Lawn Mower Does Not Start After Winter

Lawn Mower Does Not Start After Winter

The Lawn Mower Will Not Start. What to do?

The lawnmower on wheels with a 4-stroke gasoline engine is a reliable, unpretentious equipment in operation. On flat areas, you can immediately see the advantages of such lawn mowers over lawn mowers and trimmers. Productivity is higher, the lawn is trimmed more evenly. Knowing some of the nuances in the operation and maintenance of lawn mower engines will allow you to get real pleasure from the trouble-free start and operation of this equipment. Consider a Viking MB 448 lawn mower with a Briggs engine&Stratton 500E OHV (see Figure 1). A similar device and huskvaran mowers (r53sv, r152sv, lc56, lc 56b), oleo-poppy. You can read more about choosing lawn mowers here.

Sometimes, after checking the condition of the knife of the lawn mower or cleaning the case around the knife, the exhaust from the muffler suddenly turns black, the lawnmower beginssneeze"And stall. Check the condition of the air filter. An oiled filter indicates that the mower was tilted toward the carburetor and that oil from the engine crankcase entered the carburetor and the air filter. Therefore, always when cleaning or replacing a knife, tilt the mower to the side opposite to the carburetor, or to the rear wheels of the mower (see video).

How to clean a lawn mower?

For proper cleaning of branded mowers, we recommend that you watch the video below.

To eliminate the consequences of improperly tilting the mower, first replace air filter, turn out the spark plug and clean the candle electrodes from soot. Intensively pump primer fuel into the carburetor. Try to start the engine and let it run for 5-7 minutes until black smoke from the muffler disappears. If after several attempts to start the engine failed, go to a service center to clean the carburetor.

We also recommend that you watch a video on troubleshooting common mistakes when operating engines on mowers.

The mower does not work. How to get it?

If after a long period of inactivity, winter storage or for any other reason, the mower does not start, do not immediately panic and run to the service center. It is not at all necessary that it has broken, perhaps it just starts up incorrectly, the system started operating incorrectly after downtime, or the preparation algorithm for work is not followed.

Here are some simple steps that, in almost 70% of all cases, require the specialized maintenance of garden equipment to disappear. After the mower is idle, you need to:

  1. Drain all gasoline from the gas tank of the device. Sometimes it stagnates in the system and prevents it from starting effectively.
  2. Pour another, that is, new gasoline using a canister and a watering can. Fill the fuel very carefully, preventing even droplets from falling onto the mower engine (they can ignite when the motor heats up). It is recommended to choose high-quality gasoline with an octane rating of 92.
  3. If provided, you need to pump gasoline with a primer into the carburetor. Turnovers are set to the maximum. At the first cold start in a day, it is necessary to set the damper to the “Closed” position. The next step is to hold down the upper key on the handle of the mower, pull out the starter cord 20 centimeters gently, then pull it in its own direction with a sharp but measured movement.
  4. After the mower starts, the air damper is set to the “Open” position.
  5. You can start mowing the lawn.

Video: Lawn Mower Does Not Start After Winter

In the case when these manipulations do not help, and the lawn mower did not start, it costs:

  • check the position of the choke regulator as described above in paragraph 1
  • when the outdoor temperature is more than 33 ° C, it is better to set the air damper control in the middle position
  • after prolonged operation of the engine (the motor heats up) and after the required five-minute break, the lawn mower must be started with the choke in the “Open” position
  • check if gasoline gets on the spark plug, if there is a spark
  • check the gas in the mower tank, if it has been poured for a long time, it is better to change the fuel to a new one
  • see if the air filter passes normally, if necessary, rinse it with gasoline
  • pump fuel into the carburetor with a primer

Service center for landscape gardening equipment

What to do if the mower does not start?

After a long winter, you took out your lawn mower, but it did not start

Try to follow the advice of our service center, do everything sequentially as described below and in 70% of cases you will not have to contact us.

1. To begin with, completely drain the gas tank if it has stood there all winter.

2. Fill in new gasoline using a special canister and watering can. Try to fill carefully so that the fuel does not get on the engine, as this can cause it to ignite when heated! Our service center recommends the use of gasoline with an octane rating of 92.

3. Pump up fuel with a primer (if provided) into the carburetor, set the speed to maximum (the position of the hare on the switch). If this is the first cold start in a day, the choke must be put in the closed position. After you clamp the top key on the handle (knife start handle), gently pull the starter cord about 20 centimeters all the way, and with one smooth, moderately sharp movement, pull it toward you.

4. Once the mower has started up, set the air damper in the open position and you can start work.

If the mower does not start:

Check the position of the choke control during the first start-up, see above.

If the outdoor temperature is above 33 degrees, the air damper at the first start can be put in the middle position.

If the engine has warmed up, you worked with it and after a five-minute break you decided to start the lawnmower again, the choke control should be set to the open position before starting.

Check the spark plug. Does it fill with gasoline and is there a spark.

Pump primer fuel into the carburetor.

Check the fuel in the gas tank, if it is old, drain it and fill it with a new one.

Check the air filter and rinse with gasoline if necessary.

If all this does not help and your mower refuses to start, contact our service center for help.

Remember that the good and trouble-free operation of garden equipment can only be guaranteed with timely maintenance.

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