Husqvarna 128 Trimmer Does Not Develop

Husqvarna is a large Swedish company manufacturing garden equipment: lawn mowers, cultivators, saws, small tractors. Among its products there are tools for processing stone. In its field, the company is one of the world leaders. Its products are of high quality, and are trusted all over the world. It is suitable for professional and domestic needs. To create tools, the company has its own factories. An example of her product is the Husqvarna 128 R. Trimmer. The trimmer is a tool for mowing grass in accessible and inaccessible places. It helps to keep the site neat. Consider the features of this model.

Husqvarna 128 Trimmer Does Not Develop

Design Features

The Husqvarna 128 R model belongs to gas trimmers: fuel is required for operation. At the top of the structure is a gasoline engine, fuel tank, device start button. The cutting tool is attached below. In the model, this is a fishing line or knife. Depending on the height of the grass, the user can choose what is more convenient. Components are connected using a bar. The boom height cannot be adjusted. The device is controlled using the handles.

A braid weighs about 5 kilograms (without fuel and cutting parts). This is of great importance for owners of the site: you need to wear the device on your shoulder. The complete set contains instructions for use, where safety rules are indicated. A careful study of the instructions will avoid errors during operation. The device consists of the following parts:

  • Mowing head.
  • Knife with 4 blades.
  • Protective cover for the knife.
  • Lever.
  • Fixed bar.
  • Fixing belts.
  • Tools for self-correction of small faults.

The Husqvarna 128 R has a straight boom type. Such a design is considered more reliable than a curved version. The handles can be folded, making it easy to transport equipment.

Operational properties

The Husqvarna 128 R trimmer is used to process small and medium-sized summer cottages. Suitable for cutting grass near inaccessible places: next to flower beds, sides. If you need to trim tall grass, it is best to use a disc. For convenience, the trimmer is hung on the shoulders with a belt to help distribute the weight of the machine along the spine. The tool is attached like a backpack, only back to front. Such a fastening system allows you to work longer with the machine without feeling tired. The speed control lever is made of rubberized material. Scythe easily turns on.

For the braid plant, it is enough to gently pull the cord. The start button automatically returns to its original position. The device does not work on clean fuel, but on a mixture. To prepare the mixture, mix gasoline and Husqvarna special oil. The oil should be designed for two-stroke engines. A mixture of gasoline and oil is made in a ratio of 1:50. Proportions must be carefully observed. The fuel tank is made of white plastic. This makes it easy to adjust the remaining fuel. The capacity for gasoline is 400 ml. This amount is enough for an hour of continuous operation. When the gas runs out, you can let the engine cool and replace the fuel.


The Husqvarna 128 R trimmer is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a power of 0.8 kW. The rotation speed is 8,000 rpm. The volume of the device is 28 cubic cm. The engine is assembled using E-Tech 2 technology, which greatly reduces the emission of harmful exhaust gases. At the same time, the necessary power is saved. The Smart Start system allows you to quickly turn on the trimmer, even if it has not been used for a long time. The cutting parts of the machine are fishing line and knife. The width of the grass trim is 45 cm. The cutting tools are closed with a special casing for safety reasons. Small grass can fill in the casing, it must be cleaned. Sound pressure during operation of the device is 100 dB. The manufacturer recommends wearing special headphones when using. Detailed characteristics of the machine are presented in the table.

The height of the rod is 1446 mm. The bar does not understand, it can not be adjusted for the growth of a person. But you can adjust the handle by which the gardener holds the lawn mower. The diameter of the rod is 25.4 mm. During operation, the fuel consumption is 507 g / kWh.

Model Husqvarna 128 R
Manufacturer Husqvarna
Horsepower 1.1
Spark plug Champion RCJ8Y
Sound pressure level dB 100
power, kWt 0.8
Spindle speed, rpm 8000
engine’s type 2-stroke gasoline
Mount M10x1.25 LH
Weight, kg 4.8
Tank capacity, ml 400
Instruction manual Download

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Scope and features of application

The Husqvarna 128 R lawn-mow is useful when working in individual summer and garden plots of small and medium size. With its help, you can trim the grass next to shrubs and fences. Thanks to the use of a braid, the entrance to the plot takes on a neat appearance. If berry trees grow in the garden, access to them is much easier with the device.

