Narrow ride on mower. 7 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard 2023

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard 2023

Most riding lawn mowers will be overkill for a small yard. Thus, you’ll require a more straightforward yet powerful mower – this will save you both money and time.

  • If you need to cut grass in an over 1⁄2 acres yard, then you’re better with a riding mower compared to a push mower or rear-tine tillers.

With a great riding mower, over the spring season, you can control pests in your small yard and improve its soil condition, keep it’s well-manicured and prevent it from appearing overgrown!

Mowers: 7 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard 2023

1. Troy-Bilt Intek 540cc Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

Troy-Bilt 540cc’s selling point is comfort and versatility. Easily mow in forward or backward – allows mowing evenly around obstructions or tight corners. It has durable wheels for better maneuverability.

With automatic transmission foot-pedal, Troy-Bilt 540cc is easier to ride than a car. It’s powered by a single-cylinder engine – 19 HP/540cc with a discharge mowing deck (46-inch) plus mow-in-reverse capability.

Also, you can use your finger to raise and lower the deck quickly. You can to easily mow my hilly yard in just one day compared to the two days. It’s an excellent mower for anyone with a yard that’s more than half an acre – check these riding mowers for 2 acres.

  • The mower will stop quickly if you release the gas pedal. You’ll also love the easy-to-use deck wash capability.
  • The mower offers a comfortable ride with the StepThru Frame plus the mid-back lightly cushioned seat.

You can quickly move in and out of the mower riding deck and rest. You can easily attach your snow plow to the front of this Troy-Bilt 540cc riding mower.

However, you can’t attach a grader – you’ll require some heavier Garden Tractor to come with a superior Transmission. Luckily, it also has an attachment allowance for your garden cart that’ll pull around the yard.

  • Take tight corners in your small yard.
  • The adjustable steering wheel and seat.
  • Quickly raises or lowers the deck to 5 different positions.
  • Easy to clean – has a great deck wash
  • Easy to get in and move out with its “Step-Thru” frame
  • Automatic transmission to ease handling

Poulan Pro P46ZX Small Yard Riding Mower

Next is this Poulan Pro P46ZX – which brings performance, durability, and top comfort. With a 22-HP engine plus a 2-bladed steel deck (42 inches) – this mower will give you precise and clean.

  • Poulan Pro P46ZX is a powerhouse yard mower that’s very easy to handle – uneven with uneven grounds.
  • The dual hydro-gear and its V-Twin Pro engine allow a comfortable and smooth ride – while handling the 200-pound mower.

Both the Poulan Pro P46ZX’s wheels have two hydraulic transmission levers each for “drift turning” – this will allow you to easily take smooth turns even with the tight spaces in your small yard.

Poulan Pro P46ZX has a durable deck made from stamped steel (46 inches) enables lawn power to mow their grass with fewer passes.

If you need a unique grass cutting height – this mower allows an adjustment to its six positions mowing height – allows 1 ½ – 4 inches increments.

The riding mower provides a zero-turn radius, and thus, you can easily mow the grass around different obstacles in your yard. On speed, the tractor allows a one to six miles-per-hour mowing speed in the forward direction.

Luckily, this tractor is very beginner-friendly – it has no learning curve, and thus most noobs can easily mow around their yard even on their first day.

Further, Poulan Pro P46ZX offers top comfort with its handle grips (foam-padded) plus its high seatback.

  • The dual hydro-gear allows smooth operation.
  • Has a 22 Horsepower that’s very powerful
  • Has a Zero-turn radius that’s great for mowing small yards
  • Comes with an Electric clutch
  • Won’t require re-mowing
  • Offers cleaner cuts even with high mowing speed.

Cub Cadet XT1 Small Riding Mower

With this Cadet xt-1 Enduro, your legs won’t be dangling like on other riders – you can move the seat forward.

narrow, ride, mower, best

Its gas tank is also situated on the outside – you can also check the scale to see the fuel level – thus, you’ll not be filling up against hot gas and hot motor.

For servicing, you’ll required to only angle the cover and un-attach the lights – this will give you all-around access to the motor.

  • The frame has an e-coat as compared to spray painting, and thus, it won’t rust easily.
  • Further, this Cadet xt-1 Enduro comes with anti-scalp wheels (both back and front) that are great for uneven terrain and will be free-floating over the grass.

Cadet xt-1 Enduro has a deck wash – you’ll need to attach the hose and turn on the blades to pressure clean the bottom of your deck.

It has a 42” cutting deck, an 18 HP OHV engine, and its smooth hydrostatic transmission (you won’t have to shift gears) to give you precise cuts.

The Cub Cadet Model offers top comfort, has soft-grip steering, adjustable seating plus an excellently positioned cup holder. You’ll also love the lighting in this mower with the installed headlights.

It has the 16” turning radius plus rear-wheel drive that allows excellent handling and traction – this allows even a beginner to easily reach those hard-to-mow corners.

The push-button and fender-mounted lever makes it easy to lower and raise the tractor’s cutting deck.

  • 42 inches cutting deck
  • Has a push-button that allows cruise control
  • The 16-inch turning radius allows excellent steering
  • Allows automatic hydrostatic transmission with the 18 HP OHV engine.
  • Great for slightly uneven terrain that offers a smooth ride
  • Has a sturdy frame
  • You can attach mulching and snow plow accessories

Poulan Pro PP155H42 for Small Yard – Best for Rough Terrain

Poulan Pro PP155H42 also offers performance, durability, and strength – this is cheers to its cutting deck made from 46-inch reinforced-vented steel plus the Hydro-transmission system, which makes it very easy to handle.

Its rear turf saver tires are 22 inches – and won‘t interestingly cause damage to your yard while running on the mowing process.

Top 10 Budget Riding Lawn Mower (2023)

  • Also, the tractor’s ignition switch enabled on to keep the cutting deck engaged while also backing up.
  • Poulan Pro PP155H42 has a flexible chassis that will enable you to easily maintain the deck’s power to cut your yard’s grass evenly.

Poulan Pro PP155H42 has a 15.5 HP OHV engine (single cylinder) with an air filter that’s easy to maintain and use. Further, you won’t require to prime to choke the engine with the installed ReadyStart® starting.

For additional capacity, you can also use side discharge, bagging, and mulching. Further, for mowing your uneven ground, this unit comes with deck wheels that are anti-scalp. With a 42 inches cutting deck.

Poulan Pro PP155H42 has six preset cutting heights that enable you to cut the grass at your favorite cutting height. Further, the adjustable-height system has an easy-to-use lever to allow excellent spring-assisted cutting.

Its cutting deck has a durable build, and it draws air, allowing air circulation – this enables the tractor grass to lift the grass and mow clean.

Its steering wheels are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and reduce fatigue.

The mower has a 6-inch turning radius that’ll allow you to easily maneuver around different obstacles and tight corners in your small yard. To enhance this, its front axle is made from cast iron and rotates to each mowing.

  • Has a floating deck to enable optimal access to the yard grass for a clean and even cutting.
  • The hydrostatic transmission allows easy and automatic speed control
  • Won’t overheat like other riding lawn mowers meant for small yards – it has a cooling vent to allow this.
  • Provides durability and performance
  • The rear wheels are 20-inch (relatively large) to provide excellent traction
  • The stamped mowing deck has a 10-years warranty

Best Small Zero Turn Mowers For Your Garden

Last summer, I was amazed by how perfect the lawn was at my friend’s garden tea party. Later that day, my friend introduced me to the zero-turn mower. I often had difficulty turning the lawn mower’s radius to maneuver the grass. But I liked the idea of zero turn mowers since they are easier to turn around, and you can cut a lot of grass short without any hassle.

So, the next thing was obvious; me searching for some of the best small zero-turn mowers for my garden. This post is for you if you’ve tried all the other lawn mowers and still can’t get that clean lawn.

Unlike a traditional push lawn mower and a tractor, a zero lawn mower is light and compact, making it easy to mow the lawn. It can also make sharp turns and fit in tight spaces due to its manoeuvrability. Using a zero-turn lawn mower, I could mow my lawn in the shortest time possible while relaxing on the chair.

From personal experience, I believe the zero-turn mower is ideal for lawns with irregular shapes and large landscapes with tight edges.

In this article, I will review seven of the best small zero-turn mowers and offer some helpful tips to help you make a Smart choice. And also, If you are unsure about using zero-turn lawn mowers on hills, then head to my article; is zero-turn lawn mower good on hills?

How to Choose the Best Zero Turn Mower

When choosing a zero-turn mower, consider these important features before you purchase.

Types of Zero-Turn Mowers

There are two types of zero-turn mowers, residential and commercial. A zero-turn mower’s main difference between the commercial and residential versions is its power and cost. Commercial models are designed to cover large grounds and be used frequently. It’s heavier, has a wider cutting deck, and is more powerful.

Smaller, easier to handle, and better suited for weekly mowing, residential zero-turn lawn mowers are more economical. Due to their lower power, they have difficulty tackling hills. Nevertheless, they provide excellent handling and maneuverability at a much more affordable price.

Zero-turn residential mowers are the easiest, most efficient way to mow yards smaller than three acres. The best option may be a commercial mower if your lawn is large or you plan to use it daily.

