Is it possible to lubricate the grinder with a lithol. Briefly about the main thing

Is it possible to lubricate the grinder with a lithol

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How to lubricate the motor.Cultivator gearbox?

Motor cultivator gearbox filled with grease at the manufacturer. But we recommend in commissioning to check the presence of lubrication in gearbox. Add to gearbox universal grease Champion EP-0 Grease.

Clean the shaft of pollution and grease it with SHRUS-4 or Litol-24 lubricant, not forgetting to clean and Lubricate a coupling (sleeve) with slots in a gearbox. We install the shaft in the bar, and the bar in the lower gearbox of the benzokos and combine the hole on the bar with the hole for the central screw.

Recommendations of foreign manufacturers

Many manufacturers of corner grinding machines recommend using only specialized lubricants of their production. They substantiate such recommendations by the fact that their products are ideal for the technique they created.

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In fact, to lubricate the gearbox, you can apply compositions from any manufacturers. The main thing is that they are high.Quality and correspond to the above characteristics.

What a good lubricant for bearings?

No creak or grinding

The best Lubrication For highly loaded compounds one Liqui Moly Lm 50
3 Motul Tech Grease
The best Lubrication general purpose one Gazpromneft EP 2

Clean the shaft of pollution and grease it with SHRUS-4 or Litol-24 lubricant, not forgetting to clean and Lubricate a coupling (sleeve) with slots in a gearbox. We install the shaft in the bar, and the bar in the lower gearbox of the benzokos and combine the hole on the bar with the hole for the central screw.

Chips on the choice

Lubrication for gearboxes and bearings (for example, conical) differ in properties. Materials for bearings must have increased adhesion. It is necessary that the lubricant be held tight on the gearboxes during operation. The gearbox is lubricated using spraying.

Suspensions of the lubricant during operation form a kind of fog. In addition to adhesion, there should be other qualities. For example, it is important to resist high lubrication temperatures. She must withstand high temperatures without problems and not melt with them.

There are several ways to reduce the friction impact on the interacting elements of the grinder gearbox. The choice than to lubricate the friction nodes is made from the following options:

  • The use of expensive special lubricants for gearboxes from known brands;
  • The use of universal compounds suitable for any power tool;
  • Lubrication of the gearbox with lithol or solidol;
  • Using self.Made lubricants.

Application of special materials. The optimal solution. When choosing a lubricant for the gearbox, it is recommended to give preference to the compositions produced under the same brand as the Bulgarian itself. For example, if AEG machine machine, then the lubricant must buy the same brand.

When using specialized products, the service life of Ushm is significantly increased, since the manufacturer takes into account all the features and nuances of the operation of their own equipment. The minus of the use of branded materials is their high cost, which may affect the family budget.

Specialists and service masters recommend purchasing any budget non.Branded composition designed specifically for gearboxes. You can also use a lubricant used for a CHIR. Joint.Wheel drive joints operated under significant loads. It can be purchased without problems in any car shop. This option is much worse than using branded materials. This is due to the fact that the specifics of the operation of the friction nodes of two different mechanisms are not taken into account.

The most unfavorable solution is the use of lithola or solidol, since both of these materials are not designed to grease the friction nodes heating to high temperatures. Some owners of the Bulgarians use only these compositions, which is why their cars cannot last during the service life declared by the manufacturer. In an effort to gain profit here and now, they do not take into account future expenses for the acquisition of a new tool or replacing expensive parts.

Brands and their characteristics

Tips for choosing a liquid will help to purchase high.Quality and suitable goods. The peculiarity of foreign manufacturers is that they use ointments as a basis for their products. Such masses have a special development technology. All types of liquid have different markings. Combinations of letters and numbers encrypted certain characteristics.

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For example, one of the most expensive imported ointments has the following characteristics:

  • Used for molybdenum;
  • Has a second class on viscous properties;
  • ISO standards are saved;
  • In the process of lubrication development, German standards were used;
  • Belongs to type to.

