How to work as a chain electric saw. The step of the chain

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Electric saw chain instructions for operating

Chain electric saw. An indispensable assistant with a variety of household and professional tasks. There is no special difference between the functioning of the power plant and the chainsaw. The difference is only in the type of engine. Many users positively speak about the operation of an electric drive, noting the ease of use and maintenance, the lack of need to refuel saw equipment with fuel and a long service life with proper use with proper use. Since it is correct to saw with an electric saw?

Before sawing, the equipment must be assembled. As a rule, the power unit itself is delivered in the collected form. Separately in the box there is a guide tire, a chain and a set of necessary keys for assembling and servicing a saw. When installing the chain on the tire, you need to be careful, since it is sharply sharpened.

The setting of the chain itself is correct from the tire tip. Mount the tire with a chain on the bolts, start the chain on the asterisk and check the correct direction of the cloves of the chain. If the direction coincides with what is indicated on the lid, put it on and twist the fastener nut with the key that comes in the kit.

How to install a circuit on a power plant correctly

The procedure for installing a new chain has some features, depending on the type of tension on a particular tool.

On the tools with lateral tension, you need to act in this way:

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  • Let go of the brake. This is achieved by pulling the protective bar to the click on itself.
  • Weaken the stretch. To do this, the screwdriver needs to turn the tension screw, after which the clamping nut begins to rotate freely.
  • Raise the lid under which the saw elements are located. To remove the chain, it needs to be removed from the guide stars (at the same time the guide tire is dismantled). If this fails, you need to relax the tension screw even more.
  • It is more convenient to start installing a new component from the top of the tire. It is worn over the asterisk, after which the tire can be inserted back, focusing on the guides.
  • A tension screw is used to tighten the chain: it should sag slightly.
  • The final clamping of the nuts is carried out after installation in place of the protective cover.
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The sequence of installation of a new circuit on tools with “quick tension”:

  • First of all, you need to remove the saw from the brake.
  • Open the handle of the nut until it is stalled.
  • The purpose of the lamb nut in such structures is not only fixation of the shield, but also the clamping of the guide tire. You need to rotate the nut counterclockwise.
  • Having removed the protective case from the asterisk, you need to shift the tire in the opposite direction. This will allow dismantling the old chain. The driven star is released from her first.
  • When refueling a new product, they also start with a star. At this stage, it is important to deal with the direction of installation: in the lower part of the tire of its cutting edge should “look” into the tool body.
  • The tension is set by adjusting the guide.
  • After installing the sprocket cover, the mounting nut must be twisted, but do not pinch.
  • The lamb nuts are screwed manually at the very end of the procedure, following the stretch wheel.

When you need to change the chain

The need to replace the chain mainly occurs with its wear and excessive stretching. If you can’t take a stretch of equipment using an adjusting screw, then it should be replaced. But installing a new part on an old, worn star and the same tire is not recommended, since this will lead to its Rapid wear.

Many electric saw owners know that the circuit wear is 2-3 times faster than the production of the tire and sprocket resource, and resort to small cunning.

  • Having a new electric saw, you should buy 3 saw chains at once.
  • Having worked with one chain for several hours, it should be replaced with a new. Further, the second chain changes according to the same principle.
  • After each replacement of equipment, you need to turn the tire for uniform wear.

Performing these simple manipulations leads to uniform wear of all parts and extends their service life.

Which electric saw to buy a longitudinal engine or transverse

What is the location of the motor in the electric saw is better, the longitudinal transverse?

When choosing a chain electric saw, draw an imaginary straight line along the tire of the tool. If the engine is located along this strip. This is a saw with a longitudinal location of the motor. In that case, the motor is installed perpendicular to this imaginary axis, then you hold a saw in the palm of your palms with a transverse location. The assembly and structure of such engines are different that, certainly, the electric saw, its productivity and comfort affects your work in different ways.

Regarding the transverse or longitudinal location of the motor, there are a huge number of different views and theories, therefore, we will immediately say: both of the electric saw are effective and comfortable during operation, but some aspects in the process of choice are not less worth taking into account.

The main guideline in the process of choice is the answer to the question: why do I need an electric saw? If you are going to climb trees, cutting branches or sawing trees and bushes in the garden near the house, then this is necessary to take a narrow and small.Sized saw with a longitudinal location of the motor. It is more convenient in all inaccessible places, maneuverable and comfortable. This is a thoughtful rectilinear tool that will not resist if you tilt it for sawing at least some angle and in different plane. Horizontal or vertical.

When your goal is to drink logs to later beat them for firewood, feel free to take an electric saw with The transverse location of the motor, It is somewhat cheaper. Such a motor placement (across) is more common and is used more often. The transverse saw is light, which reduces the load on the back at one time of work, in addition, it is always more powerful and Rapid, and the speed and productivity of the work is an important main advantage of game slots. Of course, such a saw is also used for the formation of the crown of trees, however, get ready for the fact that the transverse motor will touch the branches.