Size of the Cutting Deck

A mower’s cutting deck size is the most important factor when choosing one. Because you are getting the zero-turn mower for your lawn, you need the perfect and sharpest blades; otherwise, it would take hours to complete the task.

Cutting decks can vary in a lot of sizes. Different lawn lengths would need various sizes of decks. Here are some varying cutting decks that are available on the mowers. I have also explained how each and every cutting deck is suitable for a lawn. Also you need to maintain the deck in order to extend its lifetime, so here is my detailed guide on ‘how to clean a riding lawn mower deck’.

Less Than 42 Inches

A cutting deck of 42 inches can maneuver around tight and crowded spaces. It is also suitable for use in areas where there are a lot of obstacles. If you own a lawn that is less than half an acre, then a 42 inches cutting deck would be sufficient.

Between 42 and 46 Inches

As the cutting deck size increases, it becomes more suitable for large lawns and yards. Suppose you have a lawn that is half an acre or two acres; you need to get a cutting deck size between 42 and 46 inches. This spacious deck size ensures you do your job in as little time as possible without skipping intricate details.

Between 48 and 50 Inches

For lawns as huge as 2 or 3 acres, a cutting deck between 48 and 50 inches is ideal. The cutting deck here is way too spacious to accommodate a lot of grass all at once. It reduces the mowing time to less than half without compromising the results.

narrow, ride, mower, best

Over 50 Inches

A lawn mower with a cutting deck that is 50 inches is ideal for commercial purposes. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use this deck on residential lawns, but what I mean is that they are well suited for commercial-grade lawns. This is the ideal cutting deck size if you own 3 acres of land.

However, remember that with this size, you won’t be able to reach compact and tight spaces in your yard. But in the end, it can simplify the work using a huge deck, so many of us would compromise.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Most zero-turn mowers use hydrostatic transmissions. What I love about this transmission is that they are smoother than traditional transmissions in other mowers. Let me explain the working mechanism of this transmission in simpler words. When a mower starts, the gears get operational to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels.

If we talk about hydrostatic transmission, it is different from usual transmissions. Here instead of gears, fluid is used to transfer power to the wheels from the engine. In terms of maneuverability, I liked the hydrostatic transmission. It allows to control the mower more precisely and adjust the speed and direction accordingly.

Plus, if you are a beginner, you would love hydrostatic transmission. It offers smooth acceleration and brakes. However, all of these advantages do come at a cost. The one thing that I don’t prefer with the hydrostatic transmission is that they need regular maintenance. You have to look after the fluid levels and filter replacements regularly.

Also, the hydrostatic transmissions are expensive as well. But then the convenience it delivers is worth every penny. So I am definitely going to splurge on it anyways.

Mowing Speed

Mowing speed is another important factor when buying a zero-turn mower. Especially if you have a huge lawn, I advise you to look for a zero-turn mower whose mowing speed is higher than traditional mowers. The faster the mower, the easier it will be to work.

You can determine the speed of a mower by the engine’s horsepower. The higher the horsepower, the higher the zero-turn mower’s speed. But remember, getting a large mower will make the mower run slowly, even if the horsepower is high. A rule of thumb is to look for a balance between the engine’s horsepower and the size of the mower.

Engine Power

Engines for lawnmowers are rated in horsepower. Equipment that has more horsepower will be more efficient and faster. This feature will prove useful for commercial landscaping projects. The lawnmower doesn’t necessarily need to have a high-horsepower engine if you only need it for small-scale residential projects. Another question you need to ask is, are zero-turn mowers good on hills?

Cutting Width

A lawnmower’s cutting width describes how wide its blades can cut. If your lawn is large or you want to mow it in the shortest time possible, you should use a lawnmower with a cutting width of at least 60 inches. Small lawnmowers have cutting widths below 50 inches, while medium lawnmowers have a cutting widths between 50 and 60 inches.


When looking for a machine, look for a sturdy one with a sturdy frame that can endure harsh working conditions. As a result, look for models with strong tubular frames, durable seats and corrosion resistant blades. Read my guide about ‘how to sharpen your mower blade‘.

Adjustable Cutting Height

To ensure a precise cut with any lawnmower, the grass must be of a specific height. Consider lawnmowers that have adjustable blade heights so that you can adjust them according to the length of the grass. These are usually adjustable between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch.

How Zero-Turn Mowers Work?

Zero-turn mowers work differently than traditional riding mowers. Both of the mowers differ from each other in terms of their steering system. Independent two-wheel motors control the wheels on the zero-turn mowers. The wheeling mechanism works in a way that when one of the mower’s wheels turns forward while the other moves in reverse.

This unique mechanism allows a zero turn mower to run in a zero-degree radius. Additionally, choosing in what direction the wheels must move depends on you. Zero-turn mowers cut the obstacles so closely that virtually trimming is unnecessary.

The two lap bars in front of the operator’s seat guide a zero-turn lawn mower. You can adjust the speed of the two rear wheels of the mower individually using the lap bars on the mower. To maneuver around obstacles, this mower works by moving one lap bar forward and the other backward.

My Top Picks: 7 Best Small Zero Turn Mowers

I have tested and tried a lot of zero-turn mowers available in the marketplace. I will share my experience using the top 7 small zero-turn mowers.

RYOBI Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower – Best Battery Powered

“All my tools are from RYOBI and I love them. When I saw this beauty I just had to give it a go on my lawn. I wasn’t disappointed!”Dawson Gibbons

Type: Zero turn Brand: Ryobi Item weight: 780 lbs Cutting width: 42 inches Power source: battery powered Product dimensions: 48 x 48 x 48 inches

Whenever I purchase lawn equipment, I make sure they don’t come with cables or fuel tanks because they are not my cup of tea. Get Ryobi’s small zero-turn mower if you want a battery-powered zero-turn mower, as I did. Don’t mistake its battery operation for a high-end price tag.

Of course, battery-powered mowers come at a staggering price, but the Ryobi’s zero-turn mower is an exception. And even though it doesn’t cost much, the manufacturers still ensure to deliver the best zero-turn mower.

Let me highlight the powerful brushless motors that drive this zero-turn mower at great speeds. It is a 38-inch riding mower and is comfortable enough to eliminate tons of grass in no time.

Ryobi’s zero-turn mower comes with 75 AH batteries. I had the whole garden done in two hours, the battery lasted for me throughout the process. Using this mower, I was able to get rid of up to 2.5 acres of grass on a single charge in a short time.

Many users would oppose that they have to recharge the battery every time they use it. Then again, you are saving on fuel by getting this energy-efficient zero-turn lawn mower. For me, there was nothing to worry about recharging this mower. I used to recharge it after every use, so it was ready for me to use the next time.

Now you must also be curious to know what kind of blades this zero-turn mower comes with. Ryobi’s zero-turn mower has a 42-inch steel deck and two precision-cut steel blades for cutting grass effectively. Honestly, I found the deck very flexible; it does what it is supposed to do.

Now, testing the real part, the zero turns feature. For me, this mower, with aggressive zero-turn technology, made a series of turns to cut even smaller gaps around obstacles. I have some sharp and round edges around my garden, and at times, it is very hectic to take care of them. But Ryobi’s zero-turn mower made the whole procedure very simple for me.

If you look at it, it does seem huge and weighs 700 pounds, but it was swift compared to many of the mowers available.

I loved how this mower has all these amazing onboard features, including; control to engage the cutting blades, LED headlights, and displays the battery level run-time; a built-in USB charging port that helps you to charge your mobile.

  • Sustainable electric power
  • Flexible cutting deck
  • with integrated control system

Craftsman 17ARFACT091 46-Inch Hydrostatic – Best Beginner Friendly

“Enough power to do my yard (1 acre), well built (sturdy, heavy machine). This year I used this machine 40 hours without any problems.”Paluca de Perulapán

Type: Zero turn Brand: Craftsman Item weight: 623 lbs Cutting width: 46 inches Power source: Gas powered Product dimensions: 2.13 x 1.32 x 0.88 Meters

I usually come across friends and readers complaining about how complex it is to operate lawnmowers or other gardening machinery as a beginner. If you have been searching for a beginner-friendly small zero-turn lawn mower, then your research will end with the Craftsman 17ARFACT091 Zero Turn Mower.

Using this one is a piece of cake, which is why I would recommend this to all beginners.

In terms of operation, it is gas-powered with a 3.5-gallon gas tank. The mower has a powerful Kohler twin-cylinder engine that delivers over 23 horsepower and enough power to drive up to 6.5 MPH!

I used this machine for almost 40 hours this year, and there was not a single issue I would like to report. Everything worked perfectly for me, including; the oil change, cleaning and replacing the blades, and especially the price.

Now let’s talk about the zero-turn radius Craftsman’s 17ARFACT091 has. The directional changes were quick and easy for me, but I couldn’t move from or up slopes exceeding 15 degrees. I don’t know what the problem was, but I tried everything, and nothing worked for me here.

The mower’s seat was comfortable for me, and I liked how it could be adjusted to fit a woman’s and a man’s bodies. The width of this mower’s cutting deck was 46 inches, and the adjustable height was from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.

Adjustable height for cutting was why I went for this mower, as it helped me customize my lawn. Overall, I found it the perfect choice for any lawn care beginner looking to get more done with less effort.

