Is it possible to grind concrete with a grinder. Grinding concrete with a grinder: methods, choice of tools, preliminary events. The use of a grinder

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Grinding concrete with a grinder: how to do it with your own hands

Recently, such a procedure as grinding of a concrete floor has been gaining popularity.

  • Eliminate the need for periodic surveillance restoration;
  • Makes gender resistant to moisture, aggressive chemical influences, intensive walking on it and moving heavy equipment.

If the grinding is made qualitatively, the surface becomes beautiful in appearance and does not require significant time and money to ensure special care for it.

One of the varieties of construction processing is the grinding of a concrete floor with a grinder, which is done in order to:

  • Remove the refined coating;
  • Achieve alignment of the base of the floor and screed before proceeding with its strengthening impregnations, decorative colors, bulk polymer coatings and protective varnishes.

Preliminary grinding is carried out 3-5 days after the base of the floor is flooded. The final grinding is done after the coating is completely hardened.

The main goal of the floor grinding is to bring the surface to the perfect state before applying the coating to it. This procedure is also performed when it is necessary to restore a worn.Out concrete floor, as it prevents the loss of strength.

During work, follow the safety rules

If the concrete is non.Gorged, it can greatly pull moisture, and in combination with the minus temperature, this leads to its freezing and the destruction of the material. This effect on the lower tiers is especially noticeable.

Remember that the grinding is performed by the movements of the grinder, which exactly repeat the surface relief. Therefore, it will not help get rid of the changes in the fill or the wrong floor slope.

The purpose of grinding

The main task of grinding is to eliminate the flaws of the upper floor layer. At home, grinding the concrete floor removes irregularities and pollution, and also updates it. You can grind any surfaces, regardless of their manufacturing time.

Grinding improves the adhesive properties of concrete, which are necessary to obtain a good screed. Due to the grinding, the surface of the coating becomes suitable for laying the flooring and carrying out finishing work, which needs an even base, for example, when creating bulk floors, putting putty, varnishes or other polymer substances.

Any concrete that has not undergone processing is characteristic of absorb moisture, which will sooner or later lead to its destruction or change in the structure. Grinding allows you to deal with this problem by increasing the moisture resistance of concrete and its other technical characteristics.

Approaching the concrete grinding procedure, it is worth considering the type of filler. When using a high.Density filler, it will be difficult to perform abrasive finishes. At the same time, the low density will worsen concrete strength. That is why concrete floors with marble chips are grinding easier than granite or gravel floors.

How to grind

There are several ways to produce a grinding process through various equipment and devices that differ from each other in a class, which depends on the quadrature of the processed surface.

Professional grinding machines

If you need to grind a large area, then you just can’t do without professional equipment. There are many models, but the essence of their work is as follows: the grout occurs through the rotation of grinding nozzles both around its axis and around the axis of the base. In addition, most models are equipped with the function of supplying water and dust.

Household grinding machines

If there is a need to process a small surface, and even at home, then for these purposes you can use any machine with a grinding circle or bowl. Grinding concrete with a grinder is the most popular way. It is light and maneuverable, which allows you to process any surface even in hard.To.Reach places.

Grinding wood with a grinder

The modern market is littered with various types of power tools intended, each for its own purpose. Buying expensive equipment is advisable in the professional field. In everyday life, you can use some devices for different purposes and do not spend extra means.

So, often in grinding wood is used, the so.Called grinder. Or corner grinding machine indicated by Ushm abbreviation.

With the help of special nozzles, a tool originally designed for metal processing turns into a grinding machine for wood.

How to use an angle grinder to cut and smooth concrete

How to choose the right grinding circle for Ushm, for wood

There are various grinder, different sizes. Respectively, you need to select the disk accordingly size. To fix the disk, the tool has a special nut. Do not take risks and buy “handicraft” discs. Buy factory circles designed for a specific grinder model.

Types of nozzles on a grinder for grinding wood

There are several varieties of discs that differ in shape, manufacturing material and their purpose.