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Another huge number of different reasons are influenced by the convenience of working with an electric saw, the main ones where we will try to make out.

Correct Balance. Easy Empail

A completely equilibrium tool is the one in which the center of the masses is exactly in the middle. Working an electric saw with the right balance is a continuous pleasure: it does not “lead to the side”, do not strain the entire period of the hand, improving the dispersion of the weight of the tool. Such proper weightlifting differs from an electric saw with longitudinal location

Motor. Their design is essentially a straight line: here is a hand for you, but a narrow saw is a direct continuation of the hand, as well as the vector of the direction of force. This is very comfortable during operation and gives wide scope for maneuvers, it is more handy to work as vertically and at the required angle with such a saw.

Comparison of electric saw Makita h.3

Makita this video We will look at the 2ndElectric saws Makita slongitudinal andtransverse.

Choosing electric saws by engine location

All tools.Ru will talk about the types of chain Electric saw

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The saw with a transverse engine, the engine axis is perpendicular to the electric saw tire, so the center of gravity is shifted. Because of this, a small imbalance occurs during work-you have to constantly maintain the balance of the saw.

Power is very important for successful sawing

If the saw does not have enough capacity for cutting, this is a big problem. Therefore, it should be noted that with the same motor power, saws with a transverse and longitudinal engine behave differently. The reason for this is the different engine design.

In electric saws with a longitudinal location of the engine in the gearbox, a conical gear gear is installed. The costs of transmitting this kind are that it does not fully convey the engine power to the saw tire, partially eating it. Useful action (efficiency)-decreases to 85-90 percent. Draws with a transverse location of the engine do not have such a problem: the side engine guarantees one hundred percent transmission of its power.

Based on this: a longitudinal saw with a capacity of 2 kW will transmit 1.7-1.8 kW to the chain, depending on the manufacturer. And a saw with a transverse engine of the same power will convey all the declared 2 kW to move the circuit, so it will cut it faster and better.

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It is worth noting that some leading European brands (for example, German Bosch) do not produce saws with a longitudinal location of the motor due to power loss during sawing.

Which saw is more reliable and durable?

The traditional transverse engine design is easier, it does not have a complex angular gearbox that is needed in order to turn the rotation axis 90 degrees.

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As practice shows, a more simple gearbox with a transverse location of the gear operates more reliable than in an angular gearbox, which is installed in the longitudinal engine. Thus, transverse saws are more reliable and more resilient, they have less likelihood of motor breakdown and longer service life.

But, at the same time, keep in mind that the reliability of the motor directly depends on the manufacturer. It is clear that high.Quality German electric saw a priori will be more reliable than a cheap Chinese model, regardless of engine location.

The weight of the tool is also an important factor

Since saw with transverse location the gearbox is easier, then they are much easier in weight. It is clear that it is more comfortable to work with a light saw. The back is not so tired in the process.

In addition, there is some psychological nuance. The fact is that the weight of the transverse saw is located closer to the body of a working person (the engine is on the side and closer to us), and therefore, during work, there is a feeling that the tool is twice as much as the same with a longitudinal engine.

And finally an important point: sensations during starting

The secrets of the master

Hello to all visitors and those who first ended up on my modest resource “The Secrets of the Master”! As you understood from the name of the article, it will be about the chain saw and everything that is connected with it. Consider several questions on the topic of the operation of this tool and not only.

  • How to pull a sagging chain of saws, if the tension mechanism does not allow?
  • Not much about sharpening the cutting link of the chain.
  • What can be used as a stand under the cut of logs? Unusual decision.
  • How and how to chop firewood? Own experience.

So, let’s begin. Those who have encountered a chain saw know that after a period of time the robot, the chain tension weakens.

And it can sag so hard up to jumping off the tire right in the process of the cut, which in itself is not safe. Therefore, you just need to observe the stretch.

The reasons for the sag of the chain, as I think, can be three. First. Overheating due to poor lubrication of the chain. The second. Production of the drive stars. Third. Low.Quality metal of the chain itself. Unfortunately this happens. In all cases, you need to deal with the problem and, if possible, fix it.

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✓ For example, poor lubrication or its absence can be due to:

✓ development of stars. Long service life.

✓ not high.Quality chain. Cheapness of the product itself.It is clear that ideally all this needs to be replaced and the case is with the end.

But it doesn’t always work out, for a very simple reason. The lack of the necessary parts at hand.

How the electric saw is arranged

The speed of rotation is often not indicated. It is clear that there is a collector engine inside, but how fast it is. Pay attention to the parameter of the speed of the circuit. It is expressed by meters in sec (13.5) and shows how quickly the links move. It is known that the length of the tire is 14 inches (35.5 centimeters). For reference: the electric engine tire is called the metal frame, the chain runs along it.

The total length of the links is about 85 centimeters. We take a reserve for the tension mechanism and the transverse size. This means that in a second the full number of revolutions is n = 13.5 / 0.85 = 16. About 950 it turns out per minute. This is not the engine frequency, but the number of revolutions. But there is information on the drive asterisk, it is written: 6t x 9.53. This means that the teeth are 6, and the distance between the teeth is 3/8 inches (9.53 millimeters). It remains to change these two digits to obtain the length of the circle: 6 x 9.53 = 60 millimeters (rounded).

