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Modern saws are of high quality and functionality, so they can be used to work with a wide range of building materials. The use of cutting saws allows for a neat and even cut.

Saws can be both universal and special. For example, options designed for metal processing are very popular today. Such tools are designed to work with metal workpieces. That is why they are considered optimal hand tools in the field of metal sheet processing.


In the process of processing metal materials, it is often necessary to cut various workpieces into the desired size. Among the most popular materials, profile pipes, steel angles, etc. can be distinguished. Of course, you can use an angle grinder for these purposes, however, an assembly saw is considered a more optimal solution, since it allows you to achieve a better result.

Among the features of such a saw, its safety and ease of use can be distinguished. The main advantage of a metal cutting saw is that it has been specially designed for processing metal blades. The rotation speed is selected in such a way as to ensure maximum safety during operation.

Replacing discs is also much simpler than with grinding machines using a socket wrench.

Another feature of the cutting saw is that it is the diameter of the blade that affects the depth of cut, and not the saw itself. In other words, the larger the disk has the diameter, the deeper the cut will be.

The machines that can provide a size of 50-65 mm are very popular today. Due to the small mass, such tools do not need physical effort.

If you need to work with thin materials, it is best to choose options with parameters from 40 mm.

That is why it is worth being extremely careful when choosing a particular cutting saw so that it can fully cope with its tasks.

Which are there?

On the modern market there are a large number of cutting saws for metal, so that everyone can choose the best option for themselves. One of the most popular is the saw., which boasts ease of use. To carry out metal processing, you just need to expose the workpiece on the work surface and make an effort on the handle. In addition, the disc itself may affect the depth of cut, so you need to pay close attention to its selection.

The second most popular circular saw with a cutter, which is characterized by a soft start, which greatly simplifies the operation process. The role of the cutting tool here is an ordinary disc. In addition, such a saw boasts excellent cutting accuracy, which positively affects the speed of work. Another feature of the circular saw is that it is reliably protected from overloads, so it does not fail even with active use.

If it is necessary to process a huge amount of material, then it is best to choose saws that differ in a carbide blade.

Rating of the best manufacturers

There are many manufacturers on the market today that offer high quality saws. One of the companies is Makita, which managed to recommend its products as one of the highest quality. It should be noted that most of the models presented by the manufacturer are designed for medium loads.

A feature of the brand’s devices is that it provides for the possibility of mounting the shaft, so that you can quickly change the tool. In addition, the majority of Makita metal saws are small in size and weight. And enhanced saw protection is guaranteed by the presence of double insulation.

Saw blades from the company are also very popular. Metabo, which are intended for professionals. Most of the company’s models are equipped with power drives, which boast a capacity of 2000 watts. This is quite enough to ensure high quality cutting and at the same time guarantee excellent cutting depth.

Given the fact that the company’s equipment surpasses most of its competitors, it is actively used to perform most tasks.

Another well-known manufacturer is Elitech. He produces both amateur and professional models that are of high quality and reliability. During the manufacturing process, exclusively high-quality materials are used, due to which the company’s saws fully perform their functions even after active use.

Which one to choose?

Among the main characteristics that you should pay attention to in the process of choosing the optimal cutting saw for metal, the following can be distinguished.

  • Cutting depth. If the machine will be used exclusively at home, then you can limit yourself to a depth of 70 mm. As for professional models, they have this figure can reach a couple of hundred millimeters. First of all, you need to take into account the type of material used and then select the optimal machine for the depth.
  • Availability of control automation. Of course, if the saw was originally intended to process plastic or PVC pipes, then it will not cope with metal materials. Ideal are machines that can boast of having an electronic control system. Their main task is to prevent a decrease in the rotation speed and to ensure the highest possible quality of processing.
  • Smooth start. Not all devices are equipped with a similar function, however, its presence ensures the protection of equipment from power surges and other problems that can lead to breakage of the saw. In addition, a soft start makes it possible to protect household appliances from overvoltage.
  • Restart control system. If a similar element exists in a metal cutting saw, the equipment will not overheat. In case of problems, it will restart immediately, which is a reliable protection of the power plant from combustion.
  • Type of blade. an extremely important indicator on which the reliability and durability of a cutting saw depends.