Cordless cord

The initial stage of wood processing is rough grinding. For rough grinding, the so.Called cordless. Cordless cordDesigned to remove irregularities from the surface of the wood. And also, to perform rough grinding of the surface, as a result of which, the wooden workpiece acquires the final shape

Rittle circle

In order to remove the old coating from the surface of the wood, including the coating, which was painted several times, the nozzle on the grinder, called the roller circle, is suitable.

Rittle circle consists of a disk with steel bristles. The location of the metal wire, on the disk can be different.

Depending the desired effect, the metal pile is placed around the entire perimeter of the disk parallel to the tool or perpendicular to the segment. As in a regular brush.

End disk

To process the edges of wooden workpieces and oblique cuts, special end discs. The processing technique is similar to a file processing, but much more effective than a manual tool.

Group of finishing grinding

The most common type of nozzles for grinding wood is petal disk.

Accordingly, its name, the design of the surface of the disk consists of the petals of sandpaper, trapezoidal shape. The petals are overlapping, overlapping three quarters of the previous row.

With the help of the petal nozzle, soft treatment of a wooden surface is performed.

The disk differs in granularity, depending on the desired degree of surface treatment.

Finish grinding of wood with a grinder

Relatively recently, a universal nozzle for Ushm appeared on the market. The so.Called loving disk is characterized by high functionality.

Replaceable discs, with the desired granularity are attached to the sticky base of the nozzle. The change of abrasives occurs quickly and easy. There is no need to change and remove the main nozzle fixed by a nut. At first, a sticky nozzle for grinding on a grinder and the interchangeable discs of abrasives, various granularity are purchased.

The finished grinding result is achieved by a sequential transition of abrasives, from large grain, sequentially, to a smaller

The main parameters of choosing nozzles for grinding grinder

  • The diameter of the shaft in modern Ushm is 22.2 mm.
  • External diameter. The larger the external diameter, the higher the speed of the processing process, and the more service life
  • Landing diameter. You can install a larger circle to a smaller one using a special adapter
  • Thickness. The larger the thickness, the longer the segment will last
  • Grain. The fraction should correspond to the type of processing: large abrasive for gross work, and small. For soft processing and creating the finish coating;
  • The type of segment. Special nozzles are suitable for processing wooden surfaces


When starting to grind wood, a grinder, check the correctness of the disk fixing on the tool. A working tool should not vibrate, so you need to move the grinder smoothly, on the surface.

Do not use small thickness disks in working with a grinder. Due to the speed of rotation and high load, the circle may break and injure you or nearby people

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Is it possible to grind a wooden floor with a grinder?

Tree is perfect and prestigious, but it needs a certain care to save its technical and aesthetic properties for many years.

The woody floor needs constant protection against mechanical, weather and chemical loads, it is sensitive to moisture and sunny ultraviolet.

However, it is individual and unique, and not a single present material can be compared with its natural properties.

Another superiority of the wooden floor. It is more profitable than the parquet coating, but is not inferior to it either in terms of strength, nor in external aesthetics, or in durability.

And due to tinting, the wood floor will even be difficult to distinguish from parquet.

It is very simply processed. Ordinary grinding of the wooden floor makes it extremely elegant and exquisite.

And at times and polishing the surface is enough to completely update it without serious repair.

Surface preparation

The grinding of the wood floor is a difficult process that is performed in several stages.

It is carried out using flat.Grinding machines, removing scanty disadvantages and bulge from the floor plane.

Is it possible to perform this process yourself?

  • Take out all the furniture from the building;
  • Remove carpets and curtains;
  • With the help of a small chisel, carefully unscrew the baseboard;
  • It is mandatory to score nails protruding from the boards;
  • Clean the building of dust and dirt;
  • Prepare special grinding tools.

Here is a list of tools and materials that need to be prepared:

  • Cycle. A special tool for manual processing of inaccessible spaces.
  • Sandpaper intended for the machine. One charge is enough for 15-20 kV. M. Surfaces. Keep in mind that you will need to grind a large space.
  • Simplifying the work can be a small manual machine. A “boot” for direct processing of angles.