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero turn Mower – Best High End

“Fantastic zero turn, and easy delivery right to my driveway from a lift gate. Surprising because it’s a 61” deck! Started right up and have since put 4.5 hrs on it. It’s been phenomenal at handling my 3-acre yard, 3x since its purchase.”Bestinbass

Type: Zero turn Brand: Husqvarna Item weight: 770 lbs Cutting width: 54 inches Power source: Gas powered Product dimensions: 76″D x 75.5″W x 42″H

I am a huge fan of high-end gardening machinery brands. Not because I have a lot of extra cash, but how high-end brands work is amazing! If you are looking for the best high-end small zero-turn mower, then the Husqvarna MZ61 Mower is a powerful one to consider.

Until now, all of the mowers I reviewed here were somehow best fitted to lawns at home except this one. It works well for home but will work more efficiently for commercial purposes.

What I loved the most about this zero-turn lawn mower was its unique design that allowed me to cut the grass in a single motion. I didn’t have to repeat the motions again and again and had everything done in a single go.

In terms of engine power, this zero-turn mower comes with a 27 Horsepower Briggs Start engine that gave me high performance in the garden. The deck is 61 inches wide and has an ergonomic lift of 11 gauge steel.

As soon as I received this one, I immediately started it and worked on it for 4.5 hours. Since its purchase, it has handled my three-acre yard with incredible skill.

Another thing that I love here is the 5-gallon capacity. As you all know, I have a huge garden, so I often run out of fuel with traditional lawnmowers. With this one, I had enough fuel to complete my whole lawn and still have some fuel left for me for the next use.

Also, because this is one premium small zero-turn mower, you can expect it to have some unique features. Among the features I liked the most were making the deck setting from the operator’s seat and cutting the height adjustment lever located at the right side of the chair.

These controls were all conveniently located in front of the seat, which helped me move smoothly. I could see if it was time to service the mower from the Hour Meter.

This feature ensured I never had to worry about forgetting or making mistakes when it was time to service the mower. I would say it’s perfect for any gardener, with easy-to-use controls and a high-quality deck. The price here is high, but you get what you pay for.

I appreciate how the Ariens IKON-X featured super-efficient air tires and power levers in the front of the driving seat with adjustable bars. This ensured I enjoyed the ride while mowing.

Bad Boy MZ Rambler 42 in. – Best Zero Turn Mower For Small Gardens

“Great piece of equipment, sturdy build quality.”Mateo

Type: Zero turn Brand: Snapper Cutting width: 36 inches Power source: gas powered Product dimensions: 66 x 50 x 43 in

When I first received this mower, it came in a very compact package. I couldn’t believe this package would contain this huge treasure. However, I was worried about its performance because the size was too small compared to my other zero-turn mowers on the list.

First of all, I need to appreciate the build of this zero-turn lawn mower which was premium and top-notch. I used it for several months and weeks; still, there was no scratch. I had it run over my long yard, and it worked perfectly, just like out of the box, even after months of use. I am sure that its sturdy build will surely last me for a long time.

I thought at first that its small size might not work for my huge lawn. Fortunately, I was wrong. This tiny wonder mower was able to cover large spaces in no time.

The operating part was simple and straightforward. This mower’s economical engine was fantastic for my large lawn, providing incredible fuel efficiency with its zero-turn capability.

The heavy 7-Gauge all steel deck on this mower had sturdy reinforced edges. This helped me in mowing even the tallest grass in my yard. I tried mowing various lengths of grass using this mower, and each time the results were good.

I really appreciated the mower’s deck being tough enough to handle bad weather and resist rust. Adjusting the comfy, padded seat was a breeze, and it saved my back during long sessions. What I loved most was the quick maintenance – just lift the seat, clean, and put it back. And the deck lift pedal was super easy to reach for adjustments too!

However, no matter how good a zero-turn mower Bad Boy MZ 42″ is, I recommend this one for residential purposes only, and if you want to use a zero-turn mower for commercial purposes, I suggest checking out other picks here.

Husqvarna Z242F 42 inch – Best for Commercial Purpose

“All is good and we are pleased with the purchase.”Hazel

Type: Zero turn Brand: troy-bilt Item weight: 530 lbs. Cutting width: 34 inches Power source: Gas powered Product dimensions: 34.75 x 45 x 76.5

If you have been searching for a large, heavy duty zero turn lawn mower, then your search ends with the Husqvarna Z242F. Many of my readers asked me to review a huge zero turn mower that you can use for commercial properties. So, here I am with the Husqvarna Z242F. Being a commercial-grade mower, this had some exceptional performance which I will be sharing below.

I received this mower in huge packaging. And, of course, it had to be huge because the mower itself is best. Upon unboxing, I noticed many innovative features, including the sturdy build and the engine made of a cast iron cylinder. I am sure this will help the machine to work fine as wine even after many years.

In the past, I’ve bought several mowers that ended up with dents and scratches after use. However, with this zero-turn mower, I experienced nothing like that. Its rugged frame and castors really added to its durability, making it a reliable and sturdy piece of equipment.

The Kawasaki FR651V V-twine engine was easy to ignite. I had this one running for a very long time in my backyard, and still, the engine was cool, and the temperature was normal. I liked that this engine had an efficient cooling fan that kept it cool no matter how long I used it.

This mower’s zero-turn steering was a breeze to handle. The steering wheel’s precise rotation and ability to pivot around its axis made it user-friendly, even for beginners. However, I wouldn’t recommend using it on slopes or wet soil, as there’s a risk of slipping.

When I used this mower on the longest grass in my lawn, it delivered even cuttings thanks to its anti-scalping wheels. I didn’t have to worry about an uneven lawn at all. The control panel’s user-friendly interface also made it easy to access and operate.

Lastly, I appreciate the deck lifting management on this mower. It was easy to adjust; I could control it while sitting on the operator’s seat. The deck is fabricated and comprises 10 gauge steel, which is wonderful. Also, the mower has a handy cup holder to store your favorite refreshments while mowing.

  • Easily stored in the garage or shed
  • Excellent warranty
  • Simple to maneuver around obstacles and flower beds

Swisher Z3166CPKA Zero Turn Mower– Overall Best

“Ex mark move over there’s a new sheriff in town this is the best zero-turn mower on the market hands-down!!”Pauline Magrum

Type: Zero turn Brand: Swisher Item weight: 1380 Pounds Cutting width: 66 inches Power source: battery powered Product dimensions: 115 X 83 x 68 in

On number 7, I have the beast; this thing here will win all the games. Swisher Z3166CPKA is the best zero-turn mower for commercial and home use. Gosh, I love the Mowing speeds over this one! Previously I used to mow my lawn in about 2 or 3 hours.

With the Swisher, I cut this time in half and got even better results. It has a powerful and high-torque 31 HP engine with powerful cutting ability. Due to this, I had a very good time mowing. Everything was done so smoothly while I was seated and relaxed in my chair.

This zero-turn mower comes with grade cast iron blade spindles with 3 G6 mulching blades. For my large land area, this mower was an ideal choice as it was able to cut through thick grass and tall weeds.

It has a self-stabilizing axle, ensuring the mower remains stable when driving around. Also, I like how it comes with this deluxe adjustable suspension seat which I had never noticed on other lawnmowers.

Now coming towards the control system, which was again superb here. It had this unique front-drive system, which allowed easy maneuverability. I loved how It featured a cutting width of 61 inches and a Cutting height of 1.25 – 5 inches that I was able to adjust.

It is a commercial lawn mower with 8 gallons and 8 MPH capacity. And with this fuel tank, I could have at least 3 to 4 rounds in my garden. I loved everything on the Swish zero-turn lawn mower except its size. This beast is heavy and bulky at the same time, but it performs the best again, so I don’t mind getting this one.

How Did I Test The Zero Turn Lawn Mowers?

Firstly, before testing these lawnmowers, I let my lawn grow uninterruptedly. Because I wanted to get real results, I made sure the lawn was fully grown so I could know more about which one to go for. Because many of the zero-turn lawnmowers were suitable for small yards and even flowerbed spaces, I tried to utilize my front driveway lawns.

Before I started the trial and testing process, I wanted to clarify what kind of zero-turn mowers I ordered. Like whether they are battery-operated or fuel powered. If they are battery-powered, I fully charge them before using them. And for the gas-powered ones, I ensured to get the fuel.

I started with testing the mowers all around my backyard lawn, of course. Because it is huge and has many stubborn weeds and grass growing out, I thought this was the perfect place to start.

For the time being, I started with blade testing and how wide the decks are. Because I have a thick lawn, I wanted to ensure the blades were sharp enough (which they were) to cut through even the stubborn grass.

Next, I also tried some of the adjustable features of the deck, like adjusting the height. Such features are really helpful in providing a sense of control and customization, so I made sure to look out for them in every zero-turn lawn mower.

To check how long a mower can last on a field, I made sure to use them until they were no longer operating or were empty on gas. I noted the time side by side to estimate how long each zero-turn mower could last. As I aim to get a zero-turn lawn mower, I tried running the mower to some congested corners and edges to check whether it could move swiftly or not.

Lastly, I looked for the comfortability factor in the seats. Because if the seats are not comfortable, you will have sore muscles by the end of the day. I checked every seat to see whether it was comfortable or adjustable


Zero-turn mowers are ideal for maneuvering sharp curves, obstacles, and landscaping beds. But you should educate yourself on zero-turn mowers before you buy one, what features you should look for, and how they work. You might also like to check out my other article detailing how long zero-turn mowers last.