For lubrication with such characteristics will have to pay expensive. It is called “Makita”. You can purchase it in tubes. The quality and duration of use can be considered the advantage of the high price. Therefore, cheaper lubricants are also presented on the Russian market. High lubricants from a foreign manufacturer increased interest in domestic products.

Russian fluids are suitable for different types of tools and are not inferior in quality. Perforators, drills, gearboxes. All of them have their types of lubricants.

Good reviews have lithium lubricants. They repel water well, and are also designed to work at different temperatures. Organically and inorganic components contribute to condensation.

CITIMI-203 is used for closed types of bearings. Other bearings are better not to lubricate them.

possible, lubricate, grinder, lithol, main, thing

There are also pigment lubricants, they differ in color. There is blue and dark purple lubrication VNIINP. For the first option you have to pay more than for the second. Therefore, they buy it less often. Although the quality of the products is pretty good and costs spent money.

How to lubricate the ushm

The grease of the gearbox of the grinder is carried out in several stages.

Stage for removing the old lubricant

Removing the lubricant that has worked out. The first stage of the reducer service. Remove the old layer for several reasons:

  • A spent lubricant is not able to perform his functions;
  • It has small particles formed in the process of wear of the rubbing elements;
  • The old lubricant will mix with the new one, because of this, the node will work incorrectly, the replacement will not bring any results.

Delete of working out is carried out using disposable paper towels, rags or a flap of fabric at hand. The removed parts of the gearbox should be thoroughly washed in a solvent or gasoline, and before installation. Dry. The remains of materials used to clean the materials are also able to mix with a new lubricant and change its consistency, which will lead to a deterioration in characteristics.

The stage of lubrication on the bearing

Gear bearings should be lubricated, clogging all available free places. The lubricant from the tube is squeezed out until its excess flow from the back. This serves as an indicator of the required level of filling.

The stage of lubrication for gearbox

The gearbox needs to be filled with such a volume of lubricant so that it completely covers the gears.

Control of the adequacy of lubrication for the Ushm gearbox is carried out on a short time. If in 3-5 minutes of operation the temperature of the assembly increased and the flow of the lubricant is observed, part of its volume must be removed. To do this, the gearbox is disassembled again, the excess is removed with a rag or a rag.

When checking, the opposite situation may be observed when a noise appeared when the Ushm appeared. This means that lubrication is not enough and it must be added.

When using a grinder, a periodic check of the sufficiency of the lubrication of the gearbox elements, the quality of the available lubrication is required.

Stages of the lubrication process

Lubrication can be done in special workshops or independently. When lubricating on their own, it must be remembered that lubricant material that does not correspond to the tool can cause a tool breakdown. The course of the processing process with new lubricating materials implies the complete removal of the old lubrication layer. Details and walls of the case should not contain the remains of the old coating.

Stages of lubrication of the gearbox of the corner machine:

  • Disassemble the grinder;
  • Wash with a kerosene or solution of kerosene and gasoline of the side and cavity of the gearbox;
  • Dry the washed parts;
  • Mix new lubricants;
  • Apply the coating to the bearings and in the cavity;
  • Collect the tool.

When applying, the question arises: how much lubrication is required? Applying a large amount of lubricant will lead to the fact that the excess volume will flow during operation. With a slight content, the functioning of the gearbox will be difficult and will lead to a Rapid failure. Therefore, such a volume of material is placed in the case so that the teeth of the gears are hidden under the surface of the applied layer. The indicative content of the coating of Ushm gearboxes is less than ½ volume of the whole gearbox.

Homemade mixtures

The presence of the absence of the desired lubricant or, if the user considers the price to the goods unreasonably high, you can try to make a lubricant separately. There are several recipes using different foundations. One and them-commonly used cyatim-221.

TAD-17 transmission oil is added to the container with cyatim. Stiring continuously, add aromatic gold one drop until the necessary consistency is reached. The mixture should be benignly adhered to the details, not be too thick and not flow (language liquid oil.