What is included in the price of grinding wood floor?

  • Cleaning the floor from a long.Standing coating using a cycle machine;
  • Lining the cracks and cracks up to 2 mm putty;
  • Elegant grinding, as well as processing parquet with a cycle machine;
  • Grinding in hard.To.Reach places and angles with special vehicles;
  • The process of cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner before varnishing;
  • Varnish in several layers;
  • Intermediate polishing of varnish.
  • Varnish on aqua-one;
  • Putty (the basis for the manufacture of a putty mixture);
  • Manual tools. Brushes, rollers;
  • Abrasives (sandpaper).

Progressive equipment guarantees fast time for the performance of work.

During the day, a specialist can polish about 20 square meters. M.

Pulling of a wooden floor

We bring to your attention a visual example of grinding a wooden floor with your own hands using a grinder.

If you only need to remove traces and prints or slightly align the floor, then here we are only talking about updating the surface.

Well, in case you need to completely remove the long.Standing coating, then you need to make polishing several times.

To do this, it will be enough to walk once on the surface of the vibration grinder.

For grinding: depending on the purpose of the surface, it is necessary to do from 2 to 4 passes with a grinder.

Mosaic parquet is polished diagonally towards the location of the fibers; Dumped floors. Strictly parallel to the direction of laying boards.

The corners and edges before the last passage by the machine are treated using an angular grinder.

Then cracks and seams are closed, and after that the floor is cleaned again.

After a couple of hours, you can grind with a hand tool (using a granular granularity griller).

Following this, you need to carefully clean the floor of dust and garbage again.

After that, you can apply a second varnished layer.

It must dry well (for 10 hours).

Grinding a wooden floor is a qualitative conclusion to update the base in the ratio of work/result.

You can give it an original form by simulating various wood species or aging technique.

You can even increase the environmental friendliness of wood using natural oils and wax.

Polishing using a grinder

Bulgarian. A tool for polishing the floor.

The process of polishing concrete with a grinder takes place before applying for impregnation, dust removal and treating with varnishes and paints.

The correct approach to this operation guarantees reliable clutch of the polymer coating concrete.

Observing the specific stages of work, you can polish the concrete with a grinder.

For polishing concrete, an average grinder with a discipet of a disc 150-180 mm, with a capacity of 1200-1500 watts is quite suitable.

Preparatory grinding of the floor of concrete should be carried out 3-5 days after pouring the base of the floor.

Polishing is carried out after the floor of the flooring is finally hardened.

If the concrete is quite fresh, then you will not need the removal of lime milk that occurs during filling, when the solution begins to be relaxed.

If the concrete is dilapidated, then you need to remove its upper crumpled layer.

With the help of a grinder, you can remove various pollution, leve sections of deformation, existing cracks, chips, ripples and bulges.

After grinding, the concrete floor becomes fresh, acquiring increased adhesion.

Note’s tips!

Highest polishing quality can be achieved using a three.Disc.Grinding machine, for example, the German brand Trio.

How to wipe the screed correctly?

To perform the grout, you need to put on knee pads to move on the surface of the floor, you leave minimal traces. With the help of the grater, the mixture is evenly rubbed into the concrete screed. Righten in circular movements until the surface acquires a dark gray color.

  • Concrete milling is used to “cut off” local surface defects (ripples, influxes, ledges, etc. P.).
  • Grinding concrete allows you to remove irregularities to 3-5mm
  • Concrete putty can be performed by any thickness.

How to remove irregularities on a concrete floor?

Small influxes up to 5-7 mm is convenient cutting down ordinary grinder with a special grinding nozzle. Most often, such a bowl is diamond or corundum; Milling. Serious elevations up to 20 mm require a special tool. A milling machine for concrete.

How to polish concrete floors correctly

Grinding concrete floors allows you to achieve maximum user and operational coating indicators. The smooth surface not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also lasts longer.

