Husqvarna 128r Trimmer Does Not Start On Hot

All Husqvarna lawn mowers are certified and serviced at authorized service centers, including the 128 R model, throughout the entire warranty period.

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Husqvarna 128 R

The Husqvarna 128 R petrol trimmer is designed for mowing grass; the mowing width is 45cm. The Smart Start system makes engine starting easier. Starter cord resistance reduced by 40%. Fuel is pumped using an Air Purge primer. The swivel handle can be easily folded for easy transport.

Husqvarna 128r Trimmer Does Not Start On Hot


  • Fuel pump.
  • Thanks to E-TECH II engine technology, the exhaust level is significantly reduced without loss of power.
  • No special tools are required to replace the air filter.

Key Features of Lawn Mowers 128 R

Lawn Mower Reviews 128 R

Good shoulder strap, relatively low price 8990 rub., Good equipment (keys, etc.)

Very weak compared to the FS90 of another company, the mower was good until 2009 when they were still doing the 125R, I agree with all the very weak part of the starter and I agree with those who write about power there is no reason! The starter is gentle, like the hand of a beautiful girl.

Read, read the instructions! When buying, start and check for vibration on the bar, a large jamb for 2011-12. If yanking 5-6 times the braid does not start, do not torment her. Change fuel, clean: candle, air, muffler!

2. Starts the first time!

3. There is almost no vibration on the hands!

4. Convenient belt!

5. Durable high-quality disc!

Envy of the owners with Calm :)))

I have this braid for two years, a plot of 4 acres. Mows everything in a row, without labor!

1. This model has an easy start system, so you don’t have to jerk it off, you felt the resistance of the cord, only then make a sharp smooth jerk, bring it to the upper position and the mower starts up.

2. For the mower to work for a long time, it is necessary to dilute the fuel mixture correctly: 20 milligrams of branded 2-stroke Husqvarna oil per liter of 92 gasoline and do not store it for more than 14 days. If you store the mower for a long time, drain the fuel from the tank and run the mower on an empty barrel in order to run the fuel.

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3. Always operate the mower in full throttle, this is necessary so that the entire fuel mixture burns out and soot does not form in the exhaust and in the engine. If you do not do this from the beginning, your mower will lose momentum and stall, and after all it will jam the piston.

workmanship, ease of use, knife included

until I noticed, if only the dimensions. does not fit in the trunk!

I bought a Husky yesterday, this morning into battle! 9 acres of weeds mowed on the site, half fishing line, half with a knife!

Those who write about problems with starting, consumption, etc. Probably either the krivoruky themselves or bought Chinese copies!

Worked like a beast (when worked)

Not been noticed? Used 2 seasons m e 6 times mowed plot. This year, another May visit to the country worked perfectly. and here’s the second race in July and that’s it. the braid is silent. The same oil, benz and it does not start the same and that’s it. All that I could clean was washed and so on, the result was 0. The benzyl splashed into the piston started up and worked while the benz was on. But the normal way does not start. I gave it to the service, in short, the CRACKED oil verdict (taking into account that it went along with the scythe) coked everything there and burst the ring and accordingly lifted everything up there, I do not believe about the oil if it was worthless at first. Well, like that, the Uzbeks mow the lawn around the house all summer, they don’t clean the lawn, they pour all sorts of grass and plow it without problems, but here all the time the cleaning is like new and those. shorter shit turned out to be a braid, although it was advertised by friends (((((((((((((

Recently I bought a benzo saw for Khuzvarna, I sell it, the company didn’t justify its name. Sucks

The transmission is perfectly balanced, the power is even with a margin, the launch is easy, the best option in terms of configuration and characteristics for the proposed price.

Fixed bar. Although there are pluses to this.

The second lawn mowing. There used to be a Sungarden top-end (ha ha ha) model. Heaven and earth. Mowing Husky is a pleasure. It may seem a bit heavy to someone, but in my opinion, the device needs to be felt, to feel, or something. I mowed for a short time, then my wife took it away and mowed it myself. I just started and started.

We arrived at the cottage, collected. Started up with the traditional 3-4 times, went to mow. On hot start up 1 time. Oil can only be Husqvarna HP, I had it, because I intensively use a saw of the same brand. Do not pour oil more than normal, it is harmful to them. In general, I think the purchase is very successful. Just happy, which I wish you too! )))

Good workmanship. Easy to start.