Another basis may be an anti-adhesive for a shnus in combination with MS-20 liquid oil.

With the correct selection of lubrication, you can independently serve perforators without paying for the work of service masters. The exception is the period of the tool for the guarantee.

How to lubricate the gearbox Ushm grinder

At the factories I am often asked about the temperature at which bearings should work. The fact that bearings that work at high speed have a higher temperature is indisputable. Let me give you an example: during my last visit to the plant, I examined a suspended fan equipped with a direct belt transmission from a large electric motor. The engine speed is 1750 revolutions per minute (rpm). Since the size of the pulley did not change either towards a decrease or towards an increase, we can say with confidence that the frequency of rotation of the bearings was almost the same. These bearings were treated with a lubricant of too guta, which led to overheating and, accordingly, to a reduction in their service life. You can extend the lubricant service life by selecting the lubricant, the properties of which correspond to the maximum task.

Here, an example is the situation with mechanisms that are used in most factories (fans), however, high.Speed components are used in other mechanisms. For example, some pumps with a direct drive from the engine equipped with bearings, for the lubrication of which plastic lubrication is used, can operate at a rotation frequency of more than 2000 revolutions per minute. The same thing is true for some mixers, stirring and blotes. These components are out of order if they lubricate their bearings with universal plastic lubricant, not taking into account their characteristics. To determine which lubricant is suitable for the bearing, you need to find out the high.Speed factor of the bearing.

Type of lubrication The viscosity of the base oil (40 ° C), High.Speed factor (NDM)
Low speed, high pressure, industrial lubricant 1000-1500 50000
Average speed, high pressure, lubrication for industrial bearings 400-500 200,000
EP, NLGI #2, universal lubricant 100-220 600000
High speed, high temperature, long.Length lubricant 600000
High speed, long lubrication 15-32 1000000

Lubrication for the gearbox of the grinder. Selection and application of lubrication

The Bulgarian, like the other tool used in the farm and professional activity, requires regular maintenance. Work efficiency and duration of the service life are ensured by timely maintenance. In the article master plumber He will tell you how to independently serve such a tool popular with home masters as an angle grinding machine (Bulgarian).

The term for the next replacement of lubrication depends on the loads and intensity of use Bulgarians. It is usually equal to 12 months. With everyday use of a grinder with frequent overheating, the frequency of the shift is significantly reduced, at least six months.

To verify the need to make a new lubricant, the gearbox needs to be disassembled by twisting the screws on its lid. Inside there is a pair of braids. The small one is anchored and used to act as a large, located on the secondary shaft. A grinding or cutting disk is attached to this shaft.

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During operation, the lubricant when the gearbox moves over the walls of the case, drying out and forming large lumps over time. The material used for a long time overheats, becomes liquid and flows from the body. Therefore, its volume in the gearbox is reduced. If the gears have only a thin layer of the lubricant, its addition is required. The grease for the grinder must be changed if there are dried lumps on the internal walls of the gearboxes or with its insufficient amount.

General rules for replacing a lubricant

Hitachi G12SA Angle Grinder, Gear Lube

The main module of the grinder is the gearbox. It is this part of the grinder that experiences the maximum load. The block includes different elements that contribute to rotation. Once in the tool case, the substance reduces friction. The compositions used for the grinder reducer make it possible to reduce the temperature indicators that occur during operation.

During the work of the grinder, the mixture for lubrication is gradually scattered within the body. After a while, the substance begins to dry, and lumps are formed in the work. These pieces collect particles of dust and metal, therefore, a quick replacement of the oily composition is needed. Sometimes the problem occurs due to high temperature. The lubricant heats up, flows out, and the gearbox is left without a protective mass. It is important to replace it in a timely manner.

The required lubricant volume for a grinder is assigned taking into account the full coating of oblique teeth of the gears. Excess material will be squeezed out of the case, and too small a number will not be able to ensure the correct functioning of the gearbox.