Polished foundation

possible, grind, concrete, grinder
  • What is the polishing of the sexes
  • How to make a floor for grinding
  • How they polish the concrete floor
  • How to process the existing coating before grinding
  • How to work on a piled concrete layer from zero

What is the polishing of the sexes

The concrete floor only in the opinion of an unenlightened person is a monolithic layer. In fact, its structure is quite heterogeneous. When pouring a concrete floor in an apartment or other room, the following occurs:

  • During drying and primary setting, the components of the solution are distributed by density. On the outer part of the layer, quite light particles of cement and its additives are quite light, which do not form strong structural compounds;
  • Lime milk, which is the most common plasticizer, is on the surface of concrete due to the dispersion of the solution.

There are processes associated with the distribution of fillers in the thickness of the solution, including coarse.Frauding, such as gravel, marble or granite crumbs. But they have little effect on the important characteristics of the outer layer of concrete, on which the operational indicators of the coating depend.

After pouring and solving the concrete base, the following picture is formed: the floor is durable, quite even, depending on the accuracy of the performers of the work, tubercles or hollows with an indicator of a height beating up to 5 mm can be observed. The upper layer at the same time is quite loose and fragile. Grinding concrete floors sets the primary task of eliminating this particular part of the coating.

During operation, the upper loose layer of concrete not only releases dust into the air, destroying from friction of the soles and other exposure. He is intensively gaining moisture. This leads to the further destruction of the concrete layers located in the depths of the screed, as well as the increased wear rate at temperature changes. Freezing moisture can very quickly bring the floor into disrepair, causing storing and other negative processes.

How to make a floor for grinding

Grinded concrete floors require not only the correct production of the processing process, but also compliance with some rules at the stage of filling the base. This is due to the features of polishing.

  • In the course of draft processing, at least 5-7 mm of the thickness of the screed is removed (depending on the initial smoothness of the surface).
  • To form coating aesthetics, in the solution to create which marble, mineral, granite crumbs are added. It is necessary to show the color and texture of the additives. For this, at least 10 mm coating is removed.
  • If thin polishing of concrete floors is carried out to obtain a highly gang, during such processing, about 3-5 mm of the layer thickness is removed.

From these basic assumptions it is easy to understand how to make a layer of screed under a polished concrete floor in a residential or industrial room. With a minimum thickness of the solution of a solution of 35 mm, the base laying should be carried out with a height, a larger technological minimum by about 20 mm. This will allow any work without fear of excessive thinning of the screed.

How they polish the concrete floor

In the course of processing the concrete floor, you can use both manual and semi.Industrial or professional tools. Than to polish the concrete floor. It is selected on the desired final result, the area of ​​the room, as well as the physical indicators of the surface. You can give several options as an example:

  • Floors in the premises of small area are treated with a grinder. This tool allows you to work not only in conditions of limited space, but also to show acceptable performance characteristics;
  • Options than grinding concrete floor at home depend on the characteristics of the coating. For a poorly smoothed or repaired screed, a diamond cutter may be needed for primary alignment of the surface. In the future, you can use the grinder with a special nozzle, and a grinding machine for concrete floors (rotational or vibrational type) will show the best speed results in the apartment as a whole;
  • In industrial premises, shopping centers and other places with a large floor area, single.Rope or double.Generated professional grinders are used;
  • For floors, where thorough polishing is necessary, installations with the possibility of so.Called wet grinding are used.

The last class of equipment makes a brief mention of grinding methods. Dry. This is the answer to the question of how to polish the concrete floor with your own hands. At the same time, quite a lot of fine dust is distinguished, but it is eliminated by domestic or industrial vacuum cleaner, for this, for example, on the nozzle of the grinder, there is a discharge for its connection.

With a wet process of grinding process, either technical water or a solution with the addition of abrasives is supplied to the processing zone. A lot of dirty spray is formed, so you can not do without the use of special equipment. The grinding process takes a long time, but allows you to get a very smooth, almost mirror surface.

Safety precautions when working with a grinder

In order not to damage the tool and not harm yourself, you need to follow the following rules:

  • The user should wear tight clothes. Sleeves should not interfere with work with the device, and the clothes themselves. In contact with the floor.
  • You should take care of protecting the respiratory tract, eyes and hands with gloves, pairs of glasses and respirator.
  • You need to give a rest at least once every 15 minutes so that it does not overheat.

