Ignition Clearance On Hitachi Trimmer

Repair of a lawn-mow and an electric mowing
Repair of trimmers, lawn mowers, brush cutters Petrol (lawn mowers) and electric (electric mowers) trimmers are used to care for a personal plot, lawn or flowerbed. The convenient design of the trimmer (scythe) allows you to get, even to hard-to-reach places. Like any other equipment, trimmers need timely maintenance and repair. Workshop "UkrbudPartner" performs repair of trimmers in Novorossiysk, gasoline and electric. We offer only quality repairs of lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers. We carry out repair of trimmers of all world famous manufacturers: Honda (Honda), Huter (Huter), Herz (Hertz), Champion (Champion), Shindaiwa (Shindiveva), Efco (Efko), Oleo-mac (Oleo-Mack), Husqvarna ( Husqvarna), Partner (Partner), Patriot (Patriot), Stihl (Stihl), Echo (Echo), MTD (MTD), Ryobi (Ruobi), Bolens (Bohlen), Elitech (Elitech), AL-KO (AL-KO ), SunGarden (SanGarden), Viking (Viking), Murray (Murray), Hitachi (Hitachi), Bison, Energomash, Interskol and many others. We also carry out repair of 4-stroke trimmers.

Repair of gas trimmers
By gas trimmer repair we mean. troubleshooting of the trimmer and repair by means of cleaning or replacing parts of the trimmer. The most common failures are:

Failure of the engine’s CPG. There may be several reasons, the main one is an insufficient amount of oil or old. last year’s mixture. Since the piston group of a two-stroke engine is lubricated by oil added to gasoline, oil usually precipitates in an old solution and becomes unusable. Accordingly, you can destroy the motor in a matter of minutes. Symptoms: weak compression; the engine catches, but does not start; Scratches and scuffs on the piston and cylinder. It is treated by replacing the piston assembly, i.e. cylinder, piston, rings, oil seals, etc. and is the most expensive lawn mower repair.
the mower starts up and runs at idle, but when you try to give gas, it buzzes. There can be several main reasons: a carburetor is clogged, a muffler is clogged, a gas filter is clogged. Everything is quite simple at first glance, but other reasons are possible. A comprehensive diagnosis is needed.
Failure of the ignition coil. the main symptom is the lack of spark in the spark plug. But do not rush to change the coil, first you need to check the button-switch and all the contacts. It is also necessary to check the candle. soot, a gap, does not break the current.
There is no connection between motor and gear. the engine is operating normally, but the output shaft of the gearbox does not rotate or rotates weakly and stops when the grass is touched. Accordingly, 3 components must be checked: the output cup of the engine, the internal flexible or rigid shaft, the gearbox (on the straight rod) and the sleeve (on the bent rod). Lawnmow reducer requires special attention and routine maintenance.
Maintenance of gas trimmers
Like any other technique, gas trimmers need maintenance. Lawn mowing can be performed both at the service center and with your own hands. To maintain the trimmer, it is necessary: ​​to replace the filter, replace or clean the spark plug, check the rod sleeves and, if necessary, replace, drive special grease into the gearbox, partially disassemble and clean the motor part from accumulated dirt. Trimmer maintenance must be carried out after a certain number of hours set by the manufacturer. And remember, any technique loves cleanliness and lubrication.

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Ignition Clearance On Hitachi Trimmer

Repair of trimmers in Novorossiysk
The trimmer is a modern gardening technique that has replaced the ordinary braid. The trimmer is also called by another name: electric brush, lawn mower, electric and benzo mower. General trimmer from English. "trim"-Crop, trim. Trimmers are electric and gasoline. Electric trimmers are less noisy and cheaper than gasoline. And gasoline in turn: more powerful and have a larger limit of continuous operation. But the main thing is the ability to mow with a gas trimmer in cloudy weather, unlike a trimmer. Indeed, as the Russian proverb says: "mow braid while dew" this is necessary so that freshly cut grass could recover quickly without losing grass cover. Whatever your trimmer is electric or gasoline, for long work it needs timely maintenance and repair. Our workshop carries out high-quality repair of trimmers in Novorossiysk at low prices. The repair of gasoline and electric trimmers is warranted. Only professional craftsmen work in our workshop, we will quickly determine the malfunction of your lawn mower, draw up an estimate for repairs and contact you as soon as possible.