I provided a buying guide for lawnmowers and covered the 7 Best Small Zero Turn Mowers review. Take the tips into consideration and trust your intuition.

  • If you need a great residential mower, the Snapper 360Z is a great choice.
  • For the best performance, go for the Swisher Z3166CPKA Zero Turn Mower.
  • And if you need something beginner-friendly, opt for the Craftsman 17ARFACT091 46-Inch Hydrostatic.

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What Are Some Popular Brands of Small Zero-Turn Mowers?

Some popular brands of small zero-turn mowers are Husqvarna, Ryobi, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and Toro. The type of zero-turn mower brand you choose widely depends upon the size of your lawn and the results you seek.

How Easy Are Small Zero-Turn Mowers to Operate?

Zero-turn mowers are much easier to operate than traditional lawnmowers. It comes with levers to control the steering on each side. The intuitive controls make it easy to control the mower’s speed and direction.

What Are Some Safety Considerations When Using a Small Zero-Turn Mower?

Avoid using small turn zero mowers on slopes greater than 15 degrees. Also, if you are a beginner, start the mower slowly and gradually. Additionally, ensure that you apply even pressure on the levers and avoid hazards like water or drop-offs and pavements.

Can a Small Zero-Turn Mower Handle Hilly Terrain?

Yes, zero-turn mowers can handle hilly terrains. These mowers are highly maneuverable and come with high-performance engines that make them suitable for slopes and hills. Make sure you do not use it at high speed while mowing on hilly slopes.

How Does a Small Zero-Turn Mower Handle Obstacles Like Trees and Bushes?

Due to its unique steering system, a small zero-turn mower is known to handle obstacles like trees and bushes. It cuts beside the obstacles precisely without causing damage to them and making any wide and sharp turns.

How Does a Small Zero-Turn Mower Perform in Wet Conditions, Ie, Wet Grass or Rainy Days?

A small zero-turn mower must not be used in wet conditions, especially when the grass is wet or raining. Zero-turn mowers can trim wet grass if necessary; however, they can leave behind your lawn prone to many complications like damaging the grass.

How Loud Are Small Zero-Turn Mowers?

Small zero turn mowers can be as loud as 90 dB. However, this sound might be less than the usual headphones that produce 120 dB of noise, but it is still unhealthy. You can look out for mowers whose engines are quiet.

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Introducing the World’s Smallest Lawn Mowers

A couple of the main reasons that some people go for the smallest lawn mowers available are because they don’t need the extra cutting width, and because storage space is often very limited. In any case, there is a big demand for lawn mowers that don’t take up a lot of room. When it comes down to size alone, reel mowers definitely have the smallest dimensions of any lawn mowers that you can buy. But, with that being said, some people require a different type of mower and just want to purchase the smallest model available. I’ve been doing some digging and have found a good selection of the smallest lawn mowers of each type.

Smallest Riding Lawn Mowers

While you might not think “small” when you think about riding lawn mowers, there is actually a pretty big variation in size across different models. Though there are quite a few good options when it comes to the smallest riding lawn mowers, I’ve identified two that take up the least amount of space.

Cub Cadet CC30H

First up, we’ve got this small but powerful 10.5 horsepower riding mower from Cub Cadet. It might be hard to believe, but this lawn mower is barely wider than a lot of push mowers. With a 30-inch mowing deck and 32-inch body, it’s surprisingly narrow while still covering plenty of ground with each pass.

As far as the other dimensions go, this mower is about one-third the length of your average car, and reaches about the same height as a car’s mirrors. To be exact, you’re looking at 64 inches in length, and 43 inches in height. With these proportions, you can expect this mower to take up about as much (or even slightly less) space as an average-sized dirt bike.

Husqvarna LTH18538

One of the next smallest riding mowers I came across is this compact model from Husqvarna. Like the Cub Cadet model above, this riding mower has a Briggs Stratton engine. However, we’re looking at a good deal more muscle with 18.5 horsepower. Of course with a larger engine, this mower is also slightly bigger in general.

If the Cub Cadet model I described above takes up as much space as a dirt bike would, this Husqvarna model would take up the same amount of room as a small street motorcycle. Though they are close in size, each of this Husqvarna mower’s dimensions is a few inches larger. The Husqvarna LTH18538 is 40.75 inches wide, 69.25 inches long, and 41.38 inches tall.

Smallest Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Whether you’re in the market for an upgrade to your current lawn tractor, or looking to buy your first ride-on mower, zero turns are a great choice. Although zero turns are known to be made with some of the biggest cutting decks available, there are some great options when it comes to the smallest zero turn lawn mowers.

Husqvarna RZ3016

Coming in first place for smallest zero turn lawn mower is another one of Husqvarna’s machines. Here we’ve got a 30-inch cutting deck and a Briggs Stratton engine running at 16.5 horsepower.

What this means for the general size of the mower is that it doesn’t take up much more space than your average 21-inch push mower. The technical specifications of this mower are 66.5 inches in length, 34 inches in width, and 39.3 inches in height. I was very surprised to learn this since my own zero-turn mower has dimensions nearly twice that size.

Toro Timecutter ZS 3200S

My pick for second place is the TimeCutter ZS 3200S. The masterminds at Toro made a lot of people happy when they designed this version of their signature TimeCutter mower. This extra small model not only makes it possible to mow hard-to-reach places, but also easy to store.

To give you a point of reference, this zero-turn mower is small enough to fit in most truck beds. If you’ve seen many zero-turn mowers, you might have a hard time believing it but the dimensions don’t lie. The TimeCutter ZS 3200S has a width of 39 inches, a height of 37.2 inches, and is just under 6 feet long at 71.8 inches.

Smallest Gas Lawn Mowers

If ride-on mowers are a bit too much for the size of your lawn or the depth of your wallet, you’re probably looking for a push mower. Or, maybe you’re on the hunt for a small gas mower to squeeze into the tight spots that your riding mower can’t get to. Either way, here are a couple of the smallest gas lawn mowers.

Yard Machines 132cc 20-Inch

Without any added frills or unnecessary components, Yard Machines managed to put together the smallest gas mower on the market. Even with a 20-inch cutting deck, this mower takes up less total space than any of its competitors.

Lack of a feature to bag clippings actually results in an even smaller area required for storage of this mower. While there are mowers with smaller cutting decks, the shorter height and length of this mower seem to be the smallest available. Plus, an extra few inches of width help speed up the job of mowing. What you end up with is a mower that isn’t much larger than some toolboxes at 26 x 22 x 15.25 inches.

PowerSmart 127CC 17-Inch

When it comes down to the smallest gas-powered push mowers, you can’t get much more compact than this 3 in 1 model by PowerSmart. Even though it’s small, this mower gives you the option to bag, mulch, or discharge your clippings.

To lend a bit of perspective to the amount of space required to store this mower, you can imagine that it’s about as big as a 20-gallon storage bin when the handle is folded and the bag is disconnected. Though you will likely want to store the mower on the ground rather than on a shelf, it has a tiny profile. To be exact, this mower comes assembled at 30 x 20 x 16 inches.

Smallest Electric Lawn Mowers

Available in even smaller sizes than their gas counterparts, the smallest electric lawn mowers are pretty impressive. As an added benefit, you won’t need to store any gas cans if you go all-electric with your tools. When searching for the smallest sizes offered, I found a couple of great options, one cordless and one corded.

Worx WG779

Almost unbelievably small for a lawn mower with a motor, Worx has somehow put together a pretty sweet 40-volt cordless machine. Not only does it have a super small frame, but it offers options for bagging, mulching or discharging clippings from the side as well.

Though you will also need to store the batteries and battery charger, the body of this lawn mower takes up roughly the same amount of space as the average moving box. For people with smaller yards, this mower’s 14-inch cutting width is perfect. The wheels push the width out slightly further to 16.5 inches, but the machine is only 28.3 inches long and 13.1 inches tall.

BLACKDECKER 3-in-1 Corded Lawn Mower, String Trimmer Edger

This isn’t your average lawn mower, but it sure is small. With the ability to switch from mower, to trimmer/edger, and back again, this unique tool can handle all the tasks required to keep your lawn looking good.

The best part about its versatility is the ease of storage. Since this is a corded tool, there won’t be any additional space required for batteries or chargers. Additionally, since you can separate the handle from the base completely, it can be stored as if it was a rake or spade. The base is so small it would fit in many workbench drawers. Under ten pounds, and with a 15 by 7-inch base, you have a ton of storage options.

Smallest Reel Lawn Mowers

Well, it’s hard to deny the fact that all reel style lawn mowers are pretty small. However, when it comes down to the smallest reel lawn mowers there definitely are some that take up less space than others.

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14

If you’re a fan of doing things the old-fashioned way, you’re going to like this mower. The American Lawn Mower Company offers this as their smallest reel mower and it packs a punch. Able to cut through grass up to four inches high, you won’t run into any problems as long as you have the energy to push it.

The best part about this mower is that it can be stored just like a snow shovel. Though the handle needs to be long enough to use, it can be broken down for very compact storage. Extended, the handle is 42 inches tall, but folded, the dimensions of this lawn mower are 20 inches wide by 24 inches long, by 20 inches tall.