As you can see, Ushm is very useful for concrete. You just need to choose a suitable grinder on it and act carefully.

Grinding the concrete floor with a grinder

The final stage before painting concrete floors is their high.Quality grinding. It not only gives the surface to be fascinating smoothness, but also protects from the appearance of harmful dust during operation and extends the durability of the concrete floor. To carry out such work, you need special grinding machines, or you can use everyday ingenuity and use a regular grinder for these purposes. But the most important thing in both versions is a high.Quality grinding disk by concrete, correctly selected according to the situation.

The processed concrete floor won largely popular among finishing coatings not only of public, but also in the private category. It is mainly used:

  • In medical and educational institutions;
  • In shopping and sports centers;
  • In water parks;
  • In entertainment institutions;
  • On cultural sites;
  • In suburban areas;
  • As a cover of floors in outbuildings and garage buildings;
  • Increasingly polished concrete floors can be found in dressing rooms and corridors in the houses of ordinary citizens.

He earned such an extensive scope with his operational characteristics, which largely exceed the advantages of even the highest quality finish coatings:

  • The service life is calculated for decades, which is ensured not only by its increased strength characteristics, but also by resistance to saturation of moisture. An ordinary concrete screed without a finish coating or processing does not have such significant advantages;
  • The floor polished to gloss is similar to elite bulk coatings;
  • Democratic value;
  • It is an ideal basis in the case when a perfectly flat base for a decorative coating is required;
  • Does not produce harmful dust during operation;
  • Grinding makes it possible to align the foundations even with a strong relief;
  • Does not require periodic repairs. If such a need arose, then making a “patch” will not be difficult.

So that such properties are the finish coating as long as possible, you need to polish the flooded concrete floor as it should. Polishing, if the pouring is old, is subjected not only to a decorative, but also the main layer. In the case of driving a new concrete floor, you will need to remove cement milk. Also, grinding with special tools of concrete surfaces is an integral part of the preparation of the basis for bulk floors.

Be careful and do not give in to a common misconception. Grinding does not solve the problems of adjusting the relief surface. Alignment is carried out at the stage of primary filling or re.Closing the concrete layer.

The main technologies used to grind the concrete floor

Depending on the effect that you want to get, the grinding process is performed according to various technologies, but the same equipment that can cope with the processing of not only concrete, but also stone.

Dry method

The most common species used in most cases when grinding the concrete floor is a dry way. The maximum depth of the removed layer is 2 mm. It is worth noting that, performing such an operation in the air, a large volume of dry cement dust rises, so the use of protection is mandatory. But she settles very quickly, giving the opportunity to objectively evaluate the result of work and correct the shortcomings.

Wet method

If it is necessary to treat a concrete floor with mineral crumbs or mosaic, then they are invariably grinding with a wet method. Permissible thickness of the removed layer. 5 mm. Particular attention with a wet method is paid to the tool, namely a grinding circle. It is quite difficult to work using this technology, due to wet dirty splashes, and the time to perform such operations takes much more compared to the previous way.


The polished floor differs from the processed coating by grinding by a perfectly flat surface with a glossy effect. Of all the ways. This type of grinding is the most expensive, but also the most aesthetic. In decorative properties, such a floor surface is in no way inferior to the coating.

With your own hands with preliminary grinding of the floor, polishing concrete

The concrete floor acts as the basis for applying special coatings, and sometimes serves as a finish surface. In any case, grinding and polishing the concrete floor are needed.