The tool is lightweight, conveniently mounted on the shoulders, women can use it. The fuel tank capacity is small, but enough for small sections. When buying a new, but overgrown plot of lawn mowing will also benefit. It will help to quickly get rid of excess grass, start planting, construction, give the site a well-groomed appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages

We highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of the Husqvarna 128 R. Model. The lawn mower can last a long time. It is enough to follow the rules of operation, change parts in a timely manner. The manufacturer specified detailed safety rules in the instructions.

The trimmer gasoline (lawn mowing) Нusqvarna 128 R is used for work in summer cottages, for trimming grass, mowing grass with a thin and hard stem, young sedge and shrubbery. Husqvarna is constantly improving existing models, improving design and components to increase the reliability and productivity of power tools.

  1. Features of the trimmer of gasoline (lawn-mowers) Нusqvarna 128 R
  2. Main technical parameters of the petrol trimmer Husqvarna 128 R
  3. Instructions for the trimmer gasoline (lawn mowing) Нusqvarna 128 R

Features of the trimmer of gasoline (lawn-mowers) Нusqvarna 128 R

  • The main purpose of lawn mowing is mowing lawn and wild grass.
  • The capture of the mowing strip is 45 cm. This is a large enough area for a quick and productive process of cleaning and trimming the lawn over a large area, for example, on a football or sports field, on lawns along roads.
  • Facilitated engine starting is done by installing the Smart Start system.
  • Reduced starter cord resistance by 40%. The indicator indicates a quick start and the possibility of achieving high revs at lower idle rates.
  • Fuel is pumped using the Air Purge primer.
  • The swivel handle folds easily into a compact cane, making transportation easy.
  • The power of the tool is sufficient to fulfill the main purpose and feed the pump for booster.
  • The concentration of exhaust gases corresponds to the level of environmental friendliness of Euro II due to the used assembly technology of the engine E-TESN II.
  • An air filter protects the engine from mechanical impurities, particulate matter and fine fibers. Filter replacement is comfortable and simple, without the use of special tools.

Main technical parameters of the petrol trimmer Husqvarna 128 R

  • Tool type. Trimmer.
  • Coverage 450/255 mm.
  • The speed of the knife. 8000 rpm
  • Without a container for collecting beveled material.
  • Noise level. 94 dB
  • The engine is a two-stroke, with an upper arrangement.
  • The consumed fuel is AI 92 gasoline.
  • Fuel tank capacity. 400 cm3.
  • Working volume. 28 cm3.
  • Engine power. 1.1 h.P.
  • Net. 5 kg
  • Folding bar handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Reel with fishing line
  • Knife / disc.

Instructions for the trimmer gasoline (lawn mowing) Нusqvarna 128 R

1. Tips on working equipment:

  • The equipment of the operator should consist of special work clothes made of dense fabric, without elements capable of clinging to grass or moving parts of the lawn mowing when working. When cutting grass for more than 2 meters, a work helmet should be worn.
  • Pants should always be worn when cutting wild vegetation. The material of the trousers is durable canvas or jeans. Shorts or synthetic lightweight materials are not recommended.
  • The instrument emits a high level of noise, so it is recommended to use noise-isolating headphones.
  • Eye protection is used in every mowing operation. As preventive safety, work glasses are used, with a rubber frame tightly attached to the skin.
  • In bad weather, rubber shoes with anti-slip soles are put on your feet.
  • When assembling cutting equipment, lawn mowers must be protected with working gloves.

2. Tips for using the trimmer safely:

Maintenance and repair of the trimmer is quite complicated, requiring special knowledge and technical training. If you need complex repairs, you should contact service workshops. The manufacturer guarantees that customers will receive only high-quality and highly professional service.

The user can independently determine the degree of readiness of the trimmer to work on the following items:

  • Checking the throttle lever stopper. This function is designed to reduce the risk of an accidental start. When the lawn mowers are held in the human hand, the throttle lever is released.
  • Releasing the handle leads to the opposite, the lever and stopper return to their original position. This action is possible thanks to the built-in spring mechanism that automatically blocks the throttle at idle.
  • After pressing and unclenching, the operator is convinced of blocking idling. The stop must be in the starting position.
  • The operator presses the throttle lever stopper and checks the speed of returning the element to its original position.
  • Next, the operator is convinced of the ease of the reciprocating throttle process. Check for operability of the spring mechanism.

3. Checking the correct operation of the trim tab:

  • You must run the trimmer.
  • Fully allow access to the throttle.
  • While releasing the throttle lever, check the degree of stop of the cutting elements. Full serviceability is considered when the knife is stationary.
  • When continuing the rotational movements of the cutting elements in the throttle position at idle, adjust the carburetor.