Sun Joe MJ503M

Another reel mower with a 14-inch cutting width, Sun Joe’s MJ503M is the second smallest reel mower on the market. With many different cutting height options, and a rugged build, you can breeze through your lawn without an issue.

Similar to the American Lawn Mower Company model described above, this mower has a longer handle that can also be broken down for storage. Able to be stowed in any corner of your garage or shed, the main difference is that this mower is slightly longer. With a more stretched-out base, this mower is 31.9 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and about 20 inches tall with a folded handle.

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I’ve always had a keen interest in lawn care as long as I can remember. Friends used to call me the lawn mower guru (hence the site name), but I’m anything but. I just enjoy cutting my lawn and spending time outdoors. I also love the well-deserved doughnuts and coffee afterward!

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Ride on Mowers

Take the chore out of lawn maintenance with a Rover Ride-On Mower. Whether you have acres of grass to cut or a small residential lawn, Rover has safe and affordable lawn tractors and compact rider mowers for effortless precision grass cutting.

Rover Warranty

Finance Solutions

500 Dealers Australia Wide

67 Years in Australia

Suburban Sized

You don’t need a huge backyard to enjoy owning a lawn tractor. Rover’s smaller domestic ride-on mowers are designed for standard suburban block sizes. With their compact size, our residential ride-on mowers take up little more space than a regular push mower and can be stored in a garage or small shed. Our micro and mini rider range can also fit through a standard width garden gate, allowing you to mow from your front to back yard without leaving your seat.

Ride on in Style

At Rover, we believe mowing should be a joy.

We have developed our ride-on lawnmower range for superior ergonomic comfort; we’ve even added a handy cup holder. Your Rover Rider is built for superior safety and ease of use, offering exceptional manoeuvrability and handling. With intuitive controls and efficient operation, you can mow around obstacles with ease and get your grass cut to perfection in a fraction of the time, and with none of the effort of regular push mowing.

For over 65 years, Rover has been building exceptional quality garden and lawn maintenance equipment. Our robust and reliable ride-on mowers deliver the ultimate in cut, comfort and control.

All Rover rider mowers are manufactured in the USA and tested in Australia, for the ultimate performance and smooth handling in Australian conditions.

The Rover Rider Mower range offers a choice of reliable Rover and Kawasaki engines, and are available in either manual or automatic transmission, with a deck size to suit your lawn maintenance needs. From small suburban backyard to sizable acreage.

Our versatile lawn tractor models come with a tow hitch and are compatible with mulch plug, catcher and other lawn care accessories for improving productivity and reducing the effort of maintaining your lawn and garden year-round.

All Rover ride on mowers powered by Rover or Kawasaki engines come with our industry-leading 5-year domestic warranty on both the motor and unit for added peace of mind.

How do I know whether I need a ride-on mower?

If you find rotary push mowing to be physically demanding or tedious, or mowing your lawns takes a long time, or if you maintain a property of 1/4 acre or larger, a ride-on lawnmower is going to save you significant time and effort.

What size riding lawn mower do I need?

The size of the grassed areas you need to mow will determine the size and the width of the mower’s cutting deck you’ll require. For residential blocks up to 4000m² (1 acre), or gardens featuring irregular edges, tight curves or obstacles you need to manoeuvre around, a compact 24-inch micro rider mower or 30-inch mini-rider mower will do the trick. However, for large lawns, gardens, and broad grassed areas over 4000m², choose one of our fast, powerful 38 or 42-inch cutting deck models to have your grass cut to perfection in next to no time.

My property is sloping. Can I use a ride-on mower if the ground isn’t flat?

The suitability of a rider mower can depend on the type of terrain are you mowing. Before selecting a model, consider the condition, fall and obstacles on your property. Most Rover rider mowers excel at manicuring large flat or gently undulating lawns, but to safely mow hilly uneven terrain, you need a riding mower with a wide stance, low centre of gravity, and impressive traction to ensure your mower doesn’t slip, slide or roll. Rover’s Lawn King 21/42 Ride-on mower is the domestic lawn rider most suited to mowing on hilly terrain, or the Rover RZT S 46 Zero Turn mower features four-wheel steering control and unbeatable stability on difficult sloping terrain, including gradients of up to 20°. Alternatively, our heavy-duty commercial Cub Cadet brand offers a range of premium ride-on mower models with a low centre of gravity, Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), seatbelts and exceptional traction and stability that can mow on slopes.

Should my engine be run at full RPM/throttle?

Yes, Rover recommends running all machinery with an air-cooled engine at its highest rpm for the following reasons: A) Due to its design, the engine’s cooling and lubrication systems operate best when the throttle control is in the highest position. Running the engine at a lower speed decreases the flow of cooling air and reduces the volume of oil circulated, shortening engine life. B) The engine’s carburettor is adjusted to ensure the machine operates most cleanly and efficiently when at full throttle. Running your machine outside or below optimum speed range reduces the engine and carburettor’s power. C) The engine’s governor maintains your optimum cutting deck speed when the throttle is in the highest position. Running the engine slower will result in lower performance, excess vibration, and increased wear and tear on drive components such as the cutting deck drive belt. D) Some models have DC electric starters and battery systems and use the engine to recharge. If the motor isn’t running at full RPM, a poor battery recharge rate may result, reducing the battery’s life. On lawn tractors and other self-propelled units, the engine should be kept at full throttle whenever possible. Regulate ground speed by shifting into a lower gear or using the ground speed control. Do not use the throttle to regulate ground speed, or you will not get sufficient electrical current to maintain battery charge.

Why are grass clippings discharging in clumps, not mulching properly or clogging the chute when I use the grass catcher?

We have put together this 7 points of consideration troubleshooting list to help improve cutting performance and disposal of grass clippings: 1. CLEAN YOUR DECK. With your machine TURNED OFF, inspect the underside of your cutting deck, ensuring it is free of debris or clippings. A clean cutting deck is necessary for maintaining adequate airflow to discharge clippings properly and for mulching the clippings. 2. RUN ENGINE AT FULL THROTTLE. It is necessary always to run your unit at full throttle. Low engine RPM slows the blades rotational speed and reduces airflow through the cutting deck. 3. WET GRASS. When grass is excessively wet, clumping can occur. Ideally, try to mow only when your lawn is dry. Recent rain, fog or damp conditions may result in grass that may appear to be dry but is actually very wet. If your mower’s wheels become damp or wet when travelling across the lawn, the lawn is too wet, and your machine may struggle to move the clippings properly. 4. LONG GRASS. If the grass is excessively long poor clipping movement can occur. Only bag clippings or mulch when cutting off 2 of the overall grass blades with the mower; otherwise, you may be trying to force too much material through the discharge opening in the cutting deck, causing overloading or clogging to occur. If the lawn is overgrown or beyond regular cutting length, it may be necessary to make repeat passes with the mower. Starting at a higher cutting height and incrementally lowering the cutting deck with each pass until the grass returns to the desired length. 5. TRAVELLING SPEED. If operating at fast ground speed, the mower may struggle to discharge the increased volume of grass clippings through the collector chute properly. Travel at a steady medium to slow pace with the engine throttled up; it is best to keep a slower tractor speed when bagging or mulching. 6. DULL BLADES. An equipment issue that can cause clumping or clogging to occur is blades that have become dull or imbalanced. To maintain optimum performance and maximum airflow., inspect, sharpen and balance blades periodically. 7. HIGH LIFT BLADES. If you have done all of the above and still have clipping discharge issues, you may wish to try fitting High-Lift cutting blades. These blades produce maximum ejection airflow out of the deck discharge opening. Generally, larger cutting decks manage more clippings and higher clippings volume because more exit airflow moves the clippings out from beneath the cutting deck without clumping.

Where are your dealers located?

Rover Ride-on lawnmowers are for sale through out network of over 500 dealers Australia-wide, covering all major metro and regional areas. Below are just a few places you’ll find a trusted Rover sales and service partner, but to find one nearest to you, we recommend popping your postcode into our handy Dealer Locator facility. Australian Capital Territory – Canberra, Mitchell, Queanbeyan New South Wales – Bathurst, Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Broken Hill, Byron Bay, Campbelltown, Coffs Harbour, Dubbo, Goulburn, Newcastle, Parramatta, Penrith, Port Macquarie, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Wollongong Northern Territory. Alice Springs, Darwin, Tennant Creek Queensland –Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Mackay, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville South Australia – Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge, Renmark, Victor Harbor Tasmania –Devonport, Hobart, Launceston Victoria – Ballarat, Bendigo, Burwood, Chadstone, Dandenong, Echuca, Frankston, Geelong, Gippsland, Melbourne, Pakenham, Ringwood, Warburton, Werribee Western Australia – Albany, Broome, Bunbury, Fremantle, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Mandurah, Perth Port Hedland

Small Zero Turn Mowers. Top 3 Walk Behind. Top 4 Riding

Homeowners can now have have the same professional landscaping results as huge corporations and the incredibly wealthy because they now have access to powerful lawn mowers that have been traditionally only available to commercial landscapers.