These procedures increase the practicality and durability of the coating and give the base aesthetic appearance.

possible, grind, concrete, grinder

Advantages of polished floor

The processed surface meets modern environmental requirements, does not collect dust, does not absorb oils, dirt, and traces of tires. To observe cleanliness sufficiently wet cleaning. The main advantages of such a coating:

  • Polished gender looks attractive. This is a worthy alternative to expensive marble surfaces, terrazzo.
  • Thanks to the use of decorative processing, the floor of concrete acquires a spectacular appearance.
  • As a result of compaction and polishing, the base becomes stronger.
  • Funds for the care of such a floor (circles, mops, brushes) do not wear out. Labor costs when cleaning are minimal.
  • The absence of seams does not allow dirt and dust to accumulate.
  • Resistance to atmospheric factors.
  • The surface is easily restored after subsequent polishing.

Types of grinding

This procedure is one of the stages of processing before final finishing. There are two types of grinders: dry and wet. Both options are simple and can easily be done independently.

Wet grinding of concrete floor

During wet processing, abrasives of varying degrees of granularity are used. But this method is expensive, therefore it is rarely used (for coatings made of mosaic, marble crumbs). The surface is almost perfect. Wet cement is removed by a water supply.

The dry method is used much more often and takes less time. The master visually controls the entire process, since visibility is better than with wet processing. If necessary, defects are immediately eliminated.

Performance of work

Grinding the concrete surface takes place in several stages, pre.Pouring a new gender or strengthening available:

  • Preparatory process. Removing the old coating, flooring, surface cleansing, elimination of defects (chips, cracks, potholes), garbage removal.
  • Pour concrete screed. The composition is prepared in advance. When choosing the material, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the premises. Small.Fractional crushed stone is used as a filler. Filling increases adhesion (reliable grip of the base with polymer coatings). At this stage, work is trying to fill the voids as much as possible, displacing air bubbles, and pay attention to careful leveling of the surface.
  • Grinding the bulk floor is carried out after the screed is completely dried and carried out in several stages. First of all, lime milk is removed from the surface, which appears even in the phase of the fill, when the solution is stratified. For a quality result, the surface is polished, deepening into it by 5-7 mm. When the filler grains appear, the work is stopped. Defects (chips, cracks, concrete crumbs) are unacceptable.
  • The next step is to strengthen the floor with impregnation. They are applied as much as concrete is able to absorb. Impregnations are designed for increased resistance to external exposure.
  • Polishing. Final stage. The work is performed by small and thin abrasives. The number of approaches depends on the desired result. At the end of the process, varnishes are applied to the surface.

Paul processing industrial equipment

You can make grinding with a grinder or using a helicopter. A grout machine. It is a device with a spinning disk (in front) and fixed with additional wheels. Rotating blades make the device similar to a aircraft. The ideal surface is achieved by adjusting diamond working tools by the operator.

Only an experienced master can grind a polishing with a polishing machine. The helicopter is used when leveling large areas:

  • Floors in shopping centers;
  • Residential, office buildings;
  • Restaurants, cafes;
  • Medical institutions;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Storage facilities;
  • In the hangars.

Before starting work, the floors are carefully checked for the presence of reinforcement or steel grid. Inattentiveness can cause a breakdown of equipment and destruction of a concrete screed. The protruding metal objects are cut off with a grinder.

Experts found that a helicopter with impressive weight and size has more advantages over a small.Sized technique.

Independent processing

If the area is insignificant, it can be polished with a grinder.

To complete the procedure, you can need tools that can be purchased at any construction store:

  • Vacuum cleaner (industrial).
  • Water pump for wet processing.
  • Bulgarian for use in hard.To.Reach places where a professional helicopter will be powerless.
  • Abrasive disk.

The work is carried out in several stages:

  • Surface preparation: metal sticking out of the floor is cut off by a grinder.
  • Removing the old coating and eliminating irregularities. For these purposes, a grinder is also used. The first layer of concrete is removed using a coarse disk. Next, check the strength of the floor. To do this, it is necessary to squeeze out the entire base. The rigidity is determined by processing a small fragment by the machine. If a fragile site is detected, the floor is reloaded.
  • Elimination of holes, cracks and seams. Epoxy mastic will help to solve this problem. The work is carried out carefully, trying to make less tubercles. Grinding such a surface will be much easier.
  • The revealed cracks are expanded with a diamond disk. Then the damaged area is freed from dust and primed with a repair mixture. When the first layer goes a bit, another. After hardening the composition, the grinding continues.
  • When working, it is desirable to change nozzles more often. The result will be more effective.
  • After drying the screed, they start grinding concrete. Usually this work begins two weeks after the previous stage. If you start earlier, you can remove larger base particles with a machine. Processing begins in any direction convenient for the master.
  • After that, skirting boards are installed and polyurethane varnish is applied with brushes and rollers. Pre.Remove dust. Varnishing is carried out in several layers.