It turns out that the drive star makes a circle 85/6 = 15 revolutions, which gives the speed of rotation of the shaft about 14000 rpm. Provided that there is no gearbox inside. Inside there is a high.Cost collector engine (you can’t bring asynchronous to such a speed), which means that there is no choice. Sometimes a gearbox is used, in other cases the drive of a direct. In the second case, the electric saw weighs less and there are fewer details that can break.

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The motor lies in the transverse relative to the movement of the plane circuit for obvious reasons. The shaft star extends out and the chain is put on. It is pulled around the tire, and then attached to the body. Important mechanisms are located here:

For this purpose, long slots under the spikes of the case are made on the plane of steel. Further, the mounting systems begin to vary. Electro-saw manufacturers solve the problem in their own way. For example, the tension is provided with a symmetrical spiral screw, like Champion, or a lonely spike, like Makita.

It is usually delayed by the key. But Makit has a special folding screw. It is good that it is part of the design, but users complain that the elasticity of the springs is reduced, and the head begins to hang out. Pay attention to what is said if you consider it important. It’s good if there is a rubber nest under the mentioned key on the cord.

But there is in addition to the on.Duty mechanism of adjustment. During operation, the chain is weakened, and it would be inconvenient to constantly remove the casing, turning the screw. The mechanism on duty is implemented in different ways. For example, the Champion needs to be pulled with a screwdriver, and the nest is located from the side of the canvas.

Sparky does not have a screw, but there is a large diameter plastic tuning wheel. It is convenient, located on the side. In the duty mode, pulling the chain does not take much time. In appearance, the wheeled is fragile, there are fears that the mechanism is prone to breakdown. When choosing an electric saw, pay attention to the on.Duty tools for maintaining the tension of the chain.

So the friction coefficient is reduced, and heat release decreases. Users complain that Makita pumps easily fail, and the oil either stops serving or injects too quickly. To control the level on the lateral part of the electric saw, the observation window is located. The type of oil is indicated in the instructions. If during the cut of the logs the smoke from the tire of the electric pill appeared, it is recommended to stop work immediately.

The electric saw usually has two pens. The first is located in the front of the case on the left. Arched and durable. In this place there is a shield, an employee both to protect against flying chips and as a spare switch. In many cases, during the operation of the electric saw, the so.Called reverse blow occurs: the tire with a moving chain bounces up towards the lumberjack. As a result, the shield hits hands and crosses the switch that breaks the supply of power to the engine. Electric saw stops immediately, blocking the possibility of an accident.

In this sense, all devices are designed the same, but the part has additional protection against seizing the chain. In practice, electric saw refuses to cut thick wet logs. In the case of fatal locking, the motor will be saved from imminent death. The chance that the chain will get stuck on the tire minimal, but it is present. If it jams, then the gearbox may fail. Products of this type without additional measures are not recommended.

The back handle is designed for the right hand. Having taken the electric saw in your hands, try whether it is well balanced. Modern 2 kW models weigh a little more than 2 kg, which facilitates the work. Electric spil should be free in hand, for convenient cutting. The technical data provides maximum log diameters. The size is limited by the length of the tire.

In the off state, the electric saw chain is hidden in the casing, removed during operation. The front case of the electric saw is equipped with plastic or steel teeth. They need to rest against the workpiece, and then rock the blade up and down. It’s easier to cut, and the teeth serve as a limiter from this side. The last thing we want to say is food:

Reviews of the owners

I used to saw it with a hand saw and lit up, and then I decided to buy a power plant. I was surprised for a long time why I hadn’t bought it before. It is light, powerful and perfectly copes with cutting the crown. The only thing that I don’t like is regular trips to the service center for sharpening the circuit.

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My son.In.Law gave an electrical saw, so I’m not getting enough. Work in the garden went faster. I even began to cook firewood for barbecue. You just need to follow the grease regularly. I once missed that it was over, so the sound went another right away and it became harder to work.

Metal cutting tape saw

Taping saws on wood are not used for cutting metal due to their flipping structure. In addition, the cutting speed is too high for these purposes. Therefore, there are special ribbon saws for metal, both stationary and manual.

When cutting metal on a stationary machine, the workpiece is rigidly fixed on the work table of the unit to increase the accuracy of the saw. The machine is also equipped with a water cooling system, since the canvas in the process of sawing has the ability to heat up. Thanks to this system, the coolant is supplied directly to the cutting place. Hand strip saw also has high power (about 710 watts). It can be used both in manual mode and in the inpatient. The unit is equipped with a fast.Fast.And.Packed mechanism that allows you to reliably fix the workpiece.

The following photo shows the pipes fixed in the clamping mechanism. In this case, the unit is used as a pendulum saw, but already a strip.

The following photos show how the metal cut is cut with a manual drop.