budgetary;
    • Household.

    Stihl fse 52

    The Stihl FSE 52 electric trimmer has these key features:

    • The placement of the motor is lower.
    • Power – 500 watts.
    • Possibility of installing coils perpendicular to the ground plane.
    • The ability to tilt the case in different directions.
    • Low noise level;
    • Cutting head Auto Cat 2-2;
    • Compact and lightweight design;
    • Ergonomic and functional design;
    • Optimal power level;
    • Improved equipment – a restrictive bracket made of wire;
    • Telescopic rod allows you to adjust the position of the handle depending on height.
    • A device that prevents unloading the power cable. This prevents accidental disconnection of the plug from the outlet.
    • Goggles with wide plates that provide reliable side protection, and blowing.
    • The circular shape of the handle provides a simple and easy trimmer system. The position can be adjusted, depending on the tasks performed on the site.

    Makita UR3000

    A grass trimmer rating would not be complete without Makita. The Makita UR3000 model is its bright representative.

    Main technical specifications:

    • Power – 450 watts.
    • The operational and technical specifications are the same as those of the previous model from Stihl, the only difference is the fixed position of the engine housing.
    • The presence of vents. This speeds up the engine cooling process, which allows for a long time to work with the device without interruptions, without worrying about overloads and overheating of the mechanism.

    Advantages of other characteristics:

    • The mass of the device is 2.6 kg;
    • Fishing line thickness – 1.65 mm;
    • Cutting width – 30 cm;
    • Low noise.
    • Semi-automatic trimmer head.
    • Shoulder strap.
    • Safety glasses for eyes.
    • Cable for connecting to the mains.

    Makita UR3501

    Another model from the manufacturer “Makita” is included in the rating of trimmers. The Makita UR3501 electric mower is perfect for handling hard-to-reach spots, such as places under benches or around trees. This is achieved thanks to the bent shaft and the D-shaped handle.

    • High power – 1000 watts. This power level allows you to quickly and efficiently cut thick grass.
    • Environmental friendliness and safety – emissions and harmful substances are not emitted during operation.
    • The small weight of the structure, given its power – 4.3 kg.
    • The presence of a protective casing that diverts the cut vegetation to the side.
    • Due to the redistribution of loads and light weight, a simple operation system.
    • Low noise.
    • Shoulder strap.
    • A wrench with which to adjust the connection.
    • Long electric cable.
    • The thickness of the fishing line is 2 mm.
    • Mowing width – 34 cm.

    Efco 8092

    For a small area of ​​the site, not more than 50 square meters. M, you can use the model included in the rating of grass trimmers, Efco 8092. Due to the upper position of the engine, you can trim wet grass.

    1. Anti-vibration system, which reduces operator fatigue, and you can process the territory for a long period of time.
    2. The protective cover is equipped with a blade, which is designed to easily remove excess fishing line.
    3. Adjustable handle design.

    Patriot ET1255

    The budget segment of the trimmer rating is led by the Patriot ET1255 model. It is distinguished by such features:

    • The upper type of engine placement allows you to overcome almost any vegetation, as well as wet grass.
    • This model is reliable, the motor has a protective system that prevents overheating. This helps to extend the life of the trimmer.
    • Due to the direct form of the rod, equipped with a gearbox, it is possible to install additional nozzles to perform various tasks on the site.
    • The cutting headset is a reel with fishing line (whose thickness is 2.4 mm) of a semi-automatic principle of operation – the fishing line is released after pressing the soil surface.
    • The presence of a shoulder strap;
    • Profitability
    • The presence of a gear;
    • Light weight and small dimensions;
    • Soft start system;
    • Collapsible rod design, which facilitates storage and transportation of the device.

    Tsunami TE1100PS

    Main characteristics of the TE1100PS Tsunami model, which is included in the TOP of the best grass trimmers:

    • Power 1,1 kW.
    • A folding bar, which makes it easier to transport and storage.
    • The presence of two cutting elements – a knife and fishing line with a thickness of 2 mm.
    • Working area 35 cm.
    • Weight – 5.5 kg.
    • The presence of a shoulder strap that allows you to distribute the load between the back and shoulders.
    • The presence of a system for blocking involuntary inclusion.
    • Knife for cutting fishing line.
    • Low noise level.
    • No harmful discharge.
    • Convenient operation system.

    Champion ET451

    This electric trimmer in the ranking is the best model for women and adolescents, thanks to its small overall dimensions. The device is suitable for mowing low vegetation and is rightfully included in the TOP of the best grass trimmers.

    • Adjustable handle design for optimal positioning.
    • Light weight.
    • Reliable and economical engine.
    • Ergonomic body design.
    • The presence of optimally placed controls.
    • Compact body.
    • Lack of toxic and harmful discharge.
    • Increased engine wear resistance.

    Bosch ART23SL

    The device is lightweight and easy to use. Suitable for small areas. The functional features of the Bosch ART23SL device, which is included in the trim tab rating, are as follows:

    • Lightweight engine.
    • Balanced design.
    • High performance – up to 12,500 rpm.
    • Simple control system.
    • Weight – 1.7 kg.
    • The Pro-Tap reel prevents fishing line tangles during replacement.
    • Convenient and practical holder of an electric wire.
    • Additional handle that provides comfortable grip.
    • Small size and collapsible device for comfortable storage and transportation of the trimmer.
    • The presence of a protective cover allows you to divert the flying grass from the operator.
    • Existence of the system of automatic release of fishing line during tool turning on.

    Other good models

    When choosing a suitable model for your site, pay attention to other models that are not included in our trimmer rating:

    • Caliber ET-1700V – suitable for caring for a young lawn and individual sections of thick grass, cutting elements are fishing line and knife.
    • Gardenlux GT1300D is a powerful (1300 W) universal electric trimmer for domestic use, for processing grass, shrubs, trees, and working in hard-to-reach places (around buildings, paths, benches).
    • Stihl FSE71 is a functional device weighing 4 kg for processing zones along hedges and fences with a convenient, height-adjustable handle, protective cover, 540 W power.
    • OleoMak TR61E is a powerful, productive and reliable trimmer with a power of 600 W and a weight of 3.2 kg. The design of the device allows you to mow grass under densely planted bushes and under benches. The protective cover eliminates mechanical damage to the engine due to ingress of grass and solid elements.

    Stock footage

    Of course, these are not all the models included in the TOP of the best grass trimmers. You can get acquainted with other models on manufacturers’ websites, in the trading network, even on thematic forums.

    The main thing is that when working with this technique elementary operating rules are followed, otherwise no rating of trimmers will help.

    And if a breakdown suddenly occurs, contact service centers for the help of specialists.