  • Top 3 Zero Turn Walk Behind Mowers On Today’s Market
  • Our Top 3 Picks For Best Small Zero Turn Walk Behind Mower
  • 1. Troy-Bilt WC33 zero turn walk-behind mower
  • 2. Swisher Predator 24″ zero turn walk-behind mower
  • 3. Turf Beast 36″ zero turn walk-behind/stand-on mower
  • About the Troy-Bilt WC33
  • The WC33 is powered by a 12HP 420cc motor
  • It has easy cut height adjustment from 1.25″ – 3.5″
  • The cut quality is commercial grade
  • Maintenance is easy
  • About the Predator 24″
  • The Predator 24″ is powered by an 11.5HP 24cc motor
  • It has a cut height adjustment from 3″ – “4.75” with an wide area sweep
  • Maintenance is easy
  • The cut quality gives commercial results
  • About the Turf Beast 36″
  • The Turf Beast is powered by a 22HP 653cc motor
  • Easy cut height adjustment 1.5″ – 4.5″
  • Maintenance is easy
  • The cut quality is commercial grade with a wide area sweep
  • Comparison of Troy-Bilt WC33, Predator 24”, and Turf Beast 36″
  • Our Top 3 Picks For Best Small Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • 1. Toro Timecutter 32″ small zero turn riding mower
  • 2. Ariens Zoom 34″ zero turn riding mower
  • 3. Cub Cadet RZT 34″ zero turn riding mower
  • 4. John Deere Z355E 42″ zero turn riding mower
  • About the Timecutter 32″ small zero turn riding mower
  • The Timecutter is powered by a Toro motor
  • It offers a cut height adjustment from 1.5″ – 4.5″
  • Maintenance is easy
  • The cut quality is commercial grade
  • About the Ariens Zoom 34” small zero turn riding mower
  • The Ariens Zoom is powered by a 19HP Kohler 6000 series motor
  • It offers and easy cut height adjustment from 1.5″ to 4.5″
  • Maintenance is easy
  • It offers commercial grade cut quality
  • About Cub Cadet RZT L 34″ small zero turn riding mower
  • The Cub Cadet RZT is powered by a branded 452cc motor
  • The cut height can be adjusted between 8 position ranging from 1.5″ to 4.5″
  • Maintenance is easy
  • The cut quality is commercial grade as you’d expect from a Cub Cadet
  • About The John Deere Z355E 42″ small zero turn riding mower
  • The John Deer Z355E is powered by a 22HP 724cc motor
  • Height Adjustment
  • Maintenance is easy
  • The John Deere gives a commercial grade cut
  • Comparison of Top 4 Small Zero Turn Riding Mowers

Top 3 Zero Turn Walk Behind Mowers On Today’s Market

Small zero turn mowers reduce the physical demand associated with keeping a lawn trim while offering the type of exceptional maneuverability and professional quality of cut that is usually only offered by high-end commercial-grade machines.

Below we list the best small zero turn mowers for residential use. Each of these machines has zero-turn maneuverability and offers commercial-like performance without the commercial price tag.

Walk-behind lawn mowers are by far the most popular residential mower type. However, unlike standard residential walk-behind mowers the lawn mowers listed below have zero-turn maneuverability.

They are motor-driven machines which are guided by an operator who walks behind them using a handlebar.

Troy-Bilt WC33 zero turn walk-behind mower

  • 420cc OHV engine
  • Self-propelled walk-behind mower
  • Easy electric start
  • 33″ cutting deck
  • Twin blades
  • Wide area cut
  • Four forward speeds
  • Rear wheel drive system
  • Integrated deck wash
  • Zero-turn maneuverability to “turn on a dime”
  • 2-in-1 convertible to side discharge and mulch
  • 3-year limited warranty

Swisher Predator 24″ zero turn walk-behind mower

  • 11.5 HP Briggs Stratton recoil start engine
  • Self-propelled Walk-Behind
  • Easy electric start
  • 24″ cutting deck
  • Commercial grade lawn mower
  • 1-3/4″ cutting height range
  • 4-Speed transmission with reverse
  • Adjustable handlebar with hand controls
  • Ideal for rough terrain

Turf Beast 36″ zero turn walk-behind/stand-on mower

  • Quick adjust floating deck, no tools required
  • Dual hydrostatic drive for ease in maneuverability
  • 36″ wide cut
  • Substantial heavy duty construction with 7 gauge steel welded deck
  • Soft start clutch and spindle brakes for longer belt life and lower maintenance
  • 18,750 ft./min tip speed for a clean professional quality cut
  • 8 mph forward speed for faster cutting
  • Quality cut at high speeds through tall grass with the high capacity deck
  • Convertible – walk-behind or stand-on

Troy-Bilt WC33 Wide-Cut 33″ Small Zero Turn Mower Review

Since 1937 when Troy-Bilt’s outdoor equipment began to change the farming landscape in America it has become, and still remains, committed to local communities as well as major corporate interests.

They have a reputation for building outdoor machines which are durable, rugged, and reliable.

So, it is no surprise that their Troy-Bilt WC33 offers the same high quality and cutting power that Troy-Bilt has become known for.

About the Troy-Bilt WC33

This electric start wide-cut lawn mower is a walk-behind self-propelled mower which offers zero-turn maneuverability and the type of cut you’d usually expect from a high-end zero turn riding mower.

The Troy-Bilt WC33 may be of one of the smallest zero-turn mowers but the 420cc OHV engine is more than capable of tackling rough terrain and steep inclines.

Its rear wheel drive system comes with a variable throttle control and four forward speeds.

You will never run out of fuel since its clear view gas tank easily displays the amount of fuel in the mower at all times.

Its twin-blade cutting deck which is a huge 33″ wide, for a wide-cut, seamlessly adjusts to eight settings with a single easy-use lever.

The eight settings of the twin-blade that range from 1.25″ to 3.5″.

Its large 16″ pneumatic rear wheels, and 8″ front casters with ball bearings are usually key features of high-quality zero-turn riding lawn mowers.

So using them in a walk-behind mower shows that the machine has been not only built to perform at a level equal to a zero turn riding mower but that it is also built to last.

Troy-Bilt WC33 comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a 2-in-1 cutting deck for both mulch and side-discharge.

Product Info

  • Walk-Behind Mower
  • 12 HP, 420cc OHV Engine
  • Variable transmission
  • Mulch, Side-Discharge
  • Single-lever height Adjustment
  • 33” dual blade cutting deck
  • 18’’ turn radius
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Reverse mowing
  • Hour meter with maintenance reminder
  • 3-year warranty

The WC33 is powered by a 12HP 420cc motor

Troy-Bilt WC33 is powered by a 12HP 420cc OHV engine.

There is no pull cord on this small zero turn mower; a simple turn of the key and the engine comes to life every time without any need to prime and without.

Its variable throttle control provides maximum performance for its users.

It also has an hour meter with a maintenance reminder.

The engine is great with regards to its fuel and oil consumption.

It has easy cut height adjustment from 1.25″ – 3.5″

The Troy-Bilt WC33 has a great height adjustment range for a walk-behind mower.

Its range of 1.25″ to 3.5″ allows for cut height to be increased or decreased via a simple lever.

The cut quality is commercial grade

The consistency of its cut-quality is equal to any 33″ zero turn riding mower on the market today.

The ability to turn the machine on a dime adds to the ease of maneuverability and as a walk-behind mower can access areas where a riding mower would be too bulky to reach this machine can actually be better for lawn areas with challenging designs and “nooks and crannies”.

Maintenance is easy

As with any mechanical and as-powered machine this walk-behind mower does require some amount of maintenance but no requires no more attention than you would give to a motor vehicle you only used once or twice per month.

Provision is made for a highly detailed manual to put users through everything they need to know about the maintenance of the Troy-Bilt WC33.

Unlike the larger more complex ride-on zero turn mowers this walk-behind zero-turn mower requires much less maintenance.

Predator 24″ Rough-cut Commercial-Grade Small Zero Turn Mower Review

Max Swisher began building handmade lawn mowers in Warrensberg, MO before electricity even came to rural Missouri. He was so good at it that by 1949 he had invented the very first commercially available zero-turn mower and called it the “Ride King“. This was the beginning of the world-renowned Swisher brand.

To date, Swisher Acquisition Inc., dedicates itself to innovating products of high quality. Following their anticipation of market trends and the needs of residential consumers as well as commercial users, they came up with the small walk-behind zero turn mower called the Swisher Predator 24”.

About the Predator 24″

No standard lawn mower, and few small zero turn mowers, can match the abilities of this self-propelled walk-behind rough-cut mower.

It is perfect for cutting trails through the woods and easily clears the densest undergrowth and saplings.

It comes with a heavy-duty cutting deck which is fabricated with a 3″ to 4.75″ cutting height range. This small zero turn mower features a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine with a whopping 11.5 HP.

The adjustable height handlebar gives its operators greater control.

No matter how tough a terrain is, the excellent traction of its large pneumatic chevron tires rolls over the ground easily in all conditions.

The four-speed transmission moves the self-propelled mower at a comfortable pace that is fast enough to get through tough environments but not too fast to have the mower run-away from you. Although the machine is large for a walk-behind mower it handles very well and can also easily back out of any rough spot using its handy reverse mode.

Unlike many other powerful zero turn mowers the Predator 24″ is fully compliant with the requirements of all 50 states. So, California residents can take advantage of this fantastic machine.