It is recommended to take the amount of lubricant laid down during the assembly of the machine at the factory as a guideline. It should be noted that with prolonged storage in the warehouse or in the store, a certain amount of lubricant may dry and decrease in volume.

Therefore, it is better to first put the material a little more than required, and make sure that the lubricant distribution after bringing the gear of the gearbox into effect. The generally accepted norm is the lubricant filling about 40% of the reducer volume.

How to clean the burrs/mills of the Lelit William Grinder (PL72 grinder italy)

Any tool where there are movable elements need periodic lubrication. Especially if it is actively used. With regard to angular grinding machines, the consistency and the composition of the lubricant must meet certain requirements:

The presence in the composition of solid or worse than abrasive elements will cause abrasion of the working surface and individual parts of the device. A cheap lubricant when reaching a temperature threshold of 100-120 ° C simply evaporates. Therefore, the maximum allowable values ​​of the lubricant should pay special attention, otherwise the tool in the heat of work will be left without lubrication.

A good composition protects the surface from moisture, as well as from subsequent corrosion, which means that it must have the properties repulsive water. The verified consistency allows you to maintain a lubricant on the surface: too thick the lubricant will complicate the functioning of the mechanism, and the liquid simply wars in the gearbox.

DIY grease for the gearbox with your own hands

Do.It.Yourself lubricant for the gears of the grinder consists of the base and diluent.

The basis is usually a russian with disulfide molybdenum or cyatim-201. They belong to the second viscosity class according to NLGI, therefore, for use in the gearbox, they are diluted.

It is best to use simple mineral industrial oil as a diluent-for example, I-20. To obtain viscosity NLGI 0, it will be necessary to mix the composition in the proportion of the base and the diluent of approximately 70 to 30.

There are three disadvantages of such home.Made lubricants:

  • Low viscosity: heated, they flow from the gearbox through the gap between the lid and the spindle
  • Additives aggressive to non-ferrous metals: Bulgarian gearbox houses are made of aluminum alloys, some models have spindle bronze-graphic bearings
  • Low moisture resistance, hygroscopicity: gearboxes of Bulgarians do not have hermetic seals

Homemade mixtures

In the absence of the desired lubricant or, if the user considers the price of the goods unreasonably high, you can try to make a lubricant yourself. There are several recipes using different foundations. One and them. Common CITIMI-221.

TAD-17 transmission oil is added to the container with cyatim. Stirring continuously, add oil one drop until the necessary consistency is achieved. The mixture should be well adhered to the details, not to be too thick and not flow like liquid oil.

Another basis may be a lubricant for a shrug in combination with liquid oil MS-20.

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Why is graphite lubricant used?

Graphite lubricant (Lubrication with graphite) is widely used in industry for Lubrication bearings, springs, heavy loaded nodes, the use of graphite Lubrication caused by abodeal properties and low price.

Molybdenum lubrication Contains molybdenum disulfide in order to obtain a product with better performance (excellent protection against wear), which is the usual universal. Applied In mechanisms where metal parts are in contact with high loads or extreme pressure.

Homemade mixtures

Situations when there was an acute need to lubricate the elements of Ushm, are not uncommon. And at the same time, as luck would have it, to get a lubricant suitable for these purposes, there is no way. Then the owner may try to make the tool with his own hands from the available materials.

To ensure the desired level of adhesion, a lubricant for car crock is taken as a basis. In addition to excellent penetrating properties, its use for operation in conditions is allowed:

  • Significant loads;
  • High humidity;
  • Temperature fluctuations in a wide range;
  • Significant heating;
  • Exposure to solid pollutants.

To thin the material and obtaining the consistency necessary for the reducer, it is recommended to add oil MS-20. The liquid is based on the basis gradually, preferably with drops, with constant mixing of the formed composition with a mixer.

The use of home-made material based on “Citiam-221” with the addition of TAD-17 is no less effective.

And what lubricant for the gearbox do you use? Have you ever had to make a lubricant yourself? Share your experience with us, please.

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