Concrete grinding tools

For processing concrete surfaces are used:

  • Industrial grinders (convenient for large surface areas);
  • Household grinder (suitable for use at home);
  • Angle grinding machines (a grinder can be used to polish the floor in small rooms and inaccessible places).

The most affordable for home use of the Bulgarian. It is most convenient to work with a tool with a large weight and two handles. For grinding concrete without dust, you should choose a model with a casing, to which an industrial vacuum cleaner hose is connected.

Preparation of the concrete surface

Before you start grinding concrete floors, it is worth preparing the surface correctly. What needs to be done at the initial stage?

  • Remove all old coatings available on concrete.

Floor grinder with vacuum GV300

  • Check the floor for evenness using a three.Dimensional ruler. If deviations are detected, the surface should be leveled. Available potholes, chips, recesses. An occasion to take a diamond disk of large granularity.
  • Conduct a visual survey of the surface for the presence of shrinkage seams and cracks on it. Having discovered such defects, they are eliminated and separately grind the damaged areas.
  • Perform the stiffness of the floor by processing a small area of ​​the surface with a grinder.
  • To examine the floor for the presence of sticking reinforcement or other metal objects in it. It is necessary to get rid of them, it is easy to do it with a grinder.

When everything is prepared, you can start grinding.

How to polish the concrete floor

Grolling of concrete is a time.Consuming process, but it can be carried out by yourself. We offer phased instructions.

One. Preparatory work

Only a flat dry base can be polished qualitatively without significant defects and height changes. Therefore, before starting work, the surface should be carried out. First of all, it is necessary to determine the accuracy of the horizontal. It’s easier to measure the laser level. If the slope is large, you will have to align it with a screed. It will also be needed for a crumbling basis with many defects. After pouring the screed, you need to leave for two to three weeks to set the minimum strength.

The basis with cracks, chips and other defects are repaired. The cracks and cracks are embroidered, that is, expand at an angle of 45 ° so that the repair mixture fills the entire cavity. After that, they are primed, given to dry, filled with cement mortar and align. The hardened mixture is cleaned so that the surface is even. All bulges and noticeable influxes are cut off with a grinder.

If reinforcement appears on the surface of the floor or there are some kind of metal inserts, they need to be removed. The rods are cut off, the inserts are cut out of the base by a grinder. The resulting cavities are sealed with a repair solution. If there is a lot of metal on the surface, it will be easier to fill the screed to close it.

An important point. You can’t grind fresh concrete. From not gaining density, the foundations easily break out pieces of material. It spoils both the coating and the tool. Therefore, before starting work, they must check the stiffness of the floor. The floor fully prepared for grinding is processed with a special hardening impregnation. Do this in strict accordance with the instructions on its packaging.

Grinding the base

The technology of grinding concrete floor with a grinding machine is simple. For household and professional equipment, it is approximately the same. First carry out gross processing. For her, a coarse-grained abrasive is chosen at 25-30. Work starts from the corner of the room and sequentially clean the entire surface. If grinded by a grinder, it is necessarily turned off every 15 minutes and a short break is done. This is necessary so that the tool does not overheat.

After rough processing, the surface is cleaned of dust and the quality of the work is checked. If unprocessed or poorly processed areas are found, they are again cleaned. At the next stage they move to thin grinding. It is performed similarly, only by another abrasive: 40. If the floor should be polished to gloss, they also carry out polishing. It is performed similarly using a grinding disk with an abrasive of 1500-3000. The finished coating is cleaned of pollution, washed, dried and, if desired, is covered with a suitable paintwork.