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In order to select the optimal model as competently and accurately as possible, you need to decide on the functions that the device should perform. It often happens that the master has planned only a small number of works, so there is no point in buying an expensive and multifunctional saw for their implementation.

When choosing a cutting saw, you need to focus on the technical specifications. The weight of the device is important. On the market are light models, the mass of which does not exceed 20 kg, as well as saws over 50 kg. The latest options boast a belt drive to protect the power plant from overload.

During the purchase process, it is better to make sure that the purchased model will be equipped with a soft start function, thereby ensuring a minimum load on the electrical network. If you plan to use the saw frequently, you may need to replace the carbon brushes, so it’s best to choose a saw where manual replacement is provided. This will greatly simplify the maintenance process and save time.

The last thing you should pay attention to is the complete set of the saw. For example, if you often need to cut at an angle, then it does not hurt the presence of special vices.

Terms of Use

Despite the fact that modern saws are characterized by a high degree of safety, in the process of their use you need to be extremely careful. Otherwise, there may be problems with the operability of the device or the safety of the operator.

Among the basic safety standards that should be followed when operating a cutting saw for metal, the following can be noted.

  • Before starting use, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the instructions and safe working procedures. Failure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions could result in serious injury.
  • If you do not have the skills to work with the tool, we recommend that you consult a specialist or a wizard.
  • Before starting work, you should definitely check the workplace for the absence of excess items. In addition, you do not need to work alone: ​​it is best to get an assistant who can provide first aid if necessary.
  • Visual inspection Before each use of the saw, it is necessary to conduct an external inspection to make sure that there are no serious damages. In this case, close attention should be paid to the reliability of the fastening of the disk and other nodes, as well as the mounting handles. Never use a defective tool, as this may result in personal injury.
  • Electrical safety. Do not use such equipment outdoors or touch the tool with wet hands. If you are using an electric saw, you need to make sure that it has double insulation. However, it is worth remembering that the presence of such insulation is not a reason not to follow the usual precautions. That is why the speed of the collector motor must be regulated with extreme caution.
  • The integrity of the design. In order for the device to fully perform its functions and be safe to use, you can not change its configuration or design. If some part is out of order, then you do not need to make changes yourself, using homemade tables and other elements.
Installation Saw For Metal Which

If it is necessary to carry out repairs, it is best to contact an authorized service center that will be able to use original components and guarantee the correct and safe operation of the saw in the future.

Possible malfunctions

Cutting saws are famous for their high quality and reliability, so in most cases the breakdown is caused either by improper operation, or by the illiterate selection of additional elements. The power of such tools is enough, so you should use it correctly and choose the related details correctly.

Among the main malfunctions that can be observed with a cutting saw, the following can be distinguished.

  • It does not turn on or works intermittently. Most likely, the problem is a broken wire. A similar failure is fixed very quickly by replacing the old wire with a new one.
  • Saw sparks and smokes. This happens due to problems with the power unit, and you can solve it by replacing the motor bearings.
  • The disc rotates poorly or does not rotate at all. The reason is belt wear.

In order for the device to maintain its functions as long as possible, it is necessary to monitor it, remove dust from all systems and prevent overheating.

Thus, a metal cutting saw is a unique device for processing this material. The products of many manufacturers are released to the market, which are distinguished by high quality and reliability. Thanks to this, it is possible to carry out metal processing with high speed and maximum safety.

The main thing is to choose equipment based on tasks. A review of major manufacturers shows that it is the right choice that guarantees the durability of the devices.

Review of the Makita 2414NB metal cutting saw, see below in the video.

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