  • Walk-Behind Mower
  • 5 HP, 344cc Engine
  • Four-speed transmission
  • Gas powered
  • Carb Compliant
  • 24” heavy duty cutting deck
  • Power reverse
  • Simple-keyed electric with recoil start
  • Reverse mowing
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • 1-year warranty

The Predator 24″ is powered by an 11.5HP 24cc motor

The Predator 24″ may be a small zero turn mower but it comes powered by a hefty 11.5 HP 344cc 4-Cycle Briggs and Stratton engine.

An engine that is more powerful than some riding mowers.

It offers operators an option to use a recoil or simple key start to bring its engine to life.

This mower bears the tagline “rough-cut” for a reason; the four-speed transmission allows users to move at a comfortable pace as they mow regardless of the challenges of the terrain.

Another thing that helps to make the Predator 24″ one of the best walk-behind zero turn mowers is the provision of an adjustable handlebar with easily-accessible hand controls.

Something that is a must when tackling exceptionally rough terrain.

The fuel and oil consumption of its engine is economical considering the power offered but is obviously greater than a standard residential machine though considerably less than a ride-on mower.

It has a cut height adjustment from 3″ – “4.75” with an wide area sweep

Like zero turn riding mowers, the Predator 24″ comes with a cutting-height adjustment range.

The range it offers is between 3″ to 4.75″ which means that its operators can easily adjust its height to suit the grass they want to cut.

As this is a walk-behind mower it is advisable to start at a greater height on very rough terrain and then once the area is reduced to a manageable level go over it again at a lower cut-height to avoid scalping.

This is good practice even if you are using a mower powerful zero turn riding mower.

Maintenance is easy

The Predator 24″ does not require too much maintenance.

Upon purchase, it comes with a detailed manual which operators read through to learn everything they need to know on how to maintain this small zero turn walk-behind mower.

The cut quality gives commercial results

As you would expect from a zero-turn mower, and especially from Swisher, the quality of the cut is top-notch.

The Predator will give an even cut across even the roughest of terrain.

However, the real advantage of this machine is in tackling very challenging environments.

For this reason is a great choice for commercial users.

Turf Beast 36″ Stand-On/Walk-Behind Small Zero Turn Mower Review

The Turf Beast 36″ is manufactured by GXi Outdoor Power LLC.

The company is the relative “new kid on the block” having been founded in 2001. Since then though, it has carved a niche for itself in the development and manufacture of zero turn mowers.

The company which is headquartered in Clayton, NC manufactures a range of outdoor power equipment that includes the small, but powerful, stand-on zero turn mower the Turf Beast 36″.

About the Turf Beast 36″

This heavy duty commercial-grade zero turn mower is powered by an electric start Subaru eh65v 22 HP (653cc) commercial duty engine.

Though it falls under the category of small zero turn mower, it is perfect for landscapers and large lot owners as well as residential users.

Its ease of use results from an offering of an infinitely variable speed control and superior maneuverability and the unique ability to use the machine as either a stand-on or walk-behind lawn mower.

As with most modern commercial machines you do not require tools to quickly and easily alter the deck height of its quick adjust floating deck.

  • Stand on Mower
  • Can be used as a walk-behind mower
  • 22 HP 653cc Engine
  • Dual Hydrostatic Drive
  • Exclusive V-Bar E-Z hydro speed control
  • Sift Start Clutch and Spindle Brakes
  • 36″ wide cut
  • Dual break-away blade
  • Electric start with battery
  • Rear Bag, discharge, mulch
  • Quick adjust floating deck
  • 1-year warranty

The Turf Beast is powered by a 22HP 653cc motor

The electric start Subaru EH65V 22HP (653cc) commercial engine sported by the Turf Beast is paired with dual hydrostatic drives.

It is perfect for those that own large lots and landscapers as well.

It comes with a dual hydrostatic drive system that makes it possible for operators to enjoy variable speed control in addition to the superior maneuverability that a zero turn mower provides.

By allowing for quality cut at high speeds, this mower gets more area cut in less time.

Easy cut height adjustment 1.5″ – 4.5″

The Turf Beast 36″ comes with a quick adjust floating deck that allows an operator to alter the deck height depending on the height of the lawn grass to be cut.

The height of the cut can be set between 1.5″ to 4.5″.

Most importantly, although the Turf Beast is marketed as a commercial lawn mower, it is building in popularity as a residential machine.

This is due, not only to its cut quality but also, to its hybrid nature. You can use the lawn mower as a walk-behind or stand on mower.

Maintenance is easy

Turf Beast 36″ is easier to maintain that most zero turn riding mowers.

To make things easier for its operators, a detailed manual written for non-technical users is provided upon purchase. All the details required to adequately maintain this stand on mower are provided.

The cut quality is commercial grade with a wide area sweep

This small zero turn mower, with its 36″ blade and powerful engine, has the capability to give a perfect cut equal to even the best zero turn riding mower.

The wide-area deck allows the turf beats to cut a wide area with each pass.

The mower is also capable of delivering an even cut across a range of challenging terrains and sloped lawns.

Its floating deck can be adjusted to the level required for a clean cut via a handy lever.

Top 4 Small Zero Turn Riding Mowers

Obviously riding mowers differ from walk-behind mowers because the operator sits on it while cutting the lawn. However, there is a misconception that all zero turn riding mowers are large machines. You can get small zero turn riding mowers and below we have chosen those lawn mowers which we feel deserve a place on our list of best small zero turn mowers.

The following are some of the best small zero turn riding mowers for 2018.

Toro Timecutter 32″ small zero turn riding mower

  • 32 ” Cutting Deck
  • 452cc OEM Branded Toro engine
  • 10-Gauge steel frame
  • Single blade
  • Size of Yard 1/2 – 2 Acres
  • Smart speed trim/tow/mow ground speed ranges
  • 7 height positions from 1.5 to 4.5 in
  • 7 mph forward
  • 3 mph reverse
  • 3-year limited warranty with unlimited hours

Ariens Zoom 34″ zero turn riding mower

  • 34″ Cutting Deck
  • 19 HP Kohler 6000 series engine
  • 12-Gauge steel stamped xlerator deck
  • Dual blade
  • Size of Yard 1/2 – 2 Acres
  • Hydro-gear EZT transaxles with 1″ axle shaft
  • Foot operated deck lift
  • 7 height positions from 1.5 to 4.5 in.
  • 6 mph forward speed
  • 3 mph reverse
  • Free White Glove Service
  • 3 year consumer warranty

Cub Cadet RZT 34″ zero turn riding mower

  • 34″ Cutting Deck
  • 452cc Cub Cadet Single-Cylinder Engine
  • 13-Gauge Steel
  • Rust-resistant heavy-duty dual-blade
  • Size of Yard 1/2 – 2 Acres
  • Narrow wheel-base fits through 36 in. gates
  • 8-cutting positions from 1-1/2 to 4 in
  • 7 mph forward
  • 4 mph reverse
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

John Deere Z355E 42″ zero turn riding mower

  • 48″ cutting deck
  • 22 HP V-twin John Deere branded engine
  • 11-Gauge Steel
  • Triple blades
  • 7 mph forward
  • 4 mph reverse
  • Free White Glove Service
  • Warranty – 2 years or 120 hours, whichever occurs first.

Toro Timecutter 32″ Small Zero Turn Riding Mower Review

We begin our review of the top 4 small zero turn riding mowers with the Toro Timecutter 32″.

The Toro Company first mounted innovative five reel lawn mowers back in the year 1919 and has never looked back since then. They have grown to have a strong base of professional distributors, dealers, and retailers in over 90 countries across the globe.

The company has maintained its mission to design and deliver superior innovation within its field and they have certainly achieved that aim as far small zero turn mowers are concerned with the introduction of the Timecutter 32″.

About the Timecutter 32″ small zero turn riding mower

The Timecutter 32″ comes with a Smart speed control system and is powered by a 452cc Toro engine.

This hydrostatic zero-turn mower is one of the smallest zero turn riding mowers available on the market.

It boasts 7 cutting positions that range from 1.5″ to 4.5″.

The Trim, Tow, and Mow speed ranges offered by this small zero turn mower offer its operators speed with easy maneuverability and precise control.

Its 32″ blade is located under a top discharge deck that is 4″ deep with a convenient washout port.

There is provision for a standard floor mat, an 18″ extra-tall seat, an electric PTO, an automatic parking brake, and a hitch for pulling Brinly-Hardy attachments.

  • Ride-On Mower
  • 452cc Toro Engine
  • Dual Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Engine Guard
  • Hitch for pulling Brinly-Hardy equipment
  • 32″ wide cut
  • 1-blade mowing deck
  • 18” extra-tall seat
  • Automatic Parking Brake
  • Extra large 3-gallon fuel tank
  • 3-year warranty

The Timecutter is powered by a Toro motor

The test range of the engine’s horsepower was 3,600 RPM. It is in accordance with SAE J1940 and SAE J2723.

This Toro branded engine which meets emission, safety, and operating requirements means that even though this is a small zero-turn mower it is more than capable of that type of pulling attachments commercial users would be familiar with.

Its Smart speed control system offers Trim, Tow, and Mow ranges of speed that supports easy maneuvering.

The speed control system is specifically designed to help this machine achieve maximum cut performance even at maximum speed.

This makes it one of the best small riding on zero turn mowers available today.

We do, as with all mowers we review, suggest you do not mow at top speed (especially in reverse) as you will always run the risk of scalping your lawn unless it has exceptionally flat terrain.

It offers a cut height adjustment from 1.5″ – 4.5″

Not many small zero turn riding lawn mowers offers operators the number of height adjustments available on Timecutter 32″.

The 7 cutting positions it offers range from 1.5″ to 4.5″ in height. All an operator needs to do is adjust the height via a height lever.

Maintenance is easy

As the Timecutter is a riding mower it does require more maintenance than an walk-behind zero turn mower but maintaining it is no more difficult than with any other motor vehicle.

Just ensure you gave it an oil change at the allotted time, clean out the deck via its handy wash-port and give it a tune-up every year or two and it will run for decades.

The machine comes with an operating manual which details everything that pertains to its maintenance.

The cut quality is commercial grade

The Toro Timecutter 32″ is one of the best small zero turn riding mowers when it comes to the quality of its cut.

Although it has only one 32″ blade due to its professional quality of cut and competitive price tag it can often be seen as well-worked member of many a professional landscaper’s commercial fleet.

Due to its compact size it easily gets into tight places and because it has zero-turn maneuverability no lawn area will go uncut.

With a top speed of 7mph forward and 3mph in reverse the mower is more than a match for even the largest of lawns.

We do recommend that you mow at top speed using any machine (especially in reverse) but this small zero turn riding mower performs very well on reasonably flat terrain at 7mph and will at lower speeds can create an even cut on even the most challenging terrain.

Ariens Zoom 34″ Small Zero Turn Mower Review

Ariens had just 4 employees when it began operations back in in 1933.

The company was founded in Brillion, Wisconsin, after Henry Ariens showed his sons the gas-powered roto-tiller he had invented.

Since then to now Ariens has built machines which contributed to the shaping of America’s landscape. The company which puts its family name on the line with each new machine they build have excelled yet again with the small zero turn riding mower named “Zoom”.

Although the Ariens Zoom comes in different sizes we have believe the 34″ Ariens Zoom deserves a spot in our top 4 small zero turn riding mowers.

About the Ariens Zoom 34” small zero turn riding mower

The Ariens Zoom 34″ ranks in the category of the small zero turn mower but despite its compact design it offers the type of premium power and a superior cut usually reserved for its much bigger brothers.

The Zoom is designed for residential operators with fairly large swaths of land.

The machine has a cutting width of 34″ for a wide enough cut to get a mowing job finished in good time but which also means it is small enough to easily fit through a standard gate.

It can mow both small and large yards quickly and although rated as a residential mower it is powerful enough to be used by commercial companies the length and breadth of the country.

The power required to operate this small zero turn mower is provided by a Kohler 6000 series engine with 19 HP.

  • Ride-On Mower
  • 19 HP 6000 series V-Twin Kohler Engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Bag, Mulch, Side-Discharge
  • 12-guage steel
  • 34” wide cut
  • Foot operated deck lift
  • 2 blades
  • Electric start
  • 2-gallon fuel tank
  • 3-year warranty

The Ariens Zoom is powered by a 19HP Kohler 6000 series motor

Like all riding zero turn mowers, the Ariens Zoom 34” requires a powerful and efficient engine to perform at its maximum best and the a 19HP Kohler engine is equal to the task.

The 6000 series engine operates on 2 cylinders.

It allows the zt-mower to mow a yard quickly at speeds up to 6mph speed when moving forward and 3mph while in reverse.

This engine provides the torque required to handle most mowing conditions and terrains. As its a Kohler engine is reliable and easy to maintain.

It offers and easy cut height adjustment from 1.5″ to 4.5″

Zero turn riding lawn mowers are known for their ability to cut grass evenly or in patterns.

This is because they are equipped with an easy lever to adjust their cut height and the traction they give ensures an even cut regardless of the challenging environment.

The Ariens Zoom 34″ offers its operators 7 cutting positions.

The range of their height is from 1.5″ to 4.5″.

Maintenance is easy

It is common knowledge that walk behind zero turn mowers are easier to maintain but this riding mower does not require much in terms of maintenance.

As with the other small zero turn riding mowers reviewed on this page cleaning the deck is easy.

You clean the deck via the handy wash port after every use.

It requires the standard regular oil change once per year.

Likewise, the standard type of maintenance you would perform on any motorized vehicle is all that is required to keep the Zoom in perfect working order for many years.

You will get a detailed manual on how to maintain this machine upon purchase.

It offers commercial grade cut quality

To be ranked as one of the best small zero turn riding mowers, in our opinion, a zero turn mower must have a high quality of cut.

The Ariens Zoom 34″ gives one of the best quality cuts on average residential lawns making it one of the best mowers among the many machines in its class out there thus making it a preferred choice for mowing small and large residential yards.

Its 12-guage steel stamped xlerator mowing deck and high quality dual blades powered by a Kohler 600 series engine provides everything needed for an excellent cut.

Cub Cadet 34″ RZT Small Zero Turn Mower Review

Cub Cadet makes one of the best small zero turn riding mowers on this list. The company has a timeline filled with rich history.

Since 1961, when its first product hit the market, their drive for innovation has kept them competitive and well poised for the future.

Their innovations in zero turn riders led to the invention of Cub Cadet RZT range that is available in “L” class (lever controls) and “SR” class (steering wheel operated).

About Cub Cadet RZT L 34″ small zero turn riding mower

The Cub Cadet RZT range are designed for residential use and some models are available with lever operation controls or steering wheel control.

The “L” models, that use the traditional dual levers for steering,

The “S” models are available on the larger machines, from 42″ and up, and use a standard steering wheel for users who prefer to skip the usual, but short, learning curve involved in operating a zero turn mower.

The smaller 34″ RZT is available as an “L” model but it is easy to adjust the lap bars of this machine for comfortable operation and within the space of 20 minutes you will be expert in its manuarability.

The Cub Cadet RZT 34″ was designed for operators that mow tough lawns but that need a compact machine. It fits easily past even small gates of 36″ wide and up.

It is one of the best zero turn riding mowers to be powered by a single cylinder engine.

The 452cc Cub Cadet branded engine, although single cylinder, provides enough power for even the most demanding residential user.

which is the longest and narrowest available capable of passing through a 36″ gate.

It also offers its operator more legroom than other zero turn riding lawn mowers.

You are assured of this tractor’s durability based on its steel frame, chassis, and heavy-duty fabricated front axle.

It has the ability to handle tight spaces which is great for an operator who does heavy and frequent mowing.

An operator will never feel uncomfortable tackling the rough as these provisions combine with the machine’s ball bearing hubs.

  • Ride-On Mower
  • 452cc Cub Cadet Single-Cylinder Engine
  • Dual-Hydro transmission
  • Front axle shields with LED lights
  • Narrow wheel-base
  • 34” wide cut
  • Ball bearing hubs
  • Rust-resistant heavy-duty dual-blade cutting deck
  • 8-cutting positions
  • Full rear bumper
  • 2-year warranty

The Cub Cadet RZT is powered by a branded 452cc motor

Although this mower has one of the smallest engines on our list the 452cc Cub Cadet branded single cylinder engine offers more than enough power to deliver.

A plus of having a smaller engine is that during operation, this small zero turn mower is exceptionally smooth and operates more quietly than the other riding machines on our list.

Top 5 Best Small Riding Lawn Mower [Review in 2023] for Small Yard

Don’t let the smaller engine deceive you into thinking this is the least powerful zero turn riding mower on our list because it isn’t.

As the old adage goes “size doesn’t matter it’s how you use it”.

Even though there are less cc’s available the engine is still capable of high speeds; while moving forward, it can travel at a speed of 7 mph matching 2 of the larger-engined models on our list and beating one.

In reverse The RZT 34″ is the fastest machine on our list giving a maximum reverse speed of 4 mph while still cutting even beating out the larger 744cc 22HP 42″ John Deere!

The cut height can be adjusted between 8 position ranging from 1.5″ to 4.5″

The RZT-L 34″ offers 8 cutting positions which allow operators to select from the range of 1.5″ to 4″ – again beating out its competition (the standard being only 7 cutting positions).

Although this is a small, and some would argue, insignificant detail it is just another added advantage that makes this small zero turn mower loved by all of us at How Does Your Garden Mow.

Maintenance is easy

The cost of maintaining this zt-mower is almost as low as that of walk behind zero turn mowers.

For instance, its hour meter offers an operator insight to the status of the mower as well as maintenance schedule.

It also comes with a detailed manual to act as a guide.

Cub Cadet use anti-rust paint on their machines which gives them a very long-life but as with all the riding mowers on this page regular oil changes and cleaning of the deck after every use (via the handy wash-port) will add many years onto the life of the machine.

The cut quality is commercial grade as you’d expect from a Cub Cadet

The Cub Cadet RZT-L 34″ is one of the best small zero turn mowers on the market (if not the best) when it comes to the quality of cut provided.

Its dual-blade cutting deck helps to give lawns that excellent professional look many people pay commercial landscaping companies for.

It offers a clean-cut and the very respectable 34″ cutting deck means the machine has ability to cut wide areas of lawn in the shortest possible time.